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Solid post dude.

As someone who has been with the same chick for 11 years and married for 6 of them,this is exactly how you maintain a solid Marriage/LTR.

I’ve used the dog comparison before and as you stated, the comparison is spot on because it’s fucking true. My dog is in check as is my wife. I give them both what they need and in turn they behave accordingly.

Just the other day while my wife had her back turned I replaced her incense with a sparkler. She lit it and our house looked like the fourth of July, it was fucking awesome. She played the whole, “OMG I can’t believe you did that.” Then we both laughed, made out a little, and enjoyed that fresh breathe of air that comes with having fun and enjoying the moment with your SO.

There is some solid information in this post and I hope those who are lurking and taking notes on how to improve their relationships with women read between the lines and take this for what it is as well as what it is implying and not outright saying.

Keep it fresh, keep it fun, maintain a standard in your woman both physically and mentally and things will be alright.

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I need a subreddit specifically aimed at ideas of fun/active things to do with girls... :/

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No you don't. Google 'pranks.' Choose the harmless, goofy ones. Enjoy.

Also, stop looking to subreddits for your answers. Learn to do a little sleuthing on your own. Part of being with chicks is learning how to deal with them in your own voice with your own personality and tastes.

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I need a subreddit to specifically teach me to google. Solid post. I shall turn the fun factor up to 11 up in here.

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No not solid post. Get over your iamsmart attitudes, faggots.

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Yes. Pranking / Teasing is an essential part of game that I feel is often overlooked somewhat. Girls love it, they become like excited little children when you are fucking with them like that. It shows that you are relaxed around them and that you want to have fun with them. It’s helps reinforce the daddy/ daughter dynamic that they crave. They fucking love it.

Always have a few things that you consistently make fun of about her. She includes way too much irrelevant details in her stories. She’s crap at telling jokes. (Both of these apply to pretty much all women). Make her jump during a scary movie. Take some of those small in-flight booze bottles and hide them in her handbag, then accuse her of being an alcoholic in front of her friends. Tell her she farts in her sleep.

I’m not talking about Smack-cams or elaborate organized pranks. Women love the type of personality to whom this comes naturally. If it doesn’t, you should work on the ability to improvise these kind of things. Unhooking her bra as mentioned above, if you cannot do this with one hand through her top, this is a great trick to acquire.

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Absolute girl crack. One girl I dated, whenever she'd say something I didn't like I'd be like "good bye forever" and start walking away until she chased me. Or I'd tell her (playfully) "I'm ignoring you now", and she'd try to get me to respond.

I call most girls poopface. They really love it. Basically anything you'd do on an elementary school playground, do now.

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Great post. Also strong contrast between this and the threads last week about being a man, not a boy. It's actually more about having your shit together while doing childish things at the right times. Everyday is April Fool's day.

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The Book of Pook explains this better than anywhere else I have seen. Regain your youth and vitality and treat your women like you did in Elementary School. Push them down and run away laughing. Rub a nasty bug on their leg. Run around and chant about having cooties. Tease them like a little girl and they will fall in love.

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I just fear that the movie idiocracy will become a reality if this is really necessary to breed.

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Why so dramatic? How so you develop attraction without a little fun? Appealing to a woman's child-like nature even if she knows you're a man is a great role reversal yo short circuit her impression of you:

"He's so silly around me AND has his shit together. I feel like I can joke with him about the littlest things, and confide in him deep secrets." Women want to interact with fun men, not stern assholes with dicks up their ass all the time.

There's a necessary balance between fun, serious, stern, playful. You don't, and shouldn't, act like a 5 year old all the time. Relationships are more nuanced than that.

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No perhaps I have been misunderstood. I have nothing against being a fun and pleasent guy. In fact, I would say that in my past relationships that having a sense of humor has been key. What Im saying is that women tend to choose the lowest common denominator to breed with these days. They would rather have some fool than say a well paid and respected nasa scientist to have sex with. It seems as if they appreciate less intelligent traits than would be normally expected. It only stands to reason that if women keep breeding with people of lower and lower IQ, a dystopian society (such as in idiocracy) await us in the future.

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What future? The future is now. And it's not only females that think intelligence is boring and useless compared to dickness, loudness, randomness.

To be honest, loyal, rational, smart, composed, respectful, modest, was seen as good thing only when the entire society saw it as so, and females followed, of course. This is not the case anymore. This world is doomed in any way.

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One of my favorite psudo pranks goes like this. Make up a really detailed emotional story. How your uncle got stranded on a fishing expedition and how his friend died. A Chinese cargo ship saved him and he lived with them for six months on their way to port. They didnt speak each others languages. They bonded over cards. He misses them etc whatever. Tell your girlfriend this made up emotional story. Get her as emotionally invested as possible. Answer all her questions. Then wait a couple of hours or a day and tell her it's made up bullshit. Women get flustered over being taken fir a ride. Its hilarious if she really belived the bullshit.

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I once had a girlfriend mostly convinced that dog racing used little squirrel monkeys as jockeys. I mentioned it in passing, and held frame when she was skeptical.

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In a way it is emotional domination. By tricking her, you proved yourself above her.

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You cant prove anything to a woman especially not about herself.

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Deliberately messing with someone's trust and finding their reaction hilarious? That might be worth the risk in a throwaway or asymmetric-SMV relationship. If it's a LTR, I can't see this ending badly at all. /s

Like using a power tool with all the safety features removed, I'd suggest proceeding cautiously unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing with this kind of, aaah, technique.

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Just practice on plates, no need to be all cautious about it, go fuck up a few times on people who don't mean shit, and use the finished product on someone you give a fuck about.

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You have to stop thinking like a guy. A woman doesn't react to things the same way you do. Things that might piss you the fuck off may only mildly annoy her and, actually, make her more into you. Especially when it comes to having her emotions tweaked.

I can't remember who said it, but these words are the most important to remember with women: A woman would rather be beat to death than bored. Shit is true. So fuck with her and don't worry so much about the consequences.

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A woman would rather be beat to death than bored.

That is a recurring theme over at Chateau Heartiste. I have seen it recently in the context of shit tests. Essentially, women want to feel anything other than boredem or indifference. Any feelings towards you, regardless of good or bad, is what you want. Indifference and bordem are the death knells for 'gina tingles.

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If you have love behind your action, not demonstrating superiority (overtly), it will work.

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This is a quick way to gain her distrust and lose respect

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People, don't just downvote this guy! Tell him why you think he's wrong/right.

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The way GayLubeOil writes, it should be pretty obvious that you have to have a strong personality for this example to work. Newbies trying this shit out have little grasp of nuance and tweaking things to fit the situation, and go full Macintosh fucking up a joke.

People who say this is emotional manipulation are completely retarded. I have a friend who pulls this shit on everyone, and they all know (learned) it's a part of his personality. He's a prankster. That's the take away, girls like excitement, girls like guys confident enough to tell an elaborate story just for the guy to go "gotcha" - in a way girl's appreciate the extent you'd go just to humor them.

There's bounds on this, but again, you need to understand limits and nuance to understand when to use this. Reading people misinterpret basic human interaction makes me wonder how may of you guys didn't have a wacky dad or uncle who did this with you as a kid. Come on guys, did you have a childhood?

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The way I see it often people think things are really wrong when they read about it until they experience it firsthand. Like women reading about TRP and condemning it as misogyny, until they experience it and find it attractive.

And yeah, messing around with people is fun. Nowhere near emotional manipulation.

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It's bizarre people's knee jerk response to anything that may trick someone is "emotional manipulation". No shit it's emotional manipulation, everything manipulates your emotions, food, visuals, sounds, people, media, even the weather! The purpose of GayLubeOil's "trick" is to illicit a "natural, real" response put of a girl. Like a women finding out a man is a beta in Alpha clothing (pig in a suit), women HATE being tricked by something a guy read online. They want to believe they are special enough to receive original treatment for simply existing. Only strong personality men, strong ALPHA men are skilled at naturally bullshitting their way around women to get what they want. Everyone else has to practice the skills get better at being "natural", as oxymoronic as that sounds.

I think you get that, this is for all the dense newcomers trying to tell me water isn't wet and it's actually dry.

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Last line had me cracking up.

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Your girl will lose respect for you much more quickly if you allow her emotional state to flatline, there will be shit test after shit test until neither of you can really stand each other. As for her trust, if she's a plate she is likely aware of the existence of other plates, so any distrust which may arise from that is clearly overcome by her desire to be with a high SMV man. As far as the story is concerned, she will appreciate the feels either way, whether or not you're still a man of your word will never come into question.

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Now check out /u/ubiety's reaction to my previous comment on your comment (fuck that's a mouthful)

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    Questionable joke -> displeased reaction -> "Awww, it was just a joke, lighten up you have no sense of humor!"

    This sounds like the M.O. of bullies, bad comedians, and good gaslighters, to be honest.

    GLO has lots of great information, but I remain skeptical of the humor value of getting someone emotionally invested in a situation just to claim it was a lie and laugh at them. To me, this isn't pranking or even dread game, more like fuck you game.

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    It is difficult to tell what is and isn't a joke here, because plenty of people here genuinely believe that shit

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    I like to do simpler things. I pet her head slowly and gently while whispering 'gooood girl, good girl' over and over again. Then I say 'BAD GIRL' and slap her head. It's fun and playful and women like the surprise plus they'll behave better to keep hearing the 'goodgirl'

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    How do you get better at all the physical pranking? I use to be really good at the whole coy and joking flirting (cause this is essentially what it is just in a joker manner) but as I've got older maybe its school or working but I'm not good with 'pranks' anymore and lord knows my flirting and 'pulling her leg' everyone once in awhile doesn't come across my mind as much as use to

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    Think back to when you used to do this and I'm sure you'll find that you were doing it because it was fun for you, not to gain anyone's attraction or approval. That is the main point. Do it to amuse yourself, not her.

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    Ha great stuff!

    I try to do some stupid shit every once in a while just for the hell of it.

    Really enjoy the look on her face of disbelief (did you really just...), turning to amusement, to relaxation and youthful playfulness. It's great stuff

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    I once had a girl tell me on a first date, "I'm like a dog, but you can have sex with me."

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    Did you respond like this?

    "Jokes on you, I've already banged your dog"

    Then aftersex:

    "Your dog was better"

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    Lol, considering she had a tiny white toy dog, that would have been a pretty funny line.

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    They want to feel. They want to move. But they aren't allowed to and all of that energy gets bottled up. When women are given the opportunity to hit and kick boxing mitts they release that built up aggression and feel a lot better.

    My master (martial arts) who i am pretty close with and have a lot of redpill ideologies says women love to move and feel their bodies, they love to feel their butt jiggle and boobies move. They especially love to feel those body parts when they dance. Men, learn to dance, women love it and it will get you laid often.

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    This made me laugh. When my ex was being overly dramatic I used to either take her for a walk, or down to the park to toss a frisbee. Never knew why it worked but it always calmed her down.

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    Just to be clear: a dog makes a better companion than a feminist ever could.

    Your dog could throw up on your carpet, shit on your lawn and Chew up the furniture but still love you, want your acceptance and react positively to discipline.

    Feminists....not so much with the love/acceptance and discipline part, everything else yes.

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    Trust me my girlfriend isn't a feminist. She proofread this literary masterpiece.

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    Personally, I couldn't stand that level of sharing in a relationship. My gf is the most chill girl ever. She knows how the roles go and she knows our places in the relationship (I am the leader, things are in my frame etc.). But I certainly wouldn't want to lay it out and have those truths there exposed.

    She doesn't want to hear why she is so attracted to me. She doesn't want to hear how the RP truths work because she is attracted to how i make her feel. I'm the man and I just need to do me, if I started explaining the effort and the process of maintaining that attraction, the magic just wouldn't be there. I make it seem effortless and natural and she loves it. If she knew that it's a calculated push/pull alpha/beta formula i don't think she'd feel the same.

    Just me tho

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    All of my posts are written in a manic caffeinated state. If she didn't proofread them they would be unreadable.

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    A recent post here recommended watching some episodes of Cesar Millan the dog whisperer. It's amazing what he can do with just his energy, body language and an accurate reading of the dog's behavior. It's the ultimate test of keeping frame, and the dogs always submit to him in the end.

    Edit: Example episode

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    His wife didnt submit to him though and alpha shebitch raped him in a divorce judgment.

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    He probably didn't hold frame with his wife like he did his dogs.

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    He was a catholic man and Hispanic, being a catholic Hispanic has a tradition of being pleasing to your wife (which sometimes bring out beta qualities) but it is ALSO expect that the women does her job as a women (cook, clean, take care of kids, sex, fitness) I believe his wife wasn't like that. So pretty much he held Catholic values on marriage and on his wife, but not his dogs.

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    He had legal power over his dogs to get them to submit. I wonder how Milon would have done with dogs that could file for cash and prizes any time cuz..reasons.

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    That south Park episode should be the only patenting class you'll ever need

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    And then, some time later, "Mother, could I maybe have TWO pieces of candy?"

    And so it begins ...

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    I don't know what your taking about. I treat my dog well, with unconditional love, and don't assume he has ulterior motives, other than eating.

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    Don't forget to scratch them behind the ears and pet their necks and shoulders affectionately. If you do it right they will arch their backs, rub up against you, and even growl contentedly.

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    I just have to say /u/GayLubeOil, you make some of the best contributions to TRP with your posts.

    The whole prank thing is spot on. There's a ton of stuff with TRP that isn't necessarily fun to use, it's just satisfying when you realize it works.

    Fucking around with girls though.. its always fun.

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    So in short, just be exciting and let women live in those soap operas they catch themselves watching. They want drama and while we don't like drama, pranking is a great and quick way to provide that drama.

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    The pranks you describe lean more towards psychological S & M, which, with the right partner, can work. You had a hispanic ltr if I remember correctly that you had this type of relationship with. She got something from humiliation and degradation, devaluing. But 'pranking' in general, how does that make one a leader of men or women?

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    Are you fucking serious? A little practical joke once in a while isn't "psychological S&M."

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    Why would I do any of this? Play childish pranks on her? In stead of living for myself, all my focus is now on her for the purpose of entertaining her.

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    If fucking with women isnt entertaining I dont know what is

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    You have asked and answered your own question.

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    Part of being a man is demonstrating your dominance over women. Teasing her, pranking her, making her feel those emotions is being dominant with her. You are the one causing her to feel all those emotions. She can't control it, you do.

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    I agree with this to some extent, but I would never follow this advice. I just whip out my dick when Im trying to get with a girl im interested in. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

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    The best way to release that pent up energy of a girl is to fuck her as hard as hell and toss her around till she is weak in the knees.

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    Funny story. I treat my girlfriend like a dog (whistle for her to get here, give her polite orders to test her compliance, and make sounds that I generally do to my dog).

    She doesn't like it, and has confronted me about it. I just shrugged it off, didn't get defensive, and was like "Sure" and stopped doing it anymore. Didn't give her the benefit of me arguing with her, cuz that's what girls want: drama.

    Now I just tackle her.

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    18th date attitude on the first date. I talk and do pretty much whatever I want with no cares. Abundance mentality. Be the alpha she needs in her life. She usually has a betabux taking her out at least once a week if she is actively hunting. I try to remember your taking out some father's princess and she needs a new daddy. Tip: I do online dating, if you can't see her cleavage or she doesn't have a "nightlife" photo in her profile, I tend to swipe left. The woman that knows she is a sexual commodity will be less aggressive and easier to have fun with. Bitchy Fat McBitch will look at every opportunity as a negative because she hates herself and the world. Fat women are fucked up from mommy telling them they are beautiful for twenty years while the world snickers and berates them; creating a tidal wave of fucked-up ness. Don't have time to deal with that shit. If she doesn't say thank you for anything you do for her, 86 her, or get what you need from her that night.

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    Dating a feminist is like getting atop a crippled horse. Its a bad idea for both of you.

    well written and informative, but this is fucking gold.

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    "dating a feminist is like getting atop a crippled horse"

    Funniest thing I've heard all day!

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    Hey, i missed you GayLube. Could tell from the title the dark knight had returned

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    This makes me wonder if girls miss that kind of fun relationship they had with boys now when they grown up? When things were not complicated by curves and testosterone.

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    Absolutely true. You call your woman a bitch for a reason. Treat them like dogs and they'll stay loyal like one. Though I don't give my dogs golden showers, so maybe the trick is to treat them worst than dogs.

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    Thanks GLO, made me realize I need to drop one of my plates. She can't take the pranks I play or deal them back. Bored to death of her, even sex can only be so fun. Even the basic pre/post sex interactions should be a lot of fun.

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    See, GayLube, the only thing I'd have to disagree with your post is that it's a bad idea to get atop a crippled horse. If you know the horse IS crippled, and you don't give a shit about it and prepare for the worst, tell you what, it's something that will teach you to spot crippled horses. And that is a valuable thing to learn when you're out in the market looking for some good mounts.

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    These crippled horses are walking around with huge signs that say "crippled"

    [–]16 Endorsed ContributorGayLubeOil[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    You mean the tattoos and strillix haircuts?

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    Nah the ugly feminists that pop out lard babies.

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    Pranking, maybe 'teasing' is what was meant.

    As a strategy, I dont know if it 'trains the dog' not to behave poorly in the first place with you. They have to learn to not be childish with You at all, out of respect for You.

    Or she's the wrong girl to be with anyway.

    Edit I dated someone (briefly) that amused himself by flicking my nipples intermittently. It was funny about the first 3 -4 times, after that it just pissed me off, didnt help him get laid.

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    I definitely see some good points. It's not your responsibility to make sure she isn't a bitch, but if she is, and you have extra energy to throw at her, this is the way to go.

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    If she is your bitch she is your responsibility. Everyone on here seems to be very fond of the masculine male submissive female dynamic. Thats cool. But if thats what you have going on then you are responsible for her because she ceeded agency to you.

    If your planing all of the activities then they better be fun. If you are making all the food choices they better be healthy. If you are training her then she better be making gains.

    Being dominant means making decisions and being responsible for the outcomes.

    [–]Darft 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    I'm pointing out that you might be better served finding a partner that isn't a bitch, and that this is only "easing" a symptom.

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    Yeah and I'm sure you have a fucking God like physique, asshole

    This is why people consider theredpill to be the worst subreddit

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    Your free to check out my twitter pics and look upon the body of a god.