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Good news!

I will admit, I was afraid of him backsliding to beta. Thanks for the update!

Edit: You don't want to look like that fuckface Steve Harvey.

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He's going in the right direction but seems that on his own he decided to go in the rp direction. Society will try to tell him that he should remain bp but having someone like OP reinforce that rp is more fulfilling will guarantee OP's friend just gets more and more used at acting like a man ought to

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    I'm fucking proud. I watched him being a betabucks for a while and now he's handling shit better than I could tbh. This is a full unexpected 180.

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    She slams the door shut while he's blasting out of there, just wanting to get away. She then kicks his car door full-on while he's making a get away.

    5 minutes later he gets a text: 'Sorry about your car door'.

    Some funny shit right there. Nothing crazier than when a woman realizes she lost control and desperately tries to get it back.

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    Yeah he realized she was 'trying every single trick she had' (his quote). I expected it to happen... but he just took it on it like a boss. So much potential.

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    Maybe she thinks that a "sorry text" will prevent him from seeking money in court, I'd be pissed if some girl dented or scratched my Mercedes door and in turn I had to pay for her bullshit.

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    I'd use the text as evidence against her in court. That's pretty much an admission she did something wrong.

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    How would you act if you were this girl's dad?

    Admittedly, I'm not sure... Am I a failure for letting my daughter become a tantrum-filled entitled cunt? Or am I simply looking out for her best interests because this "John" fellow is loaded and my daughter would have a good life. Isn't that what parenting is about, trying to give your kids knowledge and wish that they live a prosperous life?

    No doubt, the mom/daughter probably had a lot of influence but left it to the man to call and be the voice. Part of me feels ashamed that he's being manipulated by the women around him (he wouldn't have called unless his daughter made this a big deal).

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    I agree. Don't know what Dad thought really. The parents we're pretty excited about the possible marriage and kids (probably because she's nearing 30). They've been together for 7 years so they probably think he's leaving her out to dry, ruining their chances for grandkids... I say fuck it. Not his problem.

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    It's objectively true, she is being abandoned perilously close to the wall.

    But she shouldn't have used his money so much. It serves her right to have him leave. He paid for those years with money. Fair's fair.

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    Right, she's almost 30 and after a 7 year relationship you've probably come to terms that this guy will likely become your son-in-law. Hell, I'm in my early 20's and my parents asked me once or twice if I want kids! Being pressured to get married and having kids (only) to satisfy your mom and dad is a bad decision.

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    You think that's bad, my mother asks me almost every time I see her about kids. I'm 19. I told my mother I'll have kids when I feel like I'm ready... In my mid 40's.

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    I wouldn't wait that long personally. Just from a biological standpoint. Every time your sperm is replicated there is chance of mutation. Once a mutation manifests, it is there forever and is copied into the next generation of sperm. This process gets gradually worse as you get older.

    Technically speaking the beginning of puberty is the 'right' age to have children. But in our society you need to weigh that against financial independence. 25-30 is my recommendation for having the best balance of health in children and financial support.

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    Yes. Let's not let this red-pill independence make us give up on reproduction. I happen to think it's a major goal of mine here, and I do have the kids to prove it.

    Those around my generation may have endured the worst of the asinine females. Now at least I see some evidence that women are cognizant of the mgtow movement, seeing its effects as 30 year old women are being left on the shelf, and acting better toward men as a result.

    I am not saying women are different, but they aren't different now either. They have the potential to be like our great grandmothers, or like our plates. It all depends on environment, their opportunities and fears.

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    My parents used to do this, I started saying things like "tell you what, I'll have kids 2 years after the last time you've asked me about it." in a half-joking way.

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    That girls dad is a complete punk. The relationship is between your friend and that girl, so he should've told his daughter to leave it be. Then your friend fucked up on the part of saying, "I can't stop you." The hell you say, no one comes to my house uninvited.

    He did a good job after he got out of there, and he's learning of how to handle scenarios like the one towards the end, so good for him.

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    I'm willing to bet that her mom put him up to it. Hell, she was probably standing right there when he called.

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    Yeah that's what I told him too. He should've called out her Dad right away.. plus he allowed her to come while he shouldn't... but he handled it well afterwards. He's starting to realize that there's no way to handle it so that she's gonna be at complete peace. He wanted that pretty bad so that's why. Some slight loss of frame (it's still fresh and he's still kinda BP) but still remarkably good.

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    Yeah, if his phone has caller id, he shouldn't have answered.

    Other than that I'm proud of him, I was rooting for the dude.

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    I agree. The way I see it: I'm the one who bought my phone, and I'm the one who pays the phone bill every month. My phone is there for my convenience; not everyone elses. If someone I don't want to talk to is calling me, or an unknown number pops up; then I don't answer. If it's urgent they can leave a voicemail, or text me and I'll get back to them if I feel like it.

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    Just tell her that she can't come over, and refuse to answer the door if she does. If you get tired of her knocking tell her to go away. If she refuses call the police and tell them there's a crazy stalker banging on your door who refuses to leave you alone.

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    Dad's ok to have daughter and family's best interest behind his action, and to act strategically for maximum impact.

    Friend was right to refuse to be moved.

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    True, but the dad was likely being motivated by something other than strategy. In all likelihood he was probably getting nagged to death.

    Edit: Good discussion by /u/TimPartendale below on the dad

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    I disagree, her dad isn't her 'BFF', he's her father, so being an enabler isn't the right idea. The mom (if she's around), should've backed the dad up telling their daughter that she should stop. Then again, he's a punk, and the mom probably wears the pants in the relationship.

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    You must not have kids. I've saved mine from shit so many times ... and I do it for the family.

    There are people, other adults, out there who want to inflict permanent harm on your kids, legally, because life is competitive and they want other kids to have opportunities instead of your kids. When they are vulnerable, it's your job to stand in there and fix things.

    This isn't just a learning experience for this girl. Her 20's are gone. You can't unlearn the wall. She'll probably marry much worse because of this, and make worse grandchildren. Maybe she'll not marry at all and if she's the parents' only child, their line will be cut off. So desperate measures are called for -- not that they should succeed.

    It seemed like such a good deal, and they probably thought she had this guy wrapped around her little finger. She wasn't out partying, she was paying down law school debt, so respectable!

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    all i needed to know was about the parking spot! so relieved =)

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    flipping through emotions to get to see what sticks

    Cluster B woman detected.

    Basically she was rifling through her toolbox to find the right tool to make him do what she wants. Along with the other descriptors above, I would advise your friend to do some reading on Cluster B disorders or at minimum get over on youtube and watch a few eps of "Crash course psychology, especially the eps on personality disorders.

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    I think you mistitled your original post. You called it a BP example. I call it a RP example.

    Standing ovation for your friend.

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    Yeah I know right. He went from BP to RP in a couple days... it's crazy.

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    There is nothing more empowering then watching the facade of female maturity melt in front of your eyes as things slip out if the realm of their control and yoy stand there completely unaffected by it.

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    Poor girl. Thought she had a beta provider on lock down. I can only imagine the shock her hamster must have suffered.

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    You are a great friend...I wish I had a buddy who kindly smacked the betaness out of my head when I was in that situation.

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    Yeah in our group of friends I'm the only one that swallowed the pill as of yet... Had to do it on my own as well... Can't blame my friends for not knowing RP when I was in that situation but I sure as hell could've used it.

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    It's tough. My roommate has got to be one of the most blue pill beta people I know. So bad that when he professed to me that his fiance cheated on him multiple times, I was not surprised one bit. I'll try and suggest subtle RP perceptions but it's always a shrug of the shoulder and an ignore of the advice.

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    Great stuff. One of my exes tried some of those tactics on me when we broke up. It was hilarious to watch her behave in a completely irrational, bipolar fashion while she flailed trying to find an emotional hook that would bring me back.

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    'Yeah, that's nice and all but she would be doing it to keep me. What if we get kids or get married? She would have no incentive to stay that way. I'm not buying it.'

    This is the best part to me. Realizing that you can't negotiate desire, coming from a deeply rooted beta mindset, it's a great step forward.

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    Then realizing you can CAUSE desire, via game, will be the graduation into the RP world.

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    yeah for me too. I didn't even need to tell him that. That realization just seals the deal in his mind. It's perfect.

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    Congrats Morpheus.

    Another one unplugged

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    'Do you think that's air you're breathing?'

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    Great follow-up! You're an awesome friend to have.

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    Thanks! I've known the guy since we were 5 so we go way back. Wasn't able to help him out of his BP stuff because of oneitis and all that... So i had to look from a distance... but now that he's swallowing the pill by himself, you bet I'm there.

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    Hopefully she didn't damage the car too much...Thank God this guy saw the light, and good on you OP for perpetuating his TRP actions. I can only imagine what would've happened if the friend he looked to for advice was just as beta as he once was.

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    Glad he still has the parking space.

    She wanted that to cling to him. I sympathize a bit, but still it's his and it would have been bad for him to give it to her.

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    this was an awesome update dude.

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    Felt so nice reading this. This dude just needs to keep up and he will probable get a better LTR in the future coz he will knopw how to handle girls better and call them out on their shit and keep them in line

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    What if we get kids or get married? She would have no incentive to stay that way. I'm not buying it.'

    Damn, this guy gained a lot of insight in a short period. To think that far ahead? Guess he always had the alpha in him

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    She then starts saying how she's going to make a change and be the perfect girlfriend for him.

    Good on him. People never fucking change like that. When they treat you like shit and then try to rope you back in afterwards with "I'm sorry, I love you, I'll change, [insert sob story here]..." you're probably in an abusive, controlling relationship.

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    Another brother saved, can I have an aleluya???

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    I think this is the perfect time to introduce him to this sub.

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    Good fucking friend! You are awesome dude! That revelation blew me away too.

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    She sounds like a BPD case.

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    Goddamn, I'm glad I've never had the misfortune of dating any women like that.

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    Wants the parking spot but is dropped off by her parents? Lol

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    Tell him the inter webs say good job.

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    Wow so this is how a natural wake up, you just lit the fuse man.

    I wish I had a friend like you OP.

    I'm glad that I didn't have to pay 7 years of my life like your friend John to learn the lesson.

    We just had to read the stuff here to learn what others learn from their mistake. This is because we share each other experience that we can grow stronger together.

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    So yesterday you posted this:

    I told him yesterday: 'You know she's still trying to manipulate you into getting as much out of the breakup as possible, right? Not even a day after you show any doubt and showed her that her tactics won't work this time, she's thinking about material stuff. Where is the love now?'

    This occurred on the 16th of November then.

    You say here that he told you about the breakup yesterday, November the 18th.

    Only 2 days have passed.