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every moment counts, and guess what, jack? Once those moments are gone, they're gone for good.

This hit me. You're damn right. I needed this post.

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Live is for the living, and breathing can be merely existing, but it doesn't have to be.

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Take your hands off your cock and go do twenty push-ups right now.

Did just that and feels great. Just closed the porn I was about to watch and getting off reddit after this post to go read a book.

Thank you. You da real MVP.

PS: (How did you know my hand was on my cock?)

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Well I guess your name gives it away...

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also, anytime you here the words "I'm bored" from a woman, the correct reply is "time for bed".

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Wait why is that the correct reply? I'm curious lol

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She wants you to take charge: it's an invitation for you to choose what she does next. So what do you choose?

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Damn. Never thought about it like that. Makes sense though

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If she is bored, she is clearly not well rested

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Yeah ..wdf is time for bed? Is that a euphemism for sex?

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Depends on the women if it's your mum she is probably looking for you to entertain her in a different way. For plates, yes sex. The main thing is you take charge. Think of it like a shit test, saying 'lol dunno' is falling as it shows you are low value.

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Let's add "You won't believe what she..."

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I'd like to play devil's advocate here.

You can be bored. Bored of being with a boring woman or working a minimum wage job... But the solution there is not to just complain about being bored. Being bored of them means that you have a ton of more interesting stuff that I'd rather be doing.

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Nah, things are not just white or black.

For example: right now, I must complete a task, really repetitive and BORING, for my job.

I can't just quit my job in the name of tasks like this, because I love my job. So yeah, I'm bored of doing this, but it is just a moment.

Right now I can get creative nor motivated, I just must do this thing. And yes, I'm bored.

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Good point. I think OP's talking about being bored when you're doing nothing. That shit's unacceptable.

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find a way to do it better or faster. that'll entertain you.

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A quote from on of my favorite books:


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What I hear when someone says "I'm bored"

You are a spoiled dopamine junkie. Used to stimulation being externally created and provided by others. You are always dependent on others, you are at best a accessory to the life of others and not even a useful one. You are usually a emotional black hole, spewing negativity and ruining the dynamic for others. But because you live in the modern world you are oblivious to all of this because you think you are great, why wouldn't you nobody even bothers to tell you the truth for fear of not being "that guy".

TLDR: if you bitch about being bored you are just a unfuckable woman.

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only boring people are bored

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"If you're bored you're boring"

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Seriously. Even when I'm home I'm not "bored". As long as I'm happy and doing what I want I will never be "bored".

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I can do 35 push ups, but if I want to jerk off, I'll jerk off. There is a reason men get high, jerk off, and play video games. It's not always because they're lazy. Men are opting out of the bullshit and living for themselves. Most men don't need a ton of things to be happy. For some, it's games, for some it's motorcycles, for some it's lifting, for some it's all 3. Regardless, they don't see a point in living their lives with the purpose of making women (and the feminized PC culture club) happy.

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can you do 36 push ups though?

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Yes. I am a firm believer in just doing what makes you happy. Living for myself. No one said it's impossible to play video games and give women the tingles when need be. Women are just another hobby. As men we get bored of them, but in the end we'll still be doing whatever makes us happy.

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Making the difference between being happy and having pleasure is important.

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Unless you're stuck in a holding pattern at work and there's literally nothing else for you to do.

But, yeah, I get it.

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As a special forces soldier told me once, "'hurry up and wait' is the perfect time to brush up on your french"

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Write a clever joke, a poem or even a cool description of an interesting concept on a piece of paper and keep it on your wallet. Everytime you are stuck, pull it out and memorize.

If you are not too poor to have a cheap cell phone you can have hundreds of those handy anytime.

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It is only a warped conception of the human mind that wants to suppress one of its autonomous defense mechanisms.

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    I'm not mentioning that. What OP says is that you should never be bored, according to the title of his entry. What psychology says is that boredom is necessary.

    UK study mentioning boredom as a creativity boost:

    The lead researcher on the UCLan study, Dr. Sandi Mann, emphasized boredom’s role in society:

    “I do strongly believe that we shouldn’t be afraid of boredom and that we all – adults, children, workers, non-workers – need a little bit of boredom in our lives. Of course I’m not saying we should make people attend boring meetings for the sake of it, but allowing staff downtime where they can daydream and let their minds wander could possibly lead to benefits for an organisation.”

    Humorous take from Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert:

    To portray boredom as something bad or to be eliminated is, as I mentioned before, a warped idea on how we should behave as human beings, the likes of which I find strangely frequently over here.

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    What defense mechanism is being supressed?

    It is also a string of self-inhibitng thoughts, going through immediate choices and rejecting them. Then rejecting the curiosity or motivation to find novel courses of action.

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    Boredom is a way to process thoughts. Your mind strays, which allows you to process memories and thoughts that don't require full focus. It also allows routines to be cemented.

    If you do not allow for boredom to happen, you'll attempt to be in full focus and alert the whole time. That's a great way to burn out quickly, as companies experience frequently with the workers they overexert.

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    That's insightful, I'm writing that down. I had always just used my hour or so lying awake at night to review things.

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    I agree with your point and have taken that exact stance on my approach to life.

    There are a few phrases that I have eliminated from my life "I'm bored/ I can't/I don't know."

    • There is always something you can be doing, therefore you should never be bored.

    • Many things in life are difficult, but with an intense amount of work you can achieve almost anything. For the things that are impossible, work on building something that will make them possible. Remember, at one point in time we couldn't fly, breathe underwater, or reach the moon.

    • I don't know was removed from my vocabulary for me when I entered the military. Saying it simply shows laziness as you are accepting your lack of knowledge as an acceptable response to someone. I have replaced I don't know with I will find out for you

    I have passed all of this down to my kids. When I hear someone say any of these, whether they are friend or family, I will interject.

    We all need to raise our standard and expect a little more from ourselves and those around us.

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    You should put I can't in your life. Saying: ' I can't hang out with you, because i don't WANT to' is reasonable and necesarry in some cases.

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    That's the thing; you CAN hang out with them, but you choose not to.

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    I have replaced I don't know with I will find out for you

    Great post, can't agree more with this. Saying "I don't know" has become the new fucking "um" or "like" used by conversational dimwits these days. Or even worse "yeah I dunno" or "I dunno man" - not even really conveying a lack of knowledge on a particular topic, it's just used like a conversational tic or crutch at this point. And, it makes anyone who uses it look weak, military or not.

    Or, maybe I just used to hang around hippies too much before TRP, either way, "I don't know" strikes such an irritable chord with self-reliant people.

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    My grandmother used to say "Only idiots get bored"

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    "I'm sorry" is a big do not say for me.

    Christ, as a professional I almost hate hearing it more. Dont ask for forgiveness or sympathy. Make it clear that your actions were intentional and defend them, or make it clear that you will not make the same mistake twice

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    Women do get bored when their hamster loop settles down and they have no more need for adjustments to their reality. That's why they like us because we spin their hamster wheel.

    But men?

    No man ever gets bored.

    We have an infinite number of ways to improve ourselves.

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    "Boredom does not exist. It's your brain telling you to find something to do"

    Sounds like it exists then.

    Do we really need to have circle jerk posts like this about motivation?

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    Nothin like getting on the computer to tell people to get off the computer.

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    Yes. We do.

    Most people don't accomplish anything.

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    I don't think I've ever been bored in my entire life. I firmly believe that only stupid people can be bored. You have a limitless brain that can think of limitless ideas. I can sit down and quite literally entertain myself for hours with my own thoughts independent of outside influence. If you can't I think it's a problem.

    "I'm bored" has always struck me as a red flag statement from anyone, male or female.

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    I firmly believe that only stupid people can be bored

    So you have never attended a class or a company meeting? Because if these never bored you, I would like to know your secret.

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    Exactly, and it sucks because sometimes you can't just daydream during the meeting, you have to fucking listen to these halfwits talk about synergy for 3 hours and it's painstakingly boring to endure. You can be bored if outside forces tell you to do something you don't want to.

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    With the advent of smartphones someone with and kind of intelligence can literally never be bored. I have so many podcasts, movies, games etc with me at all times. Even long as car rides are no longer boring.

    "I'm bored" doesn't mean what it used to. What it means now is "I don't like my life, I'm too lazy to change it, and I want to bitch to you about it".

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    With the advent of smartphones someone with and kind of intelligence can literally never be bored. I have so many podcasts, movies, games etc with me at all times. Even long as car rides are no longer boring.

    If you constantly keep pumping entertainment into your brain, you'll miss out on actually thinking about your life - which is necessary for self-improvement.

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    That's not even what /u/moodymela meant. They meant that if you on your own can't just entertain yourself then you are lacking in creativity.

    Your point is separate but still good: a person who has internet access but "can't" entertain themselves is clearly not even trying. They want somebody else to just provide entertainment at no cost to them. This is laziness which can be overcome fairly easily, whereas the former lack of creativity is more of a long-term problem.

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    You have a limitless brain that can think of limitless ideas.

    Well, not really, but it's a pleasing idea, I guess.

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    That's a stupid belief

    what the hell does brain power have anything to do with boredom? It's well known that smart students are bored in school because they aren't challenged.

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    It's well known that smart students are bored in school because they aren't challenged.

    I think there are always exceptions to rules, and this may be one. The only reason students would be bored is because 1) they are forced into doing a task that is quickly done or too menial for them, and 2) they will get into trouble if they do anything else.

    However, that being said, most of the people reading this are not restricted in that way so I think OP's statement applies.

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    Exactly. The OP should be edited to say that you should never be bored by your own free will. When you're forced to obey certain extreme rules, then it's possible to be coerced into boredom.

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    You clearly don't understand what I'm saying. Not feeling challenged is different than being bored. If you have an active brain you don't get bored. If you have an active mind you have a palatial inner world inhabited by thoughts and ideas. It's called having an imagination. If you ever find yourself being bored it means you don't have that.

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    So go to Narnia and let us all find something else to do.

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    they aren't challenged

    That's a stupid belief. It's not the world's job to spoonfeed you challenges or whatever. If you are not challenged by a subject, go get a book from the library and start learning the advanced version.

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    I can sit down and quite literally entertain myself for hours with my own thoughts independent of outside influence.

    Even before we get to entertainment, there's so much knowledge available, both abstract and hands-on skills to learn.

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    Someone spray-pained "I'm Bored" on a wall near my office. My first thought was "You're lazy."

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    An educated man can always entertain himself. An educated man can also entertain others. And, an educated man can entertain new ideas. "The educated man is able to lose himself in a task, a hobby, a conversation, or a book because he has developed his powers of focus and concentration."

    I'm straight up copy/pasting/paraphrasing from one of my favorite articles from AoM here, but if anyone would like to read more on this subject, here it is;

    Also, it is literally impossible for the human brain to stop thinking about something until you're fucking dead. Boredom really is just a massive combination of factors that primarily boil down to being unhappy with and incapable/unwilling to change your situation.

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    Focus and concentration != educated.

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    Focus and concentration are essential for learning. Together with motivation, curiosity and experience they become education.

    Focus, concentration, motivation and curiosity are intrinsically connected. Without either of them you cannot ever acquire experience.

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    Can we please stop referring to "education" as this catch-all umbrella term for intellectual growth? Learning engineering, project management, music, or scuba diving? Awesome. Learning about ancient Greek history, new age medicine, jazz appreciation, classical art, or reading some Mark Twain novel? If you think that shit is any better than playing fucking Grand Theft Auto then you're sadly mistaken.

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    I think the real question is, could TRP seriously use less pedantic posts from people spouting off their own bullshit projections when they see one word they don't immediately click with?

    I don't know where any of that came from or where you got that message, but good for you?

    What's more important than "education" as a catch all term in the context of TRP (or whatever flowery useless things you see when you see the word education) is a man who is "self-educated" and simply desires to learn more in order to get ahead.

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    My mother always told me: only boring people get bored

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    What do if I'm never bored and actually it's the opposite to the point where I don't even have time for women?

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    If you are bored, it's because you're boring.

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    Women, betas and children get bored because entertainment is not a tertiary concern for them. Men don't have a chance to get bored.

    Men have shit to do. Get it done, son.

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    What about when your stuck doing something you consider boring but still requires your full focus or you did not prepare for downtime that is unavoidable, such as a traffic jam. I think walking is boring thus I'm bored when walking but I'm doing the thing you said to do instead of being bored.

    I guess it really depends on if you think boredom can only occur when you think you have nothing to do. Also you come across as a narrow minded dick.

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    Also "I'm tired". Hate when people say that. Then go to sleep bitch!

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    "I'm bored."

    No, you are BORING! A man should get up and do something without saying this. When a woman says this, it's attention and validation seeking behavior; they want a man to get up and do something FOR THEM.

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    A man who picks up a cat by the tail learns something which cannot be learned any other way.

    Same with boredom.

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    Time is the money of life. And I don't intend on wasting it, mine or anyone else's.

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    Instead of 20 push-ups I did 100. I needed this post op, thank you.

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    All you fucks love fisting yourselves to the idea of lifting. Here's a thought: your lifting wrong. You have no idea what the fuck your doing. Take of your fedora right now. Put down the cheetos and wash that red shit off your hands. Great. Now take of your shirt and flex in front of the mirror. Why? Alright now do the Most Muscular pose. That tension in the chest you're feeling is the same tension you should feel on flies and dips.Allright now do Back Double Bicep and then Lat Spread. That tension you feel is what you should feel on all back movements. Your muscles need to be engaged when you're lifting in the same way than when your are flexing. Most people dont do this. Most people suck horse cock at lifting. Dont suck horse cock. Engage your muscles when you lift. Feel the blood enter your muscles on ever rep. Dont move weight. Engage muscle. Fuck you for sucking horse cock.

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    Arnold used to say he could pump up a muscle to its peak merely by flexing and concentrating his mind on that one isolated muscle. The greats can do this.

    That mind muscle connection is so very important.

    Vince Gironda, who was super veiny for his day, which was not considered aesthetic in the 50s said:

    "Most guys want to make 60lbs feel like 10lbs. I aim to make 10lbs. feel like 60lbs."

    Many are proponents of ultra slow reps, and these men dont even count reps, because their style of training is so throughly exhaustive.

    Like Tabata, H.I.I.T. and other training styles, there is NO excuse to start training your body if you want to see change today, and I mean RIGHT NOW.

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      Viable waiting to lift excuses are health issues, being institutionalized, being unable to get to a gym, being dead broke. Am I missing any

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        Typing this while I'm listening to Japanese sentences to improve my listening ability. Not a second wasted.

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        Fucking apt post as I can't stand people who say they are bored. Honestly can say I haven't even thought about being bored in about 20 years, since I was a teenager. Just not enough hours in the day to pursue all my hobbies and past times.

        Get off your ass and engage your brain and boredom will never be a trouble to you

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        Boredom is a symptom of lack of ambition. If you're a man with a mission you don't have time or energy to waste. Have a fucking mission in your life. Make your stamp on the world and leave us all the better for it.

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        that old Harvey Dangerfield song Flagpole Sitta had a good lyric on this subject, and it stuck with me ever since:

        i hear the voices in my head and i swear to god it sounds like they're snoring.



        it's your job to provide energy, fun, and value. if you aren't, then you're probably leaching it off of others. the phrase "i'm bored" should always be immediately followed by a suggestion to rectify the boredom.

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        it's your job to provide energy, fun, and value. if you aren't, then you're probably leaching it off of others

        If you're a man of value, it's tough to be introverted. The world, women, society, stupidity, madness, these things will open you up, if you don't open THEM. Men don't get to be careless.

        You have to "climb hard, or never be seen" - Chevelle - Closure

        "People with no talent make the talented suffer, use your talent wisely, if you're talented, brother" - Papoose

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        I know those types of people that can't be indoors for more than 5 minutes without complaining about being bored and needing to be outside somewhere doing something. Total F.O.M.O. complex. I can't even fathom.

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        Being bored itself is not bad. I listened to NPR recently where they were discussing studies on creativity resulting after spouts of being bored and not. They found that boredom leads to more creativity. The issue is not filling boredom with trash like gaming or browsing on your phone 24/7.

        Newton wrote the Principles of Science while school was out, bored, because of the plague.

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        Recently I've been trying to be bored on purpose. I'll go out into my living room when no one is home and just sit there for like 20 minutes straight. No phone, no TV, nothing. Just sit. It's actually more difficult than it sounds. It's like a more boring version of meditating, which I'm also starting to do.

        I do this in an attempt to unplug my brain from the auto-pilot of internet/facebook/videos/food/phone/etc... Just take a bit out of the day to reclaim my attention span and think about how I'd like to spend the rest of my day in a productive way.

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        I did exactly what the post says. 20 push-ups the moment I finished reading it.

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        Speaking of being bored, here's the latest from AskWomen

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        Awesome post. I'd add this too re: the feeling you get when you're doing something, but you still feel bored. I get that all the time and it's the most miserable feeling, but it's a way to see that maybe you are just doing the wrong thing. I don't know where I found this, but it's a really good bit:

        Don't waste your time on useless work, mere busywork, the barren pursuits of darkness. Expose these things for the sham they are. It's a scandal when people waste their lives on things they must do in the darkness where no one will see. Wake up from your sleep, climb out of your coffins. Watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times! Don't live carelessly, unthinkingly.

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        It feels great to not have one minute of spare time on my day. Thanks TRP! -cooking -learning how to speak german -working -reading TRP -meditatin -tanning -working out

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        How's German going? Been looking to start learning, myself. Recommendations?

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        There's a saying, "if you're bored; you're boring."

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        I'm bored

        Translation: I'm boring.

        I'm not the most interesting man in the world, but I am never bored. I have not been bored in decades.

        If you are bored, the problem is you. Learn how to be interesting - how to hold your own interest.

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        Any time anyone tells me they're bored I tell them the same thing.

        You're not bored. You're boring. Be fun and you'll feel better.

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        Thank you for posting this. This was wonderfully useful to me.

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        Another phrase to erase from you're vocabulary: 'I can't'.

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        'I can't'.

        The spoken word is indomitable if used correctly. Negativity saps a man's drive, strength, and motivation.

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        Love this. I've been a believer in that idea forever.

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        The time you spent writing this could've been spent cranking out a few quick pull-ups/dips.

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        Read this while taking a shit in the gym, more pumped now.

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        Lol do these posts come out of a template. Throw in some cursing, the term "beta", use the words value and society, talk about lifting, and talk about how "Xbox" or "getting high" is for pussies only. Am I the only one who not only finds these threads useless, but hilariously ironic? I could have done dips while reading this? Wtf did you think you were doing while writing this? Did you do it during your rest period between sets? Boredom does not exist? Guess neither does anger or sadness then. Emotional abstinence is a terrible idea.

        Also to these people who have posted "Boring people are the only ones who get bored", please throw that main stream garbage back in the trash can where it belongs. Those two things have no correlation. In fact, the people who are mostly likely to get bored are those who have exciting lives and a lot of options. What they choose to do about it is what makes them better than the rest.

        Circle jerk all you want on some stock motivational therapy, but this stuff has nothing to do with red pill other than never complain. Down vote away.

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        Its just one of things, man. when youre all in you can read these things and get a energy and state pump. but if your not it sounds really cheesy and forced. Neither are incorrect, but realistically if youre going to spend time in a sub about self improvement for the benefit of getting women, you should expect to see alot of post like this and it shouldnt bother you.

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        Guys, stop masturbating.

        I'm not going to go all foo-foo nofap on you and talk about superpowers. It's about boredom. That's why you're bored; you're drained of semen and have no physical energy.

        Cut that shit out. Once a week max.

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        you're drained of semen and have no physical energy.

        There has to be a correlation between no fap and increased energy / endurance for other tasks.

        [–]Endorsed Contributorleftajar -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Yes. Each ejaculation uses up to 15mg of zinc. Just for reference, the RDA for zinc is 12 mg for an adult male.

        The issue is, that's not all zinc is used for. It's part of your immune system, tissue regeneration, respiratory health, and a whole host of other things.

        So, essentially, if you jerk off too much, you deplete your zinc levels, which has cascading effects in other systems.

        [–]UVIRTCTYR -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Well I'm taking a shit right now so I don't feel like I'm wasting time

        [–]magiceffect -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        Let's get one thing straight, you aren't bored of something, you are bored with something

        [–]jtkills -5 points-4 points  (3 children)

        Unless you are actively doing something at all times OP, you're a hypocrite. Is wanting to sit on the couch and relax after a 12 hour shift at a factory job lazy? If i'm sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, bored, does that make me lazy?

        "The time you spend reading this could've been spent cranking out a few pull-ups..." I get the message you're trying to convey here, OP, but there's two things wrong with that sentence, 1) The time you spent typing this you could have not posted to a public forum on reddit and "cranked out" a few pull-ups yourself. 2) Trying to convince other redditors that being "bored" isn't an option, while your happy ass is posting to reddit about how people should be more productive in their endeavors. Why? You have nothing better to do, BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING BORED.

        Being motivated and self-riteous can be a great thing, don't get me wrong, but having those two traits can also be a VERY slippery slope. Especially while preaching your thoughts online.

        Also, a little tip of advice for you, if you want to motivate people to feel the way you do, try to be less condescending.

        oh, and describing people as "Beta" just because some people have actually exhausted most of their options and worked hard all day and got a teensy-bit bored isn't going to get you the best responses.

        Have a good day.

        [–]Anonymous462 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Don't interrupt circle jerk time!

        [–]ROIVeritas 0 points1 point  (1 child)

        If i'm sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, bored, does that make me lazy?

        I believe OP was referring to people who preselect boredom as the CAUSE of their inactivity, insted of result of it.

        You sir are bored sitting in a car in traffic, because you KNOW you have better shit to do with your time. That's not even boredom, its anxiety. You're in a rush to do shit you want to do.

        [–]jtkills 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        i get what OP is trying to convey, like i previously stated. And the reasoning is still flawed.

        what about repetitive action? let's say, all i do at work is press a button (situation variable) for eight hours. that get's BORING. i believe that to a certain extent, you can erase boredom, but the act of being bored, will STILL HAPPEN.