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Most concise, direct and honest trp post I've seen.

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Thanks! I broke my TRP cherry here.

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Good way to do it. Now that it has been said it seems so sensible it's hard to believe it hasn't been said before. But it has needed spelling out and you've done it in a succinct yet concise way.

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It has been said before, a few times. Nonetheless, a good post.

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I'm 49 and married… and I guess I'm in stage 3. Firmly. Been in stage 1 for many, many years, but I don't think I was in stage 2 for more than a few months…

Thanks TRP! You saved my marriage…

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Stage 3: we discover they're people.

It often seems like a minority of TRP posters are in this phase. Perhaps once men have reached this point they feel they no longer need the community, which is understandable. I have no problem with the posts/threads concerning stage 2, but as a man in a LTR in my 30's, I'm (mostly) past the anger phase. Having sort of swallowed the pill on my own during my college years, I spent most of my 20s consumed with anger towards women. So I've been there, and still feel it from time to time, but I've mostly moved on.

I'll be honest - I tend to enjoy reading the discussion on RPW more than here. I have no issue with men spinning plates, but I'm much more interested in cultivating and sustaining an RP lifestyle which is conducive to raising a family. Anytime you mention something along these lines (marriage/kids/sometimes even a LTR at all) here it tends to be received negatively. And I think it is mostly by men stuck in stage 2.

Women simply follow their instincts and emotions to get what they want out of life. Sometimes that results in broken hearts and broken homes. That doesn't make them evil. Even if romantic love is a lie, it doesn't mean that a functioning, healthy LTR is impossible.

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        I think OP described Stage 3 really well. I've had a tough time respecting this community because there's a lot of pessimism and ignorance. I'm a humanist, I have ideals, but I also understand reality. In order to make reality better, we have to understand human nature. This isn't to say I promote some fucked up in-between situation that's ignorant in my own way, I just think there's better ways to do things. Better ways to organize society without fucking people over for no reason. It's absolutely positive to understand that women are humans. It's odd that it needs to be said, but we tend to treat them like unconditional idiots/abusers or just objects. Those situations aren't necessarily unconditional despite having to play the "game" required for attraction.

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        I'll be honest - I tend to enjoy reading the discussion on RPW more than here. I have no issue with men spinning plates, but I'm much more interested in cultivating and sustaining an RP lifestyle which is conducive to raising a family. Anytime you mention something along these lines (marriage/kids/sometimes even a LTR at all) here it tends to be received negatively. And I think it is mostly by men stuck in stage 2.

        Agreed. And most TRP guys have low confidence levels or are insecure.

        If marriage is treated a buiness partnership the smartest woman with a social status equal or higher then you makes the best business partner.

        TRP advocates getting a woman who is equivalent of a maid and dumb as a sack of hammers. I pay my maid $200 a month. She is personable, good at cleaning and cooking, not bad looking. But I sure as hell would not want a business partnership with her.

        So most TRP guys view themselves as slightly better then a maid.

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        I'll be honest - I tend to enjoy reading the discussion on RPW more than here. I have no issue with men spinning plates, but I'm much more interested in cultivating and sustaining an RP lifestyle which is conducive to raising a family. Anytime you mention something along these lines (marriage/kids/sometimes even a LTR at all) here it tends to be received negatively. And I think it is mostly by men stuck in stage 2.

        Remember that they are still women. The discussion will be a lot softer and nicer and prone to feel good nonsense. I remember a thread in which a women asked about how much looks matter (cause she sees herself as below her guy in looks), number 1 comment was by a "redpillman" telling her that men mostly do not care about looks.

        Another thread is about infidelity with the highest upvoted comments stating that they will leave once their man cheats. Asking questions like those there is useless.

        That anger phase excuse is used more and more to avoid the truth.

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        It's not so much the tone that I prefer as the focus. There it is on family and raising children. Here seems to be on the bachelor's life - which is OK, but that doesn't suit my long term goals. Unfortunately if I want a child of my own, I'm going to require the participation of a woman.

        We cannot have a functioning society of single people. This is part of why the west is in decline. We need to get back to nuclear families being the ideal.

        I suppose I also haven't had quite as severe of negative experiences with women. I suppose part of that may be due to not trying to make a girlfriend/wife out of a barslut like some of the guys here seem to have attempted. My relationships have been mostly positive experiences. AWALT in my experiences isn't quite true. 80% of women may be hypergamous lying sluts but I have known and have been with decent women.

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        I've actually been reverting, I think. I learned a lot of this at an early age, so I kind of skipped the bitterness stage, accepting women for who they are, but I'm noticing, the more I read here, the more bitter I get.

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        Skip those.

        Just like your body, the things you put into your mind shape who you are.

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        But what's there left to read? I'm new to the RP lifestyle and I find it very confusing.

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        Read far and wide.

        Think critically. Challenge not only the author's thoughts, but your own.

        Talk to friends. Keep your eyes open. Look at your assumptions and how they stack up to what you experience.

        You'll get there.

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        I know you might find my question "trollish" but i swear to god im not and im asking seriously. Whast the anger phase on women? Im currently 18 years old, never had gf, neither looking for, virgin. Is the anger phase when you do something good for them and they just dont give a fuck bout you? Im still sorta beta (since i don't know when i go over the alpha stuff into douchebaggish, being rude, guess only way is to fuck up even more) any tips for young buck?

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        Your post makes it incredibly clear that you haven't actually read any Red Pill theory.

        Please read the sidebar, this subreddit isn't meant as a training ground for people that are too lazy to research.

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        Whast the anger phase on women?

        The anger phase usually consists of a male coming to the realization that what they believed to be true about women is not true at all. Women aren't any more virtuous than males and romantic love is a myth. At this point men also discover that young women practice hypergamy and if the male isn't high value, he resents women for not wanting him.

        any tips for young buck?

        At that age you have two options - increase your value as a mate or resign yourself to going your own way. I think around 16 or so women changed their tune and stopped liking boys (cute, smart, nice) and started liking men (confident, assertive, dominant). And seeing as how I was a bit of an insecure manlet in my younger days this didn't work out so well for me. So I spent my late teens, early 20's feeling disenfranchised and resentful of women because they didn't find me desirable. What I should have done if I wanted to attract women was work to increase my value (getting in better shape, focusing on my career, and developing social skills). Instead I was just angry that they didn't want me as-is and blamed the world for my misfortune.

        Alternatively, if you are going to be low value for the foreseeable future with little room to change that, it is probably best to accept that and instead focus on doing what makes you happy without regard for women. For some people they just cannot seem to establish a decent sexual market value for themselves and so this is the best option instead of wrestling with insecurity their whole lives.

        Also, once women hit their mid to late 20's they change their game plan yet again. This time from overtly masculine men to stable, reliable providers. This is something to look forward to if you're beta and finding it difficult to attract a woman while younger. However, if you accept this role you need to be aware of the implications that come along with it (low sexual attraction and affection from her, being seen as an ATM, and possibly getting divorce raped).

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        What is RPW? Immmmmm new here. Sorry.

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        Other variants are also in the sidebar.

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        Great post. I feel trp needs more older men for guidance and wisdom. See a lot of stage 2 in the posts. I often tell people about trp and say something along the lines of "skip the posts read the sidebar".

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        I subscribe to this theory 100%.

        Stage 1: College, unfortunately I was a little bitch. Constantly putting the pussy on the pedestal. Literally what you said.

        Stage 2: 4 yrs post-college. I felt like I needed to make up for lost time being a bitch. I mostly enjoyed picking their brains, but it really was just for the hook up. And it felt good after stage 1.

        Stage 3: Now. I'm a confident and outgoing person. I just all out stopped trying for anyone that seems pretentious. I just couldn't give a fuck. So the girls I do go out with now are all laid back and fun. So it's all good. Really good. But, now I get bored with girls, I pretty much treat them respectfully and what not, but when we start getting to know each other or talk about more serious things I know I just have to put up with some of this talk or give in a little to their demands on something small that i'm still correct on. But I can't. I know everyone needs to give a little bit in a relationship, but I just can't, especially on girly/stupid shit when they're obviously wrong.

        I'm confused as to why I just can't myself to give 2 fucks. it seems like I should but I don't. I mean obviously I probably give 1 fuck because i'm posting on reddit, but not much else fucks given

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        Fortunately, there are really gals out there with interesting body parts not just between their legs, but between their ears.


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        Well said. If the forum were more inclined to these types of posts it would be far more effective as a place of instruction.

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        Perhaps someday there will be a GreyRedPill site for some of us more seasoned humans.

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        I think you can say more about each stage. For instance, what does the man perceive to be their 'problem' at each stage?

        In stage 1, men think other men are their problem. I.e. the reason they can't get a woman is because they can't compete with the other men. When they fail, they project their anger and frustration on the people who 'steal' their women from them. They will sometimes even get in fights with other guys over women. At this stage, the man tends to only go for one woman at a time and they focuses their anger on the particular guys whom the woman they desire is attracted to.

        At the 2nd stage, when they fail at getting a woman, they blame the women themselves for their failure. They think they have to trick women into liking them, like there is code they have to crack. If only they could understand the 'messed up' standards women are looking for, they could fit them and maybe convince a woman to sleep with them. At this stage, the man might pretend to be going for multiple women, but he's still lying to himself and in reality is projecting most of his effort towards getting one particular woman (the one he's trying to 'pick up')

        At stage 3, the man finally takes responsibility for his own failures. He admits that the problem he's had at getting women isn't other men taking his women, or the women themselves, but himself. At this point, he doesn't perceive himself as having to trick the woman, but he can be true to himself and also get the women to like him. At this stage, the man does not seek the approval of one particular woman, but all women (especially the more attractive women). He understands that this will get them more attracted to him, and if continues to project his 'problem' unto himself, he can begin to climb the female social ladder by pitting the women against each other. There is nothing more attractive to a woman than the idea that other (more attractive) women are attracted to you.

        This is my own interpretation. I think you take the last stage a further by having the man settle for one particular woman. I think the last stage is being able to secure a woman and one of the keys to the last stage is making sure other women, particularly more attractive women, are still attracted to you. You don't necessarily have to commit to one woman at stage 3 in my opinion; the essence of stage 3 is not projecting the problem on women anymore, but your self. Most guys I see on the TRP don't understand that they themselves are the thing that is holding them back from getting women, and as long as they are still mad at women for being women, they will never be able reach this final stage.

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        Fantastic post, I agree with most of what was said. However, I feel like stage three comes with age, or at least, once that man has become comfortable in his own skin and truly realizes that he's the source and answer to all of his problems. You probably couldn't tell a young man that he's the problem and that only he can fix himself. it's very easy to blame other for your problems but it takes a real man to blame himself.

        I guess that's why most men stay in the first two stages.

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        I feel like stage three comes with age

        Wisdom is the comb nature gives you once you're bald.

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        Well done. I think a lot of the disagreements and differences in perception are between people in the different phases.

        Personally I find lots of guys seem to have strict rules on what how you should respond to a woman's behaviour. With the phases in mind you can see those rules are important and useful if you're not 100% certain that women just want to be dominated and you don't need to take anything she says seriously.

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        This is hilarious and perfect.

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        Word. Took me the first 48 years of my life to figure this out. Happily at stage III now.

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        The question for me is: Do they want to be treated as people? You can be sexually objectified or respected for your contribution, pick one. Hint: if you want respect you actually must contribute value...

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        Why pick one? I can sexually objectify and respect at the same time pretty damn well! Just because I am impressed by what comes out of her mouth doesn't mean I don't want to cum on those tits.

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        I'd like girls to want me for my intellect and confidence, as well as my respectable schlong. Do I have to pick one?

        Play the cards life deals you.

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        haha yessss... I found I get a LOT more mileage through my bicpes (which ain't all that compared to other guys in the gym, but girls like it) than my intellect, compassion, fairness, responsibility, spirituality and all that crap. Girls want to fuck a hot guy. Duh...

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        Girls might, but women have different criteria. So do most girls actually.

        They're not immune to hot bodies and faces, but it's much lower on their scale than ours. Take a look at the quantity of porn created for men vs. women. Or even glamour shots.

        Women crave not only leadership and confidence, but a guy who can teach them things.

        A 70-year-old friend gave me some great advice once. He said, "Remember, any guy can fuck their bodies. You've got to fuck their minds."

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        Yeah. looks made the biggest difference to me. Especially if I'm getting with them on the first date. I don't have time to show them any of that stuff. Especially that stuff I listed. I don't think any girl is masturbating to a guys sense of fairness.

        All that other stuff might be a bonus if I get in a relationship with a girl I guess.

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        Both. Treat like a princess in public and a slut in the bedroom

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        Very good post, and as I've said before I feel I'm quite lucky to have found my sexy first mate. I've been accused before of claiming I found a unicorn, but that's not the case. They are out there, good women.

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        Actually, TheRedPill ends at stage 2 and stage 3 is where you get when you forfeit all this nonsense and just work on becoming a normal and secure person.

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        I am tired of being angry at women and reading all the negative, crazy posts. Yes AWALT and no way will I ever get married. BUT I would love to see some positive posts about:

        -Few things compare to having a sexy first-mate and living in a partnership that benefits you both.

        I wish there were more posts about fun stuff with girls AFTER the pill has been taken.

        Thanks if anyone does this!

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        I've just reached stage 3. It is a less poisonous place to be. You can appreciate women as people again once you understand and mitigate the risks.

        The awkward part is that once you start qualifying them beyond a sexual criteria, you find that like most people, they hold little value

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        Nice post... could not agree more. 50 year old myself...

        May we ask if you believe you have found such a stage 3 clinger?

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        Just this weekend, she sincerely thanked me for allowing her to suck my dick.

        So far, so good.

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        You might have found a slut

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        haha.... that is damn cool

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        but at some point most will want deeper connections

        At the end of phase 2 and this is exactly how I feel. I'm doing my best to get rationality to override this feeling. This process hasn't been easy but it's worth it. Quality post OP.

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        Definitely in the second stage right now, and having trouble getting plates as quickly as I'd like.

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        Thanks for this. I feel like im stuck inside a stage i don't want to be in and looking for some tips. Some days i feel like im in stage 2 trying to push into stage 3. And some days i feel like i have only moved from stage 1 into stage 2 and i am slipping back into stage 1.

        Basically, how should i hold firm with women while still accepting she is a human. Am i the only one stuck with this? Does it come in time or?

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        I'm in stage 2. Anytime I think I may reach stage 3, something happens that boots me right on back to 2.

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        Stage 3 can be as lonely as pre-TRP beta, btw. TRP gives one the tools to better cope with the desire to find a lasting meaningful relationship with a woman. TRP also provides an excellent rubric for living one's life according to one's own ideals. TRP even helps impart the wisdom, confidence, and discipline: (1) to locate a woman with good qualities; (2) to interact with that woman in a way that she will find attractive; and (3) to keep her interested and loyal by never breaking frame.

        However, TRP has no real effect on the overall number of woman with good [LTR ish) qualities. Enter lonliness, or dissatisfaction, or whatever similar negative feelings. They are tough to locate, and that puts some of us in a position where we have a bag of tools but no job.

        We can work hard, play hard, lift hard, and enjoy the shit out of our lives by following a few simple guidelines. Those who recognize that women and men are both humans, and desire a deeper connection [stage 3] are engaging in what can only be described as hope. Hope is deadly fucking dangerous, and can blind us - make us believe we have uncovered a golden opportunity while ignoring red flags. Afterall, it is our nature as men to desire a good woman or women to pass our genes to.

        I personally have moments where I feel like - ok, hey I finally get it. I better understand why she is behaving that way, why she is saying those things, what I need to do to chill her the fuck out and show that I am in control. She usually will be 100% sold on the idea of moving forward with an LTR, after seeing how I handle my shit. But by the end, I have disqualified the shit out of this person for raising more red flags than a Chinese motorcade. Enter a feeling pretty fucking similar to lonely - maybe unfulfilled is a better description.

        I want to meet someone that passes the tests, that doesn't get nexted, and the more RP knowledge I acquire - the less likely I am to find a person that doesn't get bounced.

        OP, you seem like a very wise person. Do you agree, and if so, what are your strategies/thoughts for the downsides to Stage 3?

        edit: added words. edit 2: Totally rad with the idea of boning strange chicks for the next few decades. Just occasionally disaffected by the state of things. Also... treatment for depression so YMMV.

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        I love this because it's something I've been noticing. You aren't supposed to game because you hate women, but rather because you love them.

        This makes me want to ask... is there RP material geared specifically for people in a LTR?

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        It's a good question.

        Personally, I view the whole gaming advice as similar to watching salesmen trade tips on how to find leads and close them. You certainly don't have to love/like the target in either instance, only the goal whether that is scoring or making money.

        Certainly RP principles can work in relationships, although things like negging and being a jerk likely lose their effectiveness over time.

        On a broader scale, RP principles are about all relationships, which includes not only girls, but parents, friends, bosses and people you meet on the street.

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        I hear you, it's just that I've got a good grasp on the short-term tactics. Outside of maintaining frame and being ever-vigilant for shit tests, there really doesn't seem to be much info on long-term game.

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        Too bad a lot of people get stuck on 2nd phase.

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        Got an example story? I see people IN phase 2, I haven't personally seen a case where they get stuck

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        Story? No. But with time you'll eventually share my opinion since there a lot of users who go full misogynistic mode forever: "SLOOTS. THEY'RE ALL SLOOTS TRYING TO GET MY MONEY". Women are women and men are men. Both of us have different goals. We just have to deal with it and try to be good negotiators.

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        Cool man I guess I'll see soon enough. thanks

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        Haha, I agree with most of what you say, but this:

        Stage 3: we discover they're people.

        They're not "good" or "bad" any more than you could say such a term about men.

        This is bullshit.

        Men and women aren't equal in terms of "good" and "bad", just look at modern society and think for a moment, think about western culture and try to tell yourself this with a clean face, you can't.

        There isn't any good in modern women.

        What we have nowadays are those little exceptions of the rule, the ones who manage to not get tainted by society or this rotten culture, there are very few virtuous women in the world right now.

        Even though men still have the instincts to protect and provide for women, nowadays women only care about exploiting men, not about nurturing or caring for a family. There isn't good in most women, only bad.

        Also their darker side isn't known to many, they resort to manipulation and indirectness to spew their venom, which I'd say is a lot worse than the darker side of men, because you can't plan ahead for something you know nothing about. Like the knowledge that is coming to surface right now about marriage and divorce rape.

        Please, don't excuse female misbehaviour or compare it to what men do, it isn't the same.

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          Well said, brother. Very insightful, worthy of respect, and impressive in light of the fact that you have experienced more than your fair share of hardship and sadness, yet have managed to come to these conclusions.

          Human beings have the capacity for acts of incredible love, total apathy, deplorable violence and all points inbetween. You clearly recognize this, and have done a good job at putting forward your opinions without sounding pretentious or condescending. Good on you, OP. Nice post.

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          I kind of see your point... and I agree.

          The thing is, men and women just aren't equal.

          And my point was that at least we know about men's potential of destruction, we punish it by law and everyone is against it. Whereas nobody punishes women for abusing others mentally, for playing mindgames, for destroying people's lives, because most people aren't aware of their potential of destruction as they are of men's. Until TRP and the manosphere, there was a serious information deficit and people just weren't aware of what the fuck was going on... ergo divorce rape hysteria, male suicide rates through the roof, children growing without a father... an so on.

          Btw, thanks for answering, it cleared my head a bit.

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          Wow!! Thanks for the insight, as it has been said, "clear and direct". It would be great if more Red pillers your age shared their experience with all of us.

          This should be the stickied post of the week.

          edit: a word.

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          Thanks, TD!

          The nice thing about getting older is that if you just keep your eyes open, you learn things throughout the decades.

          Despite thinning hair and being closer to death, it's still lot more fun.

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          Nice post. Agree on the 'eyes open + decades = valuable knowledge. But dude, I'm quite a bit older and I haven't initiated the thinning hair thing yet...

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          Unfortunately, I was speaking for myself.

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          Thank you this has been very helpful! 👍

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          Great post! I've seen this community become quite terrible as the amount of subscribers grew. I feel no real need to view it anymore aside from a brief review. This is like you say once you accept the facts and just learn to play your life out as such. I think it is easier for men like me who haven't been hurt or at least not as deeply as some of the men here. Forgiveness is a tough thing to give but once you learn to move on you will be a happier person.

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          There's a lot of anger, much of it sad, but there's also a lot of genuinely fresh thought.

          Truly, the sub is perfectly named because there's a reality that most of our society blindly accepted and that reality is not only challenged here, but properly blown apart.

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          With male Oragutans, the alpha releases a hormone through his large face flaps that inhibits the ability for other males to evolve into alphas.

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          I think you just accidentally responded to an /r/askscience thread...

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          girls aren't bad people, but being catered to and spoiled for years and years on end for something you didn't earn, deserve, or work for (their looks) can create some really fascinating mental issues and ego problems that almost end up making them bad people :)

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          Just an fyi ...

          That's pretty much how every middle aged guy describes 20-somethings of both sexes.

          And hey, you privileged motherfuckers ... stay off my lawn.

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            you should be banned for concern trolling too, surprised you havent been considering you were earlier ITT.

            also, girls aren't privileged. their complete lack of emotional maturity, physical discipline, and structural intelligence definitely makes up for their ability to coast through life and manipulate betas to the top.

            what makes them bad people is those things combined. but thats ok lol. thankfully they prefer it when you don't respect them, so that's great.

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              Step 5 for you is OP's stage 3. Your steps 1-4 are the same as his stage 1 and 2 imo.

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              For every hamstering, stuck up, diva, slut there's a slouching, self loathing, mangina.

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              Step 3b: Wash your hands of women all together and embrace homosexuality.

              I prefer this step.