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This would be an excellent idea.

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Thanks. I'm definitely going to do it. Now...when to start. Tomorrow? Monday?

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Whatever you do make the titles consistent so we can search for them easily.

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Exacly ! I suggest using a generic title and changing the subtitle example.

48 Laws of Power series. Day 1

48 Laws of Power series. Day 2

and so on

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48 Laws of Power series. Day 1 (LAW NAME)

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Start now. No procrastination. I've read this book along with Greenes other books. Definitely worth discussing

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No procrastination! Just want to time it right. First post will be Saturday morning.

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awesome idea, please follow through!

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Let's do it, I'm ready to read

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Like 1ron_giant said, please come up with a naming convention and name each post consistently so they are easy to find later via search.

Great idea. Looking forward to the ensuing discussion.

Edit: Maybe call it "48 Days of Power"?

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How about [48DOP] ? Short for 48 days of power

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I think this is a great name.

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Let's move this to another subreddit for an easier communication and organization.

I just created /r/The48LawsOfPower/

If anyone happens to have a homepage where he can set up a forum, we could use that too.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Please wait a few days while I order it!!

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I certainly wouldn't mind seeing this. Might help clear up a lot of stuff for people if each law is explained in depth.

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It would be cool to have a master series post on the sidebar.

Each day one law would be discussed for 48 days.

As an avid fan of the book I'd add in my insight as well.

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It'll be a long time until I finish my deep essays on each law. Naturally, that'll take far longer than 48 days to achieve. Be good to see what the rest of the sub thinks and says about the laws. From the various discussions I've had with people, it seems a lot of people who have read the book have a poor understanding of the laws. People seemed to enjoy the book, but struggle to apply it to their lives beyond the basics, eg: "say less than necessary." Which is of course a straightforward, self-explanatory law.

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I've been thinking about this kind of thing for a long time. I'd like to see, for example, months or weekends designated as themed (cf. The recent "Redpill Theory Weekend"), or a sort of Lectionary Cycle through the sidebar, where people cooperate on commenting on a planned curriculum of readings.

Speaking in practical terms, however, I wonder whether daily would be too often. What do you think about setting aside just Monday evenings, for example, instead? Would that take too long?

I'm with you on this. 48 Laws has always struck me as a sort of redpill bedtime-storybook. How about creating a youtube channel featuring yourself reading a chapter per video, so I can tuck myself in, listening to anecdotes about Ivan the Terrible and Ninon de Lenclos (Law 31), and then you can give us a virtual kiss on the forehead and turn off the light? I hope there wouldn't be any copyright issues. You could start a thread by posting a link to your video and over the next several weeknights we could have a discussion about that chapter/theme. This would fit neatly into a calendar year, at 48 weeks, with breaks over holidays.

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I'd love to do a dramatic read but...dat doxxing....

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This sounds like something a lot of people could benefit from, including myself, i´d say lets do it

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I'd recommend a sub reddit for it

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Everytime I see Tesla placed on some nerdfetish pedestal online I always think of that book and remember what an alpha Edison was.

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One more vote for yes from me.

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I'd love to see this. Easily digestible way to approach the book

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As I'm beginning to read the book, I think having an intelligent discussion would be fantastic. I'd also like to see the posts consistently titled for easy search.

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I'd start them all with [48LOP] for this exact reason!

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I would definitely participate in that

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Sounds good, I'm looking forward to it.

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Sounds like a great excuse for me to go back through the book.

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There's a small portion of hip-hop that hasn't been infiltrated by actors or SJW's, worth a listen.

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Wonderful read, if you enjoyed 48 laws of power you should read Mastery; the most powerful law. Same author, life changing book honestly.

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I believe I'm not being dramatic when I say 48 Laws has changed my life. I read some good reviews about Mastery, but how does it compare with 48 Laws?

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If you lack direction in life or if you intend to become the best at something I recommend it.

In my opinion you get a better return on time investment if you reread the 48 laws of power. Actually I would advise you to take a look at the 3 summaries I have posted in /r/the48lawsofpower

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I used to struggle with meth addiction and didn't really have any direction in life. After reading this I recovered cold turkey and redefined what was important in life. This book lead to my desire to Pursue a career in psychology. I would say it's life changing as well.

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Im currently reading this book. If we do this, ill be wanting to keep all the discussion so I can read it after I've read the entire book to see how people take each law differently

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It's already begun!

When it's all over it will be cool to have them archived for future reference.

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This is a great idea. As someone who has read the book several times, I will happily contribute to the discussion.

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Book was a massive game changer for me and glad to have read it so young. It opened my eyes to what had been done to me in the past in regards to people taking advantage of me socially. I am still developing and have long ways to go before I consider myself to be a high SMV male but the book was a step in the right direction for me. Searching for that book and discussions on it on Reddit are what brought me to this sub where I read the material for a month or so before finally subscribing.

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I think this would be a great contribution to the sub.

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Do it. Its things like this, self improvement, and discussion that allows a person to grow

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I think this would be an excellent idea, esspically for new members.

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48 days of Christmas Power Countdown!

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Great ideia. Im almost fininshing the book and I gotta say it was one of the best books I have ever read. A discussion would be excellent

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There are so many different anecdotes and beliefs in this thread. For some people, porn is detrimental. For others, it's no big deal. I think a good rule is that if you're spending more than 30 mins watching porn, you should probably reconsider.

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I think this is a brilliant idea. For those of us who lack a sort of "structure" or reference point for RP and RP examples, this series would be perfect. Greene is a RP strategist any serious RPer should look up to.

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I would love this. Getting the laws into the minds of TRP contrubutors and having constructive debates/ field reports using those laws would benefit this thread

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Oh that's a good one. A big vote for yes.

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new year's resolutions.

New Years resolutions are shit. Start today. Unless some idea comes to you on 1 Jan, but then it's still not a NYR.

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I think this is a very good idea and this book is a very good staple to review for most any professional.

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I'm really interested in this. I found the audiobook of this online and I'm desperate for some actual discussion and ideas on application.

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A very good idea.

Make sure that your title is formatted the same way each day so that it's clear you are building a series of posts from the same author.

Maybe some special characters in front:

√ π. § Δ

...just use some artistic skill and make it memorable.

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I guess the OP should be careful to choose formatting that doesn't cause problems.

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I left the delta in, just for backwards compatibility.