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A lot of men don't know this stuff. Or don't know all of this stuff.

There is a folk psychology that tacitly disagrees with plenty of what you've written. Men and women who have bought into that folk psychology would therefore probably find a lot that is "red pill" about the red pill.

There's an investment from both men and women in a lot of naïve blue pill beliefs about the relations between the sexes.

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    If this stuff is really obvious to him, well, hell- great.

    Luckier than most for sure. Like a kid born and raised without religion, obviously it would seem strange and easy to dismiss religion if you weren't brought up in it.

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    It is human nature to ignore uncomfortable truths.

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      Once you understand a topic and can apply its knowledge things just become common sense and you forget what not knowing them is like.

      Remember when you were 19 and you thought you could get a woman to like you by 'upping the niceness and praise' of her? Of course not that seems ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure at a certain age as men we knew this wouldn't work, but we didn't know why it doesn't work or what does work.

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        I can relate. TRP has given and is giving me a key of reading that generally works really well and is able to explain a lot of things that are otherwise considered "unexplainable" or random.

        The term "red pill", as the one from the Matrix film (there may be other similar sources, as for most of the stuff that ended up in Matrix, a patchwork of several pre existing concepts) , suits very well with that mental change, it gives you the ability to see a "matrix" of behaviours.

        It doesn't work always, it doesn't cover everything (for me, at this stage, at least), and the term "red pill" can cover a lot of other "paradigm shifting" subreddits.

        Like NoFap, and DarkEnlightment, for example.

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        I think the better phrase is its nothing we don't know 'deep down'. Apart from the more extreme posts on stuff like women only care about themselves (not absolutely true) women can't love (not absolutely true) and stuff like that I think most of this sub is just common sense and once you've read it you suddenly view the world more openly and accurately.

        Knock the top 10% of this sub out that people consider hating and you have a fairly accurate and acceptable life guide.

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        Yes, and you will likely never learn any of this if you were raised by a single mom.

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        OP is wrong, wrong wrong.

        MUCH of this is NOT well known at all. Almost all of it is hidden like a state secret by the feminine Matrix. I had a GF in college who loved rough, rapey sex but never made the connection between her wet pussy and my dominance because EVERYTHING I had read, every advice column, every woman I asked, every man I asked told me the same lies over and over and over again. I saw the "hawwt' guys in high school get laid every weekend and I did not connect the dominant, confident behavior to their success because of all the lies women told me- every advice column, every book, every piece of literature all told me the same thing. Be a nice guy and the right girl will come along.

        No, this information may seem "obvious" because it IS obvious. But it is not well known. Millions of men flail around trying to please their wives and cannot understand why she would cheat with the tattooed biker when he gave her everything- just like she TOLD HIM she wanted.

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        In defence of every advice column, every book and every piece of literature, the right guy does come along. It just happens that the "advice" (read: propaganda) keeps them in line long enough for her to hit the wall and have the security blanket on the come down.

        Hell, I'd even wager a lot if not most women don't explicitly know all this. The information is implicit within their framework for understanding the world. So what do we do, cry about it?
        Maybe if you're a BB who got cheated on.

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        The reason women give the "the right person will come along" advice is because that is actually how it works for women. Not men. All women have to do is show up and be attractive. That's it. It "just happens" for women because men do all the work in conventional dating. Men have to make it happen.

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        Also, a lot of people don't "get it" until they hit rock bottom. That's life. Why worry about people who are clueless about themselves? Worry about yourself.

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        Advise columns are there to generate sales.

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        Those cheating women think they actually want what they say they want. They then can't stand how that biker or whoever else treats them but keep coming back.

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        TL;DR Obvious isn't the same as well-known. Things are only obvious to people who have the contextual knowledge that makes that thing obvious. Like how it's obvious that there's such a thing as gravity. It's well known NOW, but a few thousand years back nobody knew that. They knew that things fell and that's the way it was, but they didn't know (or care) why.

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        Your tune is juvenile. What do you want us to say - "congratulations, you must be a smart cookie, b/c you consider this stuff obvious, gold star for you?" In Game parlance, you are bragging about being "a Natural". Lame.

        If you really understood TRP, you would realize that a pimp knowing something does not mean it's obvious. Pimps are unique. Their knowledge is not mainstream, even if the Hollywood / MTV Rap Video pimp is well known. A pimp is more than a fuzzy suit.

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        Hidden in plain sight is still hidden. Most of the men who find their way here probably knew half this stuff deep down already, knew they weren't allowed to talk about it, and were missing a crucial component that puts it all together.

        You have to feel most of this shit deep down, "like a splinter in your mind" to be able to choose and swallow the pill. Once you do you get the rest, or maybe just the impetus to change yourself for the better.

        I was aware of lots of the stuff on your list, but I didn't know what a shit test was, why they happened, or the correct response. No one talks about that shit openly anywhere. Just that little piece of knowledge was the keystone I could start building on.

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        I had no idea women tested men. No clue about that stuff until a few years ago. I'd say most clueless beta guys aren't aware of this phenomenon either. And when you figure women initiate divorce 80% of the time, it's a no brainer that's this information is largely unknown to clueless beta husbands who married a recovering slut.

        Women initiate divorce after years of testing their husbands, emasculating them, and finally being so repulsed by what they have become. And that's not even mentioning how many of them during the marriages are getting pounded by their local alphas they've had their eyes on for quite some time.

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        If you know it all, then go enjoy your life.

        Good bye.

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        Fantastic post, great reminders all around.

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        I think most men kind of grow up with a natural red pill outlook. It's a natural state for most guys as a teenager, but they lose it for all sorts of reasons and they sort of fall into limbo into their 20's and 30's.

        All those stress management tips are nice, but it doesn't really prepare you for a crippling case of oneittis that might throw you off the track for years. Or any other traumatic event that the average guy might not see coming.

        The point is ... without all the shitty matrix references... our society in the post-feminist onslaught stage, has become a factory for beta males.

        This sub is here, or should be, to not only remind the community that another standard exists, but be more than willing to .. I hesitate to say "help" because you can only do it yourself, but disseminate the information we all may instinctively know.

        Anyway, good post, but I'm sure a lot of those things you didn't know in those terms - if you're being honest.

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          And men don't really have a community or mechanism to explain these issues.

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          I didn't grow up in america. Italy is a pretty manly place.

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          That would explain a lot. I'm not downvoting you btw. It's a good submission.

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          The information and knowledge collected in this subreddit, the manosphere or 4chan isn't new - that's missing the point of the analogy. As harsh as it sounds, this subreddit caters to the clueless and loser workers explained in Powertalk theory. The sociopaths make up the very top of this 'social understanding' pyramid and do so because they already have succeeded in life, either mentally, socially or financially. Very few red pill users can naturally/realistically be already at the top of their game - most of us will be 'out of the loop' and living the beta life. Maybe a huge portion of hs are naive and gullible - a bunch of clueless losers who can't function normally in society without someone explicitly laying out the steps and reasoning for why things are this way. This makes us sound like retarded manchildren to an expert, but everyone starts somewhere on the spectrum.

          Think math - your family/culture could have taught Calculus in middle school and advance math by late high school. Are other people retarded for graduating high school barely knowing pre-algebra (maybe, but you see my point)? You already know the 'truth', and have utilize it for many years. While you figured it out before everyone else, I assure you there's many men of the world who are still learning. For those barely aware about this, and individuals who willfully ignore this knowledge, they have the worst time of all us. Use your knowledge and share it with the clueless/losers, or succeed with it on your own. You'll probably gain a lot of allies if you successfully convenience a bunch of people - that's an invaluable resource.

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          well put. Can't disagree at all.

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          this strikes a chord with me.

          Looking back, in many ways I was very Red Pill and did not understand how other men would let their wives/S.O's treat them. However, I also had poor communication skills (social anxiety growing) and very little experience in how to properly flirt/game a girl.

          I see trends very apparently and have always gone by peoples' actions rather than words.

          Some Truths I learned since High school: -I knew in high school/college that women loved the badboys and that even good, confident guys were second do them -If you act like a "good guy", women will just assume you are a "nice" guy. you have to be bad, period. -During college, Looks >>>>>>> everything else. Seriously, We lived in a house with 5 guys and there was this one guy we used to give shit to all the time because he was legit dumb (no common sense, low IQ, failed out of community college), but he was extremely good looking and would pull (often drunk) girls all the time. but he was terrible in bed and would often just be awkward as fuck and the girls would go running all the time. It was hilarious, but at the same time disheartening.

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          I know this guy who's pretty stupid too who always pulls decent looking chicks. I can't believe it too because he's kind of pathetic; no goals or aspirations, community college dropout, no talents, only social activity is drinking.. To top it all off, he's a textbook blue pill beta.

          Kid has no problem pulling girls and fucking them, but he doesn't offer any reason for them to stick around so they jump back down to the bar/club next weekend.

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          I have been lurking this sub for a while now, it has been an eye opener. I love the idea of treating women like children for some reason I never practiced that actively. For a long time I had realized that all adults are pretty much children even men. Since I can't post on the subject will someone more experienced create a thread because I'm interested in hearing your views.

          You may question that how are men like children? It's true that women are emotional all of the time and logical a minimal amount of time. In the same way I see that men are the exact opposite.

          I propose: as men our goals are not logical we do not pursue logical targets. Instead we set goals based on emotions and then rely on our logic in order to attain them.

          You may think your goals are logical and I'm spouting nonsense, maybe, but in reality you set those logical goals in order to attain some larger goal that was set based on your emotions.

          TLDR: Men are emotional, but they go about it in a logical way. Set a large emotion based goal => break it down to smaller logical goals to attain it. In the end, we are all controlled by emotions. Most of us are slaves to them.

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          98% of men don't know believe redpill knowledge. 99% don't even know it. Guys in the hood are the most common guys who know it.

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          Most women suck

          That's where you went off on an incorrect tangent. Women are what they are and this sub is about improving yourself and knowing that AWALT.

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          But they do, and not in the sense that "their hypergamy will kick in and do this or that" but that, as human beings, a good deal of women are more shitty than decent people, but this is also true for men. It's more of a "people suck" thing.

          Not trying to be pessimistic or that there aren't good people out there, but you'll find more people trying to screw you over or just plain ignore you than try to do good for you.

          That is just if we judge people's morals. But what of their value as to what they can bring to you? The average person is pretty boring. I myself aren't the most exciting person out there, but I got more hobbies and things to talk about than your average joe who from monday lives to hang on till the weekend so he can get wasted and has nothing else going on his life. Same for women

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          I meant compared to what society tells you. That they are the fairer sex. Intelligent, pure, don't like sex...

          Don't be so dense and take everything literal.

          Society, movies, books, music... the whole entertainment industry gives you wrong expectations about women. Then betas start to fantasise about their "unicorn" and when they get to be with a women reality hits them in the face. In that case most women do suck in their mind. This is why I wrote "and expect other things from them"

          Most women don't have/pursue real hobbies and are "boring" in the eyes of anyone who pedestalized them. Naturally these guys get bitter about it because they have misplaced expactations. It is not in a womans nature to have honor, to be loyal, to have hobbies which fill an intrisic purpose and you should accept woman for what they are. Accept their nature and stop being angry/bitter.

          TL;DR In the eyes of anyone who pedestalizes women, they will suck when he gets to be with one. He should accept their nature and stop being bitter that they don't meet his standards/expectations.

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          I feel like all women will act like bitches, but only if you let them. Like a post from yesterday that compared them to kids

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          Most PEOPLE suck, but like OP states..

          "Things you are doing wrong:

          Expecting people to be perfect."

          The way I see it is, if we can see that someone "sucks" and we know (truthfully) that we are better than that. WE are the ones that have the upper hand in life and there's no reason to be bummed out by it.

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          This post gave me a Dark Triad boner.

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          I agree with you, OP. TRP confirmed things that I've been learning since grade school. My dad was fairly 'red pill' so I guess I have an advantage there. But his dating advise didn't come until my early 20's. Women's 'Plausible Deniability' is a concept that I have struggled with since grade school but couldn't quite put my finger on it, and TRP has confirmed my exact thoughts. I think the people on here who are adversely reacting to your post are just sore that they didn't see all this themselves.

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          You forgot the CC, the wall, divorce rape, outcome independence, having a mission and many other key topics in TRP. RP is the natural state of things but societal conditioning makes us think otherwise. For me, this community helped to put everything together and continuously reinforce it. I would say it's changed my life.

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          Divorce rape is MRA stuff.

          Outcome independence follows naturally if you are successful.

          Having a mission is becoming in-disposable and personal growth.

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          Cock carousel are you serious?

          Just saying you show me something else that puts it all together like TRP.

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          The CC can be easily observed when you hit the clubs

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          If you're unsuccessful? Like the majority of men? All the while people are just telling you to just be nice while at the same time shaming you for being single?

          The fact is that it's complicated. All the hot girls have outcome independence (to the Nth degree) while only a small minority of men have it. It's a cycle that the vast majority do not understand nor will they ever. Even TRP does not have all the answers. TRP cannot account for life past that of a 50 y/o bachelor without kids when the answer is just become a millionaire. This shit should be common knowledge but it's not. That is plain to see.

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          You're pretty close minded for assuming every man grew up the same way you did. But I do agree with you about the posts. Too many qq threads and not enough useful information

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          In all honesty, the final step of being red pill is to LEAVE the community. Once you've learned what you need to know, it's time to leave.

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          And leave this place to the newbs/intermediates/moderates? cough r/seduction cough

          I understand what you mean. Circlejerking won't help much other than to better refine your points, but the community is as much about helping each other as helping ourselves.

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          Yep. Neo took the red pill and moved forward. He didn't take it and sit around with Morpheus talking about how great it was to take it; he used it.

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          You never stop learning, as a general rule of life.

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          Learning through living, not reading blue pill horror stories.

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          Never hurts to sharpen the saw, even the most experienced vets can learn something new.

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          Phenomenally tight, strong post.

          That's exactly what the Red Pill is though: A tightly organized group of strong masculine thoughts. Many of us have floated around all these ideas in one way or another. There's a lot of noise in the world that jumbles this information to serve different purposes. To have them all laid out and interconnected can be mind blowing.

          A good ball player knows a good jumper is useful, strong defense is necessary, and attacking the rim gets buckets. Jordan knew all that in college. He started winning NBA championships when the game slowed down and he tied it all together. Phil Jackson was a great mentor for Jordan and Kobe; showed them the code. Thanks to Rollo and many others for being our Phil.

          The connection of everything in Red Pill is key.

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          The analogy dates back, you will learn that metaphors are the key to efficient communication. If you explain something with an image it's much easier to get your point accross.

          Your article sums things well. But what I think you failed to point out is that there is a difference between "this is common knowledge" and accepting reality. Modern Beta men dream of romance.

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          I understand the analogy.

          About your second paragraph:

          It is freedom to say that 2+2=4

          You are probably correct. Some guy makes a basic observation, society says that this is wrong and he adapts what society tells him.

          "2+2=5 and anyone who disagrees is a bitter virgin macho nerd". And you have to forget that you actually thought 2+2=4, because that thought itself is sexist. Doublethink at its best.

          Modern Beta men dream of romance.

          I originally wanted to add this paragraph but dropped it because it is too obvious:

          Unconditional Love

          Honestly, unconditional love, that concept makes as much sense as god or santa. Whishful thinking... (originally it was longer, but I can't be bothered to write it and you got the gist of it)

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          Unconditional Love, is another way of saying "Taking your SO's affection for granted".

          Which actually sounds kinda ugly if you put it that way.

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          This is the best post about dealing with life in general, that I have ever read. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Its so wonderfully concise.

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          This is how I see it. If you disagree, I got no problem with that.

          It seems like it's well known because these behaviors were biologically engineered into us. It's only due to the current society values we were taught that our natural instinct gets buried. Once we take TRP, we rediscover these natural instincts which is why it feels like you've known these things all along

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          OP is right that a lot of red pill knowledge already exists in other forms as part of other disciplines. And sure I've read about these topics in my life but the red pill resonated with me more than these other articles because it provided great context to understand the information in. I mean sure I always knew that girls are attracted to confidence but the articles out there simply tell you to be confident, they don't mention where true confidence is derived from quite like red pill does. And growing up I've always felt something was wrong with society but red pill confirmed it and outlined exactly what was off and how to make the best out of the circumstance so that I would not spend the rest of my life lost about what to do. The things that OP outlined simply provided a solution but the red pill explains why there is even a problem to begin with.

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          Damn, fantastic post!

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          I'm conflicted on this post. I downvoted it because of the arrogant tone, but I saved it because it's actually an excellent summary of TRP.

          The way I see TRP is that there are some instincts and behaviors that will lead us to be successful with women and in life in general, and some that will work against us. There is a lot of bad advice out there, but I have pretty consistently gotten good advice from here.

          Some of the strategies discussed here seem intuitively obvious in retrospect because they are congruent with our best instincts. Still, it helps all of us to have them put into words and to have a safe place to discuss concepts that polite society (really the feminine social matrix) shuns.

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          I downvoted it because of the arrogant tone

          I will take that as a compliment.

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          No need to game me brah, I don't swing that way.

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          I see your neg hit, and I'll raise you a peacocking.

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          OP, you have a good point. The Red Pill didn't necessarily invent all of its core tenets on its own, but what's good about this place is that it brings all of these ideas together under one philosophy towards a common goal - self improvement and sexual success. If you were to look for this information anywhere else, how many places or subreddits would you have to visit in order to get everything we talk about here?

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          One other unique aspect of TRP. It's one of the few places you can speak negatively about the shitty stuff women do without being attacked for voicing the information. Show me anywhere else online that this can be done.

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          Anywhere in the manosphere. And 4chan.

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          Great summary, which highlights many of the topics relevant to the RP.

          The red pill aims to open your eyes, not being a dating guide.

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          TRP is more of a confirmation...hence the reference to the Matrix...plenty people "wonder" or "assume" they know about relationships, women, etc. Here you get a breakdown of all the fucked up shit women do, the bad things men do to themselves, and how to improve yourself...

          I figured the analogy was handled in the title...

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          The culture has been controlled by the Left for the last 40 years, of which Feminism and it's all out assault on masculinity has had a detrimental effect on men, beginning in earliest boyhood, as evidenced most recently by the castrating effects of medications like Ritalin. Conservative culture with it's Christian slant on masculinity and it's pedestalizing of women has created a false narrative for Men with it's culture of male service and sacrifice to the exclusion of the Man himself. Men have been caught in a pincer movement where, although the ideologies are culturally and politically competing, they have both served to suppress and confuse that which we innately know: that Masculinity is the only true and creative force, complete in and of itself, requiring neither permission or modification, thereby needing no fulfillment or validation from the Feminine. The truth is not new, but it has been buried, stifled, and disguised. I'm one grateful that it's out there for any to see who so wish. It's is that small quiet voice in every man's inner self telling him that either all is right or there is something terribly wrong. Forums like these simply confirm that intuition.

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          The sidebar has excellent written descriptions of everything Red Pill related.

          The threads (like this one) are so people of "lessor" development can be assisted by those further along.

          We are trying to help ALL men of all races, all countries, be better men.

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            The halo effect is the heart of game. Love yourself, be over-confident, slightly cocky and everyone will think better of you.

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            I guess the point of this sub is to keep from having to reinvent the wheel. Red pill is also a lot of info and practice to keep track of for a noob, and this sub helps.

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            What is so offensive about this post? This isn't revolutionary thinking, but if you actually admit that men != women, people will be taking pictures with signs and assigning you a hashtag cause before you can blink.

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            the dos and donts towards the end just taught me some really good life lessons, in all honesty

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            I feel like Fight Club was a movie about the red pill.

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            When I think of a "narcissistic egoist" I think of Axl Rose. If that's one of the characteristics of being an "Alpha" then no thanks. I'll just stay "Beta" as fuck. Axl Rose is top tier douchbag.

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            Learning how to do all this is why we are all here. Chill the fuck out and let people learn and find out what benefits them. I don't know you or who you are but I am almost certain that if you swallowed the red pill, you didn't transform over night into what we call an alpha. Any notable thread emphasizes that none of this is easy. We are all here to start down a road that we carve for ourselves. There's no need to rush it. When you rush it, you make stupid moves. Focus more on spreading the word and hoping you make a difference so another fellow man doesn't need to experience pointless heartache. I'm here to learn not to get lectured.

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            This subreddit has been turning to shit lately.

            Most of it is "blaming women for your problems" instead of trying to fix them yourself.

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            It's true. I haven been here too long but I'm starting to see it like that.

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            I think you mean narcissists appear confident. But the truth is most narcissists are desperately insecure. I don't understand the red pill's infatuation with narcissism. I think the red pill idealizes it to the point that it becomes it is no longer distinguishable from the way the personality disorder actually appears in people. If you know real narcissists, they're not people you want to be like.

            I think the red pill wants narcissists to be the way narcissists see themselves, not the way narcissists actually are. Narcissists usually have terrible self-image problems. Some may be exceptional with women, but I would rather not have women and not be a narcissist and then have women and be one. That being said, you certainly don't need to be a narcissist to get women. I know what narcissists are like because I've been around them all my life and let me tell you, most of them are miserable people. Not people I want to be like at all.

            Narcissism is not something to strive for and it doesn't make you more of a man. It makes you an ass to be around. It will ruin your relationships. The alpha male doesn't need to a narcissist to get what he wants.

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            You won't become a narcist when you embrace their traits. You will learn to love yourself, become overconfident and thanks to the halo effect and some other stuff you will become more attractive.

            Now we have another problem, namely that people hate it when other people show off or make a big deal out of everything.

            But the truth is most narcissists are desperately insecure.

            Even if they are seeking for validation women will still think they did stuff better than anyone else.

            [–]platochronic 0 points1 point  (0 children)

            I'm just saying what you're describing isn't what narcissism is really like. Narcissism is a serious problem. And narcissists aren't necessarily more attractive people either. Some narcissists just want to be the center of attention, they don't even care if it's bad attention. Narcissism doesn't mean the person will be a confident person either. I think the red pill is mistaking the effect for the cause. I think it's entirely possible some of the most attractive people are narcissists, but I don't think their narcissism is what made them attractive.

            I'm not saying that the red pill is wrong in this theory, but I do think calling an assertive, confident nature narcissism is a misnomer to the the destructive force of narcissists. Narcissism is a spectrum disorder, but it can be a very serious character flaw, not something to be desired.. Malignant narcissism is the term of narcissism's highest form. Many psychologists believe they are emotionally stunted on a level for their childhood.

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            Hey man, glad you know about it, but not everybody does. That's why this exists.

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              That women who go on a journey "to find themselves" and slut around are bad LTR material.

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              Have you watched the new series of Doctor Who, or Torchwood? We've got a perception filter, and taking the pill means the filter no longer affects us.