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What's almost as good is the reply, which made the rounds a while back on


You know, you're right. It really is better this way. I mean, if we dated, chances are more than likely you wouldn't live up to the fantasy I've built up. We'd date for a while. I'd grow sick of the insecurity stemming from dating a girl I consider 'out of my league.' Then, one day, I'd realize that not only do you not respect me, you've also been preying on the fact that I've forced myself to believe you're the only one for me. It'll only get worse from there. I'll realize that you're really not that pretty, you're really not that smart, and you're really not that interesting. I'll have no choice but to come to terms with the fact that you're, at best, a seven. Sevens are good, don't get me wrong, but a C is still a C... and let's face it, you're a real fucking C.

After that I'll start looking around. Oh sure, I'll stick around while the sex is still interesting. But it'll all go back to you not living up to my fantasy version of you. No matter how hard you try, it'll all come back to me looking down at you and thinking 'Is this it?' as I show the same enthusiasm I do when I'm enjoying day-old pizza.

I'll flirt with other girls; because now they're interested in a guy they can't have. My confidence will have increased. I'll eventually realize that the trick to girls isn't to date the prettiest or the smartest, just one the other girls are slightly jealous of. Hell, it could be a purse. They'll see your new bag, find out I gave it to you (in reality long before we ever dated), and want a guy that gives them nice things like me... exactly like me.

Eventually you'll realize that, now that I've got you, I'm losing interest. It wasn't you I was in love with; it was the idea of you. It was the chase. You'll become more and more insecure. You'll complain that I don't pay enough attention to you. And in the end you'll realize I've become the same jerk I tried so hard to rescue you from. The shame of turning something so good into something so mediocre will gnaw at you until you cheat on me with some new douche. After all, he's already a jerk and a loser. You didn't make him that way. He can only get better. At least, that's what you'll hope.

The alternative is what? I'll get angry, a natural reaction to the pain I'm feeling from rejection. My snide remarks will cut away at the eager-to-please impression you have of me. It'll culminate into one huge fight. You'll call me an asshole; I'll call you a bitch. You'll run to one of the other countless drones waiting to replace me and the whole cycle will start all over. The very friendship you were hoping to retain will be the one you've dashed. Maybe things would have been different if you hadn't let me waste my time chasing something you never intended to give me.

Years later we'll run into each other somehow. If I'm better off you'll attribute it to my desire to 'make you want me.' If I'm worse off you'll think my life fell apart and it's all because I didn't know how to deal with not having you. In the end it's all my fault. I took things too slowly. Sure, there was that moment where you considered dating me; but I was looking away or too afraid to do anything about it. Then I hung around too long hoping to catch a second chance; but we both know it'll never come. I was my own worst enemy.

Eventually I'll learn the lesson; but chances are I'll be so desperate for affection that I'll wind up marrying the first thing that doesn't say no. And you, you'll always hope the jerk you settled for someday becomes as great a guy as I once was... long before I realized you were full of shit.

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    My pleasure. I actually had it sitting in a text file dusty and unloved for years. Time for it to be passed on to the next generation!

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    Holyshit, you sound just like the girl, but from her perspective

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    Holy shit this hit hard. Exact situation man.

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    It's so funny how SO many people go through such similar experiences with dating a female friend.

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    You're so funny and smart and amazing, any girl but me would be lucky to date you. You'll find someone, I know it.

    More than anything, TRP helped me understand why girls said this sort of thing and why it bothered me so much.

    Because they want to ride the CC while you sit around and wait for them to hop off the final stallion, and have your sniveling beta ass waiting on the other side so they can Beta Bux you up.

    I was called "marriage material" a lot by girls, and now I find this to be the biggest indicator of the type of girl I should never even try to marry, if I were still fantasizing about a marriage.

    I actually made a post on this a while back which spawned some great conversation, which I can't link to directly, but you can search "on being marriage material" or check my submission history.

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    I actually made a post on this a while back which spawned some great conversation, which I can't link to directly, but you can search "on being marriage material" or check my submission history.

    By the grace of the almighty Brodin...


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    What sorcery did you use to get the link to not be blocked?

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    You nailed the marriage material bit. I was even called it by my most serious gf while dating her, who eventually broke my heart

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    "don't go breaking my heart,I won't go breaking your heart" :'( /s

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    That's the thing. Don't give someone the power to break your heart. A man can love himself much more than a woman ever could. Forge your heart to be unbreakable for women.

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    The only way not to get hurt, is not to love. As soon as you love someone, you give them the power to destroy you. But, being in love feels pretty cool.

    It's a simple matter of risk vs reward. Choose not to love anyone and you may be able to maintain a fairly nuetral emotional state. Choose to love and you will experience the highest highs and the lowest lows.

    If you are careful with who you choose to love, you should be able to maintain a higher percentage of highs than lows.

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    No. Love fearlessly and don't imbue anyone with the ability to destroy your self-love. There is no threat to your strength if you always can rely on that one most important true love of all: the love of oneself.

    Love of another is a bonus not something to top off your own half full cup.

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    Love fearlessly

    freely, and unconditionally. . . touche

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    While true a man can and should love himself more than a woman ever could, I feel the last statement is a very Cynical (yet popular, around here) approach.

    It's also said here than man is capable of truly selfless love, while a woman is not; "what's mine is mine, what's yours is ours" type behavior if you will.

    Just a thought.

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    Reminds me of what I read some time back. Thanks for the reminder! Here's an upvote!

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    It's also said here than man is capable of truly selfless love, while a woman is not;

    male hamstering? it may largely be true but i hope most men here dont consider themselves so enlightened as to be capable of selfless love (realising their love has constraints)

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    You don't have to make your heart unbreakable and close yourself off to feelings. Just guard your heart very closely and don't give it to just any tramp. A good woman will amplify your love for her back onto you

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    I imagine a girl riding a carousel round and round while her beta bux stands off to the side constantly feeding the machine quarters to keep the carousel turning...

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    It's like any other hollow compliment, or liking a post on Facebook to show you care about a cause. It's not going to benefit anyone, it's to make them feel better. It's so they can feel like they did something nice today, without actually having to commit any effort.

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    I got that too before I had the vocabulary to describe my situation as an orbiter.

    edit: Don't know what I'm getting downvoted for? The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one - I was a massive orbiter, delta if not lower, and the abasement I put myself through to see this girl happy is horrifying in hindsight. The "marriage material" line bothered me back then and now I know why, thanks to Vox Day and Roosh and Dalrock and all the rest.

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    For those who are new or don't know, the general theory behind women wanting a large "friendzone" of males is that if they wind up in their 30s and realise they're not hot anymore, they'll always have that guy who's always "Been there for her" to fall back on. This has been Hollywood-ised into something romantic. Where the man has to go out and prove his love to a woman and after years of friendship and heartbreak and compassion, she finally recognises that he's "the one!"

    In reality she just couldn't find anybody hotter or richer to marry. Or she was done having sex with hot guys and now just wants to marry a push-over type guy. This is negative for men because, as the article put it, you get absolutely nothing out of it. She gets a fallback plan and a guy to take as her plus-one to events so she doesn't seem like a sad or lonely ice maiden. We've all seen these guys at a woman's hip. Clearly friendzoned, very protective of the girl, anxious. And of course, pretending they don't know that they're a bitch.

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    Actually, I would wait if the girl is a conservative virgin .

    But waiting for a slut who has been continuously dumped by non committal assholes is the stupidest thing you can do to yourself.

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    Why are they assholes? They know her value is trash.

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    I'm thinking he is saying it in a positive context? Idk.

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      If she gets remarried, the alimony checks stop coming in.

      If I was dating a girl who divorce raped her last husband, there would be zero chance I marry her.

      Hard to say whether the new guy is beta, but if he's been orbiting her for 20 years I would say so. The fact that they aren't married doesn't make him an automatic beta though.

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      Y'know I see this same scenario retold over and over again on this website and I will upvote it every time because a) it can't be said enough b) it's like re-telling a great story in another new way.

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      I wouldn't even call it "Red Pill," just say its being a man. Honestly that is what this whole sub teaches.

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      A real man, not the man media shows us that is.

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      Of course bro. The media does not define anything except how to better manipulate public opinion. I am always taking notes.

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      I can't believe you linked to that misogynistic sub, shitlord.

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      My daughter loves that one and anything anti sjw. The hilarious part? She is bi, but swings more towards girls and loathes those particular idiots out there. She is almost 21 and doesn't date much, unlike her little sister. You'd think she is perfect sjw, but hates them.

      The world is changing, she isn't alone in her peer group. Mostly it's white knight idiots saying stupid shit.

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      I honestly think no one gave a fuck to begin with. Most people care about their wallets. Social issues are usually second. For proof just look at a presidential election.

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      I cringed and laughed at the same time while reading that. That is definitive "friendzone".

      Thank you for posting this. All hail TRP.

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      I have NEVER been an orbiter for any girl (except my wife for a few years but that doesn't count) and reading this was truly painful.

      If that doesn't shock an orbiters into busting a move nothing will.

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      It might just be because I'm a bit anti-social but the one time I almost became an orbiter, the situation just gave me a really funny feeling, and I pulled back. Then some other guy got the gig. Better you than me buddy.

      And then one of my friends freshman year of college was a hardcore orbiter, and I stole his gurl. Ewps. Most oribters, I guess just like the attention, and then it becomes an ingrained habit.

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      Shared it on Facebook, since I know of a few orbiters, and nothing quite like humor to unveil RP truths. Might get some flak from some girls but who gives a fuck about them?

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      And then there's this:

      I think that's actually a good name for beta orbiters: m'ladies.

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      The comment section of that video is full of posts by Feminists going "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

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      On whether or not to share the redpill with the unenlightened, I have two points.

      I. Only time can teach the ignorant and cure the stupid.

      Only when someone is willing to learn will they seek out knowledge. This is kind of like "When the student is ready, the master will make himself apparent."

      II. "The Redpill™" is not actually the REAL redpill. The redpill here is a simple program or an ideology that someone may adopt.

      Contained within the redpill ideology are many truths about courting women, but extended to it's furthest degree is the truth that even the redpill is just part of the great mythos of the human story. There is no "program" that will win the heart of your affection; Only the man who acts according to his own desire may win the desire of another. There is no ultimate truth here, only guidelines to the behavior of an archetypal primal man.

      The archetypal male of today is not inherently successful in finding his woman, he is only successful right now in this culture. Moreover his best efforts may not even succeed in winning the woman of his choice.

      If you've read this far and will spare me one more analogy... TRP is like wearing braces in Brittan. They're awkward at first, and they kind of hurt. But eventually your teeth straighten out and you're a chick magnet because everyone around you is a snaggleface. In this analogy you weren't born with straight teeth, you aquired them with braces. Similarly you cannot come to act according to your own will through the program of TRP, but the program of TRP can potentially give you desirable behavioral traits.

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      I love satire. It is how I like to express myself and this just makes me laugh so hard now because I am finally getting the red pill. Point of post? Satire is great for reform because it is comedy and feminists get negative view for just bashing on something funny.

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      The Onion has gone way too far left to publish articles like this anymore.

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      Damn, that was unbelievably well-written. I find most stuff from The Onion to be hilarious, but a lot of their material is poorly written. This though… This is spot on.

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      Reminds me of this:

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      It's sad how people really have to be fed the truth in itty bitty bite sized pieces like fish ... I'm always told I'm too blunt 'I agree with what you said but not with how you said it' ... It reminds me of straight talk, posture talk and baby talk. You have to communicate with these people with baby talk ... It's frustrating.

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      One of my favorite all-time articles. I've actually linked to it as my response on many whining-beta threads.