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Lust was my deadly beta sin in my early 20's. I tried way to hard and it showed. In my 30's it was sloth- now that I had a hot woman, good job, good home I got fat and lazy.

The one I need to focus on now is pride- seeing where I go wrong and doing something about it without blaming others for my bad moves.

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Another sin found in your typical beta, the basement dweller. Any kind of work is torture for this man. Gym is too tiring, a good job is too taxing on his fragile mind, cleaning his house seems impossible. His laziness is keeping him in a dark place. While the alpha puts himself trough trials and always pushes forward, the beta will always find it comfortable to do... nothing."



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We were all there at one point.

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Creative, Even though I don't necessarily agree with all of them , have a +1

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Right, I forgot to add at the end that it is open for discussion

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For greed, I like the way you put it, but this could be an alpha quality as well. My goal in life right now is to build a marketable skill to amass a large amount of wealth in time. I think this one comes down to motivation. A beta amasses wealth to retire well off (which never happens). I am trying to amass a large amount of wealth to live like a king NOW.

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I like the way that Felix Dennis puts it. Having wealth allows you to use your most important asset - your time - the way you see fit.

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I was about to write something, but that quote puts it perfectly.

My week revolves around work, gym, studying (for work), and reading (fiction mostly, but nonfiction as it may apply).

My weekends are full as fuck. I can decide to pack up and fly to whatever state I want to hang out in for a couple days for the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Not bragging, I'm not rich, but I work to spend my free time however I want.

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"Rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time"

Gorden Gecko - Wall Street

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Do you want wealth to be comfortable/safe, or are you building a legacy? One is beta, the other alpha.

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why is wanting wealth due to comfort/safety beta?

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Because you shouldn't be looking for a safe and comfortable place to spend your time in your big empty house, looking at your shiny piece of metal in the driveway. Carve your path through the world to take what you want, protect it, secure it, then take more.

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i couldnt agree more, however saving up money in case something happens (ie you get fired from your job) is always a good thing to do. doesnt exactly count as wealthy but its reassuring to know youve got some savings and youll be safe/comfortable if something unexpected comes along.

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That's sort of the approach I've taken with the world. I was bullied growing up, but I decided to bludgeon the world so hard with me that it has no option to relent. I'm not the dictator of the planet yet, but I'd say I've made some headway.

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I see it as using up precious time only to achieve mediocrity - the mediocrity of comfort and safety. Time is a man's currency. It has to be well spent. Hence building a legacy is alpha.

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More along the lines of what the other guy mentioned. So my time cannot be monopolized by someone else.

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Losing my frame due to anger used to be my number one problem. My boundaries were all out of whack, I would stuff issues deep down, instead of confronting them in the moment, and then, when my tipping point was reached, I would explode. Though I never got physical, I would rage, then after coming down, would feel guilty, then over apologize, then later think, "why did I apologize, it was her fault, I am the one who was offended", then the process would begin anew.

Lust? Sure that too, but not in the extreme BETA example given. It is the case, however, that satiating my carnal desires has caused me far more problems than otherwise, like a booty-call-turned-epic-white- knight-failed-marriage. That train-wreck cost me a high six figure home, low six figure savings account, half a modest retirement account, and a family support debt that will total to high mid sixes by the year 2018.

She never worked one day in her f'ng life.

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    Controlling my anger has been my first and so far only complete red-pull success. It's improved my life significantly. The ways I found to control anger were:

    • Disengage, shrug, take a walk.

    • Think about how none of this shit really matters, and the only thing that matters in life is your own mission.

    • Realize that if you think somebody is disrespecting/making you look bad, becoming angry will ALWAYS make you look even stupider, but staying cool makes them look petty.

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    Anger was a big one of mine as well. A disrespect, no matter how small really, would set me off. Slap my shoulder wrong? I'm rage.

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    I can relate to this a lot. No matter what happens, I'm in control of my response even though it doesn't always feel like it. Life unavoidably has people who try to get a reaction, to get me emotionally invested in some exchange. Even knowing this, I'm almost incapable of not responding verbally.

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    Though I never got physical, I would rage, then after coming down, would feel guilty, then over apologize, then later think, "why did I apologize, it was her fault, I am the one who was offended", then the process would begin anew.

    Haha damn, been there done that.

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    I actually think this is a very thoughtful analysis - good job!

    I would expand on Pride with a slightly different angle.

    To me, Pride in the sinful Beta sense means that you think of yourself as being inherently "better" than others. You alone can bring goodness, love, happiness, etc. into the lives of women. You know what they want - no one will ever "get them" the way you do. You are enlightened, unlike those other unwashed heathens. You are a white knight in a cold, cruel world. It's the "I'm so unselfish and giving" while focusing on getting the whole time. Beta Pride has nothing to do with real love, or real selflessness, or real sacrifice - it's giving to get. It's love with an agenda. It's sleazy, manipulative neediness posturing as altruism.

    That's why women respond to "Alphas" and come to despise "Betas" - they learn that nothing they seemed to receive so freely from a "Beta" came without an expectation covertly attached. And that's why "Betas" spend all their time complaining and getting angry about being taken advantage of - they weren't giving freely, and they had an expectation that they would reap massive rewards for just being "nice" or "good" or whatever, and they get pissed when it doesn't "just happen" for them. That's where Pride makes a relationship, and a man, go sour.

    A true Alpha conducts himself with integrity. He's straight up and direct about what he wants and what he expects. If he wants a something, he asks for it from strength, and works within the response he gets. He is kind or good or loving because he can be and wants to be, not because he needs something from someone else. Abundance mentality, abundance mentality, abundance mentality…

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    It is important to remember that all of these "sins" are 8n fact excellent behavior traits. In a way embracing these "sins" is the way to true alpha happieness...

    In moderation. With perspective. With intention.

    You will not push yourself to get that promotion or start your own company without some greed. You won't revel in a glorious weekend of constant sex without lust. You won't take the time to look your best of finish every little annoying detail in your project without pride. you burn out or never switch off and have a bit of fun without sloth. Etc.

    Sin is like porridge. To hot you get burned. To cold and you are numb from your cold existence. But just right is just right.

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    The happy days when I quit college to start my own company and started making lots of money. And then it stopped working. And now I start college again from scratch.

    If I had not been greedy and had patience for another year to get my degree, things would have been a little better.

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    I admire your courage though!

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    You most certainly don't need greed to get ahead. If you have a strong enough work ethic you'll move through the ranks honorably.

    Lust is more of a wanting of something you can't have. Passion for a girlfriend or something isn't the same as lust.

    Edit: spelled lust as list.

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    Depends in one's perspective I guess. I view all these things in degrees. Anything to much or for too long tends to have negative effects.

    These impulses arn't necessarily bad, they are amoral, nutral. They can help or hinder. Like drinking. Imbibing is a beneficial habit, lots of good physiological and psychological effects of drunking. Drinking to much, or more importantly, being an active alcoholic is disasterous. I don't see drinking a bit with your Bros as being diferent than bring a rum soaked booze hound, it is the exact same thing, taken to an unfortunate extreme.

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    When first one commits the sin of gluttony, they must then also commit the sin of pride to regain their self-respect. These sins both have their good and bad sides.

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    I read in Mystery Teachings of the Living Earth (paraphrasing): Virtue is not the opposite of a vice, but the midpoint between two vices.

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    I like to think of it as, "everything in moderation, even moderation."

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    Damn, great post. Especially 6. This hits too close to home and reminds me off all the beta dudes that try to slime there way into my life from time to time. You could retitle this whole thing "Type Of Guy Not To Be Friends With If You Want To Have Gorgeous Women Around."

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    I still have a problem with number 1 Lust. I need to keep focus on my porpuse in this life not on the pussy. IT FUCKED up my game way too much.

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    I disagree with all of these. It can all be boiled down to one simple concept.

    The beta is a man who doesn't have self control.

    He doesn't control his emotions. He doesn't control what he does or eats. He doesn't control his social interactions. He doesn't control his decisions. He doesn't control who he falls in love with or lusts after. He doesn't control his life.

    He is like a woman.

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    Pride always has and continues to be a tough one for me. I agree it is the most insidious of the lot by a long shot. It can be hard to admit to yourself that you are not where you want to be, or the path you've chosen to get to a better place is not working. Our sense of identity, or ego, gets caught up in our failures and makes it hard to change.

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    My problem is lust. It's such a paradox to me.

    I don't have the women I want in my life --> I take drastic measures to change that --> nofap/noporn and cold-approach --> makes me crave sex even more --> makes me needy --> repels women.

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    I'm in the same boat as you. I wish there was a way to do nofap and not crave the fuck out of women but still have all the benefits.

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    I don't believe that Pride is necessarily a bad thing. But it is the one trait that requires the most self-control. Humility, it's opposite can be quite destructive on it's own, by tearing down the self-esteem of those that practice that virtue. I try to be proud of my accomplishments, but humble in what I have not done yet. An appropriate balance must be struck, so that you neither delude yourself into narcissism, nor into meekness.

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    I find that pride keeps me where I am. It doesn't motivate me to strive harder when I indulge in what I have already done. I think pride is a very different thing than confidence, as there are plenty of proud social outcasts that don't have the balls to move toward what they know is truly meaningful (think most redditors).

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    Not one of the classic deadly sins ... but ignorance, and willful ignorance. The blue pill fails to understand the complementary nature of women in persuasion or deference (that's the willful part) to the lies of degenerate modernity. (Note: not feminism. Femenism is the monster imagined in the closet, degeneracy is the wolf really at the door.)

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    Agreed. Romantic idealism of all flavors is really the root of so much blue pill bullshit.

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    I've been reading from Red Pill for about a year now. I've understood each message that was posted but, damn. This one opens it up for me the best.

    Great job man.

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    A confidence trick (synonyms include confidence scheme, scam and stratagem) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, in the classical sense of trust. A confidence artist, con-man (or con artist) is an individual, operating alone or in concert with others, who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty, honesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté, or greed.

    Blue pill betas are the ones who have fallen for women's collective confidence trick - they're the ones that take what is being said at face value, whether due to compassion, honesty, vanity, naivete, greed, or any of the other exploitable characteristics. They're the ones that believe, "She told me I'm marriage material, that must be a good thing. She's having sex with all the douchebags now but in the end she'll go for a good guy like me and I'll win."

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    My first sin : LUST: I lost my virginity at 14. had a steady friend with benefits through highschool, problem was it was the same gal from HS to college. We fucked a lot, but didn't bother splitting and dating other people (if young, don't enter a relationship) I thought to myself "I'm getting lots of sex! Why would I fuck up a great arrangement such as this by pursuing other fish in the sea?!" After being used to each other I made the mistake of putting a ring on it.

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    Bless me Father for I have sinned....

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    You might want to add "distraction" in there.


    Castrates himself by constantly masturbating to porn, keeping his testosterone levels low. Having the pleasure sensations of women but never getting to touch one due to lack of sex drive and motivation to meet the other sex, having taken the easy way out.

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    This one can be thrown in with the "Lust" sin.

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    Is that really distraction, though? Porn addiction is pure lust, misdirected and out of control.

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    Cool little write up sir . You wrote the problem and the answer. Gj

    Edit: Autocorect on the mobile unit

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    Finally in my 40's, all under control. Well, except for #2. Dam it. and #4 sloth keeps sneaking in. Does it ever end?

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    Never ends.

    But that's good, attaining something should be a life endeavor. Getting something done once is easy compared to keeping it up for good, like exercise. I did a full Ironman a couple of years ago and now I'm slothing myself in beer and sugar. Got a small belly now and started realizing this is MY mistake I need to address.

    So no, it never ends. Because if it ends, you no longer need to keep striving to be and remain better.

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    Trying too hard here. Greed, lust, anger, selfishness can be perceived as very alpha traits. Edit: Add pride to the list.

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    This is a unique approach to TRP. I completely agree on the lust issue. I've lost many potential lays on being way to aggressive at the start

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    Only one minor point. Women love drug addicts.

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    I know a #7... and sometimes I just feel like punching him in the face

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    Dude, if you hadn't had 2 and 7 in there, is be sure you were writing about me.

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    And #5 on this list is why people need to be wary of the Anger stage of the red pill.

    It's tempting to indulge in it and eventually fuck yourself over.

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    Being a sloth was always my problem.

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    I can relate a lot with envy. Even after almost a year or TRP I still find myself envious of others. Especially at the gym. I can't help but look at how much the guy next to me is lifting or how much bigger his arms are. It's rough and I don't know how to get over it until I get bigger.

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    It is posts like these that remind me why I subscribe to this subreddit. Thank you.

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    This is actually great. Very powerful as I see many of these flaws in myself now after over a year of introspection.

    I will add that the best solution to all of these sins, and ultimately to lead to the consequence of happiness, is seeking self-actualization. Now most betas are so caught up in the trivial -- relationships, social life, corporate 9-5 job that they fail to find purpose in their life. A life w/o direction is beta, whether you are fucking lots of hot girls or not. It wasnt until I found a passion for investing, that I was able to get rid of some of these tendences -- namely anger and envy, because I realized that other guys and people do not have the talent that I have. I found I was willing to work tirelessly at it because it was my passion, my direction, and I overcame my tendencies towards depression and sloth. Now my strongest antagonist is temporary bouts of lust... but by immersing myself in my work I can find peace of mind and regain focus. I think if I follow my passion and build up my name, girls will always be around... but if I mope about trivial things I cannot change such as my facial appearance or missed opportunities I am doomed to betahood

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    Nice. This post reminded me of a quote:

    "Foolish pride held me together in the years I wasn't felt. This is why I have never played myself." - Jay Z

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    Thanks for this--I've found motivation here.

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    Damn, 1 is a problem for me. And then the lack of 1 is a problem because of 4. Lack of 7 is probably an issue too; always questioning yourself is just as bad as never. Luckily, the problem is the solution.

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    Wrath, I think is one that deserves a work over.

    Wrath isn't just anger, it's a possible result of anger. It is when you take your anger out on somebody in it's fullest form, wrath is revenge for misdeeds and a man who is constantly holding a grudge or is typically out for revenge is weakened by it because he is living in the past most likely and incurring or imagining these misdeeds that people commit against him.

    But there is a fallacy that can be stumbled upon here if one presupposes the man that is always angry has nothing to be angry about. Without trying to see it from his eyes everyone misses the point; this is both the fault of the angry man and the person who pays no heed to his denouncements. There exists righteous anger; if one group is committing genocide on another group for xenophobic reasons, people that are angry about this are not weak for their anger though they may be made weak by it's unceasing nature they are strong for continuing in any effort to spread awareness or fight the actual problem. My example is a bit lofty but being angry with many things isn't wrong, being unable to control that anger and allowing it to do harm to your own cause is clearly unproductive though.

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    As a bluepiller I would say these are all the sins you fine folk commit. I mean pride? You people are proud of just having cocks. Envy? No, not really. The girls who like the bad guys and you idiots are what we refer to as enablers. A true bluepiller does not envy, that is the domain of redpillers. Envious little boys who never got the girl and made a subreddit to deal with it. Wrath? Seriously this subreddit is the most wrathful and hateful out there. Bluepillers do nothing but poke fun at your posts. Sloth? Yeah okay. Were lazy bluepillers. Any proof? Shall we compare mile times or is anything but lifting a sin? Gluttony? Similar to sloth, bluepillers preach health. If you workout to fuck women you just made women the sole purpose in your life. Greed? Not really sure how bluepillers are greedy. Indeed it is a tricky one. And lust? Ha! Bluepillers have control over their lust, that is how they are able to see women as people with faults and strengths. Cheers assholes!

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    Did you just equate Blue Pill with Beta, and Red Pill with Alpha? You know, its funny, cause its true.

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    If you consider neckbeards "Alpha", then sure.

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    Wow. You SJW pajamaboys sure do make cogent responses. Hey, I got an idea...why don't you say something snarky and act like you 'schooled me'? Wouldn't want one of you 'individuals' to do something different from the rest of the herd after all...

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    You had an idea for a thread and you forced a trp narrative to it. Not very interesting tbh.