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Editor-in-chief should really resign over this. It's pretty egregious for a major publication.

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Shoot first, ask questions later. That's the M.O. of the gynocentric mainstream pop culture media. To feminists, this is the exceedingly rare exception, not the rule. In a few days, everyone will forget this ever happened.

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Until it happens again on the national stage in a few months time.

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Yet the cycle will continue as it has for years.

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Wasn't there some duke lacrosse thing or...oh, right we all forgot about that one. Look! I'm so surprised this happened again! This kind of thing never happens!

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RS has been fucking itself pretty hard lately. Between that and the outcry over the Boston bombers, they've lost a lot of face with a lot of people. I'd expect to either see a few big resignations and a rework, or a slow decline into niche-market obscurity.

Maybe we'll even see a miracle, and they'll go back to "personal" stories (like Hunter S. Thompson) and music coverage.

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The Boston bomber cover doubled their sales.

The masses eat this shit up. Rolling Stone isn't going anywhere.

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Matt Taibbi was doing some good journalism around the unmentionables of the financial crisis, but he left...

As to the official story on the Boston Bombing...

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Matt Taibbi was doing some good journalism around the unmentionables of the financial crisis, but he left...

Not a surprise if RS started huffing the Social Justice paint, Taibbi doesn't strike me as someone who has time for putting up with that shit.

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Wait, Taibbi left rolling stone? He was my favorite piece of the whole magazine...

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"Through our extensive reporting and fact—checking, we found Jackie to be entirely credible and courageous and we are proud to have given her disturbing story the attention it deserves.”

Apparently fact checking at Rolling Stone involves lots of not talking to anyone with any firsthand knowledge, shoving their thumbs in their asses, and putting their heads in soon after.

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"Because of the sensitive nature of Jackie's story, we decided to honor her request not to contact the man she claimed orchestrated the attack on her nor any of the men she claimed participated in the attack for fear of retaliation against her."

How does not contacting the attackers help the victim, when you then publish a 10,000 word essay detailing the attack?

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No, its okay, because it was for women. Did you not get the memo?

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Looks like s/he follows the don't ask don't tell policy of editing

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probably gonna get fired after those dudes from the frat sue the shit out of Rolling Stone.

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Fuck resigning, someone should put him out.

I feel this way about all the bullshit that is allowed to be called news.

Get rid of the people allowing it, because they won't get rid of their narcissistic selves, and you no longer have an issue.

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    “I never asked for this” attention, she said in an interview.

    What a fucking joke.

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    “I never asked for this” attention, she said in an interview.

    What a fucking joke.

    "I never asked for the kind of attention where people would actually look into if the story was true. I was just looking for the kind of attention where I get sympathy and maybe a few people get hurt but no one take it that seriously."

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    She lies, then feels her face get hot when she panics because the lie is being discovered.

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    a prestigious university has its name tarnished

    Tarnished is putting it mildly. They accused UVA and Phi Kappa Psi of being complicit in and covering up an American Psycho style gang-rape, even going so far as to imply it's an accepted part of that fraternity's initiation. All based on one girl's uncorroborated claims.

    And the editor of Rolling Stone's response when it comes to light it was all fabricated?

    "Our bad"

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    This was international news as well. And UVA has a reputation as one of the top schools in the world. Yeah, I would say this is a pretty big deal.

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    Especially when you read the story, it reads as some fat girl's rape fantasy. Outside of a wartime environment, I just can't imagine 7 dudes coming together to force one girl through 3 hours of that shit. Most dudes would neuter themselves to spare girls one second of discomfort (white knights). That's why I believe real rapists are actually socio/psychopathic in some way, which is rare, not common. But 7 dudes did this and NOT ONE had a conscience to come forward? Bullshit. Again, this reads like some kind of 50 shades of grey fanfiction.

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    And did you read that they all had sex on top of broken glass? Yeah they threw her through a glass table and gangraped her over the shards of glass. I mean, damn, that is some really kinky fiction she's making up.

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    And of course, no medical care for the inevitable scars and no proof that those even exist. This story smelled of bullshit from day 0.

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    I opened this article and immediately saw the "FIGHT THE white supremacist corporate capitalist PATRIARCHY" sign.

    I can't shake my head hard enough.

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    I don't care about fraternities whatsoever, but libel is a serious issue.

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    Are you aware of any philanthropic events cancelled during the greek life ban?

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    Yes. All fraternity, sorority, and mixed Greek events were cancelled, including philanthropy. If you want specific ones that had events cancelled I can send you some.

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    Don't send me them! Post them! It is real life harm being caused by these lies.

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    The relay for life philanthropy that is usually held around the UVA vs. Virginia Tech football game was cancelled because of the suspension, I'm sure there were other ones as well

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    Even their apology has snarky cliches like the usual canard "well women will be afraid to come forward if we're not aggressive about automatically believing them all".

    And suspending all Greek So does that mean if one of the university staff is accused of sexually harassing another, all staff activity will be suspected?

    Hope the frats sue Rolling Stone and whatever university official(s) laid down the suspension.

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    They want to shut down fraternities. Remember earlier this year when Wesleyan said fraternities had to admit women? It was a way to kill off the frats. The school knew the national chapter wouldnt go for it, it was a way to shut it down and have "their hands clean."

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    Most pro-male spaces have already been removed or forgotten. Fraternities are one of the last places that guys can act like men. Of course they're trying to shut those down. And it will probably happen, since all it takes is an accusation.

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    That bit of their apology bugged me too.

    In actuality women will be afraid to come forward because they won't want to risk being lumped in with delusional lying narcissists like 'Jackie'. Great logic RS

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    Shut the fuck up. Why are you using logic?

    But I agree. The idiocy of suspending all Greek shit due to the ALLEGED infractions of ONE is abysmal. That'd be like, hmmm...disregarding all claims of rape because of one false allegation or story.

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    This is a prime example of solipsism in action:

    I think most people, men and women both, including those here agree that rape is pretty vile and should be punished. In a perfect world, a rape victim could come forward and tell the truth and have their story believed.

    What this woman and others like her have done is cast a shadow on all victims of rape and raise more questions even when a crime has in fact been committed.

    I can't fathom the mindset that would cause someone to make a false report, or generate a huge story like this.

    Actually, I can. It's a chance to be that special snowflake and quasi-celebrity, to be sympathized with as a victim and held up as an example of a heroic and brave person to come forward with this.

    It's a pathological behavior not unlike those women who experience envy for a pregnant woman and fake their pregnancy, kidnap, or worse, in some cases attack and attempt to cut a baby out of a pregnant woman to claim as their own.

    It speaks of an inability to understand or care how much damage this behavior causes to other women and a selfish willingness to sacrifice them all at the altar of temporary celebrity.

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    I always wonder how they dont see what a big FUCK YOU their actions are to all real rape victims.

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    And that's the only real "rape culture."

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    Actually, I can. It's a chance to be that special snowflake and quasi-celebrity, to be sympathized with as a victim and held up as an example of a heroic and brave person to come forward with this.

    I am trying to wrap my mind around a friend of mine doing this, been cutting out most female friends, but she is a friend of my entire family, and shes always over for parties. She tells me over text how she was raped at a party at her college. I respond with the typical shocked omg what happened bla bla.

    Then she says she doesn't rememeber any of it happening because she was drunk. See, she has a boyfriend so there is no way she consented while she was drunk. So she tells me she blacked out drinking and had sex with a guy, and that it was rape. I ask her if she reported it to the police... surprise.. she hasn't. But she is seeing a therapist at her school! We all know what that means. So here she is selling me this story about her not remembering anything and being drunk.

    I get pissed and I don't give a fuck at that point. I tell her I do not consider what happened to her to be rape. I tell her I am sorry for what happened but that she was not raped. Guess what? She imediately starts talking about how the guy had a knife. So now she rememebers, and she remembers the whole thing now, and he had a knife held to her neck the whole time now.

    So, since I know I have to see this women around at my house sometimes during the year. I say I am sorry and let her have her pity party. Fucks with my head hardcore.

    Then later she tells me she ended up being a speaker at a "rape culture awareness" event and how she told her story in front of a crowd. WHICH STORY I WONDER?!

    God. They really enjoy that quasi-celebrity shit that much? I bet she ruined that kids life too, It makes me sick to think about really..

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    ex post facto rationalisation.

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    If you really want to help the guy out if this ever happens again, you can record conversations on your smartphone. I'm just saying, that's what I would do if this ever happened again. It's no risk to you, but if she ever started posting about how she's pressing charges against this guy you might be able to find out who he is and send him the recording.

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    It's no risk to you

    Depends on your state's laws about one-party vs two-party consent for recording.

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    I guess you're right, the vast majority of states it's fine but a few it's not.

    Maybe I'm just a sacrificial lamb or whatever, but I'd still do it. It's pretty much entirely safe as long as you never need to use it. If there was a point of needing to use it it would be a big dilemma for me.

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    Also why Munchausen syndromes are much more common in women.

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    Slut shame.

    "I can't fathom the mindset that would cause someone to make a false report, or generate a huge story like this."

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    Gang rapes in frat houses: 2010s

    Satanic ritual sacrifice: 1980s

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    All that was missing from this hogshit story was a Satanic ritual with child and/or animal sacrifices.

    Trifling hoes truly have no decency.

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    Next week's news story:

    Supposed UVA Gang Rape Victim Claims, "I Just Wish I Had Sex With All Those Men and I Made Up the Story because it was Hot."

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    Goes to show how modern feminism is basically just religious extremism, with a new religion.

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    Yes, yes, yes, yes, infinite yeses.

    I've been saying consistently that rape hysteria now is exactly analogous to 80s Satanic hysteria, and hysteria throughout human history. Look up the etymology of the word hysteria and EVERYTHING will make sense.

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    look up the etymology of the word

    wow, i never knew that. thanks for mentioning it

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    Feminists are puritanical. right-wing fascists and they don't even know it because they think they're operating under the auspices of liberalism and progression.

    George Orwell would be tearing his fucking hair out. MLK and Mandela and other true heroes of civil liberties and democracy failed. People like being victims too much. There has to be systematic, institutionalized oppression (real or imagined) otherwise we're responsible for our own happiness... that's just too much responsibility.

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    Source for "satanic ritual sacrifice" heist is referring to: the McMartin preschool trial, which basically fucked over an entire community because bitches be trippin'.

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    Actually, there's a hell of a lot more evidence for the latter.

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    I really want to post on all my stupid friends facebook walls who wrote about how "shocking and appalling the story is and where are we heading as a country" but it wouldn't accomplish anything

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    When the story broke so many people said ALL fraernities should be banned. I guess, after this sloppy journalism comes to light, ALL magazines should be banned.

    Enjoy your lawsuit, Rolling Stone.

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    Pretty sure the grown up men will step in and handle this in the back room so it doesn't come down to a law suit

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    I know, right? The response will be, "Well, maybe THIS PARTICULAR story wasn't true in SOME of the details, but it shined a very important light on a VERY misogynistic sub culture."

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    Yea plenty of people in the r/news comments were saying how although this may be false it brought about the epidemic of rape on college campuses and all that bullshit, its sickening

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    I saw, "Its a very low population of false claims of around 8%" that makes 1 in 10 a false claim...

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    Well we know girls aren't good at math....

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      It doesn't even mean anything to me anymore. It's been boy-who-cried-wolf'd into oblivion.

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      Misogynist: Someone who does, says, or thinks something a woman doesn't like.

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      I know, right? When you see it, ask them if they know what mysandrist means.

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      At what point do they realize the mysogynistic sub culture exists only as these particular untrue stories. Feminists will take away how few imaginary rapists are prosecuted. We should prosecute some of these frat boys just to send the message that rape claims are taken seriously. After all, they probably raped somebody because they're in a fraternity, right?

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      I had to un-friend quite a few people recently when they decided it was okay to berate me and call me misogynist just for making fun of that "10 hrs walking in Manhattan" video.

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      you're better off without them in your life

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      how "shocking and appalling the story is and where are we heading as a country"

      But they have a very good point, though maybe not the one they were going for.

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      This whole mess reminds me of the movie Nightcrawler. Great film if any of you missed it.

      People want the news to be more than just informative. They want to be shocked, horrified, amazed, or basically just entertained.

      So when this story dropped, of course SJW lemmings gobbled it up. It's exactly what they like hearing.

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      Anchorman 2 had this as a major plot point as well.

      Ron Burgandy's rival is posed to dominate the ratings because of an interview with an important political figure. The night of the interview, Burgandy steals her viewership by covering the first ever live police chase. And so begins a new age of journalism.

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      I loved how they satirized that aspect of news. The speech at the end was priceless.

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      was it a good film? The trailer looked amazing. I'm considering watching it.

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      Great film. Jake Gyllenhaal was a creepy motherfucker.

      [–]Epicureanist 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      That's what I thought. From what I saw of the trailer, he was pretty reminiscent of Patrick Bateman.

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      I would pull my hair out if I had facebook friends like that.

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      facebook friends

      That's all that they are really

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      Last month, Rolling Stone published a story titled "A Rape on Campus" by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, which described a brutal gang rape of a woman named Jackie at a University of Virginia fraternity house; the university's failure to respond to this alleged assault – and the school's troubling history of indifference to many other instances of alleged sexual assaults. The story generated worldwide headlines and much soul-searching at UVA. University president Teresa Sullivan promised a full investigation and also to examine the way the school responds to sexual assault allegations.

      Because of the sensitive nature of Jackie's story, we decided to honor her request not to contact the man she claimed orchestrated the attack on her nor any of the men she claimed participated in the attack for fear of retaliation against her. In the months Erdely spent reporting the story, Jackie neither said nor did anything that made Erdely, or Rolling Stone's editors and fact-checkers, question Jackie's credibility. Her friends and rape activists on campus strongly supported Jackie's account. She had spoken of the assault in campus forums. We reached out to both the local branch and the national leadership of the fraternity where Jackie said she was attacked. They responded that they couldn't confirm or deny her story but had concerns about the evidence.

      In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie's account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced. We were trying to be sensitive to the unfair shame and humiliation many women feel after a sexual assault and now regret the decision to not contact the alleged assaulters to get their account. We are taking this seriously and apologize to anyone who was affected by the story.

      Will Dana Managing Editor

      That is the biggest non apology i have ever seen written up. The first paragraph just completely restates the "troubling" "facts" of the story. Absolutely disgracefull.

      "They responded that they couldn't confirm or deny her story but had concerns about the evidence."

      No doubt they had problems with the evidence, you have come to them with some delusional girls fantasy? of course they cant comment on it.

      The walls are crumbling for this bullshiet, This doesnt bring the "rape on campus issue" to the public eye. It brings the women be lion issue up.

      Hope some real change can come from this.

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      I stopped buying rolling stone years ago, this just cements it has turned into a complete waste of natural resources and I wouldn't even line my birdcage with it.

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      Didn't it used to be a music based publication?

      [–]dherik 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      It used to be a pop culture magazine. Hunter S Thompson was a writer and I think maybe even an editor at one point

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      I wish I was bad ass enough to apologize like that.

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      I read the story as a rub one out fantasy for rough sex chicks looking for the next 50 Shades of Grey fix. Her date takes her into a dark room and suddenly she is having sex with 7 men who brutalize her, leave her dripping blood and sobbing and then she leaves, stepping over people still partying, trailing blood as she leaves, barely able to walk.

      And nobody cared. Not a bit.

      Sur, cuz we KNOW if some frat dudes see a bleeding girl they are going to just ignore her cuz that's what men do, right? Right.

      Somebody should tell Bill Cosby.

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      I think the one true thing about this whole thing is the fact that she was doing poorly in school. I see it as the only motive for doing what she did. She was lazy or homesick or something and she made this up as an excuse and another chance. When she saw it got her attention she perpetuated it. And then it snowballed into a bigger lie but brought more support and attention. My potential theory anyway.

      [–]RedPill115 6 points7 points  (0 children)

      I think you have to consider something else - that she is simply mentally deranged.

      This is the problem with rape cases. In real rape cases, unfortunately, the victim often feels ashamed and doesn't want to relive it or talk about it. I don't really understand this, but I have known women who were raped and this is the way they went.

      I fake rape cases, there is no such emotional holdback, because there was no actual initial trauma. She is free to make accusations and endlessly talk about it, because she's not reliving a horrible experience at all, she's creating an exciting story that makes her the celebrity in it.

      [–]Charlemagne2014 5 points6 points  (0 children)

      Bingo. She had a beer bottle smashed against her face and was thrown through a glass table and she didnt need immediate medical attention? She'd be dead of bloodloss.

      [–]contrafagotto 17 points18 points  (2 children)

      Campus rape is a classic moral panic. It has many features in common with the moral panic over satanic abuse in nursery schools that peaked in the late 1980s.

      In the New York Times story on Rolling Stone backing down, there is a chilling quote from a rape activist: "... We still need to believe survivors." A motto of the crazies during the nursery school panic was "Believe the children." The motto later became the name of an moral panic advocacy organization.

      Sex panics are a continuing feature of our puritan culture. We can hope that Rolling Stone's humiliation will help wind this sex panic down, by helping more and more people see that it was, all along, an agenda and a bunch of bunk.

      [–]RedPill115 3 points4 points  (0 children)

      A motto of the crazies during the nursery school panic was "Believe the children."

      This is from a couple of days ago.

      UVA Rape Survivor: Don’t Doubt a Victim’s Story Just Because It Sounds Horrific

      "False reporting of rape is rare; it is not a myth perpetrated by the feminist machine."

      A rape should never be judged on a continuum of 'believeability' - atrocious things can and do happen.

      Wholesale doubt or dismissal of a rape account because it sounds “too bad to be true” is ridiculous. Is it easier to believe a rape by a single stranger upon a woman in a dark alley? What about marital rape? What if a prostitute is raped? Just how bad was it? We should not have a rape continuum as part of the dialogue, ever.

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      Sex panics are a continuing feature of our puritan culture.

      I don't think rape panic has anything to do with Puritanism. Just universal whiteknightism.

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      Why is no one talking about prosecuting this "Jackie" who will go on unpunished and probably perpetrate future acts of slander on perfectly innocent people and organizations? In this day and age she'll probably do end up doing quite a bit more damage until no one believes her anymore.

      [–]Cacahuetez 16 points17 points  (0 children)

      Rolling Stone is the real culprit. Jackie is just a basket case that would babble to anyone for attention.

      [–]baconrising 14 points15 points  (2 children)

      Because she never went to the police or university, because her identity has never been reveale, and because she never named a specific person. There is no crime here, just scummy behavior. "Jackie" never even shared her story outside her friends until the RS reporter interviewed her and insisted on publishing the story.

      [–]wuy3 6 points7 points  (0 children)

      okay that make actually makes sense. I guess the blame really does belong squarely on RS

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      There's still a big pile of Libel charges coming.

      [–]TimPartendale 13 points14 points  (1 child)

      How do you publish and entire article and not as much as check up on the institution you're slandering? I'm sure they could've cleared all this out before it became a big mess. But actually, maybe the fallout is a better result against these false-rape feminists.

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      UVA and the Fraternity should sue Rolling Stone.

      [–]bring_the_gimmedats 23 points24 points  (1 child)

      Lot of old money, good old boy networks go through the UVA fraternities. She and Rolling Stone magazine are probably going to learn what happens when you deal with the real patriarchy.

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      If there still is any remnant of a real patriarchy in Virginia or anywhere else in this country, it's way past time it got off its goddamn ass.

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      Slutz is gonna slut.

      Women is gonna lie.

      That's the Red Pill.

      Unless there are bruises or physical evidence of a forceful attack 90% of so called "date rape" charges are complete bullshit or an ode to the mighty hamster if you prefer.

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        [–]BluepillProfessor 7 points8 points  (0 children)

        If you are unable to see the reality in those two declarations then you should save your pity for yourself.

        [–]TalkingWith 18 points19 points  (0 children)

        Here's a new shirt to commemorate the coming lawsuit:

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        the fucked up part in my opinion as a fraternity guy is that even though this has been proven false, the night this story dropped people were spray painting the Phi Kappa Psi house and throwing bricks through the windows, they shut down the entire greek system, and even though it's been proven false people are still going to call them "rapists" for years.

        [–]MUTHAFATHAGENTLEMAN 8 points9 points  (0 children)

        Man, the comments that you find through these events on the various FB pages and news comment sections are horrifying.

        "It doesn't matter if it really happened or not. What matters is that it could have happened. Anything that brings light to these sorts of acts is a good thing, true or not." - Chris FU on Shut Down Phi Kappa Psi at UVA FB Page

        I hope I never get tried in his Kangaroo court...

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        the real shocker isn't just that this story is fake but the person who lied n the reckless RS that whored itself out for publicity is gonna walk away for free.

        i seriously doubt that RS will suffer much dmg from this because UVA JUST introduced a ton of anti-rape policies. they are not gonna sue RS for fear that it creates a "pro-rape" atmosphere.

        [–]Pires007 5 points6 points  (0 children)

        Dumping the article on a 5PM friday, really classy Rolling Stone, really classy.

        [–]1independentmale 12 points13 points  (0 children)

        In a statement, University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan said: "Over the past two weeks, our community has been more focused than ever on one of the most difficult and critical issues facing higher education today: sexual violence on college campuses. Today's news must not alter this focus."

        In other words, "We don't care that this probably didn't happen. We're still going after the men who are responsible. If they don't exist, we'll dig and dig until we have at least one man to pin this or some other supposed rape on. All of this raping and pillaging that isn't happening must be stopped and we don't give a single fuck about the men we screw over in the process."

        [–]realniggasstandup 3 points4 points  (0 children)

        LEsbian studies academics can't even win the victim olympics!

        attorney for "rape victim" has a history of lying in rape cases:

        [–]CRUSHPUSSY_MARRYAMAN 8 points9 points  (0 children)

        Doxx this bitch. A man accused of rape has his identity published and his personal details spattered over every inch of the internet whether it's true or not. This shit will continue until women who lie are held accountable.

        [–]NoLongerSisyphus 5 points6 points  (0 children)

        Remember folks, since you would never lie about anything that heinous means nobody else would ever lie about anything that heinous.


        [–]watersign 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        lol, this is good de-legitimizes the feminist movement

        [–]InformalCriticism 6 points7 points  (0 children)

        Yeah, I just read about this. I was ready to believe it since it was reported by such reputable sources and got a robust reaction. Looking back, it was foolish not to suspect that after Hannah Graham's disappearance a Feminist wouldn't see it as an opportunity to media rape a vulnerable situation.

        [–]djrawbeats 4 points5 points  (0 children)

        As someone in a fraternity, the media hates us. They will jump at anything they can get their hands on to tarnish our image. I' glad this happened. It shows the ignorance the liberal media has against greek life. My frat is one of the few places feminism hasn't ruined. And I'll be damed if that changes.

        [–][deleted] 6 points7 points  (1 child)

        Meanwhile Charlottesville, home of UVA, had just found a serial rapist/killer who preyed on local women, before abducting, raping and murdering them. All proven.

        The difference was he was black, and thus, not who the MSM wanted to demonize.

        Take this red pill away from this: The media isn't just anti-man, its anti-white too. The Mike Brown shenanigans shoulda shown this.

        [–]TimmyBuffet 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        The general theory that describes all this is cultural marxism. It's broader than race or gender politics, but describes them all precisely.

        [–]220090 2 points3 points  (1 child)

        does anyone have an archived link to the original rolling stone story?

        [–]Brodin_Disciple[S] 7 points8 points  (0 children)

        It looks like they just added the editor's note to the top of the story. I couldn't find an archive.

        [–]throwingwater 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        What I find hilarious is that if you go to twitter and check out the responses to Will Dana and the whole RollingStone incident. Many crazed feminists are blaming RollingStone for leaving the "rape victim" to dry and saying how frat bros got together and are coordinating a story to protect themselves.

        Yeah... whatever, I hope those frat bros are banding together to protect themselves and I hope each one of them get millions in their (hopefully many) lawsuits against the school that left them to dry, the feminists that vandalized their house, RollingStone, and that psycho bitch.

        [–]NotInsane 6 points7 points  (3 children)

        Black man rapes and murders a UVA student? That kind of shit happens all the time and it doesn't fit the media's narrative, so who cares.

        But a gang-rape at UVA, committed by evil (presumably) white, conservative frat boys? You better believe that fits the narrative. The left moves on from Two Minutes Hate to Two Minutes Hate with an alarming frequency, and if the narrative disintegrates (as it so often does), well, the story just goes down the memory hole.

        By the way, there's three ongoing cases involving gangrapes on campuses. Anyone want to take a guess why they're not getting much publicity?

        [–]uvajay 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        [–]TheSKSpecial 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        The guy already confessed and he's doing life in prison. Justice has been served.

        What frenzy were you expecting?

        EDIT: this seems to be a recurring thing, pointing out cases where it's blacks hurting whites but completely ignoring that the perps were already arrested and either awaiting trial or already convicted.

        What scandal are you looking for? "Police and courts do what they're paid to do"?

        [–]TheSKSpecial 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Black man rapes and murders a UVA student? That kind of shit happens all the time and it doesn't fit the media's narrative, so who cares.

        You know that by saying "that kind of shit happens all the time" you sound like those "1 in 4" cunts, don't you?

        That UVA rape/murder did make the news. A lot, actually.

        The reason it's not being talked about now is because they already caught the guy. They know who did it and he's sitting in jail awaiting trial. He's not some figure who's being kept out of jail for unknown reasons, he didn't get to walk because he was black, he's not being "protected", he hasn't turned out to be part of some mysterious "rape frat".

        There's no "mystery" anymore, there's no more narrative. Bad guy did the crime, now he's in jail. The end.

        [–]jolly--roger 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        why do you keep on using donotlink when we have ?

        [–]CockFlavour 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        My intuition was that it was too good to be true, and I'm so very happy someone didn't actually go through what she claimed.

        Now can we send her to prison for all the damage she's caused?

        [–]TheLordOfShit 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        And it doesn't matter because the damage has been done to further their agenda. All that matters is that they sold more copies of their irrelevant rag.

        [–]jakethesnake76 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        RamzPaul as usual had a great video on this..

        [–]2mbillion 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        as a well respected outlet Rolling Stone should be very ashamed of themselves. I mean who proofs, edits and fact checks their shit.

        Seriously how the fuck did this make it to copy without anybody in the chain not want to substantiate this over the top story?

        the answer is what a lot of people say here, nobody fact checked or otherwise scrutinized the story for a few reasons: 1) it fit their agenda and printing it whether true or false would further their cause 2) knowing it needed to be fact checked nobody wanted to step in front of the train (the article) that had already caught its steam 3) female bias led them to believe there is no way an innocent flower would lie about something like this to a multinational media outlet.

        [–]samplewood 0 points1 point  (0 children)


        ... so now they can totally apologize!

        [–]Perch1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        It's a shame that Rolling Stone has taken a turn for the worse after decades of greatness. Magazines are a dying medium, and this is just going to hurt them more. I got a subscription for free after buying some concert tickets, and I really like their music coverage. Sadly, I will not be renewing.

        [–]Goldfulgore 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        [–]RZ1999 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Another one of Sabrina Rubin Erdely's rape tales in Rolling Stone appears to be false:

        [–]Entrefut -1 points0 points  (2 children)

        Meh, there's probsbly a video out there of her getting reemed and loving it. She fucked someone, she was just too trashy and forgot who it was, so she called rape. Nothing new here, just more bull shit trying to take down male only establishments. Because you know... binge drinking with your buddies and fucking a bunch of sluts with daddy problems to drown out the fact that your working your ass off in college is okay as long as this doesnt happen at a male only institution.

        [–]2mbillion 3 points4 points  (1 child)

        from the revelations of late its looking like literally none of it happened. She was not there and there was not a party