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Fantastic FR mate. An absolute wealth of knowledge here for the new guys.

The goal is to be the most powerful and effective version of you that you can be.

*Finally. If you're out hunting pussy to get back at all the Bitches that hurt you way back when, then you're still a slave to them. They are still in control your choices. Let go of your Anger towards women. It only weakens you.

THIS. Probably the most important message of the entire post. Learn to accept what IS and approach accordingly.

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When I started to realize the true nature of women I got furious. Not surprisingly, this is also when I started fucking them, and the combination of a pissed reformed beta and decent pull never turns out well. My routine was pulling them in, fucking them for three weeks while making them think this was gonna be long term, and then breaking their hearts. It was a complete fucking carnage and basically destroyed my social value to the point where I should probably move.

This is the reason I want the five stages of red pill on the sidebar. New guys need to know that they will get angry, and if they don't control the anger it will destroy them. Women are not at fault for you feeling like shit for most of your life, and punishing them isn't going to fix shit. Spend that angry phase lifting instead.

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Amen. To add:

While this FR turns out really well, I also think it's important to be completely ok with the situation if it doesn't flow your direction on a certain night.

His friends really helped him out in this situation. Allowed him to sit back and score with ease when the time was right. If they hadn't talked his value up so much the other alpha dude may very well have been the one to score. Which would've been just fine.

I have a similar personality. Quieter, but not shy, comfortable saying little, confident, direct. I have enough sex to not feel some primal need get the interest of hot women at every single party I attend. And I don't. Which is also just fine.

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This hit close to home. Been in a near constant state of "hat-changing" since discovering the pill, copying and pasting personalities every time I stumble upon one I like.

One hell of a wake up call.

Thanks, brother.

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you will never make any progress without self acceptance. You have to know exactly who you are. Stop acting.

That right there is some of the most important advice these newbies need to remember. Years of getting turned down by women and ignored by people they value breaks their spirit, makes them feel like less than they are. But through being honest with yourself and working on your weaknesses while accentuating your strengths you can not only reconstruct yourself into the best possible version of you, but you can also reshape everyone's perception of you. That shit is like magic. But it MUST. START. FROM. WITHIN. Not by assimilating someone else's style/personality.

Finally. If you're out hunting pussy to get back at all the Bitches that hurt you way back when, then you're still a slave to them.

Fellas, this right here is is golden advice that gets repeated here often. But DO NOT use it as your excuse to give up on getting some pussy. No, the pussychase shouldn't be all that you are. But don't let that idea interrupt a genuinely challenging pursuit. These field reports from guys (like myself) who found themselves in situations they'd never dreamed of? You can be one of them. It takes hard, diligent work in getting to know yourself to your core and being honest about your expectations and abilities. But the expected yield is a life you've only dreamed of lived on your terms.

And all this shit is free. You don't have to pay Tony Robbins or some other motivational fuck. Read. Think. Do the work. Put in the time. Be the man you've always dreamt you can be.

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Well played! You approached and poached from an Alpha with true Sigma cunning. You used preselection, amused mastery, outcome independence, and social proof to out-Game the natural.

Game is an Art. You just made Journeyman.

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Not only is the field report good, but the conclusions you draw from it are spot on. And this should be engraved in bronze:

If you're out hunting pussy to get back at all the Bitches that hurt you way back when, then you're still a slave to them. They are still in control of your choices. Let go of your Anger towards women. It only weakens you.

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One of the highest quality FR's I've ever read here.

Well done TC. You clearly have experience and restraint when it comes to game.

Off topic though I find your weight a bit disconcerting for your height. You could use to pack on anywhere from 40-60lbs of lean mass.

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Well he can get the football out of the sewer at this point.

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Its what he feels most confident in. Some women like the lanky type. If hes more confident in lean body, then he should stick with it.

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    At least here in NYC, tall lanky guys do beautifully. Hot girls love fashion model types (not fitness model) and skinny Brooklyn band boy types, much more than they like B&T muscle heads.

    Not to mention- skinny fit is and has been all the rage in high fashion men's clothes. Ever tried anything Dior homme since Hedy Slimane took over? (Now at YSL)

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    Exactly. Depending on your area, different body types work. In Miami, muscles reign king. In places were fashion trumps muscle, skinny tends to be the way to go. Undeniably, a little more muscle can take someone a long way, but its what that someone feels best in.

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    I say don't listen to dudes on reddit about what looks good physique wise. Guys have too high expectations and with girls any amount of muscle is big to them. When you get reddit-approved big, you're probably on the wrong side of the curve for maximum attractiveness

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    I love this story. My biggest takeaway is that the big dude allowed his emotions to get him in trouble. OP stayed cool about it.

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    I posted something like this in Rollo's Domain Dependence thread. Always play to your strengths. If you're an excellent pianist and you're in competition with a guitarist don't try and pick up a guitar because you will suck at it. Be the better pianist than he is a guitarist and you will still get the girl. Always play to your strengths.

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    My take away is the ersatz Alpha really was not an Alpha type. He lifted weights etc, his problem was "try hard" syndrome.

    He should have not given two damns if you wanted to bone that girl or not, he should have just run his game as the night rolled along. His game was pretty much his looks and trying to get her drunk/tipsy whatever, which can work..not in this case though.

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    The other guy was in the zone but he lost frame. Here's the exact point where he screwed the pooch:

    " I made a joke about him just taking them [a shot] now, everyone laughed and he called me a cunt. I did not respond."

    That's a crucible moment. He called me a cunt. I did not respond.

    If you fluster, you lose. Period.

    If instead of calling OP a "cunt", he'd smiled and said "Yup, tasted good," he'd have embodied a classic truth: nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. If he'd spent the rest of the game ignoring the woman and flirting with the other females, she'd have probably found her way back to his side.

    I find it's good to learn by analyzing Field Reports like this as a chess game: where did the opponent slip up? Where did the winner press his advantage? Dismissing the loser as "not alpha" yields few insights.

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    I guess this is what happens when natural alphas run into older, or more grounded alphas.

    Think about it, with his SMV, he's probably never faced any kind of serious competition before.

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    As fairly new to swallowing the pill, that last line rings the loudest. Thank you for this OP!

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    You seemed to play the situation well, but the main thing you had going for you was preselection. The girl knew you were fucking other girls, and your friends helped confirm it. You overlooked it a bit, it would definitely be worth adding to your summary of what can be learned from the experience.

    Would the situation have been different if she didn't have a clue about your sexual activity or how you helped effectively wingman your friends? That's something only you might know.

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    Very objective analysis there, OP would like to hear your comments?

    How would your game change if the above is true? Do something? Or give up and change target?

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    Similar story. I'm in a fraternity and by all means average. 5'10" 170, in decent shape but by no means a swole dude.

    It was during rush and we had some people over. I was talking with one of my brothers most of the night about the house and just shooting the shit drinking. Then we go talk to some potentials, and I see this stunning girl in a red dress down the hall. We make eye contact, I smile, and she turns around to her friends.

    Later in the night, I go back down stairs after talking to some kids and her, her friends, and like 5 other people were just sitting on the stairs hanging out. It was hot so I offered to bring them to a room to play some drinking games.

    I have her sit next to me as I explain the game to everybody(leading), I take initiative and start flirting with her as we all play. Things are going good, start kissing and escalating by touching her legs and whispering in each other's ear. I start explaining another game and she damn near can't take it and just grabs my cock in front of everybody.

    I stand up, toss the cards to my buddy and tell him I have some business to take care of and bring her to my room and go to pound town (all under 40 minutes).

    1. I was not trying to impress anybody. I was wearing a sleeveless shirt with some gym shorts and gym shoes with a hat.

    2. I didn't go out of my way for her. When I stumbled across her and her friends, I took advantage of the situation.

    3. Kino. I utilized touch while flirting with her and escalalting.

    4. I was the alpha of the group (in her mind). Everybody was looking to me for their entertainment, to break the ice, to let them know whats going on.

    5. I wasn't hesitant. When I knew I could have it I took it. I didn't wait "for the right time." Or some other cliche bullshit. She wanted my dick so I fucked her good.

    Then the next day she tells me she has a boyfriend and to keep it on the down low. LOL, you grabbed my dick in a room full of people, I led you through a party to my room where we locked the door and fucked, then I walked her home and was still fucking around with her on the way.

    The next day everybody in my house was like, "She hooked up with you?? So many people were trying to get with her. Why did she pick you.. blah blah blah." Cause like I said, I'm pretty average and this girl was sexy as fuck. Frame/confidence>aesthetics

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    The cliche part about your whole story is frat boy in a frat house with drunk sorority bitches around. That's like the easiest place on earth to get laid by horny vaj.

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    True. There is a lot of value by being in a fraternity via social proof, higher value men, big parties and easy logistics to seal the deal. My room was right next to where i met her. I didnt have to worry about getting her home. Id definitely advise joining a fraternity for many reasons.

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    I didn't have a frat, but I lived with 5 guys and we always had parties and the whole works during college, it was awesome. Had a gf for a year out of it and then graduated college and now I just work all the time. No girlfriend, not enough money to have one who wants stuff, and no drive to go out and meet one. I guess that is why I subbed here to spark me again.

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    Seems that the turning point was when the friend told the story about you pussy slaying and did so in a way to make you look good. That depended on prior success, and prior respect from your friend.

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    It's also social proof and preselection, all rolled into one. THAT'S the kind of wingman a dude needs.

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    self acceptance. You have to know exactly who you are. Stop acting. Don't see some guy, wish you were like him and start cloning yourself in his image. The goal is not to be him he's already him.

    This right here. Yes.

    Listen: I love TRP, it has given me confidence that I never had, but I don't want to be the Superalpha Machiavellian Darkhorse man. I've never been him, and you guys can be him, I don't want to be him. No bullshit, I don't want to be the most attractive man in sight, that's not my thing anymore. That is no longer something that I value.

    I am not the life of the party. Honestly I don't even go to parties anymore. Don't like em. I am not noticed by every woman when I walk in a room. I have a tiny amount of definition, don't lift anymore. I own three pairs of jeans, two sweatshirts, ten plain wife-beaters and a suit. But I still get women when I want to. And goddamnit I'm happy. Sex, now that I get it regularly, is no longer a time-consuming pursuit. I get it and then I can do things that I really enjoy. It is not the focus of my life. Yes women are nice, but there are far more important things to me now that getting them is not a problem (thanks TRP.)

    For a long while I tried to force extroversion and physical form and charm on myself, as if it was the only way to be a man. I passed them like kidney stones. Being a man is not your body, not clothes, not even "game" in the way we think about it. It's how you think and act.

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    Prize mentality. Doesn't matter who's in the room, I am the most important.

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    Great and informative FR. I have recently mapped out my progress in taking trp and have placed "respect for myself" and "comfort with myself" as my number 1 & 2 focus right now. Its time for me to learn to say no, allow myself to chase what I want, and be comfortable with just being me (like you did and it attracted the girl instead of the swollbrah's try-hard demeanor) It's good to hear someone else confirm my endeavors will be fruitful.

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    This is a good reminder to people who aren't new here as well. Great post, thanks for contributing.

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    However, something to remember, is that you will never make any progress without self acceptance. You have to know exactly who you are. Stop acting. Don't see some guy, wish you were like him and start cloning yourself in his image. The goal is not to be him he's already him. The goal is to be the most powerful and effective version of you that you can be.

    I dare say that's almost side-bar material. Fucking excellent.

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    You mentioned that "The goal is to be the most powerful and effective version of you that you can be" and "Find your best qualities and hone them and stop trying to be whatever you imagine the perfect alpha is in your head".

    What was your process in finding who you are, your strength and how you capitalize on that?

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    This reads like a neckbeard erotica.

    For the record how old are you? Also 6' and 145 pounds is a bag of bones. I hope you're lifting and eatting

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    First things first, you're tall and not the least bit fat. That's going to already put you well ahead of the curve. Your results are not typical, no matter how good your advice.

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    You missed the point.

    The 6'3 195 dude couldn't get the girl the OP did. The "natural alpha" is even further along the curve. The post wasn't about getting the girl.

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    OP's already quite tall (6'0') so it's not like it's a turn off in itself so other characteristics are in play, like facial features. Nobody gives a shit about ripped and tall, but ugly guy.

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    If you are ripped and tall you can be as ugly as you want, chicks will still find you hot. (Unless you have like facial deformities)

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    I got that. I think you missed the point though that I was making. His accept yourself advice is tantamount to "just be yourself" which is only good advice if you are tall or built or have lots of status and so on.

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    No. His advice is "cultivate and be the best version of yourself". Very different.

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    I don't understand people who say being short isn't a burden. You'll never know the amount of shit we go through. It's how fat people should be treated but aren't. Instant rejection, constant 'playful' taunts, less respect. Oh well. moving on.

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    Man, how short are we talking?

    It seems like you're limiting yourself more than other people limiting you. I'm 5'9" and haven't been called short in years, mostly because I don't give a damn when people do, so it's boring.

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    late reply... but 5'5/5'6 I get it basically every day. Usually just innocuously but sometimes not.

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    so being 6'3 and 200 lbs instantly makes you a natural alpha now?

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    This. If he were 5'4" I'd be impressed.

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    A short man who pull tail from under a tall guy is like a god when the tall guy is ripped and has at least some game.

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    Exactly. It's not even hard to pull it off if you apply yourself.

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    Im tall and ripped and this stuff happens. Sucks to be on the other end

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      How would it go if when he asked "are you interested in target girl?" if you said "yes". Whenever my friends ask me if I'm interested in "a girl" I always say everyone is fair game.

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      Amazingly done brother, you have my gratitude for this post!

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      It finally hit me why I'm sometimes 'the main guy' (I don't think I can call myself 'the alpha') in the room and sometimes not, thanks to this story. When I want to be the main guy, I'm not and when I don't want it, I suddenly am. These points hit me:

      I just looked dead at her, smirked and took a sip of my beer. She smiled back and that was that.

      Don't tell a story about what a pussy champ you are or brag about your skills to show her how brotastic you are. Find a way to have someone else tell it for you.

      People can't desire to know you, if you toss out your life resume every chance you get.

      Of course I always want to be the main guy. I just don't alway feel like I want to put the effort in it the whole time. And thats why I fail when I try it. I always try to answer all the questions, come up with some good stories about myself and uncloak all mystery. All the effort made me fail at *5.

      You don't have to be the biggest, baddest dude in a room to own it. True power doesn't need to be displayed, it just is.

      When I don't try I just smirk them away, don't say a lot about myself and just make some stupid jokes, makes the people way more attracted to me.

      This is redditgold /u/Changetip. I would like to see more RP stuff from you. This is one of the best FR's on this sub. Very great breakdown of what happened. Especially the "Let go of your Anger towards women. It only weakens you." part. It shows that you're a stage 5 RP and that its definitely needed to be a true alpha. Not the alpha in the room, but the alpha to yourself.

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      Excellent story and excellent moral

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      "fucking pussy wizard"

      great on so many levels.

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      I had to read that twice to understand that its a DHV instead of DLV. Thought wizard is the 30 year old virgin instead of "fucking pussy wizard" as a whole. lolol.

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      Great advice, especially for me.

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      This is my favourite field report I've read. Good stuff mate.

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      And that is the true meaning of "just be yourself".

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      This brings out a point I've been noticing lately in larger social gatherings. That is the second most alpha person in the room becomes quite hated all of a sudden.

      I say this because I'm the more aggressive kind of alpha and once in a while there comes along a more smoother yet assertive alpha that takes the spot light away.

      I don't know if this is just me and my blue pill insecurities questioning my own worth or if there is actually any truth to this. Any thoughts?

      What do I do in such situations?

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      I always like to say, it's not what happens, it's how you handle it.

      It's not an easy thing to do - it takes practice to control that back-handed comment or feel compelled to want to 'out do' your opponent in the heat of the moment.
      We're conditioned to be competitive with each other.
      This is definitely a great example of having confidence in yourself, keeping a cool head and winning in the end.

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      I lost you at 6' and 145 lbs.

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        Meh, not as huge of an advantage as you think. Unless she's already attracted to you a big won't do much usually.

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        I agree with mostly everything. Very great post. But I think point #2 shouldn't be an absolute. Seems more like a tactic among other, possibly better, options.

        Sometimes bullshitting gets you the results you want. Its not what you say, but how you say. I subtly drop hints to women that I have options and have no problem with getting another chick. Seems to work well. I've never had anyone do it for me. Though I think it would be a great strategy.

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        Finally. If you're out hunting pussy to get back at all the Bitches that hurt you way back when, then you're still a slave to them. They are still in control your choices. Let go of your Anger towards women. It only weakens you.

        This needs to be said so much often here. Congrat man, you've truly digested TRP.

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        Nice, another TRP tall tale.

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        This sub has gone full retard.

        'Team scrabble'- haha holy shit

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        So if you didn't have your boys blowin' you up, would you still have pulled it out?

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        Great and the "Alpha" fucked her at the party and she got you to fall back on. Weird story for this sub

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        Seems like the big guy was using sniper game. Don't chase a girl, let them come to you.

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        Preselection is truly an incredible thing.

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        Yoda. Write like he talks you do. But good post.

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        I can't even imagine being 145 pounds. I'm plenty skinny and weak, but dawg... do you even lift?

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        I'm 6 feet about 145lbs

        Lift absolutely

        something tells me you don't lift. Good story and advice tho