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Caution! May cause flooding.

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You know why it took 40 years of wandering through the desert? Because the Hebrews who left Egypt were deemed unworthy of entering the Promised Land. Their ways were deemed too similar to the Egyptians and a new generation needed to come about, free of pagan false idol worshiping mores. Fuck, Moses wasn't even allowed into the Holy Land.

If that isn't a perfect TRP metaphor, I don't know what is. Be worthy. Be of high value. And get out of the desert wasteland that is your beta past.

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If I recall correctly, when Moses went before the Pharaoh, his long hard staff turned all limp on the floor. Just saying.

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His staff actually transformed into a deadly snake.

He clearly slayed pussy.

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Into an alpha deadly snake that killed the other snakes.

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This is the same brand of fuck who thinks partial reps are bad form.

So heres the thing, you don't look like Rich Piana. Most of us look more like the shit he took last night. He is introducing concepts for the bodybuilder, who probably spent 5+ years building the inner structure and supporting frame for his bulging herculean mass of muscle. People who are not on steroids and are not eating ~4500 calories a day have a finite amount of mass they can put on per unit time/per unit muscle breakdown. I would not recommend partial pulls to anyone who isnt at least an intermediate to advanced lifter, whose nervous system is acclimated to heavy loads and has appreciable mass. A beginner is just better off doing full range compound pulls for a whole host of reasons.

Joe gym rat who is 5'10 170 who is fuckin' pumped that he can 1-rep 215 is probably a little pussy on the olympic platform or in the rack. Personally I am 6'0 195lbs at around 15% bf (305 bench, 395 squat, 485 dead. Yes I know I'm a bench monkey, but pecs make em wet) and I don't typically train as a bodybuilder as I feel I should be around a 1200 total before I devote time to pure size at the cost of explosive strength. This T Nation article explains some of the reasons for this. Typically when I see a 'bodybuilder' who is running a BMI of <24.5, I assume he's kind of a pussy and that his lifts suck.

while you Golden Dick wranglers run dread game on your masturbation hand.

tfw you are so beta you need to run dread game on Palmela Handerson

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Every Exercise is a tool in the fitness arsenal. Partial lat pulls are a very specific tool to get wider lats. Obviously not every tool is needed by every person. However partial reps can be utilized effectively even by beginners. Case in point want to bring up a girls Ass? Only work the bottom portion of a squat so that quads dont get involved.

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I don't disagree, I just don't like the idea of building size without power. I could probably be a lot bigger if I worked things like partial pulls into my workout, but I work out for my own satisfaction (which is mostly dictated by numbers) as much as to be swole and lusted after like a prize bull in a patch of dairy cows.

The real question: Do partial pelvic thrusts build penile girth? How can I work my dick muscle? Already vascular as phuukk.

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Glute bridges AKA the barbell hump as prescribed by Bret Contraras. Bottom portion of the squat doesn't work; only messes with your hip flexors.

Top portion partial is actually very good. If you have a mental block of squating 500lbs, you can get past that by doing partials over 500lbs. I know all the Starting Strength novice Rippletits nughuggers will downvote this lol.

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By this logic deadlift does not hit glutes

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Your logic does not follow. Deadlift hits the posterior chain better than any lift, and it works the top portion, it's not bouncing at the bottom of a squat. No advanced powerlifter ever does bottom portion of the squat for glutes. Glute bridge, paused squat, kettlebell swings, etc.

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Rich Piana is a fucking idiot on gallons of synthol and he looks like shit. Sadik Hadzovic, Frank Zane, and Steve Cook have the best physiques in the world. I do agree with most of your other points though.

You're also exaggerating the effects of steroids. I could actually do more volume when I was natty. Sheiko and Bulgarian methods were no problem. But when you take an oral, like dbol or anavar, or even tren, you get such a pump that you would not be able to complete the workout.

I'm at 6'2" 195 8% now, and have actually gotten up to 205 7% before with a 1400+ total, but really I've stopped caring about getting bigger and I'm now focused more on cardio for health reasons. If people feel that you look ripped, then you've already fit that archetype. No body cares if your arms are 17.5" vs 18".

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Rich Piana

Do you honestly think women are attracted to men who look like that?

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What drives you to save us Moses?

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I really enjoy writting. However my bro writing style and ideas are only popular among young men. If i was to write in any other outlet I would be shouted down by politically correct progressives. Girls can write about whatever they want. But if you're a man there are tons of fucks trying to police you.

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I appreciate your writings. You don't post constantly but your post are engaging to read when you do. I'd purchase a book if you made one. But a real book not a digital copy, I like books.

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Im interested in writing a book. I just have to get my shit together and start writing letters to publishers.

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Self publishing has come a long way. Start putting words on paper, worry about distribution later.

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Might want to do a bit more research first. That's not how the publishing industry works mate.

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As a late 40s bro working to get his game back after just being released from decades of bondage, I gotta say your metaphors resonate with an old guy as well. I may have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm not gonna give up and die in this fucking desert.

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Why do you proclaim yourself as TRP Moses? I've followed many of your posts and they are insightful and useful but I'm just curious why you would use that specific analogy??

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I fucking love your sense of humour

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The underlying foundation of becoming a real man, an alpha male, is taking action. Get up off your ass, and go do something constructive with your time. Kill your TV, and stop jerking around. Get to the gym. Read every day. Learn new skills. Get your masters. Real men never stagnate...they hold the line and move forward. Taking action, every day, is 90% of the battle.

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Thank you, Moses. To stop learning & improving = death. Thank you for parting the Red Sea and revealing the Red Pill path. Blue Pill worshippers can try to speak their blasphemy on me, but I will forever walk onward.

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Some of this shit is hard. Sometimes I feel like I lack the motivation. After so much failure it just seems like a daunting task. Im working my way though.

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I've have cold approached over 1,000 girls in the last 7 months and have been rejected by at least half of them. But I have also got to kiss a few hundred of them and fuck some of them.

If that doesn't show you motivation I don't know what to tell you.

I eat Rejection for Breakfast and Success for Dinner.

Remember it's not about how many times you fall down. It's about of you are able to get back up from your failures and become stronger after them.

You have to want success as much as you want to breath.

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You know what's really hard? Realizing you're a 70 year old beta virgin that's never accomplished anything of any worth in life. You will die one day. Don't forget that shit. You have one chance at happiness and its in this life. Make some goals that you're passionate about, set a plan a go out and do them. Stop procrastinating.

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Hardest for me is to actually go out. I'd rather keep working on what im passionate about than burn money in bars and clubs. The thing though is that i dont meet people by staying home/at the gym.

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Club girls are druggies. Bar girls are alcoholics. You are neither, so stay away from both. As my mom used to say: "If you don't want a drunk, don't shop at the drunk store."

You say you lift. That means you're eating a lot. Do it right and include some fresh foods in your diet. Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, whatever equivalent is in your city. Make it a daily stop. Those places are a goldmine. Packed with fit, healthy, attractive women. In far better ratios than you'll find in any bar.

You can still get your bulk foods for cheap during your weekly trip to Kroger, but get your daily produce from wherever the health chicks are shopping. Those are the girls for you. Stroll slowly through the aisles, getting the 2-3 items you need for the day. Approach, approach, approach.

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Thanks for the tips man. Never thought about that!

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You can still get your bulk foods for cheap during your weekly trip to Kroger, but get your daily produce from wherever the health chicks are shopping. Those are the girls for you. Stroll slowly through the aisles, getting the 2-3 items you need for the day.

Shit dude this is money. I avoid those places generally so I can save by buying in bulk... hadn't even considered this

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Clubs are a spot where your average 6 who usually thinks she's an 8, thinks she's a 10. Sweaty people and inflated egos everywhere. The place is a confidence killer for your average guy starting up.

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Where would you suggest starting?

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    What attractive girls have hobbies though? Idk if instagram, snapchat and the bachelor count as hobbies.

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    Dude, really?

    Women are everywhere.

    I haven't done it since, but there were plenty of cute girls when I had to volunteer for community service.

    Enjoy coffee? Go to the 3 best coffee shops in your area.

    Enjoy reading? Go to the 3 best book stores or libraries in your area.

    Enjoy climbing? Research climbing facilities and groups.

    Enjoy dressing well? Go walk around the mall/outlets for a while.

    Fuck man, girls are literally everywhere. I may not be closing them right just yet, but finding hot girls has never been an issue for me.

    edit: Even in northern Maine, where attractive humans (let alone girls) are practically obsolete. I just went to a WalMart and another big outlet store and just walked around for 20 minutes. Ended up finding like 3-5 pretty hot girls.

    Also, if you don't think "its worth it".. yeah.. I understand, it can suck sometimes. But I'd rather spend 30-60 minutes finding women and approaching than beating my meat and being angry with myself that I don't have a sex life.

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    Haha easy killer.

    I know there are girls with hobbies out there. It was a joke about stereotypical hot girls that are so used to getting everything in life because of their looks that all they care about is social media, their appearance and partying.

    I know there are exceptions to his stereotype, but they are much less common than girls who don't have the looks and have to compensate for it.

    And when did I ever say its not worth it?

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    Are you in college or something?

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    If you go clubbing and are solo go early. The hottest girls I've pulled at clubs have all been before 10:30. There are other posts that get into the specifics of why early is generally better. Former bouncer/bartender. These were just random clubs, not affiliated with the place I worked at.

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    Also they aren't drunk yet. God that's fucking annoying. The worst part about quitting alcohol is noticing just how trashy girls get when they drink. I honestly can't stand to be at a club past midnight anymore.

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    This. I gave up alcohol for lifting.

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    I agree with this. Without fail, 2230-0000 are 80:20 girls:boys. By the time midnight rolls around it's in the reverse. Girls are always much earlier than boys to clubs and I never really figured out why.

    It's not the greatest place to pick them up starting out though. I didn't have success for the longest time there, I think it was about a year after TRP that I finally bedded one. You need to internalize a shitload of information and fix yourself. It's a brutal meat market.

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    I'm not advocating going out, just some observations. I think girls who are out that early are actively looking to hook up wether they realize it or not. From what I've observed while bartending girls are much more receptive early on even to guys with somewhat perceived low value. As the night goes on girls get more picky as their perceived SMV gradually rises because guys are buying them drinks, they've probably shot down a few, their creep radar has been triggered, and their social circle is probably feeling the same way or trying to run interference.

    Usually the music isn't cranked up, you can talk a little.

    She's less likely to feel trapped, you won't have to shove through clubbros.

    The DJ probably isn't warmed up, laugh a little when they miss a cue.

    It probably won't be awkward to not dance.

    Bartender is more friendly. Show some social proof, chat them up.

    You won't be shoving club bros.

    Get her to your spot/her spot at a decent time before either of you is too trashed. Should be able to have sex twice or more. Having a girl throw up on your car, dick, bed, floor, and bathroom is less likely to happen (personal experience)

    If the night picks up she'll be less likely to leave. Don't wait around until 3 am circling with the other vultures-birds of a feather flock together or you're guilty by assocation.

    You can leave early. Get up at a decent time and self improve.

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    Like any goal have the ideal goal visualize and break it down to it's smallest subset that you can accomplish daily. We never stop learning till the day we die, learn to enjoy that process.

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    run dread game on your masturbation hand.

    I hadn't thought of this, thanks GLO!

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    Im pretty sure thats why no fap works

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    I'd follow you on twitter if your name wasn't GayLubeOil

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    GayLubeOil is a hilarious inside joke that a lot of Red Pillers know about. Sadly you haven't heard it yet.

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    I still follow you on twitter.

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    I've been on TRP for about 8 months and I haven't heard it. Aware me.

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    Basically a batch of steroids illegally trafficked from Thailand were stopped in Australia. They were packaged as gay lube oil.

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    Google it. News story from Australia.

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    Goddamn, the number of people missing the lesson because of the writing style...

    For those not getting it, GLO is addressing the concept of the male hamster. Yeah, guys do it too. Nowhere is it more obvious than in this statement:

    This is the same brand of fuck who thinks partial reps are bad form. Why? Because he read somewhere how something should be done and now sees any deviation as wrong.

    You see these fucks all the time. Their egos are invested in preserving their ideas. My girlfriend's brother is a perfect example, 140 lb twig that wants to start pumping iron this month, and already feels he knows the ins and outs of weight lifting. He's convinced he knows all there is to know. Mark Rippetoe is his religious figure without knowing why. He's following the hype train. His goal is preserving his ideas rather than actually getting any damn results.

    Then there are those that see the mountain and decide that the snack bar at the base of it is more worthwhile than the top. It's not that it's not worth it, it's that you lack motivation. Stop the rationalization. Kill your hamster.

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      Not saying they're aren't, but a dude who hasn't picked up a weight in his life won't know that. A dude who has only used SS won't know the range of effectiveness of various workout techniques for himself, much less that for others.

      It's ego-preservation to buy into it so much without having tried it.

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      Really though, he could be doing 12-15 reps of curls and then leaving..

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      I bought Starting Strength this summer, and am seeing some results

      That said, SS is definitely geared toward someone who's never picked up a weight before. Proper form, how to grip the bar correctly, where your feet should be, how low you should go in the squat, safety measures, and so on.

      So, question time: is there an equivalent of SS for someone who's no longer a complete amateur? Is there a book that effectively covers

      the range of effectiveness of various workout techniques for himself, much less that for others.


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      SS isn't bad at all for beginners. You'll get results from it, no doubt. But it's important to know why, not just because some internet celebrity is propping the latest fad.

      Try this if you want to move on to intermediate/advanced methodology. This was posted here a while ago by a resident expert.

      I personally have used Negative Training to great benefit.

      Bear in mind, I'm just some internet guy. Get out there and try these out and figure out what works for you.

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      Hilarious and accurate.

      And here I thought you'd make some sort of joke referencing a Chinese restaurant and the women within.

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      Stop learning, start dying. GLO gets it right as usual.

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      Do not admonish those who see various life paths as "not worth it." For some this is a rationalization of laziness. For others, a truth stemming from lower desire (a noble spiritual path).

      Each person will experience different emotional states regarding "self-improvement"/dating topics at different points in life. They may even circle through several times in each category, experiencing different levels of awareness and being.

      It is important to realize and accept this fact of nature. Both in others and of ourselves.

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      I think it's also relevant that this community holds values that others may not. Take what you want, leave what you dont, but don't expect the results promised if you do

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      Self improvement is always worth it. The required mindset is to feel like you will never reach the summit of your journey but your knowledge and progression grow forever

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      Good one GLO. The Gervais Principal said it like this, and I'm paraphrasing or should it be Pharoahphrasing, your development is not halted by your weaknesses but by your strengths. Loads of people shore up their weaknesses, improving on them but how many people take something that works and works on it to make it better?

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      Damn. I don't know about that first commandment. I can't seem to drag my ass to the iron church. It's boring as fuck to me. Aside from doing sit ups at home every day, I don't really lift. Luckily over 20 years of surfing has given me broad shoulders and a V-shaped back and mountain biking has given me an ass that I often get complimented for. I don't really look jacked but I definitely look like I'm in good shape.

      Oh yeah and mad props for your writing style. It cracks me the fuck up.

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      GLO brings up a good point (as always), we shouldn't be pursuing improvement simply for the sake of getting more pussy. That's still woman-focused living, which is how we all ended up here in the first place; it's the repeat of the beta cycle. We should improve out of a love for ourselves.

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      I see your posts as a kind of mile marker on my own journey.

      When I first found trp, I tended to ignore/rage at your posts because I found them obnoxious and over the top. I had decided I was redpill, but still had a lot to learn.

      Slowly over time I have come to appreciate the humor and insightfulness that is GLO, and for this post even found myself laughing along about the morons that actually do those sorts of things.

      I believe this all speaks far more of where I am on my own path than anything. Keep enraging/engaging the new folk man, it helps tarnish the politically correct bullshit viewing lense

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      Not Worth It Finally there is a certain subset of men who have given up on the self improvement journey. They rightfully know the road to be long and perilous and have decided to die in the desert.

      This I only partially believe in.

      Lifting is not worth it.

      The group that says that doesn't understand the obvious health benefits.

      Going out isn't worth it.

      Socializing and branching your networking game is always worth it.

      Relationships aren't worth it.

      Depends on what you give and receive.

      All of these things are not worth it until you are good at them. Sitting at the high stakes poker table isn't worth it until you know exactly what you are doing. So get the fuck up and keep trying because saying it's not worth it, isn't worth it.

      I can agree with ya on this GLO,... But I'd like to see society cave in on itself.

      Being the Red Pill Moses is hard work. Sometimes it means standing up to the Feminist Pharaoh. Other times it means performing Red Pill miracles. Unfortunately, being Red Pill Moses also entails beating the fuck out of some with the stone tablets, for the apostasy of Blue Pill Golden Cock worship. Stop worshiping the cock. Stop grooming its golden pubes. Stop rubbing its shiny balls. Stop drinking from its metallic urethra.

      Thanks for doing this, I've found solace in the dessert though. :P

      Follow me on twitter into the promised land.

      Been Done. I'm RedPillMessiah on Twitter :P

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      So Moses, do you want an ax to chop the Golden Dick off? Oh wait, that was Abraham.

      Good post!

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      Thou shalt lift. Lol. No. Just no. Glad to be a rule breaker. I will not lift, but I will climb gaining strength, balance, focus and form.

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      At least you're not claiming to be the Red Pill Jesus. That's Chad Thundercock.

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      I'm a bit disappointed that the top comments to this are jokes and bs about Moses. Not that we have to be try hard badass when talking here, but the comments show the problem. People are jerking around 24/7.

      Anyway I actually logged in for the first time in ages to say thanks for the motivation. Been in a slump and hearing this is making me feel the fire again. Going to get to bed and hit the gym. Hope to see more quality posts like this in the flood of junk.

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      Something about a post titled "The Golden Cock" written by a guy named "GayLubeOil" that makes me a little nervous.


      But seriously... there is Truth and Power:

      • One needs Truth to gain Power.

      • But one can use Power to hide Truth. the end of the day we each decide which they value most.

      [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      History is written by the victors. Might makes right. And Power IS Truth. Hiding behind 'righteousness' is a falsehood. What is right to you isn't right to others, but he who is strongest determines what is right.

      [–]NeoreactionSafe -1 points0 points  (0 children)

      Power masks Truth and we got Marxism and slow death. (declining birthrates)

      There is a dynamic balance between Power and Truth.

      Red Pill is the Truth... it's up to you to decide how you use it. (Power)

      Neoreaction believes in the potential of civilization, while Red Pill is somewhat indifferent to the decline.

      This is just the difference in the philosophies.

      You can be a complete psychopath and be Red Pill, not so with Neoreaction.

      To be "politically correct" is to accept "Power is Truth" and become the "Last Man".

      I'm not the "Last Man" and never will be.

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      The number of butthurt self improvement jerking EMSK faggots ITT is to damn high.

      Let the nonbelievers stay, let us just get going, we have a 40-year-old journey ahead of us.(just to be clear, nobody is cutting anything off, I'm in this only for that dry ass piece of land that firery bush said was the promised land)

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      You lost me with the Golden Cock thing, but I like your message: Keep lifting. Keep self-improving.

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      Read the biblical story of the golden calf and it will make sense.

      [–]bama79rolltide 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      It's a great link to the story in the Bible. The Golden Calf was destroyed, and the followers suffered.

      Do not be deceived, gentlemen. Stay the course. Sacrifice, and reap the benefits.

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      I am not sure what market trend you are trying to cash up on... but I wish you the best of luck.

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      If anything, you are poetic and a great writer... I enjoyed the read. Might follow twitter.

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      Red Pill has two destinct demographics young bros and older religious conservatives. I was hoping to hit both demos with this obscene biblical analogy.

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      you did, right on the money!

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      That's cool. I'm 31, non religious, but I still found it interesting.

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      Can you write like a normal person?