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Stay away from women who draw their eyebrows on. They're bound to be trash.

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Someone should write a dissertation on this, it's scarily accurate LOL

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One of the comments from the linked page:

She shaves her eyebrows and paints them back on. Anyone who does that has insecurity issues and people with insecurity issues are not good partners. She's gross... he may not realize it now but this is the best thing that has happened to him since he got married. To the person or people that want to throw insults at me about my opinion. Go Fuck your self in advance.

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When I was on okC the only thing I had in my "you should message me if..." section was something along the lines of "Just dont message me if you shave your eyebrows and draw them back". I got so much hate mail.

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Ahahahahahaha! That's great! You're just trying to help them and they send you hate mail!

For me, eyebrow customization is right up there with fake nails and excessive high-heel-wearing creating big ugly bunions.

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I still just can't get over the wtf factor of a girl actually having no eyebrows.

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lol, I feel bad for the guy, and I know that AWALT, but how could he not detect such a blatant red flag? It's like all top-tier athletes have an affinity for obviously trashy women.

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It's almost like repeated hits to the head has consequences.

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Or tattooed eyebrows. I know from experience; an ex of mine was a 10 and she fizzled for the carousel.

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Persian women my friend. My ex was a persian girl who tattooed her eyebrows. Psycho level 9

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Mine was Kazakh; gorgeous but effing PSYCHO.

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same with girls that have "that kind" of selfie on their facebook pages

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This is why the dudes who think the solution to everything is "be alpha brah", are foolish.

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That's why we should embrace abundance mentality.

"She's not yours, it's just your turn."

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What implications does this have on the future of society though? To believe that "it's just your turn" implies no marriage or building of a family. It'll only be the blue-pilled making families and raising kids, and then the meek truly shall inherit the earth.

Perhaps I'm too much of an idealist, but I fear for the future of our civilization if we allow this to run its course. Not that I disagree with abundance mentality, in fact I think it's absolutely critical, but I don't think we should allow it to lead to a breakdown of family structure.

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My bet is that with the advent of genetic programming, cloning and designer babies we as society will not have to rely on traditional M+W coexistence anymore. Childbirth will be probably seen as something that any woman can do by personal choice, and she will have a wide range of premium genetic material to get a licensed baby from her favorite celebrity. These kids will have no father figures in their lives and that will further perpetuate the entire social construct from the current generation to the next one. Men will check out from society and pursue their own happiness, involving advanced pleasure dolls and what not. Some men will start preaching 'naturalism' and pursuing only real women.

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Good grief, that sounds like Brave New World.

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Excess and opulence was always humanities future as soon as we went down the road of computers, robotics, and the internet. Humans are going to quickly learn this century how unimportant we really are.

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Those things only exist due to humans though.

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If they made a sex robot that was indistinguishable from a real woman and only ever wanted sex... Yep, I would give up real women in a second

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Wanting sex is a bare minimum. If I was designing such an AI I would include the concept of 'desire' in a way that such a system would feel the constant need to get off / pleasure its master, which would then alter its behaviors through the subsystem of tight feedback loops. So in that sense it could become horny and fuck you really good, until her artificial satisfaction was reached. And all that libido could be controlled with a remote. Pretty neat stuff, hehe.

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Men will check out from society and pursue their own happiness, involving advanced pleasure dolls and what not.

Sounds like Japan's celibacy syndrome: "Some want a partner, some prefer being single, but few relate to normal love and marriage."

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virtual immersive entertainment. Virtual reality simulations that conform to our desires. Basically virtual prostitutes that dont cost a fortune.

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Men will likewise be able to avail themselves of artificial wombs, and the genetic material of their own choosing - or cloning if they so prefer.

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eh unlikely. there will be a push back against the current trend and marriage will gain some ground. things like this don't solely tank, it's a teeter-tottering. I agree it's trending towards what you're saying though

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Taken to it's logical conclusion, your turn means you keep embodying the ideals and that's your best and only chance of having something that resembles marriage. You can't love a hater. Only the lover is loveable. You can't commit to a hypergamist. You can only commit to the committed. Marriage is an abstract, in the minds of men, and an action. The best you can have is that she mirrors you, to a small extent.

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I think to have any legitimate worry we would have to understand fully how human family structure works. Are we like lions who have one dominant alpha that all the female lions mate with? Are we like penguins who have monogamous relationships? Maybe we are genetically like lions but society looks down upon this and so we're more like penguins instead.

I doubt any of us have done any serious research on this topic so to make a judgement call is just naive.

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You are right, I have not done serious research on it so I will refrain on a final judgment call.

I wouldn't mind researching it, that's for sure. So many cultures seem to have monogamous family structures. It's easy to see it as a "this is how we've always done it" institution, but perhaps there was a push for it in the way, way, way olden days because of a perceived effect it would have on society.

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Society will devolve into decline, in all likelihood. We may not see the full cycle in our lifetimes.

There are simply too few of us to effect change. Societies are not naturally forming, you need limiters against female hypergamy to prevent populations from reverting to harem models wherein only the top percentage of men have sex. You end up with a lot of frustrated and dangerous men, which ends up breaking societal stability.

Most people are too myopic to see this. With the strength of modern feminism there's really nothing that can be done to slow the decline. Women would rather satisfy their tingles than have a stable society, as they lack the mental faculties to think far ahead enough to see it at risk.

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I gotta argue that "Family structure" has always been BS anyway, my parents got divorced when I was a kid and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, they stopped arguing and started having fun being with me.

I'm fairly successful 6 figure with kids of my own now

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That's good. Divorce can sometimes lead to better things for the child than staying together. Kids aren't stupid, and they can pick up on when their parents are sticking together "for the kids."

But, I don't think the answer is to maintain the status quo. Why did your parents fight? Why did they argue? Would that have happened had they done a better job of picking a partner to spend their life with? Would that have happened had they done a better job of solving their arguments? That seems to be one of the good parts of TRP with regards to LTRs: knowing how to defuse situations and keep your mate attracted to you. I would posit that a truly red pilled LTR, where the man acts like a god damn man and the woman WANTS to be a good wife, is far better than the modern marriages we see today. Good luck finding that when the average woman does not want to be a good wife or mother but instead wants to be a man that produces children that are left to be raised by some babysitter or housekeeper.

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Maybe I'm an outlier which is why I think the way I do. Real life experience will always trump what someone on the internet tells me. I think that's why disagreement will happen in this discussion forum more than most.

1 good parent will always raise a better kid than 2 shitty parents.

2 happily divorced parents will do better than 2 parents forcefully keeping their terrible marriage alive.

RedPill is about looking past what you were force fed by Disney corp and realizing the true nature of humankind.

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I like that quote. Where'd you get it from?

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Seems like I've put it together from two separate ideas floating around in TRP and manosphere. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who came to this conclusion.

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it's a "redpillified" buddist idea: you come to this world with nothing, and you leave it with nothing. So own nothing and use everything.

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Yeah, you can't really own people, anyway. The only person's behavior that you can control is your own.

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Tell that to the blacks back in the 1800s

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I don't want to waste too much time responding to a purposefully obtuse post, as the context is clear. We're not discussing 19th c. chattel slavery. We're discussion modern marriage. You don't own your girl. You can't control her behavior. You can only control yourself. This is generally true for interpersonal relationships. In a buddhist-ish context, attempting to control others is the source of much suffering. By observing her reactions to your behavior, you can decide whether it is worth investing in your relationship with her. But you cannot control her.

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Pretty sure the saying is: She's not your girl, she's just your turn.

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This quote... So much truth it hurts. I think adapting this mindset would spare the troubles of many men.

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True, there is always a better guy.

Married women risk nothing nowadays and that's why she risked (more often than not they never know) a great husband for a taste of a better man. That's how women are. Nobody will call her a whore because "everybody makes mistakes and she's very sorry". She will live comfortably for his money with her kids (oh yes, she will get the kids) for the rest of her life. And spray tan will feed her his cock whenever he feels like it anyway unless a higher value man plants his flag in her.

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And the reason she was willing to risk it is that she has nothing to lose. Big government and feminism will make sure she is taken care off by giving her access to his bucks. If this were 100 years ago she would not risk her and her kids future by fucking around with him...or she would at least be a little more careful.

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What if this college student just isn't alpha? He very well could be an aggressive football player but be a beta bitch whenever he's around a female.

However, given the information we can definitely assume that having good genetics ie being a potential professional football player is not enough to hold a girl.

Maybe you're right though, I just don't think there's enough information at the moment to make that assumption.

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Not even close to relevant. Not a single person in this sub is going to say being captain-save-a-hoe is going to magically work through "be alpha brah."

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You have a problem understanding what alpha is in this case.

Believing that she is faithful just because she has a shot at becoming a pro athlete's wife is weak.

You should not believe in promises, institutions or commitments. You should not expect some external forces to coerce people into serving your own interest or caring about you.

If your girl doesn't stay around JUST for those couple of hours of your attention and validation that she gets when you fuck her, she does not love you. And NOTHING you can give will make her love you more: status, cars, money, houses are all just side benefits she gets from being in your world. And she can get them just as easily being in another guys world. They are tangible side benefits to her sexual imperative, if lacking a dinamic that get her tingly she will settle for them if she really has to, but they do not ultimately win her love, they at most can win her attention or interest.

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But maybe this time it's love! Bwahahaha. But seriously love seeing real public consequences to branch swinging.

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This guy should be able to next her like no other. He probably went out last night to the local college bar and played the bleeding heart card on the hottest girl he could find.

The only disgusting part is that he's gonna lose half his stuff now. I don't really object to committing to someone for life... I think it's what's best when raising children. But I just don't get the "half his stuff, even if she cheats on him" bullshit.

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we don't have that here in Norway. 50/50 child custody as default, if not 50/50 the payments are pretty low, and the split all their shit on divorce is only for couples who decide that specifically themselves. (default is that each person keeps what they own)

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That's an awesome policy. Norway doesn't sound as feminist as Sweden.

I'm referring actually to the "alimony" law. If a couple divorces the richer partner must pay the poorer partner money for life until they get married again. The argument is that the wife agreed to a certain lifestyle when she married her husband, and if they divorce, she is entitled to continue living that lifestyle. I think she lost that entitlement when she fucked another man but that would make too much sense.

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that picture tells the whole story.

Ok, so people don't get it. Just because you are a athlete, you are not a instantly an alpha. You are just high status, which gives you SMV points sans skill or experience.

In fact most high-status blue pillers that "get lucky" with hot chicks, don't have any game and are marginally autistic as they just got girls naturally without developing actual skill.

They are beta bucks but at a very high SMV level, for young 9+ chicks. In fact due to society, not having a red pill, alpha point of reference they have been groomed all their lifes to be the perfect providers by all their past girlfriends.

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Agree totally. This guy is a doofus. And, just to be clear, the 2 kids are NOT HIS KIDS. They are from one or more previous relationships. This guy was extremely beta. She married him in the first place (consciously or subconsciously) to get to other men in his social circle. She was probably never attracted to him. A regular guy who was less of a doofus would have a much easier time keeping a girl interested. And only a doofus like this guy would pick a girl like this in the first place.

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And only a doofus like this guy would pick a girl like this in the first place.

I disagree, we all pick women with a optimistic perspective. We think of the best and we pretent the bad parts are just accidents.

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Sometimes you need to account for the psychopathic predator women , she smelt this guys weaknesses and faults from a mile away. He was targeted

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Spray tan, lol.

Women do cheat up, indeed. One of George Harrison's wife left him to be fucked by Eric Clapton. Well, Eric is a better guitar player than George anyway.

Just because you put your woman in a comfortable position, it doesn't mean she will not be open to be even more comfortable.

Also, never, under any circumstances, start a LTR with a woman who cheatted her boyfriend with you or left her boyfriend for you. She will do the same exact thing to you. Those are plates.

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The fucked up thing about the Clapton stealing Harrison's wife was that Clapton was bummin' it and sleeping on George's couch. Talk about disrespect. In the end though Harrison ended up with a feisty mexican lady who subdued an intruder who stabbed Harrison. After that incident, Tom Petty sent George a message that said "aren't you glad you married a Mexican?"

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Was the reply 'and I won't back down'...?

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    The Beatles were done at that point(1970). Clapton was starting to become huge. "Layla" "Bell Bottom Blues", and "Wonderful Tonight" were all made for Patti Boyd(Harrison's wife), after 1970. It's all about hypergamy and feels.

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    Also, never, under any circumstances, start a LTR with a woman who cheatted her boyfriend with you or left her boyfriend for you. She will do the same exact thing to you. Those are plates.

    AWALT. The more intelligent ones simply don't tell you they have (had) a boyfriend. The modern woman doesn't really remain single. In one way or another you're either pulling her away from some guy or sharing her. Is it any better if she's being passed around as a plate and never makes it to girlfriend status?

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    You can only be so alpha.

    This is why I like conservative chicks.Sure, she won't put out till marriage and hesitate in bed a first few times.

    But at least she has a stronger moral code and family values than easily bored attention seeking sluts.

    This place advises to leave girls who don't give into advances by 3rd-4th date

    But if she is a virgin and from a strong household, you'll regret real hard letting her go .

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    Seriously though, awalt. Most christian gals resist sex like the plague, for a beta wussy, but spend just as much time on the cock carousel. I was an alpha in christian circles. Got to bang my fair share of the top tier women. The ones i wasn't banging I got to hear who was banging them. The nice conservative christian virgin gal is a calculated act like any other. Hypergamy and afbb and awalt still very much applies. Christian conservative sexual repression results in the bullshit manifesting in other ways.

    Tldr: christian gals act and look like unicorns but are not

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      I have no interest in fucking new girls every other month.I 'd rather have just one fwb for quite some time or I 'll stay celibate.

      If you think that after scoring 20-30 chicks in a few years you'll be miraculously monogamous for the rest of your life, its naive and stupid.

      Marriage is a discipline first.Not everyone is eligible for it.

      Promiscuity is bad for men and worse for women.Self restraint in very imp if you want to spend the majority of your life with one girl.

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      Ok bro, have you read the sidebar material? Promiscuity is never bad for men. Being desperate is. Having a pre-approved seal by another woman brings your SMV up. And it also displays that you have desirable qualities.

      Now i know your probably thinking this doesn't apply to the conservative community. It does. I'm in the heart of what you could call the most conservativly sexual active place in America. And this still holds true. Being open about everyone your fucking is bad. But them knowing by seeing is never bad. Seeing you bring home different girls every other weekend does nothing but make them want you more.

      Plowing through 20-30 chicks and then finding someome to settle down with is possible. That value that you had to have to get those 20 chicks didn't just melt away. Its still there and kicking.

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      I think what Deaddpooll is talking about is the self-restraint part. Hooking up with lots of girls affects people differently. Some people revel in it, while some people enjoy it but later find it numbing and boring later, and there are tons of points in-between on the spectrum.

      So I think his worry is more along the lines of those people who become "addicted" to it. Going from promiscuous to monogamous is like going, "I'm gonna smoke two packs a day... but next year, I'll just scale it back to one cigarette a week." Like he said, not everyone can necessarily do it. I think he was just speaking in generalities.

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      Ah makes sense. In that case I agree. Monogamy isn't for everyone.

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      Yes! I was too lazy to explain this to him

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      but if you know you want to settle down just not in the near future, then how you act today doesn't have to be how you want to act when you're in your 40's

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      A conservative chick doesn't steamroll her man, therefore she has more respect and attraction. She is not different, the dynamic is just healthier. If you become pussy whipped she will cheat on you with anything from your boss to the pool boy.

      This has nothing to do with morals. It's all about the feels, her feels to be precise.

      No, this place argues that you should not make sex a winnable prize, you should not make it negotiable, transactional. I didn't have sex with my current girlfriend for 6 months. She had the desire to wait, and I considered her worth it, if she agreed that I won't be caste for that time frame. We established a time frame in which she would get to know me and figure out if she likes me enough and I kept the sex of my agenda for that time in regards to her.

      I could have pushed but then I would have made it a negotiable issue, "someting I want, and she gives" giving her unilateral power. Conversely during those six months I framed it as she pursuing me romantically, not me going trough the motions to pass the time and run out the clock. She had a goal: to get to know me and get comfortable with me. I had no goal other than non sexual entertainment. This frame also came with the benefit of her feeling no direct pressure and removing all her "womanly gimmies" from the emotional exchange: if she wanted to hang out we needed to do something actually fun that I enjoyed because just her "female presence" wasn't going to get me out of the house.

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      No, this place argues that you should not make sex a winnable prize, you should not make it negotiable, transactional.

      I could have pushed but then I would have made it a negotiable issue, "someting I want, and she gives" giving her unilateral power.

      Good points here. This seems like something I should try to remember and keep in the back of my mind when operating with plates. Do you have any more examples of common interactions with women that this mindset could be applied? Such as a bar setting, or a female coworker, or ways you would normally act, but when applying this mindset you would act or respond differently.

      Then again, if sex is not the goal, what is? =P

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      Such as a bar setting, or a female coworker, or ways you would normally act, but when applying this mindset you would act or respond differently.

      that differently bothers me, it implies that a man's default behavior is that of a pussy beggar(and there are few things that would make women happier than this frame). Once you understand that relationships are transactional and exist only in the present(brfaults law), keeping that mindset of a long con game to get sex is irrational.

      Sex happens because both of you want to play with one abothers bauthy bits: END OF THE ISSUE. When you want sex the only way to get it is to be someone she can't get her hands off. The rest is bullshit, both male and female bullshit.

      Now imagine how you would conduct yourself if sex would not be a factor. Think long and hard, you had that attitude constantly before you entered puberty. That attitude also conveys a lot of confidence, lovable dark triad traits, aloofness but is also extremely addictive and natural. Keep in mind I said attitude not behavior, do not act childish, just playful, joyous and amused(amused mastery if you really want to use red pill idioms).

      Now on the sex front. If you are attractive, strong-willed and positive you will get tons of IOIs, with them you can pursue a casual boring "courtship", a politically correct dynamic or you can pursue like a medieval troubadour(think Don Juan or you are baiting her fantasy of a romance and erotic adventure). But the most crucial aspect is to own your sexuality, just like a child owns the fact that he took a shit. Every escalation you do is purposeful and obvious. You do it because you are sexual person a person that desires, she has literally nothing to do with that fact.(in fact the more banal the overt interaction the more impactful this covert dynamic is.)

      You understand how basic male sexuality is: breast => horny. Well female sexuality is just as simple "the desire of a attractive man" => horny. (the issue comes that there are literally tens of "breasts" shoved into the face of a woman every day, so she doesn't know which ones are worth it so you need her to see just how natural and perky your breast are from a far and she will come for them)

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      The wanton disrespect and disregard. unbelieveable.

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      Let's keep in mind that this guy is only 22. Marrying a girl with 2 kids (not his own, I don't think) that young is an awful idea.

      My guess is he's a small town kid. Went off to play big time college football and was a celebrity on campus. Got attention from this really attractive white girl and stupidly put a ring on it.

      Hopefully he can get out without losing too much and learn from this. Let's not act like most of us wouldn't be that stupid at 22. Interestingly enough, they got married in 2014, so this girl couldn't even make it a year without cheating.

      As the great prophet Chris Brown once said, "These hoes ain't loyal."

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      she threw away her marriage/family for a short little fling. no way demarco would leave his wife and kids for a trashy slut like her. shes quite manly looking. that probably is a result of higher than average testosterone and would explain the aggressive pursuit of cock. imagine how her kids will be mocked in school and teased by kids with demarco murray jerseys. society is so fucked up.

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      she threw away her marriage/family for a short little fling.

      I'm sure him finding out was not in the cards. Young women don't think that far.

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      their hamsters spin into overdrive and blames it all on his failings.

      [–]Hoodwink 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      Those multi-million dollar failings... jesus.

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      You can't make a ho a housewife

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      Some of the comments under the article just reinforce red pill statements.

      "People just don't get married anymore. Just fuck around freely. Fuck it."

      "You were in Love with who you thought she was , not who she really is. When the new wears off and the old shines through, that's who she really is. My how the circle turns. When Karma comes knockin' for these two, it won't feel so good. If they will do it to you, then they'll do it to each other!"

      "Why did she refer to her husband as a roommate? She is just an opportunist looking for her next victim and a bigger bank account. There is no honor among thief's. What goes.around cones around."

      Interesting how ideas I see here are also expressed in "real life".

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      So this guy has two kids with her? And proof she's cheating? And he's in college?

      If he's not a retard he'll divorce this slut, and avoid paying NFL alimony. Then he can afford whatever scenario to take care of his kids works best. Fucking some italian dude like he is now isn't his best option.

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      no they are not his kids she was a single mother of two kids when they met

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      Oh jesus that's just asking for it.

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      This chick had more red flags than communist russia

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      My buddy was dating a single mom. She secretly left me her number on a note when they were visiting.

      Later she left him for a more exploitable naive guy.

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      By the way, where was she during these allegations?

      At the club, of course.

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      Let's be real guys he'll dump this whore before he gets real big and she'll probably get shit in the divorce proceedings

      Then he will use the sob story to bang some other 10 in the ass whole were watching walking dead on Sunday

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      I hope he does... Might take the sting out of his emotional pain.

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      Marriage is the oldest scam in history, and western men keep falling for it.

      [–]dherik 18 points19 points  (2 children)

      How would you recommend we raise the next generation of men? Fatherless and dealing with a bitter single mother?

      [–]bm2l -1 points0 points  (1 child)

      You can have children in a two parent household and raise them to be socially aware without marrying. The women who deserve your offspring and commitment the most are the ones that know a contract =/= true love. The ones who deserve the bouquet of flowers the most are the ones who think flowers are just a waste of money.

      [–]PlusGoody 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      In Norway maybe? In the US, a sensible woman from a good family (protip: the only sort worth anything) won't cohabit more than a couple of years, to say the least of have children, outside of marriage. That's strictly the domain of damaged sluts and radical feminists.

      [–]MUTHAFATHAGENTLEMAN 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      It certainly is not.

      MGTOW is a cop out. Things get tough, so you just throw in the towel?? You are the product of a long line of men who fucked women, and bet your ass a lot of them did it in marriages, and a lot of them were successful.

      The solution, in my opinion, is not to give up, but to get better. We owe it to ourselves to learn to be stronger and owe it to the next generation to teach proper social/sexual skills. We need to teach boys that girls are just as capable of evil as men, and that men are full of value. We need to show them strong and solid marriages, based on strong and solid men, who demand their wives meet a higher standard.

      Men need to choose who they want to marry, not throw their commitment away to any woman who will have them.

      [–]SammyFitch 3 points4 points  (1 child)

      Very Similar thing happened to a friend of mine.

      His girl started having an affair with 4th line NHLer while he was the Captain of his WHL team. Anyways, they both play in the NHL now, but my buddy is a top 4 dman.

      Girls like this value being with the guy who looks best on their arm, has the most money, whatever, not as a person. So anytime they have a chance to jump up, they will always take it.

      [–]1sailorJery 10 points11 points  (0 children)

      puck bunnies are not LTR material

      [–]stemgang 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      We already had this discussion, using this exact same example. I think it was yesterday.

      Asked and answered.

      [–]rebuildingMyself 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Upgrade all she wants, however she shouldn't be rewarded for it when the divorce comes.

      [–]Neodit 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Ok, I've never seen any articles from this site before, but this article made me so mad...The article actually supports the woman..wot?!

      [–]Flargmastaflex2 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I used to think men were the biggest risk-takers of the human race, but it seems like women just take different kinds of risks.

      [–]boxofcookies101 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      To give another example of this. Chris Brown who's rich famous and wanted by millions of women. His girl when Chris was locked up fucked Drake. Started a current Twitter war but this just shows bitches aint shit.

      [–]toner297 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      These hoes ain't loyal lol

      [–]superyay 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Can't make a ho a housewife.

      [–]swallowpls 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      more reasons for that prenuptial agreement

      [–]GOATLin -3 points-2 points  (8 children)

      Meh...guys who are always trying out for NFL teams don't make jack unless they end up being a real contributor. 9/10 of them don't ever make any real money playing football.

      Let's not talk about this guy like he was some huge catch.

      [–]1sailorJery 7 points8 points  (7 children)

      being dressed for one game in the NFL nets you a higher salary than the average worker in the US's yearly salary

      [–]myrpaccount 1 point2 points  (5 children)

      True, but most of those guys have no long term method to make money. They might rake in some good dough for a few years, but they end up squandering it quickly. Most of them are bankrupt within a few years of retirement.

      I wonder how many of those girls stay around once that happens.

      [–]McDoner 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      Espn 30 for 30 has this on netflix, a pretty interesting watch.

      [–]ultrasuperthrowaway 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      One of my coworkers played 1 season for the Carolina Panthers and got injured, thankfully his backup was finance education so he can continue to do 6 figures. Without that education I'm not sure where he'd be.

      [–]1sailorJery 0 points1 point  (2 children)

      it would still be incorrect to describe what NFL players make as "jack"

      [–]redpillerinnyc 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      Depends on what kind of circles you hang out in. NFL players are like fashion models. A few of them raking it in, but most of them don't make much & need another line of work in a few years.

      [–]1sailorJery 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      I'm talking someone who isn't on the practice squad. Someone who's actually in the lineup for a game makes good money. If only for the one game.