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When a girl starts talking about sex that is what she is thinking about.

You just have to provide plausible deniability to get by her Slut Defenses.

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"We were watching a movie and... it just happened."

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My pussy, like, just kind of wrapped itself around his dick. I don't know, it all was so fast and It Just Happened.

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I wasn't sure if it was a shit test, ASD or LMR.

Maybe there needs to be a new acronym encompassing all of the above

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What you experienced is ASD.

Anti-slut defense is similar to LMR, but more related to not wanting to be judged by her friends as a slut.

And finally a more red pill take on the subject:

Anti-Slut Defense is exactly that, a “defense.” It is an automatic moral high ground that any and every woman has the ability to claim. It is the feminine prerogative in it’s rawest form, but it is a social contrivance and possibly the single most useful tool a woman has next to her sexuality. It is one thing for a woman to be sexual, arousing, erotic and enticing, but it is quite another thing for her to be sexually available. This is the secret of feminine seduction; the prospect of sexual pleasure without the promise of sexual availability. And the tool – the social mechanism – used to effect this contrivance of feminine virtue is ASD.

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    OK, the glossary does not list ASD? I've been subscribed for a while - not heard of it?

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    Anti-Slut Defence. Basically, she needs some form of plausible deniability so she can say to her friends (and herself), "I didn't plan on sleeping with him, it just sort of happened!"

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    There's an abbreviation for everything (TAAFE)

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    Anti-slut defense. I edited my above post.

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    Google says it's Autism Spectrum Disorder, but thanks for your help

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    always check urban dictionary for TRP terms, it's on there.

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    What does LMR stand for? And what does shit test mean?

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    It was her ASD. She doesn't want to seem like a slut to her friends, you or herself.

    I see LMR as more of a value shit test, i.e when she's not positive if you're good enough for her to sleep with yet so she hits you with one more test in order to make sure. Usually you get LMR on really quick one night stands where you're just plowing through the interaction and she feels like she might not have had a chance to properly qualify you. That's why PUA stress not ignoring the "comfort building" stage of seduction.

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    I always found it to be more of an 'ego protection' thing.

    I think of myself as a good person, and am asking you to help me keep that intact.

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    I'd relate ego protection more towards ASD. What is ASD except for her ego feeling under attack? If she's getting used, i.e being a slut, then it shows that she can't do what is the most important thing for a woman, which is lock down a high value man. It's the female equivalent of guys who freak out and feel under attack when someone questions their ability to get laid. It's just your ego feeling threatened.

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    I don't think it's a gender specific thing, just the place it's put is gender specific. Reminds me a lot of the kind of guy who gets shot down, then calls the girla bitch/lesbian right after.

    Luckily we don't have to worry about shooting a girl down and her calling us an impotent fag or something, they do this instead

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    We'll call is shitty last minute slut defense SLMSD (Or better yes, SLS)

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    LMR is literally last minute, most likely asd

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    That is an incredible insight.

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    Chuckled at the last line of your FR, good work, keep it up, you seem as if you're constantly improving

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    At the end of the date she walked out without saying goodbye.

    How did this happen/go exactly? Did the date involve you paying for food or anything else?

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    She seemed bored + not-interested the whole time then when the check came for her drink she hesitated while I sipped mine.

    I never pay for girls drinks anymore thanks to TRP

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    Trp doesn't teach that though. I never pay for women anymore, but my impression from Trp people is that who ever invites pays. F that. That's another way of saying "guys pay": men do the vast majority of approaching and inviting.

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    who ever invites pays

    Yeah that's for LTRs not for first dates

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    Exactly right. Men tend to invite and take initiative too so you're already at a loss on first-dates alone.

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        When I invite someone for a drink I pay my guilt. And that has nothing to do with man or woman. If you make a promise stick to it!

        Otherwise I say let's have a drink, i want to go to this place want to join me or something like that.

        If you don't want to pay, don't INVITE someone for a drink!

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        so how do you handle it when you see the girl is kind of expecting you to pay? what do you do?

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          the good old 'pay' dance.

          Well, I don't want her to pay, I just want her to reach for the cheque so I can take it from her

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          I just meet at a dive bar and sip on cans of beer because the date doesnt matter.

          If she is attracted to you she will fuck you after a fancy Italian dinner or pounding $3 PBRs at a shithole bar.

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          Don't pay for her.

          Put down money for you self, ask the waiter to split the bill as you see fit (right in front of her, ask him off to the side), pay cash for each drink you order so you don't even have a bill at the end of drinking, buy only drinks for yourself at the bar (you should be at a table).

          The mentality you need is this:

          You don't want to pay for her. If in order to see her again, it's required I pay for her, then to hell with her. She is just here using me for my money, so she is a nobody, a nothing, not worth my time. Couldn't care less if she flips her shit, gets mad or offended, or never wants to go out with me again. If paying for her is not required by her to see her again, then she won't make any type of hassle about it, it won't be awkward (unless you make it so), and you will see her again.

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          do you do this on first date? or is this reserved more for 2nd and on?

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          First several dates she ALWAYS pays for herself. When I start seeing someone regularly I don't have problems picking up the entire bill, as long as she returns the favor and treats me about half the time.

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          Condition her. If she fucks you, you will pay for food afterwards. No sex, you no pay.

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          it's not pavlovs dog... jesus. Putting conditions on sex is a road to bad things man

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          Yeap, i kinda have the same question. And i hate it when the bill comes and the girl does not even pretend to make a move to pay

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          George Costanza: "I just want a reach, is that so much to ask!?"

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          Best thing to do is order separate if at all possible (especially if you're going on lots of dates). Ask the server/bartender to run it separately from the beginning: "Split the check please". If it's at a walk-up diner just let her go first and hang back so it's obvious the order will be separate. If she freaks out just tell her you thought you were going on the date as friends (with a smirk of course). Most girls you want to date or see again are not going to expect you to pay for everything right off the bat. If she "accidentally forgot her wallet" you should probably bail immediately.

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          I always set up a tab at the bar beforehand and encourage them to do so too

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          There was a post along the lines of 'have her buy the first one then you buy the next two.' That is a way to see if she is just after free drinks. I dont know.

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          Women are cheap. They will generally wait for you to serve them a drink (knowing most guys want to get the girl drunk) or die of thirst.

          But if they see you already have a drink, they will know it will be a little before you are going for another, so they will make their way to the bar themselves. That's why if meeting for drinks, get there early, talk to the waiter or bar tender, get yourself a drink, and make sure he doesn't expect you to pay her tab.

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          The way I see it, paying for everything is more for a committed relationship.

          For instance, while in dating, we go 50/50 on the bill, or one person picks up the bill at one place and the other picks up the bill at another.

          In a more serious relationship, I would say "I'm treating you tonight" and do something special I know she enjoys and later on she would do the same for me. Ultimately, I find a relationship where things are equal effort ideal. Someone I consider on the same level as me would be perfect but generally girls think too little, or too much of themselves for it to be long term like that.

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          we go 50/50 on the bill, or one person picks up the bill at one place and the other picks up the bill at another

          In a more serious relationship, I would say "I'm treating you tonight" and do something special I know she enjoys and later on she would do the same for me

          How are these two things different?

          And paying for everything in a relationship makes you a beta bux.

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          In reality, it's not that different.

          As I said, it would be for a committed relationship. Even at that, it would be a special occasion. It's a gesture at that point. I think the first time I got to this point was two years into a LTR which ended the following year with her death.

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          LoL I never read that!

          Must be some new beta-pill white knight fucks who started that one!

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          my impression from Trp people is that who ever invites pays.

          Your impression is wrong then. If you pay do it on your own terms. If she tries to manipulate you into paying, refuse to pay.

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          Bahahah. It's always fun to watch them when they realize they won't get their privilege.

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          Personally I don't like the idea of appearing like a tightwad so when the check comes I play like "are you the betting type?" Flip a coin whoever loses pays this time and the other person pays the next. It appears spontaneous, fun and half the time I don't pay which means they are financially invested in me making a second date all the more likely.

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          like this. There is a difference between coming off as a beta bux or being cheap. Being cheap is a huge turn-off to women, especially high quality ones. I can imagine, a guy sitting there with HB8 and he wants to split the bill so she can pay for $5 drink because you read some people say that on TRP. Don't. You can still make it known that you won't be taken advantage of financially without seeming stingy. Taking turns is a good idea, for instance. I have a buddy who's super cheap. He won't buy a girl a cup of 99c coffee. He will tip terribly or won't tip at all. I've been out with him with girls- and have exchanged many an uncomfortable glance while he nickels and dimes and insists on tipping a few quarters for a $30 meal. TL; DR don't be taken advantage of, but don't be a stingy bastard either.

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          ; however, it's better to be a stingy bastard than a usefully idiotic meal ticket.

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          did you tell the waiter to split the bill? how did you handle? if you dont mind going into detail.

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          I was already there and had ordered a drink and paid for it before she got there. She showed up later and ordered her drink so at the end the waiter had to bring over a check.

          In my experience 9 times out of 10 the girl doesn't make a big deal out of it. If they do then I wouldn't want to see them again anyway.

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          so on your first date after she sits down you just go on with the conversation and if she has no drink you don't make a move to get her one at all...until she does right?

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          I meet them at the bar so the bartender comes over and asks her what she wants

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          Her: My roommates told me that if I like you I shouldn't sleep with you again. So I promised them that I wouldn't.

          A laughably weak shit test. When they like you and want the D they'll lob fat ones over the plate like this.

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          A girl should know what you're after from the get go. If she doesn't, you're wasting the majority of your time trying to "game" a chick just so you can get laid rather than devoting that time to other things that benefit you more. Any girl you game into being a plate has a really short expiration date. A like-minded girl, however, can be plated indefinitely.

          What I say- completely truthfully- is that I'm looking for a friends with benefits situation with an emphasis on friends. And I mean it, I have to be able to talk and laugh with the girl. I can't hate her as a person, because then I won't have the best time possible while fucking. And having the best time possible while fucking is my single goal. This doesn't mean I hang out with her and don't fuck. No, you always fuck when you hang out. But it means you're allowed to do normal stuff that night too. Have a meal for fun. Talk for fun.

          All this other shit is way too involved. I don't have time for that. I'd rather go through a dry spell.

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          How often are ladies inclined to do this?

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          Rarely unless your SMV is significantly higher than hers, and even then they usually agree to the terms hoping they can make you fall in love.

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          Often enough it seems. If not, you go through a temporary dry spell. But who cares? If the sun rises and sets on you getting laid at all costs, well, you're still putting that pussy on a pedestal aren't you.

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          Basically let women who meet your criteria (FWB with an emphasis on F) fall into your filter. If they don't want what you want you move on and avoid wasting time.


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          Exactly. Filter is key. If you cast a wide net in desperation, your success rate is low but all the attempts will swallow up your time. Establish a filter and your candidate number does drop dramatically, but the success rate is super high.

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          Huh, with that one is trading off between C (chances in an individually counted unit, or attempt) and A (number of counted units, or attempts) in the equation for L (total likelihood):

          L = 1 - ( 1 - C )A

          I will need to study this idea further, but from initial inspection it seems that as long as one's chances (C) rise faster than one's drop in the number of attempts (A), then this is a good strategy.

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          you'd be surprised. Had one girl I wouldn't even use her real name because it 'humanized her' and it was fun as fuck.

          Was so bad, at one point I dropped character and asked her why the hell she put up with my crap... It was that bad.

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          Honestly at this point women simply amuse me.

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          Amuse? I envy you. They irritate the shit out of me. I often dream of fucking an asexual alien so that I can be-rid of the female race from my life all together.

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          Buy a goat, go your own way. Once you don't need women, they are much easier to get.

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            you get over that once you realize that you can't change the world to fit your expectations, but just go with the flow, controlling what you can.

            accepting chaos and the lack of control, freeing in a way

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              Issues? You just described girls as fun and that they smell good. They smell good when they try to, otherwise they almost always smell of dead fish. The only time a girl is fun is when I am fucking them or they are cooking for me. Otherwise they waste my time and patience with their inability to be self aware and their constant need for attention.

              I don't hate them but I am aware of what they are and you are giving them way too much credit

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                At the end of the date she walked out without saying goodbye. Decent ass.

                I like your attitude kid. Good job addressing the last minute resistance but maybe try turning it around on the girl before she does next time, I always tell the girls on a date don't expect sex out of me tonight I'm not that type of guy so if they ever try telling me that I say I already told you that dork and the tension/judgement is lost usually get the lay with proper baby stepping from there. but overall decent job 3 dates in one night sounds tiring

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                You need to use punctuation. Unreadable

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                Roommates, promising em not to have sex? You sure this girl aint still in highschool? You might want to check her ID, you dont want to get into trouble. lol

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                I knew someone like this in college. My buddy's girlfriend surrounded herself with betas and free-spirited performing arts majors. Her friends didnt like the idea that her boyfriend was a frat guy into sports and what not. They tried to convince her to break up with him.

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                If they can't get an athletic frat guy, none of their friends can.

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                Precisely. Probably the same thing with this girls friends from OP's report. Nothing to do with anything but I'm not getting any, she shouldn't either!

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                assuming the truth eh?

                'she told me she was allergic to the stove'

                'aparently after I died, women started lying'

                Al Bundy

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                other women really like stopping their women friends from having sex with men. You would say its some kind of genetically inherent birth control or something. Or possibly, they have evaluated you by their own standards, not by the woman in question, and you will never be good enough. A woman's friends would want a man of a high a status as possible in order to raise their own status. Its also good that your girl made her own choice about the matter and was not an emotionally dependent slave to her girlfriends. That makes her a good catch.

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                I don't understand. with girl #3, what changed her mind? was she just trying to push you into pleading her into sex?

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                Telling her he's leaving. She was trying to see if he was a beta that she could game with the promise of pussy in the future.

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                That's their only power they have over you. They are only walking vaginas with little to no redeeming aspects. They won't chat Dostoevsky with you, or if they they it's only because they are english majors. By showing abundance mentality he took her power away so she made a desperate scramble to keep him with her pussy.

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                It's kind of a shit test. If you beg, plead, or try remotely too hard, it's a demonstration of low value, and then she gets an ego boost from rejecting you. But if you dismiss her like OP and say "Welp, see ya later," it's a demonstration of higher value because you're implying you don't need sex from her, that you can get sex anywhere, and thus she's willing to sleep with you.

                Don't get caught up in logical inconsistencies when analyzing the behavior of women.

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                I see. that was what I thought. I had a relationship for three years with a girl (bf and gf) that used to have LMR every time we had sex the last year. It would always be something like "I'm not in the mood", "I'm really sore in the vag from bathing in sea water", "I don't want to have sex all the time"(when it's a week since last). I really didn't see through the bullshit, that she was just testing me. Like she usually initiated kissing, fooling around, but when we got down to our underwear she would start with the resistance. In the beginning I used to plead, and it some times worked. Then I offered to go down on her, make her horny so she would beg me to fuck her. Then it turned into me pleading to let me lick her, embarrassing when I think about it now. Then I figured it was best to just leave her, put my clothes on and say I was too horned up to keep kissing/fooling around. And the last one was the only one that worked fairly consistently. I even threw in a few go down on her, and then leave and then not fuck her even how much she begged for it. I was pretty beta back then. At that point I didn't even notice that all the resistance was only shit tests.

                edit: or am I misunderstanding what shit tests are here? I'm still pretty new to TRP terminology.

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                Sounds like you have the right idea on shit tests.

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                She had told her roommates that she really likes a guy so they were trying to protect her feelings by saying to slow down

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                I can't fathom how women expect to be taken seriously as an entity that can think for itself in a rational manner; when they literally say things like "I promised ____ I wouldn't _____ therefor I wont _____...although I really want to.

                This obviously isn't something that all women do, but it represents a mention-able amount of women age 17-26.

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                Do you work the same routines with date 1 and date 2? or are you in the moment and responded differently?

                (not nitpicking, just curious about your system, I find success stories less educational than failure)

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                Yeah I do the same bar for drinks, conversation, kino, jokes, etc.

                First chick was an 8 while next two were 7s so I guess that puts my SMV somewhere 7-8.

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                Not negesaraly, it may have been a to early hour or she was looking for more chemistry. Try being more courageous with hotter chicks.(unless she was a 9 and you are underselling her, I get the feeling hotness affects your attitude towards them)

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                that third one sounded like i was reading the reactions of those spanish soaps you see on tv. I want you too, i can't, i won't, i will, i did. Felt like someone should have slapped someone in the face.

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                Yeah, I often think that Latina cultures are naturally more Red Pill than Anglo Saxon cultures. Of course, those macho mustachioed men have a bad name with modern feminists, but it seems they still give the ladies the tingles!

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                My roommates told me that if I like you I shouldn't sleep with you again

                It's funny how stupid that whole concept is. "I don't want you to think I'm a slut so I'm going to stop sleeping with you until you commit to me." If a woman puts out too soon she is a slut and you use her as one. You enjoy her ride but don't commit. If she withdraws the one reason you spent time on her then there is zero reasons to continue seeing her.

                She has already shown you that she will fuck people that she didn't like or care about so an ltr is out of the question. Now she is trying to play hard to get. Amazingly stupid.

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                What they do, what they say.

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                These roommates sound like bad news. Hope they don't somehow convince her that you 'raped' her by 'tricking' her into sex, instead of movie.

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                Did you at least make her sign the consent form before you put it in?

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                Hamstering 101:

                I've noticed how women tend to dodge responsibility and communicate covertly while the opposite it true for men.

                Now if she feels guilty she can tell her friends and you that "I told him I didn't want to have sex, it just happened." See the scene in The Matrix where Neo is dodging bullets.

                On one hand it is remarkable how the female persuasion acts--totally in self-interest of social value with respect to her peer group. Women need to be cunning at times to sleep with guys they like yet tactfully maneuver through the psychological trenches of accountability, perceived social value (by extension SMV), slut shaming and even keeping some men thinking they are the only one she's with while she maximizes hypergamy.

                I am reminded we men need to stay on top of this RP shit to stay on top of her shit (punn intended hehe).

                "...clean your shorts! Clean your shorts goddammit!" -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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                Her friends are doing her a favour by trying to help her keep her partner count down. She should listen to them or she will forever be a plate.
                Once you got to her place did she try to keep you to your (worthless) word at all?