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Seems like a typical case of women wanting equal outcomes, not equal opportunities. She wanted to be the 'you go gurl' SWAT member and be lauded for her amazing capabilities, the only problem was she didn't have them. So, because she couldn't do what the men could do (which made no sense to her because men and women are 100% the same, right??) she must have been discriminated against.

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Oh, so much this!

Among my regular professional life, I also am on my local volunteer fire department.

I know for fact that the entrance standards are different for men and women, so that the touchy-feely SJW's can get more women on the department. The problem is, the fucking standards are in place because if we get in trouble we need to be able to drag our partner out.

Of all the women in the area (none on my dept), there is ONE I would trust to get me out of a tough spot. ONE. Otherwise, if I'm in that fire scene and go down, I'd be a fucking corpse because there's no way a buck-10 women with no muscle tone is dragging my 200lb + gear weight ass out.

Now, to be clear, I'm not saying there shouldn't be women on the department, but that if they are gonna be on it they damn well better be able to do the fucking job.

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Politics doesn't give a fuck about logic if that logic threatens its ideological power base.

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This is a constant debate among my volunteer fire department as well. Our standards are so incredibly lax due to our chief giving in to political BS like this, that even the chief isn't even close to being capable of dragging 200 pounds let alone lifting it over your shoulder. The only reason why he is still chief is because he is a very nice 68 year old man. I'd also go as far as saying that myself and only about half the actual team is fit enough to drag 200 pounds when in full bunker gear.

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Hey check out my other reply in this thread. You'll love it. The fun thing is I didn't have to embellish it at all.

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Oh man I have a hot one for you. You're gonna love it.

My ex is an emt at the local vfd. All 90lbs of her. She was so incapable of the physical aspects they made her chief when the previous one quit and nobody else wanted the job. She started out with ten guys, two who were in training, FF1 / 2. The assistant chief would give her credit for everything he did, and I helped her with a ton of shit. I have extensive training in hazmat, combat first aid, winter survival, etc from the military, so after I learned the jargon I could tell her shit she needed to know. She looked competent and capable because of us, and the rest of the guys on the department. I'm not on the dept, thanks to my last deployment.

Well at a training class in Illinois she meets this kid. He is hated by every firefighter, emt, paramedic, and deputy in our county and the three adjacent ones. He is on his home department because they have five guys, one is his shit worthless dad. Well they get to talking, I get sick from paint fumes that makes me unable to do anything for six months. They end up fucking because she thinks he is her soulmate, and really they're perfect together because they're both shit worthless. I kick her out, she plays the victim card, claims she isn't cheating, and they set me up by the kid slashing his own tires. The whole community turns against me and cuddles her. I get fucked over and take a deal to avoid a felony. He got the idea because at the time he was an emt with the sheriff, but was fired just a week later for fucking up in training.

The mechanic for the trucks told our asst chief not to let him near our trucks because he constantly fucks things up. The assistant chief is also the township supervisor, he says the kid isn't allowed in our hall or around our trucks, she cries to the rest of the township and gets her way to have her idiot boyfriend on the department. The assistant chief quits at the township meeting, he is the other emt. The most capable member with a professional hazmat job quits on the spot as well. His wife is an RN and she quits along side him. It dwindles down to her, her idiot bf, a worthless chick who couldn't complete the training and backs the trucks into everything, and the guy who never shows for anything. They didn't quit because of what she did to me, but because of her bringing the idiot on board.

Now we have her and her idiot as our vfd, responsible for 27 miles of highway and the surrounding area. Her dad's best friend rented a house to this crazy bitch that's friends with my ex. She had a chimney fire, my ex came by, looked at it and said call the landlord. He comes by, looks under the house and it's a flash over waiting to happen. He dials 911 and gets the neighboring vfd to show.

The ex shows up and idiot boy starts trying to tell the other guys what to do, they tell him to fuck off, and won't let her incompetent ass be scene commander. They foam the chimney, get the fire out and due to her wasting time it went from small shit to $50,000 in damages. He brings up her lack of chief training at a town meeting, then the state police show up to tell him to stop harassing her, for one comment at a town hall meeting.

Not only is she incapable of doing the job, incompetent, and rarely in the township since her idiot lives 30 miles away with his dad, but she plays the victim and gets the police to strong arm anyone who dissents. I wonder who decided to call the state cops. Any time he sees me driving around, he calls the cops and claims harassment. He is a 150lb pussy, a wannabe with unwarranted arrogance, and can't understand why he can't keep a job, nobody wants him around, and her parents banned him from their house.

Women don't think ahead, it's all feels. What she feels right fucking now is all that matters. Her stupidity puts everyone in the township at risk, as well as everyone who drives through on the main highway.

This is the kind of shit you can expect when you put a female in charge because she is so worthless physically that you give her an office type job so she doesn't get someone killed. It's only a matter of time before someone dies because of her incompetence and her idiots lack of usefulness.

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Feed the women steroids to bulk up!

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Expecting women to be as masculine as men and holding onto a womanly feminine ideal (Femme fatale complex) isn't fair on women. They can't win, which is why they're all on anti depressants and suing everyone for tax dollars, which in this particular case puts lives at risk (Millions out the police budget). Thanks feminism.

You can't blame the individual, everyone told her she could be a SWAT member, everyone said you go girl, she isn't a cunt by birth - feminism made her one.

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and they are all on anti-depressants

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which don't appear to do anything useful, yet make some companies a ton of money

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Sorry but now you're just being completely ignorant. Your opinion of society based on anecdotes doesn't override years of medical research, bud.

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Those years of medical research have failed to support the chemical imbalance hypothesis that they so effectively advertised to people. Now everyone walks around and is an expert on depression and SSRIs but really they're no more capable than parrots.

I could come up with research articles from the literature but this discussion usually falls on deaf ears. People are too invested in protecting their own egos than they are scrutinizing pharmacology and entertaining the possibility that they've been duped.

This area is far from clear cut and is fraught with controversy.

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Please link a source, I'm definitely interested. Although I'm guessing its going to be an anti vacc blog for some reason.

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You can't blame the individual, everyone told her she could be a SWAT member, everyone said you go girl, she isn't a cunt by birth - feminism made her one.

Saying no from the beginning would have had similar outcomes.

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You can't blame the individual, everyone told her she could be a SWAT member

This kind of thinking doesn't belong in TRP. You are denying agency to the woman and playing right into the "women are always victims and never responsible for their own decisions" narrative of bullshit.

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You are denying agency to the woman

I am assigning hypo-agency to women yes.

This kind of thinking doesn't belong in TRP.

Wrong. TRP exists to provide a framework for men to navigate the "unfair" playing field as it is, the real world. Not the one where women are held accountable for their actions at large in fantasy land.

Women have always had less relative agency to men and always will. TRP exists because MRAs don't understand that women will never, ever be held to the same level of accountability as men.

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You mean lauded, not lorded. From Latin laudare to praise.

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One of my few posts on this sub I always am happy when people know enough latin to explain words like you did.

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You rapefiend cis-priviliged pig! How come you doubt her ability? Do you think just because a male chauvinist pig of a trooper has an extra 4 inches and a measly 40 pounds of bone, sinew and muscle, that he has any higher capacity to do the simple job of handling armour, weapon and gear, or subduing some unruly crackhead? Any Woman can do that! Women can have children, now CAN YOU??!!!!

You make me laugh! Men are the proof that nature also fails. You need so much more size and muscle to do things any Womyn can do! I bet she could life two of her companions at a time up a flight of stairs, and still hold her rifle at readiness.

Equality means anybody should be able to do that job as well as anybody else, it does NOT mean that equal qualifications should have equal opportunities. If they did, how would patriarchy be destroyed?

Check your dirty unearned privilege at the door, gents.

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Im guessing you were down voted because it would take a claymore to cut through that sarcasm.

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Psy, its fucking surprising how few people can understand english and spot sarcasm. I wonder, is it my delivery? It is not my mother tongue.

But come on, its as obvious as a feminist's rolls of blubber!

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  1. On April 25, 2012, Shattuck tasked Kosmas with using a bang pole on a High Risk warrant service. Officer Kosmas deployed the flash bang despite the fact that the entry team had already made entry into the residence...

Teamflash...I have no idea how that is in swat...but in CSS you get your ass handed :D

Edit: Copy Errors...

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so she flashe her own comrades ? lol

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I'd kinda like to see that

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so she flashed her entire team. LMAO

edit:sorry just realized i posted almost literally the same thing as the guy above me.

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sounds like she's really competent to me

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Well, at least now they've all experienced a flash bang. Is that usually part of the training? (It probably is.) Maybe she did it on purpose? :)

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    social constructs are social constructs man, fight the system!

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    I'm opening my Fried Ice traveling food truck first thing in the morning.

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    When I was in my HS's soccer team, a friend of mine member of the female's soccer team overheard a pep talk we were having during half time. It was a typical pep talk for our team and two guys had fucked up bad in a goal we received.

    A couple of days after the games she tells me that she overheard that talk. Completely surprised that we could talk to another teammate like that. How could we be so harsh? I told her that that's the way we handle stuff, the other guys never took it personally and played one hell of a second half. Everything true, at the end of the game everybody's cool.

    She completely understood and told me if that same conversation happened on the girl's team at least one would've cried, and there would be beef between at least two girls. See women, you can kick ass at sports and still understand that women and men are completely different!!!!!

    So here it is feminists, if you start bitching about wanting men to treat women the same way they treat other men. Then fucking own up to it and don't bitch when we get "too agressive".

    EDIT: format

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    The complaint suggests supervisors and instructors did not want Kosmas on the SWAT Team. Instructors continued to try to force her out, criticizing her and treating her differently than male team members.

    No. They were treating her exactly like a man. Like a weak man, who they wouldn't want to have in their team, because he would be the weak link and pose a risk to the group as a whole.

    That's called bullying and is experienced by countless of boys throughout their growing-up every day. Welcome to the men's world, bitch.

    One could engage in an argument, wether this bullying is fair for the subject, moraly good or bad, or whatever, but just not that she wasn't treated equally.

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    Women aren't used to be held accountable and being challenged, so they interpret that as discrimination.

    If they only knew what it was like to be the 2nd stringer on a football team or picked last every time in basketball. That's called reality for many men

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    That's what I meant when welcoming her to the men's world.

    The only women coming anywhere near this experience are the fat and ugly ones, though they still have the pussy-advantage, when it comes to the social security net.

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    It's not bullying. Its an opportunity to better yourself. If you dont take it. You fail to make the cut & you are out.

    Men in the army get tested harshly in order to become tough. She recieved the same behaviour. That is equality. She is upset that the equal treatment was not favourable to her.

    As for your suggestion to discuss morals. Not on TRP. TRP is amoral. However you could evaluate its efficiency.

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    This is exactly the problem I see on wall street. Women want to take six months off for each kid, work from home on Fridays,not travel to see clients but still be considered for promotions against men who run circles around them.

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    most of the Wall street work anyhow is selling garbage to funds that feel obligated to go with whatever Goldman Sachs tells them to buy/sell and rip off all their investors in the process anyhow.

    No matter the path to the outcome, the outcome is the same.

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    It never was the group's intention to forge anybody, because there wasn't even any potential at all. The only intention was to force a weak individuum to leave the group by singleing out and collectively applying pressure on that individuum.

    A man with the same mental and physical capabilities would have most likely been sorted out before he would have even had the chance to enter that shaping-process.

    She only ended there because of the fact that society taught her that she is just as able as any man to do provide what is needed for the job and because the authorities chose to engage in double-standards in the vetting-process and failed to foresee the upcoming difficulties.

    And that's exactly why accepting women in groups in the military or similar institutions, which are trained and supposed to engage in deadly combat is an idiotic idea.

    I don't even blame her for that. She's been sold the same bullshit, that we've been sold and is just another victim, just like all the ubhappy men who fail to make sense and draw the necessary conclusions out of it.

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    I don't think a vetting process is bullying. Basic Training isn't bullying.

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    It's not if you understand what's happening, but it sure can feel like it if you take it personally

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    taking it personally would be a sign that you can't handle it, no?

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    If you can't handle incoming words, you sure as hell can't handle incoming rounds.

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    Basic training is aimed to literally train you like one trains a dog.

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    This should be posted to /r/TwoXChromosomes and we should read their opininons

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    there would be blood in the streets my friend

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    They'll just take her side. Predictable.

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    What stood out for me in the latest complaint was that Kosmas did the typical hamstering, gaslighting and deflection of blame that all women seem to do.

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    /u/JustTryingToMaintain is actually a hooker:

    "I'm a former escort and find the comparison to Sharpton to be offensive. He's not a hooker(which is an honest job) he's more of a parasite that loves to stir up shit for his own benefit."

    Why is she here? I have no idea.

    Oh she has been here before:


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    -- 106. and 107. where she tore shoulder muscles because she pushed the busdriver back on his seat.

    Defendants selective treatment result in severe physical injury.


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    As a Border Patrol Agent I have seen this type of shit happen numerous times.

    Any detail or special unit hiring announcement comes out all the woman get first pick. We have around 10 women at our station and I trust a total of 2 of them.

    Thankfully they always need paper pushers so most of these broads go there. Anytime they are about to get fired they file a sexual harassment suit against the agency.

    From what I have seen there is no real benefit to having women in LE, other than avoiding a lawsuit during a female pat down.

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    This is a pretty classic case of women entering a working ecosystem and forcing it to change to better suit her needs, but in doing so destroying the effectiveness of the environment.

    Ian Ironwood has a good article on this. Women are not instinctively hierarchical like men. They don't intuitively understand the need for it and adopt the mannerisms that make it work so fluidly.

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    Sounds like she was a physical weak link, of course they would go harder on her. The goal being make her quit, and then go after the next weak link, or have her toughen up and be able to perform the duties just as well as the man next to her.

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    Why not an all women swat team? The first deployment will show benefits and disadvantages. Deployment needs to be decided by rolling dice so no claims that some gender intentionally gets sent to more difficult jobs. Avoid mixed teams at all cost to reduce sexual tension and potential discrimination real or just perceived. Just like you would never mix women's restrooms and men's restrooms or boy scouts/girl scouts or both gender competing together in Olympic Games.

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    If only members of the military had an avenue with which they could retaliate.

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    Yeah, it sucks if you're in a combat support or combat service support MOS and have to deal with hatchet wounds fucking it up for other soldiers.

    I was a walking sexual harassment charge when I unfortunately ended up in an Aviation Support Battalion instead of my normal (men only) Cavalry line unit.

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    I was an armorer for awhile in a Aviation Unit. During one of their basic soldiering refreshment drills I was tasked with evaluating them on the 50-cal. I had a female E-6 ask me what it was. I said what the 50-cal? She said "Oh that's what a 50-cal looks like?". A fucking staff sergeant. Pretty sure she had a permanent pt profile as well bc she was a whale. Most of the females I ran into in the army were useless, well so were a lot of the fat males but the females even more so

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    I don't get it, how are there even fat people in the military?

    I mean I kind of know there are, I've seen a couple on the news, mostly lesbians who won't ever see any action outside the base. Or more specifically the mess hall. But surely they must keep your fitness monitored up to a point?

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    If you have a vagina and whine and cry enough you can get waived

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    It sucks when you have to deal with women in any branch of the military.

    The fact that their PT standards are so much lower makes me absolutely sick. I'm about to be discharged due to PT test failures and women basically get a full twenty years service no problem due to how low their standards are.

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    Female PT standards are a joke, but if you can't pass the minimum PT requirements for men (barring a service-related injury), you're likewise unfit for service.

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    Even service related would make him unfit, but it would give him an "excuse". In theory though they should be receiving out processing any way at that point.

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    Why're fuck are you failing PT tests?

    [–]My_Post_Is_On_Topic 1 point2 points  (3 children)

    Because I didn't work out in the civilian world.

    It's really that simple: I didn't work out before enlisting.

    [–]BFMCBeaner 2 points3 points  (2 children)

    It's called testicular fortitude! Your job is to be in shape, for not only yourself but for your battle buddy. In the end you have to watch your buddies back and they have to watch yours and if you don't have the conditioning and the testicular fortitude it could not only kill you but him too. now take it seriously.

    I ran the remedial PT in that stupid ASB I was in and got quite a few back into shape. I wouldn't waste my energy on females though. Some would sack up as get with the program though. I couldn't wait to get back to a line unit where we were doing PT 5 days a week trail running 5 miles a day and working out asses off. That shit is motivating as fuck.

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    That's excellent advice, though it might be too late for me. Not sure how much time I'll have left. If they give me three months to train, I'll be good, though.

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    You should be training daily. Your NCO's should have had a shoe in your ass to get you motivated so you don't fail again. If they didn't and it's too late and they're chaptering you out well there's lots of blame to go around.

    You failed yourself and them and they failed you by not giving you the opportunity to fix your shit. As an Army contractor now i have noticed a decline in NCO professionalism.

    I somewhat understand the rationale now a days to chapter people out since we're back in a draw down. Lord knows that shit happened during the Clinton admin. That's why I was forced to leave the Air Force since cutting strength in my AFSC and wasn't allowed to re-enlist unless I wanted to change to Security Police. Fuck being a cop! So then I joined the Army. Best decision ever! I had way more fun in the Army.

    And blaming it on not working out before joining the military is a load of horse shit. Basic training is where you get in shape. That builds a foundation to maintain a minimum of standards. If your unit only PT'ed 3 times a week as most non-combat arms units do then the onus was on you to make the best of it and add work yourself.

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    I was literally thinking the same thing.

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    And she thinks she can just go back to that team like nothing happened..

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    The day will come when we as a society will look back and laugh at the time when we decided it was a good idea to allow women to hold jobs in security and the military.

    [–]balalasaurus 13 points14 points  (2 children)

    I don't think that there's a problem having women in security and the military. Some of them are capable of doing the jobs they are tasked with.

    Where the problem arises is when they choose to pursue a demanding job in this field and they try to blame others for when they can't deliver what's expected of them as is the case here.

    [–]Endorsed Contributorburningtimber 5 points6 points  (0 children)

    I think there is a problem, even then - and we'll get better at explaining it. They damage esprit de corps.

    A soldier is not a genderless machine. An all-male team will work better than one with a female in it.

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    I don't think that there's a problem having women in security and the military.

    Provided that these women are not put in combat roles

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    What amuses me, is that I never see any woman who makes harrassment/discrimination lawsuits cite/list examples of where they were unfairly discriminated against and harassed. Absolutely never.

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    If one person in a SWAT group cant do their job, they are endangering the lives of every other member and especially their own life.

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    'Was resistant to taking personal responsibility for mistakes'.

    First of all: No surprise there.

    Second: When you are training someone, this is the most annoying behavior ever. Shifting responsibility of your failures to external factors. It is the one clear indicator that the person has no intention of learning or improving. In my work, if I notice this behavior in a new employee, I guarantee they will not last the test period.

    Edit: 'Continued to be hesitant in decision making'... good lord this report should be entitled 'Why women should not be SWAT officers'. Fucking hell, these guys have to make sure any new recruit is fucking on point. Their lives depend on it.

    In other professions men can 'overlook' women's failings in the interest of political correctness or out of fear for a lawsuit.

    It just goes to show that when peoples lives depend on it, all political correctness goes out the window and reality shows it's beautiful face. Sorry honey in this situation you get no girl privileges, because people will die if we make exceptions for you.

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    Prejudice is when you make a biased decision based on the surface view of something.

    Discrimination is when you use facts, reason, logic and evidence to say one thing is better than another.

    Doesn't surprise me a woman wouldn't want to be discriminated against.

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    using discrimination used to be a good thing

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    There can be multiple definitions of a word. And on top of that, one definition is often much more common than other, secondary or obsolete definitions. You're being intentionally obtuse by implying that that's what people mean by the word "discrimination" when it's used today.

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    I actually know one of the guys, he's so pissed right now.

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    One of the problems with feminism is that it's being run by the female brain, which is not a very developed brain.

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    Women are perfectly capable of doing many jobs in policing and the military but they have to be jobs suited for women.

    Fly jets? Sure.

    Act as liaison to the native women when the unit is operating in a very conservative country? (like the sandbox or Afghanistan). Fuck yes! Absolutely essential.

    Work in "Community Policing" in which the police patrol on foot and interact with civilians and with known criminals? They know the neighborhood, where the preacher lives, and they even know the little old lady with dementia on the corner. Women do very well in this policing paradigm.

    Train with the SWAT Team? Not so much. WTF are they thinking.

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    Fly jets? Sure.

    As long add she doesn't have to park them amirite

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    thaz ok. We train them for fly, but not for land.

    Nothing can be go wrong. Amirite?