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Add in your creativity and your physical self...

Laughing my ass off over here. I know HumanSockPuppet personally, and he's working on it, but still kinda fat.

This just helps show the great truth that there is no trait that a woman won't think is attractive if she's already attracted.

If you're fat, she'll think you're big and strong, or "cuddly". If you're skinny, she'll think you're fit and talk about how she hates "meatheads". If you're smart and talk a mile a minute, she'll think you're fascinating and always have a plan for everything. If you almost never say anything, she'll think you're confident and don't have anything to prove to anyone.

Just get those tingles going, and her hamster will do the rest.

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Gotta love that hamster. This a great example of hamster gymnastics in full swing. The easiest way (for newcomers) to understand the hamster is that how a woman feels determines her opinion, irregardless of truth. EG: fat becomes cuddly and etc. When you give a woman the right feelings she puts a positive spin on everything, and likewise, if she feels shitty, she can put a negative spin on things that could be objectively admirable, eg: fit guy is a meathead, confident guy is a control freak, rich guy is materialistic and etc.

Women are great spin artists because their lack of logic leaves nothing but emotional interpretation, which in terms of rationalisation means SPIN, SPIN SPIIIIIINNN.

Now you motherfuckers know why the hamster is always seen on a wheel. They can't separate their opinions from their emotions, so bitches gotta spin things to make reality bend to facilitate how they feel.

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When you give a woman the right feelings she puts a positive spin on everything, and likewise, if she feels shitty, she can put a negative spin on things

That also explains why she goes around telling everyone that you have a micro penis as a rationalization for why she broke up with you.

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"Yeah It's really a shame, I do have a micro penis, want to see?"

"It's not that small."

gagging sounds

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So much truth here - if you trigger the rainbow tingles - you can do absolutely no wrong. Absolutely no wrong. In fact the more off-piste you go, the faster the hamster wheel spins.

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From the book Get Inside Her - The Female Perspective, by Marni Kinrys:

When a man approaches me, I of course evaluate him on his looks. As I said before, I have nothing else to go by. Then something interesting happens. As I get a better sense of his character, his face starts to morph. Sometimes it can get better looking and sometimes it can become hideous.

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I love how your entire side of the conversation is just a series of Roissy text game posts. These bitches formulaic.

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    Your replies to her texts are just perfect. Being a man of few words via texts lets that hamster spin!

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    The hamster is a powerful, natural force.

    Why swim against the river when you can just build a dam and make it work for you?

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    And perfect times in between replies too. 1 to 2 hours. Man he really nailed it!

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    Haha "I can't figure out why you turn me into a little slutty sex addict, please tell me that my actions are justified and I'm not really a slut" is all I read there.

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    Well, that and "No, it amuses me to watch you squirm."

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    This is boilerplate Heartiste text game.

    Spot on.

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    You are being a massive dick to her and that results in her praising your personality. You can't make that shit up even if you tried.

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    That's not being a massive dick. It's being playful. Again, we have a large number of people here who don't understand that the "kind of dick" that women like isn't a dick nobody wants to be around. It's a word they use to mean "someone who got/gets the best of me" with a "and I keep coming back" most of the time.

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    Agreed, when a girl calls you a dick that's like a male friend calling you an asshole for making a funny joke about him that even he laughed at

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    That is being a dick. Not being "a nice kind of dick". Her hamster just shapes it into something different. But let's not pretend that it is some special endearing form of being a dick.

    He just leaves enough room for interpretation and thus she is reading whatever she wants to read.

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    But let's not pretend that it is some special endearing form of being a dick.

    We don't have to pretend; you can see for yourself in the post that this is exactly what it is. An actual "dick" reply would have been "because you're a fucking moron cunt who doesn't know any better. Fuck you're stupid." There's a huge difference between being a playful "dick" and someone who is an overtly malicious dick.

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    Whether or not a remark is dickish ultimately comes down to who receives it and how it is received.

    You don't ask a stranger on the bus personal questions right off the bat - it's presumptuous and more than a bit suspicious. But build some rapport and get him to bring up the subject first, and suddenly you're friendly and genuinely interested.

    I can mock and trivialize this girl because I've already established comfort, trust, and attraction. When I say something dickish, in her mind I'm simply being aloof, charmingly arrogant, hard to get, hamster, hamster, hamster.

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    How is that hamstering though?

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    she is rationalising her tolerating/enjoying his arrogant behaviour due to the fact she finds him so attractive.

    If she didnt do this, she would have cognitive dissonance due to the competing thoughts about him ("hes so dreamy, smart and wonderful" vs "hes such an arrogant prick"). To ease this dissonance, she can either change her behaviour (not find him attractive anymore - this is hard), or she can reinterpret his behaviour ("hes charming!" - this is easy)

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    In order to not be hamstering, would she have to admit that she finds his slightly dickish behavior actually attractive?

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    You got it.

    Hamstering is the process of having a feeling and then coming up with an excuse for it so that it is justified. It is a process done in defense of the ego.

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    To us, it's being a massive dick. To her, it's being "playful" and making her have to work for it.

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    You're still stuck in the "treat others as you want to be treated" bullshit. Females and males want to be treated in different ways. Start dealing with it.

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    Treat others how you want to treat them. Be nice if you want to, not when you have to.

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    Treat others how they want to be treated.

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    How did you get that out of my post?

    Of course men and women want to be treated different. That is why it works. But that doesn't change the words we have to use to describe the behavior.

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    Words depend on context, which is why you're having difficulty with their usage in the text exchange.

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    That's because she trusts him implicitly. If she didn't trust him she wouldn't accept this behavior. That's what it devolves to, I think, it devolves to trust. They trust men they like, which might be more of a function of naivety than anything else. Although I think much of it is biology, testosterone makes people less trusting and more apt to seek revenge.

    A lot of men, especially here, would say that women as a whole are too trusting.

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    Sorry dude but you sound like a butthurt blue-pill white knight. There's nothing in his texts that suggests that he's being a dick, he's just being playful.

    They've already spent time together and her knowledge of his character is relevant - she knows who he is and what he's like. In real life, he'll deliver these words in a way that clearly indicates he's joking, and that frame of reference is relevant to these texts. You'd be surprised at what you can get away with saying to a woman if you turn it into a joke and make it playful. See RSD Tyler's videos for reference. You can call a woman a slut, whore, skank, ugly, whatever you want as long as you're being cheeky about it.

    The whole point is that you're saying and doing things that an asshole might do, but you're doing it in a way that shows you're totally aware that what you're doing could be interpreted as assholish, and that you know she knows it too. That way, the whole thing becomes a show of "look how naughty and mischievous I can be". You're "ripping" on her, but she knows that you're not serious. You on the other hand, are showing that you're not afraid to use language that a lot of people might find offensive. You're showing that you don't really care what she thinks, and that you'll say what you want, but by making a joke out of it, you're taking all of the malice out of your words so that rather than an attack on her it just becomes a demonstration of her inability to control you.

    The difference between guys who can get away with it and guys like you who can't, is understanding enough about social dynamics and holding your frame to know when its appropriate and how far you can go with it.

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    "You're goofy." Great line. Bravo.

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    I like the word "goofy". It's a great way to trivialize a woman while also suggesting that she's loveable in spite of her insignificance. It hits every switch.

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    I'm going to see if I can use it tonight at some point. I've got a new candidate coming out with me and she's FREAKY. Her best friend is a good friend of mine and last time I saw this candidate I made out with her and told her I have a foot fetish. Told her I loved her shoes and would love to fuck her while she wears them.

    I planned the meet up for tonight and she agreed, then text, "Same shoes as last time?" to which I replied, "Good girl."

    If I play my cards right, this plate should start spinning by 1 AM!

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    Be sure to share your field report with the class.

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    I'm currently spinning a plate who's into girls. I'm not on Tinder but she is, and she's sending me all her Female Matches to ask if I'd want to throw a threesome with them.

    Now, tonight's lucky lady is into rough sex. Her girl told me she judges the success of her hookups based on how many bruises she has. In any case, this one is also into girls.

    Both girls have met, briefly.

    My goal is to spin two plates that are cool being spun at the same damn time, on several occasions. Lots of opportunity on this weekend!

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    Ask and you shall receive. Search my submitted posts for my FR on last night.

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    Told her I loved her shoes and would love to fuck her while wearing them.

    Do you think you will fit into them? ;)

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    LOL! Just edited my Post. Hilarious.

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    As patrice o'neal would say... 'you goofy ho!'

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    Op is good looking, the chick is mediocre...

    im almost 100% sure

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    Hmmm, that's the problem with online shit, you don't see the whole picture

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    This is why more people should read Chateau Heartiste. You are Satans apprentice and she loves it

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    I'm reading it... but I'm not really sure what I'm reading? What is it?

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      Hey man, the racial and social realism is just the other half of the red pill capsule...

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        There's more to the red pill than females, indeed.

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          I'm afraid that the sinister forces are getting stronger and more entrenched each day. I mean, fuck, you see what they are putting on TV these days?!

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            For now. If the net neutrality haters get their way, sites that talk redpill stuff will quickly be buried.

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            You must not be with "it" anymore.

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              While not impossible to overcome, it's definitely a circle of hell the 20% (as you put it) never even have to know exists.

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                Well played. Her use of her dirty pics as beta-bait dangled rewards is major biotch territory so you were right to go with the hard, Spartan Heartiste game.

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                It's as if the dog picks up the bag of treats and tries to make you do tricks.

                Stick her in the kennel and ignore her until she learns better.

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                I gotta say, whenever I see an ellipsis, it brings up this irrational anger in me.

                But otherwise gj op lol

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                  Keep doing you OP, keep doing you!

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                  I'm new to TRP but why do you let her over to your place? Tom Leykis always says to go to her place so the girl can't come over during strange hours and spy on you when you're with other girls. Also, you can leave her house anytime versus if she comes over she'll want to spend the whole day with you.

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                  Respect the hamster, gents. The wheel spins both ways.

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                  I'm not really that type of person that just jumps into bed

                  Since discovering TRP this has quickly become the funniest sentence in the English language, to me.

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                  They love this shit. Girl who had been sleeping with me behind her bf back loved to be like. "GWBuffalo1847, I can't be around you because your presence is intoxicating." So, I'm going to fuck you again. lmao

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                    Seems like you just have zero game and this dumb ass girl misinterprets that as "mystique".

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                    ya this chick is just desperate and dumb and at least 2 notches below this guy in looks.

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                    ? This girl is not in any way loving being blown off. She's obviously very insecure about the fact that you've already slept together and is trying to get you to say it's ok and that you appreciate that she's more than just a convenient fuck, which you obviously don't. Not faulting you for that, if that's how you feel, but anyone here who thinks that this girl is becoming more attracted to him because of his responses is way off. She's becoming more desperate and insecure, and that's about it.

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                    Agreed, she's already on the hook. Running game on her seems like having a boxing match with a 5 year old.

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                    Good work bro. I would like to see some more text game of yours

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                    By the time this text exchange occurred, we'd already had sex.

                    I guess you could see this as an example of text game, but really I wanted to show a woman's state of mind when she's mad with attraction, and how you can really strengthen your position by spinning her hamster wheel for her.

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                    once you sex her the work is done if you do it right. i'd like to see more text game before the lay.

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                    Wow that text game is legitimate. She is doing circles in her head.

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                    It's from CH on the sidebar. A lot of good articles related to "how do I respond to this text"

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                    Fuck, you finally found a woman that actually knows how to write texts and use proper grammar and she's letting you use her as a cum dumpster. Fuck.

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                    I know. There's just something about girls who can spell that gets me all hot and bothered.

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                    Can't blame you. I'd fuck me too.

                    Gave me a laugh. Bravo. It really goes against what society preaches at us from a young age, but fuck, trp works wonders.

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                    I tell that to myself all the time and it cant help but make you feel confident . Thinking back to Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) "I'd fuck me...I'd fuck me so hard" -Goodbye Horses

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                    That last agree an amplify made me chuckle. Nicely done.

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                    First class. He definitely "gets it"

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                    Not knocking any game. But I'm really curious as to what these girls look like. What do these plates look like?

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                    A plate is usually a 7 and below

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                    "Can't blame you, I'd fuck me too."

                    Lost my shit. Perfect line.

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                    perfect example of when a girl is sprung, blows their mind compared to what they are normally used to with regular chumps

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                    I'm gonna start doing this. This is funny and personal anecdotes are always good.

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                    Can you all define plate and hamster for me in this context? I'm new to TRP, so I don't know all the terms yet. I like this sub reddit because I feel like it's a natural continuation of the Tao of Badass book.

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                    /r/TheRedPill rules are:

                    1) Read the sidebar

                    2) Read the sidebar

                    3) Read the sidebar

                    The particular link you want is this one:


                    ...but next time, please read the whole sidebar before asking questions with already-published answers.

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                    I've been away from the whole PickUp Artist PUA lingo for a while but as far as I can remember a plate is as in spinning multiple plates where someone dates multiple women at the same time IE Taking Sandy out on Monday, and meeting Sally on Tuesday, fucking Sabrina on Wednesday etc. As for the hampster thing I have no fucking clue lol.

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                    I'm pretty much the same exact situation as you bro. Getting some tonight. Good stuff man.

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                    Shitty text message in trp

                    Sure seems beta to me.

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                    Beautiful, beautiful texting.

                    Well executed and it got the hamster rolling.