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Answering a shit test with silence makes you passing it with the message "I know, what you're up to. Knock it off."

It lets the words hang in the air for a bit and suddenly they see what actually was said. Also, just not answering takes away all opportunities for them to further drive down Bullshit Blvd. They can't continue firing shit tests like a machine gun when you take away their ammo.

I had very good results by rasing my eyebrows, look her in the eye until she breaks eye contact and saying nothing. It is "Are you serious about that?" as action. Actions speak louder than words.

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i recently saw the movie drive

Ryan barely talks and simply does not respond to anyone unless necessary. even his investor has to continue the conversation.

powerful stuff.

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Exactly its really a "not dignifying your childish tantrum with a response" Was watching Treasure Planet on the couch with a girl and she wanted me to massage her back, fine. I try and escalate and she wasn't into it (probably because I just went ahead and did what she wanted). I go into the kitchen to get some food (for myself only) and sit back down on an adjacent recliner. She practically jumps on me a few minutes later, and we end up fucking down stairs.

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It's a great cheat card but that is how men get into relationships, marriage and parenthood without their will.

Do not use silence to hide your insecurity or lack of conviction. Men have been doing that for ages and women have been using that to their advantage for just as long.

Acknowledge the bullshit in a very obvious fashion, use the silence as a very strong dis and then take action like nothing happened.

Again, do not use it to avoid conflict.

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Completely agree. I see many posts advocating the use of silence to your advantage, but you have to pick and choose when it is necessary. Silence when used improperly just makes things awkward and confusing. It should only be used to build sexual tension when that is a possibility. It doesn't give a "mysterious" vibe when you're just talking in regular conversation and then just decide to not say anything.

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THat is nothing, awkwardness is passing, but by not asserting your position you implicitly comply with her frame. ANd that is how you get a girlfriend, a wife or a couple of children that just "happen" and you just accept instead of making a conscious decision to have them.

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I wouldn't really consider that silence. I would call that indifference if anything.

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You can't be indifferent when facing a major issue, you can be scared to speak up.

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Arguing with my wife is like mud-wrestling a pig. You're getting dirty and nearing exhaustion but the pig is having a great time.

I can't out-talk her. There's just no fucking way. That woman will have the exact same conversation fifty three times and be ready to go around the circle again.

The only way to win is to say "this is what I expect from you", and then don't respond to her babbling after that. I let her get all that off her chest, and then she usually does what I said anyway.

Talking makes her feel better, makes me feel worse.

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    One thing I've noticed is my wife thinks while she talks. I think, then talk. I'm not saying my way is better, but it does make me feel less like I'm tripping over my own words and more like my measured response will help win people over to my point of view.

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    This has been my go-to for lying women since I was a teenager—indespensible advice, OP.

    Girls fold up quick under the heat of a disbelieving-yet-detatched gaze. When she doesn't fold, you know there's some pathology under the surface you're contending with. In which case, recommend a psychiatrist and run like hell.

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    Even in my blue pill days this was probably the only thing I got right. At some point in the date there will be a lull in the conversation. Most betas will just nervously blurt out a half digested thought. Even back then, I would just hold my tongue and make intense eye contact. You can almost hear the panties moisten as they nervously grin and say "What?".

    My ex told me she loved that so I kept that in my repertoire. It's like a goddam cheat code.

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      You haven't lived until you've cleaned a bunch of gooey blood clots and stuff off your nut sac.

      Period pussy smells really gross.

      Random true fact: my wife doesn't blink at doing ass to mouth, but she won't do period pussy to mouth. Draw your own conclusions.

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      There is an uncomfortable level of in your post.

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      So she would rather eat shit to period blood?

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      I've had a few young girls bleed all over me and it didn't smell that bad. It might depend on girl and her eating habits or something ...or actually, now I think of it, pheromones of a girl in her prime might reduce how gross a man considers those things.

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      Now that you mention it, she's 45 now, and I really think her smell across the board has gotten worse over the years. I remember taking such delight in it when we were in our 20s.

      I'd like to fuck a nice 20 year old again and compare. Unfortunately, I have insufficient game, and have lowered my standards. We'll see how I get on with 30 year old single mothers.

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      I actually enjoy fucking them on their rag, I bust in them and don't really worry about them getting pregnant.

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      I used to do that too. That's how I conceived my first son. True story.

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      It turns out women on their period is actually when they are most horny.

      This is most certainly not always the case. Some girls are not horny whatsoever. Others may want sex but it's very uncomfortable or very messy. With that said, always test the waters and see how she handles it.

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        Umm... MD student here chiming in.

        When a woman in menstruating is not when she is "flooded with hormones". Quite the opposite.

        Actually, exactly the opposite. There is a LH surge that triggers the follicle to release, causing ovulation... but that is opposite menstruation. The rush of progesterone occurs after that... when the egg is available to be fertilized/is implanting... but that is 2 weeks before menstruation starts.

        Biologically speaking, women should be "horniest" is during ovulation, that is when sex is useful, biologically speaking.

        But all this is more or less moot, because there is no direct link between female sex hormones and libido. Which is why there isn't a female hormonal medication for low libido.

        (Note: there are none FDA approved. There are some in the works that basically treat depression, or others that are just testosterone, ... but these are tenuous at best and are basically treating underlying problems, not hormonal ones.)

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          ive found a lot of women are simply insecure about potentially bleeding all over the guy they really like. Makes sense. Especially makes sense if they got shit for it from another guy in the past.

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          I'd rather wait. When I fuck my LTR on her period she's sore as fuck for a couple days. I'd rather wait 4 days and resume banging without complications.

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          These are Golden words my friend.

          Silence not only confuses the women if used properly makes the women completely defenseless.

          Mastering it is required by testing it in different situations.

          Many Guys need to incorporate this into their lives.

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          My last LTR said these words that I will not forget :

          "Your silence is deafening."

          The context was some of the usual bullshit she would try to pull on me that after so many times of dealing with it and trying so many different approaches, I simply gave her the flattest dead pan stare I could till she completely folded. Words you don't say can be the most powerful ones.

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          Never give women a reason to have an excuse

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          Love me some good, quality silence.

          Incidentally, the "on my period" lmr is about the only version I respect. You can always fuck that girl "on her period" if you want (wrap it and tap it!), but by telling you, she's giving you a legit, retain-your-manhood out if you're the sort of guy who is grossed out by menstruation or in a place with rampant blood-borne diseases. I approve.

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          But but but....she didn't give affirmative consent!!! /s

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          Related, from the CH archives: "Ellipsis Game" and "Ellipsis Game Applied".

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          Attractive male has sex and thinks it's because of something other than being attractive.

          Tonight I met up with a chick from Tinder

          Tinder. You were already in when she saw your pic, don't delude yourself.

          This is my personal experience with tinder, and I really didn't think I was that ugly.

          I want to hear stories of average/ugly guys like me defying all odds, but this reeks of step one and two. It's useless to attractive people because they really don't need it, and it's useless to unattractive people because they wouldn't even make it that far (in this particular case).

          TL;DR experimentally this story shows nothing.

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          Attractive is not a yes or no status. It is a sliding scale.

          Even attractive guys need game to bed attractive women. If you think this FR of an attractive guy running game on a woman doesn't apply to you, then attraction isn't your problem.

          Your refusal to learn from others, and refusal to take responsibility for your own attraction, is your problem. Quit passing the blame.

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          In this particular case, since tinder was used, we know looks were what brought the girl in, she was probably dtf at that point thus we don't know if any sort of persistence would overcome her little speed bump, he could very well have just pleaded "Coommeee onnnnn!" for a bit and it would have done the same. Again, they key factor here is tinder was used, he had attraction through no actions of his own from the start. What I do know is many people could not have gotten to that step. I'm not blaming anyone for how I look, I know it's my problem (thanks), I'm just saying this fun little story shows nothing from an experimental standpoint and all this praise is ultimately unmerited.

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          Tinder is pretty irrelevant in this story.

          The fact is, he went home with her. It doesn't matter if you meet on tinder, or meet at the coffee shop. If she invites you back to her place, it's the same message.

          And it can still flop, and you can still hit LMR, and this field report still points out techniques to overcome that, etc.

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          This is my opinion of about half of the posts here. Most of us wouldn't be here if we didn't need game.

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          Stop with the butthurt brother. This is not an useless post.

          It's essential to understand game and frame whether you are a 5 or an 8. One of the tools used by OP to kill its prey (tinder) requires that user is attractive. But he clearly states that it would not been enough if he hadn't frame control.

          Learn from all things. You must use the tool of frame control when you're playing within whatever market your SMV allows.

          Edit: spelling.

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          It sounds to me like she was putting up a feeble effort to not think of herself as a slut and anything would have toppled her little speed bump with any persistence, he could very well have just pleaded "Coommeee onnnnn!" for a bit and it would have done the same. Since tinder was used, we can assume she was dtf from the start, so experimentally this story shows nothing, and those who don't make the tinder cut are left ignored.

          Not butthurt, just looking at it logically and pointing out the faults of his conclusion with the given information.

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          The first two rules of tinder are

          1. Be attractive
          2. Don't be unattractive

          When seeing that list most people take it as a joke, but it isn't. Plenty of high SMV guys get their feet in the door very easily, but fall to acting like an idiot to shit tests and lmr. If you want to see stories of average guys defying odds for pussy, go to /r/PUA - TRP is about bettering yourself to the point while you are well above average, and then learning how to play the game without stumbling.

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          Tinder. You were already in when she saw your pic, don't delude yourself.

          I want to hear stories of average/ugly guys defying all odds, not this pretentious bs.

          This is too true, I'm clearly not attractive for tinder, and know this is bs when the first moment the OP said it was tinder.

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          She may not necessarily have been lying. Women can have their periods without bleeding continuously.

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          This is excellent advice. Holding silence is like flexing your frame. The silence lets them feel you, the boundaries, and strength of your inner core.

          Last Friday a girl said something about how she might give me her number so I took out my phone typed in her name and held it out in front of her. She said maybe later and I just grinned slightly and stared at her. After 2 seconds she types it in. Ended up going home with her. Failed some LMR, but current outlook is good for a day 2/day 3.

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          I know this one guy. He is not very intelligent, his writing is pathetic, you can't really talk to him about anything, etc. But he looks reasonably good and can do one thing well: keep shut up.

          It works great for him, both at work and at getting laid.

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          Watch Ryan gosling in drive and how he acts around Irene in the elevator and the first time he's in her apartment. Act like that and girls will get pretty wet around you.

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          Or you will appear autistic as fuck...

          Unless you're like attractive or something.

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          Autistic people can't even make eye contact. And being attractive applies to every attitude.

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          Autistic guy here. It's not that I can't make eye contact, it's that I have difficulty determining how much eye contact to use. Between avoidance and the appearance of staring I generally go for the safer option because I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

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          Autism is a spectrum disorder that affects primarily men. There are very few stereotypes that apply to autism, and this certainly is not one of them.

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          Lack of eye contact is one (of many) symptoms used to diagnose autism.

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          The director of drive is autistic, look it up. Anyways a 10 sec silence before answer yes to a glass of water is a bit too much brah

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          You guys are missing the point. He did come off as autistic in most of the film, but the elevator to hallway scene, and the first time he's in her apartment is gold.

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          Or just look like Ryan Gosling....

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          This shouldn't happen with plates you've been seeing for a while because if you pay attention you can figure out when their periods are and cut them out of the loop for a week or so until its over. There's nothing I hate more than inviting a girl over because I'm really horny and finding out she's on her period.

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          No offense, silence really is golden and all, but your story reads like she was actually at the end of her period and she was just warning you about it. She would have fucked you anyway.

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          How long did you know to wait? Like when she looked away or said something?

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          Yup.. The closer the redpill moves towards my ass, the lesser i need to do

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          What if she's on her period fit real...and stains my sheets. Is this an optional shit test?

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          I know I've done this subconsciously before and it's worked wonders, let's see when the time pops up again and I use it again on a conscious level.

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          I was suggesting the same idea on another posting that when you have no ability to fight the situation with well thought out words you should just "pause" and see where things go.

          You have more to lose saying the WRONG thing than saying nothing,

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          "It was my pussy now". Uh maybe keep not saying anything? cringe

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          I fucked a girl on her period once. Things started out fine, then slimy blood started to coat my dick. I almost puked and instantly lost my boner.

          Not sure this is a shit test I could handle. Maybe I'm less of a man.

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          Not responding at the right times is a great social "trick", i dont see how this example has anything to do with that though. You could have said anything and still be elbow deep in her pussy.