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The sober monitors are brothers themselves. Any responsible fraternity always has a few brothers that check people in and act as security and also talk to police if need be. This new rule that Sullivan has implemented is set in stone rather than something that has been already done through common sense. Like the ABC article said, sober monitors are pretty much done in many Greek communities nation-wide including at my undergrad. It is also a common notion that pledge brothers be the one to act as DDs and monitors at fraternity parties.

I would be more upset at the lack of kegs and mixed drinks, which are the staple of college parties.

Edit: Also realize that Greek life and especially fraternities will be under heavy scrutiny and audited constantly. Considering UVA has a massive Greek system (1 out of every 3 is Greek), people are not thrilled about being watched and losing the privilege of having kegs/mixed drinks.

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Frat President myself, I can't imagine a party without sober brothers, security, and tons of other risk reduction aspects at play. Because no matter what happens, we get blamed.

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You also need a form buddy, to hand over the sexual intercourse consent forms.

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Don't forget the signature matching analyst notary and the psychologist to make sure she couldn't potentially regret it

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We've had a false rap oh noes I regret it occur.

Luckily everytime shit goes down it's emergency meeting/let's get 90 alibis

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I was about to say, this has been standard procedure since I was involved in Greek life in the early 2000s.

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A lot of schools have already banned kegs at frats. Penn State and Virginia Tech come to mind.

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most insurance policies for fraternity houses ban kegs. Instead they just buy a hundred cases of beer. At least in the south

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Yup. That's what I've seen.

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Arizona state alum, kegs were banned on campus and frat row in like 2005. Uva just behind the times

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yup. My fraternity has had sober monitors since we began. Not to mention, kegs leave a paper trail and liability. Banning mixed drinks is also a good idea. I've had to take care of way to many overly intoxicated men and women who have had too much "jungle juice" in their time (and others to take care of me....same reason)

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Sober brothers watch for people changing their mood with chemicals. Borderline thought crime police.

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And now she will be able to claim she solved a problem that didn't exist. Way to go, feminism!

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Oh, I got this one. This is why they are doing it, and here's how it will play out.

It's a land grab, plain and simple.

See, the fraternities occupy prime real estate, and the university wants it.

So what do they do?

False flag hysteria is drummed up. Or maybe the hysteria has a real basis, like some drunken drugged out loser weeds himself out of the gene pool through some excesses. The frats are blamed. These police state laws are enacted. Frats being frats, they can't NOT party, so they get caught breaking the rules. Then they lose their charter, then their house. The university buys the property and turns it into a university project.

The land grab aspect of it will not be publicized of course, but that's the endgame.

The sororities tend to survive these purges because they don't allow drinking in their houses, foisting all the risk on the men. Many of them are happy to go over to the male residences and get drunk, but there's always a few narcs in every house who take a dim view of their sisters drunken rides on the cock carousel.

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Bravo! This is what the mentats (human computers) in Dune called a "prime projection." I have not read this analysis anywhere else, but it is compelling in it's simplicity.

Like the attempt to ban horse drawn carriages from New York by animal rights activists fronting for real estate developers with their eyes on the stables, or the Spanish Inquisition for that matter, wherein heretics lands and title became the property of the church.

Every moral panic conceals a financial/real estate agenda.

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It's also loosely based on the plot of "Old School."

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Holy shit! I totally forgot about that! I need to watch that again.

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Every moral panic conceals a financial/real estate agenda.

When investigating a conspiracy: The money does not lie. Names are usually lies. When too many authorities from different realms (church, state, academic, etc.) agree on something, they are colluding to hide something.

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Every moral panic conceals a financial/real estate agenda.


In every case imaginable, all you have to do is follow the money.

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Fraternities will just move social events and parties to off campus venues, far away from the purview of school officials. That's how you deal with ornery university administration.

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Exactly, the university i attend has banned all drinking in frat houses and that that changed was the fraternities purchased another house a little ways from campus and do all of their partying there.

Conveniently now they are also in in the city cops jurisdiction stead of campus police which are State troopers. This works splendidly for the frat guys since the typical busted party results in a city jail which is always overfull of guys for simple bullshit so they get drunk tanked and sent home instead of dealing with county which is much better equipped .

Kind of amazing how people that think they can regulate away things they don't like will always get beat at their own game.

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Off campus "independent event" also means harder case to make for kangaroo court jurisdiction. It's no longer automatic because it happened on school grounds.

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Unfortunately most universities have a code of student conduct that speaks to student behavior irrespective of location. The code doesn't say "don't rape on campus," it says "don't rape." So if the admins find out their students party or break the code elsewhere they can (usually) still get dragged into the kangaroo courts successfully. It sucks.

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harder and yet still possible in the case of rape accusations since since they are both students the feminists want the school to ruin his life since they wont have to abide by the same restrictions that a court of law would have to do. You see it in colleges due to the large feminist/progressive influence in the faculties

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Anytime we feel like it'll be to risky to throw a house party we throw a giant club event. We make tremendous amounts of money and don't have to worry about the school or cops.

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Not to mention the head of UVa is a former head of GENDER STUDIES so only needs the barest fig leaf behind which to hide her man hate.

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Let's make someone who's stupid and didn't want to exercise their brain with a more rigorous degree president. Great fucking idea.

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Feminists will manipulate themselves into positions of non elected power in places like academia and govt, to further push their agenda .

We are now seeing it getting worse because all the crazy feminists students who were in their 20's in the 70's are in their 50's now and finally in their senior positions of power.

We are seeing them putting into practice shit they have been sitting on for the last 40 years

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Seeing as Zoe Quinn's proven all you need to do to be a "feminist hero" is spread your legs for preferential treatment, this will get worse before it gets better.

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Once upon a time a young man's worst enemies were other young men, now it is old women cooped up in academia.

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No, if they break the university's rules then the university will no longer sanction them and then they will no longer be aligned with the university nor participate in any official functions. Only national fraternity organizations can revoke the charter itself and dismiss chapters completely.

UVA can give the middle finger to a frat but as long as that frat is in good standing with their nationals, it does not matter. What usually occurs is that that frat no longer can get men interested b/c no one wants to associate with troublemakers so theres no cash flow from dues. No cash ---> can't pay for the house.

The only time a university really owns a fraternity is when the house is on its lands, but IDK if UVA owns greek row.

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Lol my campus had that, the top frats, mine included, got shit on.

But membership was better than ever. Because we simply says fuck em and threw some amazing parties.

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Bingo. I was going to comment that it sounded like the president was in on it since the start. The reason you give makes a lot of sense.

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sororities tend to survive these purges because they don't allow drinking in their houses

Not sure what you're talking about, I have never been to a sorority that didn't allow drinking...

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My sorority house had ~75 girls living in it. Strict rules about alcohol. If we were caught with alcohol in or around the house, we had to pay a hefty fine and defend ourselves to the standards board. Also boys weren't allowed on the second and third floors of the house.

Edit: went to a big state school with around 16 chapters of sororities, almost all of them on my campus were like this

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Not in the house. Drinking is fine, but definitely not in the house. At least at my schools/schools I've been too

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    The sorority girl that I dated's house wasn't allowed drinking and she said that most of the other sorority houses had a similar rule. The closest thing to a "party" they threw was an ice cream social.

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    It's national policy for all sororities

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    Also, this is a big pleaser to the liberal arts and women's studies students, and they make the college more money.

    Someone who goes to school for an actual career that's hiring doesn't waste time. They go through their four years and are looking onwards towards their bright future. Those who go for art and women's studies? They know there is no career that pays enough to live off of. So maybe they get their masters, maybe they get a double major in another one ("You majored on women's studies and sociology? Surely you'll get a high paying job!"), maybe they stretch out those loans as long as possible. And it goes straight to the universities wallet.

    If they lose the women's studies, it's like a tobacco company losing a smoker.

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    Why are US frats / sororities segregated by sex? In my country they are mixed.

    There is still a great deal of drinking and rooting accomplished here, but I'd guess living fulltime in a mixed environment helps the kids to treat each other as human.

    The mass accomodation is used mostly by first year students from out of town. After the first year most of them move into flats.

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    Fraternity = brotherhood.

    Sorority = sisterhood.

    Why are they not segregated for you? Albeit we have coed service frats but they don't really have the parties, houses, or social life of traditional frats.

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    In Australia and New Zealand on-campus accomodation each floor in a hostel normally has a mix of men and women on it.
    In NZ single-sex floors are rare.
    Australia has some purely single sex hostels but the great majority are mixed. Some have a strong individual culture but I don't know how much they correspond to US frats and sororities.

    Most students share a rented house off-campus, usually these are mixed too.

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    From the article you linked to:

    Rolling Stone later said there were editorial mistakes in its story

    Editorial mistakes?

    Well, that's putting it rather lightly...

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    The editorial itself was the fucking mistake.

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    Feminism is 1984ism

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    Waiting for feminists to start screeching that college girls right to consume mixed drinks is now being violated.

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    First thing I thought when I read this was...

    girls like mixed drinks and the idea of partying at a kegger... I'm sure they're going to be pissed now too...

    Looks like a nice upgrade in smv to those groups of guys not in frats but just rent out ghetto duplex apartments...

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    They're so progressive and accepting that they're sliding into puritanism.

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    Sliding into... a tad bit too late for that.

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    Maybe all left-wing journalists should have "Truth Monitors"

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    Maybe all left-wing journalists should have "Truth Monitors"

    FTFY. There's a lot of shit going on in the press, on either side. It's not only a lefties problem.

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    The amount they are cracking down on Greek life in America is a disgrace. It is as el pres would call it the "pussification of America".

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    Looks like drugs are hitting the campus hard at uva

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    I feel compelled to comment again.

    With regard to my other post, and if you are still in high school, you should listen up, because this ties into the deep politics of the "schooling" system.

    See, as a student, you are in essence, a kind of slave. You basically are borrowing money, allegedly to get an education, but really it's to purchase a credential. You're expected to invest a lot of time in these institutions, and you do, as well as money, which is also a form of time crystallized. And then you leave, and probably never come back. So all it really is just another waypoint where you are drained of your youth, time, money, energy, and given some sort of abstraction, a piece of paper with some words on it. But then people in the "real" world will tell you it's all worthless anyway, but paradoxically will discriminate against you if you don't have one, not because it means anything, but because it's expedient for them as a means of weeding out undesirable candidates for jobs, wealth, and advancement. Plus they had to do it too, and most of them really resent the experience, as well people who try to get out of it. So it's a crabs in the bucket phenomenon.

    But anyway, the institutions take advantage of the transient nature of students. The students are just passing through. They aren't building anything. It's just a wealth transference from young to old, plain and simple. That's why it is so hard for students to push back. By the time they figure out how they are getting fucked, they are already gone and it's too late. But the careerist bureaucrat wealth-extracting mandarins will still be there for a decade or two, and they are all interchangeable anyways. So think about THAT aspect of it before you enroll. You are better off just learning about investing and building wealth on a shoestring than trying to buy your way to a job.

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    Are you seriously suggesting that there's no value to a college education?

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    Just to comment on this, most colleges do try to "suck people dry" but the bulk of funding for colleges comes from grants (research). And until recently government funding. Schools make a lot of the big bucks off alumni as well as ripping freshman off books.

    The main way you won't get your money's worth is to go to a private for-profit college ala ITT Tech or become an English or other dime a dozen major. Going to school in state and in a in demand field (engineering, STEM etc) has lots of scholarship opportunities.

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    If the profession you are going into doesn't require a degree in a specified field as a prerequisite to even getting an interview then the only value of a college education is to be able to say "I have a piece of paper that states I can hold my shit together enough to make it to class and be responsible." You can decide how much money you want to spend on that piece of paper. If you're a 17 year old kid with no aspirations of being a Doctor/Lawyer/Engineer then live at home rent free if possible, go to community college and major in who gives a fuck, and you might be able to graduate with no student loans. During these 4 or 5 years you can go visit all your friends at their over priced schools, party your ass off and get the college experience. It's pretty easy for me to say this looking back on it with all the experience, and 17 year old me was way too fucking dumb to listen, but as an English major I can assure you, few employers give a fuck about your field of study. Shit, no one has even asked me to prove I went to school, they all just take it on good faith.

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    I'm going to community college first for computer science myself. I doubt taking calculus, physics, and introductory programming would be much better at university than community college. I can go to university after cc for the upper level computer science courses.

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    Honestly, a comp sci degree isn't strictly necessary.

    You'd be better served by coding up your own projects, and if you're really ambitious, selling a software service.

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    Ya but you can still do all that while getting a computer science degree.

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    Yeah, I'm just not sure that the degree is worth the debt. It's a calculated move - you'll get hired either way if you're proficient at software development. Do you really need the degree?

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    Ya it's a decision I'd have to make once the time comes I suppose. Luckily community college is cheap enough to easily pay as you go. Especially since I'm doing 2/3 of it in high school.

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    Regardless of what the guy above says the community college degree is worth it for a programmer. It will get your foot into more doors. I'm a CTO and have been in the industry for many years. The degree means shit. Your projects are what matters. But the degree does start the conversation.

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    The degree is definitely worth it for a developer starting out.

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    You are doing it right. Not only that but if they have a program where you can take University courses at your CC you'll get a diploma that says you graduated from the "prestigious" college while you pay CC prices.

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    At a top school, those very courses would be better.

    Students at top schools learn faster, so the profs can go deeper with material. CC's tend to be more about rote memorization of basic mastery.

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    Maybe. I'd be going to an instate public university instead of community college though since I don't see the point of leaving one of the best areas for tech. The flagship university has hundreds of students in those intro courses as well.

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    Which you don't need for 99.9% of jobs...

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    I disagree, because I actually think that learning at a college level is inherently valuable to become an informed and well-read person. Is there really no value in just learning things?

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    I think you are both right to a degree and it depends on the school you are talking about. There are certainly schools ( with fucking amazing information and also schools where they pump out drones that never learned much and were just handed a paper.

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    You can learn at a college level without blowing $60,000 and wasting four years at a for-profit university.

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    Everything you could learn in a university undergrad program is online, for free or nearly so.

    If learning were the main motivation for attending university, enrollment would be a thousandth of what it is.

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    If I want to learn I have the net and public libraries.

    I went to college to frat

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    There is value in learning for the sake of learning, but being hobbled with debt just as you're entertaining the world isn't a great start for men. Most of my learning has come from genuine curiosity about the world, and genuine curiosity has nothing to do with college. If we are here to be better men we should consider the options and decide the best course of action. If a $50,000 education will pay off then yes! Go for it. But if it takes you 5 years to finish college, 15 years to pay it off, and you left with no skill that makes you irreplaceable then you have to wonder who led you wrong. Most parents of the current generation don't understand that so they are blindly encouraging their kids to go to college. My parents look at the people THEIR AGE and see the people with degrees getting ahead. The game is always changing and you're going to get beat if you play by old rules. I'm starting to ramble, but I'll conclude with this. You ask if there is value in learning for the sake of learning. I am changing my answer. There is no value in learning for the sake of learning unless that knowledge directly correlates to your quality of life (or the lives of the people you love).

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    as an English major I can assure you, few employers give a fuck about your field of study. Shit, no one has even asked me to prove I went to school, they all just take it on good faith.

    Yup. This is true more often than people realize, especially with BA degrees or anything in Hyphen Studies.

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    Unless, It's right STEM, them mostly no.

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    No value in the education? There's nothing to gain from learning and reading and expanding your knowledge?

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    No value in the education? There's nothing to gain from learning and reading and expanding your knowledge?

    Why spend $150k on something you can get from $1.50 in late fees from your public library?

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    I can say from experience that a decent or better teacher can help you immensely. They may have years of experience in the field, they may present the material in a particularly effective way, they may be just the right personality for the class which makes learning a true joy potentially. They can help easily clarify questions and projects can be great learning tools. And if you go in state, you shouldn't be paying more than 100k overall, or even if you shop around and maybe get residency in another state after a year or two. Not to mention the connections made at a good university, professors and students alike.

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    Of course there is.

    There's no value in it if it means you're a debt slave for the next 20 years though, doubly so with the liberal arts degrees pushed on people with no post-degree career prospects.

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    So go to a college you can afford. That's the number one priority when searching for colleges.

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    then they have the nerve to call you for the next decade asking for donations. Hello, I just "donated" 100k to you for a piece of paper.

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    private parties instead of frat sponsored parties. problem solved.

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    The students should just transfer out if possible, show their disapproval with their wallet, that's what would make them actually think.

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    UVA is one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Often considered a public ivy. They barely accept anybody. This would never work because they would accept slightly more people to fill any spots for people dumb enough to leave.

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    It is certainly possible, and probably a whole hell of a lot easier on your finances.

    BYU is pretty much no open drinking, smoking, no facial hair, etc. Now if parents want to send their kids to a place like that, fine. If the kids enrolling have to arrange their own finances, they can chose to go there or not.

    Same with any university. You've got some that are the low SAT scoring state college in BFE you get stuck with until your grades are better, say like Michigan State University, where most people mix studying with drinking, debauching, and getting thrown out of dive bars.

    Then there's other places, ultra leftist, like University of Washington, and you go there to study to be a communist liberal arts teacher or something. ;)

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    Meh, the University of Washington is good if you want to go into the tech industry due to its location, etc. Only issue is the lack of funding for the computer science and engineering majors.

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    The funny thing is, MSU is nuts when it comes to engineering, computer science, high energy physics, and of course agriculture related stuff. Rest of it, middle of the road.

    I think the best one is probably MTU up in northern Michigan, real big on programming up there, only problem is, if you aren't some rainman hyper focused on studies, being in the middle of nowhere will make you crack, and start drinking. :D

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    Oh I KNOW you didn't just diss my Huskies!

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    This isn't the sub for retarded comments like that dude.

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    It would, but it won't happen. People are invested when they've got time and money sunk into something like an education. Where the hit will actually come from (if any) is students going elsewhere in the future. Those who are already will likely feel stuck, keep their head down so they don't make waves, and the life will continue on for them.

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    It's only going to get worse. The dyke trotskyites will keep making college intolerable to men until there are no men left.

    Then, of course, colleges won't be an engine of economic growth anymore, as they''ll be full of feminist studies and french majors, so it won't matter.

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    Truth is irrelevant when you have a biased agenda.

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    Feminism is just gender-centric marxism. It's been an open goal of marxists since WW2 to infiltrate the west via journalism and academia, undermining free society. It's not just a case of invading male spaces, it's cleansing academia of anti-marxism and extending the amount of power held by academic institutions and the state. I sometimes wish people would get over the superficial gender issues surrounding feminism and realise that this is the same political war that has waged for the last 100 years, just in a new form.

    [–]16 Endorsed ContributorGayLubeOil 6 points7 points  (1 child) has an insightful article on the Left's Puritanism.

    Anti Sex Anti Alcohol Anti Prostitution Anti Porn Anto Free Speach

    [–]through_a_ways 7 points8 points  (0 children)

    I wouldn't call them anti-sex altogether. They're selectively pro-sex when it expands female choice and anti-sex when it expands male choice.

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    They did this at my school too. They are actually behind the game at this one. It was like this back in 2010 for me. They were actually threatening to make us check IDs at the door.

    Throw one party where 5000 people show up and all of the sudden the school has to ruin the fun.

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    no beer kegs at frats? thats communism if I ever saw it. Although at our frats we always had sober risk management so I suppose thats not the worst idea.

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    Any frats that don't abide by the new rules will be sanctioned.

    Double SECRET probation.

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    Brocism like this fucking sickens me. This is why women should not be allowed to vote or hold any important positions.

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    because they vote on knee-jerk and purely emotional reactionary ways? Then forget about it once something else catches their eye?

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    They did this at my school too. They are actually behind the game at this one. It was like this back in 2010 for me. They were actually threatening to make us check IDs at the door.

    Throw one party where 5000 people show up and all of the sudden the school has to ruin the fun.

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    Was there anything on how this effects off campus parties that are hosted by frats? I'm not saying this isn't ridiculously unfair, but a lot of frat parties (or parties in general) are staged off campus; thus the school can't do anything to stop it. No frat drinking? Too bad, off campus parties can't be enforced for shit. And the sober monitors were already a thing, not sure why that had to be added in as a rule.

    [–]BeachBum09 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Ok. I know this might seem a little ridiculous. However, it does make some sense to make these rules. I was in a fraternity and was the president. There are a lot of reasons why we never did kegs and mixed drinks and it all boils down to risk. We had a in-depth discussion with a few of the national execs.

    Basically, not having beer kegs and mixed drinks gives the fraternity a level of legal protection. We only had beer cans at our parties because when you hand a girl an unopened can of beer you in a way remove the possibility that she could come back and say that the fraternity drugged her. If you handed her a cup of beer you poured or a mixed drink you poured and she ended up getting drugged there is a possibility that she could blame the fraternity. If you hand her an unopened beer then a lot of the responsibility is on proving that the fraternity drugged her rather than trying to prove that they didn't. Sure, is it possible to still get drugged? Yes but this makes it harder and if she was in fact drugged then it wasn't from the guy in the fraternity working the bar handing out cans. There is really no way he could have gotten anything in there because it was unopened.

    Not trying to defend any of their actions since they are coming from a trumped up situation that was sensationalized by Rolling Stone and this dumb writer. I just felt it would be some useful insight.

    [–]seddition 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    What needs to happen is fraternities and sororities assert their power by encouraging a moratorium on university donations from all past and present members for a year. Considering the fact that greek alum donate the vast majority of money at most schools let's see how these fucking liberal piece of shit administrators react when they can't open a new womyn's studies lounge because they bit the hand that fed them one too many times.

    [–]GhostOfAladdin 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    The one thing we overlook is that greek life is fundamentally a blue pill activity. You basically pay dues to be in the club.

    [–]bama79rolltide 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Simple response: Don't go to Virginia.

    Go to Virginia Tech or Maryland instead.

    Actually, trade school is much smarter, less money, and you'll have a job for the rest of your life.

    [–]Thorzhammer 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    Does this mean water is banned at frat party's? You know, cause its a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.

    [–]DK7096 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Ban the Dihydrogen Monoxide! For the womyns!

    [–]confuseacatlmtd 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    This sounds like the opening of an Animal House sequel. I wonder how they end up getting around it?

    [–]makethemsayayy 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Angry cunt dean: ROBOTTT HOUSEE!!!

    [–]ETH_Zurich 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    These rules will certainly not be upheld.

    [–]waylandertheslayer 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    I wish I had your optimism, and I hope you are able to keep it

    [–]ahduramax 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Similar things have happened recently at Texas Tech

    [–]JamesK1973 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Lawsuits for every fucking one of them motherfuckers.

    [–][deleted]  (2 children)


      [–]cipahs 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      Lol frats are a bastion of guys who are simply going to say, "this is America, fuck you," and rage away anyways

      [–]popthatpill 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      'sober monitors' at all fraternity parties

      Gee, they'll be handy for keeping betas away.

      [–]1kick6 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Sadly, this is common. We weren't allowed kegs or hard alcohol at our fraternity parties either.

      We still got plenty shithoused off beer.

      [–]ALERT_WAY_LOTUS 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Literally the plot of PCU irl.

      [–]GuitarHero07 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      False rape allegations aside, this is yet another example of how we have become a society devoid of personal responsibility. If you choose to get shitfaced drinking beer, whiskey, tequila or whatever then you should be held fully responsible for the consequences.

      Got fucked up and passed out in a gutter? That's your fault. Got trashed and banged a beast that caused you major embarrassment? No one to blame but yourself. Got hypothermia because you drunkenly ventured out into freezing weather without bundling up? That's on you.

      All of these rules and regulations are a symptom of a major problem in American/Western society. Already, you have to navigate a huge maze of rules to do just about anything these days. It's only going to get worse. Land of the Free long as you abide by the massive and ever growing list of rules. The Rule of Law has become Rule of Lawyers/Administrators/HR Reps/Town Council members etc.

      [–]ROIVeritas 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Sabotage. Sounds like they're trying to slowly reenact Prohibition.

      I can think of a myriad of things far worse than beer at frat parties, kegs , etc.

      [–]100 Modbsutansalt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      The time is now ripe for an enterprising college student to create their own off-campus frat system. I'd like to see that spread across the country so that the schools are cut out of the picture entirely. Imagine the potential for all sorts of activism, parties, status, you name it!

      [–]Dualmilion 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      Lol america. We don't have frats in australia but we just have a bunch of people at uni host a house party and everyone and their friends go there, seems to work well

      [–]cipahs 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      The reason frat parties are wild I'd because the house is so big

      My frat can house 60 brothers. We have 4 bars and a huge club room with laser lights and stripper poles.

      [–]makethemsayayy 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I will be pledging in the spring semester.

      [–]_JustKnight_ -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

      There is a good side to this. Lame fraternities would mean a lot of quality pussy would be available for people outside of fraternities.

      I say fuck the fraternities!

      [–]Onlio -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

      Are you just complaining or do you have an action plan?