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(You see that last night, she had sex with your good looking, confident best friend at the frat party - three times. After she was done, she looked at her phone and saw that you had texted her 10 times asking how she was doing and that she is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. You see her roll her eyes and try to cuddle with your best friend. Your best friend shoves her away.

That one hit hit me hard even though I wear the glasses.

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high school all over again man, i still feel a quiet sting every now and then

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I didn't have sex in highschool. Ha! Take that nonexistant-feels!

Oh wait here they are..

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This hit me right in the adolescence. Thank god I found this sub a year ago. I'm dating a graduated Ivy League athlete and working on a career as a professional athlete. This place works wonders. Keep the glasses.

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Sir, it's your duty to PASS ON the glasses.

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Having the (lenses) on is a metaphor for taking the red pill and seeing things how they really are. It's your duty to wear the glasses all the time.

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You should probably find a new best friend.

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If a girl chopped my dick off and only got probation I would most certainly go on a shooting rampage.

Either way I'd kill myself.

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Really awesome way of explaining this to someone who's new to redpill. Glad I learned the hardway when I was 17/18...

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Take a look over there. You see a man who is abusive. He threatens his girlfriend that if she doesn't have sex with him, he will break up with her. If she doesn't cook for him, he will break up with her. He is manipulating her into doing things she doesn't want. It is out of her control.

Few typos.

But I agree, sometimes having the red pill is like having the glasses from the movie "They". You see things other people just don't see.

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Small correction: The movie was called "They Live."

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As much as I agree with most everything on this sub, this is the one that I don't think is an accurate description of reality. Personally I was an abuse victim and my abuser had me convinced I deserved it and I was more afraid of him than anything else. It is very much a mental prison, so this caterwauling about women in abusive relationships seems like a misguided application of TRP.

edit: As an illustration of my point, in the antebellum south you had house niggers who seemed to enjoy their place and chains.

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I'm not denying that happens. Your personal story of being an abuse victim is tragic and I am very sorry that that happened to you, but what does this have to do with the rest of American society? Is every girl that cries abuse 100% legit? Are most women in America abuse victims? Is abuse in America an epidemic? Are we a country of men who come home from work, see that our wives made tuna casserole, and start swingin'?

I don't know about you, but most of the men I know are in marriages where they work their tails off, wouldn't lay a finger on their wives, and when the wife complains about something he complies and says "Well you know what they say! Happy Wife Happy Life!"

The only domestic cases I have heard of, or any of my friends have heard of are those cases we see on social media or the news and usually its a sensationalized piece. I don't know ONE person that was the victim of domestic abuse. And let's say that everyone I know is actually a victim and they are too afraid to come out. Really? All 10,000 connections in my network I have are afraid to come out?

Do women not have the right to vote, go get a job, buy a house, and have every liberty a man has? Don't women tout that they are smarter than men, are more educated than men, are just as capable as men? But then they turn around and say this situation is out of my control. I am a victim. I am helpless.

If society touted abuse as a non-gender issue, I would have zero problem. But more often than not, abuse is touted as something perpetrated by men to women. I'm not saying that abuse does not occur. All I am saying in that section is let's step back and peel the onion a bit more.

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How do you go from,

"yes, I agree that abusers can wield powerful control over their victims" to "women like to play the victim in abusive relationships." ?

If I'm misstating your position I apologize.

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The statements are not mutually exclusive.

Both CAN happen. It is the observation and experience of the people of this sub that the latter happens more than is stated in the media while the former happens considerably less than is sensationalized in the media.

For example, yes, there are situations where people are abused and the victim cannot do anything about it (i.e. your personal, real life example) and everyone and their mother in the media supports and publicizes this. That's fine. But, there are also many cases where the woman shifts the onus onto the man and "plays victim" in an attempt to get out of responsibility of her own decision to stay in the abusive relationship, and this is NOT publicized and in fact shot down in the public circle.

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Wow, this was really well-written. Good job on pointing out the harsh differences between reality and a beta's perceptions and I really like the "glasses" metaphor!

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lol this was a bit cheesy but not bad of a post.

I would have added that the feminist, despite what she says, would fuck the alpha over the beta in a heartbeat.

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Pretty good post. One of the few that are this long that are actually worth reading and entertaining.

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Great post. Fortunately, I figured out TRP in my brain well before discovering Reddit. I thank each and every one of you for this sub.

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I can't believe no one linked to this.

Exactly what it's like for the beta to see the world through the RP lens.

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intersting. with all this "equality" bs, who gets off the sinking titanic first now?

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Well, since men getting off first would be male privilege, sadly its still women (and children) off first.

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You are a good story teller. I you ever want to submit stuff to my new site let me know.

The part where he finally saw the girl he put on a pedestal for the slut that she is and how fucked up his friend was for betraying him was awesome and sad at the same time because it happens in real life to a lot of people. Unfortunately they refuse to believe it when all the signs are there.

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how fucked up his friend was for betraying him

A girl you like is totally free pass. It's not even a brocode thing. There's tons of orbiters who have a crush on a girl you're fucking. You are not betraying anyone.

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I think it depends on whether you put in work on this girl and your friend knows it and still tries to fuck her behind your back.

In this story he states that the guys best friend fucked her.

If my best friend fucked a girl I have been working on without telling me prior and doing it behind my back then he is not my best friend.

If it is a girl I haven't kissed or fucked yet and he fucks her before me then we are still cool as long as he tells me before hand.

I hate sneaky people and liars. If they have to do all that in the first place then they know what they are doing is wrong.

I would rather have an honest friend rather than one lies all the time and sneaks behind your back.

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I think Tom Leykis put it best.

Let's assume you are already seeing the chick.

If you dump her ass, she's fair game to friends. "Go ahead. You can have my garbage."

If she dumps your ass, she is off limits. "I am her garbage. You fucking her does not help my situation as a bro when hoes are a dime a dozen. Really? there are a billion girls in the world and you pick her? The one that owned me?"

Basically, if you not dating or fucking the girl is by choice, its all good. If it's her call, it is not cool for your bro to date her.

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I think the red pill way is to find a better best friend. This is going to sound like weird advice because its not sexual, but that's because the red pill way applies to life in a broader context than just sex.

You can't control the actions of others, you can only control what you're willing to tolerate. Either change your world view so that your friendship is compatible, or change your friendship to be compatible with your world view. Changing your world view is a capitulation to a substandard status relative your friend's position, and so it undesirable as anything but a last resort.

If you can't tolerate the way that your friends treat you / carry themselves about their business related to your interests, you either need to get to shopping around for a better friend or accept the situation for what it is. Complaining without action is masterbation for the ego.

My experience is: what you're complaining about is something that other people will only change if they have a reason to change. This friend has already shown that he is capable of acting in his self-interest, why would he stop after you display your lack of leverage by complaining? Sure, some men care about honor and integrity, but not all do.

Your only options are complain, not complain, or look for a new friend. If you complain, (or if you don't even complain and just go straight to accepting) you are inadvertently saying that you need his friendship since you are willing to tolerate this behavior with nothing more than a vocalization, but no real meaningful, threatening action is being taken. Your friend is treating you like he doesn't value you because he thinks you don't value yourself. And if you don't find a new friend, he's right.

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Agreed. Don't see how we are in conflict. A person can agree with what I say and have friends that agree too. Good for everyone.

A person can agree with what I say and have friends that don't agree. He can go make a new best friend.

Never did I say anything about not changing yourself, not changing your friends, or not accepting your situation.

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I don't see how we are either actually. My tone maybe? I just wanted to expand on what one should do when in a situation where a friend is doing something "uncool". Obviously the first thing that should happen is the complaint be vocalized, but leverage ultimately comes from walking power.

I write on the red pill as though I'm talking to anyone listening, not necessarily in only the direction of the first response. When I say "you", its likely laziness of not using the proper point-of-view, which would be "one does not" or "he/she would not" and it gets wearisome to read and write without proper reformatting.

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absolutely - I use dread game on anyone I am not forced to be around if they treat me poorly.

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A good friend will come bail you out of jail, a best friend will be in the next cell over going "That was fucking awesome!!"

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Nicely put. Take this upvote for your awesome post.

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Recently dumped two people out of my life who pulled this shit on me. Noting, they did it many years ago... which says a few things about me and my reaction to their fucking each other behind my back.

At the point of my discovery, I had adopted a strangely new ability to remove myself emotionally from the situation and understand that this girl and the guys closest to me in my life were their own people, making their own decisions independently of me. Being offended is a personal choice and doesn't recognize the ways I helped bring about the situation or conversely had done nothing to make a different situation happen.

It's a useful mechanism, and TRP condones it, I'm sure... but at that point in time I think it was a lucky defense mechanism. And it was lucky insofar as the path it lead me down.

But this thought gave way to a different perspective. One that realizes my role in situations in a more applicable way, because simply feeling or not feeling something is inapplicable. However, understanding the fact that you can be disregarded, that it is disrespectful, and that you have every right and reason to drop these people on the spot- is applicable.

tl;dr: combining the two is the best option. Drop them and be unaffected. Respect yourself, but by no means expect others to.

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It's hard being friends with you.

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You can't lose something you never had.

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That's the way I felt about it too. If I'm putting my dick somewhere your dick hasn't been, then your game was weak. You dropped the ball, and I picked it up for a touchdown.

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Entirely true.

Though I will put this addendum saying that it is entirely dependent on what kind of friend I was to that person.

If we were just guys who met often while on a night out, but never hung out, I would mack and move on without a second thought.

However if the guy was actually a good friend of mine, I wouldn't risk my friendship with him over a dime-a-dozen sket.

In theory, you could apply what I said earlier (you can't lose something you never had), but your actions don't happen in a vacuum. There will always be consequences and repercussions. Just gotta weigh up if the action is worth the potential consequences.

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Pussy is cheap and easy with proper frame. Finding a kindred spirit is very difficult. And personally I find it way easier to go a month without getting laid (no PMO, NoFap, just meditation and holding frame to get rid of extra stress) than a month without having an actual intelligent conversation with someone like-minded.

Also, I've always found the girlfriends of close male friends unattractive. Maybe they just date/fuck ugly chicks, or maybe I see them as ugly because they've had a friend's cum inside them, so subconsciously realizing that fucking a friend's girl would be getting their man-juice on my dick is repulsive enough that it's not an issue.

If it's just some high school classmate I haven't talked to in a decade though, and his ho goes looking for cock, well, might as well be mine.

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As a fringe guest and frequent reader this post perfectly breaks down the different ways of looking that things that separates the red and blue pill mindsets

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Great post for new readers.

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Good post. I just explained to my wife that any purchase of a newer mini-van for her driving will be funded by her earnings. She agreed. I'm not her ATM. Equality, baby.

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I love red pill threads like this. It makes you visualize the situation. Sort of like the Book of Pook. Great job!

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I recently posted here and got pretty much rejected because of how much I started to dislike woman because of this subreddit. But, after reading this, I don't fucking understand how you cannot start hating women for shit that actually happens. Specifically when putting the lenses on and about your best friend having sex with her. Like this is happening in my highschool. Can someone please explain how you guys remain sane? It's utter bullshit.

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Honestly, I don't think being angry is wrong, its just that we should control ourselves emotionally. Since men are supposed to be rational, you'd get shunned if you displayed signs of going against that grain.

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Hi there! I'm a non-Redpiller! I been lurking here a little bit out of, I don't know, morbid fascination with your worldview. So please don't downvote (this post title was directed to folks like me, you asked me to jump in) and I'll try not to gratuitously assault.

Here's what you look like from the outside: a group of wounded men, many of whom have been hurt before. I have sympathy for that. I remember times in my life when I was less successful with women, and I remember the hurt and feelings of rejection. There's a spoonful of actual helpful advice here (mostly the parts about focusing on self-improvement first, not fetishizing the idea of a relationship, and moving on from a woman who isn't interested in you), coupled with 9/11-Truther level insanity. This whole thing reads the same as dipping into r/conspiracy -- folks assuming centralized control and agency in the world where none exists, clinging to a defined set of rules to make a complex world appear simple and kludging everything into that framework, believing that you are the chosen few who know the "truth" beside all the sheeple.

Anyway, re the above:

Take a look over there. You see a man who is abusive. He threatens his girlfriend that if she doesn't have sex with him, he will break up with her. If she doesn't cook for him, he will break up with her. He is manipulating her into doing things she doesn't want. It is out of her control.

Please put those red (lenses) on one more time.

(You see a woman who complied to everything the man said. Despite the man being a total insecure douche, she decided to stay with him for five years. We should treat her like a human being who can make decisions right? After all, women and men are equal, and should be treated equally. She is totally capable of making her own decisions as she has the right to vote, the right to have a job, the right to own a home and in general is a human being just like you and me. Yet, every-time the man gave her an ultimatum, she willingly decided to stay of her own accord. No, the man did not manipulate her. She made that decision on her own. She is not taking responsibility of her own actions and is instead shifting the blame to a guy who supposedly made those decisions for her.)

This is literally a textbook abusive relationship. This is just plain fucking abuse. That is a sociopath; this is not a relationship, this is a hostage. If I saw a pair like this in real life, I would not be surprised to see that man on COPS being dragged away after an assault, or hear that she had filed for divorce and the man snapped and murdered her.

You see that hot 10/10 girl over there? Look at who she is walking with. Motorcycle riding asshole right? Totally would leave her the moment another girl comes around. Wouldn't treat her right. Please go ahead and put on those lenses now.

(You see a 6' 8% body fat man with a chiseled jaw. He's also a CEO of his own company, has a net worth of $100,000,000, and houses in four states. Next to him you can see that she is horny and wants him badly.)

This is probably closest to me in real life. My girlfriend is an 8 or 9, she has a Ivy degree and loves sex more than I do.

I'm not a male model but I'm good looking. I'm not 8% body fat but I'm in good shape. I don't run a hedge fund but I make > 250K a year.

But that's not why she likes me. There's plenty of good looking rich guys, and she's dated a few and left. She likes me because I listen, I love her, i communicate, and I am genuinely committed to improving our partnership. This is relationships. I listen to her, I talk with her, I try to know her as her and not simply as an exemplar of her gender. And she does the same, every day tries to see what I need and now I feel.

And yeah, it took a long time to find her. A lot of bad dates and pain and rejections and rejecting, and sometimes I wondered if there was just something wrong with me. But motherfuckers, having a teammate versus having a hostage, it's the greatest thing in the world, and I'm sad for all of you that you stopped trying.

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Hey HBombthrow,

Thanks for your input. Couple things I want to discuss.

The part regarding the "abusive" relationship - I agree that it is an abusive relationship. 100%. I even qualified that part by stating that he is an "insecure douche." He is a sociopath. He is a dirt bag. He is a shithead. BUT in the case of that scenario, SHE decided to stay with him. Every time he gives her an ultimatum, she makes the choice to stay with him. His threats are not one of violence. It is simply "Do this for me, or we are through." If it was you or me, and some douche friend or acquaintance says that to you, what do you or I do as men? We say go fuck yourself. We are through. I, and Red Pill as a whole, does not condone the behavior of that hypothetical man. The only question we raise is why do people say the man is at fault for the woman's decision to stay with him for 5 years? All she has to do is walk away. If women are not able to distinguish this on their own, if they are so "helpless" or can be "manipulated" or "felt they were compelled" to stay simply because a man told her so, what does that say about her and her gender in general? Red Pill in fact, gives the woman the benefit of the doubt. That she CAN make that decision to walk away and that she IS a decent human being with self-respect that will walk away from that jackass. It is the rest of the world and feminists that say that she is helpless and poor and can't think for herself - while calling Redpill a bunch of misogynists that believe women are helpless and poor and can't think for herself. Go figure.

Check out this post that expounds more on that topic: The Redpill is Pro-Woman. It's great.

Regarding the hot girl, hot guy example, this is how I read your response:

  • You say that you have to be an in shape man, with a high status job, to get a hot girlfriend.
  • I am an in shape man, with a high status job, and I have a hot girlfriend.
  • But that's not why she likes me. She likes me because I am a good listener and communicator.

That's fine to believe that, and maybe its true. But you and I will never know if she would love you the same if you were 5 inches shorter, made 210k less a year, and had 30% body fat. Until that happens, the fact that you fit the exact qualities of the dude in that example (not exactly, but let's round up), just proves Redpill's point of view.

Regardless, thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts and have a relatively civil discussion.

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Hi there, appreciate the civil response.

On the first point, it seems that you're over-generalizing by gender traits that can exist in men and women. Spend any time on Reddit and you'll see plenty stories of men who only realized well after the fact that they were trapped in emotionally abusive situations. I'm sure many on this subreddit will characterize prior relationships in that way; an aspect of the RedPill manifesto seems to be the belief that the natural order before "donning the glasses" is that women are emotionally manipulative.

All sorts of people have vulnerabilities that can be manipulated by a deceitful other. It seems odd from the outside -- why don't they just leave -- but the mind is a strange system and folks often place themselves into denial, especially when there is someone actively working to push them into denial. When a con man steals someone's life savings through manipulation and deceit, we still treat it as a crime, we don't throw up our hands and say, "Well, they could have just not signed the contract."

As to the second point, sure, yes I am above average in looks, fitness, and financial success, and I'm certain that contributes to being attractive to a woman who also is above average on these qualities. I am grateful for that. I'm pretty certain my GF wouldn't be interested in me if I were fat, ugly and poor. But why would I be entitled to her love in that world? I mean, in this world I've rejected plenty of wonderful women I didn't feel attracted to. Doesn't it seem hypocritical of you to fault women for failing to be attracted to ugly, out-of-shape, financially insecure men, when you yourselves demand that the women you date be gorgeous, terrific homemakers? What are you bringing to the table? You can't fault the most desirable women for ignoring average men while categorically rejecting average women.

Anyway, my point there was that, when someone on the outside is looking at that picture perfect couple, you might imagine the guy to be some arrogant asshole. But in the real world, a lot of successful, good looking people are wonderful, kind and generous. You don't see the time that motorcycle guy comforted his GF when her father died, etc., or brought her favorite take-out soup when she had a bad fever. In my experience, the rich asshole types end up with women who are themselves total assholes. The good women end up with good men.

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I would agree that I am generalizing the genders, but I wouldn't say that I am over-generalizing. People generalize things because it is what has been observed more times on average than the opposite situation. In the case of my response, it really is social commentary on how I view the world to be true from my experience. You have a different experience and if what I say doesn't ring true, all power to you. For me it is a fair generalization. For you it is an over-generalization. Agree to disagree.

Spend any time on Reddit and you'll see plenty stories of men who only realized well after the fact that they were trapped in emotionally abusive situations.

The Redpill is for those men who were trapped in those situations and didn't know wtf was going on. This Redpill is the ONLY place for emotionally abused men to come and vent their feelings, frustrations, and problems because they can't go anywhere else. People will laugh at them for being a weak man and tell him to "suck it up." Or they will give them some bullshit non-helpful advice like "Just be yourself!" And of course that man, will listen and just stay unmotivated, slothful, woe-is me and just stay unattractive to any person, let alone any woman.

Women on the other hand have everything and everyone on their side. They have 2XCchromosomes which is a DEFAULT subreddit. You have the media. You have social media. You have politicians. You get the picture.

But why would I be entitled to her love in that world? I mean, in this world I've rejected plenty of wonderful women I didn't feel attracted to. Doesn't it seem hypocritical of you to fault women for failing to be attracted to ugly, out-of-shape, financially insecure men, when you yourselves demand that the women you date be gorgeous, terrific homemakers? What are you bringing to the table? You can't fault the most desirable women for ignoring average men while categorically rejecting average women.

This is where you have a misconception of Redpill, and I'm surprised since in your previous response you stated that there are some helpful advice here like self-improvement, not fetishizing, and moving on. We don't fault women for being attracted to high quality men and we aren't entitled to them. We are simply STATING that women are attracted to high quality men. Never in my response, or statement did we say that we are faulting them. That is how it is.

I think I know where you get that idea though. A lot of our newer members who have been broken and hurt by women come here and realize how women are and get mad. And that's okay in the beginning. When the world and every girl he has known has told him that if "he is just himself" the right girl will come along, while those same girls go and date high quality men, why wouldn't they be mad. But once they learn this, and they accept it as the way it is, we do not condone blaming the woman. It is how they are.

Never do we at The Redpill demand a woman be gorgeous, terrific homemakers. Don't know where you are getting this idea. If a woman is gorgeous, and a terrific homemaker, I better be a fucking stud that is at least at that level of quality, or she can reasonably go find someone else.

Anyway, my point there was that, when someone on the outside is looking at that picture perfect couple, you might imagine the guy to be some arrogant asshole.

We aren't imagining the guy to be an arrogant asshole man. My example clearly shows that BEFORE he puts on the (lenses), he thinks he is an arrogant asshole that treats his girlfriend like shit. After he puts on the (lenses) or "takes the redpill," does he realize that he is a legit ass man that any woman would want to be with.

Hope that clears some misconceptions you may have about Redpill.

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I'm not a male model but I'm good looking. I'm not 8% body fat but I'm in good shape. I don't run a hedge fund but I make > 250K a year.

But that's not why she likes me.

You are completely wrong on this. Ask yourself the question - if you lost literally all your status tomorrow, would she stay with you? If a man, like you in every way, but more famous, more attractive, and wealthier came by, and showed interest and commitment in her, would she stay?

The answer to that question is no, she would not.

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That depends. If I were befallen by some tragedy, I expect she would stay. If I just gave up and let myself go, I expect she would leave, and I'd deserve it. And it's the same on my end.

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I think the more correct way to view his hypothetical question is this:

If you met her and you had no status, were shorter, ugly, and had no money, would she even bat an eye at you? That normalizes the situation by removing any of the memories or good times you had and of what you were before your status was stripped away.

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Welcome! Be sure to write back again, after you've been laid off from that job at the investment bank.

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Thanks! It's actually a law firm, and my girlfriend has been very proactive in helping me find a lower-paying job I'll enjoy more. (She saw how sad I looked being called in on a weekend last minute). She's offered to help pay my rent for three months so I can quit and focus full time on searching, but I've declined.

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Just make sure you continue to earn more than she does, or else that vagina will dry up like the Sahara! Whatever you do, don't become a house-husband when the kids show up.

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Don't listen to these neck beards. That new job is exactly what you need. She will love the extra time you two could spend together.

You have a great catch !

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To be fair, she likely knows that even if he takes another job, he's still going to be making far more money than the average individual.

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Hey Zachar1a. Just a thought, but antagonizing someone who is trying to have a discussion regarding some of the thoughts said here without calling us completely crazy is not the best way to win him/her over. It just further puts stigma on us.

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Nice post.

Just a thought though. Shouldn't it be the other way? Something like at first one sees the world through, let's say, blue lenses, but taking them off makes the picture clear? After all Red Pill is rather observing world with clear sight compared to others.

[–]stevredpill[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I guess the thought was, in his core he is a blue man. And since he is taking a stroll through the park with a red man, sort of like a "visitor," I thought it would be more cinematic if he put on red lenses temporarily to see how the red piller sees the world. But I get it. It could work either way.

[–]ladyredpill 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I support most of that. However, you have oversimplified the domestic abuse situation.

[–]MentORPHEUS 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Sidebar quality writing here. Oh to have had Red Pill knowlege in my teens/20s!

[–]stevredpill[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Don't we all! But I guess it is our job as men to ensure that it ends with our generation and that we are ever present in our sons' lives.

I know if I have a son, I'm going to be that one rock sheltering him from the torrential, relentless waves of incorrect information spewed at him from every other part of his life.

[–]MentORPHEUS 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes, hence my chosen username.

I can't go back in time, but I CAN help break the cycle for younger men.

[–]1FunAndFreedom 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This was a really funny, interesting post. Your story telling style is terrific, write more.

[–]brotherjustincrowe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

"Angry woman" is right. A man videotaped him and his girlfriend having sex and she castrated him with sulfuric acid. Note the feminist's response boiling down to "you go gurl!"

[–]Tangojokerbravo 0 points1 point  (1 child)

This should be stickied for a while. I'm hesitant to say sidebar material, because the sidebar is already quite filled out with plenty of valuable content. But this gives such a great insight into how we now view the world after TRP.

There's so many new guys lurking and posting here and while that's a great thing, I'm glad more dudes are unplugging from this bullshit house that society has built around us. This is an awesome glimpse into TRP theory and showing what the world actually has become. It's a little bit sickening, in a way, to have to do these things.

I'm sure we all wish that steak could just be juicy and delicious instead of it all being an illusion.

[–]stevredpill[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'm sure we all wish that steak could just be juicy and delicious instead of it all being an illusion.

Haha yeah. You and I are okay with eating "...a single celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals. Everything the body needs," because at least it is real.

[–]masturbator9000 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This was a great read. Love the writing style!

[–]katabn 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It makes me think of the video of goodfella on the same subject.

[–]BetaMaleFeminist 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just found this sub last week. I can't stop smiling. I am Neo when he opened his eyes for the first time.

Since finding TRP, I have assembled an oaken frame. I used to wonder if any man "understood women" and I found them baffling... now it's absolutely laughable how simple they are. I am in a LTR with a great girl, damn close to a unicorn. I am naturally alpha, so I suppose that helped me bag her with my high SMV. I've taken complete control of our relationship in the last week, and she hasn't even realized it. TRP will work in a LTR because TRP is much more than seduction, it's about becoming a boss mother fucker. She has been more affectionate in the last week, loves being seduced and responds to it immediately. On top of that, I now have every woman in my social circle around my finger. I make girls giggle and flirt with me with zero effort, simply by displaying dark triad traits and maintaining frame. This is so absurdly simple, if feels like I'm in the Matrix. Confidence has never been higher. I am NOT a cheater, I very much enjoy my LTR, but I've pulled 3 numbers in 5 days with cold approach in 5 days. I've always been charismatic, but now that I understand how women have been programmed by evolution, interaction with them flows like oil over a stick of butter gliding on a hot skillet.

Thank you, Morpheus.

[–]Never_relax 0 points1 point  (0 children)

In all of these situations, the woman is trying to perpetuate a fantasy world wherein they retain their victim status, but why? Why is it so rare to find an empowered yet virtuous female?

[–]tylertgbh 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Great post, except for this:

We should treat her like a human being who can make decisions right? After all, women and men are equal, and should be treated equally. She is totally capable of making her own decisions as she has the right to vote, the right to have a job, the right to own a home and in general is a human being just like you and me. Yet, every-time the man gave her an ultimatum, she willingly decided to stay of her own accord.

I strongly disagree. While for some 'lighter' situations where the man is not abusive and rather just disrespectful to his wife/gf, the perspective you outlined can be applied, but in the scenario of domestic abuse and threats of physical force you are ignoring far too much information to state that she simply chooses to stay involved with that relationship based on the argument that she is "equal". Many women in situations like that do not have the resources to leave or change their situation. Might they be at fault for putting themselves in that situation? Perhaps, but nonetheless, it's important to recognise that they lack the opportunity and resources to be able to make the decision to leave that environment.

[–]stevredpill[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Hey tylertgbh,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I agree there are different situations and scenarios. This is simply one generic one that we are viewing through the Redpill lens. The question I am posing is this:

Why do we feel sorry for her in that situation and why do we give her the benefit of the doubt in terms of it not being on her? Too many times we strip agency from the woman and put it all on the man while simultaneously saying we are the same, gender is a social construct, etc.

If a girl and a guy gets drunk and wants to have sex, society puts it on the man to be sure she is capable of making a decision and even if she says yes she can come back and say I wasnt capable! The man should have known! Yet society gives all of the benefits of having agency like going where she wants, saying what she wants, drinking what she wants. She gets the right to make a decision to go to a party, get drunk, be in a situation to have sex, yet when it comes to the decision to have sex its on the man? If thats the case, why dont we just say she will not be capable of making a decision if she comes to this party and drinks. She lacks the responsibility. She is not allowed to come.

What happened to two college kids got drunk, had sex, and regretted it after? Even if you have a guy have the girl sign a statement, get it notorized, etc she can claim she was under duress. Let alone the fact that getting a girl to sign a contract to have sex is probably the least romantic thing you can do. Girls are right. Romance is dead.

[–]JustApproach -2 points-1 points  (9 children)

I personally would not do this. But I just wanted to take a quick survey on who would fuck their best friends sister if she was legal down to fuck but he was against the act of it?

My next survey question is who would be okay with one of their friends fucking their own sister if you have one and she is legal?

[–]ikeepthingsinmybutt 8 points9 points  (5 children)

Here's my take: out of all the vaginas in the world, you are going to bet on one of the very few that can affect your personal relationship (that you apparently care about and give weight to) with your best friend? Why? I can't imagine a vagina being that glorious that I couldn't find another with less strings attached.

Vagina is cheap. It's getting cheaper every day. Strong friendships aren't.

[–]stimulated_narcolept 6 points7 points  (1 child)

I can't imagine a vagina being that glorious that I couldn't find another with less strings attached.

Vagina is cheap. It's getting cheaper every day. Strong friendships aren't.

Remember your bluepill days? Where vagina was the most expensive commodity in the universe and to you was practically priceless? New friends could be made, vagina was a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

[–]ikeepthingsinmybutt 3 points4 points  (0 children)

I completely see where you are coming from in that (my blue pill days were somewhat unique, and that wasn't my personal experience, but I understand from reading about it from other posts on this sub), but I was responding from the perspective of a RP man.

A bluepiller would kill his own mother for the approval of a woman. I've seen plenty of families torn apart because the guy's squeeze didn't get along with mom and dad.

[–]16 Endorsed ContributorCyralea 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Truly great friendships are just about the most valuable thing a man can acquire. They can elevate the quality of your life in uncountable ways. It'd be retarded to give that up for a single vagina.

[–]JustApproach 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Are you directing your statement to me or everybody else here? Because if you reread the other post I have made in this thread you will be see I do not condone the sneaky behavior of betraying your best friend just to fuck some pussy. It simply is just not worth it in the long run.

[–]ikeepthingsinmybutt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Just answering your survey :) I couldn't give a shit less what anyone else thinks, I personally value my friendship with my best friend higher than his sisters vagina. Other people have other values, in the end the only person you are guaranteed to have to sleep with every night is yourself.

[–]ShinyBrah 6 points7 points  (0 children)

I've had the option and blessing from a friend to do this and still avoided it. One bad move and you'll potentially lose friends.

[–][deleted]  (1 child)


    [–]stevredpill[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Yeah. You are right. I have Mommy issues.

    Thanks for reading!