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I have one restriction I place on my girl; monogamy. If she breaks that, we're done.

Some things you can let slide, but core foundations have to be rigidly enforced.

Good for you...

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"If you think you can do better, go ahead. Be aware that I'm not going to emotionally commit to someone who is not exclusive".

It's also a great form of dread game. In the early stages of dating, my now-LTR expressed curiosity about polyamory. I left my OKCupid logged in, and she found there were 2-3 times as many women her age dating than men my age. She's ten years younger, and I had her age as the upper limit of my searches...

Your mileage may vary, but Pre-wall, Peri-wall (28-30 something) and Post-Wall (40+) game are all very different.

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"Be aware that you won't hear from me again."

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Just curious: are you monogamous in return? If not, does your value greatly exceed hers? How are you pulling it off? Thanks

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Good question, fuckin_retard!

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Thanks. Where's the gold star for my helmet?

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Yeah, I'm monogamous in return, but that all depends on if I get what I want from her.

If she doesn't have sex with me when I want, then the implied threat is that I will go elsewhere.

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She tries once again to make you jealous and then the crying ensues because she realized you called her bluff. Stay strong. Avoid the floods of "I'm sorry"/"I love you texts" and let all those calls hit voicemail... in fact, block her number. Ride out the storm by doing so in between another girl's legs.

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Staunch advice. Particularly will try to implement that storm riding technique.

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Massive bonus points if you can work in a reference to "storm riding technique" into your game tonight. Good luck and godspeed, young man.

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Hey OP, just remember, no matter what she says/does - it isn't worth doing anything with a chick like that.

Because when the dust settles she won't magically transform into a decent chick, it'll just be a temporary thing.

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Very nice operant conditioning take it a step further make her have a clear association between her behavior and feeling like crap. I do agree with the advice given in the thread but I'd honestly try my very best to make her feel like complete shit. The thing you have to understand is she dug the hole by constantly contacting you and losing her resolve. Now you need to bury her. If you act now and respond in a manner that both destroys her self confidence, self image and self esteem. She will associate this negative state of mind and generally feeling crappy not with you but with her actions. She will try to rationalize it but her primary drive will be anxiety reduction and the only way that will happen is if she has you back. Its at this point you will have done the equivalent of reverse-pussy-wipping a hoe.

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Except a dick-whipped woman is still sexually attractive, unlike a pussy-whipped mangina.

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She won't see it that way, she'll associate TELLING a man about other men as the thing that made her feel bad, and she'll just keep it a secret in the future. Women are unable to associate bad feelings with their choices. She'll blame all men for being "jealous assholes" if it happens multiple times. Then she'll put something like "Message me if you aren't a jealous asshole" in her okcupid profile, while still wanting to continue riding the cock carousel. I see this pretty much constantly with women in their late 20s that aren't "really" looking to settle down yet with a beta provider.

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Very true, expecting that she would be able to associate bad feelings with her own choices is very unlikely and rather derived from a man's logic. Most efforts to "teach" women as well as most hopes for any "progress" in the way they think can only entangle the naïve teacher in a dangerous psychological trap.

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    Agreed. More importantly, why would you bother. Just get a new chick or ten. Why invest that much into one who has proven to be a bad choice?

    "Because, rpkarma, you can then make her do anything you want in bed!"

    Well I can already do that, girls are nastier than you can imagine, you just have to bring it out in them. No need to invest time and effort into "destroying" a girl.

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      What he's saying is that you're hurting TRP by spewing this sort of advice because it drives people from adhering to the logic and gives cause to question TRP's legitimacy; and by doing so, you hurt TRP's effectiveness.

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      I agree. Honestly this post seems filled with trolls, and I'm even doubting the authenticity of the OP.

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      I too am an internet sceptic, but I'm not sure why you'd doubt my FR, it's really an unspectacular next-case after months of TRP absorption. If you check my posting history you can track this relationship.

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      Anyone who agrees with this abusive crap is either stuck in the anger phase, a troll trying to get TRP hated, or someone who has no understanding of how TRP works.

      Or quite likely, a psychopath. I bet there are a lot of them here. Also, the "Dark Triad" stuff is psychopathic. Sadly though, those inhuman monsters give women the Tingles.

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      You're on my watch-list sweetheart. You are borderline concern trolling.

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      Probably true.

      As far as I am concerned, it doesn't matter if it was dread game or truth; either one calls for a next, without putting effort into sleuthing out which it was.

      Also, kudos to OP on his abundance mentality outlook r.e. New Year's Eve.

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      There you have it, OP. You are in bed and she's bringing it up again, like the last time. Same situation. You know why? Because you were not clear enough last time. She remembered the last time when she had a small success and tries this manipulative approach. This time you were consistent.

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      I guess we live and learn. I did get a few more fucks with her after the last time, but pussy isn't everything. Self respect is far, far more valuable.

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      Your initial post was interesting as the quality of the pussy you got that night was a standout feature. I think this is something that needs to be kept in mind. You can still be faced with a 'polyamory' situation like this and come out that much better off. If you had just left, you would have avoided getting betafied period. This way you get one last wild fuck and still send a slut off on her merry way.

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      But still, at least you got something out of it. Fun times aren't worthless times as long as you go into it with the knowledge that it is all for the moment.

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      Not to be OT but I would have nexted her right at this sentence.

      homeopathic treatment for my cat

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      That's fucking Old Testament alright.

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      Give it a month or so, ignore hardcore, go out and smash like a madman and then invite her over randomly for polyamorous activities (FFM threeway, duh)

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      Breaking up on New Year’s isn’t a bad policy. It’s a few months too inefficient, though. Labor Day is the perfect time to break up.

      If you do it on Labor Day, you can pump all the slutty superheroines, cats, and firewomen in hooker heels that you meet at drunken Halloween parties, you don’t have to spend Thanksgiving meeting her fucked-up family, you don’t have to buy her a Christmas gift, you can pound some more sluts at New Year’s parties, you don’t have to buy her a Valentine’s gift, and come March when spring love is in the air, you can meet a new girlfriend for six months of spring-summer sexing. Then dump her ass next Labor Day.

      Bonus is finding a girl with a fall/winter birthday so you don't have to waste money on a birthday gift.

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      Agreed, but Labor Day > New Years > Never. At least you're free of her. Now stay that way.

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      I was reading an article somewhere about that peak two weeks before the winter holidays. That one's all about not wanting to spring for gifts for someone if you're already one foot out the door or have emotionally checked out. Girls are responsible for their share of that peak, too.

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      Honestly though man, I think you've got it backwards. Winter is the time to shack up. Do you ever go out to bars in the winter? Or most public social places you can run game? The most attractive ones are not there, or they are there in small numbers. Its cold and shitty and they don't want to get out and about. This is the time you lock down a steady.

      When the sun starts shining and the skirts come out is when you need to have to freedom to run game. Thats when the real quality is out. And you mention love is in the air? When they're more open to looking for mates... that seems like the worst time to go exclusive. Plus fuck the holidays.

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      I really think it depends on what your angle is, and where you're located. If you live up north people don't go out during the winter because it's too cold. If you live in California or Florida then that's not much of an issue.

      If you're running fun, frat guy, cock carousel game; the summer is ideal. If you live in a college town where all the talent disappears over the summer; and you're running the relationship bait and switch [getting her to drop her panties in the hopes of getting a relationship with you]; then you're going to get most of your work done during in the run up to the holidays and valentines day. When chicks are at their most desperate to try and lock a guy down.

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      I remember when you first posted about this chick. And honestly I'm glad this came back up for you in your relationship. And I'm further glad you didn't pussy out and stuck to your gun. Lots of guys would've pussyed out and tried to make her relationship demands work as long as they got some lovin. Then they'd be posting on relationships and all the progressive people of reddit would be telling you how you should accept her lifestyle and should be open minded.

      The lesson here: If its not something you want in a relationship, something you have to compromise to far or too much of your integrity then its time to go. Never be afraid to move on. If a woman sees she's all you can get, if you don't challenge her on occasion, if she's asking you to bend just too much way to often, its time to leave the party.

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      When she's in tears and vulnerable, protector instincts kick in. Had to remind myself: "she's bawling because I wont support her getting random cock". That made things easier.

      The beta who would let her get fucked one night and then scurry back to her the next day is a wretched creature indeed.

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      The beta who would let her get fucked one night and then scurry back to her the next day is a wretched creature indeed.

      I concur. Its a lack of self respect formed from the belief that pussy is a reward, a prize, and that there's some drought that makes them want to hold on to the one they have, that they got lucky meeting girl #1 and won't be able to pull girl #2, and that aren't good enough to get someone better. The pattern is they settle, get complacent, get attached, and can't let go when/if they need to. I lost a lot of toys as a kid but none ever caused me to stop playing with other toys. Things come and go, and people are just things with feelings and thoughts.

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      Those fucking instincts are rough sometimes. That little reminder has to become a mantra in these cases. Well played.

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      When she's in tears and vulnerable, protector instincts kick in. Had to remind myself: "she's bawling because I wont support her getting random cock". That made things easier.

      Funny, when women cry in front of me, irritated father kicks in. "If you leave your toy in the parking lot, someone's going to take it." "If you don't take care of your things, I'm going to take them away." "When you're done crying you can tell me what's wrong."

      Seems appropriate.

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      Can't conceive of letting your girl take another D and then taking her back. Just inconceivable.

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      all the progressive people of reddit would be telling you how you should accept her lifestyle and should be open minded.

      It's funny, I have never seemed to be able to find these open minded people when I was younger and would get caught cheating.

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      Truthfully I cheated once on an old ex gf. No one except my closest guy friends knew, some of them were doing it themselves. My mom knew, but she didn't judge, I am the oldest, plus I was discreet. Now its just a funny joke with the guys "justbrowsingstuff loves black chicks" one friend always drops the bomb when we meet new people. "Oh my boy here, loves the dark chicks."

      Those are the only people in my life i could imagine being understanding of my action. Not approving of it(my friends certainly did though, "fuck bitches get money") but I don't think it would've went over well with any female friends.

      I think its only recently that the idea of "loving" more than one person at a time became popular, it used to only be polygamists in the midwest but now its some hipster chick with a nose piercing and a Bloody Strawberry tattoo in Brooklyn who works in a library reading Jane Austen masturbating simultaneously to Mr. Darcy and that dude from 50 Shades of Grey.

      Its just a more acceptable part of society now, not that I'm a cheater, or do I think "cheating" is acceptable still, but the idea of fucking more than one person openly is, especially if one person is more serious than the other. Its not something I accept, and something often combined with being progressive or liberal or whatever word Huffpost thinks is hip. I don't care, it may not be PC, but its certainly not my lifestyle.

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      Oddly enough, the "lifestyle" only crops up when she has someone paying her bills no doubt. :D

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      Yeah. Homeopathy for a cat. Pretty much guaranteed to lead to polyamory conversations. did we date the same chick?

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      You need to dilute the cat with about 100,000 parts of water for that to work. I suggest using a high flow toilet, and a metal lid with stainless steel tiedown straps. :D

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      For exclusivity to work at all, the girl has to want it a lot more than you. She should be the one trying to lock you down with mateguarding. The second she isn't, it's done.

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      If men teach their sons one thing about relationships, it must be this, surely. Once this is internalised, frame, dominance and outcome independance will follow naturally.

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      Exactly! What I don't understand is why a man would want to get into a relationship more then a woman. All a relationship does is limit your time and freedom. A relationship should be a concession a man eventually reluctantly agrees to if he thinks it will meet his needs.

      Since he's the one making the "relationship concession" to her. Then he can demand that she makes other concessions regarding how the relationship is structured.

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      As you get older, you'll understand

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        It's not actually the same thing. An open relationship is more casual, partners come and go. Polyamory is more like... multi-player monogamy. Or a white listed, invite only server. You can be in a committed long term three way relationship. It's just a lot more difficult.

        But by the sound of it, you're right, it doesn't sound like that what she's after, she's sullying the term as a way to justify behavior you're not comfortable with, almost like she's almost trying to claim it's a sexual orientation, like gay or straight.

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        almost like she's almost trying to claim it's a sexual orientation, like gay or straight.

        that's accurately how she tries to portray polyfuckeryamory. Now she can play the victim of oppressive societal norms.

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        I believe that orientation has a name, it's called a "biker slut" or "Lot Lizard". :D

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        Polyamory is a reframed name for open relationship.

        Polyamory is a woman's attempt at socially legitimized hypergamy.

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        Of course she's going to frame it as an equal deal for the both of them.

        "I can fuck other people, and so can you! It's a perfectly fair set up!"

        She'll say that with her words, but she knows how this shit works. She'll have 500% more opportunities for lays than the guy, because that's just how it works when you have a pussy.

        99.99% of women who suggest an open relationship are just trying to cuck her BB into a pure companion/provider role, while in the mean time she'll take every DT dick she can get.

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        Back in the day, when Loveline was Drew Pinsky and Adam Corolla, and the former was not just some money sucking media whore, they had this sort of thing all wrapped up. they would not say that she was a hypergamous goat beast, but that she came from chaos, and as such, was chaos seeking. Too much comfort and stability, NOPE! Gotta have chaos, so she destroys a relationship with the screwing around.

        Chaos seeking was sort of like an alcoholism thing, people could get off of it for a while, but they would relapse, unless there was some sort of therapy involved. Possibly something involving lots of electric shocks from a cattle prod. ;)

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        It depends on your smv, her sexual orientation [possible ffm threesomes], and your game. I've never had a woman suggest an open relationship to me. It's always been the other way around. I'd refuse to be monogamous with one women, even if we get into a relationship.

        If you have good game an open relationship is a great way to run dread game. She sees that you can get plenty of pussy, and can replace her at the drop of a hat. On top of that you get way more pussy then in a monogamous setup. You also keep your game sharp in case you do find yourself single.

        Woman are hypergamous. If they think they can leave you to do better then they will. Promises of monogamy or not. If they don't think that they can do better; then generally speaking they won't bang another guy. Monogamous relationship or not.

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        IIf you're high smv, she's not going to suggest going poly. She's going to try to lock you down all for herself.

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        its polyphilia or multiamory damnit, we dont mix greek and latin roots...

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        sure why not? We understand them independently and can use them as such. Morphology in English is all fux'd up

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        Yeah, but it's not as good communication

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        "Polyamory is when two people are in a committed relationship with more than one person at once."

        ...Or however the hamster spins.

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        I've said it before, I'll say it again.

        Open relationships are OK if you're the one pushing for it.

        They aren't if she is.

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        Polyamory/open relationship = beta bucks "relationship" + alpha fucks on the side.

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        Polyamory is a reframed name for open relationship

        Yup. Open relationships do not give the man what he wants in a relationship - exclusivity & intimacy. A man can get sex outside a relationship, so relationships have to be about other things. What else does she bring to the table?

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        If she brought home another woman for a threesome, yeah, I can accept that kind of "open relationship", but sadly we all know the reality.

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        Eh, open relationships have worked out fine for me. You just have to have the upper hand, in the sense that you go on doing whatever you want and not going for them. If you're a good enough fuck they come back to you almost inevitably when they know the other guys they're after don't do what you do. The problem is being beta in open relationships. My definition of open relationship is fuckbuddy. I fuck them and don't mind some pillow talk, then I don't see them for days/weeks/months, until we fuck again. Seperate friend from fuckbuddy and open relationship is solved.

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        Open relationships do not give the man what he wants in a relationship - exclusivity & intimacy.

        Don't assume all men are the same. I've been in an LTR for a long time, and exclusivity and intimacy are just not top of my shopping list anymore. Sex and fun are. I genuinely could not give a fuck if my LTR screwed someone else, and I no longer believe in the "special sauce" that intimacy supposedly is. Fucking is fucking, and life is too short not to enjoy.

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        Sounds more like your relationship just sucks and isn't giving you what it should. So dump her. You can have sex and fun with other girls too if that's all you want.

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        You're making a logical error with your use of the word "all".

        The relationship gives me some benefits that make it worth continuing, but it doesn't give me "all" I want. To believe that any relationship can do this, or that intimacy is super special magic, is simply naive. As is the view that all men want the same things, as expressed by the person I originally responded to.

        I have no interest in mate-guarding as I'm not having any more kids, so I don't need to worry about applying my resources to my true genetic offspring - apart from the existing ones who hopefully will soon look after their own lives more than they need me to, that is. (Besides the standard narrative of human sexual behavior is largely horseshit). Aside from practicalities of avoiding STIs, what reason do I have to want to keep my partner exclusive? What does this contribute to my life other than provide her a tool to control me with ("You want me to be exclusive so I want you to be exclusive")? The model of a central LTR and a some extracurriculars works far better for me, and, if she so chooses, for her too. If she doesn't so choose, well, that's her problem. She's a grown-ass woman, and if she can't sort her life out and get what she wants, that's sad, but ultimately not my concern.

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        I have yet to meet any non-ugly chick into polyamory. If there are, please enlighten me.

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        What's wrong with an open relationship? I suppose if GITRP had been living with the girl and/or acting as boyfriend-girlfriend with her, then the open relationship makes him look bad in two ways: (1) he looks like an asshole when he's seen with other girls; (2) he looks like a beta bitch when she's seen with other guys.

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        homeopathic treatment for my cat to treat her jealousy. Maybe I should get some for you too."

        I got a hearty chuckle of this.

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        I would have told her fine, get one of your girlfriends over here and lets do this thing

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        This is what a good field report should be. Straight, to the point, illustrate the principle.

        And the principle, in this case, is that you only have any relationship you are willing to walk away from. If you are not, that relationship has you.

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        Her: "[blah, blah]...homeopathic treatment for my cat to treat her jealousy. Maybe I should get some for you too."

        That's actually a great line, that I am totally going to use on a plate in the future.


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        Is it wrong that I have an open relationship with 3 separate girls? Maybe it's beta if said dude wants a relationship with said woman, but I love my open relationships. Zero drama. I've never gotten into a single fight or argument with any of them. It's understood that I do my business and they do theirs and we don't talk about it to each other. It's understood that I'm not ready to settle down yet and we're just doing the tango because we enjoy each other's company. It's no different than a FWB deal. You can't be pissed at the girl for fucking another dude if you're just FWB. This whole polyamory thing, I've never heard it phrased that way, works for some and not for others. It's only beta of you to not next her if this is something you're not looking for. I for one enjoy sleeping with 3 different girls though and like to be able to still keep looking, guilt free, without ever having to explain myself to anyone where I was on any given night.

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        Why not just keep her as a plate and fuck other girls? If I had a hot chick I was hooking up with that didn't care if I fucked other girls that would be fine by me!

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        Yeah, I can still go back and plate her up later. What I refuse is the frame of "polyamorous relationship". I may as well tattoo "omega pussy" on my forehead in that case. This way, I retain control and she perceives my alpha qualities.

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        Homeopathic treatment for her cat to treat it's jealousy? What were you doing with this crazy bitch in the first place?

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        So long as you were straightforward about it ahead of time, it's all good.

        She wants "polyamory"? The poly people I know have multiple real relationships - think polygamy/polyandry without the "I do" part. Too complicated for me, but I don't judge. She just heard that word somewhere.

        She wants to fuck a lot of people, and there's a difference. What she wants is polysexuality - lots of sex from all directions. Nothing wrong with that*, but you two don't match up.

        Tell her that you consider polyamory a good idea, but polysexuality is even better and you're taking it up. If she asks where she stands, tell her that she's just gone to the very end of your list, which is a very long and noisy one.

        Then put her number on the reject list.

        *Edit: Beyond the usual health, safety and liability issues that apply to anyone.

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        I'd leave her (if she doesn't want to discuss the validity of homeopathy) just for being into homeopathy to treat a cat's jealousy.

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        I can tolerate whacky beliefs and ideas, just not stray fucking.

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        There's a reason in any relationship I set boundaries. They wanna break boundaries, I'm going to just say "We're done" and that's it. If you're letting a guest into your fortress, you'd expect them to follow rules set out.

        If I want an open relationship, they can either respect my wishes and/or be on the same page, or get out. Conversely, if we both want something serious, I expect her to not fuck other dudes. Fairly reasonable shit.

        That said, it's new year's eve. Go hook up.

        Set some boundaries, and kick anyone who doesn't respect them out.

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        I like that he is honest with her in sentiment and clear on reasons. She seemed to have taken it bitterly, not constructive.

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        Good for you brother man. That's a one way ticket to cuck city. Something like this can really throw a guy off. I hope I could be as direct if this ever came up with my LTR

        [–]Quansau18 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        This post makes me think of a devils advocate-ish question, if your girl knows you aren't exclusive with her, and she's going out and fucking other dudes on the DL, wouldn't it be the same? Is the poly thing just more annoying because of the clarity KNOWING she's boning other dudes, rather than just thinking she might be? Either way she's getting other dicks put in her, one case she's just lying about it though. Thoughts?

        [–]AlphaMilady 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        She probably already was banging other guys and looking to justify it by suggesting polyamory. Might wanna get an std test.

        [–]throwawaybeginner 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        That's fucking awesome man.

        [–]john-b 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        I respect & admire your commitment to being a man. One of my good friends sadly is the beta you had described. He recently attended his ex-girlfriends house for a christmas dinner on christmas day. When I asked why, he said not going would have made him seem like an asshole, because after all his insane crazy ex-gf bought him gifts, so he felt like he owed her. I could only cringe hard.

        His crazy ex keeps telling him she loves him, and keeps hanging around in a similar way a pathetic male beta would. My friend currently has no one else so he entertains her and allows her to come over regularly where they of course have sex, but he also engages in the pillow talk & romantic touching.

        [–]makethemsayayy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Lmao you sound like Hank Hill at the end:

        Oh god, he engaged in...The Pillow talk and I think I saw some...romantic touching...god-dangit! shudders

        [–]MajorStyles 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Good for you! Score a victory for team red pill!

        Typical "modern" Western cubt. Passive-aggressive attack on her part. The whole "you're not man enough to accept my cuckulding". Then you alpha booted her straight out the door, and now she wants back in.

        This is why there is NO gender equality. A man would never pull such bullshit.

        [–]blue_27 3 points4 points  (0 children)

        Oh yeah, that's a simple one. My girl can fuck one guy, and one guy only. My ex-girl can fuck anyone she wants.

        [–]FrameWalker 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        This is one of the hardest things to wrestle with. I suspect it will be a long time before any plate gets upgraded.

        [–]antariusz 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        She likely had someone else that she thought she'd be able to pull into a long-term relationship, stay resolved. If she wants to get back with you, it only means that he turned her down, probably after fucking her.

        Source: had the exact same thing happen to me multiple times.

        [–]LifeAtPeace 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Well done dude. Do not look back at her or you will be the one in tears.

        [–]EurasianAesthetics 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Beautiful work my friend, love it!

        [–]vicious_armbar 4 points5 points  (3 children)

        I know I'm going to get downvoted to hell, but I'll ask anyway. Why is TRP so opposed of open relationships? When you have a girl that is a booty call or fwb she's fucking other guys as well. No one seems to have a problem with that.

        If as a man you decide to allow a relationship, and you still want to fuck other chicks; then what's wrong with an open relationship? As long as you maintain frame she'll be all over your dick anyway. And if you think that a flimsy unenforceable promise to "stay true" to you while you're in a monogamous relationship will stop her from fucking another guy if she wants to, then you're delusional. If she wants relationship status, then you can set the rules regarding outside people. It also opens the doors to a flood of new pussy by threesomes and swinging.

        I don't know about other guys, but I could never be monogamous. I just love pussy too much!

        [–]1AreYouAware_ 4 points5 points  (1 child)

        Because, in my experience, heartiste has the correct measure of the situation for the average case.

        "Maxim #109: Consensual polyamory is a contrived hookup service for undesirable sexual market rejects."

        [–]vicious_armbar 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Are you claiming that the quality of women that you can pull will drop as soon as you get into an open relationship? That doesn't make sense logically, and I know from experience that it isn't true.

        [–]MirthSpindle 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        It's different for everyone. Monogamy just seems to be the most logical and secure choice if you want a long term stable relationship, and wanting kids in the future.

        I don't think there is anything wrong with open relationships if everyone involved is on the same page. Different people work with different ways of living.

        [–]botoxgoggles 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        I'm new to TRP and still working on swallowing it, but I have a similar situation with a plate, lets call her "Lucy".

        On to the relevant part: Lucy's been dropping hints (I'm sure she thinks she's being subtle as hell, but its like someone dropping concrete plocks in a kiddie pool) about being polyamorous.

        I see her attempts to work it into the conversation as either a) she's angling for a girlfriend upgrade (NOT happening. She's hot, objectively a HB8: 24, nice tits, great ass - her face is cute now, but it's one of those that will start to look "horsie" when she gets older, and a great lay. But she also has a ton of red flags - travelled abroad for a semester, fucked first date, 2 tattoos, gets drunk at bars and acts stupid) or, like mentioned here:** b)** trying to hamster not being called a slut while she fucks a lot of guys.

        Last time she danced around the idea I told her, Fine - as long as I pick the guys.

        I had one of those moments when Redpill just clicked: Lucy loved my response. My not gaf about her and treating her like a piece of meat I can use or give away made her insanely wet. She literally crawled across the floor to give me a BJ and kept calling herself my "toy".

        I know the RP thing to do is next her, but honestly I like having her under my thumb. I have another girl I'm more interested in that I've been working on, but Lucy is my dependable kinky fuck. I like the idea of having a slut I can whore out. Yes, this is dark. But I think taking away her power to pick the guys counters her hypergamy.

        [–]Kite23 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Fucking sick, why the fuck do sluts think "its alright" Fuck that noise, good on you for leaving when you did!

        [–][deleted]  (1 child)


          [–]MirthSpindle 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I think you belong more on a subreddit for misogyny.

          [–]SinisterSilence 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          I really wish I had the balls to respond this way. Don't know why I continue to have a relationship with someone who wants to have sex with other people :(

          [–]makethemsayayy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          euch if you're serious I don't think you can call yourself a RPer

          [–]Chobeat -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

          Polyamorous here: you are not even close to the stability and maturity necessary for a poly relationship. It won't work. Also monogamous and non-monogamous people should never mix