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Reminds me of something happened to me back when I was at school (same age at the time I think) although not nearly so serious, made me realize it's better to keep away from certain types of girls altogether.

I was having a disagreement with a girl in school not even a big disagreement I can't even remember the subject probably a TV show or movie or along those lines, I recall finding the argument merely amusing and wasn't even taking it seriously.

Then a teacher walks past in the hallway she goes over and I hear "He molested me" and see her pointing directly at me (just to be clear I'd never done so much as even flirt with her).

Felt completely shocked for a moment or two then just angry I got my bearings and went straight over and with the help of friends who were with me we managed to convince the Teacher she was completely full of it but she really did her best to nuke me over disagreeing with her about something really pretty tiny.

I can only think that girl went on to ruin a lot of guys, I think if she reacted like that to a minor difference of opinion I would really hate to see her reaction over something more serious.

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The reason they do it to begin with is because they know how powerful it is, and how easy it is to get away with. Men tend to want to be protector of women, so soon as a women says this, all the men jump on her side looking to take out a filthy rapist. This is why women pull this card.

If they knew they'd be challenged and looked at skeptically, they wouldn't have an incentive to do it.

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Witch craft. Simply by whispering the word rape or molest a woman can bend most of the world to her will, using her other-worldy powers to smite any unlucky bloke she pleases. Maeness.

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I talked about this a little while ago, it's fucking DISGUSTING how men are treated in this world.

The worst and I mean THE worst part of this story is that Brian Banks (I did quite a bit of research on him) wasn't just your jockish stereotypical meathead athlete, he was (is) a genuine/caring/giving soul.

With the fame/money and status he would've gotten from going to the NFL, he could've gave back HUGE to not only his community, but to even larger groups.

This was all taken away because of a solipsist piece of shit that from what I know is currently on food stamps aka she blew his money.

There is no justice for men, this is why men must go their own way and ALWAYS put themselves first while NEVER fucking with ratchets, it literally could cost you your life.

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Should probably just post this on /r/pussypass

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It should be, but that sub turned into mostly just women getting knocked the fuck out/down, with little to no context as to what was being pp'd.

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You are thinking of r/pussypassdenied

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It cost him his football career. He did get a tryout with Atlanta.

However, there is an upside to this story:

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she should spend a day in prison for every day he had to because of her.

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The difference is he was innocent. She should get twice the time.

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agreed. true rape is terrible. everytime a female makes a false rape accusation it makes it just that much harder for others to believe in the true cases, harder to separate the signal from the noise.

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Women are nothing but noise. Men have always defended their right to be incompetent.

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The worst part of this is the fact that she got the money and got to keep it

This is just begging for more women to do the same thing. Hey, look at this girl! She falsely accused a guy of rape and made $1.5 million! They caught her lying and not only didn't punish her, but let her keep the money. It's foolproof

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Actually a judge order that she repay 2.6mil at a ruling earlier this year

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And for $1500 she'll file for bankruptcy and not pay anything more than whatever she has left over, which is probably not much.

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Would be awesome if you had a link to an article about this.

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It's in the wiki page:

On June 14, 2013, the school district won a $2.6 million judgment against Gibson, which includes the $750,000 settlement initially paid to her along with attorney's fees, interest, and $1 million in punitive damages.[20]

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The school district should then have to pay banks for not creating a safe environment for him to have studied in

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The funny part is, if she does get raped. Who's going to believe her now? :D

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I think you're on to something there....

In case it needed to be saidI'mjustkidding

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Any girl that says "all guys are all the same/asshole" goes directly off my checklist

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I want so very badly to believe that this is fake.

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The boy who cried wolf, the girl who cried rape

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If both of em run across a pack of dickwolves, they're both fucked. :D

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Have you seen her pictures? I don't think anyone wants to rape her.

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So true. She has ruined her own life. Can't feel sorry for her.

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At least hook him up with a sweet condo or something.

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Did Banks get any compensation Since they usually consider potentially lost revenue

Also why did Gibson contact banks. Wasnt Banks in prison

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It was after he served his sentence.

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Kudos to the stoicism of the guy. I can't imagine the inner-rage produced by the conversation that could essentially boil down to "lol btw I know I faked raping you and got a load of money out of it, sorry you wasted 5 years of your life in prison though, k?"

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There is a link in the comments at OP's linked thread. Hit ctrl-F and search for 2.6

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The school should sue her to get all the money plus all legal fees plus interest. That's tax payer money that should be used for education, infuriating.

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Obviously a result of the patriarchy. Check your privilege shitlord.

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That's downright fucking scary.

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The won the case and are getting the money back.

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They ain't getting shit back, bro. Whatever is left in any cash accounts is likely all they'll be able to touch. After 5 years I bet there's very little left, and I'm sure this little bitch and her family cleaned it the fuck out as soon as this started going down.

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Well,thats great she will go prison then for atleast a year right?

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Nope. Nothing will happen to her. There are basically no repercussions for bitches who cry rape.

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Happened to Patrice O'Neal as well.

The top-comments are pretty good though.

Edit: AMA by the boy just appeared. Can't post the link due to bot rules though. You'll find it.

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I miss Patrice the O&A show in the XM days was the shit. It's all gone now.

Patrice VS Cheerleader

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Wow that Banks story. If there was ever a justification for killing someone when your life isn't in immediate danger that would be it.

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Thou shalt not bear false witness.

Thousands of years of wisdom has been rejected, only to be replaced with the problems the rules were created to address.

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And he didn't receive a cent in compensation.

Yet if a cunt cries rape she is instantly gifted 10s of thousands of $$$ in "victims" compensation, without needing any evidence or even someone to be arrested for the "crime".

Because equality and justice.

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    Best to come out of Poly? I'm not sure. What about desean Jackson?

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    Australia has now been put on my official ban list for potential countries to emigrate to indefinitely, this is strike III. Along with the UK and Canada who are on strike II I am running out of options.

    A minor was rail roaded by the justice system, lost school time and probably was sexually assaulted in prison. Now he will really become a rapist once he gets out.

    I guess the goal of the government is to create crime where it does not exist.

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    You don't want to come to the UK. It's equally fucked up here. If you're only on two strikes, let me know what they are and I'll fill in the blanks for you!

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    a woman lying about rape jailed for perjury. and you know what feminist groups said? "the prosecution was not in the public interest." "The resources spent on prosecuting Ms Brooker should have been put into prosecuting rapists and other violent men." - oh wait, so we shouldn't bother trying to make sure we get to the bottom of things, just jail the man instantly because clearly has to be lying. and people wonder why i hate feminist groups likle this.

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    Thailand is a nice country. It has not been infected by the progressive disease in the West. Asia, in general, is stepping up to take over the show as Europe and North America succumb to the dry rot of decadence.

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    Also, thai whores. I love thai whores.

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    Well, who doesn't? But if you try to create something serious with a respectable girl there, you can expect to be stabbed to death by a mob of insecure little Thai dudes with an inferiority complex.

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    In other words those "insecure" guys won't take your shit. Good for them. And imagine that, the government allows them to protect their way of life.

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    Guess a bunch of insecure white dudes are downvoting this.

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    The only thing I am waiting on is wages to increase and their economies to diversify.

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    I must have missed it but what does Australia, Canada and the UK have to do with this post?

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    A fucked up anti-male 'diversity' justice system. Don't emigrate there.

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    I wanted to get out of Canada before, guess now there's even more reason to do so.

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    I don't really know what countries that are English-speaking have a decent legal system for rape claims and other gender-biased shit in the West. Are there even any at all?

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    You could swap out English-speaking with any West-European and I think you would get the same answer: no.

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    Yup, that's why we mostly go MGTOW in Canada.

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    He is doing an AMAA, link in comments in TIL thread ... also talks about tRP

    [–]HarlequinWasTaken [+2][S] [score hidden] 23 minutes ago I actually take a lot of issue with /r/theredpill[1] , mostly because of the ridiculous world view they take. The argument "Women are using their sexual and feminine wiles to ruin the world for all men!" is just as stupid as "All men get together to work out how to oppress all women everywhere!" Any discussion about gender equality which starts from a basis of "I think everyone should follow my philosophy because the other gender is evil," isn't a discussion.

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    Brian Banks isn't the one doing the AMA, he was just mentioned in the comments. /u/HarlequinWasTaken is not Brian Banks.

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    Any discussion about gender equality which starts from a basis of "I think everyone should follow my philosophy because the other gender is evil," isn't a discussion

    I trust he takes great issue with feminism, then?

    If his hellish experience hasn't taught him anything then I don't hold out much hope for the guy. Hopefully he's just being disingenuous to save face. Who knows.

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    Who knows.

    If you'd been wrongly accused of rape there is no way you'd ever publicly support redpill. It's the kind of thing that could be used against you in a future court case, not to mention further damaging a reputation already in ruins.

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    True. But then I'd stay the fuck off the Internet in general if I were worried about that.

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    That's why everybody needs a christian, Obama loving, feminist persona as a disguise so you don't pop up on the radars.

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    Yeah, I've been considering converting to Christianity lately.

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    He either (1) miunderstands TRP like most people or (2) is circlejerking in front of a reddit audience considering who he is.

    Both are understandable. (2) is smart.

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    I would say most likely 1 closely followed by 2.

    Almost everywhere on reddit misinterprets TRP completely. Even I do. Though there are some posters who are more than derogatory towards female, I like to think I'm smart enough to ignore the crap and take the good. The really misogynistic stuff doesn't really hang around long in any case.

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    Most of the "misogynistic stuff" is just people fresh to the sub going through the anger phase, which is entirely healthy and they need a safe place to vent. Staying in that phase, however, is completely unproductive and makes it so no one wants to hang around you.

    Additionally, I wouldn't argue that this sub has a sub par view on women, but they're completely right in one aspect: Women are children. You can still respect a child, but that doesn't mean you'll put them in charge of the house.

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    Most responsible teenager in the house indeed

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    Required theory for a reason.

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    She should be put in jail for the same amount of time

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    This is exactly the sort of proportional justice that would actually exist in a just system, one based on fact and law, not feelings and crying

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    Punishments for such crimes should be doubled!

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    Tons of black men were hung in the south over accusations that they touched white women. Now they throw the men in jail instead of throwing them up on a tree.

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    I was accused of rape a couple years ago. Not formally, just verbally. She even told my best friend that I "R-worded her." His thought was, "he retardeded you?" And then she and her family threatened to "sue me" for spreading rumors.

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    Thank god this story has somewhat of a happy ending and he still managed to find employment with the NFL.

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    Why can we not start a mediastorm about this trend it on twitter for the woman to get punished and once that happens..try to get harder laws.


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    Noone will listen, because:

    • This might stop other rape victims coming forwards (subtext: women's rights to be taken seriously are more important than mens rights not to be wrongly convicted)

    • Society did this to her, or she was abused as a child (subtext: women are not responsible for their actions)

    Takeaway: be fucking careful of the character of the women you associate with, get recordings and other evidence ready to clear yourself.

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    I learned this lesson the hard way. I had a psychopath ex stalk me, lie about being pregnant, destroy my car... I only finally managed to get a restraining order after she threatened to kill me in a phone call I recorded. She then violated it by slashing my tires again but I had her on video doing it by this point. I think she spent maybe one night in jail total...

    [–]TheFapFlap 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    If I did any of this as a man... I'd still be locked up.

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    Then there's the Duke Lacrosse case... it's happening and will happen.

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    The sad part of that was if the bastard DA did his job, and interviewed her for more than 15 minutes, and taken the DNA evidence seriously, most of that wouldn't have happened.

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    Depressing. I know it's rare, but this scares me. I guess just make sure you don't fuck crazy girls and don't think about it.

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    He didn't fuck her. He barely knew her.

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    " Years later, Banks said that his lawyer advised him to take the plea deal, saying, "When you go into that courtroom, the jury is going to see a big black teenager.." Black? Does black mean something else in this context? Because he doesn't look very black on the AMA pictures.

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    There's two different cases here. The AMA case, and the Brian Banks case, which was mentioned in the comments.

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    Looks pretty black on his wiki page.

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    I feel false accusations are part of human nature. They are lies that we say. No human will ever not lie. But whats really disgusting is how the system treats these accusations... N this is where men betray other men. Why are men so eaager to use women to destroy other men or destroy other men for the sake of women?.. Shit i think im now more scared of white knights than feminists.

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    White knights are the enemy. They will bend you over and absolutely destroy you in a situation where a beautiful woman is involved and he feels the need to "assist her".

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    Because white knights exist. Sad part is that white knights are created by women

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    I could partially agree that white knights are created by women. But im more inclined to think that white knigts create themselves by either eating up whatever comes out of female energy or by actively rejecting masculinr energy

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    I know all materials posted in this sub is for our good, but reading stories like these makes me rage so much that I wish I hadn't read them.

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    The worst part is when even the women accept they lied, women's groups still defend them. Take the UK for instance. a woman lying about rape jailed for perjury. and you know what feminist groups said? "the prosecution was not in the public interest." "The resources spent on prosecuting Ms Brooker should have been put into prosecuting rapists and other violent men." - oh wait, so we shouldn't bother trying to make sure we get to the bottom of things, just jail the man instantly because clearly has to be lying. and people wonder why i hate feminist groups likle this.

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    This is why we have patriarchy women are not suitable to run anything.

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    Situations like this are recipes for murder.

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    these stories are great and all for getting me irate... but if you're truly gonna take the red pill... what can we do to fix it? any ideas?

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    It is not your job.

    Make sure it doesn't happen to you. Period.

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    They're whining about Reddit's reaction over on /r/circlebroke. What a fucking whiny, pointless sub.

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    Fuuuuck. 22 year old guy here. Some 5 years ago I met with a slut from another town. A guy from my town has fucked her and told me she was a slut. Long story short, she wanted to get the d right there in the street. After I said I had no condom she was furious and left. Later she told this guy I raped her. I was a beta back then (otherwise i'd fucked her anyways). I wonder what would have happened if she went to the police instead..

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    She should spend at least as much time in prison as she put Brian Banks there for.

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    Deleted by mods in 5....4....3....