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Seriously, just leave an anonymous message to the guy that Kathy plans on stop taking the pill...

It's the right thing to do

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    doesn't need to be anonymous i would straight up tell him and tell my sister to go fuck herself. if that was you wouldn't you want someone to tell you.

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    Not anon. Own that shit. OP should tell the dude that Kathy is listening to extremely shitty advice from OP's sister. OP does not know if Kathy will go preggo, but the dude needs to wrap that shit and sort it out with Kathy.

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    I wouldn't if it was me. OP isn't friends with the guy, and the guy already has more than enough info about Kathy to know he's in a danger zone. Also its OP's sister, not Kathy, who made that suggestion.

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    This does in fact make her a bad person, she's an adult, she should know the difference between right and wrong. Advocating that her friend force unwanted reproduction on a man through deception is just plain rotten. The fact that she seems not to even realize that it is wrong is evidence that she's a bad person. Women, though vastly inferior in every metric of import, are still capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is because they are never held accountable for this type of shit that perpetuates this behavior.

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    Exactly. OP, your sister is a dumb twat...that makes the world a slightly worse place to live in. Viva feminism.

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    vastly inferior in every metric of input


    your sister is a dumb twat

    Ah, TRP, your way with words is elegant and subtle, yet insightful and brutally honest.

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    Would you want to express the same verbal restraint if you read a story of a violent rapist, or child molester? Because a lot of people do indeed equate a woman who gets pregnant against a man's will with those two other types of offenders.

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    I wasn't being sarcastic above. And I agree, it is the same as raping a man. Women are the gatekeepers of sex -> forced sex -> rape. Men are the gatekeepers of commitment -> forced commitment (take either time or resources to care for a baby you didn't want) -> rape.

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    Women don't know the difference between "wrong and right". They know the difference between "wrong and right for her." OP's sister is perhaps the benchmark display of female solipsism. She has literally no way of seeing the negative, detrimental consequences for a man in unwanted pregnancy. She only sees how it will benefit Team Woman, and the thought train stops there.

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    The real problem is that in the long run it's likely to be bad for her too. Ie. forcing a man into parenthood when he isn't emotionally or practically ready. Successful parenthood is hard enough even when both people are very sure they want it. So not only is it deception, it's also horribly short sighted. Again, feelz before realz. This really concerns me that women want at child because of their feelz, and not a real concern that they will produce a living breathing, feeling human just like themselves, and whom they are supremely responsible for. I feel that on the whole men realise this and it goes a long way towards explaining why they are generally so much more cautious about parenthood

    ...and let's not even go into it if he somehow found out how one day that she'd conciously tricked him. GODDAM

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    Agreed. Women often have babies for very selfish reasons that don't even begin to consider the welfare of the baby, and what kind of shot it will have in life. They love the baby showers, they love the doting, they love their girlfriends rubbing their belly and going "awwww", and they love the validation they get from posting FB pics of her new fuck trophy every day.

    However, I don't think this is the case with Kathy. Kathy is 35, post wall, and her ovaries are drying up faster than a desert lake during a drought. She is in a fever pitch over her biological clock, and I think she will literally rationalize any despicable behavior to get pregnant at this point. This is a classic case of impulsive urges trumping logic and reason.

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    Sadly, the father and the kid will be the ones who pay the price. Dad is likely to be forced out of the picture and made to pay child support. Kid will grow up with a crazy, bitter and aging single mom.

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    The real problem is that in the long run it's likely to be bad for her too. Ie

    Evolution doesn't care. If she doesn't pop their baby soon enough, her life might as well be completely pointless. Bad parenthood is better than no parenthood.

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    This is how it would appear judging by the actions of most women but I believe this is taking entirely too much agency away from them. You would have to be brain-dead retarded to not see something wrong with the behavior in the OP. Maybe she is going by female humor that this sort of thing is "cute" tee-hee-hee and isn't 100% serious. Or maybe she made a statement and didn't want to go back on what she said and look foolish.

    When you take all agency from women and their decisions you open them up to even more plausible deniability bullshit and undermine their ability to manipulate with extreme lucidity and cunning. Women are not idiots they just benefit from us thinking that way.

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    Women, though vastly inferior in every metric of import, are still capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is because they are never held accountable for this type of shit that perpetuates this behavior.

    It just seems like most women disregard right & wrong, regardless of their moral compass (all because of feels I'm sure). I'm not convinced OP's sister is a peculiar case for something like this.

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    Nah, not one bit. Some have the common sense to coo "Thats teerrrrrible!" in response to something like this, but really women just don't feel the same type of moral repulsion you can see on display in this thread.

    "If it helps the woman than anything is ok" perfectly sums up a woman's true moral compass. OP's sister isn't a worse person than your usual woman but it does sound like shes on the less intelligent end of the spectrum.

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    They don't.

    They'll happily spread their legs for murderers, rapists, even terrorists - some will even murder their own children if it means a spin on the alpha cock. There's a difference between being aware of basic morality and not caring, and having no concept outside of "me want do what feel good."

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    More like their moral compass is calibrated to always point towards the best thing for them at this specific moment. Their morals are fluid and will always go for the better outcome for them, short term though it may be.

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    When a woman gets pregnant, she gets a free pass. I mean, what the fuck are you gonna do to punish a pregnant woman? Absolutely nothing.

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    Pregnant pussy pass = pussy pass * 100

    It's almost as good as baby-in-stroller pussy pass. I see it all the time when some bitch busts out of the grocery store with a baby/kid in the cart and just careens right across the road without even looking, assuming everyone is just going to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting her. Because, like, she has a baby, and stuff. I bet bitches like that are going to feel nice and self-righteous about it when they wake up in a hospital with a broken body and a dead baby. "But I had right of way!" Dumb cunt.


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    This just happened to me last night. Black woman, wearing black, with a black stroller, at night decides to just cross the road while I'm going 45mph down it. I VERY nearly didn't see her. Sad thing is if I hit her I'd be in jail for the next x amount of years for her stupidity.

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    prob not unless you were drunk. friend of mine took out a jay walker at night, he blew clean, they let him go, said it was her fault for jay walking at night.

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    Ja, don't drink and drive. You got lucky.

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    I hear you. I get torn about this, because on one hand it's great that they're parenting, but in the other hand the superior attitude about it makes me want to punch them

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    They know right from wrong, but just don't care. As Schopenhauer and others have observed, women have no love of justice.

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    Nah that's not true, I'm pretty sure they love they own "justice"

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    Yes, it's called “Social Justice” now, to differentiate it from the real one.

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    If you mean "vengeance", then I agree wholeheartedly.

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    She is NOT a bad person. She is a WOMAN. Woman are BAD like dogs are STUPID. That's just how they are. Give up on your false expectations.

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    The good news is, her being 35 means her fertility is almost non-existent. So as long as the guy is pulling out competently he should be okay. And if he's not pulling out, then he's a dumb fuck. Unless you're fucking a dead bitch you should never bust inside if you don't want kids.

    One time this girl told me she was on the pill and to cum inside her, after only knowing me for like a week. I made sure to pull out and bust on her furniture and carpet every time.

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    Pulling out is retarded. What's wrong with a condom?

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    Nothing. Pulling out is just the american way of life.

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    That's my form of birth's worked for me for almost 20 years...

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    It's highly variable how effective it is based on how well you do it.

    Improper form is what gave me my niece, apparently.

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    What's wrong with smelling a flower through a gas mask?

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    Condoms are only better at preventing pregnancy by maybe 4% over pulling out I think. But for STD's, yeah just use condoms so have an up-vote. Or you can use condoms and pull out lol.

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    Could you please elaborate on women being vastly inferior to men? I've been starting to think the same thing but I'd like to hear for thoughts.

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    Give us the list of points you have been thinking of as a starting point ....

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    Sidebar. You're not here to be spoon-fed.

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    You are in the anger stage....all women are like this..

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    Did you tell her that shes a dumbass? Any good brother would.

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    Yea...showed her the rape example and that she didn't even consider the financial and emotional cost to a man ...bro..She couldn't give a fuck....

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    It's because she's had plenty of talks with her friend Kathy and really empathizes. For women, feels > logic.

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    Why are you trying to argue emotions with logic? You tell her it's a dumb idea and she is also a dumbass for even having the gall for giving it voice.

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    Wouldn't matter. She'll still do it. Calling her on shit will only cause her to shut down around you and not talk about it.

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    This is very true. You cant argue a woman to your way of thinking with logic. When confronted they carry on and go underground.

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    A woman should not be let off for such a moral failing by being called a "dumbass".

    No she's an adult, she is responsible for her words and her actions. She is a piece of human scum. Sorry to say that about OP's sister but we seem to have a lot of females here who aren't worth the air they breathe and the sanitary pads they consume.

    Maybe I exaggerate a bit but you get the idea. Her moral failing is a moral failing. We should not start from a position of assuming moral adequacy in a woman. Of course she can prove it to us as an individual.

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    Bro...all women think this way

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    Woman have a biological need to reproduce. Morality is not going to help them with their biological imperative. Its evolutionary advantageous NOT to be moral. Highest quality sperm at all costs period.

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    If that was true, the majority of the western nations wouldn't have negative birth rates.

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    This is fundamental, I hate how anyone is blamed for being a slave to biology. Life is 100% a genetic game, a competitive one at that. It's all about opportunity cost. Men are shotguns, women are snipers. Recovery time from reproduction for men is like 30 minutes, it's 10 months for women.

    Love is like the Knight in the chess game of life. No one understands how it works, but the player who figures out how to use it has a HUGE reproductive advantage.

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    If you know the guy they were discussing tell him about the conversation and tell him to take precautions. BTW your sister disgusts me and I really hope karma unloads on her ass sooner rather than later.

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    if it helps the woman then anything is ok...

    Huh, sounds a bit rapey...

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    Its not rapey if the man is getting fucked. /s

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      She can't collect child support from them.

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      You'd be surprised

      And I'm sure there's more than one case of this.

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        That sounds like the sketchiest job ever.

        But wow, that's utter bullshit that they're getting child support out of him.

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        She can collect child support from the pervasive beta-bux-by-proxy known as the government. The real problem is that she can't be sure the sperm she's getting is from a high status man with good genes that gives her the feels.

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        I had a vasectomy at 21 and placed my sperm in a sperm bank. Best decision I ever made.

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          Yea getting a needle to the dick would make me anxious too.

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          Women are constantly on the lookout for the help they can get, by hook or by crook.

          Don't help girls. Be sure not to. That way you'll get some satisfaction of controlling the help you give (avoiding that feeling of having been used) and will actually get their respect, even if the more worthless ones express it as hatred.

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          As soon as a woman you're dating says she wants kids, RUN.

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            Exactly; the best way to prevent something from happening is to not allow it to be a possibility as best you can.

            If you aren't OK with having a kid, put the damn rubber on, and make sure it was one always in your custody before use. Or get snipped.

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            That's kind of an overreaction, most people want kids.

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            Right, because the women who "don't want kids" are normal.

            [–]midnightpainter 6 points7 points  (7 children)

            a) how did you infer that? b) why are you trying to establish a duality?

            [–]Glenbert 2 points3 points  (5 children)

            A) I didn't infer anything. I experienced it first hand through 20 years of dating, fucking and LTRing all kinds of women.

            B) I have no idea what this question means.

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            I meant, a statement does not imply it is binary in a system of reasonings.

            Him stating that those who seek relationships to expedite breeding are crazy does not negate your understanding that crazy is found in other situations and cases.

            So, how did you infer from his statement that he was reasoning that crazy exclusively dwells amongst the biological drive?

            I can't see it.

            You need to be careful in reacting to questions/statements that narrowly (deliberately or otherwise) explore concepts insufficiently explained by a mere sentence.

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            You can consider this a "win" if that's what you're looking for.

            Have a good semester!

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            to be fair, i actually agree with you. I used to be subscribed to /r/childfree until i learned that it was just a bunch of bitter hags who joke about abortion.

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            Thanks. And there's definitely a happy medium here.

            But I find it strange that men here are perplexed by women trying to fulfill their baseline biological imperative, albeit awkwardly. And by baseline biological imperative, I don't mean AF/BB, but rather just simply: babies.

            It's preferable to the cut-your-dick-off crazy women I've met who hate children.

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            But I find it strange that men here are perplexed by women trying to fulfill their baseline biological imperative,

            Especially here, where people acknowledge that sexual strategy is amoral.

            It's preferable to the cut-your-dick-off crazy women I've met who hate children.

            I avoid women who hate kids(or animals) like the plague. A woman hating the most vulnerable members of society indicates a host of mental issues and lack of morals. What's the point of having a woman around if she has no nurturing instinct?

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            I guess you should have hit her back with emotion, "yeah, you're disgusting for thinking that way".

            Make her see that people close to her think of her as a bad person because of how she thinks.

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            Reminds me of the time I had a conversation with a girl about how she could justify spooning with a guy who wasn't her boyfriend. She simply couldn't articulate herself well enough to get her point across and didn't seem to understand how it would be inappropriate, no matter how I framed it. Her point was basically, simply: "but, I'm lonely".

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            Not true!! I'm a woman, and I would never! How could she do that to him, I don't even.. I would never ever, that poor man!

            Kidding, I'm a man and AWALT.

            Very true how this does not make the woman a bad woman. She's a normal woman, lovely in her own way. Reality is, if not for women's baby rabies & sneaky ways, mankind would be mighty scarce right now. It's men who still want to think that NAWALT that are bad... bad thinkers.

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            If women didn't have such outrageous advantages over men in our legal system, men would not be avoiding commitment and pregnancy like this. The "baby rabies" would be mutual and most adults would be in moderately happy marriages with their own kids.

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            I have to absolutely disagree with your sick and twisted position. Happy, moderately happy, whatever, people should NEVER be allowed to marry their own kids.

            Waite, maybe the inflection of your sentence is vague...

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            The only moral ill is ignorance, the only moral good is knowledge.

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            I agree with OP. This girl isn't a bad person. AWALT.

            If it furthers women's advantages there can be nothing wrong with it.

            Men being raped in prison? That is just part of the punishment.

            Women getting drunk and naked and fucking some random guy? She was raped! Off with his head.

            TLDR: Sister is not a bad person. Sister is proof of AWALT.

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            Some folks here disagree as they asked their women and were told this behavior is disgusting.....

            As if a woman would say one thing and DO another....THERE ARE NO SNOWFLAKES

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            Rather than screaming AWALT or NAWALT, perhaps it is more constructive to say this is why men should be responsible for their own sexual protection. If we protect ourselves then we can avoid episodes like the one this woman is having about whether or not to stay on the pill.

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            Actually, that line of thinking certainly does make her a bad person.

            For guys, this shows that in dating and relationships, it's a complete case of caveat emptor - let the buyer beware.

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            I would have verbally slaughtered her. My little sister is well aware of how I feel about these subjects and I am hoping that my hard line stance on this changes her behavior towards Men.

            Either way this guy should have got a vasectomy already. My father got it after he had my sister by the Wicked witch of the West (my step-mother).

            Guys if you already have 2 kids get a vasectomy, it's reversible and worst case scenario in vitro. But I doubt you'll want anymore. You should tell your sister is she willing to help with daycare, babysitting or the costs associated? "Then shut the fuck up and stop talking stupid."

            Bitches need to wake up and realize they complain about the baby's father not being around but can control whether they even get pregnant or not. And then they will recommend other women get pregnant and not offer to deal with the fallout emotionally and financially?

            Every, single, day I am witness to just how illogical Women are. It is truly breathtaking.

            [–]McGauth925 1 point2 points  (0 children)

            See, now, that's the part about feminism that so many women leave out. If it helps the woman, then to many women, it's all good. Another name for that is chauvinism. And, it's a long way from being about equality.

            I know, this isn't the place to talk about equality for women. Here, as far, and as little as I know, that's not a good thing.

            Still, women and feminists act as though only the good things about feminism - equality - are what women desire. Apparently, that's not so.

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            This is unrelated to your story, but I am against the pill as an invention... it's an unnatural hormone that messes with the natural biological functions of a woman's body. Bodybuilders have known for ages the negative side effects of too much estrogen; it doesn't make the women more feminine... that's mostly other related hormones. Similarly testosterone isn't the best steroid in terms of gains vs. sides.

            Then it gets into the water supply and makes all the kids hit puberty early and decreases the test levels of the men. It also doesn't prevent any STDs. Sure it feels better to do it raw, but I'd rather not take the chances and use a condom instead and also consider the overall consequences.

            [–]1cover20 3 points4 points  (0 children)

            Yes it is unrelated. She doesn't have to take the pill. The thing that's wrong is saying that she is taking it, when she isn't.

            [–]emblasochist 1 point2 points  (0 children)

            I also think it's pretty telling that the early catch pill is such a high concentration of E that it forces the female body to menstrate as though she was still in her cycle.

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            I agree completely. It's like nature intended for there to be certain checks and balances between men and women. Yeah, that hot guy might be hot, but he probably wouldn't make a good father. This, women were compelled to not make bad decisions regarding sex.

            Then, we introduced the pill and all of the other tenets of modern feminism and all of that went out the window.

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            Tell it to that guy, dont do it anonymous.

            Tell him, tell Kathy and your sister.

            [–]javi404 1 point2 points  (1 child)

            Op do this. Seriously. Makes me she so hard to hear stories like this. I won't go into the details why. I would just tell the guy first. Then again I have been known to call the boyfriends of girls I had been sleeping with to give then the heads up. They have thanked me for giving them proof of their suspicions.

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            Please tell me you nuked the fuck out of her hamster.

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            This is why you insist your SO gets the coil, gents. Not only does it not have all the hormonal side effects of the pill, you can reach in and feel it to make sure it's always there.

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            Please tell her husband what she plans to do before its to late.

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            So what's stopping this guy from getting a vasectomy? I can only imagine he's already in his 30s as well and he already has his own kids - this is literally a non-issue with one quick surgical procedure.

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            "If it helps the woman then anything is oBITCHFUCKINGSLAP

            What a bratty bitch!

            She is narcissistic bad person and being woman is just her excuse to act accordingly.

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            That is my story. My mother stop taking the pill, have me and lock my father. I learn this at 20 when my father divorced... My mother is a good person, but AWALT

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            Never a trust a woman who says she's on bc unless you don't mind paying child support. I always use the pull out method. And yes. While wearing a condom.

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            Why are men who supposedly swallowed the pill so concerned with this idiot? If your sister's friend Kathy doesn't fuck him over some other retired CC rider will. If he had any clue he'd be dating someone 10 years younger and having fun, not looking for another obligation.

            He's already been divorce raped and is coming back for more. He's like a survivor of abuse who finds a different asshole to beat them. You can't save them; they don't want to be saved.

            And as for your sister, she's your family you are stuck with her. Try to nudge her in the right direction. Don't expect miracles though. If you have a LTR, don't let her around your sister. Women pick up the bad habits of their acquaintances quickly.

            Make no mistake, your sister isn't unique or evil. I'd wager that most conversations between women about a woman wanting a child and a man not wanting one has, at one point, included someone chiming in that she should just forget to take her pill.

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            This exactly what I thought the majority would feel when I posted this story.

            Im surprised by the broknighting

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            Ask her how she'd feel if she didn't want kids and he poked holes in the condoms.

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            My sister isn't a "bad person"

            Yes, she is. Like you said, she's pretty much a rapist. A rapist's line of thinking in no way exonerates rape.

            [–]newlifeasredpill[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

            You are now saying that other women wouldn't do this type of thing if faced with same situation. That is not the case. Its plugged in thinking to just call these two scheming women bad. All women are bad if you trust them to act within the standards that men define as good and bad.

            The lesson here is that women will absolutely fuck you over if it benefits them reproductiverly. Act accordingly.

            [–]Lt_Muffintoes 0 points1 point  (0 children)

            You said she isn't a bad "person".

            Her actions are evil. She is a bad person.

            If you think that's standard female behaviour, well then you believe that all women are bad people. That doesn't exonerate her evilness as a person.

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            A better comparison than you just initiating sex with a girl is:

            Wouldn't a girl lying about being on the pill leading her partner to believe there is pregnancy protection in place be similar to a man slipping off a condom in the dark right before sliding it in? (Which can be drummed up to be a rape charge)

            [–]Rougepellet 0 points1 point  (0 children)

            This line of thinking makes perfect sense to ALL women.

            I just can't accept that women have this sort of messed up mentality. How can she not see that what she is planning is a dick move?

            [–]riverraider69 0 points1 point  (7 children)

            I can't help but feel for Kathy. Divorced, 35, no kids - she must actually feel her ovaries shriveling. She does need a child, and I find myself rooting for her.

            Problem is, in our society (and it's a global issue, I'm live far from US) she can't have this without automatically roping a guy into 20 year long servitude. Situation is so unbalanced that even when the girl says (I'm paraphrasing here, heard it a while ago): "Why are you upset, you don't have to have anything to do with it! I was going to raise it by myself" - whether she's honest or not has no importance. She can't be honest, because the law won't let her give up this right and it'll always be over your head.

            [–]jcrpta 2 points3 points  (1 child)

            "Why are you upset, you don't have to have anything to do with it! I was going to raise it by myself" - whether she's honest or not has no importance. She can't be honest, because the law won't let her give up this right and it'll always be over your head.

            This bears repeating.

            Yes, it is perfectly possible for a woman to say that, have the baby and walk away without demanding money from the man and he would not be paying for it. Nobody is going to demand the man pay up unless mum puts the wheels in motion.

            BUT.... mum is in for a nasty shock if she reckons it's going to be much fun to live on welfare or juggle childcare with working. She'll figure this out very soon after the child is born, and once she does, what's she going to do?

            She can't get extra money from the government simply by pretending she doesn't know who the dad is.

            She can't get a better paying job without putting some serious work in, possibly to gain extra qualifications. That could take years; she needs the money now.

            Only one thing for it. Go back to dad and say "I know we said I'd raise the child alone.... but I can't afford to. I need money." And if dad says no? Well, this money she's asking for isn't for her, it's for the child. It only takes one phone call to start the process of forcing dad to pay up.

            [–]RPSigmaStigma 1 point2 points  (0 children)

            That's a good point. Even well intended women will change their minds when they realize their mistake, and will refuse to suffer consequences or take responsibility so long as they have options. Briffault's Law.

            [–]1H42 1 point2 points  (0 children)

            It does sometime happen. My cousin (then 25) fucked the pizza delivery guy as a tip, and to purposely get pregnant. She never asked the guy for a dime, raised the kid herself. She managed to do that because as a nanny, she could bring her baby to work at the rich boss house while she watched their kids.

            [–]javi404 0 points1 point  (2 children)

            She can go to a sperm bank or find a guy who wants to have children. Simple as that.

            [–]pupplenupple 0 points1 point  (1 child)

            Even getting knocked up by a guy from a bar in another town who she only knows the first name of and will never see again would be a more ethical choice than unilaterally putting a man she supposedly cares about on the hook for raising another kid he doesn't want.

            Not much more of an ethical choice but at least not immoral enough that I'm not willing to let it go under the "sexual strategy is amoral" rule.

            [–]javi404 0 points1 point  (0 children)

            Agreed. The sister is pure scum for even suggesting it, and if that friend takes her advice, she isn't worth a pile of burning shit.

            [–][deleted]  (2 children)


              [–]newlifeasredpill[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              She is a woman. If you think women are evil and should be are right

              I think they are dangerous animals that need to be watched. Not beaten for being what they are

              [–]thedeceitfulone -4 points-3 points  (11 children)

              Woman here, this doesn't make sense to me. Doing something like that is manipulative and will most likely leave her single with a baby.

              [–]1cover20 17 points18 points  (7 children)

              This of course is the point. She proves that he's the bio father and collects CS from him for 20 years.

              Seriously did you not know that and you hang out here?

              [–]thedeceitfulone 3 points4 points  (5 children)

              No, I didn't. I don't think that way, guess I'm too trusting. But thanks for telling me. And that's a despicable thing to do.

              [–]OneTouchHowMuch 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              I don't think that way

              Your username says otherwise.

              [–]thedeceitfulone -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              Yeah, I'd never do that. It's supposed to be deeper than that, like only the internets see me as I really am because I have social anxiety and so my appearance of being jaded and angry is false.

              [–]redkick 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              At this point, she has two options:

              • Leave the guy and find someone somewhere else who wants to have a baby now.
              • Get pregnant, the guy leaves and she has a baby now (side remark: either he leaves on his own terms right away or betas up, which destroys the relationship anyways).

              The first option is uncertain and dangerous, the second is a sure bet. The only downside of number two is morals (which is what's discussed here), she has the full protection of the law behind her.

              This relationship is not salvageable in any case. I've seen that happening even in my circle, when a woman gets older and wants to have a baby before it's too late the guy can either play along or leave, there's no other option.

              Getting a baby is more important for most women than the current relationship (and I personally agree with that stance, since relationships are replaceable while aging is a constant).

              Same goes for getting married, btw.

              [–]nzgs -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              This is the kind of thing that warrants taking a female somewhere alone and slapping her. That's the only way they can understand that what they are doing is wrong. Any kind of verbal logic will be hamstered away.

              [–]cohen63 -1 points0 points  (5 children)

              A women in her mid 30s who wants kids should be honest about it. I cannot stand women who waste their lives not wanting kids, so there is the positive she doesn't want to be one of those people. If she was proven to stop taking BC I would argue this guy can get out of child support anyways.

              [–]Endorsed Contributorcocaine_face 1 point2 points  (4 children)

              ... get out of child support?

              No, I don't think that's how that works.