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"She seems annoyed" "But she hasn't turned up the telly"

Women would rather be dead than bored, and men should prefer them mad than ignoring them.

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I can attest. I'd better reach to her anger than to nothing at all. Even though I felt like a sadist the first time it happened.

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Often, the anger that a woman feels towards you is directly related to the amount she wants to fuck you.

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Well then my ex-wife REALLY wants to fuck me then. HA HA HA

Christ I hope that's not true.

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What the fuck kind of logic are you trying to convey with this statement?

I implore you to elaborate on that. How do you have any grounds to state that oftentimes anger is correlated with sexual attraction?

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Anger is an intense emotion. As we know, women are emotional creatures. If a woman ignores you or feels neutral towards you, then she doesn't care what you're doing. However, if she gets angry at you, then she must have some reason to feel so invested. A lot of women get that emotional investment from wanting to fuck you. If a woman is angry at you (and not simply ignoring you), then she has some form of emotional attachment towards you. I'd be willing to bet that attachment is a lot of times based on a desire to fuck you.

To me, the opposite of a woman's "love" isn't hate. The opposite of love is when a woman just doesn't care.

In my experience, women who state that they "hate" a guy actually do want to fuck him. Women "hate" their exes who left for other girls. Women ignore other men.

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Anger doesn't necessarily mean emotional attachment. It can very literally just be a mechanism to create separation between people.

Go test this one out, I'm curious how your results pan out.

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It's not guaranteed. Sometimes it really is insurmountable. However, I don't want men to think that it is a universally bad feeling.

Best of luck, bro.

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Mate I agree with you. You are on the money like maybe 90% of the time. I have witnessed several sisters, relatives, female friends and they all are the most invested in guys that dont give a shit about them and make them upset. The girls that Ive dated and have not been too invested which allowed me to not give a fuck and thusly consistently made them angry are the ones that stuck by me, the ones that pined after me as well. I think one needs to emphasize that their is a boiling over point that possibly eclipses you from their mind once they really reach a level of understanding past their anger that means it really wont happen and "he's just a cruel bad person". Though, even then you can still can see remnant thoughts of these "bad guys" in many of these girls minds. Logically, it makes no sense but that's emotions for you!

TL;DR In the words, of rapper Big Sean "Girls only say "I hate you" to the one's that they love"

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I agree with you that an emphasis on strong feeling in one way or another is important, however, it is extremely important to ensure that negative emotion is provided in a constructive manner.

It must have a purpose. If the purpose is only to the end of being hurtful or inciting anger, it is essentially useless.

It isn't inherently bad. Nothing is.

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I think both of you are right. However, think about the concept of make-up sex: It is generally framed when a woman is mad at her man, there's a fight, and then the great make-up sex.

I'm 31, but from my own anecdotal experiences, the girls that have rolled their eyes at me or have been "disgusted" by something I said or called me a jerk were girls that I either had some romantic involvement with or there existed a lot of sexual tension between us.

However, I have felt true anger from females, and there is definitely a difference. I'm not sure if it's body language or a subtle look in their eyes, but real anger is palpable. But there is a difference between flirtatious anger and actual anger. If that makes sense.

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Makeup sex is different. You already have a romantic involvement with that individual and your visceral sexual desires overcome the precipitant event. I think a difference in it is the perception of the sex in contrast to the intensity of disdain or simple frustration with the person.

...there is a difference between flirtatious anger and actual anger. If that makes sense.

That's what I was getting at. The difference comes down to the motivations that led to the emotions being elicited.

Albeit yes, that is absolutely a benefit in provoking strong emotionally focused responses or at least reactions. Such actions that create these emotional responses do have the potential to increase desire and/or commitment level, which would lead to intrigue and possibly sex after enough rapport is recovered.

Making women angry simply to be "alpha" is an act in bad faith and foolish. There has to be an underlying principle behind your actions aside from evoking reactions in the hope of finding the mythical clitoris.

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Anger that persists beyond the moment is always an emotional attachment. I'm not just saying this rhetorically. Persistent emotion with an object (e.g. you) is an emotional attachment 100% of the time. Anger is often a mechanism to create separation between people but that means they aren't already separate.

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It can, but if it doesn't, it makes the bonds stronger.

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I would think that some emotion is better than no emotion with women because they love to feel. That's why drug dealers get free ass all the time.

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You don't think it's the free drugs?

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Yes, but for more than you think. Drugs make you FEEL a certain way. Women love feels

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I thought you were implying drug dealers make people angry

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There's nothing to test out. This is a tried and true redpill truth. Anger is better than indifference when it comes to women. I've seen it, others on this forum have seen it and countless playboys before us have seen it.

That being said, it doesn't mean that just because a girl is angry at you that she automatically wants to fuck you. Women do get mad at men when they exhibit beta traits.

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I agree, except for the "mad at men when they exhibit beta". I think it's more of a disgust than anger, or it rapidly turns to that. Then the sexual attraction vanishes.

Great video btw, funny and sadly true.

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There's nothing to test out.

Sure there is. How to apply it so it doesn't backfire.

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Nothing to test out in the sense that you don't need to field test this to see if this is true. Obviously all advice from TRP should be practiced IRL in order to get it right

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To me, the opposite of a woman's "love" isn't hate. The opposite of love is when a woman just doesn't care.

The opposite of all love is apathy. Not hate. ♂

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You are right, this is 100% accurate.

Woman here!

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I hope you aren't considering a scenario like: You crashed your car into some chicks ride, you were negligent, and now she's pissed at you. Spread em babe!

No man, it's when a girl is willing to be mad at you rather than outright leave you. It's a hamsters death race!

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You might gain some insights if you listen to The Black Phillip show. Just throwin that out there, he mentions your question specifically in at least one episode.

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One thing I took from RSD Julian is to get women emotional over shit. I still don't get it, and it doesn't make any sense. But if you just get them wound up about something and throw some sort of micro drama into their lives, they get super attached and fully focused. I don't really care why it works, but it does.

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Pretty much sums up the way you feel during swallowing TRP.

At times you think it's too much , too exagerated to even touch dat bitch's ass because you've been learned to be soft , gentle and you got fed up with all that bullshit that does the opposite thing from giving a girl tingles.

Nice sketch and it's hilarious.

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Haha exactly. Am I the only who was reminded of Peter Sellers in the pink panther?

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I believe he's supposed to be Cerano de Bergerac

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Even thought it's quite exaggerated, it's hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.

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"Now I've talked to Debbie, I'm not sure if I like her that much."

Lol, anger phase.

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Maybe. Or maybe it's the dawning of knowledge of the woman you thought you knew just turned out to be a childish selfish person who is attracted to jerks, and it turns you off. Which are the type of women your whole life turned you off because you believed that these type of women are not worth your time because of they are just dumb fools, not smart enough to stop letting their vaginas do their thinking for them, and easily tricked by uncaring bastards. Which then leads to anger phase because you learn that ALL WOMEN are like this, so maybe you are right after all. And I say uncaring bastard without the slightest amount of bitterness, because I took the red pill and and have eyes that are willing to see now.

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That's internalised misogyny produced by feminism.

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Thank you dr but you are wrong. Why do so many people insist on extremes? I still like women, I just don't have as much respect for them now. One of the bitter side effects of the red pill.

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      "Friday night there's going to be another chick on my tip but it won't be you, baby"

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      This is my favorite youtube video ever. It sums up the entire Red Pill in just a few minutes. I downloaded this, in case it ever gets taken down, so I still have a 3.5 minute cheat sheet. With this video your frame will never get soft.


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      TRP Cyrano de Bergerac - brilliant!

      I love the part where he says, "I can't say that, that's sexist!"

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      Except Cyrano was the ultimate blue pill.

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      I guess he had 400 years to swallow the red pill.

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      He still doesn't get laid, does he? He still helps the other dude get the girl, despite reading the situation exactly right.

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      He's pretty old - low testosterone.

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      he could though.. his nose is a setback but he sure got some game

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      Well, you know what they say about people with long noses...

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      Of the three of them, he looked to be having the most fun anyway.

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      Maybe he has a cuckold fetish and gets exactly what he wants.

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      Mitchell and Webb is great.

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      He gave him cocaine and smacked her on the ass.

      OMG my life just flashed in front of my eyes.


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      I haven't seen that in years. Still hilarious.

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      That was really funny. People, you MUST watch the video.

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      This guys are awesome, if you can watch "The Peep Show"

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      What's so brilliant about the skit is that the suitor is an intelligent, cultured man and at least on face value possesses an awareness of morality and personal dignity.

      You would consider this man to be every bit a normal well adjusted man - if not the kind of man that women would recognize the value of and possibly be charmed by.

      That is of course, if you believe the hype of what the archetypal man should be.

      Reality is dullard poetry inspired by desperation is about as attractive to a woman as if the man had just rolled around in a dumpster.

      Arrogant, cocksure behavior is always better in just about every situation.

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      160k views AND a 75:1 like:dislike ratio... shocked pleasantly. I thought it would be half and half, as TRP men seem to be a minority among minorities.

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      They are not taking the truth behind the skit seriously.

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      "If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you." — Oscar Wilde

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      Fucking awesome and totally true

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      SPOILER: It's like fight club, they're the same person.

      Seriously, this shit has me rollin. Comedy is the safest way to deliver truth.

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      Hilarious. Totally forgot about this. Thanks for the good laugh.

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      Oi, that's brilliant you bloody fat cow!

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      k so got this RP business underwraps, dont be a sap, treat her like a dude, be a cheeky cunt :)

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      What about this direct jab at PUAs?