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In other words, bring your sexuality to the table. Don't suppress it. Don't be ashamed of it.

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    But damn its crazy to think so many guys tried to win girls over by being "nice" and just carrying on conversation.

    But that's what we were told to do, by just about everyone.

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    Yep. If this didn't need to be spelled out plain and blunt like this, this subreddit wouldn't exist. I needed it. Still do need to hear it, honestly.

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    The shit thing is this is how deep women's analysis went. They were too entrenched in themselves and their feelz to see the difference between what successfully captivated them and what failed.

    So they called anything 'nice'. You ever notice how many males fall under that term?

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      Why are you shocked that the majority of men haven't discovered these messages, when you realise you were an anomaly?

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        Actually they really did: the reason "red" pill exists is to defy the matrix, fraud, "blue" pill, that was manufactured in the last few decades. A century ago none of this was secret or mysterious. A "nice guy" 100 years ago was so enough to show dignity of himself & his family but was no pushover to women. The very notion would offend because women were unfit to be in charge of shit. They still are in many ways, certainly in relationships, though in some intellectual matters some have certainly proven themselves. They are simply rare.

        Poetry doesn't fucking count, bitches.

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        the amount of men in the world that never discovered these messages

        We are taught to suppress our sexuality.

        Rarely are men allowed or encouraged to pursue, be aggressive, and think sexually.

        All that is naughty and must be shamed.

        I don't know where you come from that you avoided those pernicious messages, but I envy you.

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        I grew up in NYC, grammar school, high school, college, never had much taught to me about girls and sexuality, in fact I came from a strict Catholic upbringing(grandmother), i guess the tough climate of growing up in NYC combined with the strictness provided a context for me to be both assertive, confident and rebellious. In truth I just ended up not really giving two fucks.

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        Some things people know, some things people don't. Everyone comes here from somewhere. Always learning, always confirming.

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        That sounds like the beginning of a novel about life in the streets

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        Been lurking for a while, but TRP has hit me like a ton of bricks and it all seems so clear to me now. to me, it's all about putting EXACTLY what you want out there, and if the woman you're talking to isn't into it, move on and find someone else.

        Obviously a little tact is needed, but once you're beyond intros, no need to beat around the bush, in my opinion.

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        Yea man but honestly I've heard this said exactly this way so many times before and really like his explanation better

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        To each their own. I'm not replacing his post. Just made a short, complimentary summary of OP.

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        Fair enough, and you aren't wrong or anything. Different people understand things differently

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        Another way to look at this: when you talk to women you want to sleep with, think the thoughts while you talk to them. Think about everything you want to do to them. Imagine every dirty detail. While you are talking to them and thinking all of these things, I swear to the gods women will pick up the vibe. If they are into you, you will pick up the same vibe coming from them. And no I'm not joking. Try this when you talk to women and notice how different they react to your vibe. Its kind of amazing.

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        It's true. The biggest spark to her interest is showing yours. To start. The next biggest thing is if she feels she has to pursue you & will do so if you're high enough value to her there in the moment. She'll also feel, some will admit, turned on by your pursuit but there must be a balance. If you pursue her enough she feels she's the prize you took it too far. She may want to feel you have to overcome some anti-slut defense but if she is unchallenged you're low value in some way and she'll have that dig into her until she goes with it, even if you get a lay or two out of it.

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        Yeah I believe its the guys job to bring sex into the conversation. This might piss some girls off which is actually good. If you're not pissing a few girls off from time to time something is wrong. However if they ALL get pissed off by it, then you are not bringing in enough positivity behind it.

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        top story: sexual people have more sex.

        film at 11.

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        It seems like common sense but even I, Pimp Daddy Gold_Mouth, have to remind myself that I'm not talking to this girl to be BFFs.

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        Hello fellow elder.

        The youngin's don't say 'film' anymore any more frequently than they refer to polaroids.

        You'd struggle to even find a comedy movie with a "film at 11" joke in it because almost no one has even seen film or used that word in so long. No joke.

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        Jesus, if I could just feel horny and have sexual drive all the time I would never had problems with chicks.

        Everytime I feel the drive I get the chick. I do not have to even think about it.

        Problem is, how to get a chick when I am without drive, and how to have the drive all the time.

        Sometimes I even feel I am repressing it unconsciously. Anybody else?

        And definitely, voice and body language change. When you have a bulge down there, you talk like fucking James Bond.

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        First of all, stop watching porn. Put the nsfw filter on in RES that will help substantially.

        Try limiting the amount of fapping you do. Once a week is healthy but it you have been fapping twice a day for the last 10 years you might want to try nofap for atleast a month and see how you feel.

        Read the book of pook. It helped me with embracing my sexuality.

        Good luck!

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        Hold on.

        If you don't feel horny, sure, try not fapping.

        Never ever go to /r/nofap though, 'tis a silly place.

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          not for everyone. Porn itself isn't unhealthy. The key is the self: I don't get "high" from porn, I'm not driven by it or to it, it has no special importance to me. If it does for you being "pornfree" isn't as important as asking WHY you even feel this way. I sure don't. I'm not "in the mood" for sex right now and I feel nothing more for seeing a short video of a girl fingering herself than seeing the page-source in HTML for this exact page I'm submitting a comment on.

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          Way too many kids in there. Fortunately it led me here. Self improvement should be a natural progression.

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          Why is it silly? It's self improvement. The people there are only looking to improve their lives, I don't see what's silly about that..

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          It's riddled with broscience and 'health' benefits elitism too.

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          a lot of guys there are beta as fuck. Some are even abstaining from masturbating and sex until they get married.

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          You realize that they are mastubating/porn addicts right? I'm not nofaps captain or anything, but too much of anything is a bad thing. And when you cant stop doing it, sometimes you need people to help you out of it if you're struggling. That goes for anything man.

          Some people can just have one drink, others can't. We are all different. It is a community that needs to be there. If you can masturbate and have sex and it isn't effecting you, well great! But I don't feel its your call to say people are beta because they're in need of help. People talk shit about NoFap, but they forget it is a place for ADDICTS. If you don't have a problem with fapping, good on you man.. But you are not the same as everyone else.

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          Great job on completely misinterpreting my comment. Porn/masturbation addicts abstaining from their addiction is great. Virgin/Omega dudes encouraged to be celibate until they get married is retarded.

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          nobody tells anyone they can't have sex until marriage. I don't know where you got that from, but ive never seen anyone say it at all. Its nofap, not nosex. I feel like either you're just pulling shit out of your ass, or you saw one thing and assumed that NoFap has an agenda against people that decide to have sex before marriage. Its one or the other bud, because I've never heard this. And it isn't in the sidebar.

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          It's self-destruction posing as self-improvement. What's silly is nofap kills the sex drive of men who aren't sex-addicts which is really bad for us. OR if you have enough time from being rich enough not to work and you can get pussy on command several times a day every day, fine, do that, but depriving a man of an orgasm when his drive says he wants it will hurt his sex drive long-term. Erase it. Very bad.

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          They are a cult who attribute fantastic (literally) things to the fact that they're not masturbating. It's absolutely ridiculous how they think that a healthy relationship to masturbation is impossible, simply because they're porn and masturbation addicts. It's as if the AA-people went out to bars and started telling people how their alcohol consume is damaging their lives.

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          Sort of. There's a huge stigma with masturbation, doctors tell you its good for you, but frequent (yes, frequent) episodes have been linked to things like: Depression, Anxiety.. Etc. The lesson is everything in moderation. NoFap gets it slightly wrong because its No Fap. You can do it and it be completely healthy, but if you eat say too many cookies, you're going to get fat. That's just how it works.

          NoFap is for porn addicts looking for a brain reboot. It isn't designed to keep people from masturbation. Its for addicts. Let's just make that clear. Addicts helping other addicts to not fap.

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          NoFap is for porn addicts looking for a brain reboot. It isn't designed to keep people from masturbation. Its for addicts. Let's just make that clear. Addicts helping other addicts to not fap.

          Yes! Absolutely. The problem is just that they don't stop with addicts. There's definetly a few people in there who pretend it's for everyone and can't even imagine masturbating in a healthy manner. NoFap is definetly the right thing for addicts but unless you are actually noticing detrimental effects on your life - Don't.

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          No reason getting off twice a day would be bad: sex or masturbation. When I "lived with" a girlfriend (her place, just was there a lot, never actually moved in) I'd fuck her 2 to 3 times daily every day. That's what my sex drive is supposed to be like and if I damage it that's bad for me. I wouldn't dare repeat that mistake. Ever.

          Women are impressed, I am impressed, when I can perform 3x/day. I'm highly unimpressed when nofap shuts this off and then I can't do it. The only thing in my entire life that ever stopped me from getting it on is:

          1) nofap

          2) cocaine

          3) lack of trust/familiarity with the woman. If anything in me redflags her as the kind of bitch that would use sex to manipulate me, cry false rape or try to get pregnant when I don't want it, I'm going to have to fight that all the way or have to give up.

          Nofap killed my sex drive like doing a gram of cocaine every day for months. Way bad.

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          Research taoist sex practices. These women are draining you of your life force which could be used to improve yourself by building muscle and achieving knowledge.

          More than once a day if you are older than 30 is not really beneficial.

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          It's the slave-economy, slave-culture we live in: you need to be so on-point with so many things all the time to manage complexities of life it can rob you of the freedom of mind to ignore those things, let them wait, and then think about something fun. The fun can be robbed right out of you by working 45+ hours/week or having big debts & no clear plan to pay them. It's the plan of the bankster mafia that one way or another funds feminists, every political party, every car loan & home loan, and etc.

          The trick is to find the right work/life balance, offload what you can to a later time or a computer so it can remind/calculate for you & then enjoy life. Once your mind is more free your sex drive will be too.

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          After all, it's for his benefit you are talking to her in the first place.

          It's for her benefit; she can accept you or it's her loss

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          I agree. When talking to a potential lay, think about what you are going to do to her all the time. This is going to reflect in your actions, words and especially eyes.

          Girls can sense it and it makes them incredibly horny

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          I do this. It's great to be talking to someone while mentally fucking them against a wall. Then an hour later literally fucking them against a wall. It's empowering.

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          The reason I ended up finding this sub was because of a girl who basically "shamed" me because i wanted to continue fucking her. It went from "you make me cum so hard" to essentially, "ew get the fuck away from me". I beat myself up for a long time but I eventually realized that I'm comfortable in my own skin and the fact that I want to fuck doesnt make me "gross" even though women who are not attracted to you will try to make you feel that way. At least now i'll be able to know when their interest level is low and not continue to pursue them. I realized a lot of women are like this in that.. when they are finally unattracted to you they will try and turn the tables and in their mind, will turn back the clock so to speak. its like, bitch dont act like i didnt have you bent over moaning for more just because you regret having sex with me for whatever reason. Seriously, dont ever let a girl make you feel bad about yourself for wanting to fuck them.

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          Yup. She's lying to herself out loud. If you were "gross" she wouldn't fuck you and say you make her cum so hard. She thinks you're the one that needs convincing but it's her.

          Either you did something very beta or you didn't and she found another guy to fuck and this is her way to lie to herself to say she really only wanted 1 guy not 2 at the same time like the slut she probably is. She knows it's wrong of her but she can't admit she does wrong & likes it - she has to deny the reality & re-frame it entirely.

          A man need only dismiss her every word to keep his own frame and even silence will do that.

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          It was a combination of both. I didn't realize her interest level was low but kept pursuing her. It was a while ago but one of those situations where you convince yourself opposite of the reality. I.e. "If she said she loves me it must be true!" Anyway she dumped my ass and then began dating this dude like a week later to my knowledge. She knew him the entire time we were together. It was my fault for trusting her and deluding myself. She wasn't worth the emotional turmoil I suffered but it was a few great life lessons learned very fast. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before that guy has a rude awakening too.

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          Depends. Odds are he fucked her while you were and will expect it when she moves on.

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          I don't think he ever knew about me. She was a sneaky one she played me really well. They're actually in a relationship now. It was a horrible feeling at the time but pre-RP I had no knowledge of red flags and now I know how to spot them.

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          I've always done this, it's pretty much involuntary for me. Back in my beta days I used to try and suppress it and to try and distract myself so as to not look like a creep. Realized after the pill that it works wonders.

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          Exactly. I used to suppress it. Suppress. That's the word I missed out.

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          it sounds so simple. But this has been one of my favorite posts on trp since I started here about 3 months ago. Saved.

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          BAHAHAHAHA. truth. if u want to bang don't hide it. let it flow through your body. she will sense it and reciprocate.

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          Thanks for this post. Adds abit of food for thought.

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          this is a great post, and I agree 100%. nothing turns a woman off more than trying to 'intellectually' engage her..

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          TRP is great. I don't know that I'll ever be fully submerged yet, I remember that "Aha!" moment so long ago.

          It was the "well, she can complain about her boyfriend to me now because she just swallowed me."

          It was that defining moment that I wasnt a shoulder for her to cry on, but her pacifier – literally. She couldn't cry or complain because her mouth was busy.

          From that moment, I wasnt RP in the traditional sense but RP in that, if you want me to console you, you need to pay up front.

          And yes, even our conversations started with me "talking with my cock," not my brain. Most definitely.

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          "I'm the greatest pirate hunter in the world!"

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          Will be putting into practice. I've got some good things to gain from this idea, and its going to stem long into my conciousness.

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          That's probably where the word cocky comes from.

          The word "cock" comes from the Rooster, which is also called a "cock." Just like the term 'old hen' comes from female chickens. If you've ever seen chickens on a farm, there's usually one alpha rooster who struts around like he owns the place. That's where the word "cocky" comes from.

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          Blanket rule: When I am meet with a woman, no matter if it's the first time, or the 10th time, I make a point to always have (minimum) two Magnums in one of my pockets, sometimes even a jacket pocket. This is another physical reminder to myself that I am a man, and we are going to have sex, no matter what we discuss during the meeting. If no one else is doing this, you need to start doing this immediately. It will change your attitude. And you'll also find yourself with a lot of empty Magnum wrappers.

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          Do you play it off like Frank Reynolds though?

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          This happens to me too. If Im horny, but not desperately horny, girls react much better to my interactions than if Im not really in the mood.

          Probable some part of our brain flooding the rest with certain hormones makes us focus on the "task" at hand while ignoring other type of stimulus and thoughts, and also helps with the non verbal communication too.

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          Thinking about your cock is a priming effect. It awakens a whole set of concepts and brings them to conversational life. This is why it's also good to think about touching them, them wanting you, etc. The beliefs create the reality.

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          I have always done this, even unconsciousely. When I talk to a girl I wanna bang, I let out my sexual energy.

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          This. I'm at a stage where I'm not yet RP, but have been slowly getting out of BP. And it's posts like this that helps me "wake up". Thanks man.

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          Keep it up brother. We are here to mentally assist each other.

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          I have to full agree with you my friend, this same sort of situation happened to me the other night.

          Long story short met this 10er on tinder and a few months back and struggled to stay in a conversation with her , got all the way to her place making out and stuff twice. both times I had so much self doubt and sensitivity as to what I may say wrong and how I didn't want to offend her. At the end got sent home twice with nothing. I was also in the mind set to make her into LTR.

          Now months later she's back cause she hasn't found anything, granted its shitty I shouldn't talk to her but she's throughly plate material for me now.

          So this time I'm relaxed and just checking out her 10er body and I have this semi going on saying things and flowing and not caring as much as I did before.

          At the end of it I had her in the palm of my hand and were suppose to meet up this weekend.

          My natural masculine self came out and got the job done. I felt pretty boss about myself.

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          Sorry but this sounds more wanna be PUA than Redpill..Get over you pussy centric thinking... Free your mind of it's constant pussy seeking behavior routines,obsession and you will forge an identity for yourself independent of Woman..If you need to purge your desires then masturbate but try to set it to a routine..Put it in it's place control don't let your urges rule you. Once you find your true self your confidence will not be an act..It will be real.

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          Rationalizing staying at home and jerking off as "forg[ing] an identity for your self independent of wom[e]n" is the opposite of "red pill". With that mindset you might as well castrate yourself.

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          What he is telling you about is literally feeding a primal urge. It's letting out your inner beast. Anything besides that is, what you call, an act

          I'm no fucking priest and I'm willing to wager you aren't either. So unless you've got a white collar on, you know you want to have sex.

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          yeah man, you can't do that.

          I've found that you should just talk about random funny stuff... I mean I was talking to a girl the other day and she said she was a lawyer. which was cool, though I asked way too many logcal questions about it and i could see she wasn't liking it.

          it's best to talk about crazy shit. give her emotionals spikes.

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          i feel women are somehow more nervous when my bulge is showing prominently

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          She won't feel that way if she's doing something to make it that way, deliberately. Women want to be desired. The only question is if she thinks you're good enough for her. If not then she'll feel nervous.

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          To add onto this, years ago I had a problem where I'd kiss a girl and I'd get horny as fuck. Sooo horny id get insta blue balls, laughable right ? Wrong! It changed my game. I would literally say to girls " this has to stop" (whilst in the heat of kissing), too which they'd respond "why?" And I'd say "you're getting me way into this, I'm getting blue balls. This needs to stop or you're coming back to mine and I'm going to take advantage of you". I'd take advantage of them, they loved it.

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          Don't be sexually anxious, basically.

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          "Mr. Burgundy, you have a massive erection"

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          What the fuck? When i first read this it seemed more like a parody of the red pill, are you guys fucking serious?

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          In other words "don't suppress your sexuality". You are a sexual being. Flaunt your sexuality. This is just a technique to help you be more sexual.

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          I get what you're saying, but when I read your title, I couldn't help but think of this

          EDIT: Link is NSFW

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          For those of you with serious porn or masturbation addictions, doing what OP is alluding to is easier if you try stopping. I'm not sayin nofap is magic, but if you don't feel the ability to talk with your dick it's probably because of that. no fap has helped me regain the sexual energy to be able to talk to women like a real man.

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          And for those who have no such problem, but otherwise see the real risk women can pose to us as men, try not to think about it. Make it reflex, subconscious to notice red flags and go with it, because the more that's in your conscious mind the more of a boner-killer it is.

          Let's face it: there's no way to be turned on to consciously remember every way a woman can falsely accuse a man of rape or say she "drank too much" and "didn't consent" if that's untrue or unsure, etc., etc., so the more it's reflex the better off you are. The more it's right in your head in front of your eyes the less turned on you're going to be.

          Because now she looks like a fucking viper and not like a sexy woman.

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          Same for me, I literally have a boner or a semi boner 24/7, it's a blessing and a curse.

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          Except when you're plating women don't just think with you're cock. There's no quicker way to go back to being beta.