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Yeah, that's how we get a lot of our new members. Redditors tell horror stories about how we're vile misogynist rapebeards and blow our evil deeds way out of proportion, and curious individuals will wander in and discover a community that is nothing of the sort.

This is such a common practice that many subreddits will actively forbid you to even mention this sub lest men have their minds corrupted.

Don't mind the haters. It's just noise.

Sidebar is that way. -> Give it a read. Your life is about to change for the better.

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It's okay man, I am far from a Karma whore. I'll make sure to check out the sidebar though.

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Another thing, you might want to consider getting an alt account just for TRP. A lot of people do this. While I kind of think it goes against the logic of "Like who you are. Don't give a shit what others think" etc what gets throw around here from time to time.

Some people that disagree with you elsewhere will check your post history and use it to fuel their disagreement against you on reddit. Akin of "Oh this guy goes to TRP! No wonder why he's such an asshole! Let's all just downvote him everybody!" as if TRP is some evil cult that turns everybody it can gets its hands on into some prick.

I personally don't give a shit of course. But some people do. Enjoy the bitter pill.

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That's just the nature of Reddit, it's a Jr High popularity contest on steroids. If you wanna be really unpopular, subscribe to AnCap, a few firearms forums, and some other ones that mock religion.

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No shit on the HS analogy either!

Femcunt: "Hey loser guys! Agree with us and defend our struggle against the patriarchy and we can be friends!"

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Lol someone disagrees with you on reddit. again who cares. I've learned that 99% of people on the internet are not reasonable and therefore are useless to argue against.

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I've been harassed on this account from some srs goof balls in pm. So the separate account thing makes sense. Luckily I separate account for questions that I want inbox messages and this one. My primary for browsing.

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Fuck that. Be proud to have swallowed TRP. It's a gift, not a curse.

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I agree. But from how others treat you, it's a curse.

Again my reddit account doesn't have ties to me in the real world. Only a couple people may know which reddit account is mine. I simply don't care enough for people to judge me upon some internet forum.

I can see the reasons why having a private/seperate account however. There's no real right/wrong between the two choices.

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I understand, but honestly, fuck those people. If they don't like you for you, then they can go be beta. Be confident in yourself brother

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Or, they can get you fired.

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Ohhh. So you're the other kind of whore then. So be it.

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I don't know what this means.....

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Lol its a joke buddy. Welcome.

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If you're not a karma whore, the implication is that you are a "sexual" whore. He's joking you're a prostitute. Aka, he's just razzing you.

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I'm thinking I should start charging for it, but pay as much as you think it's worth...

And on a side note; I'd love to invoice call centres who waste my time. Not the busy ones that have a legit large amount of calls, but the ones who put sub-par people who need to transfer me 5 times before someone knows how to fix my problem or do what I ask them!

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      Ha that's how I found it. I am one month in and loving it. Been a subscriber to /r/seduction for a year plus but this is a little different content.

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      seduction only hands you the tools to hook up with women.

      TRP gives you the tools AND principles so you can make destiny altering adjustments and take control of your life. Having a woman or plate is a byproduct of this change. Though, it isn't the end goal for an RP man.

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        Askreddit will delete any mention of TRP, because it's a 'hate site'. Lol.

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        But, from my experiment, they will leave you alone for linking /r/picsofdeadbabies. We are worse than pics of dead infants, according to /r/askreddit.

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        We are a danger to the model of society. They want weak men, physically and in will. Easier to control. Same reason no one gives a shit about the lowering testosterone in men every generation, part of its population control, (we're about to hit a peak, then scientists believe fertility will decline), the other part is keeping men docile so we don't get full of rage and burn this mother fucker to the ground like we ought to. So yeah pics of dead women, okay, /r/beatingwomen, okay, /r/greatapes, okay. Men standing up for themselves, whoa whoa whoa.

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        Right now it's looks like we're letting everything collapse. Smart people are noticing trends & numbers that less men are getting married or having kids.

        Women are mentioning that they're not finding men to date or marry either. Of course they're not even looking at the white knight/beta douche bags.

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        What the fuck /r/GreatApes? I thought it was some twisted satire, but it's a legit network of subs. Jesus, that's awful.

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        Just clicked on that, holy shit. I just... what the fuck.

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          My bad. I was drunk at the time. Should have clarified. I know there are trolls and hatred on reddit, but I had no idea that much was boiling right underneath my nose.

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            On mobile, just google it, you will get plenty of info.

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            Hey, lowering testosterone is a good thing, means you can keep most of your hair past your 30s, and not risk looking like a gay nazi skinhead. :D

            Estrogen is what determines sex drive in men, course, excess fat converts testosterone to estrogen. So, probably lots of bald, fat, sex fiending womanizers out there. Oh wait, they call that Texas. ;)

            And all of it is based on modifications to cholesterol, so supplementing it past like 50, will increase your chance of mortality considerably.

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            /r/askreddit, where every 14 year old pretends to be a neurosurgeon.

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            Hahahahaha, I once saw this in reddit, quite literally.

            "I have neuroscience as a hobby".

            True story.

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            Those poor half lobotomized hamsters with electrodes in their heads!

            The horrific things you can use a Wii remote control for!

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            Actually, in our society, murdering and infanticide have become pretty cool things. All those films that glorifies killers. Abortion has become a joke. There are discussions of post-birth abortion.

            You can see the effects talking with peoples. Nobody gives a fuck anymore if someone dies somewhere.

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            Well, according to the SJWs, feminists and willing betas/white knights over in askreddit and 2xchromosomes that's what we are.

            Because they don't hate on us at all.... not at all, because that would be hypocritical and immature. /s

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            Probably 2Xchromosomes is one of them. I think that (female) members there do mention TRP, but with disgust, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of censorship.

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            Welcome. You've taken the first few steps in a long, hard, complicated journey. It will challenge you, piss you off, make you depressed, make you angry, make you introspective, and make you grow.

            But at the end of it you get superpowers.

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            you get superpowers

            to new guys: cape is not included.

            You get X-ray vision into social dynamics and immunity to oneitis though, so it's kind'a fair

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            Being able to point out the ovulating women in the bar is kinda cool, too. And deconstructing your friends' failed relationships and telling them exactly where they went wrong. They won't listen, but it is satisfying.

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            really starting to like the idea of a cape however...

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            We'll need a symbol!

            A symbol to unite us all!

            Are you guys cool with it being mostly Red?

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            Being able to point out the ovulating women in the bar

            I need to start paying attention to this, considering it seems doable on women you've seen before. No idea how you do it for new pussy though.

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            How can you spot the ovulating women in the bar? Please do tell.

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            To be honest, I can usually smell them first. But to tell by their behavior you have to just pick up on several cues they're usually giving out. It's not just one thing, it's a spectrum of behaviors.

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            She's the one exposing the most skin.

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            Fair enough, all i would say is that its not going to be an exact science. But one can certainly have a good idea.

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            There is no end. TRP is a journey, not a destination.

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            oh you taoist.. but you're right of course.

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            It's not that I consider myself a loser by anymeans. I actually feel like I have a lot to bring to the table. In the military, good pay, fit and in shape. Not ugly by any means, and can actually hold a conversation. Just by reading I noticed that I am a total pushover when it comes to women, and quite frankly it just gets old after a while.

            Excited for the superpowers though.

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            It's not that I consider myself a loser by anymeans. I actually feel like I have a lot to bring to the table.

            Hell yes, brother. You're on the right track already.

            This is precisely the thought process that motivated me to end my miserable marriage. I realized one day that I am a fucking catch and I shouldn't have to put up with her emotional abuse. I'm smart, I'm fit, I'm great in bed, great conversationalist, decent looking and I make 6 figures, amongst other good qualities.

            Men like us, who know their value, have the upper hand not only in relationships but in many other aspects of life. This mindset will lead you directly to abundance mentality: There are several billion women on this planet. If the one you're with at any given moment can't act right, I guarantee you can find another one who is both younger and hotter. Abundance mentality will get you past oneitis so you never again have to pine away for some bitch who will never return your love.

            Welcome to the best part of the rest of your life.

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            And whatever you do, don't hate women. Don't resent them, don't wish them ill. Respect yourself and they'll respect you, and you'll come to respect them in kind.

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              Circumstances are always different, I'm talking more about avoiding the bitter phase and just being the best you can. Everything follows from that.

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              Or hate and resent them but become rich and powerful and do what you want.

              If you hate them, you're wasting emotion and energy you could be devoting to becoming rich and powerful.

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              Why would you hate women for being women? No hating women is not compatible with TRP

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              Got broken up with by a girl before we were ever dating tonight. The above post was exactly what I needed to read. Thanks for the timely reminder BlackThursday. "You don't always get what you want, but if you try...."

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              No. Free respect and love is worthless and submissive. Respect and love people who do the same. Not all of them.

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              This reminds me of the South Park episode where they crucify Cartman.

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              Dont thank us. Thank the silly feminists that linked you here with their perpetual hyperbolic outrage at an obvious "mens space". Good luck on your progress. One thing dude, dont post with your regular account feminists are vindictive pieces of shit. You're prolly gonna get screwed over on your current account (i mean goddamn come on private! dont you know about basic PERSEC!) and theyll lie and mischaracterize this and you to screw your life. In other words delete this post.

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              Dude.. who cares what reddit thinks.

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              Nobody really but it's not about what they think. It's what a feminazi will do when given the opportunity. They really cant stand personal opinions contrary to theirs and thusly let shit like this seep out into reality. Reality loves "exposing" stuff like this, if only for the ratings. Just ask ViolentAcrez or that Mozilla CEO, or even the guy who got hammered today, etc.

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              Yea I wouldn't suggest having personal info on account you post here, hence my throwaway status

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                Well it's not really a throwaway if you keep using it. More like separation of socially popular and unpopular posts.

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                The think what makes a feminazi crazy is when people just shake their heads and walk away. Just another crazy social engineering ideology proven not to work, just like communism, the prussian school model, top down political structures, command economies, anything Lindon LaRouche dreamed up in the past 50 years, scientology, flat earthers, etc. :D

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                Thanks for the heads up man. I'm not worried about it all too much though. If people base their arguements and counterpoints on something other than the subject at hand, then they're being illogical and childish. I don't give two shits what they have to say at that point.

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                I post with my regular account pretty much every where. I've only been canned from one anti-gun sub and creepy pms I think.

                On occasion someone will mention it to me but I just laugh and tell them their opinion doesn't mean shit to me or the world.

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                Welcome! It doesn't matter how beta you are, nor does it matter how you found TRP. Bottom line, you will be better off and life will be far more enjoyable now that you have. You ARE better than this. Now get to reading!

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                Good for you brother, there's a lot of work to be done, get on it.

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                Read all the sidebar links. Everything.

                Understand that women are different than men in their thinking.

                Adapt. Grow. Have fun.

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                Now read the sidebar. And read it again. You've discovered the truth, it's gonna be hard to accept. You're gonna go through a few stages, beginning with anger. But when you finish your path, you will literally start applying the truth to everyday interactions with women. You'll hear one thing, then your mind will process it to what it really means. After a while, you will grow to not resent women for what they are, you will accept it, and then adapt your own life to match reality.


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                Welcome man. I hope this place helps you as much as it has helped me.

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                This always brings a smile to my face, welcome brother.

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                The best stuff is on the sidebar.

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                Welcome Buddy.

                Some of us on here were born Red Pill and have never had trouble meeting/fucking women, some of us had to go through all the shit and lies you have been through.

                I am certainly the latter of the two. Either way, we are all here for you! Best of luck to you and dont forget to seek help and advice on here when you need it!

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                "absolute disgrace towards gender equality" Hahaha, I remember when I believed in such fanciful notions of gender equality.

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                I was a hardline feminist throughout my late teens and part of my early 20s. I cringe just thinking about it.

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                I was in directly called an asshole through out High School because I treated the girls the same way I treated the guys.

                Somewhere I lost my way becoming "the nice guy." I got more attention when girls considered me an asshole.

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                lol! Yeah, a certain amount of "checking out the goods" is an unspoken social norm. ;)

                If you don't do it, women start getting kinda crazy. Even if it a lesbian couple. Because while they're with each other, they might actually be bi to some degree.

                Then you have the "Silly Peacock" alphas, they make themselves up to look all pretty for the girls, you walk by em, laugh, shake your head, move on, and they seem to shrink like 5 inches. I'm thinking, "Seriously?" if they want the adoration of other guys, they have special clubs for that. :D Could be they're batting for the wrong team. ;)

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                Yeah Metro sexualism did a fair amount of damage to men.

                There is nothing wrong with cleaning yourself up, especially when you look at all the hair tonics & even mustache waxes men used in decades past. Even perfumes & colognes to cover up body oder.

                That doesn't mean you have act prissy.

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                Welcome aboard mate! Just to add to the invaluable suggestions others already posted here, you might want to search for the threads titled "A whole bunch of brilliant posts that didn't make it to the sidebar" and "My Compilation Of Core RedPill Books". Lots of great material to sink your teeth in.

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                For all newcomers all you have to do is search: Thank you Changed my life Former beta

                in the side bar and you'll quickly come to see as to why this section is FUCKING AWESOME!

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                I could have written this exact thing myself last year. I'm still working at it, with a ways to go, but it's amazing how things change when you take this all in and start making changes.

                It sounds absurd but even 15 pounds lost and a much smaller gut (I'm still nowhere near in shape) has changed some girls attitude toward me when combined with being able to say no and not being a doormat.

                Welcome and best of luck.

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                You are welcome friend. Remember to read the sidebar.

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                It appears you've already acquired the right mindset, which is a major accomplishment in itself. It's a long journey full of confusion and complication, but the rewards are infinite. Good luck, and godspeed!

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                I too found this subreddit because of other people trying to shit on TRP. It's funny how it becomes an advertisement for it!

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                Welcome to TRP.

                Now, are you ready to bring RP into parts of your life and general thinking that aren't directly related to sex and romance?

                Look at all the other things that reddit reflexively hates/likes. Look at things that other groups of people unanimously hate and like. Question them, no matter how much you agree with the popular opinion, and how wrong the opposing side seems.

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                Welcome! Enjoy your stay! It will be painful at times, but worth it. Truth is always worth it.

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                Welcome to the enlightenment brother.

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                The Red Pill has got to be thee greatest fuckin Sub Reddit that has ever existed. I don't see why it gets so much bad press.

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                A troll has been spotted, keep on medium alert, he seeks to dissuade us.

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                Huh? No trolling meant by the post so I'm a little confused.

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                Enough people post via mobile apps that fail to present an easily understood comment vs post reply capability that I just take it as such and move on.

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                Dude, turn around now while you can. TRP has indoctrinated me to do nothing but rape women. Stop. Turn around and go back to your former life. These rape urges are just too much.......

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                I'm beginning to wonder if deliberately posing as SJWs and making ridiculous claims against TRP would be beneficial.

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                welcome brother

                soon you will see that the world as an awful place filled with inequalities , BUT your goal is not to look at it and feel bad your goal is to look at it and say , i will be better

                so the next time you see inequality you will be in a place where you are smart/successful/wise enough to help your fellow man/woman who is a victim to feminist/social standards/the man-hating society

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                I wonder if the ignorant females know that when they shit on this sub, the Streisand Effect is in full force.

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                Also, take a look at this website:

                Even long-time TRPers look at this site, this guy knows his stuff.

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                Welcome to the dark side ( or the winning side ) if you want to be fucking pedantic, read the side bar and read the FR's, we have field report monday, post your progresses there! Gym achievements, cool/interesting books read, how your weekend went in terms of success, travel plans etc :)

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                Getting buff isn't going to make you attractive automatically, it doesn't matter THAT much. Only women can raise their attractiveness level significantly. Proper makeup and staying thing, well you would have to be very ugly to not even make average. But do try your best.

                [–]GC0W30 1 point2 points  (8 children)

                Complete and total bullshit, especially if he wasn't very fit to begin with. I lost 80 pounds and started lifting... big freaking difference. I went from begging 2s to landing 4s with medium effort. You can tell me 4s aren't worth banging, and I get it, but you're completely full of shit if you tell guys working out won't help.

                [–]tmpjb 0 points1 point  (7 children)

                I didn't even write "working out" I said getting buff. You lost a lot of fat and boy that does wonders -- congratulations. But if you have a bmi in the normal range, the affect of adding muscle isn't nearly big as many men think. Also most men tend to think that bodybuilder physique is attractive to women when studies have shown it's repulsive to most. As for myself, I put on a little bit of bulk, but I'm mostly doing it to get better at calisthenics.

                [–]GC0W30 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                Okay, you meant going from 'fit' to getting swole. Makes sense then....

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                A big part of the benefit of working out is the sense that you're accomplishing a goal for yourself. A sense of having willpower helps confidence, which everyone knows turns on women. It's all mental and it's real. False confidence in a man is the equivalent of a chick lowering the # of dudes she's banged to increase her value. Women can sniff that shit out.

                [–]tmpjb -1 points0 points  (4 children)

                working out properly requires an absurd amount of time; I know because I've done it before. Going to the gym for at very least 3 hours a week, and following a strict diet meaning cooking meat (extra time). And you can never quit because all your gains will evaporate in no time plus risk on injury. I guess if you had the 1g/lb protein intake already working out can be worthwhile, otherwise i'd stick to sports and working on career.

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                Ahhh excuses. Bro I don't know you and don't care to hear some piss ant excuse why you aren't going to do XYZ.

                The shit will benefit you; the shit requires effort. That's life, bro. Get used to it.

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                lol you need to change your username

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                I noticed you never contested the points I raised in my thoughtful comment.

                I can't say I'm surprised.

                In my opinion, hamstering is a female trait. Have some self-respect. Be a man.

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                OK maybe I was a little harsh.. Let me break it down for you..

                I don't understand or agree with your rationalé behind not working out: that you don't do it all because you can't do it "properly". You can't do it properly because you don't have (won't make) enough time.

                First off, the "I'm too busy" excuse is the lamest and most overused excuse out there. Sometimes I catch myself thinking about using it. I have realized what it really means is 'whatever I didn't do' is not high enough on my list of priorities. I'm either content with that fact or I make time in the future.

                Secondly, there's a reason why working out is very high (#1??) on the list of behaviors that help maintain a TRP mindset. That being said, working out a little is a better than not working out at all. Speaking for myself, working out gives me additional confidence (I don't suffer from low self-esteem) in general. I value my time more, because I could have always worked out more the previous 7 days. I don't hit the gym. I work out at home, with stuff like a pull up bar and chairs for tricep dips. I need to run more (most of us do). I've seen modest results, but the results are there. Women have noticed it. Guys have noticed it. That gives me additional confidence which carries over into posture / body language, game / frame, etc.

                Essentially, I feel that you're making excuses, or "hamstering" as we say around here, for not doing something that you ought to be doing.

                I'm anxious to see your counterpoint and not another attack on me personally (that's what we call an ad hominem around here).

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                Read the side bar, get your lazy ass to the gym, approach women. Do these things all the time, every day.

                Welcome aboard.

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                Woah man. I go to the gym five days a week, plus PT for work. Definitely an in shape dude.

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                Do not gym every day. Your CNS needs time to rest and adapt. 3-4 times a week is more efficient.

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                You can do other things on off days... "active recovery" like yoga, walking, etc.

                [–]dawg826 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                True, but these things can be done at home. When I think gym, I think "going out of my way to kick my ass" which is psychologically improved when you have a place to go to do specifically that.

                [–]sixtysixpixistix -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                I knew I had to at least see what she was referring to.

                Why? The people who don't understand the truth don't matter. Time will deal with them and their beliefs.

                [–][deleted]  (2 children)


                  [–]The__Dude__Abides[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                  Part of the reason why I was such a long time lurker with no account, was that I hadn't figured out the right username. Watched it one day and it just came to me. :P

                  [–]BCFtrip -1 points0 points  (0 children)

                  You're right, you are better than that. Self respect is underrated.

                  [–]cali_gunner -3 points-2 points  (3 children)

                  Nobody gives a shit. Delete your post and read TRP for a long time before you post here again.

                  [–]The__Dude__Abides[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

                  Warm invitation to YOUR subreddit bro. Get outta here with that.

                  [–]Jackmace -1 points0 points  (1 child)

                  Alot of people on this sub act like douchebags to everyone as they think it makes them more "alpha". Ignore em.

                  [–]cali_gunner 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                  Or every single person that finds out about trp should make a post here about it.

                  It has nothing to do with perceived alphaness and I was the same before TRP on reddit. I come here because it's the only place on reddit that is for hetero males.

                  [–]AnarchyBurger101 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

                  Well, not all women are like that. Unfortunately, there's the 60-65% that are nothing but moochers, users, and people who behave based on instinct. And if that's the prevailing trend, the other women might get the idea during a moment of weakness to say, "Fuck it, just gonna dump this geek, cash out, and get myself a boy-toy if I need sex."

                  Those are usually the women who probably want to discover their own red pill sooner. They didn't marry a beta, they married an omega who seemed like an alpha, and turned into a complete looser. In some states, they're gonna get custody, AND end up paying the loser, no job, mooching off another woman husband money because they have custody 2 days every 2 weeks, and the ex-wife probably has to drive the kid there because the ex-hubby has no car. ;) {well, the 5 non-operational ones on the lawn don't count}

                  That's the other end of things The Red Pill won't mention, the reason why there are such insane deadbeat dad laws, and crazy settlements. Because when that "alpha dude" gets married to another woman, part of her income is going to pay the first ex-wife and kids. 10 years down the road, he has three more kids, is divorced again, and shacking up with another woman, a "sugar momma" to help pay his debts. Plus he's probably screwing everything that moves on the side.

                  Every time a case like that goes to court, a female judge gets a little crazier. The endless hard luck, can't get off the booze, can't get a job, can't stop having more and more kids, and poor me, daddy and mommy beat me and I have PTSD stories.

                  [–]kingsilkee -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

                  I am also new and have just discovered this place..... I have done more learning here inthe past 2 days then I think I have in the past 2 years. Every thing makes so much sense