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You were probably half asleep. But at that point

I hear in the background: "He said no."

the "at least one other person will be with her and also needs to crash at your place" is a given.

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You're absolutely right, and I should've picked up on that. Lesson learned. I assumed that she was with people and needed to bail -- being as she kept saying "I" and not "WE" it never occurred to me that they'd be tagging along.

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being as she kept saying "I" and not "WE" it never occurred to me that they'd be tagging along.

Of course not. The manipulation, the offering of "anything you want" wouldn't have been as effective if she had used we. Cuz then you would have known you weren't getting laid.

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"at least one other person will be with her and also needs to crash at your place" is a given.

I could be reaching here, but I would also say it's almost a given that other person is a "he" otherwise they'd pull the "helping another girl out" card.

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Or the "Me and my bff Jill are soooo drunk and need a place to stay, can it be your bed?" card, and then kick the beta to the couch to dream threesome dreams.

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"I guess drunk me still has feelings for you."

Apparently having feelings means "I'd like to use your home as a free hotel for me and my friend so let me wake you up in the middle of the night and call you an asshole if you don't give me what I want when I want it."

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She hasn't realized that OP is changing yet and tries to conserve her beta bucks.

OP said he found TRP after the relationship ended. So now she hamstered the situation fitting him being beta. In her eyes he didn't refuse the favor cause he has self respect. In her eyes he did it cause he is angry at having lost her. And that is the target of her line. To pull on that warm feeling he still has inside for her. To manipulate him so that next time she needs something from him it will be more likely that he'll give in.

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This is accurate!

Our breakup actually prompted me seeking out relationship MGMT / dating subs on Reddit. In a way I should thank her because I wouldn't have stumbled into TRP otherwise.

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It's funny how women can be the catalyist they don't expect to be...

Had an ex years ago say that she could see things with us be something substantial but was concerned about my lack of drive and low pay when I could do more. I realized she had a point and landed a job paying about 10 times what I had been making, found an apartment and moved out of my parents place. All in the span of 3 weeks. Needless to say she was shocked. What shocked her more was when I knocked on her door to break up with her before I moved into my apartment. A week earlier she said no guy had ever broken up with her, she was always the one calling the shots. But like a fool I took her back, only to have her nix it all a week later, she couldn't let anyone break the streak. Fast forward two years. I moved 3 time zones away and she calls me up to say hi. I was genuinely happy to hear from her, but I also had nothing but platonic feelings for her at this time. At one point I expressed how I appreciated her kick in the pants. Because of her I had been earning good money for a few years, and found a job which caused me to move away and further hone my work skills. I don't think she knew what to say. Needless to say, that was that last I ever heard from her. Oh well.

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Fell into this after a shitty relationship also.

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Along with nearly 68,678 other people

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Wow. You opened my eyes a little bit more.

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entitled bitches be entitled.

their kryptonite is "no."

That word should be at the top of every man's vocabulary.

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Well, free? He was gonna get "something" out of it.

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    Assuming her friend was gay and not that night's pickup.

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    Bingo. What "drunk her" was hoping was that they'd get in the door, OP falls back asleep, and she gets to fuck her catch-o'-the-night on OP's couch in the living room while OP sleeps. All without having to pay for a hotel room.

    OP did good to remember that "exes" are "exes" for a reason.

    Every single ex in my life, I have made a "clean break" with. We don't talk, we don't text, we don't even play Words With Friends together anymore. The last thing I'm about to do is give some bitch some post-breakup "friend zone" validation after we're done fucking.

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    Yeah the whole thing with "I hear in the background: "He said no." says she respects the person she is with. If she's the one initiating the phone call it means she taking charge of the the group and yet here she is relaying information right away as she gets it before she is even done with the call. Clearly some higher SMV is around. Gay guy would be invisible at that moment imo.

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    Nah, I wouldn't really say that is the case. Literally could be just the gay friend, drunk people talk without thinking, she was probably telling her bff that she can get a place to crash and hearing no shocked her and she felt she needed to relay that info to either get more ideas what to say or something of the like.

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    If she's shitfaced, he could be the playing the good friend so he can go get some ass of his own he actually wants. Don't get me wrong, it's suspicious as fuck, but not a slam dunk certainty yet.

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    Just deleted my ex's contact, that felt really good. You're exactly right, I shouldn't be giving her any kind of validation after the breakup.

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    This is the entire purpose behind women wanting "closure". Men don't need closure, women do. It's the way they soothe the hamster and alleviate self guilt about dumping you to go fuck Chad Thundercock. It's also why they ask dumb shit like "can we still be friends?" Because if she is "still friends" with you, she's not really a bad person, right?

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    Hahaha, I never thought about it that way, even more reason to do what I just did, thanks.

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    Yeah, pretty sure that was just a pre-offer to get her in the door. It was going off the table once she'd secured her room and board.

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    What's that rule? Promises of future services in exchange for current ones are null and void, once said current services have been retained?

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    Yeah cause expecting a promise to be kept is "rape culture"

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    Unless they explicitly give verbal consent the entire, which can be retracted at any time during or after the fact.

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    Gay BFF was the one that was gonna give out...

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    My favorite part is where she throws out the "I still have feelings for you" beta-bait, and you didn't take it. Cuz bitch, you're full of shit. You don't have feelings other than "I feel like I can still manipulate my ex to do what I want for no return."

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    Well done, handled the situation, you saved yourself a headache. But I would like to hear some thoughts on this situation under slightly different circumstances...

    If it had been 2 hours earlier and it was an actual drunken booty call from an ex, what is the harm in getting an easy lay?

    I mean, if you don't want to fuck her, then don't break frame and let her guilt you into it. But who cares, shes an ex, means nothing. You can bang her and go back to ignoring her completely. Right?

    Or am I missing something here? The fact that she is an ex means there is a very small chance that it is actually a booty call without strings attached? She wouldn't actually do that so you need to recognize that you are being used even though her words imply sex her actions imply the opposite?

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    The amount of calls alone shows the disrespect she has for him. Sex was never on the table.

    He might have even been part of plan A for a place to sleep right from the beginning.

    Drunken booty call from ex in general means she wasn't lucky at the bar (or still has feelings). Best case scenario you are her second choice. Realistically 5th choice. And that is how she will fuck. It will be about validating her not about fucking you. Think warm flesh dildo.

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    Ok this makes a lot of sense. Thank you, I am still learning obviously.

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    Even prodigies need to keep learning!

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    How does TRP method see this relationship rekindling? never?

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    Nothing is rekindling. If the man plays her right, she'll be coming over and fucking him on the casual. Once he's done busting a nut, he just looks in her big beautiful eyes and kicks her ass out the door.

    Ex's like this are better than having her in an equal relationshit in the first place. Not to mention how turned on she'll be, despite herself.

    The problem is always inner game, gotta be perfectly ruthless at it, this is a fairly risky venture for guys just starting out or still emotional over the ex. Catch heavy oneitis if not careful.

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    Good shit OP. Any update on her since then? What a manipulative woman.

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    No updates. I didn't respond to her text and she hasn't written today.

    I don't intend to contact her. I have two plates.

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      Maybe he was indeed gay after all. Can't even get all that angry at that girly shit, just wanna laugh in their faces, jovial and serene...

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        Did we really forget about /r/thankTRP or what with this one?

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        Didn't know this sub existed! Thank you for linking it.

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        Nono, thank him over there!

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        Dude, good job. I'm glad you held your frame.

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        Nice. How did you respond to her text about "drunk me" having feels?

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        The next day ask her if she wants to come over and get drunk with you at your place. If anyone else shows up tell both of them to fuck off.

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        Given what OP be other commentators have posted about their relationship and get complete lack of respect, I would probably respond with "lol" or "gay".

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        And this is why I use the "Do not disturb" function on my phone.

        When I want to sleep, I better not have anyone bothering me.

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        I don't like setting my phone on silent or dnd mode in case of an emergency, but if someone pisses me off and calls like this i just temporarily (or permenantly) blacklist them, so they go straight to voicemail.

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        I don't know how it works on Andriods, but on IPhones you can set it so if someone is on your favorites list, then they will still be able to call you if do not disturb call. I really only put my family members on my favorites because of this reason.

        I really, really don't want to be bothered when sleeping.

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        Really? I did not know this, thanks. Goes to remove a few contacts from the favorites list

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        RP logic = common sense logic

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        Im starting to realize that more and more

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        "I'm so sorry for drunk dialing you. I guess drunk me still has feelings for you."

        She isn't sorry, it's Femtalk... in English that means "so yesterday... what you did, saying no to me, that actually turns me on something bad".

        an applicable answer might be:

        "8pm Saturday my place, you bring the wine"

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        Tell the faggot to plan his night out better or go to a fucking hotel from now on. Tell the bitch to stop calling you.

        i don't give a shit he is gay or not, he acted like a faggot!

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        Exes are exes for a good fucking reason. Block this bitch from your phone and never pick up again.

        Also, don't reply back to her text. (especially with some sissy bullshit like "oh it's okay I understand) Leave her hanging and move on forever.

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        Good story for encouragement. Sex is not everything, and let yourself be "the man". Be dignified and superior, and Alpha. I like how consistent your response was; "No, No, No"

        [–]im__srsly 1 point2 points  (0 children) she homeless? Or does she still live with her parents?

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        Good for you! Nobody deserves to have to be stuck in the middle of someone else's poor choices, and helping her would only enable her to continue to abuse your kindness in the future.

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        You should block her. You don't need that cunt's baggage.

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        "No, I have a company here, It would be inappropriate and disrespectful!" Then hang up.

        You did well. I usually just use text messages after talking, always keeping records.

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          I think one line to destroy a bit of her smv and elevating my smv at same time, it is worth the trouble. And yes;

          avoid burning bridges that will provide nothing more than easy sex.

          keep my option open, maybe keeping her as a plate, it is just little fun with words. OP already did well enough, doesn't have to be so uptight and rude to her. It doesn't make her angry and make her your enemy.

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            I don't know how many girls have you dealt before. But, I am very careful about dealing crazy bitches/cunts/; I answer their questions with sarcasm and criticism in tone; hopefully they have felt guilt and stop contact me. I don't have to lower myself to their level in a crazy shouting match.

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            No, that excuse about having company on feels beta.

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            I see what you're trying to do there, but "no" is always a lot better than "no + explanations why not".

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            When you were trying refuse someone's begging, it was best to return the harsh criticism back in subtle way. It is hard to explain to people has less understanding of social dynamic. In a dicey circumstance, you were trying to defuse a penitential escalation in its making; such as false accusations; backstabbing, and poisoning your future social connections.

            Eidt: People of diehard RP is trying to live their fantasy in a real world, it only shows their immaturity, rigid understanding of RP.

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            What a load of shit.

            The audacity this chick has to try pull a fast one on you.

            Fuck her and the faggot freeloader trying to guilt you into helping their dumbasses out.

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            The gay guy has his number? Weird shit.

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            Bro, she gave him the number to attempt to induce guilt on the beta she remembered. Not weird.

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            "I'm so sorry for drunk dialing you. I guess drunk me still has feelings for you."

            Meaning: "I'm gonna say something that beta likes to hear, so the next time I call you you'll say 'yes', or else I'll be the victim, because 'I'm the poor little thing that has feelings for you and you do not please me'."

            Same issue as usual.

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            Fucking great, if I accepted it for some reason and she shows up at my door with another guy I would just tell them to get the fuck out

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            Nuke option: Anal, and you swallow after. BOOOM, INSTANT PLATE.