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lol "could spend a year in jail". Yeah, right. She'll get off with nothing.

In the case of false allegations the bullshit excuse is: "if we prosecute her it might discourage real victims of rape from reporting". Well if you don't prosecute, you have this situation where police resources are being wasted on nonsense cases instead of on legitimate victims.

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"if we prosecute her it might discourage real victims of rape from reporting".

If you prosecute her it might discourage women who aren't victims of rape from pretending that they are. FTFY. Gotta set a precedent. If there are no consequences, women will continue to make false rape allegations because if they get their own way, they win. And if they don't, nothing happens.

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If anything the'll get some slap on the wrist like 30 days in jail to be served on weekends or some stupid shit like that.

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And that will be presented in the next feminist gathering as proof for rape culture and victim blaming and the prevalent misogyny in our culture.

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You make it sound like people care about their whining about rape culture and victim blaming.

There is no such thing as rape culture (they stole that idea from men describing prison life).

As for victim blaming it happens all the time. If someone leaves their door unlocked all the time and get robbed who's to blame? Well the robber is the one in the wrong but the person who doesn't lock their door is also at fault as well.

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She'll get 5 months of probation, best case scenario.

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But it's true though, if we prosecuted women for this we would discourage other women from filing false rape and domestic violence charges.

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This is always baffling to me. If a woman was actually raped and made an understandable mistake of accusing a guy that was similar looking, that shouldn't be punished. The guy should be treated innocent until proven guilty (name not blown up all over the media until after a guilty verdict, etc). Then the case can remain open until the catch the fucker.

But if she was completely wasting everyone's time? She should pay (in fines, jail time, community service, etc) until the damage she caused is balanced out.

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If the guy weren't famous, police probably wouldn't even have investigated the case, they'd just take her words for truth and arrest the guy.

Women being held responsible for their actions? Not in our lifetimes. Tread lightly, folks, cause a woman can put you in jail for all kinds of crazy bullshit.

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Women taking responsibility for their actions is antithetical to the feminist philosophy.

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it really is. it's all about blaming. see when something harsh or unfair happens to me in my life, yeah i might get pissed off, and yeah i might fight or defend myself, but sometimes you will come across situations where you just need to suck it up, move on, and work harder to get back on top. Unfortunately, feminism teaches you to sit there and complain and blame others. It doesn't matter if you are at fault as long as the adversary is somehow at fault too.

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This is what happens when society rewards women for being victims of domestic violence.

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one time, my friend's girlfriend beat the shit out of HIM. cops get called by some neighbors and said friend gets sent to jail for a night even though he didn't touch her.

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What was your friends reaction to that? Did he stay with her?

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they were living together at that point, so yes but as soon as the lease was up they broke up

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damn. that's tough. good on him.

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And "false accusations don't happen or only happen 2% of the time."


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Damn ... I can't find her image anywhere. I can understand not using her image when she accused him of rape; however, once it was discovered that she lied, her image should have been plastered everywhere for the world to see what a liar looks like.

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Naturally the article has two pictures of him and his name in headlines, and not a single photo of her.

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She couldve severely damaged him, say if he happened to be staying at the same hotel. Forget shamed, she needs to be sued for defamation, libel, and or slander. The repercussions she should face should reverberate among the gold-digger community so this doesnt happen anymore innocent athletes.

If they were in the same building, its possible that the worst that bitch couldve done is an out of court settlement.

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Ive said it a million times and ill say it again. Men with high value are high profile "targets", and have everything to lose. And someone will be more than happy to try to knock you down a few pegs. Its the crab in a barrel mentality.

Stay frosty gents.

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Seriously, more of the falsly accused need to go after these women civilly. This way, even if the police won't charge them, you can get them back where it hurts the most, the pocket book, and when they don't pay up, you can take them back to court and eventually the court can take it out of their paycheck, and this way even their boss will know what they did.

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She convinced herself Marshawn Lynch punched her in the face, then convinced the cops that too, and the club had to waste their resources to disprove all of that?

How is it even remotely logical for all of that to not have a single consequence?

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The real problem here is that there are essentially no direct legal consequences to her actions. Let alone libel and slander, he should sue this woman for everything she has based just on principle.

Imagine if one of us made an accusation against some popular female sportsplayer, celebrity, ect. We would be dragged to court, shamed in the usual hamster publications, and informed of our lack of manhood.

In the real world, there should always be consequences to one's actions and the fact that one gender often seems to get a pass is having devastating effects on our culture.

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So basically she got drunk, decided to sleep with a black guy, felt guilty, and then made up some story that said guy was a NFL player, then that NFL player raped her.

Yet she'll get away with this.

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The blatant casualness of making accusations just goes on to show how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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That bitch better get time for falsely accusing Marshawn Lynch. No bitch should just be able to do that just 'cause. Fuck that.

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Where the fuck is her mugshot?

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he ought to sue for slander

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It is an open secret that the continual concussions players suffer does make them prone to things like domestic violence. As long as they can prosecute a certain percentage, then they can pretend that the problem is just a few bad apples.