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I was telling one of my buddies the other day (a fellow redpiller) that I'm going to start telling women to smile when I'm out on my daily business. I hear a lot of feminists yelling "STOP TELLING WOMEN TO SMILE" so I want to piss them off. Maybe I'll even add in a "how are you going to find a nice husband if you can't keep a smile?!" for extra points.

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Oh, too good not to use. Especially in a bar.

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Men need to take back the culture. When my old Army buddies from Texas visit me up here in San Francisco we crush pussy because these bitches are so used to feminized milleneal beta twats that our "harrasment" is a breath of fresh dick. Women only abhor male sexuality on the internet/media, but when they come face to face with that bravado they're quick to present themselves like animals in heat.

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Glad to see someone else is keeping it real here in the bay.

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No where in California is easier.

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you lucky bastards out west, I need to get out of the tundra asap its a fucking zoo.

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Try not to slam any water buffalos

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They're only there to find a fuckerburg

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It also helps that about every guy only talks about how much money he makes at his Silicon Valley job and how fucking interesting his job is and something something job something something please fuck me.

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Absolutely fucking brilliant, Arch. We've missed you around these parts, while you've been cavorting in that marriedredpill place. Pull that penis outta the freezer, strap it on, and grace us with your presence a little more, old man. Have a good weekend.

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Another mod here missing his presence (lol). I know that discussion on married life is better in a more focused area, I feel as though the lack of such discussion here gives the newbies here very little to strive for.

Spinning plates is fun, but we all burn out eventually.

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I can imagine it getting old and boring once you've mastered the art of plate spinning and done it for years on end...

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Hey-- Arch is doing God's work over there.

Even the MRP wives are happier.

And why shouldn't they be? They are getting pounded like they did when their SMV was skyhigh

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I know, I'm just giving him some friendly shit.

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Pretty much how I imagine Arch.

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This post resonates well with this video, it maybe intended to be funny but nothing but the truth.

Women come up with all sorts of rubbish to try and push you away if your SMV is low in their eyes. Disturbingly the common tactic seems to be crying rape and molestation or accuse you of being creepy at the minimum and sometimes when you are actually trying to be nice. And they also use this tactic if they get butthurt by anyone and it's not limited to relationships but also at workplace and social situations.

They only get tingles with guys who don't give a shit, present themselves as they please and don't bend over to the expectations of the modern society (which is schooled from time-to-time by SJWs and feminazis) because that is not going to get you anywhere. No more Mr. Nice guy indeed.

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Or just be really good looking, in that case their never going to call you creepy and you win.

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A good looking person gets considered creepy if they waffle around with beta behavior.

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And a not good looking person gets considered a try hard.

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preparing for the confrontation where she has to turn the guy down, and she waits, and waits, on edge the whole fucking time, wondering when the fuck it’s going to happen. Then it never comes!

It's interesting though that in terms of long term friendships the opposite happens: women are happy to have orbiters around them, they don't find the tension awkward at all even when it is blatantly obvious a beta is desperate to get his dick wet. They hate it however when a long term beta tries to either seduce them or leave them.

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No I dont agree, I will hit on women that I consider truly attractive, fuck giving validation to these fuking sluts just because the need to do 10 approaches per day

if i dont find you attractive im not even gonna acknoledge you, the same like you do when youre around those whiteknights that are trying to befriend you, I have better things to do like focusing on myself

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Funny post. Disagree with your conclusion though, you didn't go far enough!

Every interaction with a woman is seduction. Every moment. Play her emotions like a fiddle. All I do is vary the subtlety of it depending on the situation and her receptiveness, but it's always there. Old, ugly, young, beautiful, they all wanna be seduced. And once it becomes effortless, it's always worthwhile, regardless of the endgame.

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Hit on women. A lot. All the fucking time. Don’t creep them out by blah blah blah blabbing while they awkwardly wait for you to make a pass. Just fucking do it. Hitting on women is less creepy than trying to be pleasant, talking to someone, and getting to know them.

RSD Tyler says exactly this is the video (can't find it) where he opens girls in two ways:

"Hi... umm... hey... how are you...." -> girl thinks he is a creep and scurries away

"YOU! Yes you, come here (finger pointing)" --> big smile from girl who scurries right over to get k closed.

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It is important to note that aggressive opens do not always work. He is only showing the ones that do. No big deal, find the next chick.

That said, the weakling-waffling-nice-guy openings pretty much never work.

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"You might hurt someone with your car" HA

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Girls hate confrontation

This explains the "Where do you want to eat?" "Anything is fine, but not here here here or here."

She makes up her mind, then wants you to guess it. Coming out with it risks confrontation or, gasp, rejection.

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Love this.

If any of you guys have approach anxiety one thing you can do to over come it us intentionally creep woman out.

*Hello im from Russia I have question about the parking meters! In a thick accent.

*You remind me of the girl who broke my heart.

*Can I get your autograph Beyonce? (To a non black)

If you face rejection head on as part of a stupid game you will stop fearing it.

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I was at a strip club the other night with a buddy to enjoy the neon lights and tons of naked beautiful women walking around. I don't usually go, but I wore an expensive jacket. I kept getting approached by stripper after stripper, interrupting my conversation with my friends and I got annoyed. I knew they were after my money, and their conversations were bullshit I got an epiphany right then: perhaps this is how famous men feel. And also how hot women feel. They may get approached so many times in a day by equally attractive men that attractiveness doesn't really matter anymore. They know men want sex.

I kept rejecting the strippers and subconsciously rationalized why: "her hair is too weird, her nose too big, etc". Given the choice I had of hot strippers approaching me, I could reject them based off the smallest detail not to my liking. I could afford to be picky to the tiniest degree.

Needless to say. I didn't go for a dance, but it was an interesting experiance.

What I'm trying to get at: don't assume you are the only man approaching her with game. You never know, she might have rejected someone with similar or higher smv than you. Don't assume everyone is low smv.

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I don't know if it had to do with your expensive jacket. You're in a strip club. I think if you wore a cheap jacket they still would have approached you.

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    Just like men approach women who are hotter

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    They do which is why I never enjoy my time there

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    Because you look poor as shit?

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    Because it's totally phony.

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    Isn't there some way we can work this out?

    Unfortunately not. The powers that be would rather keep prostitution illegal to raise the price of attractive pussy. That way you'll be a more productive worker drone, and labor harder so you can have a nicer: car, house, clothes, etc. to attract women.

    As always the rich are exempted. If you have get a "sugar baby", rent her an apartment next to campus, and put money in her bank account every two weeks it's legal. Because there's no direct exchange of money for sex. Same thing if you drop $1,000 on a porn actress, have her sign the legal paperwork, and record it. Nothing says you have to release the video, you'll have a souvenir, and it will all be perfectly legal.

    Imagine how much the game would change if prostitution was decriminalized, and any loser with $30 could sleep with a hot 18 year old like you can in some European countries.

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    watch it with women who are paid to flirt.

    Their job is to give you validation. Remember you're a redpill and can see outside the matrix.

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    Duh. I know. I was just pointing how having abundant choice leads to more pickiness without you even being consciously aware.

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    They didn't get his money. He won.

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    beyond it being the only women free space left(kind of) i can't imagine why guys would ever go to strip clubs

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    Like internet porn, but expensive, public, and I have to wear pants.

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    Its an ego boost for some. Hot girls come up to you. The dynamic is reversed. It does motivate you to want to work harder and raise your smv, to get those kinds of women. The girls there were amazing.

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    ego boost for who? they'd have to have an iq of 80 to actually get an ego boost from strippers

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    Dont be fooled some pretty high smv dudes frequent strip clubs. There were a few whales there. And strip joints are a fav spot for athletes, shiekhs, etc, who like to "make it rain". They all go there for the ego boost. Money is part of a mans attractiveness.

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    they frequent strip clubs because most high end strip clubs are masks for escort services, very few strippers aren't also prostitutes, it has nothing to do with strippers providing an ego boost

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    Because she’s on edge, having an adrenaline response, preparing for the confrontation where she has to turn the guy down, and she waits, and waits, on edge the whole fucking time, wondering when the fuck it’s going to happen. Then it never comes! That’s even worse than getting hit on!

    They get all worked up, ready to bust a hot, messy rejection all in your face, then you just ramble away and taper off like an edging session. Of course they're pissed off, you just gave them rejection blue-balls!

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    This is a pretty good summery of the frustration of the modern man. Kudos for being able to write how it feels for us so well.

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    I have a penis! How stupid could I have been, bringing my penis with me

    This song, while not very interesting, is damn catchy, and I think of it every time someone makes a comment like this (which happens far more often than you would think):


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    This could nearly be made into a post for /r/TalesofPrivilege .

    Add Moby Dick and some dick wagging and you'll have yourself quite a ravishing tale.

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    Not at work. Don't fuckin' do it... don't shit where you eat.

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    This is my new favorite post.

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    I hit on girls I don't even like.

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    Arch any follow up, what happen with the woman? Did she just give you dirty looks the whole time you were at the gym or anything else happen ?

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    But do you know what girls hate even more than being hit on? Creepy-ass , timid little fucks who can’t even work up the balls to hit on them. When some creepy loser is talking awkwardly for 30 seconds, or even longer, and can’t even work up the courage to make his move, that’s physically painful to the girl. Actually physically painful. Because she’s on edge, having an adrenaline response, preparing for the confrontation where she has to turn the guy down, and she waits, and waits, on edge the whole fucking time, wondering when the fuck it’s going to happen. Then it never comes! That’s even worse than getting hit on! She gets all psyched up and uncomfortable and….the loser mutters and walks off, or worse, tries to stick around blabbing some more, and she actually has to use her brain to think up some lame excuse to get away from him.

    Great idea for Black Knighting. Talking up a chick and deliberately never asking for a number or intentionally flubbing it.

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    You sir, are a serial conversational-rapist!

    I'm being sarcastic to anyone who can't tell. It's sad I have to say that. Great post.

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    You didn't have to say it. The fact that you thought you had to say it is what's sad.

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    Hit on women?

    You mean hit on carousel riders or post-carousel riders?

    You mean hitting on the same carousel riders or post-carousel riders that hit on alpha? those alpha-begging women?

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    Ive never heard someone else use the term conversation rape! I actually do it on purpose sometimes when someone is clearly showing dissaproval of me but for some reason can't leave without looking rude to the other people around. Or if someone in costumer service is rude I'll spend a good deal of time asking and reasking pointless questions. Then there are times I myself get conversation raped. Mainly by old people, but sometimes by woman. With woman, Ive gotten to the point where I just tell them that I dont care or they're boring me.

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    The funny thing is they could stop the conversation at any time but don't because they're so lazy they'd have to expel more effort than it takes to stand around.