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Well played plate, well played.

This goes through my head often when my plates pull something that's very Machiavellian. I tend to throw these right back as well.

Plate calls "I cant make it tonight because of X reason" (Last time we spoke she hinted she's seeing a new guy she really likes, it didn't work cause I told her "That's great! Go for it! Do you need some advice?")

Me: Thank god! An old high school ex is in town and there was no other time I could have caught up with her.

Her: O.. um.. I'm glad it works out then (is not happy).

Me: Me too! I nearly had to cancel other plans to see her! See you next weekend! (I always do this, if they flake/cancel I'm unavailable due to other plans regardless of if this is true or not)

After that is desperate to see me and I get agenda blowjobs while she tries to figure out if anything happened between me and old high school friend and what my other plans were. This is the one thing I've never understood about my plates. They all know I'm not exclusive, some of them have asked me to arrange threesomes and all of them are desperate for dirty laundry on each other. Its like reverse AMOGing?

People say that the redpill makes men cold and calculating

Damn right it does.. Cold, ruthless, calculating and cunning bastards are the guys who can have it all. Society ruled by the sociopath.

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I do the same thing. My go to when she cancels is "No shit. cool. I'll send you pics from the boat"

her, "boat? what boat?"

me, "my bro X invited me wakeboarding. Had to turn it down, but free now"

her, "X has a boat?"

Me, "nah, some chick he knows."

her, "oh you are gonna be a third wheel?" (nice try at the shame tactic)

Me, "nah she is bringing friends. gotta run! have fun!"

It slays every time.

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It's like she's pitching them underhand for you to hit a home run, eh? The hamster is real and amazing.

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How do you pull off the pictures from the boat if there is no boat?

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Bro, you know I have pictures of me on a boat. And on a ski lift. And fishing on the pier. And driving go carts. All replete with smoking hot chicks.

The key to A good cover story is thinking of it in advance of even needing it. Then you must plan accordingly.

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Haha, "Dexter" level Machiavelli, I love it.

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      No pictures were taken, what happens on the boat stays on the boat

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      You "forget" to send pics. Guys arent so needy and attention starved.

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      He never said which boat he took pics on, or when.

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      A good description of this is 'the rich get richer'.

      Once you know what you're doing and women are attracted to you then things will continue to fall into place and more women will be attracted to you.

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      Apt. After nearly 18 months, I most definitely am starting to feel the same way.

      I believe I was pre-selected by the plate because she met the ex, who was attractive and fun. Then the ex became an ex, the plate was fair game, and the ex served as a nice foil to deepen plate's attachment and desire. I am in no way observant enough to have pulled this off without first reading this sub and recommend books and blogs on a near constant basis. Dudes that figured this shit our are geniuses. I am glad they decided to share the wealth (of information).

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      This is why I let tinder sluts friend me on FB

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      I don't tinder as of now, so I have some noob questions. Would you elaborate a little more how the FB/Tinder connection causes dread? I would like to move into that market at some point.

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      If they see pics of you with other girls, girls writing on your wall, etc.

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      Ahhh. Now I see. You have effectively outsourced dread. Genius.

      I imagine that is like pushing a snowball down a snowy mountain. The more interest from chicks, the more dread in others, so they show intest. Color me impressed, bro.

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      It's the best when they all comment in the same thread

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      And the run to like your things "first".

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      Ok, my mind is now blown, first useful application I've seen for Facebook.

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      Actually, (not to split hairs here) this would be simply 'preselection.'

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      "agenda blowjob" ... I'll be stealing that one.

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      All yours, bro. No stealing necessary.

      Would love to see it start coming up organically in threads, so go get you one and then spread the word.

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      It should definitely become a commonly used RP term from now on. And you can take credit for coining it

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      I respond, "Y'know, that's not a bad idea. Guess I should text her. What made you think of that?"

      I laughed aloud at this. Wonderfully executed, and great field report.

      The harsh realities of the world make cold calculation necessary to achieve any quantifiable modicum of true success in any arena.

      We fight for food and for shelter. Love and procreation is another fundamental resource, so it only makes sense we should fight for it as well. I would rather struggle every day and appreciate what I've earned than become complacent and slip into weakness.

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      I would rather struggle every day and appreciate what I've earned than become complacent and slip into weakness.

      In other words you'd rather stay a man than become a women?

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      Abso-fucking-lutely. Being a man is the hardest thing in the world, until it is easy. Then, even on my shittiest days, it feels like Mardi Gras compared to my life before the red pill.

      Acceptance (of my role in my own life and in society) is really the best part for me. If good happens, I earned it. If bad happens, I accept it but do not dwell. I work harder to prevent it from happening again. It all started for me on this sub.

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      That's a new perspective for me, but you are right on. Thanks for the comment, brother.

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      You've got good game.

      Also, you seem to acknowledge that the necessity of game comes with the world we live in now that doesn't give the ease of control that other times in history allowed.

      So we perfect our dread games for the present, but fight for a time when dread will be restored in marriage like in Marriage 1.0.

      You seem to have it figured out.

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      Much appreciated, bro. Game is absolutely 100% necessary. Like many, my only regret is not learning sooner in life.

      I got through No More Mr. Nice Guy, Rational Male, and I am halfway done with The Art of Seduction. Anyone who thinks they have a good grasp from reading subs and blogs should move on to the books. 18 months in and I have much to learn. Next up, 48 Laws of Power and Mastery.

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      I've completed Rational Male and some others, but that's about it.

      Red Pill is a massive topic and it's funny how new people come in and seriously underestimate it's scope. I figure it will take me all winter to get through just the basics.

      /r/DarkEnlightenment is good too.

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      I like it over at that sub too. I will spend more time there when I get my game right. first things first. Right on, bro.

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      The audiobook is on youtube. It's an amazing piece of work, very unforgiving and precise. I'm thinking about re-reading it soon.

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      48 Laws and Mastery have basically changed my life forever. I can see the world and situations in new ways, and I could never go back. I am more effective in personal and professional relationships and I feel in control of my mistakes and successes. This should be mandatory reading in university for both sexes.

      It's like have laser surgery on your eyes, everything is in better focus.

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      What kind of law do you practice if you don't mind me asking and how long have you been practicing? I just passed the bar (FLA) myself and im an entry level associate. i'm starting to see girls come out of the woodwork. Currently reading 48 laws of powers and ive already read Rational Male, Which one between No more Mr. Nice Guy and what you've seen of Art of Seduction would you suggest next? BTW i would recommend a kindle if you don't have one already, it's so much easier to find time to read when it's so easy to carry around.

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      I read everything on Kindle. I don't like for people to be able to look at my book cover and see what I'm reading. I am in my seventh year of practice. I do exclusively securities litigation. No more Mr. nice guy is a very quick read, and a great book. The art of seduction is very dry, not a very easy read.

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      There are plenty of hidden layers in art of seduction. It is great to reread a year after you are done with it.

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      That is true of any book by Greene

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        I use that word because to a certain extent my behavior is a contrivance, rather than a reliance on natural instincts. Because I make informed decisions calibrated to prompt certain responses, said behavior is by definition manipulative.

        Society is fucked. My upbringing was also pretty fucked insofar as preparing me to attract a woman. I should be able to just do what comes naturally, but my natural inclinations are wrong as a product of being raised in our society, by my family.

        I think eventually my game will be internalized, and I won't have to use active thinking to be alpha dominant. Then I won't be manipulative, just rad as fuck. Thanks for the comment, brother.

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          I feel the same way. Less putting on a costume, more taking off a stupid mask I didn't even know I was wearing. you as well.

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          Yo peace to both of yall, keep at it..

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          Let's never let anyone call us manipulative. The word we should use is persuasive.

          TRP reminds me a lot of Greek philosophy and culture, particularly Stoicism, but also of one of the original disciplines of The Trivium, Rhetoric, i.e. the art of persuasion. Holding frame, not letting others define you for you, is part of rhetoric, and in this example so would be controlling the terms and words.

          Manipulative almost never has a positive connotation; persuasive is a more powerful and positive term.

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          I will adopt the usage of the word persuasive. You are correct it is a much better word. It is also accurate.

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          I swear when I do this shit or read a FR of someone doing it I think "damn and these cheat codes only get better the more we use them."

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          When I first read someone saying cheat codes, I thought that they were using hyperbole. They were not.

          Seeing behind the curtain was 100% worth the bitter taste on the front end.

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          One of my most memorable nights/weeks of sex happened after I told a plate I'd be getting a drink with a woman I'd known in high school (that I reconnected with on FB), who was in town for the week. Plate begged me to come to her place afterwards, "no matter how late." I stumbled in at 2am and she was "fake asleep," just panicked in bed, and I slid under the sheets. She did one of those fake yawns, "oh, did you have fun?" I proceed to fuck the holy shit out of her. The next morning I went back to my place and banged the high school friend, who I'd yet to inform the plate was staying at my place.

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          that last sentence... sounds like something I've done in the past...

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          Plate reads my expression and knows I am thinking of my ex's phenomenal body. I'm actually thinking of wrestling with a shitload of German Shepard puppies.

          You owe me a new keyboard. Seriously.

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          Cost of doing business, bro.

          It would be awesome though, right?

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          Yeah, as long as they're puppies. Those little puppy teeth are sharp as fuck though...

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          Husky puppies instead of Shepherds, but Shepherd puppies would do in a pinch. My red Siberian Husky is a girl magnet on walks, she can draw a crowd so easy its scary.

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          "People say that the redpill makes men cold and calculating."

          True, but women are naturally like this so there is some serious catching up that must happen.

          Men like to conduct their battles in the business world, sports or war. Women's battle ground is the relationship. They continually calculate position, frame and power.

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          Men are romantics pretending to be realists. Women are realists pretending to be romantics. Saw that somewhere on the sub and it's always stuck with me.

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          "when was I talking about someone?" inquisitive eyebrow.

          Now when I need "convincing", plate knows how to get it done. It won't actually ever work

          I feel like such an amateur after reading this. I should be taking notes. Masterfully done.

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          Read the Art of seduction, mastery, and the 48 laws of power. Then read them again. It's all about knowledge and practice bro. Throw yourself into the art work at it and you'll get there soon. Good luck brother.

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          I have started the 48 laws of power twice now, and found it fascinating, but both times seemed difficult to put into practice. I understand the laws, and they make sense, but seeing them in a practical sense is a bit more difficult for me. I found the same difficulty with the art of seduction, which I've read halfway through before. Any tips beyond preserverence?

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          True mastery of the game: you know it works, know why, know the rules, play by the rules to get the desired effect, while being mindful during the process ... and have fun doing it. Solid report. And solid attitude you have. Lately I've been reading way to many bitter thoughts from freshly unplugged guys. I know it's just a phase (been there), but it's depressing. They should learn from yours and similar examples - this is the mindset to adopt.

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            Much appreciated, sir.

            Ton of good info on this sub. Just trying to add something helpful.

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            This is a great story. I have a term for this type of Dread: Windfall Dread.TM I'm coming to realize that Windfall Dread is pretty common. What an existence women must lead to have that hamster on standby to spin up Dread scenarios at a moment's notice, but there it is. Ours is not to pass judgment on such behaviors but to accept them and adapt to them.

            Regrettably most (especially non-RP) guys don't recognize Windfall Dread for what it is. You saw it and cashed in. Good show.

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            Later last night I received what I like to call an "agenda blowjob." A term I coined to refer to that professional grade, vintage-Sasha Grey-style head men only get when a woman wants to accomplish something nefarious.

            Good god I laughed out loud.

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            I just learned so much from this and the comment section. What's funny is now knowing I had a solid dread game back in college and didn't even realize. Completely agree those "agenda blowjobs" are a thing. I have so much clarity on ongoing relationships now. Thanks for the post.

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            Well done. The words "her" or "she" do stupid things to women, and you took that reaction like a handoff from the QB, hit the hole against her weak front seven, and took it to the house. Do your best touchdown dance in Ft. Lauderdale.

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            I can recognize hamster behavior but never can come back like you do, which makes me even bitter. Do you have any advice on getting better at gaming?

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            Practice bro. Situations repeat themselves with women. You will start to notice patterns, and you'll be prepared for them. This is part of the reason why it is so important to talk to as many women as possible.

            Also I recommend being friends or friendly with women. It's like playing a scrimmage, it is low stakes but is still good practice. You get to watch the hamster spin in real time with no emotional attachment to the end result.

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            I think that I've gotten many times better simply by reading this sub. Experience is the best teacher, and I prefer to use someone else's.

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            Afterwards, and because we encourage good behavior in women, I assured plate that she had "convinced me" that seeing the ex would be a bad idea.

            Hi five man. -slap-

            Truly appreciate anecdotes like these. Drives the point home

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            I try to be mindful of the reason why I do things, rather than be reactive. In this particular instance, it occurred to me that I wanted to reinforce this sort of behavior as it was taking place.

            Hi5 back at you. Thank you for the comment, brother.

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            Bravo! Like you said, after a while it does become a part of your own nature. By then it's both amusing to look at your past self, but also horrifying to think where you'd be had you never found the red pill.

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            Dude, without TRP I would be all the way MGTOW. I had already mostly bailed on interacting with women before I subbed. Life was way better MGTOW-ish than Beta, but not as fulfilling and fun as it is now.

            Yeah, past me was a fucking idiot. Mindset was: If I am nice and supplicate her and she still doesn't like me, I guess I should just be NICER and supplicate MORE. Glad that guy is dead.

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            This was me. Sad thing is, after three marriages (yeah, I know) and multiple family therapists it was still the same BS of "you have to be more sensitive of her needs." Typical blue pill bullshit. I was never happy because I got infrequent sex. She was never happy because I was a supplicating pussy and she despised me for it. Cue the circle continuing round and round.

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            How did you start spinning plates? How'd you get ramped up from 0 women to where you are now?

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            It starts with one. I run game on almost every woman I meet. I'll try to talk to everybody I encounter during my day. I make an effort to go out of my way to be friendly.

            Soon I have a date lined up with the second chick. Then third. Now at anytime I have about four chicks I can call and hang out with. I have a favorite. But sometimes I ignore her for a few days at a time.

            Just make it your own bro. Be mindful of your words, and always ask yourself what you could've done better or differently.

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            Brahptimus Prime strikes again. Great read and summation of applied theory!

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            Big Chief, what's going on brotha? Brahptimus... still cracks me up

            Much appreciation for the comment. Still learning shit and decreasing the overall sum total of fucks that I give. Respect, brah.

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            I live it how you made seeing your ex seem like it was her idea. That's gold. How did the conversation go down? It'd take me a few seconds to think of those kinds of responses, or were you expecting and planning ahead?

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            Okay so I am glad you asked about this. One of the first things that we learn in trial craft, is that pauses are way shorter than you think they are. What feels like 20 seconds to you is probably three seconds. I believe they call this effect time dilation.

            There is nothing abnormal or unnatural about considering your words for a few seconds before using them. If you get in this habit it will not seem odd to those around you. It just requires a little bit of discipline and some changing of habits.

            When I was learning how to speak to a jury, we would give presentations on video camera. And then watch those presentations. The moments where I felt like I paused for too long, they were barely noticeable on film.

            Be more deliberate in your speech, and you will have all of the time in the world to think of clever responses. Also, do not just say the first thing that comes into your head without running it through once, and trying to think of a second thing. This takes almost no time at all. Good luck, brother.

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            Excellent and enjoyable read.

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            I really like your descriptions, you're picking out all of the recognizable things. I have one thing to add though, it's a bit of alternate approach you can fit in there. I've found it's a fine line to be overdoing it on trying to be busy and desirable and it's often going to incite her to play games at you back.

            On some level, women will actively look for negative emotions in a man, it shows they're being genuine and it shows to them they actually care about her. This is a psychologically proven fact. And the beauty is, it will make women want to reciprocate caring for you and your time (need to have projected enough of the alpha/sociable vibe for her to care in the first place of course).

            Let me try to explain what I mean. Using this approach when she cancels, I'd respond by busting her balls a bit, showing that I'm displeased - but not really perturbed.

            "Whaaat, you're just going to leave me hanging like that?", pauze, to which she'll respond "yeah sorry,.. (some bullshit)". Ponder a few seconds and end the conversation "ok.. gotta go, talk to you later, have fun". Never let them linger on your display of negative emotion, cut it short. But be unashamed to show in some form that you're unhappy at the prospect of not being able to spend time with her.

            It's just going to make them to be so much more agreeable lateron and cut down on the bullshit you'll get. It's going to feel a bit pussy to act like this but it doesn't seem to have any actual backside.

            Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think. Might not work if you need to balance a bunch of plates, I haven't been doing that.

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            Compliment sandwich time: First, this is an excellent post. Very instructive, and funny (the central nervous system bit was hilarious).


            Plate reads my expression and knows I am thinking of my ex's phenomenal body. I'm actually thinking of wrestling with a shitload of German Shepard puppies.

            There was a lot of flourishes in here (like the above) that kind of delve into the excessive. Kind of getting into the TRP-porn category where the man-is-so-superior-to-women thing is perhaps getting more importance than the instruction or bigger point.

            That being said, great yes-ands. That's definitely something that I can get better at.


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            I have tried like 35 different writing styles in posts. I have come to understand that you can't please everyone all the time. I find a good way to keep people's interest is to add flourishes.

            I don't feel superior to her. I just work harder and study more. I have no doubt that if she learned about dynamics and seduction, I would be in a lot of trouble.

            Thanks for the sandwich bro.

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            Well, you've got greater game than I do, so I'll be reading your posts regardless of which style they're written in.

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            I appreciate that complement, brother. Just over 18 months since the first time I ever wandered onto the sub. Time flew by. Greater? Nah. If one man can do it, another man can do it. Just put in the time work hard study hard. You got that shit, brah. You know that right?

            I have repeated this a few times, but you can only gain so much from reading blogs and subs. If you really want to step up your game, you have to read a few books. Luckily, after the first book you will want to devour all of the material referenced in this sub.

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            Thanks. Long-time lurker.

            In an LTR, and it's all extremely applicable. Like 1:1. Though I'm definitely looking for more LTR/married game resources.

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            How can I get my wife to blow me like that?

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            Red pill for marriage is way above my pay grade. However, every single agenda blowjob that I have ever gotten had to do with jealousy over another woman. You might be walking a razor zedge there.

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            One of these days I will have to make some posts of what I've experienced since ingesting TRP late last year. You are absolutely spot on. Fear of loss creates the most inspired oral fixations/submissions EVER.

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            Plate first told me sweetly that if I cared for my ex I wouldn't contact ex so soon after breaking ex's heart.

            lookit how the hamter words it. jeezus fuck these women are naturally evil.

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            Honestly, it fucking sucks that we, as men courting women, must remain on constant guard

            MUCH rather be able to find love with a beautiful woman by being a sweet, loving, caring guy. Many share my sentiment. Guess what, I tried that shit for 28 years, and it never fucking worked

            This. Let's drink to this.

            ps: good job, an example to be followed.

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            28 years was the number for me, too. And the red in my eyes and voice is like a pheromone injection to worthy women.

            People say that the redpill makes men cold and calculating. I say, fuck that noise. The harsh realities of the world make cold calculation necessary to achieve any quantifiable modicum of true success in any arena. We choose to go one step further and find better and more effective ways to navigate our female-centric society through observation, trial and error, and sharing of experiences. There is no romance in our clinical, analytical approach towards relations with the opposite sex, but one cannot argue that our methods are ineffective. The anti-TRP set has no data, so they resort to shame tactics, stawmen, and false equivalencies, which really only further supports our cause.

            This is the kind of ending I like to a FR. A rallying cry to be men, without apology. Deal with the horrible truth instead of taking the path of doomed least resistance as a slave to a failed system.

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            How the fuck did you care enough to write something this fucking long?

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            I was on the plane to Florida. I forgot my headphones. So I typed all of this in the notes on my iPhone. I literally had nothing else to do, and was flying on the billable hour.

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            Is this an experiment to see how many times the word "bro" can be used in one comment thread?