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II. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority

Forget all those romantic cliches of the leading man proclaiming his undying love for the woman who completes him. Despite whatever protestations to the contrary, women do not want to be “The One” or the center of a man’s existence. They in fact want to subordinate themselves to a worthy man’s life purpose, to help him achieve that purpose with their feminine support, and to follow the path he lays out. You must respect a woman’s integrity and not lie to her that she is “your everything”. She is not your everything, and if she is, she will soon not be anymore

Thats why this is one of the 16 Commandments of Poon

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The handful of women I have respect for all fit the paradigm as outlined by Roissy. 16 Commandments of Poon is golden but I haven't read it in a long time, in fact I should probably schedule it a reread.

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There's a reason Neo is "The One" and Trinity was his assistant.

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Excellent post.

For those of you who don't do this yet, make a folder on your computer and copy/paste the best posts from this site inside it. Come back to them every so often---you never have to wade through the shit that gets posted here sometimes, only the best TRP knowledge. This is one to start you folder with.

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I think that's a great idea.

I've published a few books. I've wondered if it would make sense to gather the best posts into a small TRP digital handbook, and make it free for the community as a resource. Possibly assemble the posts together in a way to make it easy to read. Then, as more posts are published that the community thinks has value, update the book. Also include links to each writer's blogs, other community resources, a reading list (etc.).

Then, have the book on a torrent, or hosted somewhere off-site (Dropbox, etc). (If people want, it's simple to make a paper copy available through CreateSpace, too.)

Easy to do. I'd be willing to do this if the community and the writers approve, with community oversight and feedback, etc. If there's interest I can make a post to open up the idea to the community.

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You guys seen this yet:

Obv don't use your identifiable git acct

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Did not know about that. Will check it out. Writing in MarkDown is great.

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I'd be interested. Might even pay money.

An audio book would be nice too, for us delivery drivers who are sick of the radio.

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Cool, an audiobook is a great idea - although I don't have the best speaking voice.

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Makes a nice backup in case we get shut down, too

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I'm using Evernote. Slap on your browser of choice their web clipper and you're set.

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As an aside, I've been using that for years - across all my devices. I found it brilliant enough that I subscribed to Premium three years ago. Have you found however that the more recent versions (desktop and mobile) have become a bit bloated and slow enough to discourage use somewhat? Pisses me off.

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The most recent is the "Chat Work" spam that gets in your face annoyingly.

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Google drive yo. Or for the paranoid owncloud in a docker container (comes with odf reader I believe)

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How likely would it be that we get shutdown? Has there been an attempt?

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Considering every other sub constantly refers to rp as a hate group and the interim CEO of reddit is Ellen Pao (Ex lawyer, equal rights), I'd say fair-to high. Just a matter of some 2x troll claiming her hubby raped/abused her after reading something on this sub and bam, its gone.

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Evernote might be more useful

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I'll be glad to give it format in InDesign so it looks neat.

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I don't have a "folder" per se but I have an Evernote notebook for TRP. I can clip anything and it preserves the formatting and links.

It's currently ~15 posts only.

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The less fucks you give bout women, the more fucks they give about you.

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Your posts always resonate with me, but I have a few questions. I'm 19 years old, and to make a long story short my life is kind of a mess and I'm struggling with a few things. Parents divorced and house foreclosed on are the two biggest things. You talk about your art and mission and how it should be my main focus. But at my age I'm not sure what my mission or art is. I lift, I'm trying to go back to school (I have a few things I need to take care of before I can), and I'm about to have a pretty nice job. Is it a problem that I'm not sure what I want to do with my life yet? I have a few ideas but I'm a little scared on what to commit on. I know the sooner I get an education the sooner I'll be able to start a career but is there a limit on how long I should wait? Sorry if this is inappropriate or ranty. This is one of my first serious red pill questions.

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Have you considered setting short term goals.

Instead of asking yourself where you want to be at 30, ask yourself where you want to be on Jan 31, a month into 2015. Start trying to hit short term goals, you're 19, even if you knew what you wanted out of life, it likely wouldn't be the same in 5 years time.

I noticed you talked about education. That resonates, I have a Bcom degree and I'm now a law student so education is something I get. Having said that,one thing I noticed is that it's about the person, not the degree. Education isn't a solution, it's a means to get where you want to be. Often you can achieve your goals without one.

I guess what can help you is to sit down, and think of the happiest moments in your life. Then ask yourself why. Then ask yourself how can you create more of those moments. Then ask yourself what you'll need to do to create them.

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That's actually a genius way of looking at it. I guess I have some recollecting to do today. I also have some short term financial goals (get a car and try and move out with a friend). I appreciate you taking the time to give me some insight

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You're further ahead than most 19 year olds. What may be a red flag is:

I'm trying to go back to school

Some things never happen if it is just a wish without a plan. I'd suggest setting a time to have the 'things' taken care of and make that a priority. Also, nothing to stop you doing say half an hours study 3 or 4 times a week right now. Will give you a head start for when you actually start school.

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Thanks for the input. The things that keep me from school are my #1 priority right now. My goal is to start again next fall. And I don't have Internet at home, but when I do I plan on taking some free course online during my free time (MIT and coursera have hundreds of free online classes if anyone is curious)

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Personally, I'm a big fan of wainting before you go to college. Unless you have a free ride, and/or tons of scholarships/grants, waiting to go to college is a good idea.

You'll be older, more mature, and probably have a better idea what you want to study. At 24, you can take out more student loans if needed, and no longer have to provide your parents' tax info to the school.

Education should help you accomplish your life goals. If you don't know what those are yet, take some time to figure it out.

Never stop learning. You don't need college to be educated. It does make things easier though for certain paths in life.

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Yeah it's good advice but depends on the case. Personally at 18 I went to an "ok" school but one I didn't wanted to go really, I dropped out because I lost my 25% scholarship due to slacking off.

Got a job, evaluated my life (and found TRP), one year later I'm in the best engineering school of my country with a 60% scholarship.

That year off school really helped me see what I wanted in life and that I gotta work to get it.

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Wow, so many things just clicked in my head.

Mommy issues

I've never truly wanted or felt I NEEDED a woman in my life, I've never based my self worth on whether I have a girlfriend at the time, or how many girls I can get into bed. This is something my friends have never understood "BRO you cant just not care. why dont you have a girlfriend yet?". And I realise now its because I dont have the male equivalent of 'Daddy issues', because the women of my family have always loved/supported me. I get along great with my mum, i regularly see both my nans, and my aunts eyes literally light up when she sees me. I dont NEED a womans love to feel whole.

One blatant example that I can think of is one of my buddies from school. The guys really energetic and outgoing, but he ALWAYS needs a girlfriend. and then he devotes all his time/money/efforts into making her happy. blowing off plans with our group of friends because hes "spending time with her" "hasnt got any money" only to buy her gifts, nights out, trips. I never understood why untill now. Whenever i've seen his mum i always thought she was a very 'cold' woman, even as a kid i noticed this, never showing him much attention, you could just feel she wasn't very "mum-like".

mummy issues- word of the day

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Classic post IM. There are many truths there for those who are not blind enough to see.

. They always try to change you and make you dysfunctional, they self-sabotage the relationship by destroying you.

Exactly. A woman never accepts a man for who he is, she has to change him for what she wants him to be. Marriage is a job for a man and a lifestyle for a woman. Your job is to keep her happy and satisfied, and that is no guarantee she won't cheat on you. TRM even talks about how you have to constantly impress your wife and keep frame, when guys settle, get fat, get old, anything that might diminish their SMV they get traded on or cheatted on.

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I'm a highly paid Professional Engineer working in a very niche sector of manufacturing/construction engineering.

Think about that for a second.. I completed my bachelors of E&E engineering (4 years course), worked in the field as an 'Engineer in Training' (another 4 years & go through hoops just to obtain my Chartership), and pursued a masters degree relevant to my current line of work (2 years). At age 28, I'm a one man wrecking ball in my career.

Assuming you are just as smart, motivated and driven as I am, not being in a relationship wouldn't alter your destiny. If you don't make excuses for yourself, you'd still accomplish what you set out to achieve. However, if you decide to be in a relationship with someone, you'd have two likely scenarios. One, you'd still accomplish your goals or two, she bogs you down with emotional baggage and ruins your chances of achieving your goals. If you did a cost benefit analysis of being in a relationship or not, you'd quickly notice that you have 33% (1/3) chance of destroying your goals..

I've said this many times and I'll say it again. Your twenties is YOUR prime time to work and improve on yourself. A man doesn't just hit his stride in his 40s by just turning up.. The act of self-actualisation is a tedious and hard undertaking by itself.. Why would you want to add unnecessary risk by taking on a relationship?

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"If you don't make excuses for yourself"

This. This is the downfall for too many. Not only do you have to deal with excuses you give yourself, but people around you will provide them for you in a misguided attempt to build you up.

Say what you want, but I think self talk is important. When I catch myself making excuses, I say "Rule 76, no excuses, play like a champion"

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A bitch fucked up my trajectory in my 20s. Working towards two degrees and she sabotaged me. The crab in the bucket thing, she pulled me back down and forced me to keep trying to climb out, only to have her hold me back. 20 years later I'm nowhere near what I could have been without that albatross around my neck.

Sure as fuck they aren't worth it.

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I remember when I was doing my degree there was a gentleman in the lecture theatre from Malaysia there. He told me he was 50 at the time. I asked him what had inspired him to come to university so late in life. He said "I already have a successful business back in Malaysia, I want to improve myself so I thought doing a degree would be a good idea." The dude had made enough money to let other people manage his income stream for him on the other side of the planet whilst he came to England to study. Never too late buddy.

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It's too late for me. I'm working on something you can't learn in school, have passive income, and enjoy what I'm doing, but I would be much farther ahead and have more than $50k passive income by now if not for her. I've learned more in the last 7 years than all my time in schools.

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Your twenties is YOUR prime time to work and improve on yourself. A man doesn't just hit his stride in his 40s by just turning up..

Whereas woman can turn up in their 20s and be gifted everything (scholarships, jobs, excellent career opportunities for Plain Jane only available for the most gifted of gifted men otherwise (politics/Fortune 50 companies), quotas, politicians vying for your vote) because they have a vagina.

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, their value quickly diminishes once they hit their 30s. And deep down inside they know it.

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"Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, their value quickly diminishes once they hit their 30s. And deep down inside they know it."

I'm 41 and have sensed a shift where the playing field has not only leveled but tilted very much in my favor. Women in my age group? Largely bitter primarily about the wall and their introduction to it. Not only is their physical attractiveness largely lacking, their attitude is a huge turn off. And to make things worse, they have an entitlement mentality that nowhere matches their physical attractiveness. Sure there is the occasional woman who doesn't fit the mold, but generally they're once or twice-divorced women who hate men while at the same time desperately long for one to take care of them and realize they can only land a beta.

I get the whole wanting to be with younger women primarily for their great outlook on life and fun personalities. Compared to women in their late 30s and 40s it's a night and day difference in attitudes.

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I know exactly what you mean through second hand experience from a good friend.

He's in his early 40s (self-employed, money from passive investments, very confident, ripped to shreds and can read women like a book) and there's no way he'd touch 99% of the women over 35 for the exact same reasons you just listed: They're bitter, out of shape, entitled, washed up hags.

A 20 year old model he was casually hanging out with (read: banging) said something along the lines of "You're so full of energy, mystery and enthusiasm. I don't 'feel' like you're old. You're young. Sure, you're older than me, but at the same time you're acting my age. It's so much fun!"

I also love the shaming he has to endure from other women and men for fucking 20something year olds and not 'settling down'.

And when you try to pry deeper, in a casual way, asking why he should go with a 40 year old out of shape woman over a hot 20 year old, the answers are usually 'because it's wrong! There's such an age difference! He's almost a pedo! What kind of connection can he really have with someone that young? He could be her father!', etc.

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Love it. When I was younger I never really understood the whole older guys dating younger women for other than the obvious physical reasons. Now I get it. If we have to endure all the crap they put us through, enjoying a nice body makes it worth it.

Just thinking about dating women in this age group makes me reconsider MGTOW.

A woman in this age group can increase her SMV or at least maintain what she's got through exercise, healthy eating habits, not smoking, and enjoying a few alcoholic beverages...once in a while, but I'll be dammed if that bitter & bitchy attitude can't be exorcised out of her no matter what.

A co-worker in another branch is 36, a fitness fanatic, and has a great attitude. She's very fun to be around and funny to boot. So needle in a haystack, but generally? Forget about it.

As we increase our SMV what's wrong with enjoying the fruits of our labor?

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First and foremost, I consider myself on the MGTOW spectrum (no LTRs for me thanks), so don't take this as a criticism of that concept.

The issue with your piece that I have is that I am a nihilist. After thinking about life purpose for my entire time alive, and having read the treatise on the subject by the greatest minds from recorded human history, I have concluded that life is inherently without objective purpose.

At the same time, there is a human instinct that drives us to find a purpose. It's the absurd existential paradox:

"At this point of his effort man stands face to face with the irrational. He feels within him his longing for happiness and for reason. The absurd is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world."

-An Absurd Reasoning by Albert Camus

So, we’re left forced to define and create our own purpose and meaning in life.

Why should we say that any individual’s choice purpose is superior or inferior to another? To find purpose in anything is really a logically absurd proposition to begin with.

Some will delve into hedonism. Nothing matters, why not enjoy myself? The PUA lifestyle really is a form of hedonism, though it is focused on sex and ego validation. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. They go with their inherent urges (urges which are also shared by a majority of other men), and from this stems an almost lack of understanding of other men who choose to follow other paths. "You must feel the same way, and if you say you don't you must be deceiving yourself!"

Others are passionate about art, science, or whatever else, and delve into that. Serious MGTOW are perhaps more akin to the stoics, in that they try and free themselves from what they perceive as errors in judgment, notably desire for women. Seeing desire for women as a cause of many poor judgments and often the destruction of ones’ life, they wonder how crazy you must have to be to go after them.

So in a way, my criticisms here are also criticisms of the guys making posts about MGTOW who think MGTOW are pussies that are too weak or lazy to get pussy.

It’s just a matter of difference in value judgments, and ultimately all value judgments are objectively false.

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Well said. We are the lucky gender, we aren't slaves to our emotions. We are truly free, they hate us for that and try to shackle us up with them. Don't be deceived.

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we aren't slaves to our emotions

Except when the uninformed suffer from oneitis

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The paragraph about your art coming first is so spot on. Well done OP I hope a lot of people read this and really soak it in. A lot of wisdom inside of it. I'll be sure to check out your blog btw!

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We should all commit to creating something, have our own art. It could be writing, wood working, hell- even cooking. Most of us spend too much time selling our labor for less than its worth. Produce something of your own. Your labor increases value and creates ownership.

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I believe the terms "Art" and "Mission" can be summed up by the word "Passion". I only say this because sometimes these posts come off as too externally focused, doing things that other people would notice or respect vs doing things just because you want to. I honestly don't give a fuck about what the world thinks of me when I'm dead and gone, I do things for my own personal enjoyment and desires. I have my own passion for building shit, and no shit, I will often sit down with a box of lego's and just randomly put shit together until I get an idea for my next project. The lego's then get put away and I start outlining and planning whatever it is I wish to design or learn next.

So I really do think mastery of an internal art should be included in the list of things to do. Self enjoyment is also a worthwhile goal as pleasure is an accomplishment. It gets quite a bit philosophical going down that route though.

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Your overall point is spot on. Do this for you.

It is hard to explain what it feels like to be proud of yourself. It is a greater feeling than any woman will ever give you. Oddly enough, when you are happy with yourself and you take part in experiences for yourself and no one else, you not only attract more women, you attract women of a higher quality.

Having said that, I think you err in saying women aren't worth shit compared to a self actualized man. The catch is that they are few and far between, just as men like me are few and far between.

Yes, I realize that is egotistical. I like who I am. If I didn't like who I was, I would change it.

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This is a powerful statement:

A lot of guys say "you're hamstering, you do it all for women." And you know what? I think fuck them, they're projecting why they do this self improvement shit for themselves onto me. Sure I like getting laid who the fuck doesn't? But it's not the centre of my universe, my art is.

Men, regardless of how media portray us, are incredibly passionate and emotional creatures.

When we look back at Western history, most of our prominent figures are men of science and art. They are renaissance men who dedicated themselves to knowledge and expanding their lives to be as fulfilling as possible.

Become knowledgeable about your body and what it needs, and you'll naturally become better looking and stronger. Learn different languages and cultures so that you have experience and empathy. Study math and science so you can see more truth and precision in the world; and at your core you need to have passion in what you do. Without that focus and drive that passion gives you, you aimlessly wandering through life without any understanding or love for what is going on around you.

You becomes a man by expanding the knowledge and actions of yourself as much as possible. I see far too many men run from their emotions because they see them as "un-manly". It's not. You've been lied to or order to get you to obey. Why? Because emotions allow us to look at anything from various angles and question what is occurring to us as individuals and the world around us.

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In short, no great man is remembered for the women he had.

[–]Dark triad expert: - - [3 Points]IllimitableMan[S] 14 points15 points  (0 children)

But half of these female celebs we know about got there by being the girlfriend or concubine of a man. Hilarious, really.

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I like the post!

What I would add is, that "in times past" men didn't necessarily expend a lot of time on women, either. So really, you are spot-on - and your suggestions are in essence, an intelligent way to return to historical norms.

So compared to what was historically done, women today receive a huge mal-investment of time and resources during the courtship period...

Think of say, your grandfather - when he was young, he found a woman his same age or younger, and by the time he was 22 or 23 they married, she was probably a virgin, young, tight, slender.

He courted her for maybe 6 months to a year, they married in a relatively simple ceremony, and got on with life! And a young married couple had stuff to learn, adjustments to make, babies to plan for, etc. The guy was still learning the ropes of his business or trade, and THAT was where his energy went.

None of this BS like: $25K princess-style weddings, expensive engagement and then wedding rings, buy a McMansion and fill it with crap we don't need, sort of things.

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you know what, as a fledgling Redpiller, that was damn inspiring. Thanks /u/IllimitableMan

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I feel like since I've swallowed the Pill, I have been able to see that my mission comes first. Always the mission. My goal is to become an awesome programmer, working for Microsoft or some other technological superpower. I fuck around with women, I play the pick-up game wherever I go, I even had a date with a plate last night who took me to a strip club for my birthday and scored a number and a coffee date with a tinder match that happened to be in the same place. But none of it was intentional, I just let things roll and kept focused on my goals. It felt good to have that control over my fate. Too many times have I fallen to chasing tail instead of letting the tail chase me, and it feels good to have that mastery.

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Your path to enlightenment continues in non-trp bounds. As a hacker, I urge you to educate yourself on the ethics of computers before your actions harm more people. Read stallman's selected essays on ethics. Make the world a better place with our understanding of technology, don't work for Microsoft and spend your days enslaving us all.

[–]Tangojokerbravo 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thanks for the tip. I will definitely look into this. I have been in an ethics class this semester and if I've learned anything in it, it's that I know way less than I ever thought I had. I definitely enjoy that class though and I want to read more on philosophy, plan on doing so when I get done with finals week.

[–]HappyNacho 0 points1 point  (0 children)

As a fellow programmer, I will check Stallman's essays. Personally, I'm a big proponent of Open Source (but support also paid sw) and I align more with Google's philosophy. Sure, they data mine the hell out of you but I see it as a way of founding their goals, which are making the world a better place (in contrast with Apple and MS which care more about money).

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Is there any recommended reading on getting over the "mommy issues" that require many men to seek constant female validation? Or is the common trope of "see a therapist" ring true?

[–]Gammacookie 1 point2 points  (0 children)

This."No more Mr. Nice Guy" is a good read.Is there any more recommended readings on getting over the "mommy issues"?

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I'm no RP expert, but if the issues you have with your parent hinders you from making even small improvements in life, I think you should seek out help.

And yes, Galt was red pill.

[–]rpgalt 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes - that book changed my life. The thing is, I'm accomplished in many areas of my life. I deal with women all the time in a professional context b/c I don't think about them romantically - it's purely business. But lately I find myself seeking validation from women romantically and I know that logically its bullshit, but I can't figure out how to match my feelings to the logic.

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It's a tricky one - therapy can be really useful for gaining insight into one's self, and recognising stuck patterns of behaviour. However, a lot of therapists would be very Blue Pill in their approach, so that be problematic. Maybe somebody should setup a Red Pill therapist?

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Fuck to scratch an itch, enjoy women momentarily and occasionally

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Preserving a genetic lineage should be something you do for yourself, because you are an egotist that wants to preserve his existence in the world via his offspring once he has left the world

This is my goal but it requires a woman and probably a western wife for it to be in the best interest of the child

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women are distractions, at best they're toys for my amusement.

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Excellent post as usual.

Would you mind sharing some of your artwork? I've noticed TRP has a decidedly technical/business trend, with a few musicians and writers thrown in, but very few fine artists.

[–]1wiseclockcounter 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I'm also curious. Not that you'd show us anything that would reveal your identity, but what kind of art do you make? I myself am an animator and musician, also getting into generative graphics. btw if anybody wants to chat about that stuff feel free to PM.

[–]52576078 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Maybe he meant art literally, but I read it more as your work, your craft, your passion. I don't think it needs to literally mean art.

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i feel like your post is repeated time and again except in different words.

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There are certain mecanism in the human mind and that can't be ignored or hacked. I did not argue that the desire to please women is a male imperative. I said that excelling, creating and creating value is a instinct that exists to get sex, to compete with other men and to get the pussy prize. Without the pursuit of pussy, men will recoil and be as useful and productive as women.

This is not a cognitive issue. This is an underlying prerogative, this is the yin to the hypergamous yang. You can take that drive and reframe it to be more selfish in nature but not only will it be perceived as gynocentric because that is the value structure we live in, but it's origins are gynocentric as well.

So In my opinion, to succeed means to win the game that everybody else is playing. You can have your own minigame for your enjoyment but the big picture needs to be your priority.

So if they had to choose between living for themselves and getting the attention and validation of themselves and whatever woman agrees with that assessment or "living for women" (which is just playing the gynocentric game) and getting the attention and validation of many women. I would encourage men to do the latter because it's harder to stagnate when your have external reference points, it's more natural and it's harder so it will result in a better you at the end of the day.

Now, you can "play the game" with self-sacrifice of well-being, happiness and stability and go for the pussy at any cost or you can use the red pill framework and create a sustainable and satisfying paradigm for yourself. Living for pussy doesn't mean you are a slave to it. It means you understand the game and play it to win. Also as a side benefit you appear to be a well-adapted successful modern man that is enjoyed by women, instead of being a outlier that needs to make up rationalisations for his family during the holidays ( this will open a lot more doors than you think and again make you grow exponentially compared to the man-is-an-island scenario.)

TL,DR. Knowing of the game is not special, playing and winning at it is.

[–]stumbles047 3 points4 points  (1 child)

I'm 27. Six months ago I had the mentality that I was waiting on a woman worth being ambitious for. In the last 3 months there's been a massive surge in young women's interest in me which has allowed me the practice with them that led me to TRP. I would agree that it is a man's biological inclination to be ambitious for women and not organically out of our own self-interest.

[–]2asd1100 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I am not arguing to wait for a special woman, or to work to prove yourself for one.

I am arguing that you should aim and evaluate yourself on how society and women(plural) feel about you and perceives you. In your master plan, you should not want to be ruler of an island (population: 1-10), but rather aim and work towards a more ambitious goal: top 20% of a city.

[–]the_red_scimitar 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Good viewpoint, but a bit too authoritative - i.e., not allowing that there are other valid viewpoints. Some men really don't need or want children, and the same is true for some women. There is nothing at all wrong with such men. Carrying on one's own DNA as a priority seems as valid as any other life goal, but not any more so.

[–]Dark triad expert: - - [3 Points]IllimitableMan[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Hence why it's called "my stance on women" and not "how you should live your life."

[–]the_red_scimitar 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Hence why I said "good viewpoint". And added my own.

[–]BlackDynamiteOfATX 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Why would you be obsessed with women in the first place?

If you slept with the 100 most beautiful women over the next 100 days and did nothing else you would you really be happy?

[–]Dark triad expert: - - [3 Points]IllimitableMan[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

If you slept with the 100 most beautiful women over the next 100 days and did nothing else you would you really be happy?

You know I think for some guys that's enough. But it's not for me.

[–]ninapendawewe -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

I've felt like this for years, and I'm a woman. My number one priority is my business and nothing will stop me. I am not seeking romantic love at all and I have no plans to start a family. Why do you think only men can think like this?

Edit: I never said you were wrong. Was simply asking why he thinks only men can do what he is doing. I also don't know why this comment got me banned from theredpill.

[–]gg_s 9 points10 points  (0 children)

Standard solipsistic response. "My experience doesn't match what you said, therefore it is not true! How could you think that?!"

We understand that there will always be outliers and we don't require a special disclaimer to account for them every time a generalization is used.

That aside, this post is not about romantic love. It is about a man's propensity to worship women, and I do mean worship. OP makes a case for steering that devotion away from women and toward more meaningful pursuits. Unless you have some sort of unique insight on how the male "pedestal" mentality works, you cannot possibly relate to this discussion.

[–]Dark triad expert: - - [3 Points]IllimitableMan[S] 8 points9 points  (0 children)

You are an outlier. There are always outliers. You have to look past yourself and outside yourself and see what your fellow women are like, although that may be skewed if you keep similar company as people tend to. There are women out there with 160 IQ and a PHD in Physics, does that make them representative of women in general? No. You're probably high testosterone too (enjoy A LOT of sex, pronounced jaw line?) - most women aren't like that. Most women are happy working part time and leeching off a man. The NHS in the UK has a huge doctor shortage because they take more women in than men, those women work 10 years tops (full-time,) have a kid and then work part time. Effectively they found 3 female doctors do as much work as 1 male doctor (15 hours each, whilst a man will do 45 hours.) Crazy fucking world.

[–]lalicat -1 points0 points  (0 children)

When I first read The Great Gatsby I realized that most of the steps I had taken to turn my life around and all of my early triumphs were to basically win back a girl ... Everything I did was fueled by it and I achieved some amazing things. In the course of this though I gained a foundation of confidence. It got to a point where I felt my SMV was much higher than hers and when she finally came crawling back to me I turned her down after one last fuck. I realized I didn't want her anymore, I just fucked her because it was something I'd made a personal goal just to prove I'd mastered her and had my chance to break her heart now. I did and I still feel great about it.

The point is though I realized I'm more than just a dick put on earth to chase pussy. That's when the real success started and it hasn't stopped yet.

[–]CruzeControl1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This was beutiful my friend. Just what I needed to read. Thank you

[–]socio_j 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You are truly a wise man Sir! I really needed to read this post. Thank you!

[–]OscarWhisky 0 points1 point  (0 children)

When the dirt is being dropped on your coffin, it doesn't really matter about your legacy anymore, does it?

If the PUA's are getting some real satisfaction, every day, I think that's enough. If that is their #1 driving force, I think fuck whatever they say after I'm dead.

I do agree generally though.

[–]cooltrip 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Never put alpha-seeking inferior piece of fuck-meat on a pedestal.

To approach or not to approach? Only approach women who earn and deserve your approaching.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You would love greek mythology.

[–]MomentarilyReal 0 points1 point  (0 children)

You never get to take a break with women, you always have to be on top of shit. You never get to "just love a woman...

Just like Patrice O'Neal said. Actually, this sounded familiar as well

There is no higher goal for a woman than to be a wife and a mother....We are the kings....

Fantastic post, will be back to reread.

Great blog by the way IM.

[–]entropychange 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I remember asking "why do girls care so much about boys?" when I was an inexperienced and naive boy at 13. Women give so many fucks about us because they are completely dependent on us to obtain their highest goals.

At age 13-16 I'm don't think women are attracted to men to pursue their highest goals, their behavior is governed mostly by hormones. At older age about 18-30, I think most women on subconscious lever at least notice that guys are more successful in getting physical results of their goals than women usually achieve.

Women concern themselves with the relationships with other people much more than men do, on other hand men focus more on results than the relationships. For example, how often you guys are calling your parents? Well girls on average do that more often because the relationship with other people is of a higher priority. I'm in transition of incorporating red pill in my life and it's extremely difficult for me to shift my focus from other people to my personal egoistic life.

I realized that in order to ever be happy and attain self-mastery that I needed to become massively selfish, stop neglecting my own needs and stop hiding from my own weaknesses.

I know that I won't progress and will be depressed and will waste my whole life if I don't change my mentality and do the same things as you mentioned above, become more egoistic and focus most of the energy on personal growth. I just feel that your advice in a sense is valid for both genders.

[–]garlicextract 0 points1 point  (0 children)

tl;dr (Even though this is clearly an excellent post you should read thoroughly):

Strive to be Leonardo DiCaprio, not Dan Bilzerian.