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Hey everyone, thanks. Because this is blowing up my inbox, a quick author's commentary:

1) Redpill is amoral; Redpill is not rape. Men do not come to Redpill looking for advice on forcing women into having sex.

2) Redpill is amoral; Redpill is not manipulation. If anything, Redpill shows the limits of Outer Game. Internet advice and scripted PUA routines aren't going to hang together in the long run. At some point, your actual character comes into question.

3) Redpill is amoral but suggests a useful course of action — self-improvement, or development of Inner Game. This is where you become the Real Deal. You are what you appear to be. That's what lasts.

That's what I was thinking. Thanks for your kind words and comments.

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Thank you op It's posts like these that bring the red pill back to its roots

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the question he should've asked is how do i get my wife to desire to have sex with me?

the simplest answer would still be to increase testosterone and stop being a pussy

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I actually had that in for Bob's Question 2 at one point. I changed it, because that is essentially what he asks for Question 3.

"I want my wife's desire — what can I do?"

That's the right question. Question 2 is almost the right question — but it's asking how to get compliance. And compliance is not that difficult to get, temporarily. But it's very difficult to sustain long-term.

A few people have suggested I'm coming down on Dread. I'm not, really. But I think the soft dread of actually being a high SMV man with a social circle and sex options is far more sustainable than an uninternalized Dread routine that you try and strap on to a sputtering Blue Pill marriage.

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Being amoral is a huge point. So many times I see people who don't understand that. For instance they associate dark triad with evil or "bad."

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There's this book about these three* guys that manipulate an old man's emotions until he feels compelled to give his money away. What was that called...

Oh yeah! A Christmas Carol.

*Marley makes four, fine.

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That was it? Trick his wife into sex? Mess with her mind so that she'd grudgingly spread her legs?

That's called the tingles, Bobby.

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No doubt. But to sustain those tingles long-term, you need to internalize and turn what you learn into a real part of you. Otherwise it's not sustainable. I think my previous LTR really suffered from my failure to do that properly, and I think it's a danger to be aware of.

Am I wrong?

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At least the answer wasn't 42.

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This story has some similarities to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which a great computer is built to answer the "great question of life, the universe, and everything." The answer it gave was "42."

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At least the computer didn't tell him that he was, in fact, the center of the universe... Or explode his brain.

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Given the nature of this sub, I thought this was the end of the story until I realized there was more text.

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Not the Pook-level wisdom I was expecting, but it put a smile on my face nonetheless.

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Ah, the book of Pook.

Even a decade later its advice is still spot on.

Someone should repost it for the new guys.

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I already did not that long ago, plus it should be in the sidebar.

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I'm new here, can I have a link to whatever you're talking about?

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Disagree on your description of Dread because manipulating her emotions, disappearing etc doesn't make her "grudgingly" give it up. In fact, they give it up very eagerly. However that 3rd answer by the Oracle is awe inspiring! Go Lift, LMFAO.

This is a bit of my analysis on Dread from the book I am writing:

"Dread does not work by making the women think in her mind: “Oh no, I am going to lose him, I better start having sex with him.” I thought this for a while and was pretty pissed off. What the Hell? My wife is just a whore, trading her body for…what? The relationship? Then why were we practically celibate for so long? She is only sleeping with me now because she is afraid I will cheat or leave her? Well, that is kind of right and for quite a while before I figured it out I was pretty angry.

However, it is not that she is consciously trading her vagina to keep you from cheating. In fact, she is REALLY and genuinely turned on when you are approved by other women. That is what we mean by Pre-Selection Bias. You have options (or at least she sees that you MIGHT have options) so you have been approved by other women. The opinion of other women is immensely powerful to women. Other women find you attractive so she finds you attractive. This is not some feminist conspiracy. She is not lying to you about her desire and she is not suddenly sexing you up because she is trading sex for your commitment. This biological and psychological response is written into every nucleus in every cell in her body and it is genuine. Plenty of guys report that their wife starts soaking the sheets when they apply just a tiny bit of Dread..."

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Disagree on your description of Dread because manipulating her emotions, disappearing etc doesn't make her "grudgingly" give it up. In fact, they give it up very eagerly.

Remember that OP's writing on Dread was from the perspective of the man in the story. To the uninitiated, Dread game sounds a lot like he described.

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I agree, I think OP understands this but it didn't come off that way in the story he told. Most married RP men on here admit that they always employ some form of soft dread anyway.

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This wasn't really so much a criticism of dread per se, though it did use a greatly oversimplified version of it as an example. It was really more an example of poorly-internalized game. My point is that if otherwise effective concepts like Dread are grafted too quickly onto a relationship — by a man pretending suddenly to have an active social life, say — it's not going to fool one's SO forever.

To improve that relationship permanently, you need a real shift in SMV, and it takes time and effort for a new shift to become a genuine, permanent part of who a man is.

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your dramatic skills are amusing :D

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It's as if Issac Asimov got hip to TRP from the grave. Bro-science fiction. I like it.

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I'm now cracking up at my desk and people are looking at me weird. Thanks OP this made my morning.

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Or you can just get a new, younger, better looking broad. There's nothing in the world quite like that new pussy smell.

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Newer, younger, better-looking broad also has a price tag: half of your shit + alimony.

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Which is why you don't marry. Have a harem instead.

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Yep, it's cheaper to lease and upgrade than it is to buy.

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I take extended test drives, and I don't give a shit who owns it. They keys are always in the ignition.

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The keys are always in the ignition, no matter if you keep them there or not.

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Only if you're stupid enough to marry one. I like to call it the "beta bux tax".

There is too much pussy in the world to be tied down to one broad. Why would you do that to yourself?!

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I'm really not sure. I feel really, really good about my breakup, hard as it was. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I were married.

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Good lord... This is gold. Oracle could have answered 42 though.

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Answer 42 to the question of what can I do? Sorry fanboys that makes zero sense.

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Story could have ended with Everyone Walk the Dinosaur too hahahahaha

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy anyone? Great read, funny end.

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    Bob wants to stop using the towel

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    Looks like it was removed. Can someone post it in the comments again?

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        Oh, it's back. Awesome story,man! Keep writing!

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        ughh im dying reading this, but well written

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        I felt with Bob his revelation.

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        extremely well written.

        it was just fantastic to read, the punch line was totally unexpected! (some may say they could see it coming, but /u/CrimsonCapsule had put in some effort to make sure we see the Oracle is a machine)

        loved it.

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        Bob must be pretty slow. You specify how it is well known how literal this Oracle is. You also describe how Bob has therefore spent hours formulating his question. Yet that first question was the result of careful preparation? Hard to swallow unless Bob is semi retarded.

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        Bob is more of a math kinda guy.

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        I had no idea what to expect. This story had advice and a punchline.

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        very nice. keep them coming.

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        Who else scrolled up to see if it was GayLubeOil?

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        I think we need you over at /r/writingprompts

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        I hate replying with memes/gifs i.e. with no substance to my post, but this is all there is to say:

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        Most dread clap in a movie. Ever.

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          Roflmao. Fuckin love it. Saved and bookmarked

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          I can see a gold medal here in the future.