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    Don't even get me started on women acquiring tattoo's. That shit is cringe worthy but it separates the hos from the super hos.

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    There's no excuse for living like that. Having everyone do anything for you is not an excuse to do nothing yourself.

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    They are young, blonde, have a generic tattoo on the neck or the wrist, study a social science. And all they do at home is "uuuuh you know listen to music, hang out with friends, go on facebook" How can you live like that?

    fucking hell I know that feeling I know so many girls like that it's unreal (change hair color sometimes)

    and to be honest sometimes I don't even feel like it's worth expending the effort to "game" them because they're so vapid and bland.

    this is also why i fucking cherish an interesting woman when they make their way into my life, thank goodness I have a talent for keeping oneitis from taking place.

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    Hey now kiddo, don't jump the gun here

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    Nothing happened.

    I've found this is sort of a pillar of RP ideology. Men accepting they can do what they want and nothing bad will happen. Even if the dumb girl with the personality of a rock gets offended, nothing bad has happened. It is her problem. While nothing bad happening creates a low risk, the rewards of acting in this manner are far greater. I see RP ideology as a no risk/high reward strategy to live your life- in the worst case you do exactly what you want, in the best case you do what you want and reap ancillary benefits (sex, success, etc).

    Needless to say, I'm happy to be here.

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    Exactly. It's really liberating to be able to look at myself critically and say, "see, you should express yourself more clearly."

    The same thing is true when approaching. Fortunately, I have a friend who's a learned expert at approaching. Last weekend, we approached some women on the street; there were quite rude. My friend politely said, "it was nice talking to you," and we left. He asked me if that was so bad. It really wasn't.

    I have to get it out of my head that I can't disturb people or speak my mind.

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    Powerful as though this experience may turn out to be, it is worth pointing out that it's still nice to be, well... Nice. Attack the behavior, not the person.

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    Mr. Rogers was alpha as fuck, and there wasn't a mean or impolite bone in his body.

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    Former Army Ranger, I hear. Ane Episcopal priest.

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    Not sure why you are downvoted? Yes he was a former Army Ranger, and a pastor.

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    For the learning RP man, sometimes it's easier to get to point B by aiming for point C.

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    Men accepting they can do what they want and nothing bad will happen. Even if the dumb girl with the personality of a rock gets offended, nothing bad has happened. It is her problem.

    Didn't seem profound when I first read it, but it represents freedom itself for the guy transitioning into a RP mindset.

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    I was at a party this weekend and the roommate of the host called my name. Young girl, not bad looking but nothing amazing. I asked her how she knew my name and apparently I met her once. So after some smalltalk outside I was starting to walk back inside and asked her her name again (forgot, didn't care) and she told me... Again. Then I asked her age and she said: '18'. I just laughed out loud and walked inside (I'm 25, think 18 is too young)

    So I'm inside minding my own business, just insulted this girl's age and wouldn't you know... There she is. Asking questions, way more interested in me then before. Turns out she had a boyfriend (I have a no fucking chicks with boyfriends policy. I know some of you don't. Just not my thing)

    I just made fun of her and her boyfriend the entire night (he lives on the other side of the country). And even while calling her utterly stupid for being 18 and wasting time on a guy so many miles away... She never got offended. I was rude and blunt and she took it all.

    Yeah nice to meet you to, lady.

    Nothing happens and silence is golden. I never apologized. Taking off the gloves is pretty liberating.

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    A couple weeks ago I was out at the bar I hang at a lot. I happened to just leave a work meeting where some shit went down and my job was kind of in limbo. So this bartender/waitress that works there was hanging out after she got off. We've never really talked but she knows I'm a regular. At some point later in the evening she says something smart ass about me losing my job. I'm thinking "wtf we barely know eachother". She's kind of a skank and has a bit of a reputation anyway. But I decided to let her have it. I told her I've spent enough money at the bar that I've paid for her kids diapers. Then I said if I stay unemployed long enough I might end up bein her type and she'll be on my nuts in a couple weeks. She was kinda shocked for a minute and butted out of the conversation. About 1/2 an hour later she came up to me and started huggin on me and sayin "sorry about all that, peace?". I didn't apologize though. I just laughed a little bit and said something like "ya were cool". Now she actually goes out of her way to come say hi when I go in.

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      "this ins't a morality contest"

      -it's always sunny in Philadelphia

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      lol chill the fuck out, bud. he said it's not his thing. you are free to do as you like. the level of outrage you seem to feel over his opinion is a bit laughable..calm those titties

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      Women become attractive around age 13. No pedo, just the way it is. Doesn't mean I pursue them. That, my friend, is against the law.

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      I'm 34 and I wouldn't want to be around an 18-year-old. Nothing is worse than the mind of a teenage girl/"woman." 21 or higher for me, so at least they can drink legally.

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      They have minds on teenagers their entire lives, dude. Where do you find such women?

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      I think that ties into not pedastalizing women; we don't need to handle them with kiddy gloves.

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      Why just apply it to women though?

      I apply this principle to all people. I make it a point to really call out the traditional alpha who is stupid as fuck as well; motherfuckers are high on themselves as well.

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      Little boys get browbeat by women and on television they see grown men browbeat by women. Many have fathers browbeaten by their wives.

      It can make men never realize that the rope tying their foot to a post was only strong in their youth.

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      Well, as someone who lived with a mother who browbeat 3 men, I now understand why I am the way I am. I walked on eggshells for over 20 years. It turned me into a passive numbskull. This is why this event is so significant to me.

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      You helped her in a way. I bet she thought about it when she got home and will try to improve herself. White Knights that make her out to be interesting is whats responsible for letting this kind of muppet get away with it.

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      Exactly. Probably no one ever called her on her lack of effort before.

      Feedback: the Breakfast of Champions.

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      I don't even see it as effort so much. When you've been surrounded by yes-men for years, you simply don't see how boring you are then when that rug is pulled, you realise that no matter how much effort you put in, you simply can't hang with those around you who've been absorbing all kinds of culture all this time.

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      The Elephant and the rope analogy is so perfect for describing this phenomenon

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      This is spot on. As someone who has a beta father who gets treated like crap by my mother, I naturally learnt a lot of behaviour from him. When I was with my first gf at 16, I was the biggest beta going. I was too timid to be dominant, too scared to play by my own rules. Needless to say, she shit tested me A LOT, though at the time I didn't know that's what they were. I've moved past beta behaviour now, but my father remains the same.

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      Big Brother auditions a few years ago involved lots of sitting and waiting, so I decided to engage the cute girl next to me.

      "So what do you do when you're not auditioning for TV?"


      Ok, let's try one again

      "And what does work involve?"


      Fuck it. I started talking to the brick shithouse dyke on the other side of me about rugby. We swapped numbers and we're still friends. I assume that cute girl went on to have an interesting career in the food industry.

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      At least she has a job dude. She is motivated to get up and work a shitty job. That's admirable to me.

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      I wasn't attacking her job, I was attacking her conversational skills

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      She was probably insecure about working at KFC.

      Immediately grilling somebody about what they do for a living then judging her response?? I'm not surprised she didn't want to talk to you. Asking someone what they do for work is not my idea of an ideal pick up line.

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      True, this girl I knew worked at taco bell and would never say. She'd say the street location of where she worked and when she told me I started pressing her, 'so can I get free Mexican pizzas?' 'lets share a taco together like dinosaurs.' make her feel comfortable. If she is you ger than 25 and in school, is it really that big of a deal? At least she has a job I always see women living off their student loans and a boy toy.

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      It's a big deal for her if cunts like the dude sitting next to her are going to shame her.

      She is automatically defensive when people grill her.

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      Go back and read what I said to her.

      "What do you do?"

      That's a very open ended question and one that I recommend starting a conversation with if you have the chance. If the person has any social skills then their answer will let you learn a lot about them. The boring girl chose to tell me about her career, the dyke chose to tell me about her hobby.

      I don't even know where this talk of job shaming came from. I make minimum wage and could make my job sound worse than a McJob if I wanted to.

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      I wasn't there so I admit I could be wrong about the entire thing. It just seems like you turned her off and not the other way around.

      "What do you do when your not auditioning" is what you said at first

      It sounds like acting is her passion/hobby. Why not talk to her about that? The way you went about it seems intrusive and judgmental to me.

      If someone asked me "so, what do you do when your not in jiu jitsu" as a conversation starter in a jiu jitsu class without any mention of jiu jitsu, I would be turned off too.

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      It was a Big Brother audition. Talent of any sort was sorely lacking in The Emirates that day

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      She blew it with me. All she had to do was try. I finally accepted that some women are utterly worthless and do not deserve my time, energy, or respect by default.

      This is the key to your improvement so far. Good show! YOU are the prize. SHE blew it with YOU becaue she did not try hard enough. That is the mentality for you forevermore. Forward.

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      Yeah. All these posts are HOW CAN I GET THE GIRL? HOW CAN I SCORE?

      Fuck that shit. These bitches think they're such hot shit we're willing to expose our selves to allegations of rape just because she had a beer.

      Well guess what. They ain't all that fucking worthwhile. WE, on the other hand, are.

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      Some dudes don't think higher of themselves. Why does he always have to be lucky to have a hot girlfriend? Nah man, I'm a catch, she's just some riff raff.

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      There's lots of vaginas out there.

      Few quality men. We bring something to the table.

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      I like to think getting laid is the least important aspect of being a RP man. Something that unfortunately gets glossed over a lot.

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      Thank you. Her friend seemed to appreciate my experiences and attributes that actually make me attractive. Moreover, she actually seemed interested in proving to me that she was worthwhile. Good vibes. Both are roughly similar in the looks department but I would pick girl two every day of the week; I would pick her even if she wasn't as good looking.

      Seriously, actually giving a shit about other people is a major plus when I'm dealing with women.

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      Last nightI called out an asain girl on wearing a push up bra to make her boobs look bigger. I told her my tits were probably bigger than hers.

      She thought it was hilarious and started grabbing my chest and my biceps.

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      Women seem to be defenseless against this sort of dominating comment, and it is effective. That's why it's taught as a taboo, we must never even do it once (or else we'd start to see how it works.)

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      The reason she was playing farmville on her phone was because she had zero attraction for you and didn't want to talk to you. And when a girl comes across as super boring, chances are she's just not trying with you. You were probably sitting there asking questions about herself like, "So what do you do?" and she was bored to death by it.

      This isn't a knock on you personally. We all sometimes get into interactions with women who aren't attracted to us, some of us more than others depending on how often you start conversations, how physically attractive you are, how confident you are, etc.

      Your response was right on. Might as well throw out something harsh if the girl is giving you nothing. If she has zero attraction for you, sometimes it turns the interaction around. Most of the time it's a lost cause. But if she is in a group with you and being disrespectful to you then I would probably do the same exact thing. Either that or back-turn her.

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      This us HUGE.

      For the first time, even here on the MIGHTY RED PILL SUBREDDIT, I'm finally seeing someone say SHE blew it with ME.

      Thank you.

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      Np! Seriously, she'd have to pounce on me to put in a minute more of my time.

      Pretty women are common. I see them all the fucking time, because I'm programmed to think they are pretty.

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      For the first time, even here on the MIGHTY RED PILL SUBREDDIT, I'm finally seeing someone say SHE blew it with ME.

      This shouldn't be a common thing. TRP is about recognising your own flaws and fixing them. We shouldn't be blaming others. That's what SJWs do.

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      Its not about fixing flaws, its about recognizing that you are the prize.

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      That's what feminist hamplanets love to say.

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      Generally well done, just one word of caution: if you come off emotionally invested in her by being too annoyed, or seeming bitter, you immediately lose frame. It's all about tone, if you're teasing and negging her that's one thing, if you're huffy and annoyed that's very beta.

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      Congragulations my friend you have tasted the art of Darknighting. When you carry yourself around like this more you will notice your wit and confidence dramatically increasing when you practice this school of social dynamic.

      The sky is the limit with a good frame.

      Down vote me for this part but if you learn to formulate your ego with Darknighting you will be able to carry around and emit some type of energy that some people will get addicted to like crack even if they think you are a douchebag. Learn the types of reactions people will give you for being shit talked and practice for references, no one will take your shit forever if you are directly attacking them. Learn to put up a killer smirk and smoothly banter as well as giving piercing eye contact and that's really all it takes to slay hordes of vaginas. Bonus points if you have big muscles and aesthetic facial hair.

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      I have a friend that's a dark lord. Most of what his says is offensive but insincere. So people either love him or loathe him. Good girls can't get enough of it even though this guy is not attractive.

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      You can get away with far worse insults. You didn't do or say anything special. You just BARELY stood out of the crowd and that interested her.

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      What I need to get away with now is exerting my sexuality.

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      And, you know, stop saying things like "exerting my sexuality". You're a man, not a foreign yoga instructor movie trope.

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      And, you know, stop saying things like "exerting my sexuality". You're a man, not a foreign yoga instructor movie trope.

      Ok. Flirting? I'm just tired of suppressing my sexuality because I'm afraid it inconveniences people.

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      Good. My guess is you go out of your way - inconveniencing yourself - for others all the time. Put yourself first.

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      Dude just poke her in the eye with your dick. That kind of micro-rape is what chicks crave.

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      Put your dick in her belly button and whisper in her ear that you wanna put a baby in her.

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      Could be that she wasn't interested in anyone around, or simply wasn't in the mood for socialising. Apparently her friend was there, so there's that. I honestly don't see the point in "calling out" someone who hasn't done or said anything to you out of the ordinary.

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      He is just another angry so-called red piller who is getting mad at a girl who was minding her own business. This victory he says he has is a victory over his own former self. He is really mad at his himself and not the girl or girls in his past.

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      Did you read the first paragraph? Chick had NOTHING going on in her life.

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      Nothing that she felt like communicating to that group. Are you assuming that people and immediately open and truthful to people they obviously don't care about?

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      She wasn't mad because she doesn't give a fuck about you or what you think. If she was remotely interested in you, then she wouldn't have been playing a game on her phone in the first place.

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      I know. But the point is, I said it and felt good about it. I didn't slink away.

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      And the even bigger point is, it ain't about HER.

      Fuck these dumb egocentric skanks. YOU, are the prize.

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      Disagree. You will note that OP said that after he called her out, she actually made some small, pathetic effort at interaction.

      Do not confuse indifference with laziness.

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      Even if she did display interest, she would likely never know anything in the universe exists outside of her.

      Solipsism and all that.

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      Many men, at least in reddit are so fucking scared to engage a girl that they will rather be totally ignored by her. It's better to be hated than ignored. Good for you op, I would ve find a way to kick her out of the group if I were you, hate people like that.

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      I have a few female friends. One of them in particular is super opposed to me changing my lifestyle for a more alpha one.

      I was at a party on the weekend and she goes to me "When we're at the club, don't talk to every girl there, like, just don't hit on chicks."

      I told her "Is what I'm doing hurting you? Is it a problem?"

      She replies "No it isnt a problem."

      I hold my frame and say "Okay then why are you going on about it?"

      Her: "Because it happens every time we go out!"

      I understand that she feels ditched and such when I do go run game, but for a while, when she broke up with her ex, she became Miss Hyperagamy, fucking every one in sight (I wasnt like I am now and so didnt make a move)

      I kept this in mind and said "So you can fuck 10 guys in a month but when I try and get some pussy you don't like it? If you say you don't have a problem with it then shut up about it.

      Its all about frame control and overcoming the urge to apologise at every thing you do.

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          I finally accepted that some women are utterly worthless and do not deserve my time, energy, or respect

          this really is a game changer and a big step for many of us. There was a time when in some way all women was a potential mate. By discovering that some are not you have eliminated a lot of people and freed up a lot of time.

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          It works with men too; the honesty bit. Now, there are times in business that you need to keep your mouth shut, but I have found during my life that if you are just up front and honest, even if it is slightly insulting, you'll go far.

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          I look for reasons to tell women they are rude.

          I have yet to find a women that is not very pleased when she is called out on her behavior or lack of manners.

          They love being made to qualify themselves. Why do you think they spend so much time shaming each other?

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          Dude, as others have said, you can get away with so much shit if you say it with a cocky/funny attitude and with confidence.

          Hell, just today, I was with the priest's daughter and I called her a slut to her face. She fucking loses it laughing. Now, I know she is a goody-goody when it comes to sex and she is waiting for marriage but it goes to show that even the most pious women eat that shit up.

          Besides, what's the worst that happens? She yells at you and MAYBE slaps you? Big fucking deal.

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          Yea this mostly just teasing and not insulting. I mean i'm not harcore red pill and even i have teased girls in the past cause it's fun. Told a chubby girl she eats like a man. Told a pious muslim co-worker she would be a thot (slut) in another non-muslim life etc. Mostly these are just honest observations disguised as jokes.

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          I really don't like the general sentiment here that changing your mindset will change reality. Men are NOT the prize. Only the top % of males can claim that. The rest of us --- disposable. Sure, emulating men more valuable than you by acting selective and expressing strong opinions may boost your confidence. It may even get you laid. But in the long run, your act becomes transparent to everyone. The red-pill solution we should be giving here is to raise your own value so that girls don't play farmville when you're standing next to them.

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          Well, she stopped as soon as this went down. The other girl appreciated the things that actually do make me higher value.

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          Ignore that dude. Too many bitchboys put girls above them and think she is the prize, I say different.

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          Yes, top %. Like about top 80%.

          WTF thinking you are disposable. Women will only think that if you think that. If you decide to be a king, a lot of women will assume you're right enough.

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          Law 34: Be Royal in Your Own Fashion – Act Like a King to be treated like one

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          Men are NOT the prize. Only the top % of males can claim that.

          Women look for cues from the men to see if they're the prize. If you act like it, she'll believe it.

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          The thinking is that by acting like a top 20% guy the girl will think that maybe you are one. Obviously isn't going to work if you're hideous, but otherwise it might make her take a second look and reevaluate, thinking that she's missing something.

          Being confident implies that you have something to be confident about (even if you really don't).

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          I agree with what you wrote, and I do think it has a place. Maybe my original comment was too harsh. However, I've seen the PUA crowd focus on changing beliefs for so many years, leading a lot of guys astray, that I think we need a different attitude at TRP. Our focus should be to improve yourself to the top 20% so you no longer need to pretend at all.

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          Women love negging for some reason. This literately happened one of the last times I went clubbing:

          Alpha Guy: Goes up to random girl "Your hair looks fucking greasy and disgusting as fuck." Girl: Visibly pissed off "Asshole!" AG: Starts kino on her Coming back to my place? Girl: Sure!

          Shit like this makes my faith in humanity dwindle.

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          I finally accepted that some women are utterly worthless and do not deserve my time, energy, or respect by default.

          you shouldn't assume that anyone deserves your time and energy by default. Everyone should get respect though until they prove that they don't deserve it.

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          Yeah I respect people and give respect by default until they prove me otherwise. (Like my current boss at work)

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          You can get away with a lot more than just tellng a woman that she's not interesting.

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          I finally accepted that some women are utterly worthless and do not deserve my time, energy, or respect by default

          The longer you keep in this in mind, the more you'll notice them an their large numbers...very few are actually worth it in any capacity

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          A woman deserves your best treatment, which is honesty. Don't betray yourself just because she's pretty - that's sexist!

          It's very very difficult, but I try to treat all beautiful women as if they were somewhat below average.

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          This reminds me of a small win I had 2 months ago. I was getting a bite to eat with a girl before we went to a social dance. On our way to the restaurant she asked me about my weekend so I told her. After we ordered, she sat at the table reading facebook on her phone and apologized saying she was just catching up on her newsfeed and continued to do so.

          I looked at her and calmly asked her to do that later so I could continue telling her about my weekend. She looked at me like a deer in headlights and put the phone down quickly. I was not only impressed with myself but also with the speed of her reaction.

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          Bro Hay Day is way too entertaining to engage another human being other than asking them for cream.

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          Something I've noticed about this is that any time I challenge a hot girl in a way thats obviously not me trying to be a flirt, everybody in the immediate vicinity will go dead silent and lock the fuck on to our interaction.

          I've gotten a lot better about social anxiety since I've swallowed the redpill but that massive, abrupt spotlight really turns on the pressure for me and fucks with my frame.

          Its not really favorable or unfavorable attention...more like rabid curiosity. Anybody else experienced this?

          [–]insanestratt 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          I'm kindof disappointed nobody else has commented at this. This is a really interesting thing I haven't seen or read about yet but I totally get you man.

          [–]2asd1100 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          You might have missed a great oportunity, empty lives like that are begging to be filled up with awesomeness once you demolish that ego.

          [–][deleted]  (9 children)


            [–]23490865243879526487 7 points8 points  (6 children)

            ---please don't call me a white knight.

            Stop saying white knight things then.

            you insult her

            If you are doing something rude pointing it out is not an insult.

            [–]KingKKKershaw 6 points7 points  (2 children)

            Posting this anyways, as it was a reply to the now deleted "please don't call me a white knight" comment.

            "To be fair? She was invited to a night out with his group of friends/acquaintances. Who plays games on FB during a night out you're invited on? Dickheads. That's who does that. A normal person engages with the group they've been invited to join. If you don't want to engage with that group as a part of it? You don't accept to go with them.

            You know who I have no problem randomly insulting? Dickheads. Because, they're dickheads."

            [–]23490865243879526487 5 points6 points  (1 child)

            Seriously it sounded like she went out of her way to show the others how bored she was of them. And it wasn't like she was abandoned or ignored, the guy tried to engage her and others probably did too. If she genuinely didn't want to socialize she would have left or something.

            [–]KingKKKershaw 3 points4 points  (0 children)

            Right. It sounds like she's used to being kept around purely for her looks, and knows it, so she doesn't even try to have meaningful social interaction. Because she's never needed it to be kept around.

            [–][deleted]  (2 children)


              [–]23490865243879526487 2 points3 points  (1 child)

              are you such a pathetic little bitch that you have to insult girls to make yourself feel like a tough guy?

              I like that you said "girls" instead of "people", at least you are honest about your priorities.

              [–]BrayWinsOrWeWyatt -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

              Wow. Much courage, such bold.

              [–]ImixLeftnRight -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              You mean nothing has happened YET. She will probably strike when you are least prepared for it.

              Don't go to sleep without your gun by your side. Just a word to the wise!