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I'm liking this reply to that:

I disagree with the way you're approaching the whole situation. You're looking at it with the mindset that the girls are the judges and the guys are the competitors. I find it much more useful to take the perspective that the girls are the competitors and I'm the judge. Other guys are inconsequential.

The girls are competing for my attention because I'm so frickin' awesome. I'm always improving myself for the sake of myself. I'm not doing it for their approval, because fuck their approval. I don't need it. I'm not doing it because I'm afriad some other guy's gonna get laid before I do. If you're working out and getting laid, good for you. There's plenty of pussy to go around. You get yours. I get mine. It's all good.

TL;DR Don't seek girls' approval. Make them seek yours.

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This is true red pill knowledge. You should never "compete" with another man. All that's doing is giving women power, which is a terrible thing.

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Competition makes customers win, take a page out of cable companies' books on how you should behave with men.

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You should never compete with other men for the sake of women. Instead compete for the sake of competition, not for the reward, but for the love of competition. Women aren't a prize, because they don't bring you anything you couldn't get elsewhere. Competition is the prize, because meeting a person worthy of competing against is a much greater reward and the reward goes both ways.

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You are competing, regardless of a literal, overt competition. Women pin you and other men against each other in her mind all the time. It is a hypothetical competition that is always happening whether you like it or not. The better you are, the more often you win in her mind.

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But you should not be concerned with her opinion in the first place. So if she is comparing you to someone in her head and you "lose". Then so be it there are other fish in the sea.

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thats competing over one, a competition is different. notch counts vs another guy is a different story.

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It is not exactly motivational.

More like a mastubatory brag session, with childish teasing, thinly veiled as motivating.

Definitely agree with your quote that it is focused purely on women, so the motivation is all wrong anyway.

I'll just work on me thanks, I don't give a shit how awesome someone else thinks he is. I have nothing to prove, my actions speak for themselves so why create a false rival to beat ?

Hypothetically it would be like a king saying "Suck shit peasants, check out how rich I am. While you suckers toil away I'm counting my gold." Motivational ?

Fuck right off.

More like bragging and mocking with no real purpose other than soothing insecurities.

Everyone knows who and what the king is.

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You guys are trying to drive on a two way street like it's a one way street.

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This is good advice if you are a dude that has had a few girlfriends before and have gotten laid a few times, but isn't reaching his full potential. If you are a virgin and have never had a girlfriend its kinda hard to tell yourself "fuck yeah Im the shit with girls and they like me a lot", cause deep down you know you aren't and thats why you're reading red pill stuff or learning PUA stuff.

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I also like this point of view. Still in order to be the judge and for them to compete for you you need to have something going for you, which is where working hard comes in. You should work to get your high SMV, after which, yes you should definitely be the judge and make them work for you.

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I have that mindset with one from Op as well. If I'm not improving, I won't get bitches, hot bitches....he will. I want the hot bitches, so I'm going to imagine all you guys are competing, even if you're not. Men are competitive, harnessing that nature will motivate you to do better, unless you're a whiney bitch that covers from a challenge or competition.

I motivate me, I might use you, or the imaginary idea of someone "better" to motivate me, but I already know the most important thing....

I'm already better than you.

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This point of view only works if you know how to build your value to women.

Alone, it doesn't do much. But, it does help break the beta mindset.

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Still gotta approach and seek women. They will only seek your approval out of nowhere if you show up to a club in a ferrari, helicopter, etc

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Well, this is good advice for having lots of sex. This is not good advice for finding someone you can spend your life with.

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I thought you had said that you did not like the comment so I was kinda scrutinizing on it but found it was actually pretty solid.. interesting lol

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I disagree with the way you're approaching the whole situation. You're looking at it with the mindset that the girls are the judges and the guys are the competitors. I find it much more useful to take the perspective that the girls are the competitors and I'm the judge. Other guys are inconsequential.

just because you want to be this way doesnt mean it is

you are the competitor and not her, no matter how hard you try to believe the other way around ...

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i'm doing crunches

stopped reading these, confirmed for written by neckbeard lanket

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>still training the core with spinal flexion

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leg raises is where it's at

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Dying turtle is better for the core, but leg raises certainly are the shit

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Dying turtle

never heard of that one before, googled it and got gore images of turtles wtf.

sea turtles gave better results

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lie on your back -EDIT - (stomach? I don't really remember anymore, your link shows stomach. I just remember the name and the pain) and put your arms and legs in the air. Hold it as long as you can. We used to do this for Tae Kwon Do when I was a child. I did it age 5-9 and I had a six pack and could run for days. Would outrun EVERYONE on the soccer pitch and just dominated fools. I was in the best shape of my life at age eight... and got a double black belt. Things were looking good for a while, time to get back on track.

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You got a double blackbelt when you were eight?

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I had a blackbelt in TKD at eleven/twelve (honestly can't remember exactly). Some places will hand them out as essentially participation trophies to keep you coming back.

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Nine. I wasn't that good at sparing against most people, but I passed the endurance test and knew all the moves, met all requirements. I did it for four years then the play relocated to a diffent city and triple black was a lot of work, plus class was boring at that point with the noobs

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I don't train for muscle hypertrophy as I have been doing powerlifting which doesn't really involve core training, so I have no idea why exercises which cause spinal flexion are bad. Can you explain please?

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Dude, start researching how to build core strength. Building core strength is like your body's own natural power belt. Guaranteed to increase your lifts, correct what is likely a strength imbalance causing lower back pain and make squats and deadlifts much safer. Source: I'm a competitive powerlifter.

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I haven't got my lifts up enough for it to be worth my time, I am not able to train very often and heard that core strength increases just because squat and deadlift uses your core for stability.

Edit: Thanks for the advice man :)

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if you're squatting, bench and deadlifting, you are training your core. find me someone that squats 405, benches 315 and deadlifts 495 that has a weak core.

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That's exactly what I said, I meant I am not doing accessory lifts/exercises for my core because deadlift and squat especially really work your core. Why do I seem to get misunderstood so often on the internet

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I actually misread your post. Anyway exercises that cause spinal flexion aren't inherently bad, as nearly all of them are going to. Crunches are bad because you're essentially leaving your lumbar and sacral spines in flexion the entire time and then flexing c-spine and t-spine to complete a rep. lower back flexion is generally not something you want to mess with in large quantities.

The compounds have you go through both flexion and extension, so like in the hole squatting obviously your lower spine is flexed a decent a bit and then when you lock out , it's extended. If you only did one modality (like crunches) it results in imbalances and your muscles pull on various joints in abnormal ways that cause pain.

Something similar would be if you solely benched and never did any bicep work. Your triceps would gain a bit of dominance over your biceps and you'd probably have some pain at the elbows.

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Yeah I am aware of the implications of muscle imbalances. Thank you for clearing that up for me though, I appreciate the answer. Could you recommend a few core exercises for all the core muscles? I have just had surgery for pectus excavatum so am currently incapacitated and won't be able to lift for around 3 months, but I may start trying some accessory lifts for my core

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leg raises and front squat holds are my favorites. can make your leg raises weighted if you have a belt for doing weighted pull ups.

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Whats the best home abb workout I could be doing? Have to admit crunches have been in my rotation.

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Start out with planks and dead bugs. Leg raises are best, but they are an advanced exercise and easy to do incorrectly. Oh yea, and ab roller. That shit kills

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    I do those in Cross Country. You lie on your back, put all limbs in the air, and rotate the opposite limbs in sync. You look look a dead bug

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    its more than that.. try to keep both sides of you hips on the ground, like you're putting as much pressure into the ground as possible

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    what do you think about (jacknifes?)[]

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    I found planks to be a good starter, but worthless after a month. Leg raises on a machine thing where you fling them into the air work well. Ab roller works good for the first month.

    Mileage may vary, I started skinny and got bigger. Bigger guys will probably have different results.

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    I've added vacuuming, and I've noticed a perceptible difference.

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    Crunches aren't terrible but you have to do SO MANY of them for it to be effective. In one workout I can do about 250 of them now. (150/50/50)

    I still find the gym workouts to be much better, with the leg raises and the weighted ab machine.

    Sorry, don't know the official names of stuff.

    I'd suggest getting some free weights and doing crunches, that will generally speaking, give you a better workout for dem abs. The two biggest things that will give you good abs are losing fat, and gaining muscle mass.

    I'm sure I'd get murdered in /r/fitness , but I didn't notice a significant increase in core muscle mass, despite doing lots of lifting, until I specifically targeted ab workouts. And got to 12% bodyfat.

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    Abs are made in the kitchen.

    Did OP mention cooking up boiled / baked chicken for the 1,348,208 time and muscling it down?

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    made in the gym. revealed in the kitchen

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    everyone has the musculature for a 6 pack if their BF is low enough; so i'd say made by embryology and revealed in kitchen

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    This. Abs usually show when body fat percentage is low. You could have the strongest core in the world and still have fat that hides those muscles.

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    Nothing wrong with crunches. Good accessory exercise. But stick to squats and deads for a badass core.

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    So I've gotta do crunches all day while studying vector calculus and making career moves in every spare minute so I can outcompete him, all for the grand prize of a warm place to stick my dick? cool

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    Sounds like personal improvement is your goal, not getting laid. And that's totally fine.

    The "nemesis" sounds like a guy who spends every waking moment improving his chances of getting laid. And this type of guy will try to put you down for not doing the same. And you know what? Fuck him. Who the fuck cares what he thinks, you aren't improving yourself to gain his approval.

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    And this type of guy will try to put you down for not doing the same.

    Nemesis doesn't have interest or time to think of you. All he does is fuck those hot chicks you want to fuck, and that makes them unavailable to you. You want to compete? Better step up your game. There is always someone out there better than you.

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    Classic fratbro mentality. The original "inspirational" post has an air of immaturity, and I believe a poorly strategized focus.

    There's far too much focus and belief that becoming a physical Adonis will solve all of your woman/career/social/self-esteem issues.

    Balance is key to being content. The five pillars to well-being are as follows: * Career * Family * Love * Hobbies * Health

    The driving motivation within each of these should mainly be intrinsic (i.e. based on the pleasure/focus/enjoyment from moving towards your idealized self in each) as opposed to extrinsic (e.g. how the reddit community feels shamed by how much pussy you get and how small they feel because of you - as per above).

    Most of us have deficits in each or several areas of our lives. Additionally, realizing our potentials in each are constant works in progress. The goals are fairly simple, but by no means easy to accomplish.

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    I had an idea of a fiction story about the world of not so distant future, where genetic therapy is widely available and affordable to middle class citizens, and as a result, emerged the whole new group of people who became slim, tall and beautiful overnight. And then suddenly something unexpected started to happen - they began choosing each other by personal qualities, decency, wit, sense of humor and intelligence, hiring 'psychological investigators' to find out bad habits, histories of previous relationships, and other concealed things. Our protagonist would be the one of these psychological investigators (ex private detective), and he would find out lots of interesting things about human nature once the importance of looks become greatly diminished in the equation of attraction.

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    Haha. It's funny that you're treating empathy as a superpower.

    Well-developed self knowledge and empathy can tell you very quickly what a person's true character is.

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    Is it weird that as I gain more empathy for others, I lose just as much sympathy? Seems like the problems most people have are brought on by themselves and can only be solved with a little bit of effort on their own part.

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    This is plausible, actually. The world of the movie GATTACA is not far off. The transformation for already born humans might not be as drastic as your comment, but people will definitely be able to take short-cuts to reduce the amount of work needed.

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    I guess that's what was meant, when another user here most recently recommended to "quit masturbating your mouse".

    There is more substance in 90% of the comments here, than in this wall of inflated ego-massage, which can be easily summed up in one sentence: "Don't waste your time and keep improving yourself, or you will never make it."

    What a faggot.

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    The post is 2 years old and 2 years later the guy that wrote this ego-bullshit crap is still browsing TheRedPill and Seduction...

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    He is a faggot, and now he's banned.

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    "I'm paying off my mortgage" Wait? Is it cool to have a mortgage?

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    It is cool if you have no objection to paying over double for the house.

    Loan Amount: $300,000

    Loan Term: 30 years

    Interest Rate: 5%

    Private mortgage insurance: 1.25%

    Total Interest Paid: $264,017.35

    Total amount paid after 30 years: $692,267.35

    So unless your house it worth $692,267.35 in 30 years you lost money on the investment. Also, inflation, $692,267.35 in 30 years is not worth what it is today. The house would have to be worth well over $1 million to break even.

    Even with a VA home loan for military service at 0.9% interest, you still end up paying 454,932.09, 54% more in interest.

    My plan is just to spend 3-5 years in my engineering career saving and investing. Buy a nice 2 bed condo/3 bed home cash. Single guy, no kids, 30-40k/year should be easy making double that.

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    There's some ambiguity here. Not sure if you are against house ownership or against mortgages.

    I own my own house and against being a debtor.

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    I'm with you. Having a mortgage touches enslaving yourself and isn't sound advice for young men. Better to own a small place to live or be saving up to it while renting. A mortgage costs TWICE what the property does in the end. It is a sucker's game.

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    My Dad has one. Come to think of it, so did a lot of Dads I grew up around. They were so cool and guaranteed fucked at least one broad else how could they be Dads. Plus when others were at their jobs, they were at their careers, so there's that.

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    yeh if you want to be fucking bitches when you're older. renting is for broke asses.

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    Bullshit PUA clown "look at me i'm so hardcore" rambling

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    Yea. Also how does being career oriented and lifting mean you shouldn't play video games? Complete horse shit.

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      I'm going to respectfully disagree, and here's why:

      I spent so long pouring all my time into martial arts training, weight lifting, eating clean, learning to write code, dressing neater - basically, all the stuff that is emphasised by bp'ers as stuff that MUST be changed, that I definitely fell into the trap of having nothing in my life that I could just enjoy for the sake of enjoying.

      I still take great care of my health, I'm still building an impressive cv, but it's no one's business but mine if my idea of a good time is booting up my 360.

      If you need to find a positive from gaming, a lot of mma guys use it because it helps hand-eye coordination, and a lot of musicians get into it because of the creative stories. But at the end of the day, if a chick rolls her eyes because she doesn't approve of how I like to unwind, well... I don't care.

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        I lift, I have a career, I get laid.

        And I play a fuck load of video games.

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        scwarzenegger said once something similar, but more in general terms: when you're out there doing whatever it is you're doing, there's always someone working twice as hard as you to take your place.

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        Sounds alot like the things I say to the guy who always looks at me behind the mirror.

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        the guy who always looks at me behind the mirror.

        I love how that's fucker is getting more handsome by the day.

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        I just went to the gym today and this post makes me want to go back.

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        you can find that motivation by thinking about me, blowin it on the love of your life's face, then not calling her. You've got to be better, work harder, and do more to be her hero.

        This fucking guy man. "You have to do more to be her hero, while I blow it all over their faces and not calling them". How can you place women on a pedestal, and value them less than a fleshlight at the same time?

        I am my own hero thanks. To any asshole who thinks motivation means talking yourself up and belittling others on internet, you're only telling me where you are at, and what your personal environment is like.

        There's more to life than the gym and women. I already know that there are millions of Chads that are fucking low self-esteemed sluts. I'm not interested in competing with them. I'm interested in competing with myself. Because my self-esteem and motivation is not driven by women's biological impulses, nor the Chads on the internet.

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        That was more than one line.

        Some Men derive motivation from competition. Wether you like it or not, pussy is a prize. Given that, it is certainly not the prize and you may absolutely go your own way but don't get all self righteous over a refusal to play the game for your own.

        You will always be a loser because you refuse to compete. The game itself is short term and both losing and training are in truth winning but if you never play it doesn't matter how much you prepare because you prepared for nothing in the end.

        You aren't wrong to reject the illusion of competition. If we all could, the game itself could be dismantled in reality and masculinity would once again rise to power.

        Nevertheless, the one sure way to negate any value in MGTOW is to get self righteous about it outside your own head.

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        Wether you like it or not, pussy is a prize.

        Well I can tell that you've absorbed too much feminist bullshit in your life when you place women on a pedestal like that. Why can't dicks be the prize? Don't you think Brad Pitt's dick is more valuable that some feminist's cunt? We fuck with dicks, we create multiple orgasms with dicks, we make children with dicks, and once it softens - the sex is over. Given that, do you ever hear women say, in private circles or wherever, that dicks are a prize? They know dicks are plenty and worthless, and it's the status/money/power behind it that is important, not their dicks.

        But let's assume what you say is true. Pussy is a prize. Ok then, there are 3.5 billion prizes walking about on this planet. Half the population are born with that prize between their legs. Things don't have much value when they are plentiful. I'll also assume that you are not interested in the elderly, children or the undesirables. You are interested in the pussy you can gloat about - in which case - it would be more accurate to say that the healthy fertile eggs are a prize, not the pussy.

        So, have you ever been honest with yourself or your peers and say that the eggs is a prize? It takes some shine off the game, competition and all that other male beating chest bullshit to know you are putting all this work into eggs. Most of which are smeared on a tampon and flushed down a toilet. Our mammal brains has us hard-wired into wanting to reproduce with fertile women. This biological impulse, combined with the toxic level of feminism in the world, has made most men think that women are a prize and that we need to be a hero for them.

        But it should be commonly know in TRP that the reality is actually the opposite. Women have a short time before they become infertile and hit the wall. Men don't have that problem. We are in better position as our resource and self-worth are increased over time. Women are wired for just the opposite. Now, you can go after and fuck those ignorant fertile women in their prime time who have no idea about the wall and are following their own biological impulses, but don't fool yourself into thinking they are some sort of prize.

        Don't get me wrong, I'm not MGTOW. But you really have to adjust your thinking. There is no game. There is no winning. There is self knowledge. And with it, you can spot the toxic assholes like the original writer miles away.

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        We call it game for a reason. You play, you win or lose. You don't win if you don't play. That isn't a perspective mutually exclusive with the inverse, that you yourself are a prize. Likewise, you are not the prize but you win by knowing that you are.

        It's just a perspective. A paradigm even. Like AFBB, it is real but it is not to be confused with reality itself. Reality is that it's all bullshit. A crutch for communicating something ineffably greater.

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        The Ballad of Patrick Bateman

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        We can accomplish more working together than fighting with each other for scraps that are not even worth bringing home.

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        yeah this does nothing for me, the guy sounds too blue pill for me to get mad at him.

        As a red piller you are either beat by a better man in which case there should be no hard feelings(literally buy the guy a drink and congratulate him for being a great oponent) or by yourself, in which case you accept your faults, learn from them and move on a better man.

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        That's it! You and me outside 15 minutes!

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        A lot of bitter people are not getting the point of this post. Sure, this guy can be a motivation if you hate him and want to challenge him, but the main takeaway should be that this guy is out there. The knowledge that someone is putting this much time and effort and feels this good about themselves and reaps the rewards should be sobering.

        I feel like this is a bit like the sales speech from Alec Baldwin. You know the one. Some people will think, What an asshole. And some people will be motivated.

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        I was going to take a rest day, but then I read this.

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        uh no, I don't "compete". I also don't revolve my life around pussy like this guy does.

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            How about don't compare yourself to others?

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            If you're the guy she wishes my text was from, NEXT.

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            Can someone make a post for this thread:


            True red pill, where a fake account is made on PoF using a fat female with a pig face and chest hair. And the results of that experiment are truly shocking.

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            Excellent post, OP! RP in a nutshell.

            And I'm encouraged by many of the comments. A lot of folks just going, "I was going to skip it but now I feel motivated."