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THANK YOU for standing up for a random stranger on the subway, it's always harder to take action rather than mind your own business. If it weren't for your intervention then maybe this man would be facing more legal troubles.

I felt as though I were in the train car with you; you have a nice writing style.

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We live in brave new world....

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its actually striking. with a background of Orwell if needed, but not usually needed as we have pacified (sex,drugs,media) and shame ourselves (masculinity, independence in thought and action)

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Coming from PUA in search of relationship-win somehow turned into my becoming interested and learning about the power dynamics of the world

I think a lot of us are the same, man.

Great post though, I enjoyed your writing style and was intrigued the whole way through.

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That makes a lot of sense. Thanks a lot!

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

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Kudos for standing up for a stranger and standing up for what's right. If more men did this our society wouldn't be going straight down the crapper like it is.

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Thanks for the kudos :) /r/pussypassdenied is a great place to find stories and videos of more men as well as women doing this, haha.

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Did you mean pussypassdenied ?

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lol yes I did, lemme edit that

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I want to commend you, as a gay man, on actually being a man. I see a lot of gay guys desperately trying to identify as/with females, even to the point of taking on their victimhood. Props to you for not developing that 'queen beta' mentality.

Edit: I said 'as a gay man' and I want to specify that I meant you, not me. LOL

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Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's interesting how some gay men unquestioningly absorb a female personality. I used to be one of them, but ironically, gay guys are only interested in masculine guys. Go figure!

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masculine bi guy here, I haven't met too many femmy gays in my area. I know maybe three or so out of the couple dozen around my hick town.

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I think the femininity is perpetuated based on where you are; in groups, I guess gay guys take it to a whole new level. I was fairly feminine in high school, but I was more so for the first half of college, but to be fair I was also more confident. Then, life events that would lead to TRP and being more masculine. Any phases for you, or are you onea dem naturals?

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haha well I was raised in a very strict home and felt I was straight.

a few failed relationships later I had to look into what went wrong. I realized I was bisexual but I only viewed women as a sex object and I was much closer to my male friends than any woman I had ever dated. I still stick around on here because I'm still attracted to women, but I could never see myself marrying one or doing anything long term.

it took a very long time for me to accept who I am and I still haven't came out to anyone because u know I would be shunned and kicked out. any friends I had would leave me and I would be alone with no where to turn. I even doubt my friend since birth would stick around...

it's a really dark situation but I've realized that I'm walking my own path and I need to focus on myself. I've recently got back into running and I'm looking for a gym because damnit if I'm gonna end up fending for myself, then damnit I'm gonna be fabulous doing it hahaha

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Yeah. This has baffled me... you'd think gay men would be OVERLY masculine since they're attracted to men. Just as you'd think gay women would be overly feminine.

But that's not what happens. Why is that?

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I don't know the reason but I can think of a few. More validated by girls than guys growing up ("no homo" say the guys, or that's what the gays project onto them). Having sex with a masculine guy makes one more feminine or elicits feminine impulses. I wrote a little about this in a blog post I originally posted on TRP, and more in depth here. And it's what's expected of you, since you see it on TV and people associate it with emasculation. Also being feminine is 'easier' than being masculine because with the latter you actually have to prove something and your self-worth is arguably a little more on the line since being called out on not being masculine is an insult when you're trying to be masculine, a point taken from Jack Donovan I believe. There must be loads of other reasons...would be interesting to know!

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Also, a gay guy doesn't necessarily know other gay guys like masculine guys until he grows up and is around them at the club. Even then I found myself asking, "Could it be that being effeminate is attractive to more alpha male types?" I still find that arguably, no, that's not usually the case.

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It's a bit of selection bias, the readily apparent gay men and lesbian women are the ones that differ from normal gender roles. If you saw a dude behaving in a masculine manner you'd have no reason to question his sexuality, but a dude acting camp immediately sets off your gaydar.

I've got quite a few lesbian friends and acquaintances.. They range from butch to exceptionally feminine.

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That was a wall of text, but i enjoyed reading it till the end. Very well written, but saddening.

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One important takeaway from this story:

Women are like children, in that they deliberately push your boundaries, in a attempt to force you to assert leadership.

They so need your leadership, to FEEL that you're in control, that they will cause a fight, hoping that ANGER is what finally pushes you over the edge.

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Makes me wonder, would the woman stop if she was shamed by the people on the car? Women hate shame, they react like crazy to it. If I ever see a violence case like this in public, I may just test this theory out.

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meh. I'm afraid you know the answer. Women will try to rationalize everything.

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You write beautifully.

I'm really impressed with you for standing up to her the way you did. Not many (as you can see) would do that. Even though that man had seen such hypocrisy, he himself was ready to be participant to it in his phone call. It's really sad that society won't step in to save a male under attack and I'm grateful for you. I'm sure this guy is too.

Keep your head up, some of us (female) are on your side and we'll win the small battles like these.

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Thank you!

I guess I was unclear, he was calling to report the lady the whole time, but his intention was a mystery until the end of the phone call. The guy getting punched wasn't pleased about phone-call-guy mentioning it was the lady's fault until the last half of the call, which he made pretty clear, haha.

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Beautifully written. I don't have an answer to your hypothetical question, but its hard to fight misandry when feminists and manginas equate masculinity with abuse and the patriarchy. In terms of a reliable sexual strategy, its best to ignore the super radical feminists and their ideology (flamboyant gays or spineless straights), while dropping subtle but important nuggets of truth to those maybe capable of fighting against current Western beliefs. Using concise logic to point out the hypocrisy of political correctness in today's neo-liberal/progressive machine will keep (if ever so insignificantly) their grip off of our future generations.

If you don't care, become a MGTOW and accept the inevitable decline of Western civilization :/ .

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Thank you. I hope that I would do the same in that situation.

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If you act like a man you gona get punched in the face like one.

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I'm fairly young, and these things genuinely make me worry about what kind of life I'm going to have out there.

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I encountered a similar situation in South Korea a few years back. It wasn't far from a train station. A drunk couple was arguing and the woman, who was about the same size as the man, slapped him repeatedly while cursing him out. The man stood there and took it without protest until about the 5th slap when he called her a bitch and slapped her back. The lady took it about as well as the man had taken her slaps, didn't fall to the ground or anything. But some idiot white knight in the crowd came and tiger-kneed the poor moron, who was drunk out of his mind and went down like a ton of bricks.

Such incomprehensible idiocy. The lady was in virtually zero danger, could clearly handle herself, and had instigated the conflict. But thank god white knight douchebag was there to "save the day". I wonder if he would have displayed such courage if it had been a larger man beating up a smaller man, rather than a small man responding after five blows from a woman of equal size.

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One war on domestic soil and things like this will be gone in a moment. The only reason feminism survives in our country is because we are overly and unsustainably prosperous. One day we will no longer be the American Empire some contemporary historians have identified us as. All things considered, it will be unfortunate; I dread the day we lose our prosperity, but I don't dread the few benefits it will bring.