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No, stop with the thing. When you click a url you are still visiting the page from your IP and giving them page views. Not to mention that DNL is created by a mega SJW and promotes their agenda.

Use instead.

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Good call. I wasn't sure which one to use. I'll update.

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    I might be wrong about the author, but still, the main page is full of links to feminist sites. Look at the discussions tab.

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    Out of curiosity I went to some of the websites you mentioned.

    Now I'm shivering in the corner with a blanket and a hot bowl of soup.


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    You better check your click-privelige, shitlord!

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    I mistakenly did the same thing.

    Hoping some single malt can wash away the stigma of my male/straight/western/educated/cis/etc privilege

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    Banning dailymail sets you up for a slippery slope and it is subjective on what constitutes a valid site.

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    Letting women vote set up a slippery slope as to what constituted a valid opinion.

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    No that started when we let anyone vote based on just the simple matter of being the citizen of a country. Allowing women the vote just was a further degradation, and slide down into the hellfires of democracy.

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    Or donate $50 to a campaign to expand VAWA to include stare-rape.

    Stare-rape just become part of my lexicon.

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    Since TRP already has bots for automatically deleting post of fresh accounts. Would it be hard to make it so that when a user posts a link to a website on a predetermined blacklist the post gets automatically deleted and the user gets a pm detailing how to is something like

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    Daily Mail, whether you like the paper or not, is not worth banning. If you're going to ban Daily Mail for being sensationalist you may as well ban returnofkings for being sensationalist. Daily Mail do pro-feminist articles as well as articles which make women look bad. In England its popular to hate on the daily mail and disregard it as right wing bullshit, but its about as biased as any other paper out there, not worth blacklisting IMO, it doesn't fit the same profile as the other sites on the list.

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    I agree with this. DM has some of the best anti-feminist articles out there. What they have going for them is that they're not politically correct, and they never will be. They don't care about offending anyone.

    They post BS at times too, but that's hard to avoid when you have a schedule of articles that need to be written to stick to.

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    Oh, I'm not being the final arbiter here. I'm just being the hunter-gatherer for the mods. Anybody that posts a suggestion, I'll throw it up there for consideration. What gets the ban-hammer is ultimately up to SoftHarem and the mod team.

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    It's unlikely that they make any money if you are using Adblock, which I sincerely hope everyone here is using.

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    Adblock. Ghostery. Privacy Badger.

    The problem isn't that you are not going to give them any money, it's where someone else who hasn't secured their browser would inadvertently give them money. is the Vasagel of hyper-linking. Who's to say that these sites aren't hoping you click on their content bait so they can break your anonymity and drop dox?

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    True, but I don't think AdBlock erases the fact that you clicked through to the website. And while AdBlock may stop the ad from generating and therefore denying the site the pennies for that click, the click still gets added to the visitors per month count for the site. This, in turn, allows the site to command more pennies per click the next time they are negotiating with potential advertisers.

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    If someone write a post with a direct link to HuffPo I am no longer going to grace the comment section with an in depth analysis, driving yet more traffic to huffpo, giving them more money. I will simply write "OP is a faggot" in teh comments. And you are, if you give huffpo free money.

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    There's a difference between HuffPo US and HuffPo UK. The former is feminist shit, the latter is actually balanced.

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    That's like saying "my date only has herpes on her mouth"..... just turn and walk away

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    Bad analogy. HPUK has pro-men articles. More MR than RP, but we do have a MR flair here.

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    no its not a bad analogy, the whole point of this whole thread, is to not give your money or attention to support poisonous organizations....just because one wing of HuffPo posts a few good things, doesn't mean we should give their advertisers any incentive to fork over cash to be used on feminist bullshit on their other pages.

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    We do want them getting advertising money for the good articles so they start publishing more of them.

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    That's not the way media works. Sites usually don't place ads on only one kind of article. They are paid for aggregate clicks, and estimated demographics. The site itself might make a designation between number of clicks per page/article, but it isn't going to factor into their ad revenue in a positive way for anti-feminists.

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    They're going to track views for each article independent of how ad-revenue is tracked.

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    And we're never going to win the battle of views against the vaginal circle jerk. at least on a site like that.

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    Not with that attitude. Again, HPUK isn't the same as HPUS.

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    Tumblr is a hot bed of feminism and social justice warriors...

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    Appreciate the moderation help Mr. Whoregan. If anyone has any sites they feel need to be blacklisted kindly list them here. I am updating our Automoderator today, and will be rolling out the changes to the rest of the RP network this evening. Feed me your feminist garbage so we can keep it out of our communities.

    Edit: Thank you to everyone who contributed. The list has been updated and rolled out to the communities.

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    Buzzfeed, Cracked, Jezebel, Salon, Slate, and Gizmodo are others that don't deserve revenue from our sub.

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    Salon, Slate, Jezebel, and Cracked are already on the original list on "Posting Rules & Guidelines". And rightfully so, they are blue pill/feminist fronts/rags for male apologists. But in the interest of inclusion, I'll add Buzzfeed and Gizmodo to the consideration list.

    I understand buzzfeed, but what is the logic for nominating Gizmodo?

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    Same network. I don't play many video games, but following the #GamerGate drama has shown me how SJWs have tried to move their chess piece forward in any male dominated group, including the ones we might also be critical of, behaviorally. Gamers who reject this invasion have put together a blacklist of sites they're refusing to give clicks to, for the same reasons we want to avoid clicking on links. So, while most sites aren't on topic for TRP, here's some pre-chewed food, dude.

    Edit: they've made their own adblock plus filter list and hosted it on github. Leave it to the computer jocks to use the tools correctly. I'm going to look into this.

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    I play maybe 2 hours of PS4 a week, at most, so I'm not really in the "gamer" community and ignorant on a lot of this shit. Thanks for clarifying.

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    I venture a guess that it's because gizmodo and Jezebel are owned by the same company.. Though I have nothing against gizmodo. Their content is usually up my alley.

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    I read that as bad

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    don't feel bad, I often satirize it as "femi-fisting".

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    Can I just say JP Whoregan is a great name? I wish I had been in a funny mood when I created my account.

    Huffington Post Wall is also brilliant.

    For short things screenshots also work, but I imagine most of us knew that.

    [–][deleted] 1 point2 points  (4 children), although it's not often linked here. But I've seen it a few times.

    [–]tallwheel 2 points3 points  (3 children) is my pick for most disgusting, blatant site for self-righteous, attention-whoring, victim-politicking, feminist online SJW's.

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    Home of the fake rape stories for attention and outrage porn!

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    outrage porn

    Is that Big Red recieving some calming D?

    B-because it's n-not like I'd watch that o-or anything.

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    xojane probably bears as much responsibility for the destruction of my marriage as any other single thing.

    What, lady, I pull in mid-six figures working 90 hours a week, do half the housework, nag your ass to do the other half of the housework that doesn't get done, pay for your BMW, support you in your "important" 40 hour a week unpaid volunteer job, and now you're showing me an article that 50% of childcare should become my responsibility?

    In a way I am grateful, because I told that woman I was divorcing her the next day. Turns out a man-hamster can only run so fast; at some point, the wheel breaks and he falls off.

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    Would you say and are also blacklist-worthy?

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    Seeing as how GMP has articles right now titled "Discussing The Cycle of Male Verbal Abuse" and "Marriage Equality Starts With the Name", which is about a man taking a woman's last name in marriage and vice versa...yep. Great ban-hammer candidate.

    The second one speaks for itself. Ugh.

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    I.. I have just gone to see "feminspire" against my better judgment. I saw "Body positive selfies" and "tampons to fender off rapists" and "period shaming"... and... aaaaaahhh ahhhhhhhhh oh my ...aaaaaaahhhhh noooo- i have seen evil, pure, pure unadulterated evil, and she's fat. I can't sleep.

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    I found the tampon dagger especially amusing.

    "That's ok, sweetheart, I wasn't gonna rape you in the pussy, silly little girl!"

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    Puke in your soup. Going to bed with a smile tonight.

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    I don't see why most of this is posted here anyway? I came to TRP for self-improvement, fitness, it's ideas, and some of its PUA tactics from time to time. I do not see why TRP needs a Men's Rights section when there is already an entire subreddit devoted to that topic. I understand there are a lot of guys still in the anger phase, but you all will get out of it eventually.

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    Everybody is aware that /r/mensrights is already a subreddit. So is /r/askmen, and a few other "pro men" subs that I can't think of right now.

    Why does this stuff come up here? A couple reasons, but the primary one is this: language. We are willing to say things here, and say them in a way that is brutally honest, without a veil of political correctness. That is the difference between TRP and other subs that feature elements of MRA.

    /u/Archwinger wrote a phenomenal dissertation today, that you should read, that will better iterate what I'm saying. The guy's a great writer. It was just posted today, so if you read his post history it should be near the top.

    TRP is indeed about self-improvement, but it's also about understanding women and their true nature. A lot of these "femi-blogs" can provide invaluable insight from "within the hen house", and when you read them through a TRP prism, you start to understand TRP concepts a lot more succinctly. We just don't want people hot-linking these articles, hence the point of my post today.

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    Makes sense. I am usually of the opinion that when climbing the ladder everyone is fair game, since no one is in business for love. And any piece of knowledge is useful, especially if it deals with human nature and relationships. Thanks for the info bro, I'll check out his dissertation.

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    Another reason why MRA and other stuff end up on here is because subs like AskMen have with TRP members pulling out of those subs become dominated by beta males and white knights.

    Try telling some chick who's 35 on ask men why noone wants her and you'll find yourself banned from the sub rather quickly... When every man instinctively knows that the older a woman gets the more exponentially higher she will become a spinster with a dozen or so cats occupying her house.

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    I always thought a better method would be compiling a list of manosphere centric sites (blogs, MRA stuff, PUA stuff) and whitelisting that content for direct linking but forcing the use of for everything else.

    However, your method of acquiring a blacklist of feminist dominated crap and blacklisting it is also better than the status quo we have right now.

    Perhaps it may be prudent to also collect a whitelist of manosphere blogs in addition to a blacklist of feminist bullshit sites.

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    There is a second purpose to this list of websites: if you're married or in an LTR, check your gal's browser history. If more than a few percent of what she visits and reads is in this list, you may want to reconsider your long term future with this lass. Because one day it's all going to turn to shit soup on you; you have been warned.

    If you'd like to be able to read the internet without accidentally giving money to sites you disagree with, consider Adblock. The ads aren't even downloaded, so there's no display or clickthrough revenue from them.

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    Rather than a blacklist, what about it white list? Since feminism is every where, assume that it's on all sites until proven innocent. Lol.

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    I don't understand why the mods don't just disable link posts.

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    Because there's nothing wrong with linking Heartiste, Christian McQueen, or even RoK for that matter, or random articles on local news channel websites. And it still wouldn't stop people from direct-linking Jizzabel or Femi-fisting in a text post.

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    Having link posts disabled would at least make them work a little bit. Like adding a summary or something. At the very least I wouldn't accidentally click on them.

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    just realized your relevant username is relevant.

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    lol exactly, I can't help it! I always end up clicking on these fucking femi-blogs. Ugh

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    Clickbait site <>. A clear case of "like Tumblr but..."

    Credit discovery to /u/si1as in a recent post.

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    While not a feminist publication (as far as I'm aware), the Daily Mail is, as our British friends say, "pure shite". We should not be giving them money.

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    I've definitely seen stuff on there trying to be feminist, even if they scatter it with pictures of half naked celebrities. But most mainstream modern media is feminist to some extent.

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    You might as well just stroll into a National Organization for Women office and just give them a $20 bill.

    Except it's more like a $0.02 bill (per click).

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    But if your one single post of an article is responsible for 1000 subsequent click-throughs by other TRP'ers clicking your link, you just made that femi-blog an easy $20 that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

    It's not unreasonable to assume that level of click-throughs nowadays; we have over 70,000 subs. 1000, therefore is only 1 in 7 subs clicking through a top-voted article on a fem sub. Why do we want to help femi-blogs make an extra $20 a day that they don't deserve? Nobody's trying to "ban" the content itself; we're just saying to use to present it here.

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      again, people seem to be missing the point. It's not just a "few hundredths of a cent". It's "just a few hundredths of a cent" when you click it. But when you take that link back to Reddit, post it to TRP, and it winds up on the front page, you're looking at thousands more potential clicks that would not have happened otherwise.

      Now, that feminist website that got "a few thousandths" of a penny off YOUR click, is now gonna get 1000X that (or more) because their link was direct-linked on a pro-man website who's only viewing it to ridicule and/or critique it. The internet doesn't care; a click is a click.

      Secondly, yes, when you drop $5.99 to buy a magazine, you are indeed supporting the content within it, whether you agreed or support it or not.

      Nobody's saying to not read the content. We're saying be responsible in how you post it, and just follow the rules that have been in place for years. That's all.

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      Dude you are relying too much on a slippery slope argument.

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      Glad to see the mods & community stepping up and being responsible with our ever-growing numbers.

      I was wondering why we can't post links to other TRP posts in here. I understand why we can't post links to other subs, that makes a lot of sense. But someone posted recently asking for some TRP recommended books, and I commented with a link to a post here from a couple months ago, and the bot removed my comment even though it was a link to a post on this sub.

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      It's because the bot doesn't know the difference between a trp x-link and an outside x-link. If they got rid of the bot and had to police it manually, it'd be a pain in the ass.

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      Ah got it. So to direct people to other TRP posts, I should use, or just tell them the title so they can search for it.

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      [–]87GNX -1 points0 points  (0 children) should likewise be off-limits. Doubly so since they're essentially just a wrapper for YouTube videos.

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      This post is essentially a big concern troll. On top of that, everybody is self flagellating on how the red pill is a beacon of being able to speak ones minds. To me post like this is just as bad as /r/askhamsters and their safezones and inordinate amount of rules.

      I hardly ever post links, and I most definitely am never going to post any, for fear of breaching some arbitrary rule so I don't upset the safe zone.