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That is a "scared straight" redpill story. Painful as it is, I appreciate you posting it.

My brother got divorce raped, but he stayed bluepill, poor bastard.

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That's the thing that blows my mind. A guy go through a horrible divorce, then turns around and subjects himself to the same thing all over again without trying to change anything. Baffling.

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Mehh not really. We see FRs of divorce rape here and there on TRP but it happens on such a large scale throughout the world that even the most stoic man would feel disgusted

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Have you tried to win him over to TRP? Its the noble thing to do.

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Can't help the one that doesn't want to get helped

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Happened to my brother with his ex. I still don't understand why he is still blue pill after all.

It amazes me how many "intelligent" men like him (ivy league education, wall street banker, multilingual, etc) are still blue pill despite having so much education in risk/reward analysis.

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Gather some stories like this and hand to him in print. Eventually he will read them. He probably think you don't understand him or his situation well enough, but he can't pretend you made up all these stories that describe exactly what he went through.

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Sadly, I have attempted this once for him. He called me "bitter" and said "i can't get a woman." (- _ -).

Some men just don't want to face reality.

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Thanks for sharing your tale. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, though it sounds like it could have been much worse. Best of luck moving forward, at least you'll have the right tools for your next relationship.

After reading your story and so many others similar to yours, I'm convinced that Western governments have succeeded in removing all accountability from women.

Don't get legally married, folks. Imagine a woman in your house that can do almost anything she feels like, and if you disagree, you lose half your salary and/or go to prison.

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Much, much worse. She could have taken half the house, which would have been what officially ruined me, unrecoverably, financially. If I hadn't paid for the lawyer, and ended up losing my job (and thus unable to pay child support) I could quite possibly be in prison right now.

Listen to redpillbanana here. Getting legally married is like flipping a coin to see whether or not you want to destroy your life... with one side (the bad side) weighted.

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How did she get alimony if she cheated?

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Both of my brothers were divorce raped.

Both of the ex-wifes had sex outside of marriage before the divorce was initiated.

Both brothers were hard working fathers with notions of honor.

The story is so routine now (50% within 5 years of marriage) that you would think that some mention might exist in the mainstream culture, but as it stands Red Pill is the only place for Enlightenment. (unplugging)

At least you are awake.

Hypergamy destroys the family and makes marriage a joke and yet the laws back it 100%.

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I certainly took part in hypogamy with her. All I can say was I was young, and very, very stupid.

Not only do the laws back it up, but they punish you... mercilessly... if you decide to partake.

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I certainly took part in hypogamy with her.

I'm not sure if you did that on purpose, but it speaks to your intelligence. I can't believe someone as smart as you got taken for a ride.

Not joking.

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Marriage into a lower caste, class, or social group. With her, all of the above. All I can say is that I was in a much different place than I am now. I have improved myself greatly - and that is one thing to pay attention to with TRP.

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I've got one payment left and then I'm done with 3 years worth of alimony. The only saving grace is that it is a locked agreement. She can't go back and ask for an extension, an adjustment, or for anything else. That's what $12K to a good lawyer will get you. BTW - no kids and it still cost me 3 years and $500K

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Congratulations! I also got the locked agreement via my lawyer. I have worked tirelessly to improve myself since, and have received a few raises... and she gets none of it in alimony. She did get a boost to child care, but it could have been worse.

Before she tried working me to get me back, she threatened that she would be getting an extension to alimony. She apparently doesn't understand "non-modifiable".

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LOL - yes, I cannot wait until next month when she doesn't get a check and she's on my phone about it. Then i get to tell her to FO.

Actually, I'm going to tell her to call her lawyer because I'm not paying anymore. I'm sick of it, and it's not fair. Then she can pay him for telling her she's done.

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why say anything to her about it at all?

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He wants her to waste money on her lawyer.

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She'll likely call when she doesn't get the next check. If she doesn't call, well good for her then. I certainly don't intend on initiating it.

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Oh please, for the love of this sub, post a detailed report on it. For science.

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The more I read stories like this, the more it reminds me of my older brother. He's a good guy, really, probably TOO good.

He came to Thanksgiving a few years back with some news for the family: He had met a woman a month earlier who was now pregnant and he was the father. The kid (in my eyes) looks nothing like him and everything like the mother, and I don't honestly believe it's his. So of course, he married her within a year or so, and she already had a 7 year old from a previous relationship (which she had in high school, she's about my age at the moment).

But whatever, the point is that he's an ultra-beta, went to school for social work, constantly opening up his home to scumbags that steal and shit, helping to raise a bastard that isn't his and a baby girl that probably isn't his either. I don't believe for one second that he's happy, he just settled for what he could get. This woman is fat, not attractive in the face (seriously, she has the eyes of a crazy person, like she never blinks or something), totally domineering and pseudo-Christian. All of this happened because he never stands up for himself and basically will do whatever someone tells him to.

It sounds like you've spent most of your life just like my brother, and I'm glad you're starting to see the light. Persevere, my friend.

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Dude, please tell me you've tried to help your brother out!

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As much as I wish I could, it's unlikely. I, myself, have only just discovered the Red Pill, and he's almost a year into his marriage. I told him several times to get a paternity test, most of my family did. He wouldn't really hear about it. He's been this way for his whole life and I don't expect he'll ever change.

He's my older brother (I'm the youngest of four, oldest is my sister) so I've never felt it was my place to direct him, or ever felt that I would be able to. Instead I use him as an example of what not to do.

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The best way to convince someone else is through stories. Try telling your brother stories of your "friends", who got fucked. And end every story with the punch line you never know what is possible, as people change from who we expect them to be all the time.

Also that the point of stories is to learn from them for ourselves . Some folks dont like to be told what to do, but are more willing to do the same thing if they think they were the one's who thought about it in the first place.

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Gentlemen, pay attention, especially all you guys under the age of 30!

The scariest part of the report for me is how easily a man can get kicked out of his OWN house that he has 100% title to, free and clear. I mean, WTF is that?!?! If the house was jointly owned, then maybe it would make a lick of sense. But if you own a house 100%, then the bitch is the one who should be escorted off the premises.

Amazing what a Cuntocracy we live in.

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Well, sitting on the train from work and across from me are two +35 wives talking in a degrading manner about their husbands and about the options at work. AWALT

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SAME SHIT HAPPENED TO ME. The courts just grant it and the police enforce it for fun.

Now that alimony is about to end and she is also begging me to take her back.

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I'd sell the damn place out from under her.

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The guy across the street from me burned his house right the fuck down. No shit. Spent some time in jail for arson. Says it was worth it.

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That's a heartfelt "Fuck you!" to his ex right there.

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Dude I feel for you. This is one of those classic TRP stories that sober you the fuck up. Thanks for sharing your story man. At 22, I am glad to have found this stronghold.

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Welcome comrade. Continue learning, start lifting, and never count yourself out.

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Simplest, best advice. Simply being in good shape and confident will revolutionize nearly any man's life.

But for God's sake... When you're unhappy with your situation or not attracted to your woman... LEAVE. She will either improve or you will find someone that you ARE attracted to. Keep improving yourself, and your situation will improve as well.

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So glad i found red pill at a young age, thank you for the story.

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Same. I'm glad I'm still only 22 and can read about others experiences on this sub.

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You're 17, holy shit. If you start applying TRP at that age, the world will be your playground.

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I'm 16 and just found out about trp a couple months ago. I wasn't in very good shape, so I started working out, and I'm already seeing the improvements in my life. I do very well in school and have a promising future ahead of me, and trp is just getting me more and more excited.

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Keep at it. Stay out of debt, don't have kids unless you're 1000% sure of the consequences it can bring, and never stop reading RP topics.

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Excellent write-up.

What was your wife like before the marriage?

In hindsight, were there any red flags that she would turn out like this?

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She was young, fairly pretty, and quite willing. Against my current standards, I would say she was about a 6.5. Back then, in my ignorance, I probably would have said 7.5 or even 8. She was very eager to please me... or at least told me that. Words do not mean action, and as I have learned here - ALWAYS judge on action.

There were many red flags that I was too foolish to see. You have to understand, back then I thoroughly believed that "'love conquers all". She had a Daddy in jail in Mexico that had not seen her since she was a child. She had a Step-Dad that was a trucker that she always rarely saw. But the biggest one - what I described above is what nearly every woman in her immediate family does. Her Grandmother. Her mom. Her mom's sister. Two out of three of her sisters (and the youngest perhaps was only too young to have taken this course yet). They get married, get pregnant, then do whatever they want while living off of child support and government support. I cannot explain why this did not send me running for the hills.

The part that I didn't see at all, was that she was a pathological liar. Yes, many (if not all) woman are. But she was a special case. She would lie about anything at all, even if it didn't make her look better in other people's eyes.

The biggest example of this was when I met her, she was supposedly almost done with a teaching degree. She never finished it during the 8+ years we were together, for various reasons. When we were divorced, I found out she did not even have a high school diploma and had never taken any College courses.

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I'm quite appalled that your story is average.

I'm from Australia, so things are a little different here but even so - your story is common in the Western world. And that terrifies me.

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How are they different in Australia?

I'm Australian too; do we have additional safeguards or something?

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Alimony (or "spousal maintenance" here) is not as harshly calculated as in america. It's a % of your actual income, instead of a % of your "expected maximum income." And you get automatic payments taken out of your wages so you can't miss a payment and go to gaol like in america.

Also, the default state for custody of children isn't quite as stupid. Police here aren't quite as indoctrinated as US police and they are aware that domestic violence against men does happen so you have a better shot of getting the kids.

So instead of being 100% fucked, like OP, we're only about 75% fucked.

edit: typos

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I can barely make words right now

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A very high quality FR. Thanks and welcome home.

You are free and lots of guys continue to suffer year after year fulfilling the very definition of insanity.

At least get your X-Wife a couple kittens as a cat lady starter kit.

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lol - marriage counselling.

The only marriage counsellor that ever worked goes by two words - promotion and raise. Thats it. When you think of the number of couples who get counselling, I can't think of any where it saved the marriage long term. It merely delayed the inevitable.

Now, when I can thnk of when a marriage was saved was when the my friend got a promotion at work. The wife in that case milked that pretty good until she found out that hubby was going to end it on his terms not hers. Was so proud of my friend that day

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I can't think of any where it saved the marriage long term. It merely delayed the inevitable.

Oh, I hear this all the time. My parents are a prime example. Their marriage was on the rocks, dad was living with his bachelor brother, SAHM changed the locks on the house, took all the income while dad mooched off his brother... They go to counseling, whoop-dee-doo everything is better again, mom has a "revelation", dad moves back in... ONLY TO BECOME 10X MORE BP THAN BEFORE. It sickens me to read the above post, and makes me wonder when the hammer is coming down on my own parents' "marriage".

All that to say, cathartically, I agree with you.

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    Sounds like the best marriage counsellor is an honest marriage counsellor.

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    I've had a couple friends talk about counseling, and it's just obvious that it's a last ditch effort. If you're at that point, it's already gone.

    I'm with you - I literally cannot think of one time that it actually worked in the way it should.

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    Marriage counseling is a suckers bet. These counselors are mostly women and exist to shame the male into compliance with the female's irrational demands.

    I spent years in marriage counseling. Lots of money pissed away for nothing. Never again. If a future relationship ever suggests any kind of couples counseling, I'm going to end it right there, cut my losses and walk away.

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    We don't have alimony in my country.

    My parents separated when I was young, my dad being the biggest earner. Because he paid for most of it, he got the bigger share of the stuff, the car and also the house.

    ^ This should be the norm. Unfortunately it isn't.

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    Are you from Australia? That's one country that doesn't have alimony.

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    New Zealand. We have similar laws to Australia for sure. Despite the fact that we're a very left leaning country, e.g., first country to give women the vote, banning all nuclear activity within our borders, etc.

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    Wow - what country is this that uses such a thing as logic?

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    I have a friend who had the wolves on him in court over the kids.

    He went in with everything a matter of fact. The schools she chose weren't as well rated as his, he chose private schools. The after school programs not as prominent as hers, he chose youth leadership and cheerleading. He started going to church even though he's atheist. He owns his own business, and house.

    He had to prove in every way that he had everything set and figured out for the court to rule in his favor while his ex sat there telling his most intimate secrets and fears. She didn't go to church, had no after school programs and wanted their daughter in a low end public ghetto school. The church would have sided with her had he NOT already paid for all the activities his daughter would be doing, for the time she wouldn't allo9w her with him to do them.

    The only thing I got going for me that keeps my wife from running out on me like this is that I keep myself in good physical shape and I'm smart, I am falling short on the money making side of it. Doesn't hurt that I'm damn good in the sack too. Here's to 18 years, still gettin' laid at least 4 days a week.

    Thanks for the reaffirmation for /r/theredpill bro!

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    As a whole, cheers for 18 years, and still banging like young spring chickens ( that probably helps out on both of your parts! )

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    Thanks for sharing this story.

    I just wanted to say that no matter how shitty this situation is, I hope your children grow up and understand the situation she put you all through. Hopefully they will grow up to be naturally red pill, and have a much stronger bond with you. Anyone would be proud to have a dad like you.

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    Thank you for this comment. My children are smart - they already understand what has happened, and how poor of a mother she is. One is 7, and the other is 3. The 7 year old consistently tells me that she does not want to go back to her mom, that she wants to stay with me. The 3 year old has said it a couple times as well, but I do not think she really understands yet and is probably just copying her big sister. Being a good father is hard work - but its moments like those that make up for everything and then some.

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    Thank you for this story, and AWALT , I was on the fast track to have this happen to me. You are a very strong person to still be a good dad in the face of all this.

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    What if you just left the country? What if you said "fuck alimony" and just left. Could they do anything?

    Lets say you had a job that let you work from anywhere and your kids were safe at grandma's or something. Could you do it? Could you just live in some remote part of Asia and not pay this parasite?

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    I am sure I could have avoided it in some way akin to what you describe. But there was no way to avoid it without losing my kids. That is simply not an option for me - my kids are everything. I did not have them on a whim like she did. I could not use them as moneybags as she does.

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      woah. that is some brutality right there.

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      Dennis Rodman's father lives on a foreign island for this reason, he has a few dozen kids. But getting established in a new country isn't like moving to another state.

      Work Visas are a headache. Culture shock is a headache. I'd like to know more from guys who have tried this though.

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      Thanks for sharing your story! Reading it made me remember the feeling of the "hate" phase...

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      Thanks for telling your story, u/bogimp16

      I think your tale is one that the r/TheRedPill needs to constantly be aware of, as it is a very real and terrible reality for far too many married men. Leading by example in this way hopefully will help others in the future, and from what comments Ive been reading, it could be a future for many future husbands, sadly.

      Always Be Improving.

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      Well you did marry damaged goods.

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      Although this was obviously a downhill story from the start, I actually felt sick in my stomach when you got to the point about the alimony ending and her wanting you to take her back - and I'm fucking THRILLED you had the self-respect to merely be disgusted by it. Well done.

      Stories like this are such a double-edged sword. On the one hand, I feel genuinely devastated for my fellow man when he puts everything into his marriage and family, only to be given the royal shaft by all. But on the other hand, it seems increasingly like this is a modern day rite of passage almost - something most will inevitably go through BUT, with luck, will come out the other side a much better, stronger and wiser man. It certainly seems that way for you.

      So I feel sorry that this happened to you, but wholly glad that the result of it is the creation of a much better you who will not suffer in this way again. And one more thing: reading stories like these at the tender age of 22 I feel lucky to have the chance that you did not. The chance to learn from your mistakes rather than making them myself; the chance to unplug myself out of choice rather than have the matrix shatter into a thousand pieces all around me against my will.

      Thanks for sharing, it is valuable and appreciated.

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      OP, you have to update as the end of alimony gets closer and closer and tell us what she says.

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      This is why I'm so glad I live in Norway, not that I see the point at all in getting married, but a prenuptual agreement is implied when getting married here because why the fuck does someone deserve half your stuff.

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      I would not have been able to endure that. I would have snapped. I applaud your perseverance and self-control.

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      Fuck that is disgusting. Your ex is a pitiful human being. Sorry you had to go through all of that shit man. At least now you have awareness and knowledge of how things can be if you choose to go down that path in life. Self-improvement is key.

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      This makes me angry as fuck. I'm so sorry OP.

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      The fact that someone could read this story (and the myriad of other stories like this on TRP) and still claim that women are the oppressed gender absolutely disgusts and sickens me to no end. Your story is somewhat familiar to what my father had to go through during his divorce with my mother (not quite as extreme, though). I was very young at the time, and didn't understand much about what was going on, but now I am in my twenties and realize just how corrupt the courts really are towards men in divorce situations. Stories like this (and other personal reasons) are exactly why I will never have the desire to get married or have children. Knowing how cruel and heartless women can be toward someone they actually used to care about more than anything is why I choose to reject doing things that would tie me down to one for the rest of my life, such as children and marriage.

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      Out of curiosity, if I owned a house in my name before marriage, and after marriage we live there for a few years, can she claim half?

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      They can try, but it's in your favor. Even better is if you have an LLC and have the house belonging to the LLC and you "rent" from the company. There's ways to basically secure yourself, legally.

      EDIT - not an LLC, I was thinking of a trust.

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      How does this save me if i own the LLC?

      [–]Stormhammer 1 point2 points  (3 children)

      Ack sorry, I meant trust ( I just went to find some links and realized I had made a mistake )

      Two links that sort of give you the advantages and disadvantages. Everyones situation in life is different.

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      Dude .. Thank you so much! I now have financial peace of mind when I become a millionaire in 10 years :)

      [–]Stormhammer 1 point2 points  (1 child)

      One thing I've learned about wealthy entrepreneurs that I spend time with, almost nothing they own is in their name. It's in the name of their company or a trust. Tax breaks, etc ( seriously, a Jeep Grand Cherokee is a tax write off because it meets the weight restrictions to be considered a farm vehicle. )

      Don't be afraid to visit /r/business, /r/entrepreneur and /r/smallbusiness

      [–]skyw4lk3r 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Good stuff! Thanks bro! Will be a regular in those subreddits as well

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      Why do guys get married again?

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      That is horrid the way this happens. I lucked out of my marriage (if you call it luck), found out she started riding the carousel and then was able to guilt trip her into both paying for the divorce (logic I used was you wanted this) and keep everything that was mine (at the time she was moving into her parents and wouldn't have had the room for any of it) I sold all the excess crap i didn't need and moved out and moved on in a different city to start bettering myself. Luckily for me, I wound up meeting a fellow redditor in this city who turned me on to the Red Pill. It's definitely been a hard one to swallow but I can see that everything for me is uphill now. Posts like these are a sobering reminder of both where I was at the time and how lucky I got off.

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      Many people would commit suicide in your situation, awesome job you did man, I'm sure your story helps a lot of people, myself included. It's crazy to me when this happens in western countries. Where I live, in Romania, most women assume the role of a real women, most of them are gorgeous and awesome bodies, and divorce is actually fair here. Child support is dirt cheap, doesn't matter your income and you actually have the chance to get the kids as men if you have a big income to be able to support them.

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      What's the economy like over there? Easy for a Westerner to get a job?

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      Yes, but you would need a job as a doctor or working something in IT as most job pay very very little money compared to western countries. Average salary is around 200 euros, the better jobs do however pay 1000-2000 and you are considered rich with that pay as most things are much cheaper. Also women here have some sort of "fetish" for foreigners haha.

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      What kind of salary would let you live a middle class life there?

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      500 euros, a studio costs 150-250 euros monthly and an apartment 200-300 euros, produce that cost a lot in western places cost many times less. Milk and bread for instance costs many times more in the US than here. Most young adults live with their parents. Cigarettes cost 2-3 times less than other places. Good clothing once again costs way less. School costs 100 times less than in america, I'm in IT programmer college, 600 euros a year, amazing teachers, this also ensures me full medical tests yearly (they cost around how much the whole year costs), in one of our top places for this (results can be checked online). Many students already get jobs in the second year, we have partnership with Microsoft and some other IT companies. 1000 euros will allow you to pretty much do anything. The only things that are pretty expensive are electronics, which sort of separate most people from the few that are "rich". Oh yeah and escorts also cost 100 times less than the US, 10 times the quality, because there are so many of them here. You can also find "good" girls, virgin, young in the countrysides. Age of consent is 15 and parents are happy when they find a rich good man for their daughter. My Red Pill foreigner friends, this is heaven haha.

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      Damn, sounds like it. Why would you pay for an escort then? Are the women approachable? I'm sure they hear the American accent and perk up, too.

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      Most of them are very approachable, a redpill man can easily get most women he desires. That was just for comparison, myself am not paying for sex, but I have rich acquaintances that do, at some point if you are that rich is just more practical to roll like that, but you know the high class stuff, how Dan Bilzerian rolls. As I said, foreigners are some sort of fetish here for women, for Americans it even goes a step forward. There is no such thing as feminatzis here. Women here are really attracted to redpill behaviour, the more and stronger the better. Confidence, eye raping, alphaness, strong body language, that type of stuff. This is more important than looks. Looks actually come after this and money. Even the "gold diggers" have a different mentality here, which would more likely go in the "women usually tend the kids, home, food and husband" type of things and the man provides and holds everything on his shoulders. Of course there are bimbos here too, they are everywhere, but after you get them to fall in love with you they adapt very easily. My ex was exactly like this. She kept my house clean, we cooked together (that's because I'm into cooking), we wen't to the gym together, she wasn't going out drinking or slutting out late alone at night and such and she was madly in love with me.

      Another girl, this was before swallowing the pill, was really retarded, shit testing and all that stuff. After I ignored her for a week she asked me out and that night she told me she wanted to be with me, note that this was the hottest chick in my class, composed of 100 students, 90% being guys. All flirting with her. At least here where I live, being a redpill man is the best possible thing you can be, best viewed, most respected and most successful. By both women and men. Let them know by how you look at them and how you act around them that you want to fuck the shit out of them, and they will want it too, pussy around with feelings and such is the worst mistake you can make, even if you do have them. You need many years with a women, for her to reach some sort of maturity and your relation to have a solid foundation to show your full emotions. Any emotion displayed will be used against you. You need to let them crave your love, if you give it, they have nothing more to crave.

      [–]seattleron 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Sounds like the place to be. Enjoy it, lucky bastard.

      [–]livingthedreamnow 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      I'm another graduate of divorce rape university. Thanks for taking the time to write this all out, with hindsight, it's so funny how similar all our stories are!

      Kudos, on being a great dad too. That's always the hardest part when dealing with these things.

      [–]thenarrrowpath 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      You should do an update post about your wife after the alimony ends.

      [–]bogimp16[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I assure you, I will. I am sure what she is doing now will only get worse. It will probably be a good insight into just how hamster they can go. She already has that wheel spinning so hard that its starting to smoke.

      [–]Lt_Muffintoes 6 points7 points  (1 child)

      Makes you wonder how the economics of hitmen vs divorce rape stack up.

      [–]Newdist2 7 points8 points  (0 children)

      Hitmen are mostly informers.

      [–]DS-Slash 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      I think we are all glad to have found TRP. Stories like this just make everything worse.

      [–]1sailorJery 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      Man, I get why people kidnap their children and move across state lines or have their ex killed. This is just some low down shit. Glad you're on the other side.

      [–]aphelion3342 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Pro tip: don't do this stuff.


      [–]N165 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Despite not agreeing with the entire redpill philosophy, stories like this are what make me glad I found this sub. I fear this is the direction my life might have gone otherwise.

      [–]Mudmen12 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      this is disgusting, i hate society

      [–]Noculum 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Just be happy you found TRP now, then never. Good luck mate, wish you good fortune in life here on out.

      [–]DalekJay 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      come for a part 2 when the alimony ends

      [–]The_Red_Eagle 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      This stuff always makes my blood boil.

      [–]swordfish1985 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I think prenup is good in the case you want to marry. You will have two birds in one shot, one you would know if she wants to marry you for your money and second even if you are f***ked you will have your stuff and dont have to start from zero.

      [–]leehr_19 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      No one to blame but yourself. You jumped straight into the frying pan and got burned buddy.

      I assure you that if a red pill man were to raise their children to be red pill, these issues wouldn't exist.

      [–]seattleron 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      The good thing is, once the kids are grown, you will be rid of her for good hopefully.

      [–]_random_user_1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      never ever marry this is the best reminder of it damnn the society's fucked up