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Also for TRPers whose LTRs have been gaining mass irrelevant to lifting; buy panties one size too small to send a loving reminder that doubles as a gift.

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If your bitch is getting fat it reflects poorly on you as a man. Want your SMV to drop? Hold a chunkler's hand. No Fats. The quality of the women you sleep(ed) with is a factor women use in determining your SMV.

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Hold a chunkler's hand

I always have to make sure to swallow my drink before reading your posts. Very good

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Your FB/Insta is your sexual resume. Women want to see that you're the type of guy who sleeps with hot women. It's Preselection.

Another example of this phenomenon: Women want to wear clothes that hot women wear. Thats why models are girl hot pretty face boy body and not what men find attractive full healthy booty long hair and nice thighs.

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    Don't worry about social media at all to show you don't give a fuck about being associated with women. Take attractive women with you everywhere you go. People will notice.

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    I've always wondered why they have those macaulay culkin look-a-likes on runways and now it makes sense

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    one of the main reasons runway models are as thin as their dresses is because the designer's clothing and vision is the centrepiece not the weight of the girl/boy, they're essentially flesh hangers.

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    haha walking talking coat hangers

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    if only most of em wouldnt talk

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    Another example of this phenomenon: Women want to wear clothes that hot women wear. Thats why models are girl hot pretty face boy body and not what men find attractive full healthy booty long hair and nice thighs.

    How long were you going to hide this gold?

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    When I was younger I couldn't understand popularity of garbage TV shows like Top Chef and America's Next Top Model. If you wanted to cook/model, why not just do it?

    Now I realize it's because women are typically incapable of or unwilling to have real careers, they fantasize about making money and fame using looks/cooking skills. It's a "you go girl!" boost to a generation of couch potatos.

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    I never saw Facebook as that kind of validation machine. It makes a lot of sense though.

    I hate Facebook since it can be very time consuming. Would you recommend using it anyway because the benefit is big enough?

    Edit: can you make a post about this topic?

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    The topic isnt deep enough for a post. Women notice men who date attractive women. If you can advertise the fact that you dated hot women in the past, do so.

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    Models having "boy body" and no booty is what fat chicks say to make themselves feel better. Anyone who's hung out at 1oak and the likes know the truth. Models are awesome. They are hot as fuck and easy too. Sure there are scary-anorexic bitches once in a while, but most of them got curves where it counts.

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    The women in porn have completely different bodies then the women in fashion. One appeals to men the other appeals to women.

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    One appeals to men the other appeals to women.

    Or you could say one looks good in clothes and other looks good out of clothes.

    I think you're on to something about the model body type being aspirational for women. It signifies high status because it takes a fair bit of work or at least discipline for most women to look like that after their teenage years in our land of plenty. Being skinny says "socialite" and not "poor" these days.

    Could you make the point of this more explicit? I'm not following.

    Another example of this phenomenon: Women want to wear clothes that hot women wear. Thats why models are girl hot pretty face boy body and not what men find attractive full healthy booty long hair and nice thighs.

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    not really. what porn star looks bad in clothes? I don't think a 5' 10'' 100 lb model looks good in clothes, unless you're retarded(the people that can't tell if a woman is wearing a push up bra or not) you're capable of evaluating what someone would look like without their clothes on.

    it's a simple point. women think models are so pretty and they pull all their bullshit about " oh my god the standards these days seeing XYZ model on magazines are just too high,"

    meanwhile in porn ,where dudes pay to watch women do various sexual acts, completely different body type than a model is exhibited. men are paying money to see a different body type than models.

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    Could you make the point of this more explicit? I'm not following.

    Punctuation solves the puzzle:

    Another example of this phenomenon: Women want to wear clothes that hot women wear. That's why models are "girl hot" - pretty face, boy body and not what men find attractive. Full healthy booty, long hair and nice thighs.

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    Still struggling to understand those last two sentences. Need punctuation. Someone please translate.

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    Yeah, I have no clue what he was saying.

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    Could you explain this a little further? I'm having trouble totally understanding what you're saying about models.

    Women want to wear clothes that hot women wear.

    Are you saying women think that the fashion model figure is what "hot" is?

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    It's what gay men think hot women look like. Girl faces on boyish bodies.

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    I was looking for an argument about why men and women gravitate toward different ideals of female beauty, but it was simply an assertion, which is fine.

    I'll make a hypothesis:

    There are several elements in judging someone attractive:



    *Secondary Sexual Characteristics

    For those who are not sexually attracted to that gender, mainly the first two are important.

    There is also the phenomena of bros 'mirin other guys' guns, but I think that is mainly respect for the hard work involved. I didn't do it much if at all myself until I started making my own slow gains and saw what was involved.

    I went and googled "porn stars in clothes" and had a look. They range from model size 0 types to plus sized models. A lot of them don't seem to know how to pose for the still camera to look good (camera adds ten pounds), or these are just photos that haven't been edited to only choose the flattering ones, or they are not top tier porn stars with the best bodies. In short, some of them do look a little chunky in clothes.

    I'm not suggesting it's worth chasing anorexic models, just that I understand a little why fashion designers hire them. Clothes can define a wider silhouette than the body, but they have a hard time making a narrower one, especially in the waist, though of course various kinds of camouflage are used.

    Edit: formatting

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    One guy above said they're simply flesh clothes hangers. This makes sense too. While most of the big dogs in fashion are gay guys, I wasn't necessarily knocking their skill. Men tend to be good at just about everything creative. Most of the best hair and makeup artists are men too, and these are seen as traditionally feminine skills.

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      Been doing that for a while - I play dumb "I thought you were a 4?"

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        You're downplaying the hamster. Never downplay the hamster.

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        piggybacking your statement

        yea, never downplay the hamster.

        Her hamster wants instant gratification. The moment she's not noticing a 1 day gain or an instant turnaround her hamster will tell her to give up and quit!

        Your skills are needed to discipline and coach the hamster. After the hamster is done running on the treadmill you need to enforce good habits by not having her down an entire pizza.

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        I agree. However, with some women, they don't notice the initial gain because they are so wrapped up in you. So sometimes you need to remind them to care for themselves a bit.

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        Did you notice how OP forgot necklaces, jewelry, and other high-investment, unoriginal items? These gift ideas are both cheap AND effective, especially the Chinese made stuff.

        But why be cheap EVEN though you have money? Well if your girl is only sticking around because you have $$$ then your relationship sounds just swell. But I mean, showering her with expensive gifts is a great way to how much you love her, right?? Right?? /s/

        Had to upvote after the first paragraph, just knew it was going to be another quality GayLubeOil post and of course it didn't disappoint.

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        I know a lot of girls who have a bin of expensive jewelry from past boyfriends. They dont wear it cuz its not their style. You dont want to spend good money and have it end up in the bin. Also bitches come and go.

        Everything on the list is less than $40. Their cheap pragmatic gifts that wont go to waste. Im happy you noticed my underlying strategy.

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        You dont want to spend good money and have it end up in the bin.

        Next time you're driving around town, count all the "We Buy Gold!" signs and billboards. Ever stop to wonder how these places stay in business? Who has all this unwanted gold to sell? Chicks with ex-boyfriends.

        Betas are so desperate to buy love, they spawned an entire resale industry.

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        True there... Took me too fucking long to realize this. I cringe at some of the jewelry I have bought in the past...

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        And men like me who need to pawn their wedding rings. I still have mine in my sock drawer.

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        Considering sending a decent $30 bottle of local honey vodka to a former plate. Great woman, and would embrace the opportunity to do it (her) again. With shipping, it's still under $40. No jewelry involved except maybe a future pearl necklace.

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        Serious shit: My wife has literally 6 weeks worth of panties, and that's not even touching the sexy stuff. When you can get them 5-6/$20 on sale at VS, that's a cheap gift.

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        Stuff from Korea: I rarely recommend such things, but this site featuring wholesale Korean fashion had some really great stuff cheap. Reviews seem pretty positive, and in bulk the shipping charges aren't bad. Particularly look at outerwear. Also check out the men's coats . . . there's some tasty SMV buffs in there at bargain basement prices.

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        Factoid from the retail "analysts"

        Married men who cheat buy much more expensive gifts for their GFs than their wives.

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        Turn it sideways, and that C-String may also be able to double as an eye patch. Make your plate wear it as an eye patch around the house on New Year's Eve and talk like a pirate. For some reason that mental image is fucking hilarious to me. But GLO was the original Black Knighter.

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        The C String isnt that ridiculous of a gift because its a great way for women to avoid panty lines in tight dresses. Also its fun to watch women unwrap the gift and do the what the fuck us thus face. Women exist for male entertainment. Thats why Adam gave up that rib.

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        I'll probably make another Black Knight post in a couple weeks.

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        Please do. That was a very entertaining read, in particular the bus stop scenario.

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        I second AliExpress; greatest site in the world.

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        You use it much? Stuff looks cheap as shit.

        EDIT: Should clarify, prices look cheap as shit. I can't tell the quality of the items from pictures. That's what I was wondering with my post.

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        Clothing cost doesn't always correlate that much with quality. Clothing is very cheap to manufacture.

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        This. What difference is there between a plain t-shirt, and one with some fancy name printed on it other than the price difference for the print? Why should I pay $25+ for a t-shirt with Ecko, LRG, Sean John, or someone else's name on it when I can get 5 Hanes Beefy-Ts for the same price, and that will last longer.

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        Fashion can be about perception, it's not objective. For example, a box logo tee with "Obey" printed carries a different connotation than the exact same T that says "Supreme". If you're just looking for basics it really doesn't matter much.

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        It seems that a lot of people in this sub are not exactly comfortable financially and hence cannot afford better.

        If you think it looks cheap in pictures, you know it would look even cheaper in person.

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        People in this sub are in thier early twenties expect incomes 30k or below

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        I should clarify, I can't tell whether the stuff looks legit or not from the pictures. I was talking about purely price.

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          Outlet malls, Marshall's, and other discount places are where you should be shopping for plate gifts. LTRs deserve better, and if you're married, you'd damned well better know exactly what she likes/wants.

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          That is a rather silly comment not based in reality.

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          There is plenty of garbage there but also plenty of fantastic items. One of my "fun money ventures" (I use the profit that I make for vacations, bar money and such) is buying a particular item for 10 cents and selling it for 3 dollars (5000+ units a the math)

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          Meh i looked around the site a lot looks cheap but most shit just looks like unbranded stuff ive seen other places.

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          My girl is buying me a PS4. What should I get her?

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          Something of about equal value, like a nespresso machine.

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          This gift will actually make her lose weight because Nespresso has less sugar and random crap than Starbucks. Good call.

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          Good, but I have something better. Manual coffee grinder.

          She'll get a workout cranking out those grounds, and they both get to enjoy the freshest coffee money can buy.

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          No way I'm spending equal money. She offered to get it.

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            I use a cheap Mr.Coffee burr grinder, and a pour-over kit that I got from Starbucks. As long as you have good beans and a good grind, you'll have good coffee.

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            Reward her by putting your dick inside of her.

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            Fuck that shit. Here at Red Pill we are all about Realz, don't give a fuck about Feelz and keep Fats far away from our welcome mats.

            Rofl GLO never ceases to amaze.

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            whelp got my christmas shopping done!

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            Giving women presents is about giving gifts with little to no utility; something beautiful but not particularly practical. Flowers, ornaments, art, lingerie (slightly more utility) chocolates. When you give men gifts it is all about utility something practical that can actually be used. Tools to work on his car/bike, Power tools, tickets to a football game, a bottle of scotch, tools for the kitchen or house.

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            Wait, you're saying scotch and football tickets are useful but chocolate isn't?


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            Effective and straight to the point. Thanks.

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            Suggestions for a 17 year old girl?

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            something stupid and childish

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            That wallmart photo bear I talked about and for the love of god dont be older than 19.

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            Colouring books and pencils

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            Buying gifts is beta as fuck. My gift to a woman is my rock hard abs. Maybe I'll take the money I set aside for her and buy myself more protein, because its the gift that keeps giving to who really matters: ME!

            This sub is such a joke 85% of the time

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            that's like saying a girl's boobies are her only gift to you.

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            Somehow I get the suspicion this is a sneaky ad for Aliexpress.

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            Somehow I get the suspicion this is a sneaky ad for Aliexpress.