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This is true. Women are much better liars than men because their hamsters tell then it is not 'lying'. It's sick really.

All I would add is this. It is impossible for a woman to completely change. Even the most skilled ho's becoming housewives will reveal their true selves. Shit test out of nowhere, personal change when drunk, whatever. The question becomes- do you male hamster this away? Or remember and act upon it?

As men, we all fucking remember this shit. We do. This translates into what OP is saying - there is a voice telling you there is a red flag so fucking act on it.

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Gold above my friends. The ability for a woman to suspend disbelief in the face of physics is quite large. As long as they believe something to be true it is. Men do this as well but in my experience women seem to do it more.

Keep in mind for women truth lies in the perceived motivation and not just in the action? She knocks over and breaks something of yours? It's only because she was working hard to do something nice for you. You do the same thing? It's different because you did it because you never think about her.

Start paying attention to when she starts with the motivation rather than the action\accomplishment. When a women spends a lot of time telling you the "why" before the "what" you are in for a moment of flexible truth.

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♂ There is a ton of wisdom in this post and I hope you all take the time to really consider it.

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I was just browsing reddit and this post explained 99% of my last ex. Holy shit...can't stop reading this sub now

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Buckle up, bud. There's a wild, eye opening ride ahead.

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The sidebar is gold. Go there first.

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any slut alive who wants to score commitment from you rather than just a fuck is going to swear up and down that she’s only had sex with 2-5 guys before.

This. Too many posts on here related to asking her for her partner count. Much better to read between the lines.

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A gal asked me why no guy in her network wants to date her (anymore). I told her point blank "Everyone knows you've been with 100 guys. Who wants to marry that?"

So she says "I've only been with like 5 guys."

I reply "Me too."

"Don't you mean girls?"

"No, guys. If you're going to lie about your number, I will, too."

But she swears it's only "about 5" even though I know 20 who tapped it. In the last year.

Their brains don't function like ours do. It's why you can tell a woman you have a 10" dick and she will believe it. Women can't count or measure for shit.

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Their brains don't function like ours do.

Actually, if you were a 30 year old virgin with an attractive woman in a cab with you going home to fuck when she asks "How many women have you been with?" you wouldn't say 0

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You'd be surprised how many male virgins admit to it.

Like it's a trophy or something.

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Not like its a trophy, more out of self-consiousness and self-doubt, probably a large dose of insecurity as well.

Source: told the girl I lost it to that she was my first before the fact

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Depends on how its pitched.

If I had to break adult virgins into categories, you'd have the religious celibates, the incompetent fucks, the guys with deep seated trust issues, and the emotional male- the ones who want to fuck someone they actually like rather than just some walking hole, yet find that the women they interact with tend to be emotionally about as solid as a napkin in a hurricane.

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Admitting to be a virgin is all about confidence. When I was a virgin, I didn't give a fuck if someone knew I was a virgin. Even then girls assued I had slept with over 30 girls and it was nowhere near the truth.

I was just confident in myself and admitting to being virgin never turned off anyone.

Just sharing my thoughts.

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I tell them all I'm a virgin. It then becomes their mission to "deflower" me.

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This. Playing Beta is one of the best examples of amused mastery you can have. Shit, tell them you never even kissed a girl and just want to feel a boob for once. They know your lying. They know you know their game and they love it.

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Only works if you're actually attractive. If a fat unattractive dude told a girl "I'm a virgin" she would absolutely believe it.

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I do the beta act all the time, they love it and tell me stop it and a cute giggle.

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Women can't count or measure for shit.

Oh, they can. But the hamster's power knows no bounds.

What about Dave? "Oh, I never had an orgasm with him. That doesn't count".

What about Gary? "I was really drunk. That doesn't count".

What about that boyfriend you had for three months? "He had a really small penis, that doesn't count".

What about Neil? "I kept my knickers on throughout. It's not my fault he pushed them to one side! Anyway, because of that, it doesn't count".

What about Adam? "He came as soon as he got inside me, I don't think he managed more than a single thrust. Doesn't count".

What about the Accrington Stanley football team? "I didn't let any of them finish inside me; none of them count".

The worst bit?

She actually believes every word of this. Nothing you can say or do will change her mind.

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This is how women operate. You can give them a lie detector test about their number, and they will pass it because they truly believe it. That is terrifying.

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One of my favorite tests of a girl's respect for you is whether she's willing to admit a high number. If she admits her double-digit killcount to you, she wants you to see her sexually, because she sees you sexually. If you can tell she's lying, she's hiding her sexuality because she doesn't see you sexually. She's looking at your wallet.

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This! I just had a chick last week that I was flirting with hard. I steered the conversation to toward being a man-whore and then asked what her number was. She openly admitted to me that she's "ruined" for any kind of relationship. She didn't give a number, but admitted that she had cheated on almost every boyfriend she's had. And then, one thing lead to another... :P

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The greatest honour a woman can earn is the honour of being selected by you to aid you in your mission - in effect, to be your business partner.

In order to be selected for the role, she must demonstrate her competence and her loyalty to you.

The matter itself has very little to do with sex just so happens that a woman's sexual loyalty in particular is a predictor of her loyalty in general.

That's why sex matters so much, in spite of the fact that it matters so little.

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fun thing to notice, betas and whores will always say something along the lines of "it's just sex"

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Id run from any woman that says that. Its the calling card of whores.

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You seem like a wise old man.

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I'm old enough to get away with lying about my age, but young enough to not need to do it.

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I think after reading this, everybody should immediately go and read the Rational Male article on Good Girls

This will remind the men with less experience why the LTR game is so dangerous if you don't already have a significant amount of experience with women, and esp with those "bad girls who've never been caught."

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That touches on another of Rollo's better points:

If you find yourself wondering whether she's interested, then she isn't. If she wants to fuck you, you'll know it.

His friend in the Good Girls post was in that position. She wasn't interested, but he kept wondering. Plus she was never a "good girl" to begin with. She knowingly strung that guy (and likely others) along, then fucked some minor VIP the night she met him (and this probably wasn't the first such instance.) He got jerked around.

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If you find yourself wondering whether she's interested, then she isn't. If she wants to fuck you, you'll know it.

Ego protection is going to short-circuit a lot of guys on this. Many would rather continue wondering than accept the fact she wasn't interested as a way of avoiding being rejected. When I see guys arguing this point, that if she WAS interested you'd damn well know it, it's mainly just their ego getting in the way. I know this because I've done this in the past and recognize it can be damn difficult to avoid.

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I agree but I also disagree. I've had girls tell me years later that they had a crush on me but I wouldn't make a move. I never knew, or maybe I was just too naïve to notice.

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Because making her more than a fuck-toy isn’t your job. It’s hers.

That's golden. She will qualify herself to you, and she will remove all doubt. Or she's not worth it. Don't enter an LTR on a wing and a prayer, because of head or happiness or fear. Ask yourself what you do for the relationship, then ask yourself what she does for it.

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Saved. I just wish I had known this before I threw away seven years of intense effort to appease a bitch.

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she’s only had sex with 2-5 guys before. That’s not really a lie, of course. Probably just a typo.

True story. 25. No joke. She was crying when I asked and then tried to 'trickle-truth' the number, starting low and then slowly going up measuring my reaction. Glad I got out of that one.

Gave you gold. There's not many posts now-a-days that even remotely support marriage.

I've gone through a couple dozen women, and then I met this one girl who i ended up marrying recently, I'm still happy with my choice. (Although we will see how things are in 5 to 10 years)

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(Although we will see how things are in 5 to 10 years)

Well... One possibility is half your gross income going to child support and alimony/spousal maintenance, having virtually no assets/investments, living in a shitty apartment, driving a shitty car, and you'll get to see your kids every Saturday.

Just a potential outcome is all.

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And people wonder why I never want to get married. My divorced dad doesn't, though.

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I told my mom that I didn't want to get married. She said this is one of the smartest things you've ever said

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man oh man. unluckypenguin can kiss half his shit goodbye

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Well, I would say marriage is constant hard work. You will have to go through a lots of ups and downs. And the time of ups or downs is not the same in all marriages. Some people experience the downs in 3 years, some in 5 and others after a decade. But if you have the patience and strength to steer through those difficult times, you will have a successful marriage (according to the society). Instead if you experience too many downs (ill health, financial woes, job loss, cheating of wife, lack of motivation) at the same time, you might fail to steer it through. In such a case, your marriage might be considered a failure (ending up in divorce). So, it is the journey you need to enjoy and be prepared to end the partnership to carry on alone.

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Solid post dude.

if you’re ever in a position where you’re wondering whether a woman is girlfriend/wife material, you've already answered your own question.

Fucking perfectly worded.

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Many bitchy, crazy women seem normal, even nice, when you first start getting to know them. Then three months into the relationship you unwisely agreed to, you’re dealing with a psychopath.

Okay; I'w with you.. this pertains to the age-old saying "dont stick your dick in Crazy". Now the $1m dollar question: how do you know they are crazy before the 3 month point?

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This is a question for the ages

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Is she young? Is she single? Are her parents together? Does she party? There are many objective factors to consider in this day and age.

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People, both good and bad, will reveal themselves through their actions. It is impossible to know people right away, but it impossible for people to conceal themselves for long.

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This is true, and people are not static either. We must be constantly gathering information and testing our assumptions. If you can't spot the sucker, it's you.

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shit test like a girl. Put up obstacles shes got to overcome and see how she handles them. Cant really say what or how. I usually just wait the 3 months out and observe

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It's all about exit strategy. She's cool, awesome. You love her and shit, good for you. But keep that helipad nice and clean, cause if/when shit hits the fan, the last thing you need is a child or a marriage between you and the extraction point.

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This, as long as you have no ties except maybe the emotional ones, you did well.

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Great Image! Always keep your LZ clear and don't let anything get between you and your extraction point. This is true in a one night stand or a 30 year marriage. Abundance.

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The trouble is, the ones who are good relationship material are either spoken for by the age of 15, or they've since been dumped and are hitting the carousel. It's a catch-22.

Not saying it doesn't happen, but you're more likely to win the lottery.

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I think it's more locale. Rural areas have a lot more innocent girls. Big cities? Not so much.

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I grew up rural. Those girls only act innocent. Pretense is necessary when everyone knows everyone else. The minute a new guy rides into town, it's a race to see who gets him first. Rednecks aggressively mate guard for a reason.

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Seems like it ought to be true. Isn't. I've lived in the big city, the suburbs, and now farm country. Maybe it was true in 1950.

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Fuck the suburbs, city life with the country in small doses is what it's all about.

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You haven't lived until you've walked with a country girl, so far into the land you own that everything you see in all directions belong to you; then you lay her down in the just-plowed earth, moist and warm from the summer sun, and fuck her senseless.

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I feel like "AWALT" applies here. Doesnt matter where they live. they all slew it up.

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'The good girls are already taken'.

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15? Any girl that age has no experience whatsoever. Effectively, you are saying all girls are inherently good. Which is something I can get behind.

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Say what? Sexting starts at 12, nowadays. It's absolutely crazy. The things you heard coming out of those millennials childs. Medias have completely burned our generations. The average age of the first time is a couple years lower than 15, for a female. Males takes more time.

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Holy shit I'm so glad you said something about that, because I thought I was going crazy. I have a 12 year old little sister, and I went through her phone because she's always hiding something and she's always on it 24 fucking 7. Let me tell you I saw the raunchiest most sexual dirty fucking shit come out of this "innocent" little girls mouth, talking about fucking and anal and dicks with all her friends on kik. Her screen name was fuck_me_harder. She's a fucking 12 year Old in 7th grade for Christ fucking sakes. And she talks and texts more guys now than I ever talked to girls in all my school years leading up to 10th grade. Holy shit. I was reading through her texts with this one 14 year old kid, and she literally texts him copiously, sending 5 texts for every one he sends. In one of them she asked him if he stole from a store, he said yes, she got so happy sent a thousand Lols smiley faces and literally vagina tingled all over and inside the phone; she begged him for his snapchat after that. I see other 13 14 year old guys she met on instagram telling her to suck his dick and send him nudes and what not. Oh yea, and she has a snap chat, but that's not all, she fucking has more points than i do and I've had snap chat for years, she just recently got her phone. There's no doubt there have been multiple nudes sent to those many guys that she's friends on snap chat. A lot of them she met through instagram but still. Holy shit, before red pill I would've gone nuts. Needless to say I took away her phone and just let it go. But holy fucking shit, I wouldn't be surprised if she lost her virginity already.

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I have a 15 year old sister, I'm going fucking nuts thinking about this, how da fuck to deal with it?

I won't have a dirty little whore for a sister...

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Too fucking late bro, she's probably lost her virginity already. Look through her phone, get mad, then get over it. You'll thank me later.

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The amount of anger one must go through before fully swallowing the red pill, god damn it.

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You don't even know the fucking half of it.

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Let's say you lost your virginity at 18. You think you were lucky, but it's strange because all the girls around you already lost theirs a long time ago, even the supposed nice girls.

On average, most of those girls probably lost it at the age of 13. They only needed two things, whatever little freedom they had from their parents to go shopping or whatever, and a text from the "right" horny guy who tells her to come over because he's horny and doesn't feel like masturbating. He's the right guy to your sister, but he's also the right guy to a bunch of other girls. All the girls want his genes. So all he needs to do to get laid and take girls virginities is text them and all them to hang out, the girls will do the rest to find themselves across the neighborhood losing their virginities because of "love". Guys like that usually have taken many many virginities, while the rest of us had to masturbate.

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Ever since trp my whole fucking reality is different, I feel like almost nothing of my former self, been here for just a few days and already my views on people and things are not the same. Wonder how long will it take to get out of the "It was all a fucking lie" phase.

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Dude I've been reading trp for over a year, have been thinking similar thoughts about this stuff way before I created this reddit account. There is no way that you can get out of it, it's fucking horrible, especially when you see newer and dirtier shit that girls do, it all becomes more and more rancid.

This fucking girl lied to me about me taking her virginity. She had a ONS with some frat dude the day before I took her virginity. I spent all semester with her. Could you even imagine how FUCKING ANGRY I can possibly be right now? She FUCKING LIED TO ME ALL FUCKING SEMESTER. She would secretively look at my abs and compare them to the guy that took her virginity, and she would be upset that I wasn't him. She was depressed all semester because he wouldn't stick around after having sex with her. I met the dude too, nice guy, said he doesn't have sex with a girl more than once, he was fucking beautiful in the face. What are we supposed to do right?


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Imagine if you were 40, had a degree in counseling, and believed the blue pill lie your entire life. It can take as long as 6 months. See the sidebar on the stages of unplugging.

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i was sexting for the first time in 7th grade. girls are sluts from the moment they are teenagers

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While not wrong, this is only half the story. It has the usual fallacy of making it all about the woman and ignoring your own responsibility in the matter. There have been some good posts on TRP about this lately.

On the spectrum of whether they will are LTR-material or just fucktoys, some will be hopeless for LTRs (this is what the OP is about), some will be loyal always (these are typically more boring women) and then there's a big grey area of women who could make a good LTR/wife if you keep them properly motivated.

If you are naturally alpha (or have learned to adopt this frame), sociable, somewhat narcissistic and focussed on improving your own life, doing typically beta things like being kind, showing you appreciate her and that you think highly of her will absolutely make her committed to you.

The typical mistake people who swallow the red pill seem to make is that they suddenly see these more alpha, even asshole moves as having a good effect and then they think this is all they'll have to do. And lateron they're left confused why the quality women don't want to stay around.

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The unfortunate thing i've noticed is that very few women realize their most fertile years are in their early 20s and they squander it away riding the cock carousel, drinking excessively, doing drugs, ..basically not focusing on being a good mother. Then they cry when they're in their late 30s and are still single cause no decent guy would waste their time with them.

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You can't know with absolute certainty anything. People have free will to do shitty things. Stop baiting the idealists.

Both the lying and the open and upfront attitude are strategies, not people. Make any girl feel inferior she will lie. Make a confident girl want comitment from you, make it clear you are intolerant to bullshit and she will be your perfect childhood crush.

In both cases you don't really get to meet the real her until her first meltdown.

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Pretty, pleasant, deferential, feminine. If you doubt any one of them then no

[–][deleted]  (2 children)


    [–]Audunis 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I don't need rational, at least not the male rationality. Largely because I don't expect it, and I tend to associate femininity more with being nurturing and kind.

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    Honestly, you can never tell if a woman is girlfriend/wifey material. EVERY girl out there is incline to have a un-wifey side to them. The extent that they show it varies among each individual woman.

    DELUSION "an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder."

    It's a lottery as far as I'm concerned.

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    Going anal, it's a gamble for sure but not a lottery. It's not completely random. It's more like going all in on a poker game, you have some information but there is still lots of luck involved. You can win with what looked like a weak hand and lose with a strong one.

    Pro poker players mitigate the variance by playing more. You win some you lose others and eventually when you have played a lot the trend goes towards the mean, your skill. The problem is that you can not marry a lot, so you just have to take the luck you get. Which is why some people advocate not marrying, too big of a gamble.

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    Many women will hamster this by saying 'that's just me' or 'I don't change for no man'.

    Women are insane, "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

    Only men want to actively change and improve themselves.

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    If you don't know, with absolute certainty, that she is girlfriend/wife material, then she isn't


    Also: If you're certain that she's girlfriend/wife material, she isn't.

    Don't get married, kids. Whatever marriage used to be, nowadays for a man it's just a raw deal.

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    Whatever marriage used to be, nowadays for a man it's just a raw deal.

    Agreed. Marriage is slowly taking a totally different form. If you plan to get married now, imagine what it would be like after 10-20 years. And men who think can shield their wives' minds from being corrupted are wrong. You cannot control a person's thought process or capacity to become aware of new things. Given the fact that women are more social, they will become aware of and crave for things you might not want them to know about. Once they become of aware of something they have been missing, resentment slowly builds in their minds and it keeps exploding at you every now and then. Then they try to cross the line and any attempts from the husbands to stop them will be termed as controlling behavior/ abusiveness.

    So, the point is, if you wish to get married, be prepared to deal with such things and even walk out of the marriage without going insane.

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    I've been in a relationship for almost a year. From the start I had doubts that this is the right girl for me, but the sex was good so I didn't brake up with her. She was a slut, cheated on me and did't give a fuck. At least she helped me discover TRP.

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    Although I don't agree with everything OP has written but there is an element of truth in it.

    1.) Women who are good relationship material don't hide the relationship from family and friends. Because if she is proud to have you, she will show it off.

    2.) She will wait to have dinners with you and will cook to please you.

    3.) She does not hesitate to tell you the truth about anything because she knows that if she wants to spend life with you she has to be honest. You will eventually know about the truth someday, so she will not dare to lie.

    4.) She will not maintain secret life or a separate group of friends who don't know.

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    This post actually better reflects us (guys), as a form of non-negative projection, and our relationship potential. I am very honest and direct with women but am "vague" as hell when it comes to disclosing my sexual prospects/history.

    I'm not here to argue for or against my own relationship potential, but I'm simply making a point that sleeping with multiple women requires COVERT (or vague) reference to one's own behavior, rather than directly explicating everything.

    If there's one thing I give women credit for, it's that pretty much every one I've dated has been easily readable in terms of desire to progress the interaction, regardless as to the relationship qualities they possess. I'm aware of my ambiguous neutrality though and the way that that comes off.

    This isn't just I. Rollo Tomassi even talks about this under his iron clad rule #2 (

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    going to swear up and down that she’s only had sex with 2-5 guys before<

    I've read on here before that you take the number she gave you and times it by that number. So if 3, then really 9. If 5 then really 25. Obviously an exaggeration for the majority of women, but still funny and kind of true

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    Obviously an exaggeration for the majority of women

    No, it is not but the rule is to triple it.

    So 5 becomes 15, not 25.

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    Couple of yrs ago I was dating this albanian/czech Londoner living in Prague (fuck it, it's complicated) and since my TRP rebirth I've been using the 'relationship' as a constant reminder of TRP truths.

    Slut level: Her number was 32. This girl was 24 mind you!

    Catchphrase: She admitted it, no hiding and went on to claim this was during her late teens when her confidence was at it's all-time low. She is Someone Else (tm) now.

    Seriously glad I ended things after 3 months. She really opened my eyes to a lot of shit women do by being a prime example bordering on caricature. Red hair - should have known better.