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Who wants to "be" red pill?

Just live your life with awareness of reality. Why label yourself? THAT invites shit.

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Who wants to "be" red pill?

I identify as red pill-kin. How else am I supposed to feed my ego with unwarranted self-importance and a sense of accomplishment without actually doing anything?

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I hear feminism does that AND serves cake.

At least, it looks like they do...

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        what?! they have cake? fuck this red pill shit! i want my cake and i want to eat it too!

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          I think he was being sarcastic

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          This same notion applies to any facet of life. Politics, religion, social beliefs, you name it. Once you label yourself people can put you in a neat little box and pack you away without addressing the substance. Its quite depressing how obsessed humans are with labeling things.

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          Once you label yourself people can put you in a neat little box and pack you away without addressing the substance.

          This is a pretty trite point that reads like it's been taken from a new-age blog written by a 19 year old. I don't even mean for that to be offensive.

          Your post, ironically, apes feminism. All the super leftist "egalitarian" ideals of the last few decades put emphasis on the harmfulness of stereotypes, and the sanctity of the individual.

          Stereotypes, labels, associations, are all extremely useful ways that humans efficiently access information.

          If you're a self declared Republican, Libertarian, Christian, progressive, that says certain things about you. If you're black, female, white, male, etc., same applies.

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          One can identify with certain labels, but openly stating "I am a Christian/Republican/Atheist/Progressive" before trying to make a point takes the wind out of your argument.

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          well, yeah. I didn't say that wasn't retarded as fuck.

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          People are too quick to label though. Dont look for reasons, just apply an obvious label to something/someone and move on. Drives me mad.

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          Time is money

          If I need someone to help me with my nuclear rocket physics homework, I'll probably opt not to ask the black girl who grew up in Harlem and is here on scholarship

          I could look at her "individual situation" and evaluate her thoroughly, and maybe even find out that she's pretty smart, but why the fuck would I do that? It's stupid.

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          I'm thinking in more general situations......

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          What if I agree with Reps on certain issues, Dems on certain issues, progressive on certain issues, and libertarians on certain issues? What does that make me?

          For me its less about some "sanctity of the individual" and more about being intellectually honest enough to think for yourself and reach your own conclusions. The moment you adorn yourself with a neat little label is the moment you agree to forgo the heavy lifting and become a sheep. The moment someone labels you is the moment they no longer have to address the substance of your views when discrediting you.

          Edit: Just like calling yourself "redpill" is ignorant as fuck as well. Are you actually going to go out in the world and say that? Stereotyping is the work of feminists just as it has been the work of other ignorant groups throughout history. They just have different stereotypes they employ compared to the classic racists of the world. You have this entirely backwards.

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          Just like calling yourself "redpill" is ignorant as fuck as well. Are you actually going to go out in the world and say that?

          Of course not, dummy. Is this your first day here?

          No, I don't "identify" myself with labels when I'm socially engaging with people. That's feminine. Saying you're a "nerd", or a "foodie" (word makes me wanna vomit), or most identifiers annoys the shit out of me.

          But when I meet people, I label them without hesitation.

          What if I agree with Reps on certain issues, Dems on certain issues, progressive on certain issues, and libertarians on certain issues? What does that make me?

          It makes you whatever the relevant observing people see you as. There will be a label, be it "Republican" because they only heard your neocon views, or "Moderate", because they heard some liberal ones as well

          Stereotyping is the work of feminists just as it has been the work of other ignorant groups throughout history.

          Feminists don't stereotype based on fact, and selectively choose and manipulate the ones that they do. They actively try to hide stereotypes that they deem inappropriate, and promote the ones that they like. This is no diferent from any other movement/ideology.

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          You seem to think your shit don't stink. I assure you it does.

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          The olfactory's actually workin fine, but thanks for the confirmation

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          It's like when I hear someone proclaim "I am a Christian, so..."

          Like you stated, I cannot help but package them up into a little box of judgment and the next thing they say comes out like the adults in Charlie Brown.

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          It's good you're aware of your closemindedness. Some people aren't even aware of it. Drives me nuts.

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          I learned around 2 years ago (when I was 16) to never label myself. I am Noculum and that's all I am. I might be atheist, but I'm not, I'm Noculum.

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          Isn't the title Noculum a type of "label" in and of itself?

          As to the status of atheism, I'm not entirely sure that's relevant, because your religious beliefs have no bearing on the "labels" you choose to accept for yourself.

          Besides it's not always wrong or disadvantageous to either "label" yourself, with some title of your own choosing, or accept the "labels" others wish to impose upon you. There are situations that warrant both of these behaviors, if your overall well-being is your greatest concern.

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          Based on the label Noculum, I would assume the individual is more likely than average to have the following traits:

          not black
          likes Latin
          likes philosophy
          scores INTP/J on MBTI tests
          has an IQ >= 125

          Also possibly has an atypically flat butt. Only said that because I know a little bit of Spanish.

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          Hahaha, you were only right for the first 3, sorry.

          No interest in Latin, or Philosophy, I doubt my IQ is above 125 since I am not at Uni, and I like to think I have a great ass since I practice Karate 2x a week (and a black belt) :P

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          Well, that's why we call them generalizations, and not facts.

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          That's pretty interesting though, what you can tell from a username. Even more from a few comments.

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          Lol the Briggs-Myers jab was a nice touch.

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          Actually I suppose you are technically correct.

          I know a lot of people who introduce themselves as Christian or Muslim or whatever, that's all, and from there it's easy to judge.

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          Well given the acceptance that there are well meaning and ethical people of faith, we can judge one who immediately identifies something as personal as one's religion, especially if done so in a direct and informative way. We can judge that they wish to be labeled with that religion.

          But that's not always a bad thing.

          For instance those under Mary I's rule in 1550's England had two options; identify yourself as catholic or die.

          Whether or not one ought don a label given to one by others or devise a label for oneself is, as most things are, determined by situational circumstance.

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          Is no one going to address the fact she stole this from a Jim jefferies standup bit?

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          There is a video over on /r/cringe about a self identified "red pill guy" who goes off talking about RP concepts and shit.

          Needless to say, it went exactly as bad as you'd expect it to go.

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          Hmm maybe the guy that has the opposite mind set of an RP and finds out his hunting grounds are stupid feminists that he gets to fuck for being a white knight?

          If you can mute their bullshit, I guess it can be a good deal.

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          If you need to "be RP" you are missing the whole point of TRP. It isn't a set of rules to live by, that's just another feminism, but with men: Girly men.

          TRP is an explanation of reality and some guidelines on living life as you want. If you need to "be" TRP, you never will.

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          I was just pointing out that you can still get your jollies off without the RP mentality/pride/claim to be/etc, hence my White Knight reference. But whatever.

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          Then I fail to see the relevance. I said needing to label yourself is a little bitch move. Care to explain the relevance of whatever it is you're saying?

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          That is copied verbatim from Jim Jeffries.

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          Exactly. Even the "fake job" joke.

          This Tinder girl is just some dude trolling.

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          or a girl using other people's original ideas to define herself and how unique SHE is..

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          Why does everything have to be an excuse to hate on women? Want to talk about bias? It's clear that this is probably a dude trolling, yet none of the most upvoted comments in this thread point it out. Why is that, if many redpillers aren't always looking either for validation of redpill views or else reason to hate women?

          Someday I hope the redpill doesn't become so fuckin self-affirming. The posts that state generalizations of women as facts are the worst. The posts that focus on game, power, general sexual strategy, or pretty much anything else are the reason I come here.

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          Hm from a throwaway? okay sweetie stay upset now! ;)

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          It's not a throwaway.

          Five seconds would have determined that - less time than it took you to write your stupid reply.

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          Well if it is a girl, how is NOT her user other people's ideas to define herself? I mean, she stole an entire stand up routine from a comedian and used it define herself, just like I said. It's not an excuse to hate on her, we discuss how women are in this thread to better understand them. She is what you might call "a basic bitch". So yeah, we call people out for that. Sorry calling people out on hypocrisy isn't something women usually do, but we men are held to this standard at all times. If we're hypocritical we get called on it, but she should be immune to that, right?

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          Someday I hope the redpill doesn't become so fuckin self-affirming.

          Who else is going to affirm us? Currently, we're the a#1 wanted-poster enemy of the "correct," fem-centric social narrative. Every time we stick our necks out...they get shit down. If there's no self-affirmation, there's none at all. And let's be honest: it's going to be this way for a few generations.

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          His specials and his tv show have some good TRP truths in them

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          Then he went on to get married to, and have a son with, a former party girl who participated in orgies.

          Boggles the mind.

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          He has a good joke about that in one of his shows that went something along the lines of:

          "I don't mean to brag, but I'm married to a model"

          Audience applauds

          "Don't get too excited. I didn't get the model years. I saw the pictures though, very impressive."

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          It's a tough life to be attracted to whores.

          I've been trying to look at it through the lens of A. A. You know how people that go through the 12 steps will tell you that they haven't had a drink in X years.

          "I am chainlinks and I'm an addict. I haven't loved a whore in 4 years and 8 months."

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          It's 100% true. All a woman has to do so she can have sex or a relationship is say 'yes'. What does a guy have to do? He has to dress well, have a good job, nice haircut (I feel for you bald/balding guys out there that don't have the swagger or looks of Jason Statham...), a nice body etc.

          I've seen the fattest girls (as in morbidly obese) have multiple men fucking them while your average guy that's not even ugly be shunned and feeling worthless.

          To reiterate that old saying, "If a key can open lots of locks, then it's a master key. But if a lock can be opened by lots of keys, then it's a bad lock."

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          Bald as fuck not giving one here. Whatever the metric though it requires effort to get inside a girls pants. It requires a pulse... Largely... In order to get dick.

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          With so many top men sporting the bald look it just isn't a thing anymore. I would imagine it is not the hinderance it used to be. I think trying to cover it up poorly is much worse in the end, than just embracing it and going for the fit bald guy look. I am on TRT and it can speed up hair loss if it's in the cards for me. Don't give a fuck, didn't even cross my mind as a downside to be honest.

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          Yeah you have to embrace it or you look like a bitch

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          The only natural response to that bullshit from me is not to give 50 fucks and i make sure to project that to any women i actually do want to get with or a relationship with. By not giving fucks but still bantering, improving frame, etc... it will work to your advantage when those fucks are not given. And if they still drop you the fucks won't even be there anymore.

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          "If a key can open lots of locks, then it's a master key. But if a lock can be opened by lots of keys, then it's a bad lock."

          First time I've heard of this, but I like it. =)

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          Every time some woman I know brags about their "conquests," I give that sermon, usually by stating something along the lines of, "Wow, I bet it was really hard to get him into bed! I bet he needed a lot of convincing! Did his friends give you a hard time by implying you were a creep / serial killer / rapist?" It even actually worked a few times.

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          I wonder if it would be this well recieved without a pretty girl behind it.

          She's not even that attractive.

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          the standards of your average redditor are pretty low. a visit to any GoneWild will confirm this. this site is a validation-farm for every 4/10 who knows how to use a webcam.

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          Looks like the kind of girl barely held together by make-up, looks bad without it. Will look terrible post-wall.

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          I swear it's just the filter!

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          She has slut face.

          That's OK, sluts are useful too. But we don't need as many of them as we have now.

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          First I thought "oh fuck off man", then I saw the image. Yea, she's got a jacked up face.

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          You're rightly sensing elevated T levels in her facial bone structure. Probably a lot of prenatal T in her mother's womb. Probably also means she has a high sex drive/is a massive slut because she's a high T woman. Probably also explains why she's on Tinder looking for dick. Analysis is a bitch.

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          Well that explains my sister lol

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          Is it true that high T women have a greater chance of having high T (and thus more masculine) sons or is that an urban myth?

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          I don't know, I haven't made that claim. My claim is that women with more test have higher libidos. That predisposes them to being more slutty. I've seen/known women with this kind of pronounced man jaw and shit before and they've been huge whores.

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          Ease up mate, no need to get personal.

          If this is her actual opinion (which it's not, it's quoted almost verbatim from Jim Jefferies) that puts her a cut above the rest, and dude, she's not unattractive.

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          I actually was in that /r/tinder thread. Frequent it a lot. My success rates went up when I, I just took a good picture, had some funny profile and started working out.

          In short, you got to put in some effort. Girls on the other hand..

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          It's ridiculous to say sleeping around with lots of people causes others to shame you or respect you. Guys who get laid a lot and with consistently high quality girls tend to be socially competent, popular, and a blast to be around which is why they're popular in the first place. Getting girls is a demonstration of his social charisma, getting girls does not give him social charisma. We don't give the John who pays whores any respect because it's not relevant to the game or his social charisma.

          On the other hand, many sluts have terrible qualities that makes you want to run the other way but you bear with it because they're an easy lay. Those same awful qualities that led her to be willing to sleep around a lot are also the same qualities that lead to statistics on sluts being likelier to have divorces and failed marriages. A girl's promiscuity is irrelevant to me, but it implies a lot about her.

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          I think a guy who gets hot girls is seen as slightly more socially attractive than if he didn't get hot girls.

          Especially having a hot girlfriend, that really ups a man's social value especially in the eyes of women.

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          Hahaha. It's a Jim Jefferies quote. Like straight up copy pasted out of his first special for Comedy Central. All that effort from a bunch of dudes (IMO women don't need a sub like /r/tinder) because they got wooshed on a joke.

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          was about to point this out as well.

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          Yea but that unoriginal cunt stole that whole speech from Jim Jefferies

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          I tried Tinder like a year ago, but you definitely couldn't have profile text that long.

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          firstly, i though she was a man when i saw the profile picture.

          but her description about her, is so on point and i bet it weeds out a lot of the dumber guys who don't get it / just want the fuck and not deal with her.

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          Photo looks a lot like Catalina, a porn star.

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          This isn't redpill, it's Jim Jefferies. It's a shame people think they can steal from a comedian but would never plagiarize something from a book without giving credit where credit is due.

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          Redpill is an excellent summation of theories behind many sociosexual phenomena inherent in western society. There's one thing we need to remember - herpes is fucking REAL. That gnarly shit is out there, cannot be prevented by condoms, and is usually asymptomatic. Goddamn you will wear a chastity belt before you let yourself get herpes. Fucking weeping sores on the inside of your thighs, cold sorez on your lips, damn.

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          I met a girl this summer and did the internet drink date. On date 2 we lightheardly discussed hypothetical deal breakers and I said herpes. Turns out, that convo was her method of dropping the bomb. I noped and galloped off into the sunset. I have no idea how to deal with that, and want no part of it. The worst is her ex gave it to her, a serious BF.

          Actually, I hung out with her at her place afterwards on the off chance she'd blow me, but apparently infected girls think they have standards and options. Who knew?

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          Haha. I very lol this!

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          All well and good, but I'm confused why a woman seeking success on Tinder would devote the entirety of her 'About' section to saying things about men-in-general and nothing about herself. So I'm a little skeptical it's a legitimate profile.

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          Holy shit I've never heard a girl say that before, real or fake profile??

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          Wow ! I laughed so hard reading that profile description. Truth is funny.