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Interviewer: So if I went out and made myself available you think I'd be ok?

Bill: I have a suspicion that you do make yourself available.

This video is such a great example of frame, amused mastery and DHV.

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Bill Nye, The Red Pill Guy

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I loved how he underhandedly points out to the interviewer that he looks desperate for approval by saying just that.

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Too bad this interview was done by such an irritating dude. I'd like to see him talk about it more in depth, everything went over the guy's head.

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I would claim, as an observer of the human condition, in our culture, [twerking] will not work out for her because she crossed this line. She's too available to too many men too readily.

Bill Nye nails it once again. He states a small observation in a simple way, and now all of the sudden I have a greater understanding of my past and culture and the world around me. Science Rules!

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The problem is, he, like feminists, missed the point of what Miley was doing. She was creating controversy - riding on Thicke's Blurred Lines controversy - to draw a huge amount of attention to Wrecking Ball. It went Platinum in 11 countries. She wasn't trying to attract men, she was trying to attract money, and she succeeded phenomenally.

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Miley isn't the point. It's the women that try to copy her to get attention because they can't get money. Role models.

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Miley is the point. If you want people to not copy her, you need to point out that in her case it strongly benefited her, but if you're not Miley Cyrus, you won't benefit in the same way.

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You can't stop people from copying famous people, and you can't control famous people.

Of course it benefited her.. but again the point is we're talking about a girl twerking in front of you. The average woman doing it isn't doing it to promote a hit single. She's doing it because she saw Miley do it.

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Chicks want to be hot and attract the right attention. Twerking and other female displays sole purposes are to show how desirable she is to attractive males. Twerking is just another form of gyration that gathers male attention.

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Maybe some males. I think it it makes them look mildly retarded.

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Different cultures have different styles. In some places of the world the girls will show off by gyrating around while headbanging their long hair. I thought it was hilarious.

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Of course she did, that's simple social networking manipulations nowadays and the 15-25 age group gossips it to death. Suddenly its on every website, every news feed and earns an insane amount of money on youtube views. You know how much 1 millions views on a controversial video earns these days? It's so ironic it hurts.

700 million views at roughly $5000 for 1 million.

That's 3.5 million dollars for that one video just to begin with.

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Holy shit. Miley Cyrus is making crazy money.

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notice the difference in the way these two men speak. On one hand we have the cool, collected Bill Nye, and on the other, the hyped up interviewer.

Bill talks slow, deep, and takes pauses between his words. He just sounds like he knows his shit.

The interviewer talks very fast, eager to get his own 2 cents in between Bill's words. He's high energy in a bad way. I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with him for very long without being very annoyed.

Also, at around the 1:56 mark, watch as the interviewer interrupts Bill by not only pulling the microphone away from him, but yelling over him. Bill remains collected. He thinks this guy is an idiot and you can see it on his face and by the way he responds to the questions.

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    Agreed, the guy seemed to think the interview needed him to make it more interesting instead of just letting Nye do his thing. People like that come off as try-hards and usually annoy the shit out of people.

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    Parkinson's Law of Triviality.

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    Nice breakdown. The jerky reactionary one uppity behavior of the interviewer could be attributed to his youth

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    People in media are encouraged to keep interviews high-energy. This is because most people have no patience to listen to two people talking, no matter the topic. People simply want to be entertained and emotionally stimulated.

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    So he's like every single interviewer in the world except that boring guy from Inside the Actors Studio?

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    When a girl is that desperate for attention, she's too messed up for me.

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    She's too messed up for anything outside fucking. And probably std ridden too.

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    I love how as Bill Nye gets older, he seems to give less and less fucks about how overly sensitive viewers may misconstrue his message.

    You would not have seen this man make a comment like "... [twerking] will not work out for her because she crossed this line. She's too available to too many men too readily." a decade ago. His posture is infinitely better, his tone is nearly ideal, and his frame is solid. Looking back at his old show he looks like a new man.

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    Upvotes to the person that give me a tl:dr what he said. I'm at work.

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    Women who twerk are whores.

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    This is a pretty awesome video and definitely held some RP truths. I'm a big fan of Bill Nye but hadn't seen this yet. Thanks for sharing!

    This is SCIENCE talking, folks!

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    Listen to the voices of Bill Nye and the interviewer. Nye's is masculine, but I can't stand to listen the interviewer's. Can you?

    And why do they need to add that beat to the interview?

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    It's Gen-Y dude.... Gotta have our beats...

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    Laughing my ass off at how uncomfortable he looked during certain portions of this. Also laughing in general hearing Bill Nye dryly explain twerking.

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      Maybe request he do an AMA about evolutionary biology and how it relates to this sub.

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        Maybe if one asks: How does evolutionary biology effects women's expectations in short term and long term relationships? He'll answer it.

        Edit: Found a pseudo post about this.

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        For his sake I hope he never gets associated with TRP. Let's not be naive here, this place is extremely hated regardless of what is correct. Any kind of public connection would be career and relationship suicide. For the same reason I make very sure to hide my true beliefs outside of this forum, as should just about everybody here. It's better that he stick with speaking about strictly evolutionary biology. It says the same things, but in a less blunt way people find easier to accept.

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        Dude's pushing 60 years old. How much does he really have to lose.

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        That's like the worse music in the world.

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        Boots and cats and boots and cats etc.

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        That's like the worse music in the world.

        Nah, it's the same music used in his 90's show. Back then it was perfectly reasonable to have a zoomed in photo of his head spinning around and that music playing in the background.

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        Millenials, meet Generation Y.

        You do not fuck with the theme song to Bill Nye the Science Guy.


        edit: fuck, you guys missed out.

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        I don't care to dig through the channel to see if this is the usual fare for this production, but it's certainly not the right kind of electronica for the topic of twerking. even some weak trap would be a massive improvement.

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        Being a slut is self defeating?

        You don't say?

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        Great points made by Bill Nye, only to be paired with the horrible background music.

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        Thanks for the feels and nostalgia

        I love Bill Nye even more now

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        "just showing I have better posture, to women ... it should be effortless" TRP in a nutshell.

        Edit: right at the very end Nye sets this guy on fire and pisses on his ashes.

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        he spoke at my commencement a few months ago :D

        didnt mention any of this tho...

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        When I was feeling down about John Oliver, you got me back up with Bill Nye. Thanks

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        When I was feeling down about John Oliver,

        Why were you down about him?

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        he did a show recently about the pay gap where he makes it clear where he stands on the issue, I think it's the most recent upload on his YouTube channel

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        I feel he is another pompous lib bottom feeder. Maybe that is what has supercold1 down.

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        Hhhmmm.... So red pill likes john Oliver... Who woulda thunk it....

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        I love what he's saying, but is he high as fuck or what?

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        He had recently left Dancing with the Stars after an injury. Painkillers?

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        great to hear my hero reiterating what I've been telling people for years. It's obvious if you know anything about some particular African dance rituals. I mean, it's not as diluted because of pop culture, and they actually have a dance routine that it's included in, but it's the same movements and I believe it's considered a rite of passage for young women to take part in the dance and it is for attracting the right man of their tribe/village/city.

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        kind of powertalk and babytalk from Bill

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        Classic example of an interviewer not listening to their interviewee

        Interviewer: So if I went out and made myself available you think I'd be ok?

        Bill: I have a suspicion that you do make yourself available.

        Interviewer slaps Bill a high-five like he got a compliment

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        I usually high five friends and not friends when I think they got a good dig in.

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        You can argue opinions, emotions and feelz... but you can't argue science fact!!!

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        I still wonder why white people get so offended by twerking. Shits been around forever Miley Cyrus was not the first girl to twerk ever. Fuckin Beyonce did it and it wasnt as big a deal but now everybody is all up in arms against it.

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        I take everything I read here with a grain of salt, but if you guys are against women twerking, then I may have to unsubscribe. An anti-ass platform is communism.

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        There are no problem with sluts. The problem is being a slut and trying to have a committed relationship.

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        I think the previous comment was satirical.

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        Hey I appreciate a fine-ass female wiggling her hind parts as much as any man. That's not the point though and I hope you get the distinction. The point that Nye is making is that a female who twerks is giving up more SMV than she really should.

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        Actually, I don't find twerking sexy at all. I have no idea what black people think about it though - maybe they like it.

        I like dancing and smooth sexy movement like belly dancing... That stuff is sexy. But twerking is like watching a naked woman convulse on a hospital bed. Not sexy.

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        I don't think I got the message.

        What was his conclusion?

        That twerking is going to die out?

        These chicks are twerking on videos uploaded to the internet.

        There aren't chicks twerking outside randomly, although that would be amazing.

        I was at a Major Lazer concert and they brought chicks on stage to twerk to a song. Max they're only fucking 1 dude that night without reproducing offspring.

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        Twerk = slut = not worthy a long time relationship.

        She's too available to too many men too readily.

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        That twerking is not a successful tactic to use if you're looking for a high-value mate.

        By putting yourself out there in the same way an animal in heat does, by showing your genitals to anyone in the vicinity, Miley (or anyone else who is into twerking) is going to attract low-status males simply because she's lowered her own value to purely genital and nothing more.

        Especially egregious in the case of Miley, because unlike the typical pole dancer from the trailer park or ghetto rat, Miley actually has high status because of her fame and wealth, but she throws a lot of that value away by her actions, in the perception of high value men.

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        Twerking appeals to the desire specific girls to want to stand out in the crowd. Miley Cyrus has made twerking normative. So now girls have an excuse for their previously inappropriate behavior.

        Bill Nye points out that girls as such don't have to be such try hards. From an evolutionary perspective twerking isn't necessary and will die out.

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          not that I would condone physical violence on some random hoe

          Violence on hoes in your social circle is fine tho

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            I'm sorry, let me rephrase that to be a bit more clear

            Violence on hoes in your social circle is fine tho /s