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    But the only reason women want to suck a powerful man's dick is exactly to brag about it.

    Women derive much of their success/status from the value of man they associate with, whereas men derive their power from actual success.

    Indeed, the name Monica Lewinsky is infamous and has made the word "intern" a funny joke. She got the status she wanted based on the quality of man she fucked. There's no point if she sucked his dick and kept it to himself.

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    Lewinsky and Clinton have shown

    What Kaczynski must surely have known

    That an intern is better

    Than a bomb in a letter

    When deciding how best to be blown.

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    All I can think of while looking at the pictures in this article is
    That mouth's had the worlds most influential (for a time) penis in it
    You don't do something like that 10 times and be the victim. You fucking want it for a status statement.

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    How does she gain status if no one knows about it?

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    This is another part of why Clinton was an idiot. He got his rocks off, but she had so much more to gain and he so much more to lose because of it.

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    THIS. Most of her speech isn't about what a victim she is, it's about what your actions and what you tell people can do to you. Don't want to get slut shamed? Then don't slut it up. And if you do? Don't tell people. And if you do that and you get slut shamed? Well, why are you surprised it happened?

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    Well, Lewinsky doesn't say she was the victim of sexual assault, but the victim of large scale ostracization, and I can't say that she's wrong here.

    One thing that one has to understand is that you can share responsibility for what happens to you because of your actions yet still be a victim (especially if what you did wasn't criminal, just stupid). A missionary who is eaten by cannibals placed himself knowingly and willingly in a situation where this might happen, yet he is still a victim of barbaric murder. A scantily-clad woman who gets drunk and instead of taking a taxi just walks home and gets violated by a bunch of gangbangers could have avoided that scenario had she been more responsible, yet she's still the victim of rape. Monika Lewinsky willingly fellated the POTUS and was stupid enough to tell some "friend" about it and as a consequence got drawn and quartered by the press when everything became public - she might have avoided it had she abstained from sucking the president's dick or at least had she abstained from telling someone about it, but that doesn't mean that she isn't a victim of public villification and ostracization.

    'Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship.

    So it was both consensual, AND he took advantage of you? How does that work? Did he force your mouth onto his dick?

    Of course that's possible - basically any relationship where one side has a distinct edge over the other and a totally different level of investment can be described as "advantage-taking, yet consensual". Whether it's a worldly PUA who snatched a young impressionable girl who is fallen heads over heels in love with him just to pump and dump her; or some wannabe-succubus who basically mind controls her boyfriend with sex - in any case you have a relationship where one party takes advantage of the other's susceptibility even though the other lets him- or herself be taken advantage of quite willingly.

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    Psht, get your logic out of here!

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      That's what you just did, though, even if in satire.

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      Excellent comment. Thank you

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      I agree wholeheartedly, but the quote:

      'Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship.

      Is having your cake and eating it to. The whole idea one is taken advantage of while willingly entering into an affair is passing the buck.

      It is also infatalising. Sure, 22 is young, but at what point are we fully formed adults that have to take responsibility for our actions?

      The rest of her story though - the way she was betrayed by a friend, the questions about private sexual acts and the way Clinton is still a revered elder statesmen and her name is a synonym for bad woman is very much victim stakes.

      I just wish people would own up to their responsibility FIRST, then work towards the parts we can fix.

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      Sure, 22 is young, but at what point are we fully formed adults that have to take responsibility for our actions?

      Of course she was responsible for what she did (I didn't say otherwise) - after all, she always had the option to walk away. But being a worldly seducer and at the same time the most powerful man in the world already puts you in a situation where women throw themselves at you and probably also want a lot more than you (as a married man who actually has a stake in his marriage) will be willing to give, and you know that. So yeah, in that case for all intents and purposes you are taking advantage of them, even though they let themselves willingly be taken advantage of.

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      That is NOT taking advantage, unless the definition of that phrase has become purely denotative, and we want to claim Usain Bolt takes advantage of genetics.

      That's the problem with language - the connotative meaning of terms is rarely the denotative one. Otherwise, motherfucker would never be said!

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      Well, in that case - what would you consider "taking advantage"?

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      That's a good question! Taking advantage would be sleeping with someone drunk, or passed out. That;s what it USUALLY means.

      But if I accepted a more broad definition, it would be using promises of advantage in exchange for sex, e.g. a boss that offers a promotion in return for sex, a president offering a job in return for sex (that didn't happen here - she wanted to suck his dick) or a someone with a duty of care like a teacher.

      If the exchange is "I like you and he act validates me", that's what ANY relationship is. Taking advantage is any time you use something other than mutual attraction to get sex.

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      'I was Patient Zero,' former White House intern says of Internet shaming

      "I earned the gold in the oppression Olympics! Therefore I have more status than you!"

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      Looking at those pictures, I thought he got his dick sucked by Mark Cuban with a wig at first.

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      he was sex starved from hillary the shrew and the only opportunity he had was with lewinsky. that's why. hell, even arnold schwarzeneggar fucked his ugly ass maid.

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        Life is harsh. I fucked up once when I was younger and now a criminal record follows me around. Actions have consequences.

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        She wasn't ostracized for sucking his dick, she was ostracized for telling everyone about it in a court of law.

        AWALT: she fell for a very powerful man. When she was fired (by someone not part of the goings-on, who fired her to remove the appearance of impropriety) she wanted more attention. So she went public with her scandal knowing that she could play the victim card to absolve herself of blame.

        Then it blew up in her face.

        13 years later she's just starting to recover. But she still learned nothing from it.

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        Is that really what happened? I thought she was betrayed by a confidant who wanted notoriety.

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        This came up at my office today. I and a male coworker were chuckling about hearing that Monica apparently made the audience cry.

        A mid30s female coworker of mine, married mother of two and a 'spunky' one, blurts out, 'Oh c'mon, like you wouldn't suck the president's dick?"

        Somewhat shocked, I reply: "Well as a matter of fact ..."

        Hamster kicks in and cuts me off: "I mean, wasn't she like 19!"

        I reply: "Well I don't disagree that Bill Clinton's a piece of shit." Just trying to end the encounter as quickly as possible, say nothing further and refocus on my work.

        She gets panicky; huffing and puffing, stands from her desk, walks in circles, hamsters quietly at a female coworker about how she "love-hates" Clinton, then leaves the office. Comes back a few minutes later, puts headphones in, and doesn't make a peep for the rest of the afternoon, probably in the hopes that we all forget she said she would without question get on her knees for a man with power.

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        Bitches ain't shit but hos and tricks

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        This neeeevvvveeerrrr happened.

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        "Ain't nobody want to be the most famous cocksucker of all time and shit."

        -Dave Chappelle

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        Another reason Lewinsky provides a great TRP lesson: she admits that she has never been in a serious relationship in all the years since the scandal. Being with an uber-alpha like Bill Clinton was such a powerful experience that every other man on earth was literally ruined for her, or rather she was ruined for them. She defines the term "alpha widow".

        Sure she is an old cow now, but she had a solid decade of slightly chubby prime years which she could have used to snag a thirsty beta, yet it never happened.

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        That might be a reason, but in my view it's mostly that not a lot of guys want to be with a girl/woman whom everybody will be making jokes about behind her back (and his) for her blowjobs to a famous person.

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        This only reinforces her status as an alpha widow. Other men won't touch her now that everyone knows she's blown an alpha supreme.

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        High profile sexual history might make you the more accomplished slut, but it doesn't make you a desirable mate to a man. It's more of the same Red Pill stuff we preach.

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        alpha supreme

        I agree with your sentiments, though I will say reading that at first made me laugh. Reminded me of something that Bill would order at a drive-thru, that fat fuck.

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        It seems she a penchant for older married men. Wiki states that she had an affair with her married high school drama teacher before she zucked off Clinton. This woman came from a wealthy family with good connections and and Promising future. The best she could do was suck someone off. Wiki also states she has never held a full time job since her time at the white uous.

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        If you were a manager or HR department; would you hire someone with a publicly known history that indicates both that they are an HR complaint/lawsuit waiting to happen AND that they were going to be a magnet drawing the public eye of scrutiny towards your organization? Fuck that! Better off going to Reno and betting your life savings on the Roulette wheel.

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        In fairness to the woman, she paid a grave price for what she did. She has never had a serious relationship or been able to find work (and she's clearly very bright), due to her reputation.

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        Is Clinton innocent in all this? Nope. He got impeached. Did Lewinsky cop a lot of flak in the press? Absolutely. She got hammered.

        I can't imagine being in such a position of power and not getting BJs from women around me. If this thing didn't go public, I don't think there's anything wrong with any of this.

        Some brothers may hate me for saying this. But look at it from a different perspective; rulers, ehm politicians I mean, holds the fate of all their subje... citizens in their hands. They wage wars and people literally get killed. Even an innocent environmental bill can take away the livelihood of some people. I'm not even saying anything about corruption... All this power is concentrated on a few (hundred or thousant) people and we're going to make a big deal out of a blowjob?

        'Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship.

        LOL. Contradictions don't exist. If you have a contradiction in your hand, check your premises. One of them is wrong. Or you're dealing with a womyn. If latter, be careful when you're consensually raping her.

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        All this power is concentrated on a few (hundred or thousant) people and we're going to make a big deal out of a blowjob?

        That's part of social politics. A leader must appear to hold himself to the same code of behaviour and ethics as the people he rules over. And an effective leader will not only appear to hold himself to these principles, but he will appear to exemplify them.

        It's a simple case of monkey see, monkey do. If you're the president and your philandering and oath-breaking become public knowledge, then you're telling the lesser monkeys that it's okay for them to do the same. All of a sudden, these nice made-up rules we have to keep the monkeys in order start to break down, and we revert to our natural selfish state. Society becomes disorganized, and we can't accomplish anything more complex than fucking and feeding ourselves.

        Eventually, our society is overtaken by a society which CAN keep its grunts in order.

        Note that I said "appear" honest. It's all about maintaining your visible reputation. Play fair when you're being watched, and cheat to get yourself ahead when you can get away with it. It's as true for you as it is for the President of the United States.

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        This. Clinton fucked up. He fucked up because he shat where he ate. He fucked up because he lied about it when he didn't know with certainty the lie would pass. He fucked up because he got caught cheating on his wife in a society where people care that you cheat on your wife.

        Doesn't matter if you disagree with social constructs. They exist. You have to look like you're playing by the rules otherwise you stand out, and once you stand out, people watch you all the more closely for their shot to take you down.

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        It's a big deal because Bill made a vow to his wife not to cheat on her. Bill probably makes promises to other countries, companies, and people every day. Bill's promises get a lot more shaky after he breaks his vow. It's like putting your money in a bank. If that bank refuses to give some guy his money back, are you gonna trust that bank with your money in the future?

        When you are the president you have a duty and responsibility to your people, I think he can keep his dick in his pants for 4-8 years.

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        He wasn't impeached for screwing around. He was impeached for lying about it when he got caught.

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        I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

        That's what got him in trouble. Nobody really gave a shit about her under the desk promotion, it was the lies about it.

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        He should have pulled the feminist card and said that she mouth raped him. -- relevant movie

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        keep telling yourself that. People seem to forget it was basically just used to have him push to the right during his second term, which he did to appease republicans.

        sound familiar?

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        Yeah, politics is a dog and pony show. Nonreal substance, it's all about appearances. The shit that actually mattered didn't raise an eyebrow, like how we were attacked nine times and all he did was fire some cruise missiles that didn't kill anyone important. That shit emboldened the people who pulled off 9/11, because no consequence ever came of it. Then Dubya goes off on two countries instead of doing nothing. The blowjob was the news, the first WTC attack wasn't. Khobar Towers was nothing. The Cole was nothing. Dog and pony show.

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        Clinton was the first President to suffer politically because of an affair. Roosevelt and Eisenhower both had mistresses. I'm pretty sure their records will stand up to history. As far as I know Reagan and Nixon were great to their wives, but both committed egregious breaches of the public trust. So what exactly does one have to do with the other?

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        This is a true post. Just because marriage is bad doesn't mean it isn't still a commitment, no matter how many times puddle break it.

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        For some reason people on redpill seem to think just because they disagree with the institution of marriage doesn't mean it is ok to break marriage vows. Real men keep promises or tell the people they made promises before they break them.

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        To be fair, I always got the impression the Clinton's marriage was a bit of a shame for the public. I've heard completely unsubstantiated rumors that Hillary might swing the other way, and Bill's playing the field was fine as long as he was discreet.

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        "real men"

        nice try pal, but I'm far beyond caring about being someone else's defintion of a "real man", "real fan", or whatever other bullshit people come up with to separate themselves from "them!".

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        no it's a big deal because we live in a country founded by puritans. very few nations are this ridiculous about sex, extramarital or otherwise.

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        Pick any other country and tell me that a public extramarital affair wouldn't be a huge deal.

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        France. Itality for starters

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        it was a big deal because republicans look for opportunities to crush democrats. It was hypocracy straight up, I guarantee no one on capital hill cared that he cheated on his wife. In fact, mr. speaker himself, potatohead there was doing the same thing at that time, and was spearheading the investigation.

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        Bill made a vow to his wife not to cheat on her

        This part is non of anyone's business but the Clintons.

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        It became everyone's business when he ran for president.

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        not really. Making her ambassador to iran though, that would be eevryones business.

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        This always comes off as a cop out to use if you already didn't like the guy imo. Politicians lie all the time democrat or republican about things a lot more consequential than getting your dick sucked. I'm sure him and Hillary didn't have a very active sex life at the time and when you're the POTUS I feel like you're at least entitled to a little sexual relief more than just jerking off. With all the stress the job has already are we such animals to say he has to give this up too.

        tl:dr; being dishonest in marriage small potatoes vs. dishonest with national policy

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        No, it is a big fucking deal if the president breaks his marriage vows. It just reflects on him in a completely shitty way.

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        Uhh is this TheRedPill you guys? Anyone from any other continent wouldn't give a flying flag who their president is screwing; only in the US does something like this become a tabloid scandal which has to leak into politics and mess with politicans' PR. French don't care, Italians don't care, Americans should take some more red in their diet and care less too.

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        Bit of a difference between having a whore, and screwing her on the desk where the phone that can end the world sits.

        Also, don't shit where you eat is RP ProTip #1.

        If you're going to lie and go the Machiavellian route, don't get caught, or if you do, have more against the person that catches you than they have on you.

        But honestly, don't be an idiot and fuck your secretary if you're the president. You look like a goddamn fool.

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        Or at least have three brought offer so you can pick the hot one like jfk.

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        He also tended to do his philandering not in his office, but in other rooms. Like the old pool that has since been paved over to make the press room.

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        lol no, nobody actually gives a shit that clinton got a blowjob and lied about it. they just outwardly want to shame him for political reasons just like what you're doing.

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        It's publicly viewed as a big deal by our ass-backward Puritan nation. In Europe a lot of politicians regularly have sex stuff come out, and its just like "hah - look drama!"

        Our society is fucked because we listen to this narrative of victimhood rather than putting a lid on it and identifying it as what it is - an equal society with genders having different roles to play.

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        I bet Clinton just walked around the White House with his dick out. I know that's what I would do if I was president. edit : Didn't even know what she looked like until Google Image searching, she has some big ol titties! My man Bill!

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        LBJ was known for his schlong. He actually did shit like this to bully congressmen, albeit years before he was in the oval office. He also vowed to be a bigger philanderer than Kennedy.

        Difference is, he didn't get caught.

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        It's a big deal because as a politician, he has a lot of enemies, and those enemies will turn anything they can into a weapon or smear. And what's juicier than a sex scandal?

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        Clinton for sure is to blame for letting that uggo on his cock, he was the goddamned president for fuck sake, what's the excuse for fucking this slop?

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        Despite overwhelming odds, Lewinsky said she somehow managed to survive the bullying, relentless harassment and public humiliation

        Thats's the key phrase. She doesn't feel bad for sucking the president's cock, but for getting caught and having to deal with the consequences.

        Classic hamster.

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        It would seem as if feminists want women to take responsibility for only the positive actions they take in our society and shun the negative. For instance, this whole new trend where they're calling women who were not forced into sexual relations "victims" means they're saying that women cannot be held responsible for their actions...but men can. In fact, they're stating that men are so superior to women that men can not only be held responsible for their own actions, but for those of women as well. Wouldn't this sort of thinking lead to the exact opposite result that feminists claim they want? For women to be treated as the equals of men?

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        This is one of the biggest criticisms of third wave feminism - or whatever you call the current wave of feminism. It only serves to infantilize women, to never hold them responsible for their actions and instead to always have them run crying to some authority at the slightest hint of trouble.

        Perpetual victims, little sinless angels always being savaged by us brutish apes.

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        Even Hillary called her a narcissist.

        Bitch is crazy.

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        Even Hillary called her a narcissist.

        That's when you know you've gone off the deep end.

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        Women are victims by default now, didn't you get the memo?

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        She doesn't say she's a victim of rape. She's saying she's a victim of harassment, by the media, which she is. Regardless of whether you think it's deserved, it's hard to disagree.

        The problem isn't that she feels like a victim, the problem is that the media wants to crucify a woman for giving a blow job. Look at Kennedy and Monroe. It's obvious something was going on. People minded their own fucking business then. Now feminazis want to slut shame any woman who wants to engage in sexual activity. It's half the reason we have constant shit tests to make sure we aren't going to wreck a woman's social standing if she sleeps with us.

        What's happened to Lewinsky isn't surprising. You can expect that from modern media and society. But you can also see why she's sick of it, and she isn't blaming Clinton, she isn't claiming to be a victim of a sex crime, she just can't be left alone. For fuck's sake, can you imagine boning some hag 20 years ago and still hearing about it non stop, on an international level? Shit's gotta get old man.

        Look at what she even says in the fucking article you linked:

        "Sure, my boss took advantage of me, but I will always remain firm on this point: it was a consensual relationship. Any ‘abuse’ came in the aftermath, when I was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position."

        And beyond that, the whole point of her speech is in line with what you're bitching about. That what a person does can follow them around. She's speaking about how especially with the internet, you do one fucked up thing, one slutty thing, and it can go viral. She's actually saying the exact message you're browbeating her over, like she doesn't already get it. WTF man? I see nothing here except you crucifying her for giving a blowjob 20 years ago. She's delivering a pretty RP message to be honest.

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        Great post, seriously. Since when is TRP about slut shaming sluts? Sluts are great as long as you're not marrying one. She isn't saying Clinton made her a victim, so I don't see a problem with what she's saying.

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        Is she going to make a career out of media attention because of sucking someone's dick? There's a whole industry for that ...

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        Why does society care if the President got a blowjob? It didn't before. Remember the woman who released memoirs of her time when she was JFK's plaything. He'd drive down to her college, she'd go into the car and they'd do whatever. The relationship lasted years.

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        yep those millions of dollars in appearance fees, speaking fees, advertising contracts, and more REALLY made it hard to live.

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        She should lead an ad blitz for Colgate or mouthwash. Credible authority on the subject, after all.

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        Every man thinks this about Monica Lewinsky:

        "She is so damn ordinary-looking, a real schleb. It kills the whole dirty fantasy of a blow job in the oval office. What's the point?"

        Every woman thinks this about Monica Lewinsky:

        "What an ugly little frump and I'm sure I could suck it much better than she could."

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        Didn't she turn her 15 minutes of fame into a hand bag business?

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        I read that as "hand job" at first, and wasn't surprised.

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        Should've started a cigar business.

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        The Daily Mail and Monica Lewinsky. A match made in the toilet fit for people of equal intelligence.

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        All she had to do was keep quiet. She can not keep her mouth shut for anything. Total hamster-ation, total idiot.

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        That's the most important point IMO. What did she expect going public about it? what did she want?

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        What's funny about this is that we wouldn't be talking about her if she hadn't sucked a high smv guy's dick .

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        She totally thought he was going to leave her for him. They are the victim after they convince themselves. Its a grand delusion they eat with a spoon. It is more apparent when you notice how much they need their actions justified by others. "omg did you see that he was a dick!", "I know, you totally didnt deserve that", omg I know, I knew i wasnt doing anything wrong but..." "dont worry you cant be expected to deal with that right now in your life" " I know right" "besides you look pretty anyway, you should tease his friend and see what happens" " yeah he deserves it for what he did to me"

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        You're reading into what she's saying. She isn't claiming that she is a victim of the President. She's saying she was a victim of the media circus that erupted. In this case, both statements can be true.

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        She hit the wall at a young age.

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        I'm wondering how she made it to working for the President of the United States, but still didn't realize that at that point, every action of every day would be scrutinized in the press. Did she not have TV growing up or something?

        The media comes with the territory, and they are ruthless. I have a hard time believing this came as a surprise to her or Bill. They took a risk, they got caught.

        I do NOT believe, if before she first put those lips around the tip in their very first encounter, that if she were to be asked "What do you think would happen if we got caught" that her response would have been. "Well there will be some trouble, but i'm pretty sure the media will treat it really respectfully and respect our privacy and such"

        [–]Dubyaz 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Just like anything that isn't written in stone, the story will change. And like things that are written in stone, society's feelings towards it may shift.

        [–]brotherjustincrowe 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        She's a victim of not being a celebrity-skank anymore. Not giving her the attention she clearly deserves despite not having been remotely relevant for nearly two full decades is, like, a sexist hate crime, or something.

        [–]ValarMorghulis90 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        I read this article when I woke up this morning. Had a few good laughs.

        [–]GhostOfAladdin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        The consequence for her Niner is her name is now a household name...Right?

        What is she complaining about?

        [–]garlicextract 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        You engaged in sexual acts with him willingly. Now you are being shamed for it, because it was extremely irresponsible and it makes you look like an absolutely bottom level gold digging trash-whore.

        Whoa now! We're talking about Bill Clinton here, not Donalds Trump or Sterling.

        I'd say she's a mid-tier to high level gold digger.

        [–]RedPill115 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Meh, is TRP doing the women's role of slut shaming sluts for being sluts now?

        Since Monica Lewinsky isn't blaming Clinton for the affair, what's the deal? She's mad at the media - jeez, is it just "a woman is mad so we don't like it" now?

        Why would TRP actually start doing what feminists have been pretending for a while - and slut shaming sluts? I love slutty girls. They're great. Clinton made the marriage commitment, not Lewinsky.

        [–]810809 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Consent... until A: you realise there are moral societal repercussions for what you chose to do or B: you realise that the man you blew or fucked is of lower social status than you thought (wether he played you well or you were intoxicated) and in hindsight wouldn't have fucked.

        Once one of these qualifiers is in effect: retract consent and play the victim card! :D

        [–]cooltrip 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Giving a touching speech by using the very same face hole the president of the US used as a cum dump to his own fun and to her own fun. Lol

        I won't be the one to be touched by that speech.

        So pathetic.

        [–]ParfaitPubes 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        It's her only chance for fame and publicity.

        [–]2asd1100 0 points1 point  (2 children)

        I disagree. Clinton is a player, like all great politicians, he just was stupid enough to shit where he eats. That is why you use escorts when you are a politician.

        Second mistake: he fucked(I don't care about technicalities because they are bullshit) a driven women, a feminist, a attention whore and tough that she will be honorable and fair about it. We all should know by this time that women will get the best deal they can get regardless of situations.

        3rd fuck up: he fucked up while the republicans had a majority in congress.

        Stop judging the act, every guy here that has ever been even in a moderate position of power knows women can't help themselves and you have the better judgement to not fuck your secretary. He is no different than any stupid boss that trust that his mistress has his best interests in mind. She doesn't. The jewish girl is only special because she got to ride the most powerful dick on the planet, and that makes for a fantasy that got a lot of panties wet during that scandal. The fact that she was a average looking girl made her even more "inspiring".

        [–]MightyTaint 1 point2 points  (1 child)

        Lewinsky tried to protect him. She fucked up by gossiping to her friend about it before it was an issue.

        [–]2asd1100 2 points3 points  (0 children)

        Telling your friend you are fucking the president is not a fuckup, especially if you are a woman.

        Trusting untrustworthy people is a fuckup.

        [–]legumee -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        please don't link to daily mail, or use as a source. it's worse than no source at all.

        [–]Blankworry -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        [–]fullhalf -1 points0 points  (0 children)

        she's just a victim of her stupidity by trusting that manwoman and ruining not just her own life but the legacy of one of the best presidents the US has ever had. to this day, it still annoys me when people act like clinton was some pervert. the man probably fucked a total of 4 women in his entire life. i'm giving him 2 before college(which is generous for a nerd like him), then met hillary in college then got a blowjob from monica lewinsky. that's fucking it. a man who is good enough to become president and does a great fucking job deserves to get more pussy than that. fuck anyone who doesn't think so.

        [–]1Dev_on -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

        He never got impeached, Mr potato head tried to impeach him, all the time screwing his own intern.

        [–]Saturnalia93 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Actually that's not true. He did get impeached. However, he was acquitted by the Senate and allowed to serve out the rest of his term. Impeachment is a formal investigation of criminal charges against an official, not his actual removal from office.

        [–]nazihatinchimp -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

        Hey you idiots, daily mail is a tabloid.