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Fuck.. This hit too close to home. I turned 40 this year. Got the 2 kids, the fat wife, the 225lb body on my 6'3 frame. And to top it off, I drive 1 hr each way to my cushy software job.

Worse yet (no shit..). I packed workout clothes this morning to start a routine this afternoon. Traffic sucked and I was tired to headed home instead. Chowed down on some pasta and red sauce.. Picked up my iPad and read this post.

I'm mad and ashamed at myself. Gotta go; the gym closes in 45m and I'm not losing another day.

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No better time than the present. Make yourself a priority - you'll be glad you did.

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This was actually written for you, Bruce

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The Y was open till 10 last night. I was really angry and pushed pretty hard. After a cool down it felt really great. The embarrassing part was watching others in there running reps on stacks I used to do, and I was winded on 1/2 the weight. Oh well; gotta start ( or restart ) somewhere.

Thanks for the boot in the ass.

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That is super awesome - I'm glad to hear it.

I hear where you are coming from. My mantra is "don't be last." Don't worry too much about others in the gym, or what you used to be able to do. Today is today. Just worry about making tomorrow better than today.

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    Just be aware that some of those have ephedrine, which might be problematic to people that have pre-existing heart issues.

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    You can build your own squat rack cage out of wood at home. Or just order one. I find it's easier than going to a gym on top of that commute time.

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    I hate the gym. I have a little mini home gym that works great and saves me hours of driving. You don't need big, expensive equipment to work out. Some dumbbells, a pull up bar, maybe a bench with some free weights and you're set.

    Gym equipment is cheap on Craigslist. People buy it, let it collect dust and sell it at a huge loss every day.

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    I agree but don't agree with all you need. Squats and free weights are the best a man can do to his body. You can easily make our find squat rack cages and a full angle bench. They allow you to do everything.

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    Go in the morning. Waking up stinks, but it really starts the day off well, I'm always happy and productive the rest of the day after a short workout at the gym. I have a terrible time talking myself to go to the gym after work, also the gym is much busier in the afternoons and evenings here.

    I'd rather give my first best hours of the day to myself rather than my employer. Every interview with successful people always has the same advice, wake up early.

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    Seconding /u/DancingLycanthrope 's suggestion, only black coffee works fine for me to perk me up before a work-out.

    Would also suggest getting your own set of an oly barbell, cage and dumbbells (those selectabell ones are great). Saves you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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    Just be aware that you can lose fat and get fit even without training. Just stop eating so much.

    After that packing up muscle is easier.

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    Fuck you, I wasn't going to work out today 'cause I was tired.

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    Funny how that lethargy goes away after the warm-up.

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    I've had so many days I didn't want to work out, and I always start to feel better after warming up. Pre workout helps a lot as well.

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    Is preworkout just speedy stuff?

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    Stims, usually a majority of caffeine.

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    And ephedrine. And coc... nvm, that's another preworkout.

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    Caffeine mixed with creatine and nox to open up your blood vessels, making it easier for blood to flow

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    Inversely, there's those days where you warm up and feel even worse after. Sometimes your body will tell you to take a break, and in those cases it's best to listen. You always have to remember that you tear your muscles during the workout, in order for them to rebuild and grow stronger in the rest phase.

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    I've hit more PRs coming off a several day rest period than any other time, but that's only when I had been really consistent in my training beforehand. A lot of people underestimate the importance of rest.

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    Oh absolutely. There's a difference between the two scenarios, though.

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    Over training killed my results in high school, I just want to spread the word so less people end up with injuries. If you have a tough training schedule, it's often better to skip a day or two rather than being forced to sit out for 2 months because you haven't been letting yourself recover properly.

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    That's exactly the reason i stopped using that as an excuse. Some of my best workouts were from days i thought i couldn't lift the bar.

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    In high school when I played football, my best days were always the days I didn't want to go to practice. I always thought it was funny how that worked because I'd get weird mixed feelings about not wanting to go but also looking forward to it. Such is life

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    It's so odd. I fight anxiety every day about getting up. I sit there and my brain runs excuses about reasons I could work from home that day (I commute 2 hours each way). The second I resolve I'm staying home this rush of energy and alertness takes over . And then I catch myself,get ready and head in for the day. Finding ways to push through mental blocks is a lot of the daily struggle. I need to put it to use on the gym more as well.

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    I don't use it but I heard preworkout is a pretty good motivator, so that might be your end all solution

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    "Motivation comes from doing."

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    This. Even minor muscle aches run for cover when you willfully hit the gym.

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    Guess I'm lucky that I only have to take a small detour after work to get to my gym. Does wonders for my attendance.

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    Most worthwhile things require warm-up. I kind of wonder why that is, if its just a barrier so that people don't accidentally start becoming something without intentionality.

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    Just a small nitpick, the standard "patient has chest pain" tests would certainly have picked up on Bruce's problem. When a person comes to the ED with chest pain, they aren't allowed to leave until all the "risk of sudden death" problems are eliminated. In Bruce's case, he probably had a heart attack that led to a rupture of the ventricular wall leading to cardiac tamponade. A serum cardiac troponin or EKG would reveal it. If it's a large rupture, you're fucked no matter what you do, but a small one can be repaired surgically, and he can probably get a bypass at the same time if he needs one.

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    redpill docs keepin shit on the up and up.

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    First off, mad props to ER docs. Holy shit, what a job.

    I wasn't there, so I am translating the situation as it was told to me and how I understood it. They missed it. They may have detected it if they had been more thorough. Had they detected it, they may have been able to do something about it. Within time. Maybe. Who knows?

    People put a lot on doctors. If a man brings his car in after 100,000 miles having never changed the oil, it isn't the mechanic's fault there are problems. In my view, if you are going into the ER for heart problems, it's already too late.

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    Why can't you repair a larger one? Are those automatically fatal?

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    Think of a crack in a dam. Small crack? Patch that shit up (surgery). Large, structural crack? Ya dun.

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    Hey Doc, med. student here. My dad just had his gallbladder removed today due to cholecystitis. About 3 weeks ago he went to the ER and the docs prescribed him omeprazole and sent him home. Now, why in the fuck would you prescribe him omeprazole when the man wasn't describing heart burn or an ulcer. I don't understand.

    My point, sometimes docs suck hard ass.

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    I was talking with a guy down the gym the other day. Well, actually we were in the Jacuzzi. I'd just blasted through a marathon day of intervals on the treadmill in the morning, went to work and came back in the evening for some solid weight lifting and rounding up with some cross trainer exercise.

    This guy was huge. OK, he started off huge. He was no spring chicken, but the difference in him is visual. He's been coming about a year to 18 months I would guess. In fairness, he's doing well. Weight loss takes time I can wholly attest to that! He's doing the right cardio exercises for sure and I've talked to him before about trying out some of the weight exercises and some of the simple ones he could try out to get into it.

    Anyway, we're there talking and he said, "If I didn't start this, I'm sure I would be dead by now!" Morbid thoughts, but it's kinda weird, I think I must have had the same thoughts at some stage just not so eloquently put.

    For me the gym has been a temple for going on four years now. I haven't always done exactly the most correct exercises I'm sure and it took me a good year to get the diet properly in control.

    It's strange too that I still feel like have a lot of work to do. What's weird is that those that are closest too me tell me I look great, but I don't see it. I just see it as them trying to stop me from advancing. Even my ex would tell me I looked like this and that, but I just thought it was a tactic to stop me from going, like I'd done enough. I just don't see what they see. Maybe I've been the "fat guy" most of my life, the mindset is difficult to shake. That's the negative I guess. I don't need a mirror to tell me I'm not finished yet.

    But I have to say, the way others approach you, it's strange. Half of me isn't used to it and I need to actively stave off "the clown". To borrow from Robin Williams, it's easy to present the clown as opposed to the real you. Because liking the real you is unlikely. And if people don't like the clown, whatever, it's not you anyway (he put this better).

    But thinking about it, I'm easily dominating the power-hungry women in my projects at work by ignoring them when they hamster and keeping very matter of fact. In fact, one has tried several times to attempt to derail one of my projects simply because she feels she has to, I've simply stood firm and spelt out exactly what my team will be doing and will not be doing. I also have a couple of ladies who bring me coffee every so often. I never asked them, they just do it!

    But yes. I don't know what motivated me all these years to stick to the gym religiously and get in shape. I had no doctors' warnings; I was pretty much used to the fat guy insults or flack, it meant nothing to me; I was safely tucked up in a dead bedroom relationship which I thought was how it is for everyone everywhere; I had no real worries at all. I just started one day. I was on the way home and randomly decided to drive up to the local gym, bought a membership there and then, and that was that. I have no idea why, I had no clue about TRP at that point and I didn't even plan on doing it it.

    So yes. Seize the day. And fuck what anyone else think about it. I assure you, life as the sexless fat guy is shit! Utter shit. Get in shape, build the confidence and let people come to you. And don't be afraid to say "No, fuck off, you're an idiot" when you have a need to (Obviously, word this in such a way that you don't get fired!)

    As an aside, I've found the following really helps with procrastination:

    • No wanking. Times I've ignored my own advice, the day has basically been fucked and I kick myself afterwards when I realize I just spent the rest of the day doing nothing of value!
    • The morning jog! Do it. Don't consider it, do it! Get up an hour earlier if you can, get something energy-ish into you (I have a banana) and get out there for the jog. The first 10-20 times you will suck at it. There will probably be more walking than running. But eventually you will build that up. Then back for a protein shake and shower before work!
    • Play an instrument? Learning a subject? Then do it! It's nice that a guitarist that can play well can still get a few ladies wet at the odd party! And you don't have to learn crowd pleasers, although sometimes it helps.
    • One tactic I have is to buy decent clothes but also buy another set a size down. It lets you feel that you have lost weight. Trying on trousers that really didn't fit six months ago that now fit like a glove feels good!
    • If you're trying to decide between gym and home for a few beers, just imagine being that guy whose only option is a life with a fat wife. Still need motivation?
    • The gym is a great opportunity for me to listen to new albums. Sometimes if I'm just doing cardio sessions, I throw it on my MP3 player and away I go.
    • Eat healthily! If you eat stodge, you feel fuller and don't want to do anything. Salads are your friend
    • Let people here critique your diet or workout! Take the criticism and don't get offended. Some of the advice is bullshit and most likely by people who have never set foot into a gym. But if you lurk for a while, you get to know who the good usernames are and when to listen.
    • Get rid of the TV. I've not owned one since moving in here in February. I don't miss it at all (though the TV licensing people won't quit coming round!)

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    Good stuff man thanks. Been pushing off starting to jog again. I'm going to head out and do it now. Then get back and finally do something about my life. Seize the fucking day. Pretty much what I needed to hear.

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    For any of you that don't know what you're doing our where to start has tons of advice available.

    This is one of the easiest and least intimidating lifestyle changes you can make. Follow the diet 4-6 days/week and put everything you have into the exercises. If you are a beginner to intermediate exerciser this will definitely shape your body.

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      Congrats on the weight loss. And, I would do this any time.

      I've been a pretty avid fitness enthusiast for years. If I were to do it all over from the beginning it would be something like this. SS, 5x5, SL... They all work, I guess. I think this just covers more and the diet guideline helps too.

      I may actually use this during my maintenance months just to see how well it holds up. I may need to modify the sets and the diet a little bit.

      Best of luck. If you'd like someone to keep you motivated let me know. Classes will be starting soon, but I should have some free time.

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      Ugh, don't link random stuff to beginners. Link them what's known as the best beginner program: Starting Strength!

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      I sometimes wonder if my poor eating and health habits are a way to unconsciously commit suicide slowly without actually "doing it".

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      Probably just lack of discipline dude. Suicide is a method to end the pain of living, not exacerbate it until you die a natural death.

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      It is possible your poor eating and health habits, by fucking with your physical and mental health, are contributing to that negativity. I've known several suicidal people, myself included, and they all ate nothing but carby processed shit.

      Go a few weeks with REAL steak (or chicken, ground beef, livers, fish, etc) and REAL eggs, cooked in REAL butter or coconut oil. It's amazing what that did for my mind. (Season that shit, too. Salt and pepper are not our enemies.)

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      Yep, if you're not a competitive athlete in weightlifting/powerlifting keto is definitely the way to go. The energy is incredible.

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      this is basically your average american these days and its only going to get worse

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      the average American is way too dumb to be a computer engineer. This is practically best-case scenario American.

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      Not so much the career, but the absolute complacency and lack of ambition. So many people are walking husks that try to get life over with as fast as possible.

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      Recently I have resolved that when life is over, it's over and it won't be scary. There is so much I have to do before then, I have my mission and I will complete it - but when the journey ends I'll be done and I'll be able to hand over the reins to the next generation.

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      I noticed you mentioned butter and salt in the description of the food he was eating...absolutely nothing unhealthy about those two food fact, they're essential in how I eat when cutting weight.

      If we're going to use the matrix analogy for this sub, don't buy into the bullshit big ag food pyramid that says you should eat "whole grains" and other unhealthy carbs.

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      In the 1990s the conventional wisdom told people to eschew dietary cholesterol and get plenty of whole grain bread and "heart-healthy" cereal. Then reality taught overweight people that these behaviours were precisely the things making them fat.

      Cereals and other grains are, in my opinion, one of the chief causes of insulin resistance among the general population. Most breakfast cereals have an astronomically high glycemic index. "Healthy" cereals are a marketing lie.

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      make general mills rich bitch!

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        not many want to admit that carbs are the primary culprit

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        Paraphrased every conversation with girls who want to know how I lost weight:

        I really want to lose weight and get healthy.

        Then eat more eggs and meats, avoid wheat because it keeps you hungry, avoid fructose because it hurts your liver and intestines, keep your carbs low in general, and put more fat into your diet.


        (buys entire cake for dinner)

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        Change takes time. Remember when the media tried to demonize eggs as bad for you? Big Ag and the media have been pushing the "fat is bad" myth for over 40 years now, but the pendulum is finally swinging back to common sense.

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        I did cardiac research when I was younger. Your claims aren't entirely wrong, but they're not entirely accurate either. High serum sodium is known to be strongly implicated in heart disease. This is something we've known for a long time. Further, increased sodium intake leads to hypertension -- any existing cardiomuscular pathologies can be exacerbated to the point of being symptomatic. New research is showing that the levels of serum sodium needed for homeostatis are likely not as low as we once though, so there is that.

        Further, carbohydrates aren't innately unhealthy. Demonizing macronutrients is an unscientific way to approach diet.

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        No they're not, but eating more than 150g of any type of carbohydrate on a daily basis, or eating junk food or carbs with the same GI rating as sugar (or worse), like bread is a recipe for getting fat. My claims aren't wrong at all, nor am I demonizing the movie I linked.

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        I'm Canadian, can't watch Hulu.

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        There are several ways to bypass the regional restrictions.

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        OR you can link him a version that doesn't require him to go through proxies:

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        I am not going to open up a TRP helpdesk for people too lazy to find things on Google, but you can, if you like.

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        Then you could have avoided linking him the guide for hulu as well.

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        I did lots of research back in high school while I was trying to get my health in order, and I discovered one of those sodium studies. It showed that, if you feed Americans about 10 times their usual sodium intake, it increases their blood pressure by about 1/1. This was a statistically significant result, but in most cases hardly the determining factor for heart disease.

        You're more likely to have cardiovascular disorders and clogged arteries from a carbohydrate-rich diet, usually heavy in sugars and wheat. In low-to-moderate quantities (0-600 cal/day, for me), carb sources like potatoes, carrots, and fruits appear essentially harmless, but one has only to look at the average American to see the impact of high carb intake.

        Tom Naughton's "Fat Head" documentary is an excellent introduction to the subject of proper nutrition. It's also worth checking out the Doctors Eades' blogs and the books Wheat Belly and The Big Fat Surprise.

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        Heart disease is a complicated disease. It's affected by both environmental and genetic factors, which makes determining a "cause" to be rather difficult.

        Hypertension is often the push needed to induce a pathology to become symptomatic. It's possible to have the underlying disease state fomenting from a combination of diet and unlucky genetics, only to actualize as an infarction under high pressure conditions.

        Like I said, I did cardiovascular research at one of the top institutions in Canada, I'm quite aware of the body of research available. Human disease is a very complicated subject, anyone reducing it to a binary comment likely doesn't understand the topic well.

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        Everything Ancel Keys said about diets is heavily disputed now.

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        But what's the correlation between high serum sodium and high dietary sodium?

        That's the issue here, because from what I've seen low dietary sodium doesn't lower the serum sodium by much. Lowering carbohydrates does.

        We are not simple diesel engines.

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        The problem with salt is the enormous quantities the average person eating a lot of processed food consumes.

        The problem with butter is just the amount of calories for such a small and unsatisfying amount of food. When you lace that shit on everything as I've seen a lot of fat guys do, it's very easy to quickly run a huge calorie surplus without feeling like you're eating much.

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        only if you're eating too many garbage carbs, otherwise grass-fed butter is a great way to get the energy you need once protein requirements have been met.

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        Actually it's the opposite...fat satiates, carbohydrates leave you wanting more. Don't believe me? Try this: for breakfast one day eat one tiny bowl of cereal with skim milk (carbs, a little protein, and a little fat) and see what time you get hungry again...another day, eat one single egg fried in butter, and see what time you get hungry again.

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        On another side, carbs are less calorie dense. half a kilo of pasta with sauce and chicken breast come at about 1500 calories, equivalent to 300g of peanuts. Even if fat is more satiating, half a kilo of pasta, half a kilo of chicken breast and sauce will fill you to the point that you can't breathe, let alone eat anything, while 300g of peanuts will leave your stomach nearly empty.

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        That's not how that works...volume does not equal satiation...your body tells you when you feel "full" based on what you are absorbing...but yes, eating exclusively 300g of peanuts is a bad idea. Pasta turns into glucose (sugar) in your blood very quickly, so while that pasta and chicken breast may fill your gut, you will very quickly hunger for more. Eating excessive protein just means the extra protein ALSO gets turned into glucose via liver conversion...Sorry, but if you're trying to demonize fat and make it ok to eat unhealthy carbs like pasta on the just can't escape reality.

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        No I'm not trying to demonize fat, lol, I'm a member of /r/keto. I just wanted to make a parallel between mental satiation and physical satiation. Fat is more mentally satiating (although not for all people), while carbs are more physically satiating for the sheer volume of food you have to eat.

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        This was more of a comment on his propensity to eat comfortably, not what his specific diet should have been. He knew better.

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        fair point, I am just irked when I see people use fat and/or salt as examples of "bad food" when they are not what your average person needs to worry about.

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        What is unhealthy in the correct dosage?

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          You need to read up on what macronutrients are.

          Cereal, french fries and candy isn't bad for you at any dose.

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            Insane? We clearly have no common ground for a discussion.

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            makes me feel for my father. he is an old dog and i can feel he wants change, but like patrice said its the "ethic" thats hard to change this late in the game.

            he is 47 now. I feel like besides advising him to live a healthier lifestyle, the only other thing i can do is make him proud by living a righteous life.

            i feel like even if you let your life slip like this, seeing your kids do better makes things easier to digest.

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            sheesh, your Dad is 47? my Dad is 74.

            And he's still active / learning new stuff, 47 is definitely not too old to pick up new habits.

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            he rides his bike and does swim classes. doesnt eat too healthy but is getting better. less of a health thing i guess and more that i can just tell hes getting restless with the daily routine.

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            Can't take advice from offspring. Not until he knows he's weaker than you. (He may be weaker than you but he probably still thinks otherwise.)

            Best you can get is he'll look like he's listening you and he'll say "atta boy" at the end.

            Leave him be, build yourself.

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            Bruce's death was not in vain because of you. I think he would have loved your post. You are a good man.

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            His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson.

            RIP Bruce.

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            I did not expect this! Pleasantly surprised I appreciate this. Thank you brother!

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            It's kind of heartbreaking. We see these people every day. They drive their Camry to work, back home, eat poorly, watch sports as their "hobby", and just...exist. Ya, they're "living" life, and they aren't a burden, per se, but you're ambition, no hunger (literally and figurativly!)

            I refuse to live life like that. I won't simply "exist". I want to do things, experience things, learn things. But mostly? I don't want to be "Bruce".

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            It's kind of heartbreaking. We see these people every day. They drive their Camry to work, back home, eat poorly, watch sports as their "hobby", and just...exist. Ya, they're "living" life, and they aren't a burden, per se, but you're ambition, no hunger (literally and figurativly!)

            It sounds like you understand my frustration with friends and colleagues who get excited about football season, buy expensive TV packages to watch all the games, memorize all the statistics and all the names of players, etc. What a waste of life that is! You could basically say to these guys, "Oh, you like football? Let's go out and throw some passes in the nearby field after work" and they'd look at you weird like you're asking them to take a sword and cut out their own intestines in front of their families.

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            This entire post made me think of something an old English teacher had told me in High School.

            "The worst possible thing you can be in life is average."

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            Great writing man, very motivating actually. Scary. But motivating.

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              [–]16 Endorsed ContributorCyralea -3 points-2 points  (8 children)

              They can cause heart disease, which is exactly what he had.

              [–]bhormaci 5 points6 points  (6 children)

              No, they don't cause heart disease...the lipid hypothesis has been successfully refuted. Edit: unless you're eating fake "butter" or margerine that's actually unhealthy vegetable oil, then yes, it could give you heart disease.

              [–]16 Endorsed ContributorCyralea -2 points-1 points  (5 children)

              Excess sodium leads to hypertension, which can cause underlying pathologies to become symptomatic. This is something we've known for quite some time.

              the lipid hypothesis has been successfully refuted

              That's a poor way to phrase it. It's now well understood that there is some nuance to the type of fats one consumes. Not all lipids are are equally created. Saturated fats still cause endogenous LDL levels to rise and HDL levels to drop, which causes heart disease. Just last year the Heart and Stroke foundation started a campaign to eliminate allowing trans fats in foods. It's not "refuted" as you suggest.

              I'm a former cardiac disease researcher.

              [–]bhormaci 3 points4 points  (0 children)

              The idea that saturated fat consumption is connected to heart disease (the lipid hypothesis) is not correct...."former" researcher sounds accurate, since you are trying to explain ideas that are known to be false fact, saturated fat that occurs in nature is a great testosterone and energy booster.

              [–][deleted]  (3 children)


                [–]16 Endorsed ContributorCyralea -1 points0 points  (2 children)

                This is exactly the problem with reddit "researchers". The sudden inclusion of one counter-study doesn't invalidate years of research. It only shows that in some instances with specific populations it's possible to mitigate the effects.

                Here's a study done some time ago that showed that those with very low sodium intake had virtually no hypertension, and those with 400+ mEq sodium intake had high incidence of hypertension. Further, they showed that going from low-sodium to high-sodium induced hypertension.

                It may be that sodium isn't the devil that it's made out to be by the media, but it's absolutely implicated in hypertension.

                [–]Nicolay77 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                You forget a little extra point.

                We redditors experiment with ourselves.

                We openly share the data we generate, and while it's not science in the strict sense, we get results that 'traditional diet' has been unable to provide.

                I had a triglyceride count of 300 while having a cereal and yogurt 'healthy' breakfast, and now I have a triglyceride count of 150 eating milk chocolate (with no sugar at all) and five eggs a day. And bacon. And cream in the coffee.

                [–]VarsitySlutTeamCpt 11 points12 points  (3 children)

                I thought this said "Don't Be Bruce Lee"

                [–]Dongbei 12 points13 points  (1 child)

                As a matter of fact Bruce Lee is good comparison of the extreme opposite of Bruce B here.

                Bruce Lee's mastery not only of cinema, but of smashing stereotypes, dancing, and choreography set precedents unmatched to this day. He was at the launchpad for what was going to be the redefinition of not only Hong Kong cinema, but the action/adventure genre, and to a certain extent gaming (liu kang, double dragon). He was the guy who put fucking Chuck Norris' on the map for kicking his ass.

                He momentarily lost respect for the power he had controlled through his short lifetime. Without accepting the consequences of having a finely tuned machine for a body for but a moment, not only did he lose everything, but a wife and kids lost a husband and father, art lost a pioneer, and martial arts lost an innovator.

                Don't be Bruce Lee either.

                [–]carrotplanter 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                Even Bruce Lee didn't take his own advice. Be water instead, indeed.

                [–]superyay 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                haha looks like i wasn't the only one

                [–]demoneyes905 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                I personally like the Latin phrase "Qui audet adipscitur fortuna fortes adiuvat" (fortune favors those who dare to win).

                It's a daily reminder for me that if I am not doing something new and out of my comfort zone, I'm not improving or experiencing life.

                [–]r_a_w_k 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                This would have required a sonogram, which is not part of the tests they give in this situation.

                That's really fucked up. I had myocarditis/pericarditis (inflammation of the heart) due to a genetic condition at the ripe age of 23. Before the doctors understood what was causing my chest pain, they performed an EKG and a sonogram, two very non-invasive procedures. There's no fucking excuse not to. Welcome to health care in the USA.

                [–]saucey_cow 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                Shit, id be batman any day.

                Age is never an excuse to take control of your life physically and mentally. Start now before it's to late, it's not worth being an old man who is wheelchair bound for the next few years.

                A prime example of this is my grandpa. ~75 years old and he can water ski.

                [–][deleted]  (3 children)


                  [–]Lumberjack1234 10 points11 points  (0 children)

                  I think OP is trying to say that Bruce was not in control of his life anymore. He was going to die, yet he did not have the strength to change his ways. He was weak. And he died.

                  [–]SgtTRP 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                  What exactly does TRP suggest he have done career-wise instead? Start his own business and be his own boss and still be financially successful?

                  You are right. Not everyone can be a boss.

                  But he could've played his cards better. He could've supported his colleague AND have him help with some promotions.

                  The last to speak was Bruce’s boss. This man had started his job working alongside Bruce, but had been promoted over him through the years. Now his manager, he described Bruce as “a good worker” and “a peacemaker.”

                  He said, “Bruce made me look good.”

                  If Bruce really provided some value for this guy, I think he wouldn't mind reciprocating a bit. But I gather Bruce was too much of a pushover. TRP suggests don't be a pushover.

                  [–]NippinCheddar 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  The title reminded me of those direct tv commercials. "Don't be like Bruce, get direct tv."

                  [–]1RXRob 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Up until he died I thought this going to be another AWALT story.

                  Thank you for the story. I begin my newest sporting adventure at this Thursdays practice session

                  [–]getintheVans 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Fucking loving this Walden reference

                  [–]LeeryLucifer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  So..not post on Reddit instead of doing something productive?

                  [–]The-Pussy-Whisperer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I was Bruce.

                  I live for me. So much so, fuck EVERYONE else. Don't go as far as I have, but come at least part of the way.

                  [–]im_a_leadfarmer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  What is the opposite of Bruce's life?

                  [–]Nebulose11 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Removed some red pill wording and reposted to my wall. I hope my dads see this. Neither has a cushy job but both eat like idiots. Both are Alcoholics and one still drinks. He will die from cirrhosis. The other will die when his heart fails from the excess weight around his gut. They are stuck blaming injuries and life instead of themselves.

                  [–]TheIronViking 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I'm so glad I got into lifting in my late teens. If I don't go I feel like shit, but I know how hard it is to convince yourself to go sometimes. I feel willpower is probably one of the most important things you develop during your training.

                  [–]bbidabbong 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Part about gym and exercising did not touch me too much. But this sad story about funeral...damn, goosebumps.

                  [–]yourenogood 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Most people I've seen trying to change this take on too much, too soon.

                  Just start with a few key things, and build it up from there as you want to. Coming from a life of McDonalds and a 2l bottle of coke once a day and then trying to eat only chicken breasts and brown rice while working out for 2 hours a day is just setting yourself up for failure.

                  Start simple, take a couple of new changes on board and incorporate them solidly into your lifestyle. The key is consistency; there is no point forcing yourself to eat like an olympic athlete for a month, then collapsing straight back onto a junk food binge because you were miserable.

                  My advice would be to make a to-do list of goals, and just add them in bit by bit, moving onto the next step once you've consolidated the previous steps solidly into your lifestyle. For example...

                  Start with just a basic work-out 3 times a week, and just make sure you do it consistently.

                  5 min jogging to warmup
                  Bench Press 3x5
                  OHP 3x5

                  5 min jogging to warmup
                  Squat 3x5
                  Pull-Up (negatives) 3x5

                  5 min jogging to warmup
                  Deadlifts 3x5

                  Keep the weights low and manageable, keep good form, and keep your rests between sets to 1-2 mins, and this will just be 20 minutes or so out of your day just three times in a week.

                  Is this routine going to make you look like Arnold? No, but that's not your goal right now. Your goal right now is to go from a huge fat guy who does nothing to a huge fat guy who regularly exercises. From there you can take that further, adding in more lifts, sets, etc, but that's not the goal right now. Focus on achieving this small goal before you look at your next one.

                  Similarly, diet goals might be...
                  Change from soda to sparkling water with ice and lemon. That's it right now. Then, once you have that established as routine, you can look at something else; eating one piece of oily fish per week maybe.

                  Keep the objectives small, realistic, attainable, and just build on them. Don't think of it as this enormous and impossible goal of turning a huge fat guy into Arnie, take what you have, and work with that; go from a huge fat guy to a huge fat guy who regularly exercises. Then to a huge fat guy who's lost a bit of weight, and so on. When you want to build a house, you do so brick by brick.

                  [–]nothere_ 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  you mean i need to taper on using reddit and other sites just to shitpost :(. fuck you dude for motovating me

                  [–]U_Lika_Da_Tomato 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  New here. Best fucking sub, so far.

                  [–]ohnoesmikey 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I'd like to add my experience over the last 10 years or so. I worked as backline/level 2 support for an advanced tech support queue. When I started at the company I was 6'4" and 195lbs. After 5 years there, I had picked up a large number of terrible habits like the OP had described. At least 4 20 oz mountain dews a day, snacking nearly constantly caused me to jump up to around 275lbs. This caused a knee injury, bad cholesterol to jump to an unmeasurable level (trigylcerides were around 500) and likely I was pre-diabetic. This also had the effect on my relationship. To nuthsell it as best I can, I went on a fury of a program, and managed to drop to 180lbs and a body fat% of around 12%. In your 40's, this ain't bad. I'm currently 6'5" and a healthy 225 (us old men do have some padding but no big deal with the woman) Another side effect is erectile dysfunction. Not only can you not see your little guy, but he also will refuse to work with you. Losing the weight, getting healthy and maintaining it as a lifestyle will work wonders.

                  [–]tangman 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Thanks for this. I will think about it tonight as I pull an extra rep.

                  [–]laere 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Dude I literally just watched fucking Dead Poet's Society today. SPOILERS DON'T BE FUCKING NIEL. You stand up to anyone trying to control what you do with YOUR FUCKING LIFE. He took the beta way out with suicide. IT ISN'T TOO LATE BROTHERS. CHANGE IS FUCKING NOW!

                  [–]I3luee 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I can't even right now.

                  -starts searching for healthy food for the heart-

                  [–]pchiodo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  What a great post - I am 50 and this was me a month ago. I was lucky, when I went in with chest pains, they found 100% blockage. I was doubly lucky as they got me into the cath lab and got a stent in me before I kicked the bucket.

                  A second chance, and I plan to use it...

                  Quit smoking, started working out (really working out) and eating better - Down 5 LBS in 2 weeks, and quickly upping my game at the gym. Doing what the Doc tells me to do, and swallowing TRP with my other meds.

                  [–]BloodRoseTRP 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  An extremely good read. OP, have you considered writing your own RP blog?

                  [–]reason_is_why 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                  Where are the sluts? Is this angling toward his death being the fault of the wife? I implore you....


                  [–]FearlessBurrito 3 points4 points  (0 children)

                  I prefer r/fatlogic.

                  No kicking people while they're so obviously down, more laughing at the stupidity spouted by those beyond help.

                  [–]nefuratios -1 points0 points  (4 children)

                  Well at least Bruce managed to procreate/leave a legacy behind, which is basically the only thing that matters in this life.

                  [–]648262 1 point2 points  (3 children)


                  How does that matter more than anything else?

                  Is there some laws written by gods saying so? Is it because your instincts instructs you to do so? Or is it because your own personal beliefs have instilled some superficial value to the concept of eternal life and this is your attempt at it?

                  [–]nefuratios -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

                  Well it's more of a combination of what people with kids tell me, what people without kids tell me, my own instincts, the fact that our written history is comprised of tales about people who have contributed to humanity and the fact that your bloodline, which managed to survive from the beginning of life until now, has now ended. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people can't have kids, but there are other ways to leave a legacy behind, you could try to contribute as much as possible to your community and society in general, heck, if you have money give most of it away to build a school in a third world country and let them name it after you. All I'm saying is, is you leave absolutely nothing behind, you've pretty much lived for nothing.

                  [–]648262 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                  All I'm saying is, is you leave absolutely nothing behind, you've pretty much lived for nothing.

                  But you do see that it only has the value you put on to that?

                  I live in this one moment, right now. To enjoy that has much more value to me than ensuring that there will be something left behind when I die. The timeline of the universe is so fucking long, and the short time there has been humans on this planet is incredibly short. We will die out long before the universe somehow ends. So why should I stress about leaving something behind which only accumulates to not even a blink in the universe?

                  So our philosophy of life differs quite a lot. But neither of us is more right than the other, because it is relative to who is saying what matters.

                  [–]nefuratios 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I understand your viewpoint, any further discussion is unnecessary.

                  [–]TimeToBugOut -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

                  Up the fucking vote.

                  Mars sign!


                  [–]bumblingbuck -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                  OP is a personal trainer and you know what else!

                  [–]squareball -1 points0 points  (5 children)

                  Ugh, I just had cake for breakfast. Feeling shitty now. But on another note, apart from the fact that Bruce died young, what is so bad about his life? He maybe enjoyed his job, loved his kids, and spent his free time kicking back, hanging out with friends and drinking a few beers. Maybe in his heart-of-hearts this made him happy.

                  [–]ProjectShamrock 0 points1 point  (2 children)

                  Ugh, I just had cake for breakfast. Feeling shitty now.

                  If it was leftover birthday cake or something like that, and this isn't a normal breakfast for you, don't sweat it. A part of seizing the day is to enjoy each moment, and occasionally doing something unusual that you like.

                  But on another note, apart from the fact that Bruce died young, what is so bad about his life? He maybe enjoyed his job, loved his kids, and spent his free time kicking back, hanging out with friends and drinking a few beers.

                  One of the paragraphs stated that he knew he had to change but sort of gave up on himself. That's not really a healthy mindset, and is likely a symptom of his general life philosophy of being overly compliant. However, outside of any sort of frame of reference I'd agree with you, there's nothing to say that he wasn't happy with wasting his life. A lot of people live on autopilot and don't think that they need anything else. Those people don't read TRP though. In the context of where the story was posted, it's pretty clear to me at least that it was designed to be a "horror story" of a mundane, passive life that ends without having done something that would be meaningful in the opinions of most people here.

                  [–]squareball 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                  Heh, yeah someone just brought cake into the office. I've been pretty strictly eating below maintenance, so I was feeling shitty because I went over my calorie limit for the day (or rather will, friday night beers for dinner).

                  If you change the story and Bruce did all the same as before but lifted and ate healthy, there's suddenly no story. As an outside observer, we can't know his state of mind and any assumptions that he was overly compliant is just speculation. I assume the story is fiction so I think the point could have been made clearer. I'm just nitpicking though.

                  [–]ProjectShamrock 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Heh, yeah someone just brought cake into the office. I've been pretty strictly eating below maintenance, so I was feeling shitty because I went over my calorie limit for the day (or rather will, friday night beers for dinner).

                  One of my dieting strategies has been to plan for "failures" to happen, which makes it easier to control them. I don't have a sweet tooth like my wife does (which I'm trying to help break her of) but if there was a bacon-wrapped steak stuffed with bratwurst and covered in cheese with a big cold hefeweizen on the side, I'd not be able to resist.

                  As an outside observer, we can't know his state of mind and any assumptions that he was overly compliant is just speculation. I assume the story is fiction so I think the point could have been made clearer. I'm just nitpicking though.

                  I don't know what the author was thinking but I always try to internalize the stories and fill in the blanks with my own thoughts. Bruce's situation is not that far from my reality because I do sit at a software job with a long and miserable commute and am married with kids so I could sympathize. However, there are major differences. I generally eat healthy, exercise, play guitar, read a lot, and make sure to set time aside to do things that are worthwhile to me. TRP has helped me regain footing in a lot of these areas so I wouldn't be a "Bruce" and if I died tomorrow and my friends, family, and coworkers were there there would be some good stories about me although several wouldn't be appropriate.

                  [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                  Maybe in your heart of hearts you're a bluepiller

                  [–]squareball 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  I recognize the futility of wanting to live your life like Bruce. I also like to kick back, watch the game and drink beers but I know that if that's all I'm doing, then I'm in trouble. Beers with a balanced diet, watching the game after the work has been done etc. In my heart-of-hearts I'm probably more lazy than I'd like to admit, I guess I'm still swallowing that red pill.

                  [–]2 Endorsed Contributorvengefully_yours -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                  Won't be me. Im 45, I've done what I wanted to do, still working towards doing more. I'm still gaining muscle, still working outside doing shitbthe hard way because its less expensive, and when you have audacious dreams and magnificent goals, but an income that doesn't allow it in a speedy manner, you do it your damn self. Today is a down day because its raining and all my work is currently outside and having to do with dirt or trees.

                  Two years ago I had a wake up moment. I was exposed to isocyanates in clear coat while painting some GTO parts. Six months of not breathing for shit, wondering if I was that out of shape and pathetic, then realizing what it was. I gained massive weight, because I went from active to not being able to walk more than thirty feet, so I sat around and waited to get better. Once I healed up, the wife decided to cheat, I booted her out, and began working on me again.

                  I'm up twenty pounds of muscle from then, down on body fat, and I am more active than I was before the paint fumes. It gave other parts of me time to heal that had been jacked up since 2004, so it wasn't entirely bad. I'm down to one blood pressure med, which is more due to less stress than the weight.

                  What have I done with my life? 100+ women, two marriages, two kids, I own forty or so cars and trucks, most of which are older than 1974, I've traveled the world, need to get to Australia, Antarctica, and South America to collect the set. Military career with two wars, a couple businesses, retired at 35, and now I build those old cars into drivers, race machines, and ludicrously fun rides. Lots of countries and States under my belt, and many cool photographs and memories.

                  Life has been hard for me, but I am doing my best to make it fun despite people throwing poo at me. I just hope I get the cars done before I die. It won't be a heart attack, might be a stroke because my family has a history with them, but will probably be a self inflicted GSW when I am done with what I want to do, or am too broken to have fun anymore. My terms, my life, and I've lived it how I've wanted to. Fuck everyone else.

                  [–]cascadecombo -4 points-3 points  (5 children)

                  Bad choice of names, since I came in expecting something entirely different. Still ended up rather unsatisfied with the name selection at the end as if it's some guys attempt to poke at the Bruce everyone thinks of when the name is spoken.

                  [–]proof_TRP_works 2 points3 points  (4 children)

                  Bruce Lee? We don't all follow The Kardashians like you bro.

                  [–]cascadecombo -2 points-1 points  (3 children)

                  Bruce Wayne ya dipshit. learn your stuff before you try to assault others with your idiocy.

                  [–]proof_TRP_works 0 points1 point  (2 children)

                  You think of Batman before you think of one of the most inspirational real men of our childhoods? Hahahaha

                  [–]cascadecombo -1 points0 points  (1 child)

                  And your 180 about bruce proves your fickleness.