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The key is realizing that, as men, you never rest. You rest when they put you in that big box in the ground, and then you'll have plenty of time to rest. Until then, though, you are relentless. You work. Its what we do. We work. We self-actualize. We advance. We never stop. Not until you're really done, and resting in that box.

Accept it. Internalize it. Live it. And love it. Love work. Love pain, because its only through pain that you become the man you were made to be. Lots of pain and struggle. Embrace it. Love it. And prosper from it.

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Have you read Animal Farm? Boxer, the work horse of the farm, he worked...and worked...and worked...for the benefit of the pigs. Until he died and was no longer a utility.

You gotta work smart, not hard. You could end up working for the dime while the bosses are earning the dollar.

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Completely agree.

Don't be a system slave.

But while you're busy avoiding being a slave for the man, be working for your own goals. When you're not "at work", you should still "be working". We're men. It's what we do. We do things that are amazing when we work at them. It isn't about serving the man, it's about using what you got for yourself -- and working it (in and outside of "work").

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You rest when they put you in that big box in the ground, and then you'll have plenty of time to rest.

Jesus, I never thought of it that way. That's essentially YOLO.

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I always use the expression, "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

That isn't to say that workaholism is valid. Not spending time with your family, friends and women is a poor choice. It's about balance, working smarter, not necessarily harder.

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It's not workaholism, but you're always working on something.

With family/friends/hobbies, you're still self-actualizing. You're still struggling, spending a lot of effort, and growing. You're not resting. That's the key. Rest very, very little -- life is too short to spend a lot of time resting. Too much to do, too much competition, and too little time to advance, so you work it, even when "you're not at work."

This is especially key to "married game" (I am married), but applies more generally as well: look at all of your life as work, and you will get further and be happier than if you make all of your life about your "work".

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YOLO is true, but is often used to justify "why bother", or other short-term thinking. You do only live once, but what you get to do in your life directly correlates with your effort. Rest happens eventually for everyone -- there's no need to speed that up. Work for your goals and reach them, while you watch other people not reaching their own goals, while they all end up in the same kind of box in the end. It's about motivation and your goals and how you compare/compete with others. TRP is about being one of the top men on the planet. Can't get there by resting.

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If one post could encapsulate what redpill means to me, this would be that post.

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The key is realizing that, as men, you never rest.

That's it bro! Life is movement. Until death.

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Maybe Death is like life. There might be movement in Death.

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Maybe to begin the movement, there must be Death. Otherwise there is past, and time, and thought.

Die Daily

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Love it. Solid post.

Question on your 'sex machine' bullet: What would you say the best way to study sex is?

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My engineering school's alma mater was "Learn by doing"—I think that best applies here as well.

Read things. Apply them as soon as possible. Learn what works. Science.

The biggest breakthrough in mind-blowing sex for me (in addition to improving my SMV) was to attain sexual confidence: I am a sexual being. I fuck women. I want to fuck you. I want you to know I want to fuck you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that and everything follows suit.

I always tell girls at some point in a relationship, "I'm the gas. You're the break." They always love that. They rarely hit the breaks.

You'll have no problem with kino or escalating to sex with your relationship. Don't be afraid to dominate her with your masculinity—stay confident and in the now. Don't quickly get off—enjoy the sex. Understand her body. Make sure to make her orgasm.

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Read "Sex God Method" by Daniel Rose. It's a great place to start. The trick is finding girls to practice the shit found within on.

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Read that one.

DEVI: Dominance, emotion, variety, immersion.


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And, may I add: A.B.C.




I'm always flirtatious (if she's attractive). But don't be a sleaze/fake. Always gaming people/ leaving an impression with the goal of networking for anything and everything: whether it be to increase social circle or in business.

Always Be Closing

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That video is awesome. Some solid advice right there.

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Sex really isn't that complicated. I don't understand why people find it necessary to read a book about it.

Just fuck her and pay attention to how she responds. For the record, 99.9% of women enjoy having their hair pulled and ass slapped. They love to feel how strong you are. And don't keep asking if they're okay. They'll let you know when to stop if you're going to rough.

Outside of the stuff above, it varies from woman to woman. The right angles, spots, speed, endurance, etc. It all depends on the woman.

The best way to study it is to study "her".

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Time to cue up Eddie Murphy Raw.

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Let her commit to you whilst you only commit to yourself.

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Great post. While TRP is primarily about sexual strategy, it is extremely important to remember that inner game is just as important for your well-being and progress.

I prefer to work on inner game. Learning, practicing, improving; key tenants of any successful and strong man.

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"Succeed" is defenately the most imprtant, and I would even say that success is the only thing you need

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Funny thing is this post is correct, Ive been monk mode for 3 years and its given me a stoic outcome independent frame. Coming out of it now.

When I go out in public women circle me like flies on shit. Engaged/Married/Single/Boyfriends doesnt matter. Sad part is im not fit either. Im a good 80 pounds overweight right now and they dont care.

I know people here push fitness hard but women really dont care, Im 32 years old and Ive had hot 16 year olds -> 40 + year olds chase me hard. If I go out to a bar, club coffee shop, bookstore (it doesnt matter) i can just sit there and I will have more girls circling me then they have guys that will hit on them. A guy commented to me the other night and he said I see you around here and you are just calm and never flinch.

What I learned 2 years ago is, it really has to do with inner peace (inner game) and if you can be the calm guy that can surf any emotional wave a woman will/can throw at you, its really the key to success and what women are searching for when they hunt for 'alpha' males. Ive had girls that tested me with nuclear shit tests and I didnt flinch and Ive watched one of them dump their boyfriend right in front of me and still to this day chases me if I see her out.

Another Item I Agree on from this is moral code. I personally like single women. Im not going to waste my time with plate spinners, engaged, married women. While this is a hot topic on this reddit and "sexual strategy is amoral" Ive learned that water seeks its own level, if youre going to date/sleep with any of the above, you dont go anywhere. Even my buddies agree with this, people that sleep with married / engaged women are "losers" and "we have no time for it" Personally, I will have no happeniess or peace by playing into the hypergamy game because the women settled. "Its not my problem" and the rewards of this mindset have paid off probably better than actually sleeping with them. You really do see "Good Women" once you skip the bullshit pond of the whole plate spinning and sexual amoral market place.

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so what did you accomplish in monk mode? like career wise

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Personally, I would care if I was a good 80 pounds overweight. The only reason you get away with that is because you live in a safe country like the U.S.A. I'd like to see how stoic you are when the shit hits the fan and you're fat ass can't make it a mile without losing your breath.

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Proof that MGTOW is not a terminal condition. (monk mode)

Once you have enough time establishing your frame control you are ready to improve.

Your limit is whatever you limit yourself to at this point.

Keep it going. And yes, the OP advice is good.

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Monk mode =! Mgtow Monk mode = I'm too poor or fat atm

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From the perspective of Red Pill anyone that unplugs is better than a beta.

An unplugged man who is MGTOW and doesn't improve in the direction of Alpha is just as powerful a weapon against cultural Marxism as the successful man who holds frame. In fact, if such a low aspiration slacker doesn't pay any taxes he's a complete hero in the Red Pill sense because he's giving no support to the system. He's a herbivore man like in Japan.

What matters is that men stop being beta. No more Beta Bucks.

Anything "beyond MGTOW' is extra credit.

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I'm not sure. Women ultimately do want someone to provide for them, to give them that fairy tale life they've always wanted. I have to think that if you're only focusing on yourself, then eventually even the most retarded woman will have to realize that pressing that button doesn't give her a treat. There has to be a point where that no longer works.

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I didn't say you can't have compassion and provide for those you deem fit—that is creating and providing value, as I mention—but you can't create and share your value if you don't live for you. Part of being able to provide requires that you put yourself first so you can provide emotionally, economically and physically and ensure that others will follow and support you in your ambitions.

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No, your mother and post wall women will settle for someone providing for them. THey are even willing to let that someone touch them in their special place if he is nice enough.

They are already getting the treat when you fuck them. That other bullshit is more long term last case scenario. Lets say 80% of women want to fuck you, you would choose to fuck the hot ones. Now lets say that as you got old, you are paralised, now you wouldn't really care who changes your diapers but even in that circumstance if it comes down to eating pussy, you would still take the 30 year old nurse that doesn't know the first thing about paliative care instead of the 60 year old nurturing and caring profesional that does everything perfectly.

The reason there is no such point is that they aren't related. It's like costs and prices. Costs are a managerial issue, prices are determined by the market. You try to stabilize costs and make them reasonable while you ALWAYS ask for as much as the market allows.

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    Is that really a question? Seriously? Go read a fucking book

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    I had a hard time to understand this and just realised my mistakes. For everyone who struggles with this I advice you to read No more Mr nice guy

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    Become a sex machine. Study sex. Practice sex. Be sex

    Without saying, "read the sex god method", can you expand on this point and help people understand how to best study and practice sex?

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    Wonder if there's a "sex goddess method"

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    Become a sex machine. Study sex. Practice sex. Be sex.

    Any tips on how exactly to do this?

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    The only rule (Don't sacrifice yourself) is your first rule. And the second rule is we can't talk about the first rule.

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    Awesome. Excellent post. I'm supposed to be Alpha I guess though so: Good job, pussy.

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    Appreciate the sentiment, but there's a difference between being alpha and being a douche. (Lower quality babes will still go for douches so have no fear if you wanna join the dick carrousel.) ;)