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The Red Pill is like the Sweden Democrats. If you admit to supporting them you will be ostracized. However, membership and indirect support seems to keep growing despite public outcry.

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True, you have to also account for people who subscribe even though they disagree with most of your ideas.

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I do that.

It's not to argue with ya'll (I don't), I just like to make sure my head isn't only filled with info from just people who agree with me on everything. I'm also subscribed to /r/feminism and a whole host of folks I don't see eye to eye with.

It's nice to be able to hear other people's opinions and not be angered by the very notion of them existing.

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That is awesome. Too many people set up an echo chamber that just reinforces their world view.

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It's just a matter of time, everyone falls in this category sooner or later. There's a reason why there is bias even in science- we're wired to look for facts that support our understanding of the world. Have you ever tried to convince your grandpa or an elderly person to do things a different way or think about an issue differently? You can't teach an old dog new tricks

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Thats why I love growing up in the age of information. I should remain open minded my whole life.

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I was subscribed to feminism for literally years making sure I got both ends of the stick. They hold themselves to account a lot more than twox etc.

It's nice to be able to hear other people's opinions and not be angered by the very notion of them existing.

It certainly is! I asked a question and got banned immediately.

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It's not both ends of the stick, you're failing to have the conviction to say that one is right and one is wrong, which can clearly be said when you stop needing to come off like a fence-sitter.

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Judging someone on their convictions rather than rationality is the easiest most intellectually lazy thing to do. It's a tenet of SJWs not RP, you have this backwards.

We look forward to your submissions in the near future.

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It's not rational to listen to and waste time on irrational ravings after a cursory review of their premises reveals them to be obviously wrong, and likewise any extensions of these premises.

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That sub is a little insane. Twox is watered down enough to be bearable.

Edit: already banned! What a fun sub.

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Good on ya mate.

I don't agree with your views at all, but the fact that you keep opposing perspectives around you to suss out what you believe the truth is very healthy.

You should come debate with us in the IRC sometime.

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Is that sort of thing welcome/expected/tolerated in your channels? (honest question)

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You have to be careful, people do come in and try to argue off the bat so it gets a bit touchy

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there's a way to do it.

You should pop in and lurk for a bit, and then you can PM me and I'll try to introduce you in the right way.

It's certainly less hostile than ##feminism or #geekfeminism. You inspired me to do the same thing.

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Opposing views matter when you can't reach an objective conclusion - and we can, so we don't need "opposing views" for the sake of opposition, since things like feminism are rooted in lunacy and can't be used to understand things rooted in rationality like RP.

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Same! I disagree with most things posted here, I use the subreddit to keep an open mind, I want to see why and how both sides of the story think.

Plus if you act friendly to someone, they'll generally act friendly to you no matter what their view.

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see, I don't understand your thinking if you disagree with what's posted here.

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Yea I do this for sure, I mostly just call people out when they're too encased in their own bs.

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This is not for people with conviction or no time to spare; if you're informed and educated enough you don't waste time on regurgitated bullshit. There is no nobility or honor in subbing to horseshit and pretending to entertain their ideas.

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Everyone thinks they are right and most people have things they done, seen, and read to back that up.

I'm not trying to be noble or honorable; I just don't want to walk through life going "lalalala, I can't hear you"

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That's fine but spend time learning useful things, not subbing to contrarian points for the sake of it. When it comes to RP you don't need to waste your time learning blue pill anything.

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Nigga, you don't know my life.

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No, Fuck Nigga, but I know your wife.

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I'm subbed but I'm not on Reddit as often as I once was and don't see this sub very often.

I'm still subbed here because, despite there being a lot of bullshit in TRP, there are some hard lessons worth learning, and this is the only place I've seen them discussed so frankly.

I went from being a chump with body image issues and a very unfulfilled libido to having a girlfriend and many satisfying sexual experiences (such as group sex and exhibitionism) because of this sub.

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So you attribute your success to this sub but disagree with a lot of the things posted? Just wondering, what kind of things do you disagree with? I used to agree with most of the things on this sub but then as I had more experiences with women I realized that I disagreed with the lack of empathy that a lot of posters thought women had and the AWALT concept. It seems to me that women with less sexual partners have more empathy they have for their man and female solopism doesn't apply. Women who have had more sexual partners are more likely to see men as an asset and have less empathy. The AWALT concept goes against that and just is like don't try to fight it all women are like that when really that's not the case. There is a spectrum, and maybe 50-70% of women are like that but everyone is different. Anyway, I was just wondering what you disagreed with to see if we're on the same page.

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Leave here beta and stay out.

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Most people just pass through. They hear about it, get their fill, and sort of forget about it. The most important metric to measure is the rate of growth, which seems to be pretty significant. In only a year it's gone from ~20 new subs a day to ~200 new subs a day. In my mind, we are 10 times more influential and involved than we were a year ago.

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I actually find it refreshing to see a name I recognise. A lot of the time people talk to me/message me as if they know me, but I in turn have no idea who the fuck they are. That's really weird. It's like walking down the street and strangers come up to you knowing fuck tons about you/your opinions but you know nothing about them. About 18 months ago I recognised most of the names in this sub. It's not as personal as it used to be. Nostalgia is a bitch. I'm glad TRP is still going strong.

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It's sad, but a good thing that people eventually move on.

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I openly support it. My friends pick at me a bit for being red pill but they hold their tounges usually when I call out the shit that happens with their ladies and I end up hitting the bullseye. I really don't care what people think of me in this regard because if I'm really a misogynist and part of a hate group then why does our point of view always seem to line up with fact and reality and the opposition keeps falling into a fantasy world where the likelihood of them practicing what they preach very rarely happens?

I just hope the sub keeps rising and people can finally can get their heads out of the asses and wake up to reality.

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And like the SD, many would like TRP to just be banned.

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Why? You can read all our ideas and shit it's all right out in the open!! It's Open season for people who want to know more about all these fucked up theories and ideas that totally don't work..

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Well in the case of SD, if they ban the party, that means they can't effect political change.

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Then we should also ban feminist parties so they can't affect political change either

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We should also make people immune to cancer and end world hunger.

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Alright I like the idea

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Indirect support and membership is essential to a political party. Without the government which is in power at the time can not see the policies which are popular and how to act upon them. For example see the rise of UKIP in the UK and the Conservative promises to get out of the EU with them. Support a group isn't just a way of showing ideas in politics it also help people know what the public want to vote for/ how popular a law can be.

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Do not be concerned, either by the number or the quality of posts. The quality issue will wax and wane, just like any decent content cycle. The mods are do an admirable job, and the larger number is indicative of our market penetration.

DON'T expect a sudden adoption of the RP praxeology by the mainstream. DON'T expect people to suddenly start looking at you like you know what you're talking about. DON'T get evangelical about TRP . . . yet. Just keep doing what you're doing and point maybe one or two dudes who you think might be ready for it in this direction.

Honestly, I've expected this growth. I expect to see a lot more of it. A lot of us have been putting effort into this, and its beginning to pay dividends. But only beginning to.

Keep it up, Gentlemen. Slow but steady wins the race.

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DON'T expect a sudden adoption of the RP praxeology by the mainstream. DON'T expect people to suddenly start looking at you like you know what you're talking about. DON'T get evangelical about TRP . . . yet. Just keep doing what you're doing and point maybe one or two dudes who you think might be ready for it in this direction.

I would still say don't publicly support the "The Red Pill" but rather support its ideals. If you preach the basis of TRP people agree, but if you say "I support the Red Pill" people with no understanding of it criticize you.

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                              I know it's selfish but I don't really want more competition from more red pill guys. Life is good right now.

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                              Most books are unread past the first chapter. Most subscribers will stay beginners.

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                              This is why we don't talk about fight club.

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                              This is the first time I see a four digit number of people who are reading TRP right now.


                              Nov 9, 2012 /r/TheRedPill hits 100 subscribers

                              Nov 4, 2013 /r/TheRedPill hits 20K subscribers

                              20K subscribers in 12 months, now:

                              Oct 31, 2014 /r/TheRedPill hits 80K subscribers

                              Jan 4, 2015 /r/TheRedPill hits 90K subscribers

                              10K subscribers in a little more than a month, the growth is spectacular. We're gonna hit 100K before the new season of House of Cards.

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                              TRP is going mainstream. I've actually been seeing quite a bit of TRP posts on my facebook feed in the past few weeks, from guys who I've known for a while and who were definitely BP before.

                              Unfortunately, a lot of them are in the anger stage and just venting about bitches, etc, which could create a self-defeating effect causing the growth to curb itself... But, either way, it's interesting to watch.

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                              I don't have facebook (or any other social media other then reddit) but my guess is that there's a polarizing effect caused partly by gamergate and partly by the rape hysteria in media that's causing men to be on the defensive.

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                              As a college student, I can tell you firsthand that rape hysteria and the insistence of feminists that there is a huge rape culture on college campuses are the main reasons young men like myself have realized that something is seriously fucked up.

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                              Would you personally consider sharing red pill material on FB is part of the anger stage? I find it that when I do, manginas and other women find my content repulsive thus thinking I'm really bitter and angry. I'm just trying to unplug my fellow men out there.

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                              I'm just trying to unplug my fellow men out there.

                              be a living example of RP, not a martyr. when the student is ready, the teacher appears. don't go out of your way to help men unplug: you'll get fucked. let them come to you.

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                              before the new season of House of Cards.

                              Giving someone the chance to reap the karma by making a solid post about Francis Underwood and DT

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                              We're getting linked to more and more in AskReddit and other main/default subreddits.

                              Just today:

                              (I looked through, and there's not really anyone foolishly trying to defend this subreddit. One guy, but he gets drowned in downvotes and more venomous comments. Don't waste your time. We don't need your defense.)

                              When one comment of "/r/TheRedPill" gains almost 100 subcomments, we're bound to get new members. Some will be people trying to go against us, others will be interested in the content. That being said, they're new and they're going to know nothing (Jon Snow).

                              If we need more mods, so be it. Couple possible ideas for keeping things clean, insightful and on topic:

                              • Stricter enforcement of the rules. Did you just utilize one of the well known Shaming Tactics? Obviously you're a troll. Banned. Also: go heavy with the bans. We have tons of good content already, and lots of great members, we don't need the new people. If they fuck up, gone. No three strikes nonsense.

                              • Posting is a privilege, not a right. Maybe new people can hang out with us for a month or two before they post. Maybe people need to somehow check off that they've read the sidebar content, in it's entirety. (90% of this subreddit's core reading is in there, there's no excuse to not take the time to read it all)

                              • Utilize /r/asktrp more. That subreddit seems to be secondary to this one, when it might be more useful as a place for vetting/finding good users to allow to post in the main /r/TheRedPill.

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                              /r/asktrp is fucking great. I've read the sidebar but I feel like I haven't 100% swallowed the pill yet. And believe me, I want to.

                              When I go that sub, I feel a bit more safe asking questions. It's a great place to ask questions and not get totally bitch slapped if you did something wrong. I think of it like RP High school and then TRP as real life.

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                              Give it a couple years, we'll replace TwoX as a default sub. ;)

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                              Why the fuck is it a default sub? Just a bunch of whiny bitches trying to find excuses for their shitty behavior. Then gets that support by beta having basement dwellers who honestly believe they are being a good person for helping them, when they have only poisoned the watering hole for future generations.

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                              One of the reddit admins pet project

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                              I agree on the "approved submitter" aspect in particular. /r/steroids requires you to lurk for a good 30 days I believe before you're allowed to comment or submit anything.

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                              Don't waste your time. We don't need your defense.

                              Yeah. Don't respond. If they link TRP, give the post an upvote, if they just say redpill but no link, give it a downvote. That's it.

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                              links are not always required to point out contradictions, and hypocrisy in someone's statement or opinion. Up votes are earned through ones wisdom sometimes not links.

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                              It's not about pointing out contradictions. It's about whether they drive traffic here or not. That's it.

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                              I ran into that post yesterday as well. I immediately went to check the metrics and saw a small spike in subs.

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                              Wow. I remember when there was barely a hundred of us here. This is great! ...Now get of my lawn!

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                              I see a big spike on July 1st 2014, WTF happened that day? 1440 subscribers in one day. I'm guessing askreddit thread.

                              Another interesting thing.

                              Rank Details.
                              No. 265 Fastest growing yesterday
                              No. 287 Fastest growing last 7 days
                              No. 253 Fastest growing last 30 days
                              No. 214 Fastest growing last 90 days

                              The sub has been fastest growing subreddit in past 90 days (and even more), keep em coming.

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                              It's probably because of the EMSK thread that got over 4000 upvotes.

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                              Googled EMSK, second link is the EMSK thread. Mother of god, the guy got 66 reddit golds.

                              They all say that sexual strategy isn't the answer, but then most of the tips on getting women on the very thread end up with what TRP preaches. Work on yourself, be happy, don't blame others.

                              It is sexist and misogynist if you have the name "TheRedPill" attached to it, but it's excellent advice if you aren't associated with it.

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                              That's the hilarious part. I could spit red pill all day and everyone would agree, but as soon as they look at my history and see I post here, they take it back and it's like they immediately develop a neurological disorder. One ear and out the other

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                              I just want to say thank you to the mod team for keeping this sub from becoming a complete cesspit, as I have seen other subs become.

                              You're rules are harsh, but fair and the keep the quality of the place high.

                              Nice work.

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                              Well shit... sidebar that way --->

                              Mods, you guys have lots of work on your hands.

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                              This is the one sub that confirms I'm not crazy

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                              You're not crazy mate - which is more than can be said of the post modernist culture we presently find ourselves subjected to.

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                              I found this sub at a time that in a way helped me to keep my sanity. A great feeling of fatigue, seeing the logic in all things but being chastised for holding an opposing view. RP was a community that aligned with many of my views, but reminded me to speak of them wisely or not at all lest the SJW lynch mob bare down on you

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                              I've been lurking this sub since Dec 2013 and only created an account just a few days ago. There were around 10k subbers a year back. So much shit has happened. But hey, it's better than r/NoFap, /r/Seduction and/or r/SocialSkills, in my opinion. Probably that's why thousands of people are subscribing here every month.

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                              I've been here since 8K and it's been a great sub. I, for one, will try to keep it that way. Cheers to TRP!

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                              Been seeing more Aspartame Alphas puffing their chests, but overall the quality of content still exceeds the rest of this website.

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                              I task you with the job of calling them on their shit.

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                                As long as there won't be too many posts about content of pop songs, I'll be happy.

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                                What do you expect. This is just the beginning. Would have a much larger number of subscribers if you could openly talk about it.

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                                I wonder we ever get sub of the day or a default sub-reddit. I'm thinking the people running the website are a little BP and no doubt major orbiters if they are men and hardline "IM A WOMAN SO I DESERVE A TECH JOB" if they are female.

                                Then again the could be guilty readers. No doubt the SJWs will eventually try and attack here more often the bigger we get and the less they can pass us off as some crazy minority, some might be well planned, doxxing chicks left right and center and pretending to be from this place or sucking off a reddit admin to get the sub banned.

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                                A little? One of the reddit admins actively suppresses anything that violates a feminized worldview. The single fact that TRP exists on reddit at all is nothing less than shocking.

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                                Agreed. As soon as posts become archived (can no longer comment on them) they should be saved offsite for future access/ reference.

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                                You know of any examples off the top of your head? The only banned subreddits I know of are /r/jailbait /r/gameoftrolls /r/TheFappening and /r/creepshots

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                                The admin I'm referring to is cupcake1713. She's a classic censorship troll who'll ban an account just for disagreeing with her. Dat cognitive dissonance.

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                                Dude, that chick banned my original account with over 500k karma, that was 3 years older than her account. I asked why and got no response, contacted other admins, nothing to be done.

                                [–]Bevman00 1 point2 points  (1 child)

                                You were branded a heretic without a trial. That sucks man.

                                [–]RealRational 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                                Yeah, if Red Pill wasn't on Reddit I wouldn't even be here anymore. The site has gone almost completely to shit and the admins just keep making it worse all the time, not better.

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                                I get the others, but why ban a sub like game of trolls, what did they do?

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                                probably made a post about her, and she got mad cuz she's a weddittt mod HMPHHH. BANNED!!

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                                I don't expect this sub to be active for too long tbh. This will grow bigger, will get covered by the mainstream media, will get openly declared a place for all of the misconceptions people have about this thread (white supremacy even lol). More people will join once they read the content. A ban will have to ensue with the only other option being watching this space grow.

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                                its interesting that the growth is pretty constant. roughly 10k members/ 2 months. it's almost creepy, ever since 20k it's pretty much been right on that rate.

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                                I'd suggest starting up a website independent from reddit, incase this subreddit gets shutdown for whatever reason(s).

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                                And storing archived posts (with the comment threads) offsite for future reference

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                                We already have that over at Puerarchy. If the subreddit is shut down, they'll open up the forums over there.

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                                Damn if the present trend holds /r/theredpill will overtake /r/mensrights before long! Good to see.

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                                i've been here since 8k subs, it's really has been a journey, and changed my life.

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                                trp is really growing quite well now.

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                                  Yay redpill <3!

                                  It crossed my mind though, is it really a good thing that this place and the idea is becoming more famous?

                                  Coming from a female, the more I hear of the tactics and means, the better it becomes for me to spot them out there.

                                  For guys, wont it just breed competition? Then again, guys love that at times anyway.

                                  Either way Im glad I ran into it. Hope it does help a lot of guys out there, they do need some lol.

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                                  We don't need women here. You can get plenty of white knight karma here too but go to the rest of reddit for it.

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