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Short and simple. Thank you.

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You're welcome. I'm glad someone is getting some value out of this.

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    I work in HR and I think those men must have violated every code in the book. /S

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      Can't endorse this. There are ways of achieving this same message through subtext. For example, say you went out for a bite with her at a certain restaurant: "lol i just had lunch at X and had that bitch of a server again"

      This will be a jumping point to a conversation, and she might wonder about why you were there again, but without her... especially if you took her there for lunch (she'll think you took another girl there). Clearly if you texted her this, you were thinking about her. It's just a lot less emotionally charged.

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      Well for me that's a part of the game. I'm very fine that she's aware I'm with someone else - that's sort of the point. These aren't relationships, these are girls that I see while seeing other people and they do the same. In my experience, these girls love that you think about them when with someone else, as it makes them feel desirable - the only reason im NOT with them is cause of distance.

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      I'm very fine that she's aware I'm with someone else - that's sort of the point.

      That's what I was getting at.

      the only reason im NOT with them is cause of distance.

      This doesn't sound like too good of an idea to convey. Doesn't show off an abundance mentality.

      At the end of the day, straight up texting a girl "how're you doing?" just gives off the impression that you were laying in your bed daydreaming about her, and built up the courage to find out how she is and what she's up to. The example I posed earlier shows that you're out doing something, maybe with another girl, and a quirk reminded you of her.

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      Yep, was just a misunderstanding, I see how my first might not of constituted good advice, I meant more your style.

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      As someone who was just utterly rejected over text, here are some things NOT to do:

      • Get emotionally invested in her responses. Fucking hell does this bother me. I'll text a girl something, then constantly check my phone to see if she responds. I really need to break this habit. It absolutely destroys me when they take too much time to respond or not at all.

      • Get angry at her for flaking or not wanting to hang out. This has happened a few times this Summer and it's absolutely devastating to the relationship. If you feel this urge, do anything to avoid acting on it. I always think it'll make me feel better, but it never does. Ever. It always makes me feel worse and fucks up my day. Why do I do this? "there's nothing I can do to bring her back, might as well burn the bridge", it's petty, shitty, I know. But for some reason I've done it and it sucks. Nothing screams "I'm a low life loser with no female interests" than berating a girl cause she's got a more fulfilling life than you and doesn't wanna chill.


      Fucking hell did today suck because of this shit. I really have to learn not to do this.

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      Find some hobbies that force you to not pay attention to your phone. Idle hands are the devil's play things or whatever. If you are engrossed into something, like lifting in the gym, you'll find texts as an annoyance which improves the quality of your text game. Your answers will be shorter and masculine. Simply put, you'll be much more likely to just respond with "okay", which really is the ultimate man text.

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      Exactly. I have been keeping myself busy and find less time for conversations. Everything over text is direct, and there's only a few times during the day where I will. I may respond to a few while at work or shortly after, but then I spend a good chunk of my evening at the gym. I may respond once or twice after before I go to sleep but not much.

      Make it a habit simply to not be using your phone as often anyways, there are more interesting things to do than the electronic distraction in your pocket.

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      What about "copy", or "roger", or "received". Those are even more ambiguous and you aren't even saying its "ok". Or "Yuh-huh" if you use that IRL when women talk too much.

      What about "...", I wonder if this translates to a male emoticon of not saying shit with possible anger or condescention.

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      Its because you are thinking she is a man. To plan shit and say you will do shit as a man to a man means something. Your word is your bond. So you are just applying male thought to a female brain which doesn't work. Expect women to be flaky and full of shit and you won't get mad anymore. If women want to act like idiots and be flaky then you need to punish them by treating them as someone who is flaky, not getting mad when they don't do what they say (which is what shit tests are basically anyway). So its a bigger skillset than you think.

      Also remember there are lots of women, abundance mentality. Its like a salesman raging and feel bad b/c he didn't make a sale at that door, just go to the next house and ask if they want some dick there.

      Edit: also you may have rejection triggers you need to work on too, if you are basing your opinion of yoruself on what others think, especially women, you are fucked for life in every aspect of life. This needs to stop and is extremely detrimental and unattractive to women.

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      I've done this a few times in the past month... Don't feel too bad. Learn from the mistake and don't take it personally when you get rejected. You're investing too much into that girl. If you message a girl on okcupid and she doesn't respond to your message, do you even remember sending her the message 2 days later? No... so if you get rejected by a girl you back and forth for a while, why do you feel so much worse...

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      these are not-to-do things in life, not just text game.

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      If anything, you should be doing these two things to them, their the putty in your hands, not the other way around.

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      The one word text that makes girls go crazy: "okay".


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      Read this while deciding how to approach a girl who said she was busy tonight. Said "okay" and ten minutes later she goes "what about tomorrow night, I'm free;)"

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      She has already put you on the back burner to something else tonight, likely another guy. Tell her you are busy tomorrow night, even if your not. Sell the idea that you are a man in demand and your time is in short supply. As OP said, keep it simple, "Busy Tomorrow," that's it. Don't respond to her follow up questions if she asks any, remember, your time is valuable. She might play the hissey fit game to provoke a response from you, don't fail that shit test.

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      Solid advice. Still trying to land her as I plate. I went with "Nope, busy." Got the message about twenty minutes ago "what are you doing." Going to maintain radio silence for the next few days. Solid advice all around.

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      You should read "Models" by Mark Manson. Playing text games is a hassle and girls that are into that are just gonna be a pain in the ass anyways.

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      I live in a small town now a days, population like 5k. There's nearby towns, but it's a small community, and the nearest city is about 3 hours away. While I'm sure it's a good read and I'll most likely read it anyways as I just finished my book, my point is I'll put up with a higher amount of bullshit because the pot is much smaller.

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      I agree with you on most points. But sometimes girls are legitimately busy. It doesn't always mean they're blowing you off. Other times it's a simple test to see if you'll back down. This is described pretty well in "Models". Assume interest and if she flakes a couple times then bail.

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      this isn't bad advice, but i would advise only bailing on her if you find something else to do.

      i mean, for me, i've got more potential plates than i do time, and if i meet a girl and there's decent chemistry, she's not gunning for commitment, and we have sex, she will want to see me again.

      if i blow a night on a girl who has me back burnered, i rule her out for the future. also, if i meet a girl at a bar and she's boring, i can text other plates and ask them what they're up to because i was hanging out with a friend but she's turning in early. and in the meantime, talk to other people at the bars.

      i am still working on consistent execution, but when i've done this well, it's been a blast with literally no downsides. hell, you can put a false time constraint on it "i'm supposed to meet my friend at 11" and then meet her at 9. if things are going poorly, bounce. if not, cancel on your fake plans.

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      It's the best tool when dealing with a woman's bull shit.

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      Their pissed off responses are gold and always a good laugh

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      you can also go nuclear and drop the "k" bomb

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      I did this just the other day. Told a chick I'd be at hers at 9, around 8:45 she comes up with some shit excuse and bails. My response? "k", followed by radio silence.

      The next day she was blowing me up.

      She's done this twice now so I'm cutting contact, but I can't help and laugh at how much nonchalance evokes a reaction.

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      Have never seen this before. Completely lost my shit.

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      Did they just rip off boondocks?

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      5 is one of the best tools a man has at his disposal

      You don't do anything (sometimes, you really need a break) AND the hamster continues to run without you lifting a finger

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      When this happens do you wait for them to come to you (your patience and showing your abundance will be rewarded) or do you go back to them?

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      I used to have text game. Until it really started to grind my gears. Mostly because I am not the texting guy, with girls, guys, family, or whoever the fuck.

      If we have something to talk, let's meet. So similar is when texting a girl. Usually just for a meeting.

      The thing is I think it is bad. She probably does not like when I text her just for "Let's meet friday night. 10pm that place". But I do not care, I do not have time, will, and nervers to type too much.

      Besides, important, if she likes you, simplicity in your messages, never, ever, will destroy her desire.

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      Hate to say it Man, but we need to evolve with society. That's what TRP demands we do or get left behind. Text game is pivotal and too big to not take seriously as a means of getting women.

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      i dont think you understand the difference between PUA and being a man that women are attracted too. If youre dealing with teenage girls you might have to text a bit more. But if you have done everything you can right, she is already attracted and you dont have to "convince" her of your value through stupid text messages. Texting is childs play. Grown men convey what they want within the first few minutes of the interaction. Texting is simply for logistics. "meet me at 8 at x" is all you should need to say.

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      In my 30s, still mainly communicate through texts and emails. Logistics also require more than "meet here", when you both have jobs and you're not in college.

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      That's why texting is great. You can give directives with minimal outside input, and more importantly it enables independence in communication. You can stop texting and walk away a winner. You often can't stop talking mid-sentence without looking like you're withdrawing. Covert communication - actions speak louder than words: Texting is an action.

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      An action you should do very, very little of.

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      I know - as I said I am aware that I may be loosing with this one. But I have exciting career (read: too much god damn workhours), training, two cats, and I live alone which means I have to take care of my place etc.

      I have no time for playing texting games with her. But I will be kind enough to find time to hang out .

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      Oh don't get me wrong, a huge part of 'text game' is to work on having short, concise and effective messages. As long as you have a good idea about the text game, you should be fine.

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      Are you are familirar with Ricky Gervais and his definition of powertalk? I believe that is how messages should look like, just as you described: short, effective, with each message changing things a litlle bit.

      Once when you start talking about this and that (music , movies, everdayshit) focus goes from sexual \ seductive to friendly very quick.

      And we all know she have at least one guy besides you who goes sexual with her just in the same time when you are describing why 1990's is you favourite movies era.

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      Bingo! I definitely avoid having conversations about likes/dislikes and other BS. Keep your eye on the prize.

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      I always felt like escalating through texts was a pointless endeavor. For me, it just ends up going nowhere. I can escalate, escalate, escalate, but when we actually see each other in person, I basically have to start from square 1, only now there is an increased expectation of me. Escalating in person is much less awkward and may actually lead to tangible (and immediate) results

      I've said it before, but "text game," at least IMO, is one of the most over-analyzed and overrated parts of "game." Obviously, it does have SOME utility, but I would rather just ignore a girl's texts than sit around trying to come up with a witty response to her shit test texts (almost all texts from potential plates are either shit tests or attempts to turn you into BB).

      Tl;DR: Text game is overrated

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      You're not wrong is saying text game is overanalyzed. But to say it's pointless is off base. Text messaging is such a huge part of communication these days, especially for women, that failing to learn how to be more effective in this form of communication is to do yourself a disservice.

      Again, these tips are merely guidelines. I can't tell you what to say, but if you follow these general rules, you can more effectively navigate the shit tests and stay in control of the interaction.

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      I didn't say text game in general was pointless. Escalating through texts is what I think is pointless.

      I'm not saying don't try to improve your text game. It's a helpful tool on occasion. But I've never gotten pussy because I had good text game, nor do I know anyone who has. I have, however, blown my chances at pussy because I responded to texts I should have ignored. Texting is too easy to fuck up, even for someone with "good" text game. It's too convenient for a girl to send you a barrage of shit tests all day until you inevitably fail. That's why I rarely respond to texts and only send the first text when I'm scheduling dates/meet ups.

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      Excellent - You're incorporating one of the points I mentioned already.

      That's why I rarely respond to texts and only send the first text when I'm scheduling dates/meet ups.

      In my post I said the following:

      Go Radio Silent every now and then. Don't like how a conversation is going? Stop replying. Or don't reply for a while.

      You choose not to respond to those messages where she's shit testing you, and you maintain frame and control of the conversation. That's exactly what you should be doing.

      What I'm suggesting is to incorporate some of the other steps too - Stop asking questions like "what day are you free?" and change them to statements like "I'm free Saturday at 7." You let her come to you. You make her work for it. It's a role reversal women aren't used to (as most guys will work their schedules around the women they are interested in, and she maintains control) and it immediately raises your value.

      If you're also only ever sending texts because you're trying to schedule a meet up, you're also "Keeping it Simple" and "Always Closing". You're doing the right things by not texting too much, and being careful in what you say. It's probably why you feel you don't need these tips - you're already doing well following them subconsciously.

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      I read those guidelines a lot differently. If you're in a long text escalation then you're doing it wrong. How can you ABC if you're in a long involved virtual relationship via text? You can't be, so you're at least violating #6

      I had one girl stop responding when I used an emoticon not too long ago so I think #2 can't be overstated. Just don't.

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      I make girls beg to meet me through text game. At that point setting up a meeting is cake and you're down to business like it was the third date. Texting requires minimum effort, I can do it while doing things I enjoy, while weeding out flakes and whatever. Most women get emotionally invested through texts which makes closing easy most of the time.

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      this is how they communicate now. I adapted and to be honest,girls tend to open up more via text.things move along to when you meet in person you really don't need to say much since it has been established already what's going down.

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      exaclty. its a tool for logistics. not seduction/attraction.

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      You don't use "text game" to escalate, it's not possible because escalation requires physical body language and contact / kino. Texting is used to build rapport and make her comfortable about talking to you. It has two phases / styles, first being "before you close" and then the "after you fuck her". Before you close, keep it short and simple, the above guidelines work very well. Your not in a sexual relationship yet and therefor you absolutely need to protect your image in her subconscious as a potential DNA donor. Don't invest much into it, show some playfulness but don't go overboard. After you've fucked her brains out, and I mean caveman style fucking, then you've cemented that sexual image and can now shift to a more playful style and use it like you would any other communication.

      The problem will continuing the short "come over and fuck" type messages is that it'll start tripping her ASD which will cause drama. The solution of "next" will have you constantly putting effort into cycling in new girls to replace the ones your booting out because your not managing her hamster.

      Male leadership isn't restricted to career and household, it also implies to managing her emotional state. So after the bang you need to invest a little more into keeping her plausible deniability going. She's gotta be able to convince herself that "your different" or that "she can change you" and all that female romance story nonsense. Otherwise she'll start to see herself as a "slut" and BAM instant super drama. That shit really annoys me and as such I try to keep a small rotation of plates who all think they are going to be "the one" to somehow tame me.

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      This is great advice but sometimes really hard to follow. I need to work on this

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      Granted, this girl is 24 & moving to Boston in a week, so she's slammin' down on the CC like it's nobody's business.

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      Why does any of this stuff matter to women?

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      Its not necessarily that it matters to women. Its that if you are to eager to communicate with them it signals to them you dont really have other options. You lose attraction.

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      Why do they care if you have other options?

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      Abundance mentality. You aren't needy. If other women desire you, it drives women crazy. It might be a biological thing, psychological, who knows. But if other women want you women compete harder for your attention.

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      Yea, I wonder why that is the case. I can't really relate to it at all as a heterosexual male. It's difficult to internalize if I neither know why nor can empathize.

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      Think about it in a strictly animal sense. If other females want to mate with a particular male, he is more desirable. It leads to the instinct that the males genetics are stronger than the others since females are essentially lining up or competing for his seed. It's not exactly as simple as that, but pretty damn close.

      That's why you see good looking men with lots of status usually having no issues finding girls to hump and everyone else has to dig and claw for every second of pussy they ever get.

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      It seems like nothing more than a cognitive bias for approximating a male's value. For someone like me who tries as hard as possible to eliminate or minimize such biases and see reality for what it is and people for who they actually are, it's hard to respect or understand especially since it seems to have such a powerful effect on women.

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      Good, concise post. An appropriate addendum is that you should only text for setting up a time and place to meet; a shit test or two might appear but if a girl can't agree to a time and place in under 10 texts you should probably next.

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      This was brief and clear like saranwrap boxers.

      Excellent post good sir.

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      Don't you mean like saranwrap briefs? aka cleary tighties.

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      Yeah, but using brief 2 times in one sentence is redundant.

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      A man with a broad vocabulary is sexy. Show her that you're smarter than 90% of the men she talks to and she'll melt. And above all, avoid the fucking emojis.

      This implies that you're trying to impress her through texts. A woman can tell when you're trying to sound smart and it's anything but sexy. Save that vocab for face to face talks.

      Short, to the point texts work best. DON'T use perfect grammar. That's not masculine. Masculine is when you don't give a fuck about how you spelled something.

      • Keep it short
      • Do not write perfect grammar or worry about spelling. You can impress her with your vocalulary in person.
      • Use the 2 to 1 rule: however long it takes her to text you, wait twice as long to text back. Why? Because she is not the center of your life and you're working on important shit like building something with your bare hands, that's why. You're a man damn it, you have no time for text message phone tag.
      • Jumbotron test. When at all possible, only text something you'd be okay with being posted on the jumbotron at an NFL game. Why? Because women will screenshot your shit or save your texts forever. It's best to convey controversial things through face to face contact. Yes, getting sexual over texts is fun, but the less a woman has to work with if she is mad at you the better.
      • Use texts mainly to set things up. Why? It shows that you're a busy man with goals and things going on in your life. You don't have time to spend endless hours on the phone in meaningless conversation. That isn't attractive to a woman. That's what her "beta prividing, white knighting, best friend" is for. You, however, being the alpha man you are have shit going on in your life. Also, it allows her to look forward to seeing you face to face. She knows then she will get that sweet vocabulary and find out interesting things you know when she is staring at your manly face and wondering what you're thinking. Also, it allows her to wonder more about you. Remember, we don't want to give her all of the answers about us, especially over fucking texts messages where shit is conveyed wrong a lot and it's harder to appreciate things. We want her to think about what we're doing. Wonder where we are. Keep a mystery to us. It will get her emotions stirred and a woman's emotions are YOUR playground, bro's.

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        Seriously. I am very well versed in the English language. It's a badge of pride for me. I make no apologies for the way I speak or the fact that I use proper English even while texting. If somebody has an issue with that, adios.

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        Agreed. Gay dude here, speaking through a thesaurus is not only unattractive to me but usually cringey. Even in person, try to keep it casual. If you feel like your expert knowledge of the english language is one of your main selling points, you may want to invest some time in other places

        Edit: protip, match their punctuation style. If they don't put a period at the end, don't. You can even do stuff like ask a question without using a question mark to make it look like you care less or just to be more casual. "What's up?" vs "Whats up" can be a bug difference. Personally, I never punctuate the last sentence of a text unless it'd be confusing without it.

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        I wouldn't even follow how they text. I'd just not care regardless. If she sees your first text one way, then after that its just like hers, she will lose respect for you.

        Edit: I didn't realize gay men used RP truths, I'm guessing by your presence here it works the same?

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        Oh, yeah, I should've clarified. Don't suddenly change style after seeing how she does it... That's just weird. I guess if you don't know then just go with casual then slowly change if you feel like it. It's easier to go from casual to formal than formal to casual. As for gay guys, yeah theres some of us here. some things work some don't. A lot of things apply to everyone, like waiting to respond to texts and being casual and not overbearing or acting too interested. A lot of this stuff doesn't just apply to relationships, I do this stuff with my friends a lot because I find it makes you more desirable to talk to. I'm mainly here just cause I think you guys have a really good perspective on male/female relationships and an understanding of how a lot of females think and I like reading it. It's cool shit

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        I think emoticons are fine if you're flirting playfully and she uses them first, but be stingy with their use.

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        Girls use emoticons. Leave it to them.

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        I agree, I just think they can be used.

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        Definitely, sometimes they are a helpful way of conveying a message more effectively. (sarcasm etc)

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          Your additions are bang on and I agree 100%. I do not typically use perfect grammar in texts, and the 2 to 1 rule is very effective. I also agree that keeping yourself mysterious is highly attractive to women.

          Thanks for contributing.

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          Sure mang. You had some good points, just wanted to add a few that have worked for me.

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          Do not write perfect grammar or worry about spelling

          Smart phones actually make this a bitch nowadays. I never do any of that crap in texts, but my phone turns it into british literature.

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          It can also change the word 'kid' to 'lie.'

          Fuck it, you do not have time to play around. You're a man, you're too important to the world.

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          These are good tips, but I have a question about playing games. I'm reading Models by Mark Manson and he says that women don't test him because he doesn't play games. When they do, they've crossed a line and the relationship is over.

          It basically amounts to both parties being genuine and non-manipulative. So let's say this girl gets busy, and responds to a text two hours late or something and I wait 4 hours, just for the sake of following these "guidelines." It just seems like I'm shooting myself in the foot at that point.

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          They also dont test him because of the frame he sets. And I dont fully buy that shit, every women tests a man. He may just be impervious to it because he "doesnt play games" aka he doesnt give a fuck.

          It all depends on your situation, but aloofness, mystery, and solid boundaries and frame are the most important factors of attraction.

          Its basic man shit 101 that too much texting is a stupid idea. So in your example of her getting busy and responding two hours late, you dont have to follow a set fast rule of "4 hours" or anything. It can be as simple as a reply later saying "ok". Then no contact for a while until you want to try to get with her again.

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          I think that 2:1 rule is reactive. If your Alpha you do what you want and just replying to a text within a given time-limit is not going to reveal the beta inside. It will ooze it in other ways. If you're alpha. She'll know it and it won't be because you waited X amount of time to text back.

          That being said--I think it's fair to be observant when a girl has gone cold and you can call her out on it or just don't text back.

          [–]analredemption12 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          Exactly. By analyzing things to that extent, you become predictable and it's just a hassle. I respond whenever I want to and I could care less about when she responds. I guess it could important if you did a poor job when you met her or of you have no other options.

          [–]1NPIF[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

          I guess my first question would be what do you mean by "playing games?" If a woman wants to play hard to get, that's to be expected. I wouldn't kill the relationship right off the bat because she took 2 hours to respond to my text. Nor would I wait 4 hours to respond either. These are not hard and fast rules, just generally good tips.

          I might wait 20 minutes if she took ten to respond, but then in other circumstances I might not. A lot of it is contextual. Ultimately what it boils down to is whats known in sales as "compliance testing." If you think of a woman as a sales prospect, in order to close the deal a sales person must trial close and ensure compliance with their prospect along the process, lest they miss an important point and lose the sale. Women are very much the same. Through the conversation, you're maintaining frame, being direct, being genuine about what you want, and responding based upon her reactions. If she's compliant, great, continue as normal. If she isn't, switch up your game. Stop replying. Disengage. Take longer to reply. Straight up reject her "Ah well in that case I think I'm not really interested". Then watch her go insane trying to win you back over.

          [–]Good2Go5280 0 points1 point  (2 children)

          Sounds like BS.

          Women constantly test men no matter what.

          [–]smokingmonkey420 0 points1 point  (1 child)

          It's not that he didn't get tested, just that he doesn't put up with it. If her tests crosses a boundary, then the relationship is over and he will walk away. At this point it either dies, or she comes back apologizing and begging for another chance.

          [–]Goldfulgore 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Excellent. You read my mind when you wrote this.

          [–]huge_gap 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Thanks for the great advice! Applying now.

          [–]Good2Go5280 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          Never answer a question directly unless the answer is "no".

          [–]williamwilliam2 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Text Game has worked for me.

          [–]unmitigatedbadassery 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          I assume these rules are for women you have met in person first?

          I am asking because I've found that when using tinder or any other online "dating" site, unless she is a superslut, there is a need for at least some rapport-building.

          [–]DJVendetta 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          Definitely, but I think the same rules should apply, if only loosely.

          [–]awesomesalsa 3 points4 points  (13 children)

          Obviously emojis can be overdone but [you may want to sit down for this] men are human and have emotions. Crazy, right? Over text one can't discern tone of voice or body language which make up the vast majority of human communication. I mean im pretty damn RP but I just dont think women want to date robots.

          [–]1NPIF[S] 6 points7 points  (3 children)

          These aren't hard and fast rules by any means. But stoicism is an attractive male quality, so adding :P and :) and ;) at the end of every message won't be doing you any favours.

          [–]awesomesalsa 5 points6 points  (1 child)

          A good rule of thumb is: will omitting the emoji make you look like an asshole? Then again im judging from a male POV and how I would perceive the text if I got it. Im open to the possibility that most females might perceive differently.

          [–]thrway1312 2 points3 points  (0 children)

          This is my mentality. I try to add a smiley if cocky/funny and it depends on frequency -- no more than one per message, avoid too many consecutive messages with smileys (as always, context matters).

          This matches my real-life personality -- upbeat and happy but calm and reserved; I've found by matching my energy, women are much more comfortable with/responsive to my texts.

          [–]1trplurker 1 point2 points  (0 children)

          I tend to only use the teasing / Chester cheetah smile (the huge ass grin) smileys whenever I'm obviously being farcical or testing. It's adding to the effect of sarcasm / playful banter to the point that chicks are constantly calling me jerk / asshole but with their huge ass smiley attached. (Your such a jerk :D, I like that) type stuff. The point is to never overdo it and less is usually better. You don't want to come off as a stiff sourpuss who doesn't have fun. Better to be playful non-committal and absolutely not care when you tell her your gonna spank her later.

          [–]soopad00pa 1 point2 points  (1 child)

          This is where being able to communicate effectively becomes so powerful. Express yourself clearly and concisely even when poking fun and those winkys become superfluous.

          [–]slcjosh 1 point2 points  (5 children)

          If you did your job in the first place when you first met and exchanged info, she will know you arent a robot. If you built attraction you should only need very simple texts to convey what you want. "come over" or "meet me at 8" are much better than "would you like to meet at 8? (insert bullshit here) ;-)"

          [–]awesomesalsa 0 points1 point  (4 children)

          lol fair enough but I only meet girls online :(

          [–][deleted]  (3 children)


            [–]slcjosh 0 points1 point  (2 children)

            You should change that. The interwebs is a viable source but meeting women in person will always be superior.

            [–][deleted]  (1 child)


              [–]slcjosh 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              The web makes it a bit easier for sure. But traditional ways of meeting people are just as fun.

              [–]sunwukong15 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              Fine line between showing emotion and being emotional. Woman might say they want an emotional guy but its a sure way to turn them off.

              [–]teeelo 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              After reading several how to text guides I found through this site I felt I had a good idea of the game.

              I applied what I learned and it worked flawlessly.

              Old beta me would have never been able to text some of the things I did to this plate. It is truly game changing when you can say some if the dirtiest things to a girl and she comes back for more.

              [–]1CaptainFalconer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              What are some of your favorite guides?

              [–]saucey_cow 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              Man, even before I became a TRP-in training I thought texting was dumb. I'd much rather hang out with the person. Idgaf who it is, my parents, girls, or whoever the fuck it is. To me, texting is just stupid and pointless, although some might disagree. I've always naturally pushed to hang out because of said reasons, so I already got that down.

              [–]RhEEziE 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              Anyone who thinks there is one way to win over these nut bags we call sorely mistaken. 5 and 6 are the only ones on here you want to always use. Adaptation is always the key ingredient to success in any platform. Not tricks and tips. 3/10 wouldnt recommend following.

              [–]robesta 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Nice guide. I think a key thing to remember is you can't cut out comfort and real life interaction with texting.

              [–]BitingInsects 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Escalate to a phone conversation. Texting sucks now.

              [–]Kakistokratic 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              ABC...heh, I'm gonna go watch Glengarry Glen Ross again.

              [–]DrForbin 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              I work in corporate B2B sales and the psychology behind qualifying, developing and ultimately closing an opportunity can be applied very effectively to the dating game. In fact, selling (most importantly closing) can be related to many aspects of life.

              Although quite old this video has a lot of stuff which you can apply very effectively to your ability to close a sale, just shift the context from selling a product to selling yourself to the chick you want to nail!


              [–]crossroads95 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Wait, so what do I do if she starts asking me random questions.

              I met a bird on a night out, we made out, but couldn't fuck close because of logistics.

              So the next day i text her if shes free next weekend, she says yes, and asks if i had a good night last night.

              I've been reading so much Redpill that whenever i'm asked a question about my self, i think it's a test or some shit, so i give vague non descriptive answers.

              Is that the right thing to if my goal is to lay her?

              [–]muhnooer 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              I followed the 1 text a day rule, and it seamed to work really well.

              [–]loin_fruit -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              I was fucking/messing around with this girl for two years and up to 3 days until she got married. Since then she's been hard to read. acting like she still wants to fuck, but she did some LMR last time we hung out.

              Almost had her come over and then last minute she said she couldn't because her husband took the day off and wanted to hangout. I said "OK" left it at that.

              Haven't heard from her yet and its been 10 days. I'm thinking doing number 5 and just continuing the radio silence. Let her come to me and maybe it'll be rewarding.

              Edit: For those down voting this. Care to explain why?

              [–]insertnames -1 points0 points  (0 children)

              From what I'm encountering, women involved in LTRs seem to fall harder for text game. Is that common?