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You didn't mention women once, yet this is as RP as anything in the sidebar. Great post brother, keep 'em coming!

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Well thats the point of monk mode, to avoid distractions & succeed

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To your point, monk mode is an unsustainable extreme for people who are just emerging from a life of unconscious, animalistic instant gratification. Having friends & a girl or two while focusing on goals is the optimal way to go. Alas, this medium can only be reached after having experienced the extremes of actualization as well as decadence.

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There's a lot more to life than pussy: do it right and the windfall of chicks "just running into you and saying hi" to "accidentally" end up in your bed a few hours later will be more than enough to keep you focused on your goals.

Alas, RP is mostly about maximizing one's SMV & effectively bargaining with it so I'd like to stress that Monk Mode should never be used as an excuse to hamster your way out of approaching or doing things that make you uncomfortable. Don't use it as an avoidance mechanism, what you fear and are uncomfortable of should be in your targets. It's meant to let you spend more energy on challenging yourself by stripping out the noise and distractions.

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weird right? since this is a subreddit of misogyny right?

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TRP hating cherry pickers will overlook this when looking for examples to demonize it.

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I've been doing this a lot with my phone. Whenever I pick it up, I set it immediately down if I can't answer the "why."

Small distractions can add up quickly if we don't define our intent.

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If you've not done this, do it now. You will likely be appalled at how much time and mental energy along with bonus attraction this nets you.

You waste time on social media when you think to do so, not at the beck and call of a chirp or light flashing on your phone, it would make slaves of all of us.

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Wow, I've been doing that lately. Now my phone's always on silent mode, I don't even have it in my hand while shitting.

Monk Mode is speaking to me. I'll be converting this post to .txt for printable reading.

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I don't even have it in my hand while shitting.

That's some Mr. Miyagi level mastery dude

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Here is my approach - I call it Awesome Life Plan template, and it is made directly in Google Sheets:

Basically it consists of a few global todo lists (columns) - Money, Looks, Personality, Status + Personal Accomplishments + Purchases, within a certain timeframe (1 year is good). Items currently in work are typically orange, items completed are green. In the grand scheme of things money is the most important fuel driving my self-improvement, so they come first. Certain amount of funds per month open certain doors and possibilities, and that's how items in other columns get completed. For example, making X amount per month you can afford living in desired apartment, invest in your looks and hobbies and travel to certain places.

Basically, its a nice example of gamification of your life and can be really fun - especially once you start achieving things, 'unlocking' new lifestyles and get sucked into self-improvement.

EDIT: If you have question on organizing it, please welcome.

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gamification of your life

I've played around with this, it works well although close-ended goals with concrete time frames don't, they seem like hollow victories which is why I opted for intrinsically rewarding open-ended goals which don't have an ending.

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    Could you please send me that sheet too?

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    One of the most concise posts I have seen here. Thank you.

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    Solid self-reflection practice. I know personally I need to become more aware and take more self-control over vices. Make excuses or make progress; you dictate your future.

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    Great post, I've never heard of this method.

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    How are recreations suppoesd to fit in the role model ? I mean I can get it if I like drawing, it could go like "Developping my drawing skills to be able to create visual worlds like Disney", but... what about Video-games, if that's a hobbie I want to pick ? Or about going out with friends ? One might pick smoking weed, what would that bring him ?

    Are hobbies supposed to be bringing you something, or are they real recreations - just a damn break?

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      Yeah, but "Hobbies" are supposed to have you take a break, right ? Weed doesn't bring anything to the table either.

      That's my question : should hobbies always brind something to the table ? Can't they be limited time you allow yourself to waist to let your brain/body rest from all other activities ?

      I'm not talking about some kind of nolife hobbie, but something you manage, as the rest. Frank Underwood plays CoD, does that bring him anything ? No. But it helps him rest, and that brings something to the table.

      Am I clear ? ^

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        The central question was basically : are all hobbies supposed to bring something to the table or are they time off ?

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        Hobbies in this sense must bring something to the table. It is a productive skill, craft, or art that is separate from your career. While it may be enjoyable, relaxing, or revitalizing it is distinct from purely leisurely activities.

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        Someone posted in one of the motivation subreddits I subscribe to a this image of the three hobbies everyone should have. I really like this idea and have tried to keep to it.

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        Do you really want to choose hobbies based on how you might have to explain them to women?

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          It sure does, and you sure do.

          No you, perse, but the abstract 'one' of self.

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          I don't know if you can do a textbook definition of healthy vs non-healthy hobbies, but I think we all know which ones are which.

          Painting, carpentry, working on cars, martial arts, writing, hiking, hunting. These are things that add to our life beyond the hobby.

          Video games, watching TV, movies. These are things which are relaxing, but they add no value to your life outside of the original gratification. They are also time sinks.

          A hobby is something you can do with your free time that won't make you feel like the time was wasted when you're done.

          Sometimes an activity for one person could be one thing and another for a different person. Golf is a good example. If you're playing golf on a sunday while drinking brewskis to get some relaxation, you're wasting time (not saying there's no place for it, but you're life isn't being enriched outside of the activity itself). If you're working on your golf game because you want to get better so you can improve your social status, that may be a healthy hobby.

          My neighbor sits at home all sunday every sunday watching football. Not a healthy hobby. I don't watch that many sports, but I'm working on spending more time with guy friends. Watching football on a sunday would probably be a healthy hobby for me right now, because it would be supporting my mission right now.

          I think we all know what are the healthy and unhealthy things in our life. The hobbies we choose to spend time in should be reflective of healthy activities IMO. Unhealthy hobbies should be used sparingly.

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          Note for it here:

          Next, add purpose. If you don't know why, re-evaluate.

          If there ain't a good reason for you to be doing something, don't. Recreations can go in Hazards / Vices if they cause you to waste time. Gaming is probably bad, going out is alright, not here to arbitrate weed - your choice.

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          Thanks for your answer. Can an hobby be "to decompress" as would meditation be ? (Damn, seems like I'm looking for excuses...)

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          Can an hobby be "to decompress" as would meditation be ?

          If you enjoy meditation that much, yeah. To me, hobbies are something you enjoy which also provides benefit.

          ...Or at the very least isn't to your detriment, unlike drinking, gambling, video games, nightlife and similar things.

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          I would argue that gaming has more positives than negatives depending on what you play and how much you play.

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          Thanks for this post, great stuff. I'm going to start doing this.

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            Give me an example of a vice or daily routine item and I'll help out

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              Vice: weed

              Avoid weed to become more productive / lucid [like whoever] ...adding role models for some of these is very tacky: skip this step if you can't find a good one, but do try. They help with Visualizing your goal - a critical mental trick.

              Routine: tidiness

              Be organized to increase free time & be able to invite people over [like ..]. Role model is tacky but helps Visualize.

              Above are just examples of why those would be important for me.

              Your purpose has to be relevant and important to you on a visceral level for it to work seamlessly. When you envision the negative consequences of foregoing this goal or the positive consequences of attaining it, you should feel stuff ...these will be most effective when you find a way to relate them to your hind-brain (re-do if you can't).

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              Excellent idea, with the paper; I recommend additionally writing a journal to help keep your thoughts in order.

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                It can be argued that weight loss and gain can be made with just calories and macros, but I dont think anyone realistically thinks overall health can be said to be such.

                Watch the transfats and preservatives. That stuff WILL literally kill you.

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                When it comes to dieting what sources of infomation did you learn from ? I've looked over at /r/fitness & starting a lifting routine but was curious if there is any other websites you would recommand

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                You might want to have a look at

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                Exactly what i was looking for cheers mate

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                You dont need to do all that, simply making an effort to isolate oneself is monk mode. You can still do all the things you love to do, it just means learning to make people earn, and thus cherish your time.

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                You dont need to do all that, simply making an effort to isolate oneself is monk mode.

                Effort is a tiring, exhaustive affair which, in & of itself, seldom produces results. A clear, succinct list of what you wish to do, why you wish to do it & what that looks like, on the other hand, gives you more doing and less trying.

                The amount of actual work involved in this is about 15 minutes a day, several days apart: miniscule. But how much "trying" will become "doing" once you gain clarity from spending the time to do it? The bottom line is about impact.

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                This reminds me of another book I read titled Dominate. Figure out what you want, make a game plan, execute in the field, study, repeat.

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                this is the day EMSK crow have finally found one another and taken over the red pill.

                to be more adaptable and resourceful (2) Elon Musk(3).

                yesterday tesla today musk, stop voshiping idols dudes.

                There are inside gains, you do in front of the mirror and outer gains that other people notice. The more time you spend in front of the mirror and repeat motivational quotes wishing for the man you want to become, thes less time you spend conquering society.

                Monk mode is for those among us who are to weak to face society head on, not for those of us who find it uncomfortable. The gains are out there, not inside. And you will not get better by being a cave troll.

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                I must disagree with you, sir. You should not depend on society's judgment to feel good. You must not let other judge of wether you are successful or not, because that's giving other power over you.

                You are the only judge of your life, thus you should put aside judgement from people you don't care for.

                I recommand selecting a few people you know you trust the deepest to be some kind of the guardians of who you want to be, that would be there to remind you of who you want to be when you get lost in some dark path. Other than that, the look of other people must not matter to you, as that would mean you live for them, and not for you.

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                This is not about feeling good, this is about succeeding. Success in your head means literally nothing.

                This self improvement jerkfest is a consequence of the self esteem culture. If you are the best niddlepointer in the state you feel good, but in fact you are just another looser.

                I very much disagree with your attitude, and I find it very toxic.

                We are not in the business of making losers feel better about their biceps, we are in the business of making losers loose the attitude, admit their shortcomings and improve to become actual high value members of society.

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                If your success depends on others, then you are the one doing it wrong, and you'll never be happy.

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                If your success doesn't matter to anyone but you, you are masturbating.

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                Yeah... Guess we won't agree on that one. Happens.

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                No we won't, self improvement, without real life improvement is pointless. It only rubs your ego and makes you ignore the real issues that make your life suck.

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                But is becoming high value in a society whose own values are superficial and meaningless as important as the acquisition of personal actualization?

                You're right in saying that feeling good about yourself without providing demonstrable success does little to raise ones place in society. But is a society which repudiates masculinity and places value on aesthetics and generally meaningless pursuits worth more than ones own development as a man?

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                But is becoming high value in a society whose own values are superficial and meaningless as important as the acquisition of personal actualization?

                Yes, because even a shity kindom of a 1000 is better than rulling supreme over a population of one.

                Before anything else we are created to succed and find joy in the world. Minimising the relevance of that world or self indulging in ones own masturbatory improvement, are defensive attitudes that are extremely unhealthy. Like with everything ego related, if it feels good, it's probably bad for you. You can feel good about yourself for eating cheese it technically makes you a better person, its a skill, but it doesn't make you happier, it doesn't elevate your life to another level, your are just becoming more of the same.

                But is a society which repudiates masculinity and places value on aesthetics and generally meaningless pursuits worth more than ones own development as a man?

                Is giving a dog a treat make you the dogs slave? You conquer whatever society you have access to, for yourself, for your development, real development, changing your function and roles: becoming an adult, a SO, a employer, a partner, a friend a father a husband a boss a mentor and eventually a grandfather. That is real evolution. That is what modern men that hang out on self improvement forums like EMSK lack, the ability to leave their childish (arbitrary) goals behind and focusing on actually promoting in a superior league.