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For variety, shuffle a BP deck with a RP deck and pull random cards out as answers.

Kerry: Do you think we could ever be more than friends?

Me: Nope.

Kerry: What? Why?

Me: I don't deserve you.

Kerry: You don't... what do you mean?

Me: Hey, scratch my back right here...

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I bet youd hear something like - I cant figure you out. Your different than other guys.

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I'm the kind of guys who does that. "I thought wat we had was special!" "It was" "Then why don't you wanna be my boyfriend?" "Making love is always special, but there are plenty of special fish in the sea, y'know."

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And there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you don't start believing it.

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I got, "you think differently" out of a very intelligent 9.5 one time. How? Suitemate committed suicide. The entire floor were women who were balling. I went to the gym to "work out my frustration alone" though I didn't want to deal with crying women over a dude I didn't even like. He was a cockblock. Upon my return we chatted in privacy and she told me.

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In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

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This is extremely dope. I do this without realizing what I was doing.

SD: "I had a great time on our date. I think you have ruined me for other women."

her:"aww, thanks. I had a great time too. when is our next one?"

SD:"right after you come sit your little ass on my face."

her:"what?!? are you serious?! you cant say that to me, you have to treat me like a lady."

SD:"exactly. Like a lady I bent over my kitchen counter when my roomate was alseep. wait...that was you right?"

her:"joking right? um, do you do that with a lot of girls lol"

SD:"babe, after meeting you I don't even want to look at any other women"

her:"thats more like it!"

SD: "and if you believe that, I have some insurance products you might also be interested in buying. Come here at 7:00. I will have my way with you, and then we can go eat."

her:"mmm... ok."

Just mix that shit right in and it confuses the fuck out of them. good shit bro.

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that's hilarious. oughta turn that into some kind of frat bro game.

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Hah! I gotta give this a shot.

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That is amazing. I'd love to see how the hamster reacts to that.

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*The Hamster. Get your punctuation right, my nigga.

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When I was younger, I was casually seeing a girl who had quite a few screws loose. I was trying to let her go because she was crazy, always a hassle so I thought acting passive and weak would make her disinterested because she always said how she hated weak guys. If I ceased contact randomly, she would have fucked up things between our mutual friends.

I said things like "I'm looking for someone to seriously date right now and you wouldn't be interested in me as a boyfriend". She exploded into a ball of emotions trying to get me to be a passive boyfriend. Saying how she always liked me, etc. At that point I couldn't say anything to get her away from me, I was in too deep so I just shrugged it off and said it wouldn't work. She was FURIOUS. Turns out when you make a girl confess her feelings for you, and she tries to prove she ISN'T too good for you, and then you reject her anyways...yeah

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Just as an FYI, If women learn that they are effectively "written off" as relationship material because of their past cheating exploits prepare yourself for an influx of "i was raped" instead of " i am a cheating whore"

It happens already, never tell a women you have written her off because she is a cheating whore, it has no benefit to you, make something up string her along just cut contact.

Her emotional trauma of not understanding why you don't want to commit is her problem, you don't have to justify a thing, if you give her the knowledge you let her change her game to screw over some future poor sap.

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This, you may want to tell the fiance op, just so you can get your story in before her.

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I'm really not worried. I seem to recall her complaining about him being a gamer or some such. If anything that happen I'll keep this thread updated.

If she plays the rape card, well my phone is full of dirty crap she kept sending me. Also they can trace the massage vouchers to her credit card and messaging between us.

The Machiavellianist side of me asked "who has more to lose" and the answer is her.

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Excellent point. If you want to drive her off just do something beta and she'll lose interest and blame it on fate.

Having her actively blame you is a real problem if she gets caught (or just has a nasty bout of regret) and decides to cry rape.

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You don't have to act different you just reveal the actual reason, just drop her and don't provide a reason.

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One time I had this chick tell me "well yes I am in a relationship, but it's totally dead and I'm just looking for a way out."

I told her straight up she didn't have to lie about the circumstances and that I wasn't gonna judge her. Then it was "oh okay. Well I'm very much in love with him and we are getting married".

Didn't stop her from taking it in the ass though.

Chicks are weird.

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Is it just me or are women the most sexually adventurous when they're engaged and banging someone who isn't their fiance?

I mean, when you read FR's from our older married guys or LTR's, their definition of "good sex" is missionary a couple times a week. And then whenever guys like OP give us their stories of nailing engaged chicks, it seems they'll let you stick it in every hole as many ways as you could possibly want it, as often as you want it.

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There's some ev psych evidence they are, yes.

The idea is that they are super-frisky b/c they are confident they have beta bux to take care of their bastard offspring. If they didn't have the beta bux, then

  1. They would not feel like reproducing (as much / as cavalierly)
  2. They would dangle sex as a commitment bartering chip with you. Taken chicks can be easy b/c they have less incentive to Make You Wait.

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This is correct. She wants to harvest the alpha genes and use the secure beta to provide for it. This ruthless, morally depraved behavior is in their DNA. Doesn't mean women can't be raised to suppress that urge, but they will always desire such deviance, just like you might want to shoot an asshole driver in the face. If women don't have consequences for these crimes then they will commit them at a significantly higher rate.

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Reminds me of the southpark episode when satan is having an affair with Saddam Houssein

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I think its a combination of different factors.

Forbidden fruit, limited time factor, validation urgency, total non-judgmental freedom ("I don't want my fiance to think I'm a slut!"), nothing to lose (except her morality but that's not valuable is it?), anger at her current beta, alpha, DHV, game, submission, 5 minutes of alpha, need for alpha attention, etc.

Essentially, she can do everything she WANTS to do (or rather wants you to do to her) and not have to worry about consequences.

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According to the read queen women are more likely to reach orgasm and conceive a child in an affair. 60% more likely.

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It's because they don't have to smell your dirty socks or argue over the light bill with you.

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met a girl in class at the start of the semester who literally chased me down to holler at me after class. that weekend i texted her asking if she had a pickup truck cuz i just moved here and needed to bring a fridge to my place (i'm in texas)

"no, but my husband does."

"i didn't know you were married."

"i mean, i'm not! he's my fiancee. actually, it's complicated. shit's sticky, y'know?"

"yeah, sure."

chases me down after class the next day and immediately starts droning on about how her boyfriend is such a tool and she can't wait to get away from him.

"that poor guy."

"what do you mean?"

"got demoted from husband to boyfriend in a matter of days, and his girl's running around talkin mad shit about him behind his back."

"well, i'm not his girl."


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Well played. RSD Tyler Durden advices this approach. Act totally non-judgmental, and watch the real id come out to play

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The weirdest part about what that chick said is that both stories can be true at the exact same time. Aren't we glad marriage makes people automagically fall in love?

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So it's like Schroedinger's vagina?

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Schroedinger's pussy would make more sense

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Schrödingers's pussy has to be about guys too.

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This phrase deserves infinite upvotes.

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(You know the tune) Step 1: cut a hole in the box Step 2: put your pussy in the box...

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I love post like these, always reminds me to never get married

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"Why give a bitch ya heart when when she rather have a purse, why give a bitch an inch when she rather have nine!" - Pequeno Wayne

"Zeeze hoooess ent loyal!" - Chris "Captain Obvious" Brown

Oh and.. "You all about her, and she all about hers. Birdman J.R. in this bitch no flamingos and I done did everything but trust these hoes"

It's sad when mainstream pop rap shit can pass itself off as mildly philosophical.

The hamster is hilarious shit it truly is. Every whore blames her current bf for her whoredom. To end with another song reference "you can't make a ho a housewife"

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Black America is much further into the destructive decline of hypergamy. They're sending back messages from White America's future in the form of rap.

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Amazing video. Does anyone else have a problem with them making it rain from the passenger seat of a Jeep Wrangler? LOL At least go RENT a luxury car with all dem billz.

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It would be funny if they show benjamins on the close-ups, but then when it comes to the money throwing they're all 1's. LOL.

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Or monopoly money! Or Nigerian hundreds.

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White america is influenced by black culture. So could we postulate that black culture, among other things such as a decline in the importance of religion is a source of the decline?

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Why are rappers so redpill? Because they start out as poor black guys, typically short and not muscular, can't afford nice girls, don't get any respect, treated like the absolute bottom of the food chain, then they distinguish themselves by becoming good at music and suddenly the table flips and they're the top dogs, they got oodles of the hottest women chasing after them, but nothing's changed. In the words of redpill philosopher:

I remember back den, most of them hoes couldn't stand me But now them same hoes begging me to pull down they panties A couple of 'em said I was cute but I was just too chubby Same size a year later the same hoes wanna fuck me

They go to the absolute top of society, nba stars want to hang out with them, every business and club wants to treat them. But nothing's changed, and they know it. So no shit they're distrustful of twofaced women.

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Amen brother, makes perfect sense.

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If you hadn't heard it "done with her" by Gucci feat French on Gucci's lean mixtape is hilarious they just talk about destroying betas wives.

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Haven't heard it, but I'll check it out! Thanks.

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    I've really started to think the only reason I meet women is to get laid and toy with their hamsters. I need to think of a way to send one into a total nuclear phase though.

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    the only reason I meet women is to get laid and toy with their hamsters

    It's not like most of these bitches is good for anything else. They act like fuck toys and get mad when you think of them as a fuck toy.

    I like to laugh at them too.

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    The one crashed in my bed was told she would be my fuck toy tonight, and she loved it. She was very welcoming to a Hat Trick and turns out she's a bit of a masochist. We are laying there in the afterglow and she says "God, I'm such a slut." To which I replied "I like sluts." Straight up honest with them works best.

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    I had one chick play the "It's not really cheating, we're on a break." card like it was an episode of Friends.

    I had the "it's not cheating if there are no more feelings in a relationship anymore" card played when a woman suggested to have an affair with me and I said "but you have a boyfriend".

    Hamsters forever.

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    How does this "break card" thing work ? Is it like one of those monopoly cards ? How many hours is this card good for ?

    Please give me all the details so I can print some of these cards up, and then hand them out.

    Need a break from your relationship ? Call or Text Sir Wankalot at 555-5555. He is always happy to help you explore your sexuality and satisfy your needs. Discretion guaranteed.

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    If you watch the few episodes on FRIENDS, you'll see that the women don't even know.

    guy sticks to break and fucks other girls, but girl doesn't, so guy is an asshole.

    I've always said that men and women have two different definitions of "asshole." three if you count an anatomically correct definition.

    an asshole to men is a general asshole, a guy who is being a pain. No manners, doesn't care about anything, xyz.

    an asshole to women is someone who doesn't give them what they want. I.e. Someone who sets boundaries and so sticks to them, someone with a spine.

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    How does this "break card" thing work ?

    How would I know?

    You'd have to ask the card dealer about that.

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    And it always ends with "You're an asshole!"

    Usually it's pre-pended with a defensive "No!" while they try to figure out a plausible hamster story.

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      *its. Gotta get your spelling right, my nigga.

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        It's easy:

        With the apostrophe, it's is a contraction of "it is." So when you read "it's", mentally say "it is" and see if the sentence makes sense.

        Otherwise, you're probably using the possessive form (the hamster's wheel = its wheel) and therefore no apostrophe is called for.

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        It's the only word afaik, that behaves the opposite of all other words in that respect.

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        "I only slept with you to make my boyfriend jealous, but I would leave him for you." To which I responded "If you cheat on him, you'll cheat on me."

        It's funny, reading that made me think waaay back in my BP days when I started having doubts about marriage. "If you cheat on him, you'll cheat on me." (you worded it more elegantly than I did) is probably the first non-BP boundary I have ever drawn for myself. If I could draw a boundary like that as a complete pussy bluepiller, then there's hope for BP men in general.

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        Same here too. Same reaction. Plate came over one night and refused ANY escalation because she wanted to prove a point to ME that she could be faithful to her fiance(after cheating on him repeatedly). She literally just laid in my bed all night doing nothing. It was hilarious. Frustrating, but hilarious.

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        This is hilarious. What does she think really she's proving, laying in another man's bed? What would she say if her fiancé saw her? "It's not what you think, we didn't have sex ... that night!"

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        Its like having murdered various people in the past, lying next to someone and not killing them to prove "you are no murderer".

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        This is the point where you throw her out!

        -You don't want to fuck? Get out!

        Good ol' abundance mentality.

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        That mental image is killing me. lmao.

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        They really are the most grown up teenagers in the house.

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        Serious question, why didn't you tell her to GTFO?

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        It was a couple years ago; I'm not sure.

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        women hate when you ask "why?" Questions. By definition it requires logic to answer.

        Ana Kasparian did a segment on TYT going full hamster on the subject, but i cant find the link ATM.

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        If you find that send it my way

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        Same here, would like to watch.

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        Ana K. is the poster hamster for the new generation.

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        I used to love TYT but this past year they have been pissing me off.

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          Yeah, that girl was not just an idiot but a fucking idiot. One, she's proven that she will give you the ass no matter what her situation is. Two, it wasn't even a situation like you were just giving her dick and sending her on her way. So she can't even use increased hang out time as a carrot to get you to commit. Why in the world would she expect you to commit when you're getting everything you want?

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          Well because you get the honor of being this ho's bitch.

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          Wait so what happened to her?

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            That girl is mental dude. You should be glad that you got out.

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            I hate arguing so much and know that they will start their "but I'm the victim" phase immediately, so I just dump them when I find out they're a cheater. I don't say shit. I know I should, I just can't stand the anti-logic they present as logic. It crushes my brain.

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            Dump them of their a cheater? Why, your already getting laid, remember the rubber, and start spinnin that plate.

            [–]Sherlock--Holmes 4 points5 points  (1 child)

            Because I have slept with more women than I can remember. It was never a problem getting laid. The problem was always finding somebody I wanted to trust and end up with.

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            I would love for you to report back on this, but I would put money on bet that despite her storming out, this won't be the last time she comes to you for vaginal fulfillments

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            btw, "I thought we had something special" translates to "I thought you were non-judgemental."

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            I actually think the whole episode was some kind of comfort test. She was expecting me to comfort and say something like

            "yeah, in a different life but you have your future with your lovely fiance. I'll be ok"

            I'm not worried about losing this plate, I'm not into anal. Threesome.. yeah I haven't pushed for that yet but I'm not urgent about it. I think she'll come back in a week or so and pretend none of this happened. We'll see

            Still makes for a funny FR though

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            Since /u/IllimitableMan has come through with the obligatory Chris Brown reference, I just find women like that hilarious. Wait, you've already proved you're a cheater by virtue of sleeping with me. Yet you want me to take your man's place so you can do it again? Get your validation junkie ass out of my face. Lemme stamp your hand with this permanent ink, so you can show that stamp to your friends. Idiots!

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            The whole massage parlor thing makes me think of Nancy Dribble on King of the Hill.

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            I commend you on the honesty: let the plate fall naturally, don't blow hot air up it's ass hoping it keeps spinning.

            But the judgy part(I dont think you could ever be loyal to one guy.) was unnecessary(most women can't) and self indulgent(to strong of a neg for the moderate reframing she tried).

            Don't get me wrong, she needed a ferm dismiss after that, but she was somewhat open and timid in her approach and you kicked her. I find reacting to circumstance rather than people is more productive.

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            What's wrong with being self indulgent? I mean, isn't that what fucking a lot of hot women is all about?

            [–]2asd1100 4 points5 points  (3 children)

            Not really, some indulgences are positive: having great sex is good for both you and your reinforces a positive frame of mind which in term only elevates your game. Indulging in pety retorts, project weakness not only in the short term(which we mostly don't care about especially if it's regardin a plate) and it reinforces the notion that abuse and being judgemental feels good and that will turn up in other situations, there is absolutely no context in which it has any actual benefit for you other than a ego stroke and some people have that pathern so reinforced that they actually live their lifes as judgemental pricks, that feed their ego simply with arrogance.(Now there is no risk for OP to become that or most red pillers you need a really sick parental model for that, but a young frustrated chump can see that and self validate his misanthropy which is virtually a pointless social death sentence)

            [–]1kick6 1 point2 points  (2 children)

            The number of death row inmates getting love letters throws a wrench into your assumptions. There is almost no amount of misanthropy, arrogance or even capital murder that creates a "social death sentence."

            [–]2asd1100 0 points1 point  (0 children)

            Oh there is: unsustainable narcisism or a arrogant introvert.

            Even a death row inmate is interesting and can be somewhat pleasant due to his isolation or loneliness, but one of these autistic narcissists are cutting of their arms socially just because they hate their thumbs. And they are doing it at a young age when you basically grow your social persona.

            I am a MGTOW myself but when I hear a highschooler that swears of women because they aren't disney princesses I cringe and want to punch him trough the internet. Society told him that he is special and we are reinforcing his prejudice and condemning him to start out his life in a self inflicted social exile.

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            This, there are child rapists with female fans/accomplices.

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            Amused Mastery is great when it's observing situations that don't effect you negatively.

            Actual divorce rape is not anything to laugh about.

            Better to know the hamster in advance so the laugh stays a laugh.

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            Just... wow... that is literally all I have to say with the Hamster Works.

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              Move to my country so I can help your fiance explore her sexuality and satisfy her needs.

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              Thank you for your service, bro.

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              The MOST important part about getting married, the one thing that matters more than all the rest, the one place where the majority of men fail completely....


              You got plenty of time in this world, don't rush it. Vet every girl you are thinking about marriage with. Avoid the oneitis, look at her actions logically. If she show disloyalty, drop her. If she reveals a slutty past, drop her. Don't settle for anything less than the best you can possibly get.
              I know AWALT, so after you have found your perfect girl, remember the game never stops. You can't let down your guard, you can't just relax and settle down like a fairy tell. You have to constantly hold frame and maintain your alphaness.
              Does that sound draining as fuck? Cause it is. Marrige is not for everyone. But if you can pull it off, kids can be pretty kick ass. If you try and can't pull it off, your are in for a world of shit.

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              It doesn't matter. The right girl today may be the wrong girl tomorrow.

              People change. I am not the same man I was ten years ago. Taking a vow that you will love and be together with someone for life "or else" is awfully presumptuous.

              My ex wife was wonderful when we were dating. After we married, she slowly got crazier and crazier. The woman I divorced was completely different from the one I married 15 year earlier.

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              I agree with what you are saying, but really that is a risk you have to take to get married.

              I still stand by my advice, if you are gonna get married, give yourself the best start you can.

              Again, marriage is not for everyone. And as you pointed out, some people think it is for them, then shit changes and it no longer is.

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              Why do you want to get married?

              [–]Hoodwink 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              Raising kids in a stable marriage so that they can grow up to be awesome.

              You know, just patriarchal things.

              I will grant you that it's a contract that really needs to be updated for modern, non-religious times.

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              just patriarchal things

              Ah hell, let the trolling memes begin...

              But in all honesty, there will come a point in time where even sex in a marriage will require a consent form in order to validate the sex as consensual.

              Look on the bright side though, at least that'll be an excellent way to teach your kids paralegal skills for all of the future desk jobs.

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              You have to find a quality woman. If you don't, it doesn't matter where you go. Same shit, different place.

              [–]DrakeSaint 5 points6 points  (3 children)

              Congratulations, you're now on a stage where most, if not all the fun is at when it comes to TRP concepts: Acceptance.

              Once Anger is subsided and controlled, you learned and mastered all the backlash caused by the huge, heavy punch in your face called "Truth", which hits like a fucking brick. First it hurts (Incredulity), you can't believe how hard it hurts. Second, you feel rage (Anger) towards the assailant, but then you come to accept he's not the problem here, he's just the messenger (Acceptance).

              And now that the theory part is done, practical talking starts: you did yourself and all men a huge favor by fucking that woman's rationality, if you can call it that. Loyalty concepts are now on the table, and she'll spend quite sometime chatting with her friends how huge of an asshole you are for spitting the truth right at her face. Most of the listeners of this complaint will just keep hamstering away with "You go girl". A few will actually be a step closer to understanding the loyalty concept, and will take this example towards their life.

              [–]krohlm[S] 2 points3 points  (2 children)

              Actually, I respectfully disagree.

              I'm still livid as hell over all the bullshit and romantic crap I was fed growing up. The hamster is the funniest thing about women but I am still pissed about societal blue pill shit that I thought was a "way to make myself different".

              Cook her a candlelit dinner and spend hours prepping that shit? You aren't going anywhere. Invite her over and tell her to bring wine? Its going down.. bonus points if you let her walk in while you doing laundry or asking her "Are these yours?" while holding up a misc pair of panties.

              [–]DrakeSaint 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              You cannot disagree that in that moment, no matter how pissed off you still are, you controlled that feeling and let rationalization guide you towards your goal, not gut anger. It doesn't matter how much anger you still have inside yourself when you accept it, as long as you are now able to control it and deal with it, the step towards Acceptance was already taken. You learnt how to move on because it's way more productive than being pissed off and telling all women to fuck off.

              [–]oldmanwho 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              control the anger, yes. forget or forgive it, not possible. not when it continues to slight, over and over again. those who are the least invested are the ones who can, either by being blue or by being cads, but they are not often examples of greatness themselves (no matter what their incompetence might lead them to think otherwise).

              but i'll give credit where due: i learned the same omnipotent impotent 5 stages dogma and never questioned it until it stared me in the face just now. more lies by omission of the rest of the complete story: there's only the resolutions when you apathetically stop caring/investing, exact the pay stolen from contracts broken, or burn that which is yours out of the thieving hands that took it from you. truly, better ashes than continuing to allow liars to profit. the difference in resolution choices comes from what you're more prepared to spend to reach that omitted part after 'anger'.

              tl;dr: the kubler-ross model 5 stages is for consumers and does not apply here.

              [–]Locastor 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              This is pretty terrifying shit krohlm.

              Do you know anything at all about Mr. Bux?

              [–]krohlm[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              nope. Not particularly worried either. Age old question comes up. Who has more to lose if word gets out? Her or me?

              She may try something like a trumped up charge but my phone is full of dirty shit she sent me.

              [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              Been in a similar situation with a chick I once met at a bar. We were hooking up for a while, then she stopped contacting me out of the blue. I asked her what was up, and she spilled the beans that she had a fiancé who happened to be in prison at the time.

              Told her that it was over and she should delete my number. I didn't want any possibility of some psycho boyfriend hunting me down fresh out of prison.

              Just this past weekend an old friend from high school was in town. This chick and all of her friends have always been total whores, and one of them is living with her BF, soon to get married. We're all hanging out at her family's house in her room drinking and they all "switch into something more comfortable" come back wearing booty shorts and tank tops etc.. These girls were borderline uggos too so I wasn't really interested in servicing them. I just drank my beer, smoked a joint, browsed through instagram and left. I'm sure one of my friends was desperate enough to fuck them. One of these bitches even said that she tells her boyfriend about the guys she makes out with when she goes clubbing with the girls. What a beta bitch.

              sloot's gonna sloot.

              [–]SamGill 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              loved reading this. you called her out for being a lying hoe. she got angry..........loved how she said she loves her fiance yet is lying to him about massages and is coming to share a plate with you.

              [–]jamesez501 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Sounds like psycho-bitch syndrome.

              [–]hamstercide 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              I need to work on my game, how did you approach her at the bar and give her the good vibes to text you?

              [–]morph85 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              "I have a few of these vouchers myself that she gave me for back massages and crap." This just had me burst out in laughter. So the poor guy is paying you massages for fucking his finace. Brilliant.

              [–]Nofaphercules 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Hang on.... She just told you that she had a fiancee like it was no big deal? What is up with some of these engaged woman, they say they have a fiancee like they are admitting they have a pet of some sort like its no big deal.

              [–]GhostOfAladdin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Haha. You are her comfort zone for orgasmic release. Do you have any feels for the beta provider she has locked up?

              [–]1Zanford 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              gonna use "spills the feels"

              I love how she asks if ya'll can be more than friends, then says it's 'not yoru business' whether she love(d) her freaking fiance.

              Ummm, yeah bitch, if I'm gonna consider a LTR with you, whether you're still in another LTR and the fact that you screwed him over fucking matters.

              She got volcanically agree at you b/c you made her acknowledge that she's a lying cheating thieving whore. Hamsters hate accountability. Also she felt slut-shamed (which she deserves). If you fucked her well, she'll be back. If you want to keep fucking her, your best bet is to NOT give her a straight answer about how she's unworthy b/c she's a cheater, and to just BS her for as long as you can with ambiguous statements that she can interpret favorably and yet leave her hungry for more definitive feelz from you.

              [–][deleted] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              thread title sounds like a bunch of hamstering ironically

              [–]MuzakNinja -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              Total cognitive dissonance. Amazing.

              [–][deleted] -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              lol nice one op I bet you unlocked asshole before that though.