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Good post, not enough FRs of people who know how to pass shit tests.

"I'm not just sex". I'm going to start saying that when I have a girl over.

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Caress your abs as you say that, for effect.

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And lay a horrible accent on. "Eym nowt jest zex. Mmmmmm."

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I read that in Vladimir Klitschos voice

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I read it in Dolph Lundgren's Ivan Drago voice

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I'm stealing it too. I'm going to say it with a thick eastern European accent too.

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Sounds like "I'm not just sex" is Google translate's "I'm not that kind of girl."

But, of course, she is that kind of girl. Nicely done.

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Congrats you banged your gf...

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Sounds more like a plate to me.

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The difference is only between kicking her out when your done or making her cook, clean and fetch a beer.

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If done correctly, plates will do all of those things

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Whatever. Labels are arbitrary categorization. Do what you will, call it whatever the fuck you want.

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Astounds me how outcome independence sends bitches into U-TURNS. They constantly contradict themselves, and then they complain men don't take them seriously - LOL. Just don't enter her frame, don't give a fuck, seem unfazed by her bullshit and she'll do what you want.

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Seriously. I would love to see how bluepillers interpret this.

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I too find hamsters flying at intense speed on a wheel only to be flung through the air at high velocity going WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to be incredibly entertaining.

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Simple: the girl is a nice snowflake that tried to not be just a sexual object, but instead have a deeper relationship with OP on a personal level. Because OP is an asshole and rejected her and she's just such a nice girl, she ignored the abuse and went with it for the good of the relationship.

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You're literally manipulating her into having sex. You are, somehow, maybe telepathically or by evil pelvic wizardry, changing the thought pattern of a rational adult by doing your own thing. You monster. You could just be nice to her and treat her like a human being.

how did I do?

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I actually asked the bluepillers on /r/purplepilldebate to interpret this.

The responses were:

  • They're both immature/bad people.
  • Look, a dysfunctional woman! This is the sort of woman TRP attracts." (variation of NAWALT)
  • Top response was pretty neutral: "They had an argument, he didn't back down, she folded. Then he went on the internet and bragged about winning an argument with his sexual partner."
  • And, of course, allegations of emotional abuse and manipulation, like what you said.

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I just checked out that sub, and to be frank that sub seems to be a way for redpillers to patronize their superiority over bluepillers.

The responses are hardly civil at all, but filled with passive-aggressive shit-talking. It's a huge waste of time, and nothing gets done. All that happens is a bunch of jimmies rustled. Fighting internet arguments with bluepillers just seems like a bunch of children rolling in the mud to me.

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I'd say I'm purple pill.

But I don't have a position to defend. I can admit i have a lot to learn and I find the discussion here interesting even if I don't agree with all of it.

Pure redpill seems like a young man's game. It's a way to sort through a lot of women. In an LTR or marriage I see "pure" redpill as possibly self-destructive. I think part of the advantage, and I had this discussion briefly in this subreddit before, of the LTR is that you can indulge emotions some, you can be vulnerable sometimes, etc.

If you're going to go pure redpill all the way I'm wondering why bother with the LTR at all. If you're going to shoulder up all the burden of frame maintenance at all times then better just to go from plate to plate.

No? I'm not decided one way or the other here.

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You're absolutely right. If you're pure alpha, the woman never feels secure in the relationship. She will literally drive herself insane trying to lock you down. The shit tests escalate and escalate until she basically has an emotional breakdown. At that point, high self esteem chicks will ultimatum you, and low self esteem chicks will stick around, but become lifeless.

To actually have a healthy LTR, you need an alpha/beta balance. IMO, Athol Kay of Married Man Sex Life does a fantastic job with this. Also there was a recent series of posts on LTR game that were fantastic as well.

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I agree, but I think that should be a subset of redpill, because I see redpill as truth seeking - and I think the truth is that while men like new strange pussy, it is not impossible for a man to want a LTR with a woman who consistently makes him happy, and I see redpill within a LTR as like an immune defence system maintaining the health and vitality of the relationship and ready to kick in extra when she acts up, since there will always be fitness tests from time to time. That doesn't mean you can't relax, it just means you can't behave like a betafied feminised emotionally incontinent loser. If you want to completely avoid female nature, turn gay. Except you can't change your sexuality, so best get used to the nature of women. To me that's redpill.

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I'm an old man, no LTR for me ever again. No short term either, fuck em a while then let them go. Its easy to find them, no shortage, so why bother with just one?

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Totally agree with you. Would love to hear more about this.

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don't let the demographic change your interpretation of the philosophy.

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Emotional abuse a.k.a mind rape.

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I've been gaming this Polish girl recently, and the other day, out of nowhere, she says "I feel bad that you don't respect me". In my bluepill days, I would have been like "What? Of course I respect you blah blah supplicating shit etc", but instead I was like "No you don't, you're talking nonsense". She then admitted she was talking nonsense and everything went back to normal.

She shit tested me once before as well, by saying "How would you feel if I just kissed a random guy?". I knew what was going on so I just said "I'd join you and kiss him as well". Basically brushed it off and didn't take her seriously.

I don't know if what I'm doing is "optimal" game, but its been working for me so far.

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"How would you feel if I just kissed a random guy?". I knew what was going on so I just said "I'd join you and kiss him as well".

That's a well executed agree and amplify. Keep it up you're handling it great. Being dismissive is far better than acknowledging it head-on, it seems counter intuitive to the male mind but it communicates subtextually that you're keeping frame and you're confident enough to not be bothered by random fictional bullshit she had made up rather than be so insecure that you're trying to acknowledge said bullshit with logic, which is of course, setting yourself up for torture. Women know when they're bullshitting you but they do it to see if you know they're bullshitting you, this way they test not only your social intelligence but your masculinity/sense of confidence directly. She says what she says so she can get feedback from you that will communicate what type of man you are. Are you a man on top of his shit, a masculine man, or will you supplicate to her, communicating you're unworthy of respect and by extension, her love?

We've all been there with a woman. We take it at face value (addressing what she's saying at face value and replying to it as if it is inherently legitimate) rather than seeing past the surface level of her words to see WHY she is saying what she's saying and what her intent for saying that is (usually: to gauge your confidence indirectly, get attention and etc) Women are like children in that they make shit up just to gauge what your frame/state is. They prefer to test you covertly but directly rather than be forthright. Where men tend to judge on words and actions, in the absence of charm words mean little to women and they're all about the actions and the subtext of the words. Where men operate linguistically on a surface level, women tend to operate on what those words translate into subtextually as it reveals more about that person's emotional state than surface level does. It's not so much what you said that passes the shit test, but how what you said communicates on a subtexual emotional/psychological level who you are. It says "I'm better than you, shut up" which is what she wants to hear. She wants to be reminded she's with a man who is the shit because any whiff you're not and she'll be moving on.

How women shit test is they create fictional problems based on something non-tangible, usually a negative way you supposedly made them feel or some other non-verifiable crap and they throw it at you as an accusation to see how you react women are constantly looking for a reaction, stress-testing you basically, to see how much of a man you are. This is natural to them and annoying as fuck to us (unless you grow to love it and become so competent at spinning it around you have fun with it,) but they can't help it. This is also why amused mastery works so well. By not taking a woman seriously you subconsciously and subtextually communicate to her that you are better than her, and that you have complete control over your own thoughts/state of being. By allowing her to undermine your confidence, you make yourself less attractive to a woman. Women work on this seemingly counter-intuitive premise (to a man, anyway): if he can't handle the shit I throw at him then how can he handle the shit the world will throw at him? Women are always testing your strength, they're like barometers of masculinity and if you get too weak they leave. Shit tests are really just a way for women to test your mental strength and the more she begins to trust your mental strength as a man (confidence/masculinity), the less frequent the shit tests will become. All women want is a rock, someone that makes them feel safe, someone to fight on their behalf and shelter them from the harshness of the world, and they'll exchange sex to get that.

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Yes and some even try to mask their shit tests through games such as the 'WHAT IF' scenario

I've been generally saying the opposite of what they want to hear, not quite agree & amplify however also not sure if I'm playing it right

i.e girl mentions how cute of a love story that mutual friend is having a long distance relationship and visits her every year. She then proceeds the WHAT IF scenario

Her: What if I were to have to stay overseas, would you come meet me every year and continue the relationship like that? Me: No (being honest here) Her: sadface, teary etc

Not sure if I'm playing it right, help?

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You're doing it absolutely right in this scenario, now she knows that if she ever gets too distant you'll go elsewhere for a fuck. Basically, dread.

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How do you get a girlfriend without even speaking the same language?

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If you are a westerner in eastern Europe, you don't need to do much. Your market value just skyrocket.

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Patrice O'Neal said it best. (I've probably butchered it but something along the lines of) Every man is Clark Kent, but once you goes to a foreign country, and you have an accent + a mysterious vibe about you. You're basically superman.

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Hmmm.. How about if you are for example Indian?

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If your Indian in America don't dress proffessionally. Leave the office shit at the office and wear something cultural. You have play the foreign card to get credit for it or else your just another dark skinned guy in a white man's culture.

Throw on something America don't see anywhere but nat geo and all of the fucking sudden you're a rare specimen with the balls to be yourself in a shit society. Rarity = Value.

Button up Indian Betas Nerds are a dime a dozen in my neck of the woods and women look down on them same as any other beta but extra.negative points for being not white. Break the mold by bringing the original out and those negative points get multiplied by -1.

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Exactly. I was hanging out with a Sikh guy and girls chatted with him. He had a turban on and had fresh Nikes and was wearing a hoodie. This was in a town that I'm sure considered itself very hip and "open-minded". If you go to a place like that you might not have a problem.

I've also hung out with the "nerdy" Indians and they mostly have terrible grooming (unibrow, smell bad). And they dress professionally but poorly.

These were all guys that are actually from India, btw. Not sure about Americanized Indians.

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Supply and demand. You're a foreigner so you're unique and different so and everyone wants that, there's very few of you most likely in that country so you pretty much have the pick of the litter if you're not an uggo

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"Tall, dark [foreign], and handsome" doesn't include "able to communicate with me."

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If shes not cooking for you you're not getting the full eastern European experience.

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LOL. True dat. Dunno why, but I somehow had to think of this movie scene.

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That scene was epic. I have to watch this movie now lol.

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She cooks brilliant food for me. Even once sent me a pizza when I forgot it was a national holiday and all the shops were closed.

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Nice example of how to keep frame. Most guys would just buckle to get the sex. She made a mistake in coming back the next day. If she stayed away for a couple of days till your balls went blue she may have had a better chance.

Every woman will try to make a provider out of you sooner or later.

Also look out for the girls that will do the reverse. They play it all virgin and do everything but have sex then try to get a commitment when they know youre about to blow.

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What exactly is the mechanism in a woman's head that fires off between her leaving and her coming back all hot and bothered? What is the catalyst that occurs between her hating the man and wanting nothing more than to boink him in a situation like this?

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Anger, confusion, regret, fear, desperation, in that order.

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I would have fallen for that "You don't want to lie with me? I'm going home," bit.

God! Women are so manipulative. And then they put the blame on us if we try to get any semblance of power back.

I know better now.

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Not trying to be the Devil's lawyer here, but my guess is women are often manipulative and often not in a conscious way.

Just like "nice guys" can also be manipulative and not always aware of it.

OP did a great job ! I would have fallen far before that, need to take the pill.

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im sorry but.. i just couldnt help but notice you capitalized the d in devil. wtf

are you on a first name basis?

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Well, I thought it could be a name but you might be right. Actually I wasn't sure that expression existed in english, since its not my prime language.

Let's consider this a typo.

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Or women could just want to spend time and cuddle with their boyfriends without having sex.

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they're going to try and break you when they don't get what they want or if they think they cannot control you.

You have to grit your teeth and be ready to call them out when they go for their two most powerful tools 1) withholding sex 2)leaving. What you really need, is a few backup girls you can just call up so that you have the confidence to turn down the pussy

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Taking a wild guess with Estonia.

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Estonian girls do to Lithuanian girls what Lithuanian girls do to English girls.

Fellas, think of it this way:

Estonia is the melting pot of Scandinavian, Eastern European, and Russian genetics. IMO they are far and away the best looking women on Earth. Did I mention obesity is virtually unheard of? (at least in their 20s & 30s)

edit: when looking for pics to compared to the two, I stumbled upon this:

edit2: I was in Riga back in 2001 and the girls there could have walked off the pages of Playboy. Natural beauty everywhere you went and not a fattie or land whale in sight. The only problem you had to watch out for, besides the crime, was the "Eastern European dental plan", meaning there was a lot of snaggletooths relative to what we are used to in the West.

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Oh god, if you think that Estonian girls are all pretty I don't want to know what is happening in USA and Western Europe.

Obesity is well and alive though.

The thing with Estonia and Eastern-European girls is that if you're not naturally redpill you're SO FUCKED.

Most guys have no problems about getting into fistfights over the pettiest shit, asshole game is the default setting of nightlife and younger generation of women are constantly shitfaced, honestly, I've met 3 women so far who are LTR material.

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Most guys have no problems about getting into fistfights over the pettiest shit,

Reminds me of that one scene from Neil Strauss' the game, where Mystery blew away some Serbian thug with a magic trick.

If Strauss made that up, it's at least a funny story.

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Heh, I've seen something like that, a skinny nerd in a suit trying to do magic tricks in front of the trashiest bar in town. Needless to say it looked pathetic.

To be fair, the serbian guy must've had a shitty frame if he really wanted to beat up a guy and got sidetracked by a magic trick. That, or Mystery got the crowd behind him.

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Dunno, I wouldn't be too surprised if Strauss embellished the facts a bit. After all, his book is more only half a report, the other half being a novel.

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Interesting, because an overwhelming majority of men will go through a check list and fighting is the last option. If I recall women resort to fighting first. Whether its verbal of physical.

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That's unfortunate about obesity. When I was in the region back in 2001 there wasn't a fatty in sight.

As far as having to be aggressive and whatnot, it's the defacto standard in all of EE and Russia.

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So much so that you cant judge a place if you havent been there recently. In 2010/11 or something Roosh went to Toronto, and said it was hands down worse than DC(where he last went in 2002 or something). He went back to DC in 2014 and said it was much worse than Toronto.

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a lot of people have biases about exotic/foreign women because only the pretty ones get out

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I find most of the girls in that northern part of Eastern Europe are generally assholes. They are beautiful but after a while they all look alike. I find them cold, boring and complicated.

I much prefer them further south like the Pols, Czechs, Ukrainians..etc.. much more lively, fun and varied in their physical features.

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If a blonde Ukrainian is southern to you, I don't want to know what you think a Crotian is... Arabic? lol.

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Do Estonian girls vacation anywhere in the US?

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A brilliant example of multilingual google translate aided frame holding.

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Man, every time I read something like this I'll remember a different specific situation that would have benefited greatly from this type of attitude.

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Man, women wield language and words like weapons of mass destruction so often and so mercilessly, to see a woman that doesn't have that power over you makes her looks so ... frail and weak. But oh well.

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They look weak to you, but don't be fooled: even average women have an army of white knights, state included, behind her willing to ruin your life on her worda alone.

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I can say this about dating foreign chicks; a language barrier is awesome. Women like to argue semantics instead of points because it's a weapon for changing understanding retroactively. When you're just communicating through raw, no bullshit points everything is much more harmonious. Women are always crying about lack of communication, but actions speak louder than words.

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Way to maintain frame.

You are not just potato.

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Good job man, and thanks a lot for sharing your experiences.

I'm really suspecting that shit tests are not exclusive to women in western societies. They all do it.

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Oh yes. I had a Lao girl. She was cool, understanding, only got a few shit tests from her in the beginning: "I'm scared you'll break my heart" and such. "Yes I will, I'm a player" was essentially my reply. After a few rounds of that she was mine and no more shit tests.

Then a Cambodian girl. She was a thunderstorm of shit tests. I got her to stop threatening to leave me, but every day she would come up with something new. Some minor complaint, just random crap.

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    Not OP but I'll take a stab:

    Test 1) However today, just about two hours ago, same thing "no sex, very tired" as she went to lie on my bed.

    Testing the waters to see if she can get away with having her needs met without having to meet yours (cuddling is for her, sex is for us).

    Blue: "Ok, we can just sleep"

    Red: "No dice. I left her lying on my bed, cracked open a beer and went to watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm." He maintained frame by doing what he wanted to do, not what she wanted.

    Test 2) Soon enough she comes through. On google translate "Come lie with me"

    Pushing again, she wants her needs met (who doesn't?).

    B: Do what she asks

    R: Do what you want: "I'm not tired I don't want to lie down, you go lie down and let me watch this which you won't understand". Stay in your frame.

    Test 3) "You won't come? Ok I go home"

    Their version of Dread Game it seems like to me. Very powerful tactic if you don't have many plates, if you have oneitis, or are still learning this stuff.

    B: The failure here would be to cave to the oneitis or dread game. She's attempting to gain power in the relationship.

    R: Outcome Independence: Sounding a bit like a broken record here but again, maintain frame and do what you want to do. She's amplifying the shit tests and the results of each one "seem" to be getting more and more serious (not sleeping together, to leaving completely) but stick to your guns and main. tain. frame. What she does is under her own control not yours, so you need to get in your head that it doesn't matter what happens. You only have control over what you do, so do what you want (in this case, watch tv with a beer).

    Test 4) She then gets her stuff and leaves.

    Yes, this is a separate test. This is not only the result of Test #3, this is also a separate test in and of itself. She wants you to chase her.

    B: Should be obvious by now, the bad response would be to chase after her and apologize for what you did. This transfers the power of the relationship from you to her.

    R: You guessed it, maintain frame. Do not apologize for doing what you want. Why should you? You're too busy enjoying yourself. She isn't the reason you're enjoying yourself, YOU are the reason you're enjoying yourself. So what does it matter if she left?

    Test 5) Soon I get a facebook message "I'm not just sex"

    Probably still trying to goad you into a response here. You didn't react to her leaving so she wants to make sure you're still on her mind.

    B: Apologize

    R: Ignore. Ain't nobody got time for the rollercoaster of emotions that's probably going through her head right now. Wait until she's calmer to respond (and in person, not over text). Notice the severity of the tests are starting to come back down, the end is in sight.

    20 minutes go by and then bzzzzzzz. It's her, she is almost running up the stairs to my apartment and is all over me and again we're having mind blowing sex.

    Finish line.

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    Holding frame mostly "OK go home goodbye". And abundance mentality I believe, she probably thought " if I don't give it to him, he's bound to look for it somewhere else".

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    Holding frame mostly "OK go home goodbye". And abundance mentality I believe, she probably thought " if I don't give it to him, he's bound to look for it somewhere else".

    Plus using the natural human tendency to a sunk cost fallacy against her. She's already been giving him sex, etc.

    Will this and the above work every time? Of course not. But this is about learning an approach/mentality where either outcome is in a way what you want, because you are either still getting enthusiastically laid by the current woman or are free to seek out a new woman.

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    Fair enough, I was pretty tired too so we just slept together on my bed then she went home.

    <wistle sound> ....Strike one!!!

    same thing "no sex, very tired" as she went to lie on my bed.

    another slider from the hot chick

    I left her lying on my bed, cracked open a beer and went to watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm. Soon enough she comes through. On google translate "Come lie with me" "I'm not tired I don't want to lie down, you go lie down and let me watch this which you won't understand"

    swings, misses, but it's out of the strike zone, it's a fault

    Soon enough she comes through. On google translate "Come lie with me" "I'm not tired I don't want to lie down, you go lie down and let me watch this which you won't understand"

    pitcher gets frustrated, tries to intimidate his oponent

    "I'm not just sex" (did I mention google translate is shit). I ignore it.

    fast ball, he swings and hits....

    she is almost running up the stairs to my apartment and is all over me and again we're having mind blowing sex.

    ,,,,AND IT'S OUT OF THE PARK!!!! Toby the Tiger wins it for the away team, what a game! This has been your comentator, asd1100. See you next time and have a good night!

    (but seriously, keep your head on straight, you are a beta bux to her, just that out women use actual pussy to get the BB, not just the promise of pussy)

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      I honestly didn't know that, I'll try it out.

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      Haha that was a nice entertaining fr

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      Damn I love me some eastern European women...

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      What kind of work are you doing in eastern Europe?

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      Silence is golden. Let the hamster run wild.

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      "I'm not just sex" is an A+ shit test line though.

      I kind of respect it.

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      Nicely done over here, but I think I would have fall for the "I'm not just sex", and that's why: maybe she's afraid to be only a fuck buddy for you, and wants to be something more. She's been pretty manipulative, and she did wrong, and she shouldn't have came back if she wanted to hold on her position, but maybe she's simply afraid. You gotta make her understand that all you want is the relationship you're having right now, and you've been pretty clear.

      She could have handled this a little better since maybe she had good intentions, but she totally messed it up in the execution.

      Good job holding the frame anyway.

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      And this is why so many men think women are crazy.

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      cracked open a beer and went to watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm.

      What a shitty show to drink too

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      But an appropriate metaphor for the situation nonetheless.