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Will Red Pill's latest influx of 20 year old college sophomores read pages of text? More at 11.

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Shit that 100% applies to me....

.... I'll get to it right after my history reading....

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It's interesting you should say that - I am actually a college junior and I'm 21. Is it just a lucky coincidence that you made a comment like that or is there actually some specific reason why this sub is getting more visits from people like me in the last day or so?

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Reddit's main demographic is you.

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I started a Twitter account to better connect with my Red pill user base. Judging from their pictures Red Pill is mostly comprised of college and just out of college middle class dudes.

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Or that is just the demographics of twitter.

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all my twitter followers are from Red Pill

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Surely, but not all the red pillers have a twitter account.

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i just followed you. I have no idea why I didn't think to look for TRP twitter accounts.

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The ones that I follow at Twitter are: Mike C. Chris GLL, Victor P. Rollo, Roosh, Christian M. Robert Greene.

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You should follow T Nation they have the best training articles

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21 year old here. Maybe it's time for a full alpha revolution?

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Just work on yourself and let go of all that "revolutionize the world" idle Millennial bravado.

"Be the change you want to see" is powerful advice.

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This is reddit.

Aka the brainchild of middle upper class people with time to spare.

Most people that work full time min wage jobs would not be here.

Though I am sure the dozen or so representatives of 1.5 million other Americans, are to be found in this same post.

Tl;DR: Reddit's demographic is 18-25 y/o males, which coincides with college years (whether you can afford it or not is your problem), and casually those most likely to seek RP because they are tired of being losers

edit: Read on Pew's Research Center Study if feeling like source checking

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Reddit's demographic is 18-25 y/o males

Yep. This is my one and only reddit account as I refuse to waste my time fucking around on the rest of this shit hole. I only post here and on the AlreadyRed subforums, no other place is remotely interesting as it's mostly babble from losers wanting some form of social validation in their empty lives.

I have been reading this for awhile, since 5K subs or so. It's been eye opening and was a great step in my personal goal of life long learning and growth. Anyone who things they can be "RP" in a few weeks, or even a few months is deluding themselves. It takes at least a year to really get a grasp on whats going on, multiple years to skillfully apply it on a consistent basis.

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GLB nails it again!

The entire demo of reddit has spent the last 20 years with media flickering randomly in front of the faces every few minutes and it's trained their brains to not read, to skim, get as much as you can and get out to the next information suck.. but never pausing to actually absorb what they just consumed for what just flickered past them is..

oh look squirrels..

and what they fuck were we just talking about.

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Read my posts sorted by Top I try to write in a style that is a lot more tailored to the collage dude demo then the other endorsed contributors here.

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will they ask where they can find info on stuff in the sidebar?

tune in next week

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I certainly set aside time now. I recently finished 48 laws of power for my third time because I felt it had so much to offer that I didn't soak up with one or two readings.

I now fully look forward to the rest of the literature.

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Talking about age, what are the demographics around here ? how many 18-25, 25-35, 35+

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haha I'm a junior in high school so I think I'm probably on the young side here. Just starting to read all this and talk about it with my friends. It's crazy how I look around the high school community and begin to see all these red pill concepts in action. Just dumped my girlfriend who I thought was actually a decent person and I'm finding out a ton of shit now that just reinforces everything that I'm reading on TRP. Really looking forward to learning more.

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Dont talk about it with your frienda you idiot.

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Fair enough, even though "judging" (for a lack of a better word) people in their teen years before entering college is a bit premature.

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I should get started on my homework...

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Stickied. We've had an influx of new members and it is time for a fresh round of READ THE SIDEBAR.

Also, go read The Rational Male's Year One mega-article.

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I spent the past few hours reading the article. As someone that has lurked /s/seduction most of the info was a repeat, but there were some interesting facts.

TL:DR: Don't marry a girl

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Rollo's dense writing style requires several rereads and careful study to really pick up what he's putting down.

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The Way Of The Superior Man (PDF Available Online)

Great book into masculinity, never pedestalling the pussy and defining your own mission in life, 2nd half trails off but 1st half is God tier

Pook And The Mill (PDF Available Online)

Life changing book with many insights into feminism, our nature and masculinity, 1st half is a bit slow, but it sure as fuck picks up

The Manipulated Man (PDF Available Online)

EVERY man needs to read this book, 69 pages of based wisdom

The Alchemist (PDF Available Online)

Great story and good motivational content, in it’s own way it teaches men never to put pussy over their mission

27 rules of Pimp Game (PDF Available Online)

Very short book, but spits some harsh truths

48 Laws Of Power (Available Online)

Good info to know even if you don’t want to use it to not have it used against you

No More Mr Nice Guy (PDF Available Online)

Attitude is crucial in this world, don’t let others run you over

Art Of Learning

Discusses how learning is done and how to get the most out of it

Wisdom Of Psychopaths

More in depth into what I spoke of in my dark triad video

The Kybalion (PDF Available Online)

Very short book, but it discusses the nature of the universe which is always applicable to day to day living

Art Of War (PDF Available Online)

Know thyself and know they enemy and you have nothing to fear

Also Full Facts of Cold Reading and Definitive Body Language Book

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Also visit /r/redpillbooks for more, along with discussion!

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I have recently found the way of superior man on audio book. Would recommend for the gym/commuters

Brief on part of the book. Highly recommend this YouTube channel too.

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To all newbies:

Before you post, use this checklist:

-Have I lurked for about 3-6 months? Yes

-Have I read the sidebar? Yes

-Am I posting this for attention and upvotes, or because I am contributing something meaningful to the conversation? No I do not want attention. I am contributing something meaningful

-Am I posting to get in a dick-measuring competition with another RPiller? No

If the bold answers not your answers, you fail the test and you should not be posting.

Thanks for the friendly reminder OP!

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can we sticky this comment???

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You dont necessarily have to lurk if you know your shit and can back it up with real life experiences.

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There are always exceptions, but that's exactly what they are: exceptions. The problem is everyone thinks they are the exception.

Think of this comment in metaphorical terms:

Wax on, Wax off, Wax on, Wax off.

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But also LIVE. Be out there. See how it FEELS. Look here for explanation, but don't go monk mode. Live for yourself. Experience women. Experience everything. Keep doing that. Keep growing. Theory is important. So is practice. Do both.

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It's like studying a foreign language: It's important to study the grammar, vocabulary, etc. from books and learn from your teachers; but it's even more important to also get out there and apply what you've learned by speaking with natives of the language.

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Great point.

Becoming RP is equal parts reading and living. Reading gives you the theory, and then it's up to you to apply that to the world you see. Reading + integration of ideas is the way.

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Yeah, for many, you really have to break a few things inside yourself, to put the pieces back together in the right way.

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As an Ex-Mormon this suddenly reminded me of numerous sermons on reading scripture and living it. It's funny how similar Swallowing the Red Pill can be to being 'reborn'. It isn't something that you can do half heartedly.

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Absolutely. You don't know what it's like until you've actually experienced emotional pain firsthand. It's like saying you're a pilot because you've spent 200 hours on Flight Simulator.

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(It's not my intention to call anybody out; I'm just making a point about the need to read.)

Since when is it our policy here on TRP to not hurt people's feelings by saying harsh truths?

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I hope this sees a lot of upvotes and attention. It is one of the most important posts I've seen on TRP in months.

Too many are just lurking and getting their entire knowledge by just reading posts. It is clear from the steadily degrading types of posts and questions being seen.

I spent 6 months extensively reading, listening to podcasts. I did little else with my free time for quite some time. And I tested some of the key premises, sometimes to destruction (i.e. intentionally seeing how far down the RP rabbit hole I could behave as an alpha in order for my target to lose interest - and it was far further than I'd ever believe if I hadn't experimented).

And I still had to stumble and discover how my beta tendencies would come out at inappropriate moments. And then worked on what the underlying cause for THAT was, until I understood both RP and myself very much better.

It was WORK.

And I'm sure nobody who just reads posts is going to get shit from doing only that.

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and it was far further than I'd ever believe if I hadn't experimented).

Newer guys would be AMAZED at the shit you can get away with.

I made out with 7 girls in one hour at a rave.

It was super simple. Same conversation every time. "Hey there." "Hi." "You're super cute. I'm _." (coy smile) "I'm _." (Extended handshake, transition into hand on waist.) "Who are you here with?" (Probing for BF.) "My friends." (3 minutes of chit-chat about how great drugs are.) "Hey, come here." (makeout.)

Hit rate was about 30%. They were all attractive. Never would've thought you could get away with that shit.

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I've literally kissed a girl 5 seconds after meeting her and got a positive response. There's some crazy shit you can get away with.

I literally said, "Hi, I'm cocaine_face", and went for the make out.

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With all due respect, you are severely overrating the culture of the 100 k subscribers.

A year ago,(at 30k) we all agreed on principles and just argued over nuance(PUA to MGTOW)

Now, at least half of subscribers are "pick and choose" red pillers. The attitude of the mods is that of accommodating these cretins with buzzfeed style or Social justice scandal of the day posts. So they don't think anything is weird or hypocritical about fishing for karma with a AWALT comment, but being in a exclusive LTR in high school. This is the level dude.

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Now, at least half of subscribers are "pick and choose" red pillers.

God damn is this the truth. It sounds like fucking TwoX sometimes here with all the fucking NAWALT I see. Good thing there's enough real ones left to downvote that garbage out of here

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You have lower standards than me if you think the garbage is downvoted.

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Ha, well -- at least some of the time it gets downvoted. I've seen threads where theres a clearly bp shit response as the number 1 comment when the thread has 20-30 votes, but when I see it the next day around 150-200 the shit bp post is down near the bottom

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Recent member here. The PDF of the Misandry Bubble is 40 pages long, but after page 18 it's just reader comments. Are we supposed to read all the comments as well?

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After reading the sidebar I got to reading the recommended books from /r/redpillbooks, I urge everyone to do the same.

Once you've read enough material on a subject your view of it becomes more complete, your opinions more nuanced and you can see things from different perspectives. I'm in no way done with the reading list but I'm already far more knowledgeable than I was after reading "just" the sidebar.

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+1 to this. I'm by no means a top tier poster here, but it even amuses me that when I mention one of the 48 laws of power, and get nothing but a blank stare from the other poster.

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I've been wanting to say this for a while, but I'm guessing 80% of users in this sub are betas who are just "reading". It's great that we are raising awareness but it also means we get illuminated posts from 17 years old who think they discovered everything there is to know. There was a popular post by some kid talking about marriage, love, etc. What the fuck do you know about life? You haven't experienced anything yet.

For me this is a major problem. Sometimes there's a lack of flexibility and lost of the best approach because of popular, black and white opinions that stop us from self improving, only to be caught in the same circle jerking /relationships is at.

About this post... I completely disagree. Enough reading. In your spare time, you'll be here catching up. A weekend is enough to know the basics, and after that it's just taking out the corners. Meanwhile you should be out there experiencing social, emotional and sexual relationships, only then you can grow and form a world view that fits your better self in addition to the knowledge of TRP.

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What the fuck do you know about life? You haven't experienced anything yet.

I remember that one. Copy pasted bullshit, but until the dude fessed up he was fooling at least a good portion of the newly converted/still BP but trying to change

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I'm still missing a list of endorsed contributors from the sidebar. How would others find their writings other than pure chance (seeing their flairs)?

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DUnno. That's something I wish we did a better job with. A lot of stuff gets lost to time.

Sort the main sub by most upvoted.

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    in time you will see the AWALT. if you have loaded your mind with the facts its only a matter of time before you too conclude that AWALT

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      mate you are giving humanity too much credit. most men dont have the capacity to grow beyond human animal. those who do you will find them here. as for women having the capacity, in rare moments you can explain this stuff to them and they will understand and agree with it but it wont be long before their feelings take over. yes they too can learn to understand the game but understanding it does not raise them above it like what it does with men. in time you will see what i mean you have to see it for yourself.

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        and i am saying that in time you will see that awalt

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          This is one of the things that I fail to understand the way most seem to do. Always means without exception, yet it's assumed that always means most in this statement. I hate the phrasing.

          Also, I feel that with your response, you could be more informative, as it seems like you're speaking about a cult and we should read the book and drink the Kool-Aid.

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          disagree. its not one book and i am not saying jump head in. i am saying if at first you dont believe give it time and you will see it, hang out with enough women and eventually you will see their traits. i will give an analogy. lets say a man reads everything there is to do with red pill and manosphere, will that man stop being attracted to 10/10 women? will that man lose his desire to be a man? thats what i'm saying about women, it does not matter how informed she is she will always be woman. you guys are looking at this from the male perspective, that hypergamy is injust. for women hypergamy, their instincts, their feelings and their rationalization hamster is their way of life. her instincts will always kick in, she didnt ask for the game to be this way neither did any of us. its like a dog saying to a cat join the pack we help each other out, the cat will say "oh how cute"

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          I debated this at length with another member previously, but it's generally accepted that it's not an absolute, but the word in the phrase IS an absolute. AWALT is not all inclusive, but the verbiage is. Just makes us seem like we're judging 100% of women and makes us look poorly. I mean really, there are exceptions to every rule. When presenting it as one of our mantras, it really detracts from our image.

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          "our" mantras? this is a collective? i am outta here

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          I hate the phrasing.

          No one gives a shit if you hate it or not. More relevantly, you only hate it because you don't actually understand it. If you think AWALT means literally AWALT you need to read more and experience more.

          [–]ObsidianOne 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          Calm down buddy, I'm not talking about your mother or anything. We're having a civil conversation and I'm expressing my opinion about terminology.

          [–]rpscrote 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          its tone policing, and you can fuck off with it

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          How do I read the sidebar on mobile or do I have to venture to the regular website?

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          In Alien Blue you have to go into the menu once you're in the sub, and then click on "sidebar". It won't show up when you're browsing the threads like it does on a full web browser.

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          If you're using Reddit Is Fun, there is an i with a circle around it at the top of the sub page.

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          Damn straight. Thanks for kicking me into my groove again.

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          You can't solely base a comment's merit due to up votes because typically the sooner a comment is posted the more likely it will rise to the top. When a comment is buried at the bottom of a post, less eyes get to it and it's a big chain reaction.

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          Chateau Heartiste and Rational Male are my game bibles 😇 If you haven't read every article Rollo and Roissy have ever written, start now. All of the Good Links in the sidebar are great as well.

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          I've read it all, but I don't even think that's enough. I'm re reading half the stuff in the side bar every 1-2 weeks because I forgot things and need to reinforce them after failed nights out.

          Just like lifting to become big and strong, I'm finding trying to become a real red pill man takes time and consistency. Oh well, baby steps.

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          Can we please leave this up here for a really long time? The other stickies are great, too, but I feel like this one is the most important.

          PS: Mods, thanks for everything you guys do. Sincerely. This place keeps me sane lol.

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          Time to reread the sidebar... Thanks for the reminder bro.

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          Ugh, read the manipulated man again. I forgot what a depressing read that was.

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          Just go read the rational male and you will be set

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          99% of alpha guys have never read a single word on how to act around or treat women. Reading the "red pill" material on the sidebar is for betas who want to try and pretend to be alpha. Nothing wrong with that, but for alphas the behaviour championed on this sub just comes naturally. It's who they are and how they are. They're not following internet advice or pretending to be someone they're not.

          [–]CbrWombat 3 points4 points  (0 children)

          Which is fine for them, until they meet that cupcake who is just a shade better at the game than they are. Five years later, they are looking at their little pot belly in the mirror, their divorce papers in their hand, their empty bank balance, and wondering what happened.

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          I've lurked for a long time. I tried reading once or twice but never really delved deep into it.

          My problem is that I think TRP is a bunch of people who can't get women [or are mediocre at it] in real life, so they come on here and post about being alpha and spinning plates, trying to make themselves seem superior to everyone else.

          It's like going on the AskReddit sub and asking girls the secret to getting laid. You're only going to get one type of [mostly less desirable] girl and that is the Reddit girl.

          Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a lot of posts and I'm certainly not offended by anything. But a lot of you guys have such a depressing attitude towards women and life I'm almost convinced I'd rather keep the wool over my eyes if taking TRP is even really that life changing.

          I'm only saying this because this post was directed towards me, otherwise I wouldn't post on your sub without being completely informed. But yeah, that's where I'm at. Somewhere on the side deciding if I want to try your way or continue sifting through the posts for useful tidbits of informational.

          My two cents.

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          Then what are you doing here? nobody's going to make you believe anything. Some people aren't meant for this.

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          Some people aren't meant for this. Exactly.

          Go back to being the BB bro and I'll take care of the other half for ya

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          I said what I'm here for. There are a lot of useful nuggets of info in some posts without having to go full TRP.