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Good job. It's beneficial to have redundancies in place.

One thing (sorry about this): in lieu*

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Also, in lieu of means 'in place of something missing'. OP means in light of.

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it's french. en lieu de

norman invasion gave us so much for bastardizing english language

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English has more words from French than any other source.

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Just a PSA, if TRP sub gets killed I will do a blog post and open comment thread so members can connect and regroup.

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I'm currently working on a cleaned-up e-book version (PDF, mobi, epub) of all sidebar materials.

Just checking all the links, will repost here when done.

And thank you also to /u/yahyahyahya for mentioning the off-site location of The Red Pill Handbook.

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Every time the Cultural Marxists get more extreme it exposes them for who they are and builds resentment towards them.

By taking Red Pill down here on Reddit and forcing it to move along it will strengthen the resolve of those who dislike SJW's.

This proves that we on Red Pill are accurately understanding their mindset.

Backing up the sidebar is important, but it's the interactive part that matters. It's the creation of a new site that will make for a better base.

Expect massive hacking attempts on the new site because the SJW's are trying to prevent the truth from spreading. (they will lose in the end, but they will try)

  • Get some high caliber computer security experts to control the new site.


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Intolerance through tolerance.

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Why would TRP shut down from Reddit?

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SJWs are trying to get everything that is not acceptable on a warm and fuzzy level to be labeled as some sort of harassment. Basically, TRP truths discussed in ways that make SJWs feel warm and fuzzy are fine. TRP truths discussed as such, are harassment.

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To see the extent of SJWs' influence, head to the undelete subreddit. It's a sub that monitors and posts all deleted threads from the top 100. If you sort by all time top posts, the third one down is an article on domestic violence against men. The tenth one down is about feminists shutting down a lecture on men's rights. It's only going to get much worse. Reddit is largely going to be run according to corporate and business interests - they're the ones with money after all, and not feminist tumblerinas claiming disability - but groups like TRP will still be a target.

If you weren't aware by now, Reddit is already one of the most significantly censored content aggregate sites around.

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Yeah but at least reddit has a lot of Superbowl shark jokes that are funny every time.

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The joy of being unsubbed from most of the defaults. Don't even know about the shark jokes.

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I fucking hate that trend. Most of the trends on reddit at least start funny and then get really old and annoying. I have not seen one funny superbowl shark joke.

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yeah, I see some chicken little about it here, but it doesn't get nearly the anger that jailbat, N**gers and some of the other banned ones got.

Hell, this place is way more civil than atheism, even with the anger phase mode on 'full retard'

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Yeah, but like you said jailbait and n*ggers got banned already. Besides, we are a massive sub at almost 100k subs, and well-known as an 'Internet hate machine' etc. across all of reddit. If the SJWs want to shut us down, given that reddit's CEO is a woman, it shouldn't be too hard.

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Then it'll be in something awful forums, or ROK,

Besides, of MRA gets the ban, of worry, now it's Pretty safe

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Please see the top post on the sub.

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Looking at gamergate on Twitter, SJWs are going nuts, video games were the last place seemingly that men can go without intrusion of wimminz feelinz being part of the equation.

They've already been rabid here but with the gg movement losing a little momentum as of lately, SJWs may look at this as a victory & take their newly hired reddit board member and do their best to convince her to delete this place's existence.

I can't remember the cunts name nor do I care what it is... We need to start migrating to places like roosh's forums and ROK like websites including Mike Cernovich's as well.

Don't build your hope on male self development here... Reddit is chock full of SJW Nazis that want to squelch conversation .

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I swear we're treated like fucking ISIS by the SJW's, land whales, and beta males.

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Sounds reasonable. We are threatening their way of life.

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If only they knew it would help them in the long run.

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Let them stay in their ways. I have abandoned even having pity for the lesser men and women. I used to bring rp ideas in a casual sort of way without all the jargon and hardness to some friends that could have used it at the time. Never goes through though. Let them stay in the dark. The knowledge and ideas passed around here are really powerful for all things in life not just sexual strategy. It is better for those that have already wrapped their head around it and embraced it all that those who reject the reality around them just stay that way.

Hopefully it does not sound to delusional to say that in all social aspects of life, work, dating, friendships, etc, I feel as if I have some kind of fucking super power. I can only imagine that me in a social environment, now after a few years of really absorbing this stuff, is how a professional athlete must feel when they are playing their sport. There is a comfort and confidence I feel now in so many situations that was not there some years ago. There is maneuverability and an ease of action and a sense for when people are like me or they are struggling intl the situation as I would have in the past. It is a really strange perceptional skill that a lot of people just don't have, and you can pick them out, and you can predict how they will behave and react to what you do and say. It's a strange thing.

I don't care if other people become conscious or dominant or anything anymore. I don't want to share what I know and have seen now. Let them stay how they are.

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For those with more motivation, you can use VisualWget to download all of TRP.

edit: If you can figure out how to do this, please PM me. I am doing it semi-manually at this point. Reddit does not play nice with wget.

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I'll go this way as OneDrive doesn't work for me at all (I get a blank white page).

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Just put it on Google Drive as well.

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Thanks for hosting it on google drive. I just bookmarked the link so that I can download it later.

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Cool, I'm not the only one getting that white page on the online onedrive site. I hope ms fixes that soon.

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Just a PSA, if TRP sub gets killed I will do a blog post and open comment thread so members can connect and regroup.

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Who do we ask for permission if I wanted to host the red pill content on my own website? Are there any legal issues I should be concerned about?

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Considering that most of this is free to begin with, there is no harm provided you don't start passing around the collection tin.

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Can you please elaborate on that. Thanks.

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dont try to make money off other people's content and its fine

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That's understandable. But my concern is what if I have google ads on my site. Am I still allowed to post the material as a reference in my sidebar as well and list is as free as long as I say it is from the SubReddit " The Red Pill".

I just don't want to bring any legal issues to my site as it's new and has only been online since last summer.

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You're thinking about it too much. Making money off adds probably isn't a big deal deal. Worst that can happen is a Cease and Desist letter, in which case you just remove the content.

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The Manosphere typically is just fine with a hat tip and a link to the original, even with ads on the site, although if their content is your product, better to just be an aggregate site.

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Talk to a mod, u/bsutansalt was active less than an hour ago.

And I don't think so, Free License Agreement and all that stuff.

edit: Don't know what I'm talking about.

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According to Reddit's terms of service, each individual user retains the copyright to any content they submit to the site.

This means any person wishing to republish content from the site needs to get permission from the user who originally submitted it. Moderators cannot do this for any content other than their own individual submissions.

I suppose it would be possible for the moderators to require, as a condition of continued posting privileges in this particular form, that submitters of any new content license the moderators to republish it elsewhere in the event we are shut down, but I don't think they can do that retroactively.

Source: I once got called for jury duty.

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Thanks I'm on my smartphone reading this so I will have to download the files later and also message the mod when I get on a regular computer.

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Just be careful what you post. For Reddit stuff, ask the mods.

I would not post writing by Rollo, Roosh, or material from other blogs. They own that content, and diverting traffic away from their writing to your blog damages their business.

The best thing is to contact the 3rd-party writers and verify.

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I'd give you reddit gold for this, but considering the topic...

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Fuck this mess... I have five creddits available so it's on me. :)

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If you have a good system, it would be good if you could save a copy of the top maybe 100-1000 of the all time top threads. It would be a shame to lose everything.

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Google VisualWget. I am on a tethered connection and cannot download the entire sub right now.

Maybe later, though.

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Would be great to be able to download the top 100!

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nice initiative,thanks for taking the time to do this,should have used drive tho the onedrive isn't allowing me to download the complete folder in a zip format

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Put it on Drive as well.

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Can we get a back up on due to the encryption and a lot harder to take down content.

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I have put it up but I don't have enough experience to determine how to share the link. With the public key or not?

They suggest not to share the public key over insecure channels.

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Added it with the public key. I have local copies of all of this stuff anyway. I suggest others do the same.

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Nice....I'll be doing this for when my 9 year old son is old enough to start on comprehending it in the future, by then Reddit redpill will be no more that's for certain.

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the future of TheRedPill on Reddit

Download this The RedPill Primer for boys It's great material for teenager boys.

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As a 37 year old very new to Red Pill I think the Primer is great material for every newcomer, not just the young.

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My 14 Yo is very glad I showed him.

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Is there a way to create a reddit-like website separate from reddit. I can host for free if you guys are interested.

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Reddit's codebase is also available on github.

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Is there anything more catchy like or something we could use?

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Is TRPs official off-reddit site. No forums though, but they say it will get one if Reddit kills us.

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pdf conversion is fairly simple on firefox with 'print pages to pdf' 'tree style tabs' and 'snap links'.

simply open all the links you want into the order you want, click print all tabs and then you have a chance to edit the pages by clicking on the icon that looks like a pencil on paper.

the chrome counterparts are 'print friendly & pdf' 'tabs outliner' and 'linkclump'

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Thanks. This is really expediting the process.

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who is trying to shut this sub down now? what's the news?

it's really pathetic and ridiculous how these losers go crazy trying to convince each other that reality isn't real.

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Its not us directly.

Reddits investors and admins want to control content to better market the site to advertisers.

So they are considering the removal of the most controversial subs. On its own that's not a real issue for us as there are far more disgusting and perverted sub's than ours on reddit. However the admins are in bed with the radical feminist SJWs that are the backbone of SRS and its ilk.

Which means "controversial" will likely mean "those SRS disagree with" which puts us in the firing line as probable target number one. Seriously they'll go after us before they'd consider subs like r/greatapes and r/picsofdeadkids.

These idiots don't actually target real problems and real issues. All they care about is their pathetic internet feelz guided censorship crusade.

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one of the fastest growing subs that has over 80,000 eyes on it, is only going to give advertisers dollar signs in their eyes.

It would be a bad business move to wipe TRP out. Its as simple as that.

[–]le_king_falcon 1 point2 points  (1 child)

80k is a drop in the bucket compared to some of the default subs.

Also you are assuming the owners and admins are being logical. However being in bed with SRS shows that logic and reason isn't something they believe in or adhere too.

We are still small enough to be removed without major damage to the host which is what matters for revenue. So don't be surprised if we are are first on the chopping block, they need to do it before we become large enough that our removal hurts reddits numbers as a whole.

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You're not considering growth. The growth has been very, very rapid.

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I'd really like to know what's going on.

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The one thing that will be sorely missed is the community itself. Wasn't there a webpage set up in case this happened? I forget the name

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Yeah this was a huge community. New information on a regular basis with actual people helping others.

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Just a friendly reminder, please do not use the same password for voat as you did for reddit. It would be nice if people tried to use the same usernames, but don't forget reddit admins have your reddit password.

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They do? So the admins can access my other social media accounts if they wanted?

[–]prodigyx 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah if you use the same password as for reddit.

As a general rule you should never re-use passwords across multiple sites. If one site is compromised, then all your logins are compromised.

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It's not likely they have access to the password.

If it's stored in a state where they can read it then anybody can read it, so it's most likely hashed and salted.

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Yes, but it's not hashed and salted when it's being sent from your web browser to the server, and at that point it's trivial for a dishonest admin to hook into the server code and write out all usernames/passwords to a special file.

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I never really used reddit until I found this sub, do you guys actually think they'll get rid of it?

Maybe I misunderstand the power the antis have but it does seem a bit over the top

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A few users spending a few hours archiving just in case is never a bad thing; better safe than sorry.

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No, these people are probably just overreacting, but who really knows. I personally think the dude making the pdf's and the guy putting together an ebook are completely wasting their time. Because the value of redpill isn't in reading 100's of pages of sidebar material like a fucking seddit nerd. It's in actually applying what are maybe 10 basic rules.

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Definitely overreacting. They can save the sidebar if they want, but just wait and see what happens.

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Thank you my good sir, you wil help alot of men.

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It'd be awesome if you could go through top rated threads and save these as well.

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Are there quick ways to get PDF-readable versions of articles? I wish sites like RationalMale had an updated .ZIP with all the articles in a PDF format, just in case the site went down. This could be done the same for RedPill reddit: Every month archive the top posts into a .zip (ex: February 2015 RedPill Posts).

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I'll be putting all of this on my web host tonight. If anybody is interested let me know and I'll give you a url

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Could you make one big PDF with all that and put the title "TRP sidebar" on it? That would be awsome.

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Grabbed them all and archived them off line.

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Good shit, thanks man. Only been here for 4-5 months and haven't been able to read through/digest everything yet.

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I would throw a dedicated server at this endeavor IF someone who was running the scenes here personally PM'ed me.

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Thank you for doing this. I hope Puerarchy establish a forum over there.

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Well, Reddit has been saying this shit for well over a year. It still hasnt happened. The sub is over 80k strong. I dont think it will just poof into thin air.

There is an understanding puerarchy will pick it up if anything happens. But I doubt it highly.


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As someone who has definitely benefited greatly from TRP, is there anything I can do to help/contribute to the assembly of these archives?

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If you're using chrome, you can use the dotepub extension to generate an epub out of the current page.

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Damn I feel like a guerilla fighter just for being subbed here, still cannot believe this shit, soon there will be no freedoms left.

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I smell a spear phishing attempt by a SJW. Just hit the link and download feminists always fight so dirty.

Remember all, use a user account for browsing. Never have wide open admin privileges on your main day to day account.

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Just curious. Do you have any evidence? I'm dubious as always but some more info would be good.

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No evidence at all. I work in IT security and I was just fucking with OP. PDFs are easy to make malicious and often clients like Adobe Reader or Acrobat are not kept up to date.

[–]bustanutmeow 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Aah. Fair enough. I was aware of all the possible vectors, I wasn't sure if you had found something potentially dangerous. Cheers mate. Have a great day.

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