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The last 10 seconds of that video are extremely intriguing. If these allegations are becoming more common to police officers it heavily explains their intuitive distrust of sexual assault and rape claims towards other men, and why feminists are so butthurt that police let fishy rape claims die.

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If these allegations are becoming more common to police officers it heavily explains their intuitive distrust of sexual assault and rape claims towards other men, and why feminists are so butthurt that police let fishy rape claims die

A (female!) UK judge recently said that if women didn't drink so much, there would be an awful lot more rape convictions. You can see the press article here.

Naturally, all the SJWs of this world accused the judge of victim blaming. But if you read the article, you'll see exactly why the judge said this. A large number of the rape cases she saw basically boiled down to the victim saying "I was so drunk I have no idea what I was doing. But there's no way I'd have consented to sex".

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"I was so drunk I have no idea what I was doing. But there's no way I'd have consented to sex drove my car and killed those other people".

Said every drunk driver ever that still gets convicted, yet in California its now the other drivers, im sorry.. i mean man's fault if the girl he takes home is drunk.

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Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre service manager Natalie Brook described Judge Mowat’s comments as “outrageous”.

She said: “Suggesting that rape conviction statistics will not improve until women stop getting so drunk is an outrageous, misguided and frankly dangerous statement to make."

“Rape convictions will improve when those who perpetrate it – who are disproportionately male – stop raping, and when society stops blaming women for somehow being complicit in this act of violence."

Way to completely miss the point. How can some people so willingly disregard what is said and be outraged. The judge clearly is talking about rate of conviction and not about rate of occurrence yet she still manages to get outraged by it.

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She contradicts herself: “Suggesting that rape conviction statistics will not improve until women stop getting so drunk is an outrageous, misguided and frankly dangerous statement to make."

So this woman thinks that sober victims won't be able to give proper evidence in crimes committed against them.

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Some women can be stupid. Doesn't mean they deserve rape.

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There'd be less conviction if there was less occurrence.

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Ugh, the UK is becoming as bad as the US for these fucking nutjob feminists. I am currently in the UK for work and was watching a Sunday morning politics show when they were discussing the Ched Evans guy, there was one of those never-been-laid-properly feminists on the show who would shout down any alternative opinion.

One guest said something mildly 'victim blaming', she went batshit at him and didn't allow him to finish his sentence. When he eventually gets the chance to, he actually says that the first half of his sentence was going to be an example of how not to do it, and that his opinion was the feminist one.

She sat on the edge of her seat all of the section glaring at everyone else, as if daring them to say that the girl shouldn't have got drunk, taken coke and weed with these guys and gone back to their hotel room with them. As if she was somehow blameless in this act which requires two people and implicit consent along the way.

She is the reason we'll never have actual debate, just a bunch of harpies screaming at the man slaves who are too cowed to do anything other than their bidding.

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As though she thought the guys were just consenting to being cockteased and giving her free stuff because she's so awesome and hot.

The only time men enter into that particular contract willingly is at a strip club.

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She is the reason we'll never have actual debate, just a bunch of harpies screaming at the man slaves who are too cowed to do anything other than their bidding.

The blame isn't wholly at her door.

A society that has left very, very few men with the assertiveness to effectively engage in such a debate - and the few that are aren't stupid enough to do it on national telly - is just as much to blame.

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    It's baffling tbh.. you would think females would be more pissed off that girls are abusing this and crying wolf.. which is fucking it up for when it really happens

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    Logically baffling yes.

    But it goes like this:

    oh that's not good for women... hamster hamster hamster.... men's fault! ... and relax.

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    It's only baffling if you think they actually are interested in reducing rape. But look at how theyvuse rape to attack male groups, but get upset when people suggest anything that would actually reduce rape - they freaked out with nail polish that detected date rape drugs, with underwear that made it much more difficult to rape a girl, and telling girls the truth that getting wasted also was likely to make you a victim.

    They want rape to continue. Just enough do they csn use it as a powerful political tool. It causes women to join join their cause who din't want it to happen to them, it causes men to support their cause who don't want something bad to happen to women.

    Did you know that in the early 1900's, women only lived 2 years longer than men, but by the 1970's women lived 7-8 years longer than the average man in the us? Now it's "down" to 5 years. Rape is a powerful political tool like abortion is to conservatives - something to use to get people to join for moral reasons that can be used any other political agenda.

    Rape is also used as a tool to continue to convince you that women are in more danger than men. Just look at the lifespans - women are clearly the protected and safer gender in society. Rape is a huge political tool and the people pushing this don't actually want it to end.

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    The reason why they don't trust rape claims and sexual assault claims is because so many of them are false and they are often the ones who find out they are false.

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    These lapel cams are going to be huge in the not so distant future.

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      Have them synced to an duty phone or an in car system which automatically uploads it to a server. This server is retained for a certain period. All officers must check and have a secondary officer sign off on the proper working of the device before patrol and if the situation is not in immediate need of resolve then the cameras are checked before response to an issue. Failure to do any of this will result in a warning or suspension unpaid depending on the history of the officer. A check before an issue can be simple and include a reason for a stop or what the officer is preparing to do like when they talk to the dispatch. Accountability on all ends is there fairest solution.

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      The server should be at the courthouse IMO, near a judge, not the cops.

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      So take away the tens of thousands of officers, which are good people, ability for discretion and giving people breaks and letting them go with warnings, in favor of some the few who abuse power. It makes sense. I wonder at the average persons ability to discern real life from media, or real life from credible people's stories, or real life from flat out liars. Sure officers have abused their power in some cases in some places in some circumstances. But constantly trying to get legislation or policy changed to suit the individual takes away from the whole. When's it's your ass getting tickets and citations and convictions from something that would have been overlooked before, you'll miss these days. Those cameras will do more than just clear officers most times they're gonna be used most often against those crying for them.

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      Did I say it was preferable? I said it is the fairest solution. Officers do have the ability to exercise discretion in situations regardless.

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      What makes you think that the existence of lapel cams prohibits discretion? Dash cams exist right now and yet warnings are still given...

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      Your premise is flawed. Nothing requires cops to take action, cite people, or arrest them if they don't want to. They will still have the discretion to let people go with or without the body cameras.

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      Depending on the department you can be made to act upon legal matter even though the law does not say shall arrest, it depends on the higher ups.

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      Accountability on all ends is effectively the system currently used by British police. I don't think you realise how much paperwork this concept actually requires to put in to effect, officers would be cursing your name. And this is without the implementation of bodycams currently. It results in a march larger workload and means police officers will do less hands on work making arrests.

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      In addition to that, a cop who is aware of what exactly his lapel cam can see can abuse it.

      For example, state clearly to a suspect not to make any sudden moves. A minute later, grab a part of the suspect's body that the camera can't see and squeeze hard, then when the suspect flinches, call it a sudden movement and escalate in force.

      Or sleight of hand drugs or a weapon onto the suspect while doing a search, then turn his body so the camera can see the officer pull the drop right back out.

      There would be no coverups of the footage itself, but the arrest would be staged in such a way to make an innocent suspect look guilty.

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      While cams are not foolproof, all the scenarios you described are substantially easier to pull off without the cam.

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      a cop who is aware of what exactly his lapel cam can see can abuse it.

      This study strongly supports your claim:

      From the article: "One key problem: officers control the record button. They decide when to turn on and off the cameras and have little to fear when violating department policies about recording, Fusion’s analysis found. In many use of force incidents, camera footage doesn’t exist, is only partially available, or can’t be found. And when body cameras are turned on, the footage usually favors the officer’s account, according to police, law enforcement experts and public defenders we spoke with."

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      You are absolutely correct. They are not for our safety. They evidence will be lost or deleted, the recording device will have been considered 'broken', or the footage made unavailable if there is an investigation or lawsuit. Cops are the worst sort of corrupt. They protect their own above citizens that have been violated.

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      Recently a Utah man was shot by the police. The camera got everything leading up to the suspect assaulting the cop with a snow shovel. Everything after is gone because the camera was "broken".

      Now, fuck the guy who attacked the cop, but regardless, there's a wonderful example of them including everything that is damning to a suspect and nothing else. What happened after? We'll never know.

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      Yeah I'm sure the guy swinging a shovel didn't break it. I mean, it's impossible.

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      It's just as possible they downloaded the video, cut X# of minutes out, then smashed the camera. I'm not saying they did, I'm illustrating how body cameras for cops are not the magic bullet people think they are. Like I said, fuck the guy who swung at the cop, I'd shoot him too, but it's just another tool that can be manipulated.

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      I'm illustrating how body cameras for cops are not the magic bullet people think they are.

      A single camera isn't. But three of them is a different ball game. I've yet to see someone that can pop all three in one swing.

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      The corrupt cops do. Most cops are good guys who have to deal with a ton of piece of shit people. U don't know if some little piece of shit just shot his friend the day before. Most do the right thing, but the few that don't make all the headlines. Assume you had an asshole cop 100% of the time and protect yourself, and don't forget to thank the good ones. It goes a long way.

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      The "good guys" let the bad cops get away with it. I see no reason to thank the "good ones" when they are guilty by association. The laundry list of corruption is long. Know any cops with traffic tickets? Neither do I. Few do the right thing.

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      Police have discretion, learn the law instead of being a moron.

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      Cops abuse the law. People may have been completely innocent but somehow angered a cop and got anywhere from misconduct to death.

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      Cops are the worst sort of corrupt.

      nice sweeping generalization. they're also the same people you'll call when someone breaks into your house :)

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      Thanks for acknowledging my "generalization". They are the people that will shoot your dog and get away with murder. If you record them they will throw you in jail on contempt of cop charges.

      Oh yeah, if you are attacked in your home by a gun wielding thief, they are minutes away when seconds count. And when they show up they could just decide to attack you. It's happened plenty of times.

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      Every man on this sub should own a gun and be capable of defending his own home/family/property.

      Every man here should also realize that calling the cops is almost always a bad idea unless you are trying to get yourself shot or arrested.

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      Fine then, no camera, no case.

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      I don't get these reactions. You should just be respectful and truthful to cops to begin with. That "am I being detained" shit only makes stuff worse. You come of as pretentious and arrogant, both things you don't really want a police officer to think of you.

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      Getting to the point that men need lapel cams but then in disproving rape you'd get hit with pornography without consent.

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      They already are. I work with law enforcement and they are scrambling to get systems in place and cameras for officers to wear. The problem is the massive amounts of storage needed for storing and archiving these videos along with other various changes in policies to accommodate the new cameras to their systems.

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      Getting to the point that men need lapel cams but then in disproving rape you'd get hit with pornography without consent.

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      He's lucky he had that on. Otherwise it would've been another headache.

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      All cops should wear cameras while on duty.

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      Those that do, disable them when they may be held accountable.

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      Pretty girl...You can tell she's used to getting off with that pussy pass.

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      She should get extra time for the false accusation, and it should be noted explicitly.

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      She should be charged seperately for the false accusation. But she's not! The video says she's not being prosecuted yet for that crime although it's possible that they might press charged later. How much do you want to bet that never happens. The whole reason this shit happens is because there is no accountability for women.

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      I completely agree, it's going to make them think twice about lying.

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      Women never accept blame. RP'ers can make as many statements as we want about the existence of "Hamstering", and BP'ers will dismiss it all as speculation or misogyny. But let these stats speak for themselves:

      8 out of 10 female drivers involved in accidents refuse to accept blame, even when they're clearly in the wrong. They will blame someone or something else. The most ridiculous yet frequent explanations include blaming people (i.e., an imaginary car) that weren't even there. Woman also put themselves on a pedestal; a whopping 96% of women claim they're driving is above average (I doubt even half that number drive well), compared to 76% of men (who actually do drive better than women on average).

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      Well we do have to acknowledge that some of the accidents probably weren't their faults. Maybe I missed it. Did they include any information of the rate of people actually not being at fault or is this all what people say?

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      They are women drivers. Most of those accidents were their fault.

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      Men are more prone to accidents involving excessive speed, alcohol and risky driving while women predominately crash into stationary objects.

      That's a joke in itself. Women usually cause their own accidents by driving into stationary objects.

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      seriously. every teenage girl you know has totaled at least 1 car.

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      I am a 29 year old British male with a sports car.

      I am a shit driver and I'm happy to admit it.

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      Is this cunt being charged with false allegations?

      If not, Why not?

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      As a resident of ABQ, NM, all I can say is... stay classy ABQ sluts. Stay classy.

      APD (Albuquerque Police Department) gets enough flak as it is what with the public branding them as 'Shoot first, ask questions later' types. Hopefully this, along with other videos, does a good job of clearing up some obvious wrongdoings.

      But on a more local topic, this is what happens when they've gotten away with screwed up things over and over again. They continue to think they will be able to.

      As others have said, do what you need to do to maintain your innocence and keep your self from having your character dragged through the mud.

      Spoilt rotten ABQ cholas...

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      They don't think they can get away with it. They know they can. Literally.

      This video is proof of her getting away with it.

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      So Breaking Bad wasn't that far off, huh?

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      Call me a cynic, but I don't think false allegations are on the rise, I think officers being able to disprove such claims is on the rise. I'm sure there have been thousands+ of such cases that were never able to be proven false, and therefore were automatically believed.

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      A cynic is a good thing to be.

      Indeed, we might just be seeing cases that have always been there, now drawn into the light by recording devices.

      But even if that's the case, it's no comfort. The fact of the matter is that false rape allegations are happening, and they're happening because women know it works and think they can get away with it.

      I'll be happy to see false rape accusers raked over the coals if it means women stop considering it a viable strategy for dodging blame. There are REAL sexual assault victims out there whose claims are hurt by frivolous shit like this.

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      Which is bad for the victim, because then nobody will believe the victims.

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      Fortunately there are not as many victims as previously believed. And now there are less male victims of these lies.

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      Nobody ever believed claims women made against cops anyway. Not until a large number of women make the same claim against the same officer. The cops looks out for each other, and even if the guy did molest her the system wouldn't prosecute him.

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      This is TRP not MRA so I can say it.

      The cop is a pussy and part of the problem by letting this go on without adding it to her record.

      Women are woman and this is what I expect out of them. But the empty sack of a cop is letting it continue.

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      There is a full 45 minute video of the event on /r/pussypassdenied. At the end of it another officer says that he wants her "charged for false accusation of rape if her claim comes back negative".

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      Imagine if a male tried to pull something "cute" like this. Straight fucked he'd be.

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      The cop is just a cop; he doesn't make the laws. How do you know that he could have even done anything to charge the woman? He was simply handling things professionally.

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      Lying to the police is a crime in the US.

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      It's not a crime to lie to a police officer. Are you fucking kidding me?

      There is no formal charge for lying to a police officer. In most states the only things you have to provide are your name/ID and where you live.

      You're not under oath when you speak to the police. Why are people upvoting this?

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      Giving them a fake name (falsifying identity) can get you charged with resisting arrest after a 1961 Supreme Court decision.

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      Hence the part where I said you need to provide your name/ID.

      Do you fucking read?

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      Not if you're a woman. The cop will be investigated as to why he feels it necessary to press charges against a helpless victim.
      Every woman is backed up by hordes of SJWs who are dying to find their next target. Every man knows that they risk their job trying to take on a woman, even when she is clearly in the wrong. The only way to fight this, is for men to stand together against feminists, SJWs and utlimately any woman who supports them.

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      Lying to the police is not necessarily illegal. It really depends on what you are lying about, and what the ramifications of the lie are. With the extent that this went the best he could probably do would be slander. However, they should have let her fill out a report before they told her so she would get a felony out of it.

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      Lying under oath is a crime. Lying at any other time is not.

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      He knows it's not worth the extra effort. Happens all the time.

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      Why wouldn't it be worth the extra effort?

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      Why would it be? He is protected so its no skin off his back. The prosecutors in his district may or may not be up for this sort of thing, and then you have court appearances and tons of extra bullshit. This lady is going to get nailed with a big fine. Why do the extra work to put her in jail for 6 months, if that?

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        The false accusations aren't going to really add much time to her sentence even if the DA chooses to prosecute.

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        why? it's not a felony? that's fucking gay

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        Just because something is a crime, doesn't mean its worth prosecuting.

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        um wasting police resources on a false crime? that should VERY worth prosecuting. OH NO THAT GUY HAD WEED! One is a woman FALSIFYING CHARGES OF RAPE. How is that not worth prosecuting?

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        Dude, go hang out with some real cops sometimes. They definitely have better shit to be doing.

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        I'm going to invest in one of these cameras. It may be costly but my career and freedom is worth a lot more. I typically make an audio recording of my interactions with women but video is definitely the safer bet.

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        Wear a fucking bodycam guys, at all times. Even if the situation where it saves your ass never arises it will help you remember things.

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        Haha there needs to be a Red Pill online store to sell this stuff.

        HamsterCam 1.0

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        It would certainly make field reports even more fun to read.

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        In some jurisdictions it's inadmissible as evidence because the subjects didn't consent to being videotaped.

        That's right, you're more likely to get in trouble for unconstitutional surveillance than our own government.

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        I'd rather go to jail for a crime I did commit then for a crime I didn't commit.

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        If it's inadmissible as evidence you're going down for the one you didn't commit, the judge will throw it out as evidence (that's what "inadmissible" means).

        [–]MazeMouse 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        So called "inadmissible evidence" has been accepted on more than one occasion, especially if it can prove innocence.
        And I still much rather have it to at least use the public court to my advantage. A judge might not allow it but once such a video hits the internet and social media it's there to stay and there is nothing better to threaten a woman with than her social appearance. "Drop charges or this video will hit all your social media". Having actual proof of her slander will murder her standing with at least all the males except for the totally delusional, and we don't care about those anyway.
        So gather any and all proof you can, whenever you can. Even inadmissible in a real court it might just help out in the real world outside of court.

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        Standard women tactics - when under attack, launch a stronger counter-attack. Flip the script. Throw any and all shit you can on the accuser.

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        There is zero reason for the police not having body cams. Literally no justification besides something illegal/crooked/corrupt.

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        That's sickening. He could have lost his job or worse.

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        That laugh in the background>

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        So I should have a recorder every time I'm going on a date

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        They should face additional charges, it's going to make them think twice about lying.

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        if she were a man, she definitely would!

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        this is why police shouldn't be against body cams. I will save them more headaches as long as they are not crooked cops.

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          Or they'll have "mysterious" malfunctions at inopportune times. Or the data will be "lost."

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          Bitch probably used to getting her way with a face and body like that.

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          i think the sexual strategy learned here is never trust women. you should always let her know that you have an ace up ur sleeves. cause if u don't ur gonna get screwed.

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          Having an ace up one's sleeve is a must. But there's a reason it's on the sleeve - because you don't let them know it.

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          No clip makes gross sites like this unmanagable. I refuse to expose my pc to that many scripts with unknown effects and with 15 running scripts on that page, I'm not going to risk allowing them 1 by 1 to see which is the media and which is tracking cookies/sideloaders/etc